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tv   BBC News with Katty and Christian  BBC News  November 24, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news — it's all change in washington as the transfer of power formally begins mr biden today introduced as the transfer of power formally begins. mr biden today introduced the men and women who will lead his national security team. in the new cabinet the first woman to serve as treasury secretary, the first woman to serve as national security adviser, and the first latino at homeland security. it is 18 team that reflects the fact that america is back, ready to leave the world, not retreat from it. once again, sitting at the head of the table. the president hasn't conceded but he has at least allowed the transition of power to begin — and in response the dowjones index hits a record high. also in the programme. millions of americans are travelling home to see family and friends for thanksgiving, in spite of the public warnings to avoid it.
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we'll discuss the consequences with a dr in new york. corn, i hereby grant you a full pardon. and in washington there is one tradition that can't be ignored. the pardoning of the thanksgiving turkey. hello, i'm laura trevelyan in washington. christian fraser is in london. election day was three weeks ago and it's taken until now for the official transfer of power to begin. and what a different tone joe biden struck today, as he introduced his top foreign policy and national security picks, saying world leaders have been calling to say how they're looking forward to the us reasserting its historic role as a global leader. this as president trump used the annual pardoning of the thanksgiving turkey to reaffirm his belief
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in america first. all six major networks broke from daily programming to carry joe biden‘s announcement live. and the markets have responded. the dowjones surpassed the 30,000 level for the first time in history today. and in the midst of a perilous economic crisis, mr biden‘s anticipated pick for the treasury, the formerfed chair janet yellen will be seen as a steady hand on the rudder. the epitome of everything mr biden is keen to project. i have long said that america leads not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. i'm proud to put forward this incredible team that will lead by example. there are a number of "firsts" on the team. avril haines, a former deputy director of the cia, becomes the first woman to serve as director of national intelligence. alejandro mayorkas will be the first latino and first immigrant to lead the department of homeland security. and joe biden said his pick to be
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secretary of state antony blinken is a figure who emobodies the promise of america. mr blinken‘s grandfather came to the us after fleeing pogroms in russia. his father's second wife fled communist hungary. his stepfather was a holocaust survivor who escaped a death march in the forests of bavaria. from his hiding place, he heard a deep rumbling sound. it was a tank. when instead of the arm and cross, he saw painted on its side, a five pointed white star. he ran to the tank, the hatch opened, and african—american g. i. looked tank, the hatch opened, and african—american g.i. looked down at him. he got down on his knees and said the only three words that he knew in english that his mother had taught him before the war, god bless america. that is who we are. that's what represents to the world. let's bring in hagar shamali — former spokesperson at the us mission to the un under president obama. she joins us from connecticut.
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shejoins usjoins us. lovely she joins us joins us. lovely to have you. decades of experience, all of the well in how washington works, the new york times called it today the new york times called it today the revenge of the washington establishment. but they've all been involved to a greater or lesser extent in the policies that donald trump rebuffed in the policies that propelled him to power, so is this the kind of white house that is going to repel half of america?” certainly hope not but to tailor you the truth, the arguments i've seen publicly comparing the obama foreign policy to what we biden foreign policy to what we biden foreign policy be are not synonymous. although this is a crowd of folks that they were for obama come i work closely with him when i was there, they are different and they each have their own views. —— they work closely with obama. i spent this policy to be different because it is led by people who tend to be a bit
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more centrist and so what i mean by thatis more centrist and so what i mean by that is that i'm one hand, like obama, they feel very strongly about global alliances. and reinforcing those alliances and building international coalitions to address the wide range of challenges we currently face on a global scale. at the same time, a group of individuals who are not afraid of intervention. they are not afraid of pursuing policies that my project a very strong america in certain areas, one of the things we've heard president—elect biden repeat is this is time for america to reenter the global stage and that is actually not something that president obama wa nted not something that president obama wanted very much. he was coming into the presidency in the hills of the iraq warand the presidency in the hills of the iraq war and former president bush, and so the idea was that not to appear too strong. this is a bit different. i hope it doesn't repel the half of the america they did before donald trump. it will be welcomed by global leaders as we said in the introduction and
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reassuring to those who voted for joe biden. i suppose what i'm driving at is i wonder what thejoe biden sees his victory as a mandate to unravel everything that donald trump did or whether these people, having served in the obama white house think there was a reason that donald trump came to power. do we need to do things slightly differently? will they be searching for a differently? will they be searching fora ground? differently? will they be searching for a ground? yes, i think to answer the question, it is just the both. there are certain things that will be undone. for example, we expect the joe be undone. for example, we expect thejoe biden be undone. for example, we expect the joe biden administration be undone. for example, we expect thejoe biden administration to jump back and pursue iran negotiations and expect them to rejoin the paris accord. we expect they will unravel the sanctions against cuba that they had unravel it under obama and trump had unravel it under obama and trump had reimposed. there are certainly things that will go that try to snap back from lack of a better term to how it was before but there are also things, things have changed in the last four years and there are certain aspects of our foreign
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policy and relationships that need to be re—examined and i can tell you from personal experience, talking to the biting team and those who are involved in the transition, they are re—examining the relationship with saudi arabia. they are going to re—examine the relationship with china and they are going to build off of certain things the trump administration pursued with china for example. i knowjoe biden has stated many times that he wants to twist china's arm on trade in arms control and human rights but he wa nts to control and human rights but he wants to do it through a different tactic in group the i like to do that and there will be the crux here. i think by the way they will build on the normalisation of peace agreements that trump pursued. —— they want the allies to do that. briefly, us media reporting thatjoe biden is getting the presidential daily intelligence brief. what do you think when he gets it would be the biggest challenge he will face? i have to say i'm relieved about
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that. the reason for that is one of the things we learned after 9/11 here in the united states is that when you delay a transition, it can delay the teams ability to build a national security staff. and they end up playing catch—up rather than coming onto thejob end up playing catch—up rather than coming onto the job of day one and it ready to tackle these world challenges that don't have time for you to catch up. in that regard i feel i am grateful for that but in that regard i think that the number one challenge is that thejoe biden tea m one challenge is that thejoe biden team will face is i'm certain i would assume the presidential daily briefings is heavy on is with regards to russia. and their attem pts regards to russia. and their atte m pts to regards to russia. and their attempts to undermine the united states democracy and sovereignty effo rts states democracy and sovereignty efforts for cyber hacking and so on, certainly china also falls in under that umbrella and my assumption is that umbrella and my assumption is that what it is focus on, that will ta ke that what it is focus on, that will take time for a president electjoe biden when he becomes president as well to figure that out in group the
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coalition together and figure out the right strategy to achieve our national security interests with those two countries in particular. thank you so much forjoining us. the new secretary of state tony blinking, not just the new secretary of state tony blinking, notjust a diplomat, a man for all seasons. —— tony blinken. especially the musical season. he is a rocker. i found especially the musical season. he is a rocker. ifound him today. let me show you what i found. this is the front page of this music endeavours. a picture of him that we might be able to see. can we see the picture? let me play the song first. # then i came home to you # then i came home to you # but you said let's just be friends. quite catchy. he is into blues and rock will look at the title. get it? abe lincoln. abraham lincoln. if you had a look at some of the interviews he is done, there
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isa of the interviews he is done, there is a massacre tyre standing in the room so is a massacre tyre standing in the room so he uses it. —— a massive guitar. he has a man cave with a live room was up only two songs on spotify. lip service and the patients. i had a quick look to see many people are listening. six and a half thousand downloads this month. that was then. wait till tomorrow. there may be more tomorrow. we will see. it took three weeks for the federal agency in charge of transition — the gsa —to formally recognise joe biden‘s victory, unheard of in modern times. the delay was down to the chief administator emily murphy — a trump appointee. in her statement she said... a statement that was at odds with mr trump's tweet last night, in which he wrote: "in the best interest of our country, i am recommending that emily
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and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same. let's bring in david marchick director of the centre for presidential transition at the partnership for public service. they look at the arc of history when it comes to tradition. they know a thing or two about this. lovely to have you with us. there are six appointments today to the new national security and foreign team. foreign affairs seen. people are saying good, things are starting to move. but when you look at how many joe biden actually has to employee, i think it is 4000 federal officials, 1500 of them have to get congressional approval. there is a hugejob in front congressional approval. there is a huge job in front of him, congressional approval. there is a hugejob in front of him, so congressional approval. there is a huge job in front of him, so what does that mean that he has lost 16 days? thanks for having me. i think what you are saying from the biden tea m what you are saying from the biden team is the experience and their focus which is to move people out quickly to a appoint people quickly,
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a huge task to take over the federal government, 4000 political appointees. it takes a long time. obama had the fastest start, hundred ina69 obama had the fastest start, hundred in a 69 confirmed officials the government. —— on day one. theyjoe biden team has been working and are ready and they want to be prepared to go on day one. it is very positive emily murphy made the decision yesterday. that meansjoe biden can proceed to get his government in place quickly. biden can proceed to get his government in place quicklym biden can proceed to get his government in place quickly. it is positive but you will know better than any that when the 9/11 commission look at what happened in the year 2000 when there was a delay transition when george w. bush took over, some of that was attributed to the attacks that happen on the world trade centre because people weren't impositions quickly enough. i suppose the question is has a setback national security?” suppose the question is has a setback national security? i think the decision came right in the nick of time. it became any later, it would had a bigger impact. so george
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w bush, he was declared president and the gsh ascertained on december 13, that was very late. —— gsa. twice as long as this delay. what that meant is that at the 100 day mark which ijust mentioned, bush only had half as many people in their seats as obama did. i think their seats as obama did. i think the risk of the delay having an impact was very significant, everyday matters, but i think that she made the decision in the nick of time and i'm hopeful and she made the decision in the nick of time and i'm hopefuland i'm optimistic because thejoe biden teams experience that will not have a material impact. joe biden is not going to get the presidential daily intelligence briefings. what difference do you think that is going to make to his ability to prepare to fight the pandemic on day one? i think it is a huge difference. first of all, itjoe biden comes to this position with great experience, more experienced any other president elect in the
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history of the united states. but he needs real—time information. he needs real—time information. he needs to know what the latest is and what the operational capabilities of the united states are and what the threats are. the other important thing is that now that gsa administrator emily murphy has declared the transition can start, theyjoe biden‘s declared the transition can start, they joe biden‘s health declared the transition can start, theyjoe biden‘s health care team can now work with our department of health, which with the pentagon, the department of agriculture, with all the agencies to accelerate the development and accelerate the distribution of the vaccine. i think either president trump, around 20 million individuals of the united states will get vaccinated, which means 95, 90 6% of the americans will get vaccinated under a joe biden and ministration. that's why it is critical that the biting team can work with the outgoing team and the expert team. —— joe can work with the outgoing team and the expert team. ——joe biden administration. —— can work with them today. thank you so much for joining us. for those watching on bbc world news
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— we'll be right back the government is changing the system for people who are required to self—isolate when they arrive in england from abroad. from mid—december, travellers will be able to reduce the quarantine period to five days — if they pay for a covid test and get a negative result. here's the transport secretary grant shapps. it's for anyone who travels, we don't specify which group of people, and we change the rules because at the moment requires 14 days of self isolation quarantine and this will reduce it to five days and having consulted very extensively with medical experts, we believe five days plus a very reliable test for sufficient time now to be able to release people in the test capacity is there to do this now. rather than specifying a type of test, we have specified a specification standard for this
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test, well the medical experts have, and then it is up to companies to innovate if they can produce test for much less money or faster turnaround and they‘ re welcome to do that. nothing says christmas quite like a row over who to spend it with. but at least for people in the uk there will be a christmas. the government announced today that from the 23rd to 27th inclusive, three households will be allowed to mix indoors. the travel restrictions across the four nations will be lifted to allow visits to other parts of the country. uk cabinet office minister michael gove says whether people will take advantage of the changes or not, is a matter of personal choice. balance has to be struck here. i think that most people will want to have the additional flexabilities that are there. not everybody of course will want to exercise them. some people will be particularly cautious this christmas.
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we have emphasised that even though three households can meet, those three households cannot be together and hospitality settings, pubs or restaurants. it is only in peoples homes. now as the government looks to balance the demands of public health with public morale, this loosening of restrictions for the festive period comes with caveats and conditions. our deputy political editor vicki young explains. the governments of the four nations think they have come up with something that is proportionate, that will relax the rules but i have to say, it is only a bid. this is not going to be a normal christmas and the message really is still to be very cautious. as we know, it is five days over the christmas period from the 23rd to the 27th, for northern ireland, there will be a day extra either side, particularly because of travel, and it will be three households that can mix. now, in england, that means if you are already in a social bubble with somebody, that counts as one household and you can join with two others.
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that rule will have differences across the four nations. that bubble must be fixed for the whole time. you cannot change the bubble from one day to another. and again, crucially, you can gather in private homes. you can gather in outdoor public spaces and places of worship. within that christmas bubble, but you cannot go together to hospitality venues. what sort of christmas we have here in the united states will depend on how people respond to the thanksgiving holiday this week. it is the biggest travel period of the year. public health experts have begged people to stay home and avoid family reunions — but airports and highways are already filling up. for three straight days over the weekend, around a million people passed through american airports — that's around 50% of the people who travelled last year — but still, it's the highest numbers we've seen travelling since the start of the pandemic in mid—march. sunday is projected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday period.
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us surgeon generaljerome adams pleaded with americans to grasp the severity of the situation. i'm asking americans i'm begging you, hold on just i'm asking americans i'm begging you, hold onjust a little bit longer, keep thanksgiving and the celebration and smart this year. —— celebration and smart this year. —— celebration small and smart this year. we'rejoined by epidemiologist dr syra madad — who is the senior director of pathogen preparedness and response at new york city health. thank you so much for being with us. when the governor of new york state price divorces that he will have a family thanksgiving and then has to walk it back, will it be surprising that millions of americans are on the move and confused about what they should be doing at thanksgiving? i think the public messaging has not been consistent and you had mixed messaging come from many different places so i think we want to make sure we are speaking with one voice and we are doing what we are preaching to
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myself really important to stay consistent and if you're going to merge your social bubble to ensure you're going to safely quarantining for 14 days before emerging the bubbles called lilley, having that crucial information is important and if you will not quarantine for 14 days, and important to keep using preventative measures if you will do a merge households or contact us that we want to discourage as much as possible given the amount of virus right happening in the united states from all over the us of the hotspot, going from one state to another, it is still going from one high to another hi, really important to understand the preventative measures that all of us can take.” don't know if you feel like cassondra, but a year ago, you wrote an op—ed in the washington post with the now cheapest afterjoe biden, rhonda claimed in which he warmed a programme protecting us from a deadly pandemic was about to expire ina deadly pandemic was about to expire in a major programme to his quick facilities and train staff on the front lines of a major programme to his quick facilities and train staff on the front lines of our health
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ca re system. on the front lines of our health care system. —— now the chief of staff. why were you so pressing in? we now have this terrible process in the us of a bust cycle when throughout the wayne's and finding ways, the infrastructure that has been built over many years with his expertise and resources, it becomes to dissolve with no more funding is writing. that is exactly what happened and what the right and i we re happened and what the right and i were alluding to after they built up that in 2014 we built this incredible hospital system in the united states come all six other hospitals under this tiered approach, funding was given to maintaina set approach, funding was given to maintain a set of readiness but congress did not act fast enough to provide additional funding, and that entire infrastructure dissolved, just ten regional centres remain, so it is really unfortunate and so we will have a long—term solution to prepare for the next outbreak, for the next pandemic, that is inevitable. we need to have a long—term solution and that not band—aid solution. long—term solution and that not band-aid solution. i'm spying on twitter these pop—up restaurants that are appearing on sidewalks in
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new york. which is certainly inventive but i'm not entirely sure there any spirit of covid—19 state. what do you make of the rush to dine outdoors indoors? it is really important and really simple and basic. when dining outdoors you're doing it outside with good ventilation. if you aren't confined within four walls and a roof that is not considered outdoors. it is considered indoors so really important to look at the information is and look at what is causing these outbreaks and we need to get a ventilation and, so if you're going to have an outdoor dining with a tent that is completely close, that the feast of purpose and so i am certainly against it and i would really urge restaurants to look and see how they can do so better to serve their patients. anthony fauci was saying in the last 24 hours that if people don't observe the proper precautions through this thanksgiving period we will see a surge upon a surge, wejust thanksgiving period we will see a surge upon a surge, we just talked about the fact that here in the uk,
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we have taken the measures we've been told to take and the result is we get a christmas what's up with the think christmas might look like in the united states?” the think christmas might look like in the united states? i think we will see and i see you at christmas. what i mean is this we will not have a zoom thanksgiving we will see nicu christmas and many people get affected, millions of people already on the move to gather for the holiday season, it will see more outbreaks come around the dining table, and these may be super spreader event so if you will get together with their loved ones, making sure to do outdoors her mask on as much as possible, keeping your distance, and getting a test, so a testis distance, and getting a test, so a test is not a green pass. the go ahead and mingle without a mask on. it will tell you if you have covid—19 which means you should not be getting together at all, you need to isolate bread if it is negative, he went to continue to wear a mask so he went to continue to wear a mask so it is really important to add on the preventative measures if you're going to make a summit which we do not recommend that millions of people will do it.
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thank you for the excellent advice. and forjoining us. from the superspreaders of coronavirus — to the superspreaders of misinformation — this is an extroardinary statistic. more than a quarter of the lies and conspiracy theories that have surrounded claims of voter fraud can be traced back to just 25 people who used their social media accounts to push their agenda. topping that list are the accounts of donald trump and donald trumer — along with right—wing commentators dan bongino, mark levin, diamond and silk, and david harris junior. of the 20 most—engaged facebook posts over the last week containing the word "election" — all were from president trump and all of those claims were found to be false or misleading by independent fact checkers. i wonder what will happen that make interesting. i wonder what happened to his twitter account when he
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actually leaves the white house and whether there will be more restrictions on it. i think there probably will be. it's a much loved american tradition — and the last time for president trump — the annual white house turkey pardoning. this year battling out to be top turkey were corn and cob — seen here in their hotel suite, where they no doubt stuffed themselves — on the minibar. after a vote on the white house twitter page which we're assured took place without any fowl play — boom — corn was given an official pardon by the president and is off to spend the rest of his days at a lovely farm in iowa. and don't worry — cob won't be far behind. even though he wasn't pardoned, he'll flying high to know that he'll also spend the rest of his days firmly on the ground at the same farm. interesting that the president came out today. we'll talk a bit more about his public appearances today.
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that one slightly longer than the one in the briefing room. stay with us. hello there. let's start with good news for western scotland and northern ireland. after a thoroughly wet start to the week something drier through the rest of the way. there will be other changes taking place, today across the uk we saw temperatures widely either side of 12 degrees. at the end of the week a few of you will be lucky to get to around five celsius, much colder, lots in the way of overnight frost in fog. colder air is now pushing in from the north and west. eventually shoving away that weather front which brought rain. dividing line between the colder air arriving and the miles air still in place. fair bit of cloud for england and wales overnight. breaks towards the east, across northern and eastern wales rain develops is that weather front
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porch is its way and for scotland, northern island with clearer conditions developing. a few showers around but it will be colder, could be a touch of frost in one or two spots. a bit of ice as we start wednesday this is the chart, the weather front still on the move. the progress slows down. not much of the way of when to push it along compared to today. this weather front is buckling to the south of us. that wave also halts its progress, while we start with cloud and rain across northern and western england and wales and things brighten up, that weather front is going to linger through parts of the midlands towards east anglia and the channel islands bringing rain and drizzle through the day. sunny conditions will develop away from that. but it will feel colder. a few showers in scotland and northern ireland. temperatures to single figures with us about holding onto single figures with the cloud and rain in that southeast corner. after a colder day, much colder night with clear skies around. temperatures widely down enough but widespread spread frost. dense patches of fog to begin thursday morning for that one or two sheltered valleys could hold
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on throughout the day temperatures around three to 5 degrees. for most it's going to be a lovely, crisp, sunny day. it will feel colder but you will have the sunshine to compensate, some of the cloud still lingering around the english channel. a bit more cloud later for most it will be dry. what will follow will be another cold night. friday morning dawns with widespread frost. more in the way of mist and fog and that fog could linger around for some of you on friday. again, temperatures struggling to get to around four or 5 degrees with the same chilly end for weekend a little bit of sunshine, often quite a bit of cloud but at least especially where it has been wet today, a bit drier.
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you're watching bbc news with me laura trevelyan in washington, christian fraser is in london. our top stories... the dowjones hit 30,000 for the first time today, a number president trump described as sacred. it reflects increasing optimism of a smooth presidential transition and positive coronavirus vaccine news. the parents of a teenage motorcyclist killed in a road crash in the uk have lost their high court case over whether the american driver had diplomatic immunity. harry dunn's mum and dad say they'll fight on. we'll be talking to his mother shortly. also in the programme... north dakota has one of the highest coronavirus mortality rates in the world. the surge in cases is starting to overwhelm hospitals and yet people still question regulations. we'll be live injamestown.
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take california out of the equation, and he wins the national. if you definitely discount certain people, then the numbers add up in your favour. 0k. plus — the daily show‘s jordan klepper has been travelling across the us, speaking to trump's most ardent supporters — he'll tell us what he learned while taking the pulse of america all year. markets in the us soared today at the news that the transition tojoe biden is offically going ahead, ending weeks of political uncertainty. the dowjones hit a record high, closing above 30,000, as investors were reassured by biden‘s pick for treasury secretary, a trusted obama—era, former—fed chair. janet yellen has no small task on her hands, she'll be presiding over one
9:32 pm
of the most perilous moments for the american economy in decades. who better to talk about all of this than gary cohn, he's the former director of the national economic council and was chief economic adviser to president trump. he joins us now from new york. thank you so much for being with us. you have said that janet is an excellent pick for us treasury secretary but just how excellent pick for us treasury secretary butjust how daunting a challenge does she face? thank you for having me this evening. i do think that janet yellen, former chairwoman of the federal reserve, isa very chairwoman of the federal reserve, is a very good pick for this job. i got to work with her in her later years as chairperson of the federal reserve when i was in the white house. we worked extremely well together, and i think she brings a very realistic, very down to earth from a very pragmatic approach to the treasury. she does have a daunting task, we need to get the united states economy back on track.
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and we need to do it from the bottom up. need to get small businesses and family—owned businesses, and minority owned businesses and workers back to work. this is a very big task and she's going to have to work really hard to get congress to help her out on this. would you encourage the president to get congress to pass some kind of stimulus bill in the next few weeks? i would love to see a stimulus bill passed right now. this is of that time is of the essence, every day because by this task harder and in fa ct because by this task harder and in fact get dramatically harder as we get into next year. we got certain benefits, and employment benefits for those but unfortunately have lost theirjob due to the pandemic, that have run out at the end this year. it would be unfortunate to see those people lose those benefits, we should get congress back into session now, we should get them to pass a stimulus package this year is that those benefits can continue into next year. that would give the new administration an easierjob,
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still going to be very difficult, but an easierjob at stimulating the economy going forward. there's an impression at the moment that the trump administration outgoing is burning all the furniture before joe biden gets in there. there's news tonight that the treasury secretary has put over $400 billion in cares act funding back into an account that needs congressional approval before it can be used. so janet yellen would need new legislation to be able to tap that fund to cover this process of the reverse of what the imf is urging today is for governments to spend more.” the imf is urging today is for governments to spend more. i agree that governments should be spending more, although i'm what people call a bit ofa more, although i'm what people call a bit of a deficit hawk, and i believe deficits matter, i don't think they matter in times of crisis and pandemics. this is not a time to be worrying about the united states deficit, it's about jobs, job creation, and economic growth in the
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long—term prosperity of the country. and i agree that we should be putting stimulus out there and as much money into the economy, especially into the small businesses. that's been the part of the economy that has been hurt and really devastated by this virus. the problem is the republicans only seem to worry about the deficit when they are not government, the national debt pile is $20 trillion, it's gone up debt pile is $20 trillion, it's gone up6 debt pile is $20 trillion, it's gone up 6 trillion in the last four yea rs, up 6 trillion in the last four years, and at the very point they need more money you have steve putting money into a special account. it just seems putting money into a special account. itjust seems ridiculous. i'm highly confident that the government will come together, they will come up with a stimulus package, whether it's in this lame duck session of congress or the new session that starts after the first of the year or the new session with the new administration, we will have stemless packages here in the united states. we have no choice but to have further stimulus packages here.
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gary, if i could just ask you also about tariff policy. you were always opposed to the president's tariffs. do you think that bit of trump economics is going to live on? it's not clear to me. i think that the biting administration is going to try and rekindle a more positive working relationship with our biggest trading partner, the chinese. i don't think the tariffs help the united states at all right now, and in fact i think they heard, because we are putting basically a consumption tax on anything in china, so the us consumer continues to consume which is an amazing fact and talks about the resiliency of the us economy, the even during this pandemic we continue to consumer. but things being imported from china they show up at our border and the united states government puts this
9:37 pm
tariff on them from where the us citizen is paying that tariff. it acts as a consumption tax, he changes are not paying that, the consumers are in the us. i would hope the bite in the us. i would hope the bite in the us. i would hope the bite in the us. i would hope the biting demonstration remove that tax and we as consumers would not have to pay that tax, and therefore have more disposable income to help stimulate further economic growth in this country. thank you so much forjoining us. the parents of harry dunn have lost their high court battle with the uk foreign office over whether their son's alleged killer was protected by diplomatic immunity. the british teenager died in a road traffic accident when his motorbike was involved in a collision with another vehicle near raf croughton in northamptonshire last year. the wife of a us intelligence agent, anne sacoolas was charged with causing harry's death by dangerous driving. but by that time had left britain for the us claiming diplomatic immunity. the dunn family traveled last year to the white house to ask
9:38 pm
president trump to hand over ms sacoolas to the uk authorities, without success. after this setback in court lets‘ speak to harry's mother charlotte charles, and the dunn family lawyer radd seiger. thank you so much forjoining us, and first another you have been through so much and i'm sorry that you had to go through this today, cani you had to go through this today, can i ask for your reaction? we were bitterly disappointed when we first found out the decision. but we were partly expecting it as well. if anyone knows this the way they should by now we've always got a plan b. the paperwork for the appeal has already been submitted. we have just taken it on the chin, if you like. asjust just taken it on the chin, if you like. as just another just taken it on the chin, if you like. asjust another blip in the road, just another hurdle that we've got to get over. the promise i made to my son is a strong as the night i made that promise to him, and we are
9:39 pm
not giving up. are you hopeful, may charlotte that president electjoe biden may be able to help and intervene in this case to ensure that justice is done? intervene in this case to ensure thatjustice is done? yeah, of course. we were hopeful the minute that we were realised that he had been elected. you know, we always welcome any new route and a new dialogue that we can possibly get to be able to seek the justice that we need for harry. we met some of the democrats in the senate this time la st democrats in the senate this time last year orjust before this time la st last year orjust before this time last year, and our spokesperson had been talking to them has built up some good relationships. we do so president—elect biden will show us that the us government to have a better side to them, that they are more human, and they understand our plight, and they understand that this court ruling does not really make that much difference to us,
9:40 pm
because at the end of the day diplomatic immunity is still not there to allow someone to kill another person and take someone's life, and just be able to walk away and not face any consequences. so she still has to come back no matter what, it's the only right thing to do. looking at the judgement today, twojudges sitting on it, they said that she did enjoy immunity from uk criminal jurisdiction that she did enjoy immunity from uk criminaljurisdiction at the time of harry's death. i know you are appealing but what do you have in terms of evidence that suggests she did not have that immunity? it's a very complex area christian, we respect the judges but the parents have had crystal—clear legal advice that they simply the wrong conclusion. and you know, we know also that the director of public prosecution also reached that
9:41 pm
conclusion when he charged her last year and conclusion when he charged her last yearand then conclusion when he charged her last year and then subsequently circulated the red notice. purely and simplya circulated the red notice. purely and simply a disagreement on the wall, it's a new area of law that's never been tested, and our legal advice is that this is very likely to be overturned on appeal. we will go to the highest court in the land, the supreme court if necessary. but as charlotte has just said the supreme court if necessary. but as charlotte hasjust said it's almost a redundant discussion, because even if she had diplomat community, as we all know, this is not what it is to be used for. we are very optimistic that president elect biden will look at this fresh and we are talking about a young boy who lost his life, it devastated family who are entitled to justice. and we are very hopeful that regardless of the outcome of this
9:42 pm
hearing just to be clear can verdict does not change the guiding principle on that they are progressing, and that's the entirely support your bids to bring her back here to the uk. you are getting support from dominic raab and the sco from that direction. yes, well sure we are all agreed as are millions around the world that even if you have to permit a community is not what it's to be used for. he's a very clear and we are grateful to this, that this is not a denial of justice, it —— that this is a denial ofjustice. has to be corrected, and the easy way forward is for her to be put back on a plane to have her trial, go back home and that we can all move on. it's very destructive to this family, but in terms of the relationships between the countries as well. thank you so much for joining us with the latest there.
9:43 pm
the severity of the coronavirus crisis in the us can be seen in local snapshots — in el paso texas — the national guard is helping in morgues and mortuaries while new york is reopening an emergency covid—19 patient facility on staten island. across the country daily case numbers continue to rise. there are now more than 85,800 covid—19 patients in us hospitals — the 14th straight day this count set a pandemic record. now if we focus on north dakota — cases were low through the first two waves — but like the rest of the midwest — cases have been surging. and the state has one of the highest mortality rates in the world with 111 deaths per 100,000 people. our correspondent larry madawo joins us now from jamestown, north dakota. i was reading a statement from the governor that health care workers who are positive for covid—19 but not showing symptoms can keep
9:44 pm
working in covid—19 units, that shows how desperate they are for staffing. absolutely, and it was a controversial decision that health ca re controversial decision that health care workers would have to show up and work when they are falling sick. and the reason is because the hospitaljust don't have enough health care workers. the military has sent in extra help here. there's hundreds of travelling nurses who have come into the state to try and deal with the surgeon cases, and yet they're still struggling. the health ca re they're still struggling. the health care system here canjust not deal with the surge. there's only 42 hospitals in the whole state, six of them are large ones, but many of the 36 hospitals cannot deal with the numberof 36 hospitals cannot deal with the number of cases that they are seeing. we just went to one where even the chapel has been turned into a patient room. obviously testing has been a failure as it has in many countries in europe as well. from the things that you have seen there in north dakota, how do you think
9:45 pm
they are going to manage the description of the vaccine? that is something they are hoping will come out here quickly, already doing some rapid testing, especially for front—line workers and with teachers ink front—line workers and with teachers in k through 12 schools, they are hoping they can go to the rest of the community. with thanks giving coming up tomorrow it's the weekend everybody we have spoken to is terrified. north dakota is a small state, only about 760,000 people here, yet 74,000 active cases of coronavirus, compare that to san francisco county which is bigger than north dakota, san francisco about 14,000, only 158 people have died, we have 833 and counting here. the positivity rate of about 21%. are you seeing many people wearing masks or social distancing given this incredible spread of coronavirus? we are not seeing a whole lot of mask wearing out here
9:46 pm
in north dakota. people don't believe that. does this have started to 22 and may be young and dumb but i don't think it's a real thing, i think it's man—made i should not be forced to wear a mask. and yet this isa forced to wear a mask. and yet this is a conservative state, but the hospital workers we spoke to her also conservative and told me mask wearing make the difference, what head of the nursing at one hospital saying without a mask it would have gotten sick about by more afraid when out there and not here. that's great is something that's required in south dakota but in north dakota not required, many people still not wearing masks. almost takes giving, do you think people there will he do surgeon general‘s warning to stay home and save grandma? so, that is something that authorities here on the radio and television or warning people, please, if you want grandma to be safe please don't go and visit this year, and yet because of how serious thanksgiving is and how close it is for many families here it's likely there will not heed
9:47 pm
those warnings, and the health care workers are bracing themselves for a huge uptick in numbers within13 workers are bracing themselves for a huge uptick in numbers within 13 to 14 days after that. they think november will be the worst on record, even compared to earlier in the spring. thank you forjoining us. stay with us on bbc news, still to come. he's been spending years finding out what makes donald trump supporters text, so who better than to find out what happens to the fan base and the president leaves the white house. the chancellor rishi sunak will set out details of his spending review tomorrow. as part of a package of measures mr sunak will announce a new scheme to help unemployed people look for work. here's faisal islam. a year ago, before the pandemic, before the lockdown, before the sharpest recession, it was places like this, middleton, that the government said it would bejudged by.
9:48 pm
this seat in greater manchester, part of the new blue wall promised a year ago, before the pandemic, before the lockdown, before the sharpest recession, it was places like this, middleton, that the government said it would bejudged by. this seat in greater manchester, part of the new blue wall promised to level up the economy, will feature in tomorrow's spending review. but here are some locals are yet to see change. we were promised a metrolink for 15, 20 years, and it's still not happening. it's one of those. so it's promises are made, actions more than, what, words. as much as we can believe borisjohnson's promises of course, but yeah, given time and patience but everybody... as the regional mayor here, andy burnham, has clashed over governments with the covid lockdowns says leveling up has to mean something concrete for living standards. the north of england has been hit hardest by covid because of the failure to invest in the north over decades. at the spending review, the chancellor will announce a new billion pounds a year restart scheme hoping to protect and create a millionjobs. but spending review is also meant to set a long—term course.
9:49 pm
tomorrow, a first national infrastructure strategy, spending more particularly beyond london and to the southeast, welcomed by the chair of the national infrastructure commission. this national infrastructure strategy commit the first time we've ever had one in this country is a golden opportunity to set out our determination to get our policies right in these areas. every economist in the world, almost, at the moment, is saying that government should be investing in their infrastructure despite the impact of covid. tonight at the finishing touches being put to a review, still needing to rescue the economy as well as reset it for the long term. faisal islam, bbc news. here in the us — comedy central‘s the daily show with trevor noah is appointment viewing for its devoted audience. trevor noah is the host, satirizing the political news. but — long time correspondent jordan klepper has been the show‘s star this year.
9:50 pm
indeed, he's spent much of the election on the road — following president trump and talking to his most avid fans. his "jordan klepper fingers the pulse" segments have become must watch television — going viral and inspiring thinkpieces galore. he'lljoin us in a moment to discuss his extroadinary year but first here's a clip of him talking to voters at the president's final rally before the election. historically, this presidency has lost more jobs than any other. that's not true. it's not true? no. he has not. he has not? tony, and need my sheet. i'm going to give you facts. give me facts. the facts, that fact sheet. what's on the fact sheet? the fact sheet is at... in my car. we have not had a fact sheet before, this is good. bring it, bring it. i'm bringing it. i hope it doesn't have a list of all the dead, because that things going to be huge. 0k, jobs added, 4 million. under biden and obama —2.8 million. what is the website you are on? i don't know. you don't know. i'll have to google it.
9:51 pm
genuinely riveting, and you can watchjordan on the daily social distancing show on comedy central every night at 11 eastern/10 central here in the us. and i'm glad to say jordan joins us now. welcome to our humble programme where we aspire to be as amusing as you, jordan. just tell me what are all those people who adore going to the president's rall is going to do when theirfigurehead is no longer in the white house? there's a lot of assumptions and that questionnaire. one of which, him leaving the white house. so theoretically if he does leave the white house i think he jumps right into a campaign and we continue into this groundhog day situation where he, post rallies, people go to rallies and get riled up people go to rallies and get riled up and feel aggrieved about certain, their lot up and feel aggrieved about certain, theirlot in up and feel aggrieved about certain, their lot in life whether it's real or not. what insight did you get covering those rallies, and why more
9:52 pm
than 70 million people voted for the president, and why he inspires such devotion? welcome you know, i sort of started going to the rise about four years ago and they are the biggest show in town, especially if you're in small—town america. at the giant parade that comes through c wa nt giant parade that comes through c want to go and see the big show. they are fun, they're engaging with their wild. they are fun, they're engaging with theirwild. i they are fun, they're engaging with their wild. i see what people are drawn to her, does not feel like a political rally. fact politics are really discussed the air, elicits the media who tries to come and engage. a lot of people discount just how much fun it is. but because of that then becomes much more of an identity rally, that's what i started to seat in the last few months. you were there because this was theirteam, did months. you were there because this was their team, did not matter what was their team, did not matter what was better for the country or even the political stances they had. was more sure that this is their team and help my team wins and an anti—whatever somebody else brings. at this football fan combat american foot ball at this football fan combat american football if you will, sort of feel like i was tailgating at a big ten
9:53 pm
foot ball like i was tailgating at a big ten football game. i think events, like i was tailgating at a big ten football game. ithink events, i went with a colleague to one in west virginia, andi went with a colleague to one in west virginia, and i was a bit gob smacked because i follow british elections over here, and what you had to west virginia was air force one pulling up onto a stage and then donald trump descending the stairs onto that stage to the huge fanfare. i thought of this is so different to how we did here and i know you came over to see uk elections, so what are the differences? welcome a one, length of time. the selection, i'm a comedian so i don't have the numbers in front of me, but i think it was 1200 years long. which is longer than what it is in the uk. so it has to bea than what it is in the uk. so it has to be a show, we are all about, even british television, the office was three seasons, two seasons in a christmas battle, our office was 1000 seasons. —— christmas special. i relished how to keep going at key people on board, it's all about the
9:54 pm
show. that's what donald trump is best akamai he wants his back drop and american flags and he's going to keep people in the seats for an hour plus they can keep buying murch.” love talking to people eneko out there and getting their feelings, but in the business we call this a vox pop, at any time editor used to say to me into a vox proper little piece of me started to die because not everybody wants to talk to you. how long do you have to be there to get these little nuggets that you distilfor get these little nuggets that you distil for us get these little nuggets that you distilfor us on your get these little nuggets that you distil for us on your show?” get these little nuggets that you distil for us on your show? i was lucky enough to be born with a dumb face, so my big dumb face is very easy to talk to you. so when i go out there people are eager to talk to this big dumb face. so i have to walk up there with the big dumb face, that's the way to do it. yes. in that camera makes you a bad guy at the trump rally, but people love to be on television and hear themselves be right. so when you go to these events people do want to
9:55 pm
engage, they want to be on television, and i want to argue their point. it would be surprised how easy it is to engage with folks. not everyone there's definitely times when i'm heckled and or we have to get up and run and moves soar as fast as we can. but more often than not people want to talk. lets to the president does indeed leave the white house onjanuary 20, what is next for you? a break. i think i would like to sleep a little bit, i'm really hoping for some boredom in us politics. i think was really fun at the daily show before donald trump came in once we got to choose the stories we wanted to cove r. we choose the stories we wanted to cover. we got to actually have takes and ideas, and highlight the things that were may under talked about or focus on the things that we really felt we could add something to. that donald trump came in and you cannot help but respond to him because he's the elephant in the room, sucking up
9:56 pm
all the air. if he does quite down i look forward to being able to choose what we chase and not the other way around. jordan klepper, lovely to have you on the show, thanks for being with us. goodbye. hello. for those your watch is: another ireland to what starts the week, as with us now but it's not the only change recorded seek and want to stay relatively mild for the stage in november, temperatures either side of 12 degrees quite widely by the end of the week some of you will be even struggling to hit 5 degrees overnight frost and fog will become more abundant. all that cold air has been up towards the northwest has now pushing its way southward and eastward across the country from behind this waterfront but brought the rent across scotland and northern ireland. progress youth risk would be slow down a little bit by the little wave bumping the weather front for the english channel and that means across some parts of the channel islands, southern england, the midlands, going to say cloudy and occasional
9:57 pm
rain and heavy burst throughout the day. within westborough that which was centred around and as well as the dry conditions, sunnier weather, also go be colder. temperatures for most in single figures. the cold air will push a bit further south and east as you go through wednesday night into thursday morning. leaving us night into thursday morning. leaving us with a widespread frost to start thursday and also across parts of northwest england, southwest scotland, northern ireland, dense patches of fog. coming around to thursday and most though it's going to bea thursday and most though it's going to be a lovely, crisp and sunny day. lingering cloud from that decaying weather front of the english channel, perching with different being the word cloud towards the shotguns and the hebrides later. uppermost a sunny day as i said. temperatures to single figures, for 5 degrees to the central belt of scotland. high pressure in charge, most of us really is a go into friday. going to bring another story of widespread frost to begin with but this time moisture levels build up but this time moisture levels build up little bit in the way of fog. that fog could linger around all day
9:58 pm
long and for others just looked at the low cloud keeping things great and cold throughout even if you do see the sunshine to rich's best to around seven or 9 degrees and if the fog lingers, two, three, four celsius will be your afternoon hi. we weather front will be across the hebrides, oakley and shetland. high pressure to the east of us bring in the southeast wind, so the dryer of the southeast wind, so the dryer of the continent and will clear the fog a bit more readily across some southern areas, elsewhere frost foggy start looking into low cloud, one or two spots and struggle to change. overall the more breezes and saturday so were centred around the rear seat on friday, and equity to a huge much the temperatures, most around the mid single figures. second half of the weekend, saturday night with a friend tried to push m, night with a friend tried to push in, running into a building pressure again so almost like reading that weather front out. decaying the rain
9:59 pm
on it, patchy and light drizzle by the time it reaches northern england in north wales, sunshine developing throughout the day is a go through into the afternoon and north. sunny spells are but a patchy fog lingering around to the south and staying on the cool side. clue to the start of next week with high pressure to the west of us, could see rain at times north and west of uk but may be onwards low pressure becomes more dominant to the door things can turn wetter and windier. one word of caution though there's a chance a high—pressure be a bit more dominant across the south for longer. summing to bear in mind but overall actually starts the week, turning wet and windier to the middle part of the week and that low— pressure middle part of the week and that low—pressure clears through it could turn colder it yet again. at least for the time being less rain than the northwest.
10:00 pm
tonight at 10, christmas gets the go—ahead across the uk. families can celebrate together after all four nations agree on a plan. from 23rd december, three households will be allowed to mix for up to five days of festivities, but the new rules come with a warning. we can't afford to throw caution to the wind. the virus doesn't know it's christmas and we must all be careful. as scientists warn of the dangers of mixing indoors, we ask if it is worth the risk. it's one day, you know, that i think we can actually give up, just for one day, just to keep everybody safe. whatever they say, three households, four households, five households, i think extended families mostly will try to meet up no matter many households they come from.


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