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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john heilemann. with all due respect to country club bartenders, never go in against the speaker of the house when death is on the line. [laughter] >> our lineup tonight -- the team and baiters scream. but more variation on the mitt romney seemed. everyone in the republican party is talking about the resurrection of willard. the problem is a lot of members of the gop are not saying the nicest things.
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romney is scheduled to address the gop in san diego, but the question is whether mitt romney is still on the rise or is he already losing altitude? >> history will record that today is the low point of this new romney campaign so far. sarah palin added her voice today i don't think governor romney will care about that. he's doing well with a lot of his core supporters but we are starting to hear voices creeping and say he had his chance. why would he be any better this time than last time? friday night, he comes and speaks to the rnc. >> there are officials being recorded with officials trying to be polite to mitt romney, not trashing him not attacking him but not expressing any great enthusiasm, not using the ronald reagan line -- it took him three
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times. he will be a big player if he gets in, but i think he's lost a little altitude since the weekend. >> there is skepticism creeping in. a lot of people we talked to privately are holding their tongues saying i don't understand this. there are people saying maybe he won't do it, but everyone i've talked to is talking directly to him and say he is resolute about doing it. right now, there's a lot of questions creeping in and a lot of gloom has come off in the first 48 hours. i think he would be wise to fill the back -- to fill the vacuum. jeb bush is not visible and kristi is not on the campaign trail. if romney goes for it, people could be induced, but he's not at his high point. >> the people pushing him now are people in his own family and that they dangerous situation. the democratic fight is shaping
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up to be a battle royale between hillary clinton, jim webb and some fried steaks. there are reports john podesta will be her campaign chairman. obama admin jim margolis will be her media honcho. if these reports are true, what can we deduce about her campaign and what lessons did she learn from 2008? jump in us the come a long time clinton person. she's reaching out and jill bennison worked for bill clinton. she is reaching outside and has heard the criticism. she needs to step outside of clinton world. if she needs to hire these are
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big signals she is sending. >> if you are a clinton person, you have to be wildly enthusiastic. these are adults from the no drama obama school. they will speak up not just to her, but president clinton. if she picks this team and surrounds them with similar people, it's a good sign she learned her lessons from last time. >> the key person is podesta because he's the ultimate adult and he is the guy who has straddled both worlds. he's been very close and has been close for a long time. he is the bob strauss figure and could manage wherever actions arise and she really needs that. but she needs to run, partly continuity.
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you have to run on continuity but you also have to distance yourself from some aspects of the administration. but the best margolis are perfect in terms of temperament. had we take the best of the obama coalition but expanded and turn the page a little bit? >> those are three really smart guys. house has voted to undo obama's apparatus. this is how john boehner characterized with the president has done on immigration. >> what we are dealing with is a president is someone who has ignored past statements. to think the president of the united states actually studied constitutional law is one thing. he didn't just teach or learn constitutional law, he taught it as well. but now, his actions have
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suggested he's forgotten what these words even mean. >> why is that guy so mad? >> the difference between me and john boehner's he has been threatened by a bartender. i understand john boehner's frustration, i get his perspective. they are making a mistake as this congress launches. a lot of this is symbolism. they are trying to overturn stuff a lot of hispanic americans like and rather than meeting with an economic message, they are trying to overturn dodd-frank which will help wealthy people. the democrats are messaging in unison on the dodd-frank economic stuff. it's not smart politics.
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i see boehner's emotion, but i don't think is being channeled toward victory. >> we have been trying to get republicans to say whether they are trying to deport all of the illegal immigrants in the country right now. they say we are now in favor of supporting by our best estimates -- that's an incredibly bad place to be. it's probably even worse than you are saying. >> this is a bad start. >> our final topic, in france, the latest edition of "charlie hebdo" is what they do best. they take the news, no matter how dark and goes where no one else fears to go. they have printed a cartoon with the prophet mohammed and a sign
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reading "je suis charlie." we are showing that it any including the "new york times" is not. is what we are doing wrong? >> to quote marcel marceau "no." i've in for showing this from the beginning. for news organizations to not show this the main international story and reaction around the world you just have to think through the obligations of being a journalistic organization and the answer is obvious. >> i wanted to show the cartoons from the week, but our executive producer would not let us do that. we've shown this one ended "new york times was quote is worried about offending and they have to pay attention to their muslim readers. but on a strict news value
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basis, this cover should be shown everywhere and there's not much to say for the other side of the argument. >> you don't want to offend people and you don't want to put your employees in danger, but you always have to worry about you. next coming up, mitt romney chris christie jeb bush and rand paul? the interview with the junior senator from kentucky is next. ♪
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>> our own david wigle was trailing rand paul in new hampshire j. it's been an interesting day -- establishment candidates are making calls around-the-clock so where does the eye doctor senator fit in? >> a lot of executive orders only last a year or so during an administration.
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i've always been of the opinion that we should do things in the proper way and that is that congress should pass the law. i'm in favor of doing immigration reform but it should be done in the appropriate fashion. >> it's a beacon to the world that says america doesn't care how you come in. they will you stay or give you status. there are some things we can accommodate -- those who are never going home and will never be sent home and i would incorporate them into our society, giving them work the says and making them taxpayers. but i would not do that until we secure the border. everyone else has said i can
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come -- so you have to make sure the way you do it is in an orderly fashion so you don't send the wrong signal. >> i would say in the republican party, we have a spectrum from libertarian conservative, limited government to a more middle of the road -- i think the one a lot of people would classify as being more middle-of-the-road. in the spectrum within the republican party, they would probably be closer to the middle-of-the-road or moderate. we can have moderates in the party. we can have a wide variety of opinions. when you give someone a label it's a distillation of perceptions and hundreds of positions. over time, the judgment of label or characters is what everybody thinks is what the perception is. i don't think i'm alone in thinking -- mr. bush and mr. romney are in the
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middle-of-the-road as far as republican politics go. >> are you in any way more comfortable? >> am i glad that's over with. in deciding whether or not to reuse a nominee we've had before, some of it has to be looked at on when ability and how successful we were in the election. obviously we were not successful and you have to ask yourself why . it's not always about whether you are right or wrong about the argument, twitter you are attracting voters. when we are deciding on whose going to be the next nominee, who will bring the new constituency to allow us to win? it isn't so much like i was right and you were wrong, i don't think that's going to be the deciding factor. the thing is, yes, russia is an adversary of hours. are we enemies like the cold
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war? this is a philosophical discussion is not easily encapsulated in they are or they aren't. they are definitely an adversary and their things they do that we disapprove of -- crimea, the incursions into ukraine, but we are not at war with russia. do we need to have an adequate defense to defend our country? absolutely. but just saying there some sort of rightness there all of a sudden says my goodness, that person is the only person who's ever said something like that. there are other active debates that separate out the republican field and one of those is i would say we have to have the debate about whether or not the unintended consequences of war are fully appreciated and hillary's war in libya i think has made us less safe. i think most republicans resized hillary's war by saying we only need more troops.
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i think that's a mistake. this is a debate over the fax and consequences. i think americans are less safe because of what is going on in libya. i personally blame hillary clinton for the goading and working and pushing the president into it. i think the war in iraq was a mistake and the region is less stable. i think hillary's war in libya was a mistake, and i think it ended up making the region less stable. that's something we can have a debate over, but the objective facts are that iraq is a mess. syria is a mess libya is a mess, it's hard for anyone to say our intervention in any of these wars that when we topple a secular dictator, we've gotten chaos and radical islam and more danger for america. >> that guy does not look terribly worried about jeb bush
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mitt romney or chris christie. where does he find space with all of those people? where is he going to go in this race assuming they are all in it? >> he is confident and nimble. so is chris christie, but chris christie has to govern new jersey. but he can make news and get in the news cycle anytime he wants. i think he's a little overconfident. i think you'll have a moment when these guys strike back at him and we will see how he handles that. he's not as experienced on the national stage as he acts. i think he can get a lot of traction in new hampshire. it's a good state for him. >> coming up what marco rubio thinks we should know about the american education system. he takes us to school when we come back. ♪
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>> this week marco rubio --
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marco rubio released his new book, "american dreams." he might run for president and we could have spent our time yesterday talking to them about jeb bush, what we talked to him about education. thanks for coming in to talk. this is a policy book. you've already written a biography. and you are writing about policy here in the best way talking about real people and how things can be applied to people struggling for the american dream. let's start with education. you use steve martin to illustrate the problem and david bowie to describe the solution. next the best way to describe -- on the education front, you need to see education as a nice option to have if you want to go out and work for 30 years in the factory. it's not an option, it's a necessity. in the 20th century, education largely been a diploma from a four-year college.
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in the 21st century, we need multiple variables. we need vocational programs were people can graduate from high school certified to go to work. there's no reason you can't graduate someone at 18 years of age as a bmw technician. >> who should do the certification? >> bmw has a training system. do you wait until they are 25 and a drop out of school or do you do when they are 16, 17 or 18 and they have an interest in the mechanical. we can partner with labor unions, local governments, community colleges and school districts to do more vocational trainings and apprenticeships. there's a huge demand for that. there's a growing number of metals will, higher paid jobs in the 21st century. we have a second challenge with people in the 30's, 40's and 50's working for $11 an hour as a receptionist or in the mailroom because he never acquired education or are not
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qualified for some of the newer jobs out there. the only way they are going to get a raise is if they can acquire new skills. that they have to work full-time and raise kids. they can drop everything and go to a traditional school for four years. that's why a talk about innovations in accrediting. you can incentivize existing programs that allow you to package learning. it can be a combination of classroom work, life experience, work experience, you can test proficiency -- the combination can be packaged into the equivalency of a degree. the federal government will only pay for and the private sector only recognizes a degree from a school. >> it is a personal issue for me. >> easy to pay back. >> i had to write a book.
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what i got in the senate, i was paying $800 a month. when i first got married, it was our single biggest expenditure. a lot of students are taking on student loans not recognizing what it looks like. a lot of times, you will take out a loan and graduate with a degree that would lead to a job. i think i have a bill with senator wyden called the right to know before you go. before you take out a student loan, the school has to tell you this is how much our students make. you can make a decision whether or not it's worth borrowing that money. there would be a law that require that information be available and the student decides whether they want to go forward or not. the second one is we would make income-based repayment methods for people. you could always pay more and we worked on this with mark warner. but there's an alternative to
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student loans that would benefit graduate students. that's what the bulk of student loan debt is. basically, you can take your undergrad resume and the work you have done and go to an investment group who agrees to pay for your group and they are investing in you. you pay them a percentage of your earnings for the next 10 years after you graduate. it's like an investment fund, you are betting on an individual. >> what kind of people would invest? >> there would be a profit involved. >> the student has to go in and sell themselves. >> here is where i graduated from -- stanford with a 4.0 and i'm going to go to medical school and in great these -- and invent these great drugs. if you pay for my studies in the first 10 years i work --
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>> how much of the market is that? >> i imagine it would be an option available to some people. not to everyone. having as many options as possible is important. one thing that would help with student loans is the ability to package learning. right now, there are millions of americans sitting between 15 and 35 credit hours of college work. that and zero is worth the same thing. it would be great if we could allow people to have some education and augmented with online course work and get credit for their life experience and somehow be awarded an employable degree or certificate. >> why not just let innovative governors do it? >> they -- it's the largest payer in the country through student loan programs. >> why not just evolve it to the
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state? >> you could consider doing that but the problem there is students that live in florida may want to go to california. i don't want to disrupt the existing system. i would have never been able to go to college without a pell grant and federally subsidized student loans. i could never have gone of my parents didn't pay for it. i want to make sure it's available in the best settings possible and that students have information about the borrowing they are taking on so they can make a cost-benefit decision. >> we did not get to policy and health -- lots of specifics. but before i let you go -- steve martin and david bowie first made apparent -- made appearances in your book. ask steve martin is funny. i don't know much about david bowie's life. i don't have a steve martin
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imitation. i'm not good at imitating anyone. >> it is a political book to be sure but it is also a policy book with a lot of ideas that appeal not just to republicans but others as well. senator, thanks for coming. >> i appreciate it. what's we will be right back. >> we will be right back. ♪
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>> mark halperin is out in san diego. we will be talking to him. rand paul is all over the place. we are live 24/seven on bloomberg's ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i am "taking stock of on this day. the bulls gain the upper hand at the open and the bears jump ahead followed by fires at the close. as a low of the day, the s&p 500 was down nearly 2% before prices moved up higher and stocks ended down. billionaire activists bill ackman says market volatility is positive. >> i think it's a favorable environment for what we do. >> despite the volatility? >> volatilities it good thing. if you


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