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tv   Our World  BBC News  February 22, 2021 1:30am-2:01am GMT

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the funeral of a young woman killed in protests against the military coup — mya thwe thwe khaing was shot in the head just before her 20th birthday. two other protesters were killed in mandalay on saturday when the security forces opened fire. iran has agreed to extend un inspectors�* access to its nuclear sites for three months but ends their right to make snap inspections. washington and tehran now have more time to seek a compromise — the us has not lifted sanctions imposed since the 2015 nuclear deal was abandoned. and, remembering the victims of the christchurch earthquake — new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern leads a memorial service in the city devastated ten years ago. 185 people lost their lives and thousands more were injured, the community spending the past decade rebuilding.
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let us bring you news in a crash involving a military aircraft in nigeria. authorities have launched an investigation into why it came down near the airport killing all seven people on board. the nigerian reported that it had been flying to conduct surveillance on those. the military aircraft _ surveillance on those. the military aircraft initially i military aircraft initially took off from this airport on the capital macro — abuja, near the city of minna, about 160 commerce from here. it developed a technical problem on the way you decide to return. when it returned, crashed. witnesses say they heard a loud sound and then the aircraft went into flame and disintegrated. all seven military personnel on board have died according to the authorities. we have died according to the authorities.—
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have died according to the authorities. ., ., authorities. we saw an aircraft 'ust ass authorities. we saw an aircraft just pass and _ authorities. we saw an aircraft just pass and it _ authorities. we saw an aircraft just pass and it was _ authorities. we saw an aircraft just pass and it was a - authorities. we saw an aircraft just pass and it was a bit - just pass and it was a bit slanted _ just pass and it was a bit slanted stop and the sound was so sharp— slanted stop and the sound was so sharp and the next thing, we run _ so sharp and the next thing, we run. tsongas run trying to get to the _ run. tsongas run trying to get to the police. the fire service at the — to the police. the fire service at the airport were quick enough _ at the airport were quick enough to respond but lo and behold. — enough to respond but lo and behold, it was not enough. the authorities _ behold, it was not enough. the authorities say _ behold, it was not enough. tie: authorities say the behold, it was not enough. tt;e: authorities say the military aircraft which is generally used for surveillance and reconnaissance was travelling to niger states to help in rescuing dozens of people including students and staff abducted on wednesday from a boarding secondary school stop so it appears that the rescue effort may suffer some setback as a result of this crash but the authorities are saying that there are other forces there and they are quickly doing their work. authorities are saying that investigations are still going on to determine the cause of this crash but they are pointing to a tactical problem, an engine problem. in some observers say that the hazy weather conditions on sunday maybe one of the fact is coinvestigators are likely to look into investigation. now in
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bbc news, it is time for our world. welcome to europe. it has been a bad year for travel lovers. but the pandemic has not stopped everyone. we are here to meet some people who have been blogging about theirjourney to europe. they are not your typical travel bloggers. �*harraga', in arabic, means someone who burns through borders. they are undocumented migrants passing into europe illegally. over the last few years, this group of unorthodox travellers have made a corner of youtube their home. a place where they can document their wild journeys for fans back in morocco. but are these stories of adventure encouraging other people to take
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a difficultjourney? or are theyjust providing a service, showing the hardships of migration so that others will not make a fatal mistake? it is may 2020. five years after the migrant crisis that led the eu to secure its borders. but that has not stopped anwar al hafidi. he is in greece without a visa, hiking through the forest so that the police will not find him.
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anwar wants to go to italy. he trained as a barber in morocco but he left because he was not making enough money to get by. anwar is following a route taken by tens of thousands of north africans before him. he flew to turkey, where moroccans do not need a visa. and then he set off for europe by land. in sharing his journey on youtube he has become part of a phenomenon that started two years ago. the migrant influencer. in morocco, they belong to a forgotten generation. nearly one in four young people do not have a job. but through youtube they found a new identity.
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this is said. better known in the world of youtube as boya vlog. he has a university degree but last year he left his home in morocco and moved to turkey. and from there he decided to reach europe on foot. with 1.5 million views on his channel, he has built up a cult following with his special brand of dark humour.
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church bells ring. we travel to meet him in the italian city of bergamo where he now lives undocumented and is still vlogging. when he left morocco, said had no intention of posting his journey online.
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but his light—hearted posts mean he's creating a rosy picture of a journey that is often really dangerous. what do you think was the most difficult part of the journey? in some of your videos towards the beginning
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thejourney seemed kind of fun, like an adventure. do you think that may encourage more people to try to take it? one person who has been influenced by videos like said's is anwar. he is still making his way across greece, following a route that he spent years researching on youtube. he is constantly on the move so we're following his journey online and chatting on whatsapp. he has bought a bike and is hoping to cycle all the way to italy.
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like said he does not make it very far before he is arrested. unlike said though, anwar takes his youtube followers with him. even when things go wrong. as soon as he is released, six days later, he tells his followers how to avoid the police.
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his channel has become an unvarnished account of life on the road. each post is getting tens of thousands of views. but two months in, he is nowhere near his destination. he has travelled through five different countries but the border with croatia and the eu
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seems impenetrable. he has been pushed back by croatian police four times. so he retreats to the bosnian capital sarajevo. anwar spent six months working as a barber in turkey to save for his journey. but there are other influences who have figured out how to make money through their vlogs. meet zizu. with over 12 million views on his channel, he became one of the most popular migrant youtubers in morocco. in 2018, he followed his heart to brazil to meet a girl he fell in love with online. but when that ended he decided to head north to the us. the jungle is not easy. is danger or not? very dangerous. he told the bbc that he funds is journey through ads on his channel, social media partnerships and
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crowdfunding his fans. but there are other people finding ways to make money from the migrant youtube phenomenon. lurking in the comments section of those videos, we found people smugglers using the platform to find clients who are willing to pay to get into the eu illegally. looking at some of the comments underneath anwar�*s posts, there is a post here that has a phone number that says a moroccan guy in turkey who can help you travel by truck to the czech republic or slovakia. we asked an undercover reporter in morocco to contact the number posted on youtube. she pretends to be a single mother, hoping to reach austria with her young daughter. a people smuggler on the other end says he can arrange her travel.
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he sends our reporter an example of the fake medical documents that he can produce which will help her circumvent morocco's strict covid travel ban. he says an associate will collect her from the airport. youtube says videos and comments offering contact information, that facilitate the sale of smuggling services, violated policy
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and that on review they have removed a number of these comments. the posts we found no longer on the platform. but we know that they were there for at least two months. it is coming to the end of a hot summer in eastern europe. anwar spent a month at a migrant camp in bosnia, just beyond the eu border. but he is ready to try to cross croatia again. he is travelling with a group. they are passing through a country that is still showing scars of the bosnian war almost 30 years ago.
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at this stage his videos are still full of tips for would—be travellers. but once again he is caught by the croatian police and sent back to bosnia.
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something is starting to change. instead of offering advice, anwar is now issuing warnings. he has given up on italy to aim north, for germany. he says he got as far as austria, in the undercarriage of a lorry.
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but then he was spotted. the austrian police drove him back to hungary. the hungarian police drove him back to serbia. and the serbian police drove him all the way to the south. he has been pushed back almost 1000 kilometres in a matter of days. and it is here, in serbia, that we eventually meet. he is staying in a camp for migrants, but we are not allowed in, so we arrange to meet in nearby town. anwar isjust doing an instagram live right now, to his 2000 or so followers. and as soon as he started, the questions started pouring in.
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he's answering their questions, but this isn't just about anwar helping other people avoid trouble. his followers are supporting him as well. so was that a busy one? did you get many questions?
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but are you worried that people will then try and do the same route, take the same risks that you did? he says no matter what he does, people are going to travel anyway. a few weeks ago, anwar posted a 15—minute video which explains why shipping containers are a dangerous mode of transport. he felt compelled to make
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video after the deaths of seven people. they'd snuck inside the wrong shipping container at a station in serbia. their bodies were found four months later when the container was finally opened up in paraguay. one of the victims, ahmed belmiloudi, was a friend of anwar�*s. your whole experience so far, do you feel like it has been worth it?
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we were hoping to speak to anwar again, but it seems like some of the other people that he's travelling with have put pressure on him not to talk to us. so the only way we've been able to speak to him today is by voice note. he's scared, but he leaves with the men that have been swearing at him, heading for the hungarian border that night.
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we were in touch with him for another week, and then he went quiet. throughout his journey, anwar has been getting help from said. they belong to a network of migrant influencers who have been supporting each other on social media. foranwar, said is a success story. his new life in europe is something to aspire to. he's working, but is only getting by on odd jobs until, he hopes, he gets the legal right to work in italy. but said is starting to realise that europe is a complicated dream. it is something he is now trying to communicate to his followers.
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but anwar might not have seen these posts. he's missing. what do you think? do you think he is safe, or do you think something has happened to him?
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it seems said is starting to realise the power of his voice online.
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hello there. it's felt very mild over the weekend, almost springlike. and in fact, the temperatures are going to rise even more as we move through this new week, particularly tuesday and wednesday. this is the temperature anomaly map. you can see the temperatures well above the seasonal average, especially for parts of england and wales. but with this very mild air will come a lot of moisture, and it's going to pour down, in fact, across many western areas for tuesday and wednesday. some parts of western scotland, perhaps north—west england could see over 100 mm of rain, with a risk of localised flooding. eastern areas of the uk will actually be drier than average. for the start of the new week, though, it looks mainly dry with plenty of sunshine, but we still have some rain around thanks to this weather front which will be affecting northern and western parts of england, eastern wales, to start the day. it will transfer towards the eastern side of england
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and tend to fizzle out, leaving a legacy of cloud here, with other areas brightening up. so, quite a fine afternoon for many. plenty of sunshine for scotland and northern ireland and mild, 10 to maybe 1a degrees. that front clears away. underneath clear skies, it will turn a little bit cooler, in fact, but then this next area of low pressure will move in to bring wet and windy weather to northern and western areas. and those temperatures will range from around 2 or 3 across eastern areas, 7 or 8 in the west. now, this area of low pressure is here to stick around, i think, for much of tuesday and wednesday, and expecting to bring some very wet weather with this weather front, which will become almost stationary across the north and west of the country. lots of isobars on the charts, so it will be windy as well. dragging this air up, though, from the subtropical regions, which is why it's going to be extremely mild. so we start off dry. central, southern and eastern areas, it'll stay dry through the day, but lots of rain across scotland, northern ireland, perhaps north—west england, the north and west of wales, and gales up the irish sea coasts and in towards western scotland.
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despite the wet and windy weather here, it's going to be mild. double figure values for all, but we could see 1a or 15 across the south and the east given some brightness. it'll stay very wet and windy across the north and the west on wednesday, extremely mild across the south east, 17 or 18 celsius. and then there's signs of it calming down a little bit as we end the week and head—on into the weekend, as high pressure builds in. so, for this upcoming week, it's going to be very mild for a time, but wet and windy across northern and western areas, with the risk of localised flooding, and then signs of it drying up for many of us by the end of the week.
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welcome to bbc news. i'm james reynolds. our top stories: a new martyr for myanmar: crowds pay their respects to mya thwe thwe khaing, who was shot during protests against the military coup. a three—month extension for un inspectors to access iran's —— remembering the victims of the christchurch earthquake: new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern leads a memorial service in the city devastated a decade ago. mapping the way out of england's lockdown, details on plans to ease measures as coronavirus cases plans to ease measures as coronavirus cases fall. and much more than fun in the snow, meet the polish community rallying for a good cause.


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