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the body of the late congressmanjohn lewis makes a finaljourney in selma, alabama, crossing the famous bridge where he helped lead a march for voting rights in 1965. the final crossing and a symbolic moment. draped in the american flag, john lewis's casket was taken this is bbc news, by horse—drawn carriage over the edmund pettis bridge in selma. with the latest headlines alabama state troopers saluted for viewers in the uk the civil rights campaigner and around the world. while members of his family i am lewis vaughanjones. walked behind in silent tribute. coronavirus spreads into rural india, a sombrejourney putting intense pressure back to montgomery, on struggling hospitals. 55 years afterjohn lewis cases are increasing took part in a march in the smaller cities, led by martin luther king jr in the towns which were to challenge the state previously not affected, governor, george wallace, and that's a matter over voting rights of great concern. for african americans. the bbc speaks to the scientist who diagnozed early cases but the day, in china and now believes later dubbed bloody sunday, ended in violence as the march was declared illegal. lewis suffered a fractured skull when he was hit there was a cover up. in the head by a club wielded by a white police officer. his efforts and suffering were not in vain. us staff leave the consulate in congress would soon pass the voting rights act of 1965, which prohibited racial discrimination in voting. john lewis went on to a career spanning three decades in the house of representatives. he was known as the conscience chengdu. and john lewis makes a
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of the us congress. john never gave up hope. final journey across the famous bridge towards civil rights. his optimism is what he inspired in all of us. we're all infused and dame olivia de havilland has died at the age of 104. with that optimism. can't you hear him? find a way to get in the way! good trouble! necessary trouble! john lewis made his final public appearance last month at the height of the protests over racial inequality hello and welcome and police brutality. to the programme. it'll be part of his legacy india is one of the countries worst affected by the pandemic, with health that he never facilities in some areas being put under stopped campaigning. intense pressure. some parts of the country john lewis lived have re—imposed lockdown to see the generation restrictions, while others have chosen not to, that i believe will lead for economic reasons, but the infection this nation to our ideals has spread to villages. and our full promise to all. the government says it's seeing an encouraging recovery rate like him, they're protesting despite the rising number of infections. peacefully, nonviolently. our correspondent yogita limaye reports now, on india's battle with covid. they love this nation
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covid—i9 has reached just as much asjohn did. rural india, where hospitals are often just buildings john lewis's finaljourney with no staff or equipment. is moving on to washington where he'll lie in state at the us capitol for a 2—day public viewing. "bring oxygen," a woman pleaded, searching for doctors at a medicalfacility peter bowes, bbc news. in the eastern state of bihar. herfamily struggled to revive her father—in—law, who was unable to breathe. many churches, synagogues, mosques and temples have shut their doors during the he died before a doctor coronavirus lockdown, often leaving them in financial could see him. difficulty. westminster abbey many are asked to take loved ones to the nearest big city, patna, but here, too, has lost about 90% of its conditions are grim. income. the dean has been speaking to our religion mani bhushan‘s uncle was treated in an icu, where there were dead bodies lying in the beds editor. commonwealth day in right next to him, for nearly 36 hours. his family claims doctors march, the last major event in westminster abby. the setting rarely did the rounds. for every coronation since 1066 avdesh singh died a few days after the video was made. has been crippled by the coronavirus. we lost our place translation: the situation in bihar is so pitiful. slightly and celebrating, so the government says there are facilities, the 75th anniversary of vide, but you realise when you go
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to a hospital that only god can save your life. anzac celebrations. a few weeks into this we begin to measure more than 1000 miles away, out just what was going to the scene is starkly different happen to us financially and that has been a pretty now, in a part of india shattering blow. it cost nearly that was the first to be badly hit by the virus. £30 million a year to fund this is one of many field everything from cleaners to hospitals built in mumbai choristers, and most of the to treat covid patients. money comes from visitors. it's now that they've opened, people aren't struggling important to remember there is to find beds like no public money for the abbey they were a month ago. nor is there any church money. we pay our own way completely. because of facilities like these, even with the highest number of cases in the country, separately, the church of mumbai, for now, is being able england's 42 cathedrals are to cope with covid—i9, anticipating losses of more as is the national than £28 million this year, and capital, delhi. it's not just but given its size than £28 million this year, and and population, it's notjust the established india is almost like church. covid—19 has cut a a small continent, and there's been a variety of responses to the pandemic. swathe through every religious the eastern state of bengal has decided it will shut down for two days every week. community. this sikh temple madhya pradesh in central india has used to receive 83,000 pounds a reimposed stringent restrictions, while the southern state of karnataka lifted a planned month in donations. their lockdown because of income has collapsed but they economic compulsions. have continued to serve during
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this time of crisis. the we india will never reach don't want to see our people simultaneously a peak. going hungry, we don't want to see our people on drugs, so each area will have that food is for everyone. so its own peak. the kitchen has supplied more the higher the density, than 4000 meals to nhs staff the higher the peak. as coronavirus spreads and those shielding at home. rapidly, floods have killed scores in the country. and while the government set aside £750 million for the threat of disease charitable organisations, they even higher haven't seen a penny. do you really think that institutions during india's rainy season. like this which have been in yogita limaye, existence since the 1970s could bbc news, mumbai. the vice president of india's health federation says he's fold? we are having serious worried about rise problems. god forbid this virus in a rural cases. comes back, and i will be ready when the pandemic started for the challenge to support in india, it was the biggest the little bit of help from the cities, delhi, mumbai, government. back at westminster who got the initial wave abbey, limited service has and in fact, injune, resumed. but both they and the it seemed these church of england are seeking help from the government in healthcare facilities would get order to be ready for major overrun but luckily, national events. this is with the containment measures undertaken, precisely the theatre of
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coronation, so we are right in both these cities actually the heart of the abby and a plateaued and now the cases com pletely the heart of the abby and a completely empty space. this is are on a downswing. july. normally, we would be admitting into the abby 1000 in delhi, as of today, people and our. this is 80% of covid beds in various hospitals are empty. com pletely people and our. this is completely inconceivable that we could be sitting here like conversely, at the same this. the history of westminster abbey is sure and time, in this month, steadfast, but its future is less certain, and the association of english slowly and now more rapidly, cases are increasing cathedrals is warning that in the smaller without significant support, cities, in the towns which were previously not some ancient temples of worship affected and that is a matter risk losing their place in of great concern because, national life. especially in the smaller towns, the healthcare facilities are not as good our last remaining stars as they are in from the golden age of hollywood has died. let's get some of the bigger cities. the day's other news. the microbiologist who diagnosed early coronavirus cases in china has told the bbc, he believes local officials covered up the scale of the initial outbreak. professor kwok—yung yuen she was 104. was part of an investigation during a career spanning team in wuhan injanuary. several decades, she appeared in films including gone with the wind, the adventures of robin hood and the heiress, he says there were gaps which led to one of her two
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in the action taken there oscars. our correspondent lizo mzimba and a reluctance to acknowledge looks back at her life. the number of cases. despite its controversial depiction of race and slavery, carrie gracie reports now gone with the wind on whether china's response is seen as a hollywood classic. to the virus contributed as the virtuous melanie, opposite vivien leigh as the wayward scarlett, to the global crisis. olivia de havilland won an oscar nomination. what a lovely dress, scarlett, darling. india wasn't able last december people started to come tonight. turning up in hospitals will you be an angel? in wuhan with i do need you to help a mystery pneumonia. me...receive my guests. for three weeks, from yet she'd taken the part the end of december, against the advice chinese state media of her boss at warner bros. played down the risks. jack warner himself said to me, they said there was no reason to suspect the virus was transmitted through humans, and no medical personnel "oh, you don't want to be had been infected. on the 12th of january, in gone with the wind!" hong kong doctor, he said, "that's going to be kwok—yung yuen, the biggest bust in town!" diagnosed a family with i said, i'm not hungry. so you did. i'd forgotten. coronavirus in shenzhen. her career at warner's had blossomed the eminent microbiologist with a series knew family clusters of adventure films signalled human transmission. in many of which she starred opposite errol flynn. but later, i have the experience of diagnosing cases she won a legal battle in shenzhen, and i know how efficiently against the company the virus was spreading, which helped break the stranglehold and i know that it is hollywood studios had over their contract stars. acquired from hospitals, he came back and i know that it can go with the same lies. once free of warner bros, with people by flights, her career flourished. she won two oscars, on one city to thousands the second in 1949...
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of miles away with people. he has grown greedier professor yuen immediately alerted officials with the years. in beijing, ..for the heiress. olivia de havilland herself stood back from hollywood in the 1950s, but china did not tell its public or the rest of the world for a critical week, but not before her talent in which the virus was free to spread inside the country and beyond. on the 18th of january had made an indelible mark. professor yuen joined a team of experts in wuhan. dame olivia de havilland who has died at the age of 104. he learned the market initially blamed for the outbreak had been disinfected before samples could be taken from all the animals. a journalist has written on olivia's life and legacy. when we went to the wuhan seafood markets, of course, it is really more there was nothing to be than one legacy. see because the market there is the acting, was clean already. gone with the wind, and then you may say that the crime scene is already disturbed. there are movies like because the seafood market the heiress which she won was cleared we could not an academy award for. identify animal hosts which is but i think manyjust as important as what she did off the screen when she challenged giving the virus to humans. the contract system of hollywood. at the time, they had a system where they could really hold people indefinitely and would sign a seven—year contract, but it meant that professor yuen helped identify the sars virus 17 years ago. you had to actually work back then beijing withheld for seven years.
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information for four months. the response was faster this so the studio system, time but he says wuhan which was extremely powerful officials were slow to admit then, they could say, rising patient numbers not let you work for six months and infections among and so you are not honouring your contract. medical staff. olivia wasn't the first woman to object to it but she was the first i do suspect that they have been doing some cover—up one to go and locally at wuhan. the local officials, who are supposed to immediately say, i will take this convey information, has not as far as it can go, allowed this to be done and she filed legal action as readily as it should. in california in the 1940s and she won. for three weeks, beijing had silenced frontline doctors they decided, they even call it but onjanuary 20, it sighted unofficially there de havilland the evidence from shenzhen law. and wuhan, to acknowledge you cannot do that. what many had warned you cannot sign someone from the start. to a contract and extend it indefinitely. so what she did there is an enormous legacy, not just for hollywood, three days later wuhan but also for so many industries was locked down. where contracts like that china says it has been open, transparent and responsible and its firm have been attempted. measures bought the world time, but researchers now say, if lockdown had happened sooner, the vast leaving a real majority of infections practical mark there. this idea of the golden could have been prevented. age of hollywood,
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and with her death, that in some way marking a closing of that chapter. what do you make of that? it is not entirely... the american consulate in there are a couple of others chengdu will close in retaliation for the closure of the consulate in the us state still around, i believe child star margaret o'brien who was certainly of texas, in houston. relations around during what we call the golden age, but you could say between the us and china have it was probably the last true been deteriorating for some superstar leading actress of that time. time. a sign of the times. the american her death follows kirk consulate in chengdu. douglas who was roughly it's been in china's the same age as her, seventh—largest city for 35 he died just a few months ago. years, employing 200 people, including 150 locally—hired staff. you are really seeing but not anymore. almost the last forced to close by china after the us forced china of those who not only were to close its consulate around during the so—called in houston on friday. golden age, but were stars, were making major adult stars the us accusing china in majorfilms. of stealing intellectual property, another sign of the rock bottom relationship between the us and china over a number we are very close to of issues including the coronavirus pandemic... the end of chapter, it comes from china.
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..china's new hong and at the golden age kong security law... today i also signed so to speak with a very an executive order ending us few are left from preferential treatment that time. for hong kong. ..the use of chinese technology in the west... that's it from me, i'm lewis we convinced many countries, many countries. vaughan—jones, this is bbc i did this myself for the most part, not to use huawei. news. ..and originally, trade, although the deal hello. it's been a fairly mixed weekend of weather, was done in january. and we start the new working week on an unsettled note. together, we are righting we've got some wet and windy weather around the wrongs of the past during the day on monday. and delivering a future of economicjustice and security. but after that clears away, the middle of the week does since then, the relationship has gone into reverse look quite a bit drier with the latest allegations and brighter, and then things including espionage. are set to turn quite a lot hotter, especially in the south, it means the us now only has as we head towards three consulates in mainland the end of the working week. china for now. but for the here and now, paul hawkins, bbc news. we have got low pressure that's moving in from the atlantic. it's already brought a president trump has lot of rain through the night. declared a state of emergency we're going to continue to see in texas after hurricane hanna this area of low pressure lashed parts of the us state on monday pushing its way northwards and eastwards, bringing rain with heavy rain to many parts of the uk. and strong winds. heaviest monday morning officials say life threatening flash flooding across parts of wales, remains a threat. northern england, southern scotland and northern ireland as well. the governor of texas said coronavirus had complicated
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the work of emergency services. fewer showers down towards the south—east of england. mostly dry for a time here. and for the north—west of scotland too, we've got some dry weather on the cards. that rain will gradually push eastwards to be replaced by some drier, brighter spells coming in from the west. temperatures only about police in new south wales have 14 to 21 degrees, but feeling colder when you add on the strength of the wind. one a court ruling to stop a it's going to be a windy day, especially in the south black lives matter and the west too. gusts of wind about 30—40mph, demonstration in sydney. more even stronger than that in the south—west. than 4000 people had indicated so, blustery, wet conditions through much of the day they would attend a gathering on monday, but that area of low pressure clears away relatively in sydney on tuesday to quickly overnight as we head on into tuesday. highlight the treatment of so, tuesday brings quite a fresh north—westerly wind. aboriginal australians who are it'll be a day of sunny spells and scattered showers. the majority of those showers will be across northern and western parts of the uk. often mistreated in australia. fewer showers in the south and the east. the images contain images of a temperatures still not great for the time of year, person who has died. taking a about 14 to 20 degrees through the day on tuesday. those showers that we've got on tuesday knee, a global sign of protest should die away fairly quickly overnight into wednesday because there's toa a ridge of high pressure knee, a global sign of protest to a crisis at home. aboriginal that's moving its way in from the south—west. so, that will quieten rivers and their supporters have gathered in front of the the weather down, squeeze those showers away. a largely drier picture new south wales supreme court through the day on wednesday in defiance. the judge with some long spells new south wales supreme court of sunshine for many parts. in defiance. thejudge has through the day, the cloud denied them permission to take
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to the streets, fearing another will tend to build and bubble up, and there's just the chance wave of covid—i9 by the of the odds splash of light rain in the west, affecting organisers have said they will perhaps northern ireland appeal against the decision and and western parts of wales too. in the sunshine, wednesday that the lactulose matter looks a little bit warmer rarely will go ahead anyway and than tuesday, so highs about 17 this is why. these were the to 22 degrees for most of us. moving through then into thursday, last minutes of david dungay and you can see this approaching warm front here. that is going to be introducing junior‘s live, caught on camera a much warmer air mass, particularly in the south. ata the weather front itself junior‘s live, caught on camera at a hospital in 2015. like could bring a bit of rain to northern ireland and scotland, george floyd in the united but look at those temperatures. we could see 30 celsius states, his last words were i in the south by the time we get to friday. can't breathe. the inquest bye for now. found the conduct of officers was as a result of insufficient training but the family want them to be prosecuted. the black lives matter movement in the us has hit home in australia, bringing home the anger of aboriginal deaths in custody and mass incarceration back into the spotlight. it is a time for change. in america, they have changed their different ways with which
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police will be interacting with people in different areas, but we wa nt people in different areas, but we want to see australia change the police system and we will not stop until there are changes and acknowledgement of what is happening to aboriginal people in custody. aboriginal australians make up less than 396 australians make up less than 3% of the population but they represent more than a quarter of prisoners here. the numbers are even more shocking when it comes to youth detention. more than half the children locked up than half the children locked up in this country are aboriginal. in the last three decades, over 400 indigenous australians have died in custody. no—one has been convicted for any of these deaths. australia's first leisure community are hoping the global uproar in a racial injustice will bring attention to their plight which they say has been ignored for centuries.
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stay with us on bbc news. still to come: farewell to one of hollywood's greats, olivia de havilland, this is bbc news. who has died at the age the headlines: of 104. coronavirus cases have been spreading into rural india, putting intense pressure on countryside hospitals. the indian prime minister says while things are improving in big cities, like mumbai and delhi, rural areas are struggling to cope. nationwide almost 350,000 new cases have been reported, in the past week. one of china's leading scientists, who diagnosed early coronavirus cases, has told the us space agency nasa the bbc he believes local has ordered an investigation after confirmation today officials covered up the scale of the initial outbreak. that astronauts were cleared professor kwok—yung yuen was part of an investigation to fly while drunk. team in wuhan injanuary. the last foot patrol in south armagh, once an everyday part of the soldiers' lot, drudgery and danger, now 110 more chinese authorities have taken possession of the closed us after almost four decades. consulate. it was ordered to if one in on one's own in a private house, shut last week by beijing, not doing any harm to anyone, shortly after consulate staff i don't really see why all these people should wander in and say, left. soldiers were seen "you are doing entering the building. closure something wrong." is the latest date of the diplomatic row between china six rare white lion clubs are on the prowl and the us —— latest stage. at worcestershire park
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and already they have been met with a roar of approval from visitors. they're lovely, yeah, and sweet. yeah, they were cute. this is bbc news. the headlines: coronavirus spreads into rural india, 00:15:25,790 --> 2147483051:44:27,610 putting intense pressure 2147483051:44:27,610 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 on struggling hospitals.
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