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you can't have it both ways, can you? ultimately, you can't have it both ways, can you 7 ultimately, the you can't have it both ways, can you? ultimately, the decision was taken because we knew that we needed to be able to call all resources urgently. if we had instances that the police were able to assign staff to us quickly, say a fire brigade helping us with campfires on the beaches, it was a decision taken because it was the right thing for public safety, public health and public safety, public health and public confidence. that's what this is all about. liverpool fans have been celebrating after securing their first premier league title for 30 years. thousands of people filled the streets outside anfield — after watching their their closest rivals manchester city lose, supporters and players partied long into the night. katie gornall reports from anfield. cheering. after 30 years of heartache and near misses, the moment finally arrived. liverpool were champions of england once again. chanting: champions, champions!
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this squad of players has had to be patient. now, understandably, they were in the mood to party. they had gathered to watch this — a game that manchester city had to win to delay liverpool's coronation. but willian‘s penalty secured three points for chelsea and sent the title to anfield. we've proven that we're fuelled by disappointment and learning and getting going again the next year, and i'm sure the hunger will stay there and we just want to keep being successful, i think. we had to wait 13 weeks, it was 13 long weeks with uncertainty and all that, but, you know, a lot of our fans had to wait 30 years, so it's a short time compared to what they've had to wait. despite being urged to stay at home, many fans couldn't resist gathering here at anfield, celebrating as on the hottest night of the year, liverpool's premier league drought came to an end. and this was the most emphatic of title wins, as liverpool led
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from start to finish. commentator: it's a wonderful goalfrom fabinho. last yea r‘s champions manchester city fell by the wayside in november. liverpool surged 25 points clear before the lockdown put everything on pause. the premier league's return allowed them to remind us of their brilliance and wrap up the league with a record seven games to spare. big congratulations, well deserved, they make an extraordinary premier league, so it's a day that belongs to them. they celebrate it, we were the champions and now they are. next season, we'll see what happens. the league was once the competition that defined liverpool. in 1990 they lifted it for the 18th time, and although they've not been without silverware in the past 30 years, with two european cups giving fans much to celebrate, through it all the premier league trophy is the one they've craved the most. we've waited so long, so if it was going to be against manchester city,
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or against aston villa, it didn't matter, so we knew we were going to get there in the end, so in a way i'm happy that now it's over the line and i think it's been an absolutely amazing season. liverpool have had some iconic managers in their past. it was bill shankly who laid the foundations for the club's success and while other managers have carried the torch, injurgen klopp they perhaps have his natural successor. he hasn'tjust turned the doubters into believers, he's elevated liverpool back to the pinnacle of european football and delivered the trophy that means the world to everyone here. you can tell he's got a great rapport with his players, all his players like him, understand him, respect him. i think the way he talks to his players, he gives them confidence, and when you put all that together, you've got a very good manager. liverpool's manager was leading the party last night, and after 30 years of frustration the club's fans will be celebrating his every move.
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let's return to our main story this evening. police are responding to a major incident in glasgow city centre six people in hospital including one police officer and a suspect involved in a series of stabbings. has been shot dead by armed police. let's talk to are reported now. connor, over to you. that's right clive, tonight in the last 30 minutes or so police scotland have confirmed, they have ruled out that terrorism was a factor in the events that unfolded here on the street behind me earlier on. today this is clearly one of the biggest police operations in scotland and many many yea rs. operations in scotland and many many years. the first minister in the last hour has praised the fast response from those emergency services. i'm joint not live by the leader of glasgow city council, susan, do we know exactly what happened inside that hotel this afternoon? i know exactly the same
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as the public know. police scotland have been confirming the fax as the afternoon has gone on. i would actually urge people to follow the police scotland account of theirs. they are confirming facts as soon as they are able to, as you say, just re ce ntly they are able to, as you say, just recently they've confirmed that this isn't considered to be a terrorist incident. which i think is helpful. but i know exactly the same as everyone else. i don't think it's helpful or fair to the victims and their families to speculate about things that we don't know. perhaps confusion or the number of people that have lost their lives today what is the latest that you have? the latest is that police scotland have been saying for some time is at one person, the suspect has been confirmed dead. six people are in hospital. i and the confirmed dead. six people are in hospital. land the whole city will be hoping against hope that those people that they conditions improve, that they recover and this incident doesn't become even more tragic than
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it is already. we know we certainly heard from some charities who work with asylum—seekers that this was being used as emergency accommodations for asylum—seekers. what is the feeling, what do we know from that point of view tonight? well you have to ask the home office contractor when used for hotels for asylum—seekers was up it's not something that city council has control over. we've made our view very clear repeatedly about using hotels for asylum—seekers. it isn't ordinarily done and glascow. i've written to the home office about it a couple of times. having said that, we don't know that there is any direct connection. we do not know that and until we have confirmation about it, we have to assume that these are separate issuesjust now. and it isn't helpful to the victims ol' and it isn't helpful to the victims or the city to speculate about the reasons behind these tragic incidents. thank you very much. we will hear from police scotland right here in the next few minutes. connor, thank you very much for
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that. life at the scene and glascow. a little earlier my colleaguejane is poked to jamie o'neill 0'neill who witnessed police arriving in the area. i've just came back to my office in town i own a phone shop and heard outside and so we closed the shop for that we heard so many sirens we knew that something very serious. we headed down to where the police and we saw congregating. very quickly more and more police arriving. we sought the response and police officers walking about with machine guns. and so, there were people were confused as to what was going on. some people we re to what was going on. some people were saying it was a bank robbery and it was something happening in the hotel. we weren't very clear in what was going on at the time. then my man had said to be that he had seen a guy stabbed, stabbed people. and he seen come with guns. i didn't
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know what to going on the time because there are a lot of stories in the police were trying to get eve ryo ne in the police were trying to get everyone back in the area. and glascow we trying to run to incidents rather than run from them. it's not so we can put on social media, maybe offer help. but police sought to control the area. and realised how serious it was. clearly, it was very confusing. some elements of this are still somewhat confused. was it frightening? what we re confused. was it frightening? what were people saying? to be honest, some people were, seem to be a bit excited, they were sort of worried what was going on. that's what i saw how many police were attended the scene. it was something more serious. the last few weeks we've seen police mobilised in different areas and sort of loyalist protest last night. we seen a lot of police
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in the last few weeks anyway. but this was on another level. lease officers getting out of van's and they had guns and think so very quickly we realise it's notjust the police responding to one small incident. it was something much more severe. and ijust heard that three people being stabbed to death and the man or the person responsible has been shot. so i thought the people they are at the time telling me at the scene like, someone with a knife and they saw someone get shot. so it made sense that's what happened. yes, the police saying that a male suspect has indeed been shot dead. you talked about the fact that you run a shop, a phone shop, how busy is the area at the moment? how many people would have been around at this time? over the last few weeks where my phone shop is it's only two streets down from where the incident happened it's
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been about more busier. the police had to stop traffic or a lot of traffic coming into where that scene was. so people slowly starting to go back to work and slowly starting to go back to normal. the supermarket that people have always been going to do so the area has always had people around. the last few weeks getting busier. isuppose people around. the last few weeks getting busier. i suppose there some people in the common area so there's more traffic. there is a lot more traffic in the area. so police can sorta divert, police taking control very quickly. that's when we realise how serious it was. and so sadly, there really could have been quite a few people around at the time of this incident. yes, there is a lot of people gathered around, a lot of people as i said, running towards areas that may shouldn't be. rather
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than run away. so when people sort of headed towards other people and people posting pictures online of the casualties it's a bit insensitive. people taken of an glance and people lost their lives. people just want to tell everyone what's going on. myself included. i can't rule myself out i got my phone out and started recording. the damages of the police and things but mostly people wanted to know what was going on and people go into the area rather than coming to it. one eyewitness speaking. the six o'clock news is coming up. time for a look at the weather. the heat and humidity is in sparking showers and thunderstorms from the midlands northwards. these will continue to push northwards into northern parts of england and scotland as we move into the first part of the knife was
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up into the first part of the knife was up you can see the rumbling further north as we move through the early hours. then we look to the southwest, the renewed area of shower rree rain pushing into northern island, wales southwest england into southwest england. some of this rain could be quite heavy. perhaps boundary as well for them a fresher night than the night. still pretty warm and muggy and some of the larger towns and cities of england and wales. this weekend significant changes on the way we've got low pressure which will bring much cooler, fresher, windier conditions to our shores. also rain and some bit heavy. low pressure moving in for saturday, we will see shari burst of rain around wales and heavy pushing northwards to the day becoming more confined to central and northern parts of the uk. further south we should start to see some sunshine breaking through that cloud across southern counties through the afternoon. temperatures high teens, low 20s, celsius a cooler fresher field. high teens, low 20s, celsius a coolerfresherfield. north wales midlands northern england into scotla nd midlands northern england into scotland and northern ireland some really heavy showers here. possibly
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a risk of some localised flooding and places. temperatures again generally the high teens and celsius without a much fresher feel two things. quite blustery as well through saturday afternoon. particularly across england and wales through northern ireland. as we move through the night it stays pretty windy, lots of showers and long spells of rain spiralling around this area. across the northwest of the uk. saturday night will be a cooler and fresher night across a more comfortable night for sleeping. 0n into sunday our low pressure is still with us to the northwest of the uk. more isobars on the charts as deepening slightly means it's going to be a windier day on sunday. widespread gossip 30, a0 miles an hour maybe 50 miles per an hour on northern england was up southern scotland into northern england. gale force wings here very wet weather for a time throughout sunday. further south a few showers mainly across the west but sunshine 20 degrees. a coolerfeel two mainly across the west but sunshine 20 degrees. a cooler feel two things with high of ia to 18
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20 degrees. a cooler feel two things with high of 1a to 18 celsius was up next week it remains quite cool and u nsettled next week it remains quite cool and unsettled showers slowly easing through the week.
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this is bbc world news. i'm christian fraser. our top stories...police declare a major incident in the scottish city of glasgow. armed officers shoot dead a knifeman at a city centre hotel. six people are wounded in hospital. 0ur our focus today is on the advent of rising series of new cases across the american


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