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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  July 17, 2020 8:45pm-9:00pm BST

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angus crawford, bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for the film review with mark kermode. hello and welcome to the film review with me mark kermode — rounding up the best movies available for viewing in the home. the standout home cinema release this week is clemency — a haunting death row drama from writer/director chinonye chukwu — with an astonishing central performance by alfre woodard. four hours from the execution, all communication with outside parties will cease, that includes
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miss lumetta, friends, family members, but you can be with the chaplain the entire day — all the way through the procedure. you will have to take your clothes off, wear the shirt, the pants and shoes issued to you. when it's time for the procedure, you will be walked to the chamber. woodard plays bernadine williams, were never maximum—security ——woodard plays bernadine williams, warden at a maximum—security prison who prides herself on treating her inmates with dignity as they move through incarceration to whatever awaits — whether that be freedom or death. do you have any family that would like to claim your body? yet despite the professional facade, bernadine has doubts about herjob, accentuated when a botched procedure reveals the true horror of execution. how do you keep doing it? i do myjob. you've given me hope. meanwhile, anthony woods,
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played by aldis hodge is running out of time after 15 years on death row. his lawyer, played by richard schiff, has uncovered plentiful evidence throwing doubt out on his conviction for murder. but hope of a reprieve is still fading, leaving both jailed and jayla facing a terrible end. ——both jailed and jailer facing a terrible end. i can't do this on my own any more. that sense of the toll the death penalty takes on all whom touches runs throughout chukwu's intelligent drama, in which everyone is at the end of their tether — from the warden to the lawyer to the prison chaplain — all of whom seem to be experiencing a form of collective ptsd. i don't see how it's going to work — living with an empty shell of a wife. at the centre of it all is woodard, who conveys so much about her character's history and situation through her stance and stoicism, the modulation of her voice, even the rhythm of her breath. applause too to hodge, who memorises
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as the inmate facing death, even as new life presents itself — albeit at a distance. i'm here and now with you. beautifully lensed by eric branco, and evoctively scored by the greats catherine bostic, this is a powerful thoughtful piece of cinema, taken to the next level by the sheer calibre of its performances. you can find it on curzon home cinema or on the bohemian media platform — where viewers can also choose to donate half of the revenue to a participating cinema, charity or film collective of their choosing. in the early 1930's, luis bunuel who garnered praise and utrage alike with large door directed one of the strangest pseudo—documentaries ever filmed— los hurdes — or land without bread — a brutal portrait in one of the poorest regions of spain.
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— a brutal portrait of life in one of the poorest regions of spain. now with bunel in the labyrinth of the turtles, available on bf iplayer, salvador has made an equally strange animated feature about the creation of las hurdes which similarly defies categorisation. adapted from a graphic novel by furmen sarris, the film centres on the friendship between the artist and friend who agreed to finance the movie if he won the lottery, which he probably did. unable to control bunuel‘s increasingly outrageous creative urges, he finds himself questioning the entire nature of the project — in which he has invested time, money and most importantly, trust. manuel galiana — who served as animation director
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on the brilliant chico and rita once again works simple wonders with the visuals, which are starkly intercut with live—action footage from this film. be warned, orchestrated animal suffering and death is a recurrent feature of las hurdes, and he does not shy away from this unpalatable truth. act really cool, just act cool. i've got two... ..persons with disabilities. persons with disabilities and a blind guy. excuse me, it's visually impaired. visually impaired gentlemen. which one of you is driving? it sort of a team effort. back in 2007, bbc film, for one night only, told the story of astor philpott who was born with art with the process and who travel to a legal brothel in spain to lose his virginity. phil's story has since inspired
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several feature films, the award—winning 2011 belgian pick hasta la vista, the 2016 dutch film, adios amigos, and now a third incarnation, come as you are, and american version of the same story come as you are, an american version of the same story which is available to rent from several premium platforms. seriously, toss it out the window, they can track us. boe, you too. did he just throw his phone out? i'm not throwing my phone out. grant rosen meyer, hayden zito and ravi patel are scotty, matt and moe, the trio who arrange a road trip to montreal against the wishes of parents and carers who still treat them as children. my sim card, i threw out my sim card. so stupid. driving the bus is sam, engagingly played by gabourey sidibe who was oscar nominated in 2010 for a breakthrough role in precious. i'm not your mama, i'm not your girlfriend, and as long as you are 100% honest with me, we are good. let's get in the van.
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come as you are clearly has a both an impressive pedigree and a sturdy story, which is refreshingly funny, frank and fearless on the subject of the sexual needs and rights of the disabled. it's no surprise it reviews are being filled with phrases "feel—good" and "heart—warming". but it's also not surprising that the film has attracted criticism for failing to cast actors with disabilities in the lead roles. insists that logistics limited their opportunities, rosen meyer — who stars and also produces — insists that logistics limited their opportunities, while director richard wong asserts that the films message was so positive, it was worth any backlash. it's true that some of the smaller roles do feature actors with disabilities, including philpott himself, who makes a cameo appearance as indeed he did in the 2011 film. come as you are. it's also true that come as you are, which is both entertaining and touching is a rare example of a mainstream sex comedy that doesn't fit cookie—cutter mould. but in an age where movies as varied as my deral heart,
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peanut butter falcon and even the current release, ride like a girl, are proving the positive power of diverse casting. it's a real shame that come as you are wasn't able to follow their lead. kat malone, jane berman, power cords music management, we are on the list. not on the list. you are incompetent. you to call yourself a pa and you can't even remember to phone and get my name on the list? what's? you heard me come you skinny leg goggle eyed berger brain reject. you're fired. harsh. don't even bother coming into work tomorrow? miss malone, i found your name. kat malone, plus one. my mistake. one of the surprise treats of 2018 was anna and the apocalypse, a christmas zombie musical, yes, really. boasting a star making central performance by ella hunter. boasting a star making central performance by ella hunt. i'm kat malone, a music scout, why don't you and i grab a seat and talk management.
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hunt takes the title role again in kat and the band a sweet natured hannah montana style fantasy in which our heroine as a schoolgirl by day, aspiring rock manager by night. roles which must caps separate and secret. dollar days are the band with whom kat hopes to make her mark, unhindered by the fact that she's in the middle of her mocks and has zero experience of organising a gig, let alone a tour. a warm welcome to dollar days! thank heavens the band members include actual rock star, duggee pointer, the basest of mcfly, who, regular viewers will remember costarred in the silly horror thrill, the host, which came out on digital back in april. we've gone viral! this is altogether more enjoyable, just don't go expecting a hard—hitting behind the scenes expose. it's essentially a teen fairy tale in doc martens, boyed up by hunt's likeable presence of, accompanied by the tunes of some velvet morning, and even posting a cameo by badly
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as an unlikely knight in shining armour. thank you so much for the. no worries, my pleasure. it's available on a range of platforms now. we've died and gone to heaven, boys. man, you kidding me, look at this. this place is bigger than roseland. it's bigger than my whole neighbourhood in queens. all of us rings us to ghosts of war, where were movie highbred with one of the most audaciously silly late in the day plot twists of recent memory. don't worry, i'm not going to spoil it for you. suffice to say that while silence may be required of an audience in a cinema, watching this at home, it's perfectly acceptable to go, "what?" we open in the later stages of world war ii, where billy zane makes a suspiciously brief cameo before a group of american soldiers take command of an eerie mansion. so what's wrong with the joint?
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i mean, if this place like coney island, what is the rush? what evil forces are at work here? apart from the obvious evil forces of the nazis and world war ii, and what was all that stuff with billy zane? ghosts of war is written and directed by eric bress, whose previous credits include the butterfly effect, which should give you some idea of where this is all going. it's a strange mix of the quite creepy and the utterly ridiculous, like an extended addition of the twilight zone, longer yet somehow less substantial. if you leave, you die! that's it for this week, thanks for watching the film review, stay safe, and i will be back next week with more home viewing treats. 0k, you've got that. and need you to hit the easy break, easy break in a little bit more, little bit more. harder. harder, harder! stop! what are you blind?
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good evening. sunshine at this time of year is pretty strong so it doesn't take much for those temperatures to respond once we get it. and we certainly had it on friday with temperatures widely in the south—east corner around the mid to high 20s. beautiful blue sky and sunshine here but not for all of us. this weather front brought cloud and rain, and the rain was fairly slow moving. behind it, plenty of isobars driving in some showers to the north—west of the great glen. so, that is going to be the story over the next few hours. we will see cloud and rain slowly meandering its way into north of england and north wales. it stays relatively mild, even muggy, in the south—east corner where we'd seen friday's heat. so as we start off our saturday morning then, that cloud and rain slowly pushing its way steadily south—east. again it is going to stay on the breezy side of the north—west driving in some showers. so, a day of mixed fortunes really. sunny spells and scattered showers for scotland and northern ireland, the rain will push its way slowly southwards. it's not in any rush at all and that
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means that east anglia, the midlands and down along that channel coast will again see some sunshine and some warmth. perhaps not quite as warm as today but temperatures peaking into the mid—20s. the question mark unfortunately is what's going to happen to the cricket? if you are following the second test, that weather front just sitting around the north—west, so there's likely to be some interruption to play, hopefully slowly improving as we go through the latter stages of the afternoon. so there it is — really not moving very far very fast. one thing that's interesting about it — it's a cold front. so as it does squeeze its way south and east, it will continue to introduce this fresher air from the north—west. so, you'll notice the difference with the feel of the weather across south—east england particularly on sunday. it may well start off grey, dull, drizzly in places. slowly brightening up, we keep the risk of some showers driven on by that westerly breeze in the far north—west. a look at the temperatures widely into the mid to high teens. if we're lucky, we may well see 21
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degrees but high pressure is set to build and start the week off on quite a quiet note. a good deal of dry weather before there is the risk of more cloud and rain pushing into the far north—west later on in the week. take care.
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this is bbc news. i'm nancy kacungira with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. the us government's leading expert on covid—19 has urged all americans to wear face masks to stop a sharp rise in infections. we know that masks are really important, and we should be using them, everyone. eu leaders meet in brussels for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, but they're struggling to agree a coronavirus recovery package. a solution is possible. and the solution, that is what our people in europe expect from us, because it's theirjobs that are at stake. a new, quicker test for the coronavirus using saliva goes on trial in britain.


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