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tv   Click  BBC News  July 4, 2020 3:30am-3:46am BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines: president trump is facing criticism over his plans to celebrate american independence day at mount rushmore. thousands of people are due to attend a fireworks display — an event that will not require people to wear face masks or social distance. coronavirus cases are continuing to surge. as pubs in england reopen on saturday, the prime minister has issued a warning to the public not to be complacent. borisjohnson says the public "must not let them down" on social distancing and that he won't hesitate to reimpose restrictions. a mass burial has taken place in myanmar after one of the worst mining disasters in the country's history. rescuers are working to retrieve bodies from the jade mine after it collapsed on thursday. more than 170 people are now confirmed dead. now in a few minutesjo currie looks at how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted women's sport and what the long—term
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effects might be. but first, here's click. welcome to click. i hope you're doing 0k. and, i don't want anyone to panic, right, but lara has left the building. she's gone rogue... is that the outside? it's the outside world! i've been allowed out. and you may be next week! oh, no. no, too scary. too scary! what're you up to? well, i was actually inspired by last week's food special to grow some of my own veg. but seeing as i can't even keep a cactus alive,
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i've gone for a spot of technology to help — of course. 0k. so what's that all about then? ok, so welcome to my smart garden. this is actually called click & grow. good name! seriously? brilliant. yep, absolutely. now, this is actually a spot of verticalfarming. although i've been setting it up outside it will live indoors, and the device provides exactly the right amount of light and water that the plants need. plus the plants all come like this in little sachets where you have the seed for whatever plants you want, but also what the company calls smart soil, which means thatjust the right amount of nutrients should be within each pod so there should be no problem in creating perfect crops. now, this device has been around for a little while, but what is new is that it now syncs your smart phone, plus this should be just the right amount of these products that one person needs to not have to go to the supermarket. what are you planting then, at the moment? well, i've got some lettuce, i've got some basil, and i've got some tomato growing.
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so when all this is over i can make you a salad. laughter. there's an offer. all right, well, you carry on sowing and i'll see you in a few minutes. the influence of facebook in elections has become a huge topic. the world is still debating to what extent it was responsible for president trump's victory back in 2016. as the 2020 us elections approach the discussion over the influence of social networks is once again on the agenda. joe biden, the nominee for the democrats, has been warning that not enough has been done to protect the integrity of elections. but while the world has been talking about facebook and twitter, another social network has been on the rise — tiktok. just a few years old, it's already been downloaded more than two billion times. it's an alluring mix of funny videos and the latest dance moves have been a particular hit with younger users.
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but with great power comes great responsibility. tiktok‘s huge user base could mean that it has a huge influence. and as james clayton has been finding out, it is now being used as a political platform. and just like facebook and twitter before it, a dark side is emerging. tiktok is a platform where you have fun and be creative. it's whole philosophy is based around music, lip syncing and, of course, dancing. it's not supposed to be a political platform. it was not supposed to be any platform other than music. and that's how it started. tiktok banned political ads last year, but its content is increasingly political, blurring the lines between comedy, entertainment, and politics. tiktok uses laid claim to sabotaging donald trump's tulsa rally,
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reserving seeds in droves they would never use. now people have started sitting up and taking notice of the platform's political power. the big question now isjust how influential can these videos be? and are they the future of political advertising? tiktok is easy to use and fun, giving uses creative tools to make imaginative content. and exactly the same tools have been applied to political videos. there's a green screen option so you can be your own presenter, pointing different facts and figures on the screen. the other thing you can do on tiktok is singalong with your mates, by dueting with them by splitting the screen. but that's big on political tiktok too. you can use it to react to other people's political comments — not always in a good way. sabrina haake ran to be northwest indiana's democratic candidate. she didn't have much a social media following anywhere until she posted this video on tiktok.
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pop music. # you know i'm your type, right... the video has had more than 300,000 likes. that's the kind of engagement you might expect of a presidential candidate. what worked for you in terms of getting likes? well, it was the music. # you know i'm your type... tiktok‘s a perfect venue for people who want to get across their message in very simple terms. because there is not a, you know, it's sort of the two second sound bite platform right which is kind of everything that i am running against but it also works because it gets people to look into your platform, and read it more closely. despite this tiktok popularity, sabrina haake didn't win, not even close.
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evidence perhaps that popularity on tiktok doesn't necessarily translate into votes at the ballot box. but tiktok wasn't designed to be political. its blend of short videos and young users makes it particularly vulnerable to fake news and extremist material. during the george floyd protests, a man linking himself to an extremist libertarian militia, call the boogaloo boys, allegedly shot and killed a federal security officer, injuring his colleague who's been charged with first—degree murder. the movement that he belongs to aims to prepare for an armed struggle against the state. boogaloo boys often wear colourful hawaiian shirts and are almost always heavily armed, preparing for a supposed uprising against the state. tiktok has tried to purge boogaloo videos by getting rid of the boogaloo hashtag. but were able to find many gun videos using a differnt boogaloo
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hashtag to get round the ban. the thing that is interesting about them is that it is like the wild west. the president of media matters first spotted a rise in extremist material months ago. they were getting around it in two meaningful ways. one was that their identifier was not picking up the gun somehow. and none of tiktok‘s countermeasures were searching for the right terms for the boogaloos, so even though it was against their rules there was full of the boogaloo stuff. and so it was pointed out to them and they took it down. so a perfect example of the wild west, right. no rules. 0k, they put in place a rule, they updated it. after we showed these videos to tiktok they took them down. in a statement to the bbc, tiktok said:. these problems are by no
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means unique to tiktok. facebook in particular has been criticised for its response to extremist material. how these companies engage with this issue is hugely important in the us election year. in a us election year. we have no idea at the moment what kind of impact tiktok could have on elections or any other kind of political event in the coming years. it's such a huge app in terms of user base but there's no transparency over how it provides information to people at the moment. so we really need some more clarity fro mpeople who are using it and what it might do in terms of political campaigning this year. with all of the press coverage that tiktok has received, it's easy to forget just how young tiktok actually is. just three years old. and we're still perhaps even tiktok is still getting to grips with the huge amount of power
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the platform now wields. we have been taking a look at what can be done in a virtual reality. we have been taking a look at what can be done in a virtual realitylj thought, can be done in a virtual reality.” thought, who is going to put on a video had said? i have to say, some of the abs in development really surprised me. this is a meeting space designed to bring together people with headsets and those without. i can see zoe up on a huge video while an those with a headset represented by avatars.
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all they have to do is upload a photo or take a picture using my webcam and it turned that into a 3—d abidal, it applied my skin colour to the arms and look how accurately it modelled my friends from to d webcam image. and, just forfun, i tried making an avatar using a big drop of a dog and, just forfun, i tried making an avatar using a picture of a dog and i had to see this so you have to see it to. laughter. now we are all in the meeting room together we can share files and photos, even 3—d objects like this rendering of mars. this is in many ways just like a video call but i can't strathewen how different it feels. and unlike a video call it really feels like the people are there in the room with you. and if you go up to them too close it feels uncomfortable and weird, especially if you go really close because you can, at the moment, look through their head and see their teeth and eyeballs, which is a little bit spooky. and here's how the setup looks for zoe who isjoining usjust like a video call on her laptop. she gets an overview of the room and she can see how 3—d avatars
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moving around in front of the video wall. it was certainly a more personal and sometimes too intimate experience. that's it for the shortcut of click. iamjust that's it for the shortcut of click. i am just sinking my plants to the app! very 2020. the full version available right now on iplayer. thank you for watching and we will see you soon. bye— bye.
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commentator: i don't believe it! i do not leave it. she is the world
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champion! here they come, the crowd lifting these players. record—breaking tv figures and a generation inspired. last summer, the lionesses captured the attention ofa the lionesses captured the attention of a nation as they made it to the semifinals of their respective world cup. when you run, and women's sport has been decimated by the covid—i9 pandemic. the super league netball season pandemic. the super league netball season in england isn't going to resume this year copy nextjuly as the final possible option... seasons have been abandoned, tournaments cancelled and teams have been scrapped, leaving some to question whether professional women's sport can ever recover. there wasn't parity before and we knew that we we re parity before and we knew that we were working towards the end,
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governing bodies were stepping forward and trying to better their female influence on participation at an elite level, and i'd just think it will have set us back, maybe about ten or 20 years. companies and businesses are going to tighten up on their budgets, people are going to lose theirjobs and so they might not necessarily be a lot of commercial sponsorships and so then thatis commercial sponsorships and so then that is going to impact, again, on the female gain. female sport and sport in general is wonderful but it is more about how it impact society so even spectating can relieve stress and sort of get people into a nice frame of mind but then participation, it impacts on everything, the economy, people's lifestyles, health, and it is really important, i think, lifestyles, health, and it is really important, ithink, that lifestyles, health, and it is really important, i think, that female sport is showcased in the public i as soon as possible. the top divisions in women's football,
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netball and rugby have


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