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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 27, 2020 6:30pm-6:45pm BST

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southern weather across central and southern areas. tomorrow, you can see the winds spiralling into the centre of low pressure across scotland. it is moving slowly, so that means that the winds and outbreaks of rain will be persistent. gusts of wind could approach a0 miles an hour and temperatures will be between 15, may be touching 20 celsius there in the south—east.
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a hello this is bbc news. the headlines: british tourists are set to be allowed to travel to european countries including spain, france and greece without having to quarantine on their return. a man who stabbed six people at a hotel in glasgow yesterday warned others he planned to carry out the attack. ireland swears in its new prime minister, mee—hul martin, as the country's two largest parties, fianna fail and fine gael, form a coalition for the first time. health experts in the us say the country has a "serious problem", as new cases of coronavirus reach a record high. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday:
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good evening and welcome to spots day. the headlines: european football next season. the fa cup is back. we will bring you up today with the quarterfinal between norwich and manchester united and dan norwich and manchester united and da n eva ns norwich and manchester united and dan evans sends andy murray packing. thank you forjoining us this saturday evening after a week packed with premier league football, just the one game for you today but a hugely significant one for west
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midlands rivals. aston villa last to leave their premier league future in huge doubt. wolves are fifth and in contention for champions league football next season. wills could be heading for europe while aston villa have six games left to avoid relegation. no goals in the first half and that was despite the aston villa keeper doing something quite inexplicable. not exactly be safe pairof inexplicable. not exactly be safe pair of hands you would hope for. wondering why he is not getting a game. villa have not done well against sides in the top six but there was not much between them and wolves except this. this moment of quality stood out in an otherwise lacklustre encounter. dean smith complained the lad played four games in11 complained the lad played four games in 11 days and that must have had an impact but wills has been busy too since the restart. they have not let
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ina goal since the restart. they have not let in a goal yet and it was going to stay that way. nine points out of nine. could they make it to the champions league? it was important to be able to settle in possession. at the moment we started to play it better and faster. so after that in the second half we managed to hold on and stay in shape and react and trying to go but after that we did not create many chances so it was about holding the game. the fixture list for me is crazy. we had a game in hand but for us to play 48 hours in newcastle, 48 hours and we play wolves, why the game couldn't have been tomorrow or monday i don't know. to make it even more of a spectacle, because, let's be honest, it is hard without funds here and no atmosphere but even harder when players feeling fatigued and it
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should have been organised a bit better, in my opinion. that is all we have had for the premier league today that the fa cup makes its return this weekend. today norwich are taking on manchester united at ca rrow are taking on manchester united at carrow road. norwich might be bottom of the league but they are making a big fight of it. they have carved out the best chance of the game so far. just before half—time the england defender was an important block. but it is still goalless at the moment. the second half is under way. these are the live pictures for you on bbc one right now. can the tea m botto m you on bbc one right now. can the team bottom of the table knockout a manchester united side pushed out by wills this afternoon? united are on a13 wills this afternoon? united are on a 13 match unbeaten run but it has been pretty lacklustre so far. close. we could have had a girl life for you. leeds are back. they beat fulham 3—0. for the medicine for the players that are likely to move their top scorer after a player was
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elbowed. leeds united would love they've turned to the glory days of norman hunter. they passed away while football was on hold but were remembered before the promotion battle against fulham. with so much at stake the players were fired up from the start. leeds soon made for them pain. fulham needed to win to keep their hopes of automatic promotion light but were perhaps trying a bit too hard. they were in the ascendancy until the leeds boss changed things for the second half. bringing on this player quickly played off as he finished a quick counterattack while a substitute completed the victory. for them had a disappointing day and now face the
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bof a disappointing day and now face the b of the play—offs while leeds resumed their march towards the premier league. meanwhile, in the battle for a place in the play—offs, a 3—0 win. away from football, andy murray has been knocked out of the battle of the brits tournament organised by his brotherjamie. he lost a deciding tie—break to the british number one but it has been a return to action for andy murray after seven months out following hip surgery. after seven months out following hip surgery. grand slam champion, marie, had not played since november due to that troublesome hip and said he was using this event is a test of his fitness. with a career—high ranking of 28 evans had won three out of three to reach the semis but was on the back foot early on and marie claimed the first break of serve. that they be pattern for the first set. it went to murray, 6—1. this
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was the first time that you have played each other. marie said he thought evans was a failure and the serve was broken early in the set which he went on to do 6—3. no third set but a first to ten. evans fought back to take it 10—8 are moving into sunday's final. if the open does go ahead evans is showing signs he could be a contender. and dan evans will play in the final, unbeaten so far. he lost the first set of his semi and recovered to win the second set 6—a and he won in the deciding tie—break10—8. murray flat on his back at the end. he was ok butjust a bit tired. and finally there will be test cricket injuly a bit tired. and finally there will be test cricket in july with a bit tired. and finally there will be test cricket injuly with england hosting three tests against the west indies in the so—called vile bubbles
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in southampton and manchester. the players are continuing their preparations on the south coast and enjoying having a full complement of players to choose from. competition for places will only make the team better. it drives performances up. the something is seen for a long period of time now. success been evident of the back of that and hopefully now we are in a position where we can do the same within the test tea m where we can do the same within the test team so hopefully this is a sign of things to come for us in the future and coming weeks and beyond and building towards trying to win in australia. thousands of liverpool fa ns in australia. thousands of liverpool fans gathered in the city centre again last night to celebrate their team's premier league title put at the club said their behaviour is wholly unacceptable and theyjoin together with the police in liverpool council to appeal to fans to wait for the victory parade that will be organised when it is safe to do so. stewart has the story. fireworks, flowers and thousands of
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fa ns fireworks, flowers and thousands of fans at liverpool's pier at one point last night a flare caused a small fire. it was the second night of celebrations for supporters marking liverpool's first league title in 30 years. the actions of those people have dragged our name to the dirt again and we could do without it when we have some sections of the media who would love to perpetuate that narrative. what we should be talking about, of course, is the unbelievable performances we have seen from a team. it took most of the morning to clear broken bottles and other litter left around pierhead. liverpool's city mayor suggested that this might happen a few months ago. he was criticised by liverpool football clu b ago. he was criticised by liverpool football club and fans group for doing so. why didn't we responding clear the crowds? you know, it was
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one o'clock in the morning, i believe before a dispersal order was granted to move people from the pierhead. the levels of disorder and violence directed towards members of the community and particularly towards my officers in the early hours of this morning. absolutely unacceptable and i certainly don't ever wa nt to unacceptable and i certainly don't ever want to see that again. this group of volunteers have been here since 9am this morning trying to clear the area of all the debris which will slap last night. liverpool football club and fans groups also condemned the behaviour of the fans down here. in a calling it wholly unacceptable and a risk to public safety. shards of glass and have ripped, and some blood and stuff. we wanted to come down and get it clean as best as we can. last night is not what lse is. they did the celebrations too far. the people who have come out today to help clearup, who have come out today to help clear up, that is who liverpool is. a dispersal order to stop similar gatherings over the weekend. just
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before we go, an update from that fa cup game between norwich and manchester united. manchester united are in the lead. still over half an hour left to go so, manchester united are leading norwich 1—0 in the fa cup quarterfinal. we'll be backin the fa cup quarterfinal. we'll be back in an hour but for now, it is time for restrictions are being lifted, and many, many more places
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which, if i'm honest, feels a bit strange. i don't know how you feel about it, lara. yeah, i think i've already adapted to some things about lockdown, although i'll be very pleased to get this fixed, and also hospitality is reopening. so it means we can go to a restaurant. ijust don't know how normal it's going to feel sitting down and eating in one. yeah, i don't think i'm ready to eat out yet, it's weird, isn't it. it is, but i suppose it has been such a strange few months. the coronavirus has really affected pretty much everything, and the food and drinks industry is no exception. in the uk, by some estimates, up to 80% of our food is imported. so travel restrictions and controlled borders could be a real problem unless we can produce more food ourselves. sojen copestake's been to visit a world—first project where the aim is to create more food but cause less damage to the environment.
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one word — sewage. yes, sewage. every year we produce1 million tonnes of it in the uk. and it produces its own waste — heat. interest is growing on how to use this waste heat as a sustainable energy source, and here in east anglia it's being used in the building of a unique greenhouse project which could revolutionise our country's farming industry. this will be the world's first greenhouse that is using heat from a water treatment plant, and that has the benefit of not only reducing the impact on the environment but also reducing the uk's need to import produce. in the uk we consume over 500,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes every year. 80% of this, around a00,000 tonnes is imported. the same goes for cucumbers and peppers.


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