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tv   BBC World News  BBC News  July 6, 2020 5:00am-6:01am BST

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this is bbc news, with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. i'm sally bundock. the taj mahal stays shut as india's coronavirus cases reach a record high. galicia becomes the second spanish region to impose a local lockdown after a fresh outbreak. we are going to disembark tomorrow morning in sicily. relief for rescued migrants after hearing their standoff with the italian authorities this is bbc news with has finally ended, and they're the latest headlines allowed into sicily. for viewers in the uk and around the world. the show must go on! the uk government throws the arts a £1.6 billion and a lifeline for the arts — a $2 billion aid lifeline, but is it too late for some? tariffs, sanctions package to help recover and a war of words — two years on we take stock of the true effects of the us—china trade war.
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from the pandemic. if you have just joined we begin in india today. if you havejustjoined us, a very warm if you havejustjoined us, a very warm welcome, if you havejustjoined us, a very warm welcome, i am sally india has now overtaken russia to become the country bundock. with the world's third—highest the uk will plow £1.6 billion confirmed coronavirus pounds — that's $2 billion — infections, after the united states and brazil, but experts warn the true scale into theaters, museums and music venues in a bid of the outbreak in india torescue the country's could be far higher. arts and culture sector from the brink of collapse a sharp rise in new cases in the wake of the coronavirus in recent days has taken lockdown. the total health ministry figure to nearly 700,000. this after a weekend more than 19,000 people have in which england saw a wide died in india so far. easing of lockdown measures. the high numbers have forced many bars, hotels and the government to rethink plans restaurants re—opened, to open up the country, with some warning this will lead to a spike in infections and further, as alanna petroff reports. more localised lockdowns. the taj mahal — a monument as we have seen, for example,
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to love from the 17th century. a world—famous attraction with in lester. joining me now isjoshua millions of visitors each year. mahony, senior market analyst one of the seven wonders at ig. of the modern world, in the city of agra. it's been empty since mid—march. to begin with, great news for it was meant the arts. £1.6 billion to help to reopen on monday. thousands were expected. at the last minute, them, but many argue it may not be enough. yes, certainly, i am plans were scrapped. a londoner, and for me, the a rts a londoner, and for me, the authorities extended arts are what makes london great, i think you are thinking local lockdown measures. there is no word on a about them potentially saving new reopening date. businesses, and therefore saving jobs, but you are also just days earlier, really preserving what it means a representative for local tour to be someone from, in my guides was feeling optimistic about the reopening. translation: it's great news, and has brought cheer to guides. instance, from london, it's what makes london great, and work that was closed for months certainly it means that we are will now start again. also preserving what is a key this will give a boost source of tourism and soft for the tourism sector. influence around the world when north of agra, in south delhi, we're talking about the likes officials focused on a of movies in particular, and certainly this is an important different kind of opening — a vast new treatment centre move, it is also as you said, with capacity for up something that many will feel to 10,000 beds. will be too late, certainly something that i have seen his venues have been potentially
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these beds are made from frontloading, allowing people cardboard, for a place that is to purchase tickets for future productions orfor designed to be temporary. to purchase tickets for future productions or for drinks in in a country of 1.3 billion the future, to be able to stave people, authorities are struggling to balance off this crisis for the urgent priorities. short—term. that? is how long the number of confirmed cases keeps rising to hit daily record levels. this will go for, ultimately the healthcare these menus by their nature, system is stretched. are indoors, and as such, you even so, experts say the true will see either very low scale of the pandemic is unknown. the figures are underreported. capacity or closed doors for some time yet, so whether this will be enough, it is yet to be the virus continues to spread, seen, but certainly, i think in a country that imposed one are the important thing to note of the most stringent, high—profile lockdowns is for the most part it will in the world. come in the form of grants, and it hit migrant workers what you don't want is to have particularly hard. these companies come out of this crisis laden with debt, in a nation that has been humbled by the pandemic, it seems tourism, and the taj where they will ultimately crippled by it in years in the mahal, just can't be the priority right now. future stop by the other alanna petroff, bbc news. industry that has been severely impacted as hospitality and of course in england we saw the reopening of bars and restau ra nts a nd reopening of bars and restaurants and what have you. in some places, social shortly we will be live to distancing didn't seem to be delhi for more detail on what adhered to, we have pictures of is taking place in india. the border between australia's cramped bars, people ordering two most populous states drinks at the bar when perhaps is to be closed, to guard against a spike in coronavirus they should have been seated,
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they should have been seated, the kind of thing. give us your cases. travel restrictions between ta ke the kind of thing. give us your take on how the weekend went victoria and new south wales for england. ultimately it is a will come into effect on tuesday night. more than 30 suburbs have been locked down in the victorian capital, melbourne, which has reported another 182 cases difficult one because if you over the weekend. are thinking about the one scenario where people are at their least sensible, when they are out and have not been the victorian premier drinking or socialising to the announced the border closure after speaking to the same degree, and all of a australian prime minister sudden, you unleash everyone in and the premier this wave towards the bars, pubs, and so it is not of new south wales. necessarily surprising. the worry for the sector is the this is the best fa ct worry for the sector is the fact that those kinds of thing to do at this time, out of a sense of caution. pictures portray a part of the beyond that, if you think economy that some would say is about the resources that are needed, from a victorian point of view, to be monitoring too much of a risk, and so if and checking people just from those hot zones, we we re too much of a risk, and so if this is a much more we were to see a second wave, and uptake in cases throughout logical way of doing it. no—one enjoys doing it, different regions, that will be but it is, i think, the right step to take at this point. the first area to go, and the first area to be locked down that won't be a feature that goes on any longer than it for a secondary lockdown. very needs to. briefly, what is your outlook for the uk economy given what 0ur correspondent shaimaa khaliljoins me from sydney.
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we have just discussed with what more can you tell us about hospitality and the arts? it's this very recent announcement? going to be a tough road, quite well, it's pretty unusual. i frankly. you have this sort of can tell you that, sally. i mean, this has been the first easy wins in terms of the time ina mean, this has been the first time in a century since the economic data over the short term, we have seen that in a border between new south wales number of countries, where you and victoria has been closed. see a significant uptick in even at the height of the terms of their economic data pandemic, in march and april, for the short term, because we're coming up such a low when other states close their base, and in the uk we have borders, those two states seen a base, and in the uk we have seen a nice strong move higher remained open to each other. so in terms of retail sales, and it kind of shows you the level for the short term we are likely to see a continuation of of anxiety and concern that the that, as we see the easing leadership has about the lockdown measures come into situation in victoria. and, play. certainly there are you? despite it being confined, if so what will happen in the you will, to those hotspots in future. is this fellow going to melbourne, there is real worry be maintained? will need to be and concern that this could maintained or will we be in a spill over to new south wales, position where businesses can operate as usual, and also a australia's most populous number of these businesses are state, which of course no—one going to know that they don't wa nts to state, which of course no—one wants to see. so despite need as many staff as they playing that scenario down previously had done, and before hearing new south wales, the prime minister saying that therefore they will find a way orders don't need to be shuts, to operate with a lower cost given how critical the base, and will that mean a situation is in victoria at the potential rise in unemployment
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moment, now it is deemed in the future? significant necessary to close the borders questions need to be answered by for the short term we are between those two states. and likely to see a few months of why has the outbreak in melbourne got worse? there are u pta ke likely to see a few months of uptake in terms of the economic data. many significant clusters now. hong kong is known as a major global financial hub, the latest of which have been but could that be about to change? those nine tower blocks that china's sweeping national have been in complete and full security law on hong kong has the business community anxiously waiting to see lockdown, which is the first whether its implementation time it has happened in will undermine the city's role. australia. so the 36th suburbs are now in strict social hong kong's government insists distancing restrictions. they the law will be good can only go out for necessary for stability and prosperity, and london—listed banks hsbc and standard chartered have needs, but the nine tower backed its introduction. blocks have been incomplete lockdown. and this is because ofa lockdown. and this is because of a cluster of about 30 people but other international companies and some local entrepreneurs are nervous. the us has begun eliminating that have been discovered hong kong's special status, there. and now health halting defence exports authorities are really and restricting the territory's access to high—technology concerned that hundreds of people have been exposed to the cases and are now in an incubation period. they said products. that this could have explosive potential for the spread of the will business now move away? virus, and also it's very joining me now is claudia mo, pro—democracy lawmaker and member challenging when you have them of the hong kong legislative council. in tower blocks, as well. they have been described as vertical
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cruise ships, if you will, so good to talk to you again. what they have a high density of people, it becomes very impact do you think there's new difficult to social distance, law will have on hong kong's and it becomes very easy to spread. the premier of victoria status as a global financial hub? when it comes to doing today was quite adamant in saying that if people don't business, hong kong used to respect the social distancing rules, if people don't stop have two major advantages, over socialising when they have just been tested or they are feeling the rest of china. wine is free press, free speech, and the unwell, this lockdown could spread to the rest of the other is rule of law, or the state. 0k, we will speak to you again soon. thank you very much sense of rule of law, but then indeed. 70,000 people in the north—western spanish region of galacia have had a second the new laws will head to both lockdown imposed on them areas with free press, they can following a spike in cases of coronavirus. the move, which started now search newsrooms without a at midnight local time, will initially last warrant and you will need to for five days. gatherings will be limited to ten people. review your sources' face masks will be mandatory outdoors. it is the second region information. if you don't in spain to introduce a local comply, the maximum penalty is lockdown, after restrictions came into force in parts life imprisonment, and if they of catalonia at the weekend. consider your case, you can be extradited to china. that is all very worrying, and all from spain, our correspondent internet service providers will
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guy hedgecoe reports. need to comply with any demand the area of a marina on the atlantic coast will be for information from beijing's cut off from the rest of spain. national security agents, and movement will be allowed hong kong police in that in the zone, which has 70,000 inhabitants, but police will regard. you have to comply with prevent people from entering that sort of demand or you will or leaving without a specific reason. with 106 new cases of virus be in dire trouble as well, and rule of law. they are in the area, the authorities essentially telling hong kong cords that they have to do, have said this as a have to enforce this law precautionary measure which is expected to last five days. properly in order to secure translation: detecting these outbreaks early proves that our health system is much readier than in march, national—security. and so, and it also shows that we need to learn to live whatever happened to our higher with the virus. judicial independence, our we have to remain vigilant and keep social distancing. over the weekend, the regional institutional judicial independence, it is waning government of catalonia faster. if you want to do in the north—east of spain put business in hong kong, you will need to think twice, many the country of segria in isolation due to a spike in coronavirus cases. businesspeople have been two weeks ago, spain's telling me that. we don't what government lifted a strict national lockdown on the is really in store for hong grounds that the pandemic was under control. kong except the future does look rather bleak, as of today.
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however, since then, there have been a number hong kong has always been seen of new, mostly small outbreaks. let's get some of the day's other news: as the place to be if you want lockdown restrictions are being eased in scotland, access to the world's second wales and northern ireland today. 0utdoor pubs, restaurants biggest economy, if you want to and cafes are allowed to open again in scotland. work with china, but not in wales, the five=mile travel restriction is being lifted. necessarily have a base in and in northern ireland, china. hong kong was the place nail bars, beauty salons and tattoo pa rlours can all reopen. to be. do you think there is responsibility for the lockdown measures is devolved, this new law as you say, does which is why the moves are on a different timescale to those in england. this new law as you say, does this have such serious applications that international businesses will move to singapore and re—establish elsewhere for example? that's exactly the worry, the major concern confronting businessmen croatia's governing centre—right hdz party is on track to win a convincing in hong kong, especially victory in parliamentary elections. international investors. hong kong used to be the gangplank for china trade, but now, it will easily finish as the largest party, things in hong kong have though without an outright majority. hailing the outcome, the prime minister, andrej plenkovic, said voters had opted for responsibility confirmed that hong kong is and experience to meet croatia's serious problems. just another city, you might as he is in a strong position to dictate the terms well go directly to beijing if of a new coalition. you want chinese business that
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badly, or shanghai. it iran has admitted that certainly looks more thursday's fire at one of its main nuclear sites has caused significant damage prosperous, or, to play it to the uranium enrichment programme. iranian officials believe safe, singapore, so this is the fire at the natanz facility going to harm hong kong's could slow production in the mid—term, but say international finance harbour they will replace the damaged status, this is not working building with a larger one that has more advanced equipment. well for hong kong at all, but suspected drug traffickers in southern mexico have made iam sure well for hong kong at all, but i am sure beijing has looked at an emergency landing in a light aircraft on a public highway, before setting it alight and fleeing. all of these consequences previously and they have federal investigators in quintana roo believe the plane was transporting decided that is the price to drugs into mexico when it ran into difficulty pay in order to tighten its grip over hong kong. all right, claudia, good to talk to you italy has given permission today, a member of the hong for a charity—run ship to disembark 180 migrants kong legislative council. rescued in the mediterranean, two years ago this week, after a standoff lasting more than a week. the us kicked off a series the ocean viking, which had of tit—for—tat tariffs also sought permission to land which escalated into what we now know as from malta, will now head to a port in sicily, the us china trade war. the trade tensions and rivalry where the migrants will be held in quarantine. has had far reaching effects. aru na iyengar reports. 0ur asia business correspondent karishma vaswani has been following the trade war closely and joins me live from singapore.
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0ur correspondent has closely followed his trade war since it all began. good to see you. relief and joy from migrants on how feasible is a complete decoupling between the two countries? hearing their cramped conditions may soon be over. these migrants from pakistan, north africa, eritrea and nigeria were picked up after iam coming i am coming to you from the fleeing libya in four separate banks of the singapore river, rescues by the ocean viking, where it is a sultry, barmy operated by the french charity breezy day today, historically sos mediterranean. they include where the trading and financial district of singapore has been 25 children, mostly but even right here, the frosty unaccompanied, and two women, one of whom is pregnant. they have been on the ship for over air between the us and china a week, with tensions rising. fights have broken out, and two can be felt, and it's that big question over decoupling. how migrants threw themselves into realistic is it for companies the sea but were later rescued. the situation was so bad that in particular, american companies to pull their bases ship operators declared a state out of china as donald trump of emergency on friday. an has asked and urged them to do over the last couple of years, italian medical team were sent given the fact that china is on board to test the migrants such an attractive market for american companies, and this fight between the two has spilt for covid—19 and monitor the situation. the ocean viking is
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over into so many other aspects due to dock in sicily, where of business between china and the migrants will be transferred to a ship charted the united states. 0ne of business between china and the united states. one area of by the italian government for scrutiny has been how the us 14 by the italian government for 1a days of quarantine. administration has focused its lens on chinese companies that are listed in the united states according to the organisation and has even suggested some for migration, more than 100,000 migrants tried to cross the mediterranean last year, lawmakers, some lawmakers are with more than 1200 dying in suggesting that they should be the attempt. the arrival of delisted once this law is applied on them. this would be summer may the attempt. the arrival of summer may lead to more financially advantageous on attem pts summer may lead to more atte m pts to summer may lead to more attempts to cross, with hopes american investors. if the us ofa attempts to cross, with hopes of a new home in europe. stay with us on bbc news. government forces chinese companies that are listed on still to come: with no paparazzi or parties, the new york stock exchange to how is paris preparing delist, the pain will mostly be bored by americans, by american for virtual fashion week? investors who will continue to investors who will continue to invest in chinese companies if they want to while they are located in hong kong and subject to less scrutiny than they would be in the us, and it central london has been rocked by a series of terrorist attacks. will also inflict pain on the police say there have new york stock exchange and been many casualties, nasdaq because these companies and there is growing willjust pack up and moved to speculation that al-qaeda was responsible. the hong kong stock exchange, germany will be the hosts or the singapore london
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of the 2006 football world cup. exchange. let's talk about they pipped the favourites, south africa, by a single vote. in south africa, the possibility of losing hadn't technology stocks, how have even been contemplated, they been impacted to all of and celebration parties were cancelled. this? the decisions for companies in asia and the man entered the palace governments as well when it through a downstairs window and made his way to comes to technology and in the queen's private bedroom. particular the core then he asked herfor infrastructure of things like a cigarette, and on the pretext of arranging for some to be sg, infrastructure of things like 5g, these decisions have been brought, she summoned a footman far more political, it would be on duty, who took the man away. fairto far more political, it would be fair to say, than simply commercial. right here in singapore a couple of weeks ago, the country had to make a decision about which service one child, one teacher, providers to go, which telecoms one book, and one pen can change the world. infrastructure providers to go with in regards to their 5g network. the decision was made education is the only solution. to make nokia and ericsson the applause main providers, with china's huawei providing some aspects of the telecom infrastructure. but i was told this decision has shown just how politically this is bbc news. charged the environment has the latest headlines: become. in 56, enterprise india's tourist landmarks stay shut
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as the country overtakes russia customers are going to drive to reach the world's third the growth for all of these highest number of coronavirus infections. operators. we may have galicia in the north—west potential scenarios where the of spain becomes large american enterprises may the second region to impose a local lockdown after a fresh outbreak. be forced to say i cannot afford to use operators, or service providers who have let's get more on our top story huawei in the service. so these and the rising number of cases affecting india. are a big risk for telecom dr ramanan lakshminarayan is the director of the centre service providers who look at for disease dynamics, investing in some of these economics & policy. he's been technologies which are five to advising various indian state ten year implications. so that governments on covid—19 response. as you can see he is able to was the talk about the us china trade war. join us now live from delhi. thank you forjoining us. the let's look at the financial number of cases are rising in india, despite the lock down markets. during the two year measures that have an in place. period financial markets have been buffeted by the trade tell us your thoughts on what is happening. india's lock down dispute between china and the united states, it does was never meant to be a continue. markets are higher, permanent situation, it was with japan and hong kong, look
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just a way of buying time to prepare. so for the preparation at hong kong! 0ur serena harper has been mostly geared towards a law said, shanghai also up 4% today has been mostly geared towards alaw& has been mostly geared towards a law & 0rder response in the as well. local news saying that public health response has been goodin public health response has been good in some states but not so markets could be stronger going good in some states but not so goodin good in some states but not so good in many others and, also, forward , markets could be stronger going forward, boosting sentiment about shanghai and markets in the preparedness for the flood of cases has not been quite as mainland china in particular good as it should have been, today. that is the latest in given the time that india had. india was lucky to have had terms of business stories. cases later than many other countries but now it is number three in terms of number of we get rare access inside libya cases and that is even after turkey's military help accounting for the fact that testing levels in india remain government forces retake the among the lowest in the world. and there is so many difficulties and challenges in capital. india, aren't there, just because of the sheer scale, the number of people, the size of the country et cetera. 0ur so much more to come and in 15 reporters are telling us that the health services in the hospitals are at taking point minutes time you can join the brea kfast tea m in some areas. absolutely. and minutes time you can join the breakfast team as they will be bringing you all the latest to some extent these are not news in terms of what is happening with coronavirus in things that can be fixed in a couple of months. you can buy
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the uk and that lifeline, more detail on the lifeline for the hospital beds and ventilators art's sector. £1.6 billion in two months but you cannot towards helping theatre, cinema train pulmonologist‘s. so what we see is the fact that these and museums. if you look online you can see there is much more detail on this story on bbc investments have not been made over the last three decades and we are paying the price for online. arts venues welcoming that now by not having the government support. as you heard from a little earlier, healthcare personnel at the skill we need for a country of the size we have. presumably, joshua mahoney from ig, this you believe, it will get a lot support package, you can see an worse before it gets better and analysis there from our arts editor, this package may not what needs to happen to improve necessarily stretch that far the situation? i don't see any with theatres still not knowing way in which things will suddenly get better. there are or aware when they may be able to open around the country. many people who are not yet infected and who lack immunity to the virus. i think there will be a high plateau when india's tourist landmarks stay shut as the country overtakes russia some stakes peak but other to reach the world's third highest number of states start climbing at that point in time. so we will be at coronavirus infections. galicia in the north—west this high peak for a few months of spain becomes the second region to impose a local lockdown after
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a fresh outbreak. yet and unless a vaccine arrives, which is highly unlikely, before the end of next year, probably around it is a month since the internationally recognised government of libya finally then, india willjust go managed to take back full through the epidemic in the way control of the capital tripoli that it has been so far and we with extensive help from turkey — defeating a long will see some of the bigger offensive by a rivalforce. the battle between the two drew in other countries, taking different sides, marking the most recent stage in a long battle for control of libya ever state perhaps join other states since colonel gaddafi and having more cases and we are already seeing that transition. what should the was deposed in 2011. government and authorities be doing now then, given what you have said about what is ahead in terms of measures to try and ease this crisis? should there 0ur international correspondent 0rla guerin and her team have had rare access to libya — be stricter lock down measures they sent this report in these cities? in fairness, from tripoli. india did take over 19 flying into libya, where the oil—rich landscape has seriously. but the states shifted, thanks to intervention from turkey. its presence here has themselves may be did not. i been largely unseen, but we gained rare access. think india's failure to contain covert is not so much a 0n the red carpet, matter of intended as a matter of the capacity and resources to do it. in the weeks and up close and masked,
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months going forward, further lockdowns are probably the turkish defence minister, unproductive because lockdowns hulusi akar, seen as the new power in town. and here's why — victory can be harsh but are not effective in a country like celebrations by fighters loyal india where many people are in to the un—backed government. close proximity. the only response will be to ramp up testing. states that have done better have contained better they kept control of and tested more and the the capital thanks to ankara. standard health response that has worked everywhere else. so, corona bumps and gratitude testing and tracking. thank you from fayez al—sarraj, so testing and tracking. thank you so much for your time. good to libya's internationally recognised prime minister. talk to you. but is turkey planning a team of world health a permanent stay on this 0rganization experts is on its way to turkmenistan, foreign soil? one of the most insular and secretive states in the world. i put that question despite high rates of coronavirus in neighbouring iran and afghanistan, to the defence minister. turkmenistan has not yet reported a single translation: saying that case of covid—19. would be incorrect. independent media reports claim there is a surge in cases 0ur presence here is based on bilateral agreements of acute pneumonia. the bbc‘s rayhan with the legitimate libyan government, recognised by the un, and this is in line with international law.
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0ur presence will continue. demytrie reports. we are trying to help our libyan brothers by consulting on military training and cooperation. there are no reports about coronavirus in turkmenistan. turkish forces are on the ground in libya, because, officially, it does northern iraq not exist here. the only and northern syria. information about healthcare is one of nato's most powerful what gets shown on state armies often seems to be television. but the opening of going its own way. turkey's presence here is part of an expanded footprint this hospital by the across the middle east. president's son. now the world ankara wants to be a key health organization will get a player in the future, chance to assess whether the whatever emerges from the chaos country is really coronavirus in libya, and it's flexing free. after weeks of waiting, a its muscles across tea m free. after weeks of waiting, a team of medical experts has finally been allowed into the the middle east. country. yes we would have very and it's creating waves in the eastern mediterranean, much like to have gone earlier, indeed at the end of may was where there's a lot at stake, not least gas reserves. the minister made a flying when we initially spoke about going and when we had the visit to this turkish warship initial discussions with the government of turkmenistan and off the coast of libya. in the invitation to travel. however logistics issues have been the main country —— issue.
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he strongly denied claims from france that turkey turkmenistan closed its borders backin turkmenistan closed its borders back in february and harassed one of its quarantined people entering the vessels in the area. but with its deepening country. but independent involvement here, ankara is sailing in choppy waters. information about how effective these measures have been is 0rla guerin, bbc news, tripoli. hospitals in egypt limited. this mobile footage are struggling to cope with the rise in coronavirus infections. the country has officially shows crowds and unsanitary registered around 75,000 cases living conditions inside quarantined tense. more and so far, but real numbers more independent news sources are widely believed to be much higher. some patients have already report of these cases of the lost their lives after failing to find a bed in public hospitals. the bbc‘s sally nabil death of people and cases when all hospitals are being closed reports from cairo and quarantined with people and this eight bleak look at how doctors inside the hospitals. egypt is coping with coronavirus. these volunteers from a local charity are rushing to deliver much needed amnesty international describes turkmenistan is one of the most aid toa authoritarian countries in the rushing to deliver much needed aid to a public hospital. country the first covid—19 case world. its president has built in mid—february. but in recent a cult of personality and is weeks, the number of reported
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often seen giving orders and cases has surged rapidly. the reprimanding his officials. the health system is struggling long before the pandemic and is state paints a picture of now overwhelmed. we spoke to a prosperity the daily life for man who desperately had to isolate his sick mother at home ordinary residents show a different reality. worsening after failing to find her a place in nearly ten public economic conditions and denial about the global pandemic. hospitals. translation: the british museums, galleries, doctor told me i cannot do and theatres are getting almost anything for you. the only thing i have here is a pen. two billion dollars from the government to help take her to another hospital. them overcome the crippling they have no oxygen tech that consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. heritage sites, music venues, and independent cinemas make tanks, no blood equipment are also eligible for the emergency funding, measuring equipment. his mother some of which will be in survived but many others did the form of affordable loans. not. we talked to dozens of it comes after many celebrities had warned that the arts were were on the verge of going bankrupt. people who lost family members 0ur arts editor, to the virus. they refused to go on camera told us how hard will gompertz, has more. it was to watch a loved one die slowly. they found public theatres, music venues, cinemas hospitals crowded and private and museums across the country have been brought to their ones too expensive. 0nce knees by the covid—19 pandemic
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hospitals crowded and private with many saying they will be ones too expensive. once again it is volunteers who stepped in bankrupt within weeks without to help. they even provide emergency government support. equipment like oxygen tanks for coronavirus patients who suffer that arrived today with the culture secretary announcing a breathing issues. translation: £1.57 billion rescue package for the culture and heritage we could not be an alternative hospitals. we try to help until the patient is moved to a sector. we are extremely happy hospital. we have to do our but all i will say is that best because a person's life until we know what the future looks like for the performing depends on us stop we visit a rts looks like for the performing arts it will always be a people whose oxygen levels drop to 60 and then they gradually bandage on a wound of unspecified scale. the improved. it felt great. the announcement has been warmly welcomed by many arts leaders army, a powerful institution who say they can now see a way here, has recently built a huge for their organisations to survive at least until spring. field hospital for coronavirus treatment. it has around 4000 of the total amount, £270 million have been made available as a loan with the beds. the government has long denied reports about rest coming in the form of a overcrowded hospitals. it says grant. all those communities patients are advised to self and those vital social hubs isolate at home if they are not have now got something to at at risk. like many other least hide them over while they think of what is next. there
5:23 am
are no guarantees have caused. countries, the economy here cannot afford the longer my are no guarantees have caused. my next follow—up question would be how do you plan to lockdown but the worst of the pandemic is not over yet and if spend that cash, that emergency people are left with little lifeline, to ensure that people will still be able to come and defences, there are fears the visit these vital venues. as ever, the detail is likely to situation will only deteriorate. devil is likely to be in the detail. the government has not on saturday driving instructors and learner drivers specified how the money will be were allowed to get back on the road as lessons divided and nor how the and theory tests were application process will work stop there are likely to be permitted again in england. thousands of self—employed many winners but the money has driving instructors across the uk have faced months come too late for some venues that have already been forced of financial uncertainty to close while others only about when they can cling on to the hope of a post return to work. red, the uk's biggest driving pandemic return. school, has been working to find a way to reopen that keeps learners and instructors we will have more on that in our business coverage in five safe, and will reopen minutes time. but as the lockdown measures are easing how does that work in practice? depending on where you are, professional sport has made something of a comeback. formula 1 resumed with the that is a good question and austrian on pre— and many countries have seen the return of football. in argentina, ultimately it is about disinfecting the car between
5:24 am
restrictions remain in place so each customer, between each people have had to improvise. person who sits in the drivers seat and so we will clean all the touch points wherever that customer has been and then repeat that exercise when a new customer comes in. every customer comes in. every customer will also ask to self the beautiful game probably seems even more beautiful certify via sms that we have after such a long absence. across parts of europe and asia, matches have been played, goals have been scored, organised for our instructors championships have been won. descend to the next customer so they can self check whether or but not here. not in argentina. not they have had symptoms or a recent spike in cases means lockdown measures have been reinforced. whether they have been ill in so they have come up the last 14 days, just to give them a heads up that they with a suitable alternative. should not have a listen if they do not feel well. in terms translation: this is for two teams of five players, for recreational activity of ventilation, that is important to have airflow through the car. masks and that practices distancing with no contact. gloves will be optional for there are fixed positions, customers and instruct as during the test itself. and just like a goalkeeper with the defence quickly, what is the demand ught? and the forwards. quickly, what is the demand light? the demand is amazing. this week we have only been known locally as selling online up until one ‘metegol humano', it works like this — o'clock today and demand has been phenomenal. 0ur contact
5:25 am
the pitch is separated into rectangular segments centre opens for inbound calls and each player at one o'clock today and we has to stay in their own zone. expect it to be huge. it is there is no tackling, very busy already. thank you no dribbling. for your time this morning. you it has been described as a life—sized version of table football. for some, it couldn't are now up to date, as i mentioned if you are watching have come a moment too soon. us on bbc one in the uk you can translation: the truth is that i tried it and it is the first join the breakfast team in five minutes time and if you are time i've kicked a ball in months. with bbc world news, i will be i'm telling you this truthfully — back and see you very soon. if i am emotional. not, have a lovely day. of course the hope is proper football will eventually be given the green light. in the meantime, socially distance ‘fussball‘ will have to do. hello. monday looks set to be tim allman, bbc news. a rather breezy day, but not quite as windy as it was on sunday, when we had scenes like this — asi gusts of 50mph or more as i mentioned we have all the across some parts of the uk, top business stories in four minutes time so stay with us the sorts of winds that we and you can contact me on twitter. stay with us and we would expect during autumn, but are pretty unusual will keep you right up to date with all the latest during summer. developments. i will see you in
5:26 am
just a moment. the area of low pressure responsible still not too far away, sliding towards scandinavia. high pressure trying to build in from the south—west, but it's not going to be quite as windy as it has been through monday. still pretty blustery out there, i have to say. fewer showers but still some showers. hello. those particularly affecting parts of scotland, northern monday looks set to be england, maybe clipping a rather breezy day, into east wales, the midlands, but not quite as windy certainly the eastern as it was on sunday, side of england and some when we had scenes like this — for northern ireland as well. the further south and west gusts of 50mph or more you are, not as many showers, across some parts of the uk, the sorts of winds that we more dry weather and some spells of sunshine here. would expect during autumn, still, a noticeable north—westerly breeze. these are the wind but are pretty unusual gusts we're expecting. during summer. they are just a notch or two the area of low pressure lower than the wind speeds responsible still not too far we saw during sunday. but it will still feel away, sliding fairly cool out there, towards scandinavia. high pressure trying to build in from the south—west, i suspect, with top temperatures but it's not going to be between 14 and 21 degrees, and it will remain fairly cool quite as windy as it has and fresh as we head been through monday. still pretty blustery out through monday night. many of the daytime showers there, i have to say. will continue to fade. fewer showers but i think we will see some still some showers. showery rain drifting across the far north those particularly affecting of scotland and cloud amounts parts of scotland, northern increasing across northern england, maybe clipping ireland through the early hours into east wales, the midlands, of tuesday morning. temperature—wise, certainly the eastern we start the day side of england and some between 8 and 12 degrees. for northern ireland as well. so, high pressure just about in charge as we begin tuesday. you can see this little bump the further south and west in the isobars here. however, there is a frontal you are, not as many showers, system that will be working more dry weather and some in very quickly spells of sunshine here. to northern ireland.
5:27 am
still, a noticeable i showed you the increasing north—westerly breeze. these are the wind amounts of cloud. gusts we're expecting. well, rain will set they are just a notch or two in through the morning and then spread its way eastwards. lower than the wind speeds there is a bit of uncertainty we saw during sunday. but it will still feel aboutjust how far north or how fairly cool out there, far south this i suspect, wet weather will get. there is likely to be a swathe with top temperatures of dry weather through southern between 1a and 21 degrees, counties of england and and it will remain fairly cool certainly the channel islands, and fresh as we head and also some dry conditions through monday night. many of the daytime showers with just showers in will continue to fade. the northern half of scotland, i think we will see some but still, those temperatures showery rain drifting in a range of 14 to 21 degrees. across the far north of scotland and cloud amounts now, that frontal system is not increasing across northern finished with us as we head ireland through the early hours of tuesday morning. towards wednesday, another temperature—wise, we start the day pulse of energy, another wave between 8 and 12 degrees. on this weather front, so, high pressure so that's likely to hold it just about in charge in place with more rain as we begin tuesday. across southern counties. and to the north of that frontal system, the air you can see this little bump will never get in the isobars here. particularly warm. however, there is a frontal we can expect temperatures system that will be working to stayjust a touch below the average in very quickly to northern ireland. for the time of year. i showed you the increasing some rain at times through amounts of cloud. the middle part of the week. well, rain will set the driest of the weather in through the morning and then spread its way eastwards. there is a bit of uncertainty aboutjust how far north or how far south this likely to be across the north. wet weather will get. there is likely to be a swathe of dry weather through southern counties of england and certainly the channel islands, and also some dry conditions with just showers in the northern half of scotland, but still, those temperatures
5:28 am
in a range of 1a to 21 degrees. now, that frontal system is not finished with us as we head towards wednesday, another pulse of energy, another wave on this weather front, so that's likely to hold it in place with more rain across southern counties. and to the north of that frontal system, the air will never get particularly warm. we can expect temperatures to stayjust a touch below the average for the time of year. some rain at times through the middle part of the week. 00:28:28,983 --> 2147483051:50:59,207 the driest of the weather 2147483051:50:59,207 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 likely to be across the north.
5:29 am
5:30 am
good morning — welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: a bail—out for the arts — theatres, music venues and museums are to get £1.5 billion pounds of support. big changes on the way in scotland,
5:31 am
wales and northern ireland as lockdown restrictions are eased — we'll have all the details and it was a big weekend for pubs and restaurants in england as they welcomed back customers — but there's a warning that more support is needed if they are to survive long term. lewis hamilton says he was silenced in speaking out about racismand regrets not taking action sooner as he's joined by several f1 drivers in taking a knee ahead
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