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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 29, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john heilemann. with all due respect to marshawn lynch, we're just here to do a cold open. we're just here to do a cold open.♪ >> happy national courtship day. in our lineup tonight, a charade, a sham, a share. first the great campaign robbery. mitt romney's campaign strategist has been poached by jeb bush, by far the most mega hire of the 2016 campaign so far. it's not just the process of internal intrigue that
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fascinates you, mark. so why do you think this is so cosmically important? >> three reasons, first of all it gives permission for other people who like and respect mitt romney, who worked for him before, as dave did, it gives them permission to say, if dave can do it, they can do it. it gives jeb bush an a campaign manager. and finally, this is a guy who know thousands win in iowa. people who think jeb bush might skip iowa or doesn't need to do well in iowa are wrong. this gives jeb bush a better chance, even though candidates matter more than staff, to win iowa. >> something implicit in your comment, this isn't just he's got dave cotchel to go do iowa.
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he's bringing on dave in a role at the pack. campaign manager. >> national campaign manager. >> national campaign manager. huge deal. dave is a great guy. national press likes him. he's got good relationships throughout the political world. he does, as you said, put jeb in a position to compete, if not make him the frontrunner in iowa. there's not going to be a frontrunner in iowa, but gives him as good a chance to win there as anyone you could hire. and it kills romney, not just the way you said, which is important, but also out there. mitt romney, the only way mitt romney could do what he did in 2012 is because new hampshire was written off for him he needs . he needs to do well in iowa, if he's going to run he needs to do well in iowa. without dave he'll be in real trouble out there >> next thing, jeb is taking his campaign, a new kind of campaign with a lot of technology. dave is a great guy on technology. it's a big deal. >> it's a huge deal. sometimes we make too much out of these things, almost can't make too much out of this. >> scot walker is still higher than a kenosha beach wind surfer
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after a winning weekend in iowa. >> how high is that? >> he's now released a super patriotic video intended to make him look super presidential. here are some highlights. >> dreamed, stifled. a foreign policy that apologizes for america. and projects weakness abroad. to reclaim our destiny, we must turn to bold, fresh, new ideas and those incubators of reform the states. >> in america we take a day off to celebrate the fourth of july and not the 15th of april because in america we celebrate our independence from the government not our dependence on us. >> in sum this video is two minutes long, 16 shots of the american flag, 10 pairs of safety goggles, two hats, and a lot of pictures of hillary clinton. what does this 527 video say about how scott walker would run assuming he does?
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>> there is a lot of this stuff that is ready canned, but the key lines in there, we have them in this clip and they stood out through me throughout the entire notion that you have to have someone from the states. this is, i'm a conservative and i'm not from washington, d.c. i'm the guy from outside. forget about those guy, i'm the guy from a place out in real america land where innovation happens, laboratory democracy. >> the other thing evolving on scott walker, particularly after his performance on saturday is he a good stump performer or not? the first time i saw in wisconsin, he was great working a crowd. there is this new meme for people, they make him look good there. i'm not sure it's quite presidential, he doesn't have foreign policy experience, but there's image making around this guy now this ch is a big thing and not everybody running can perform that way. >> back in 2012, we talked about tim pawlenty, who looked great
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on paper but out in the field was not a good player. that's the question about walker, he looks good on paper will he be able to play in the big leagues? that performance last weekend and this video say he's not in the major leagues quite yet but he's rising. >> you see him in this video comfortable in his own skin, huge advantage if you're running for the president. >> while we are on the subject of scott walker, remember this past weekend when he used the bagpipe rock band's song "shipping off to boston" while he took the stage in boston. remember that? ♪ surprise, surprise, turns out the dropkick murphys are not huge fans of having their beantown anthem used to help the governor of wisconsin. the band responded by say, quote, we literally hate you. that was about scott walker.
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on that same key, cher wrote on twitter, chris christie is an obnoxious man and malicious bully. he's got a couple of members of the pop culture attacking republicans. when this happens is it good or bad for republicans? >> i've got a three dimensional answer. first blush, bad, you don't like to be attacked by somebody famous. second blush good. in the republican party it's good, good to be attacked by liberal celebrities. that third blush, bad, it ties campaigns in knots, makes you look uncool, like you don't get pop culture. even though it might help new you a little bit to win the nomination it's a distraction. , not a good thing. >> and it sort of depends, obviously it depends on who the performer is. when reagan did this to bruce springsteen in it was bad. 1984, he said i emulate this guy
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and he's rejecting me. it's good sometimes for moneys republicans to get attacked by members of the elite, like this is saying, i believe in this band and they turn around kick you in the shin. >> drop kick you. >> while we wait for the supreme court to rule on same-sex marriage's legality, "the new york times" has a report, state and local officials in a handful of states are trying to pass bills to prohibit same-sex marriage licenses to be issued or allow the people who issue those licenses to opt out from performing same-sex marriages based on religious police. this will no doubt prompt in stories throughout the liberal blog-o-matrix. in the past we've said gay marriage dead is an issue, but could this force republican presidential candidates who would rather stay away from the issue having to engage on the
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debate and same-sex marriage? >> you're more assertive about it making it go away, i was less certain of that i think all these things point to the notion that for a lot of republicans, especially in a crowded field on the cultural right, who are looking for some kind of action. everyone will be looking to find some traction in the race. if you're on that wing of the party, this gives you a way to muscle in. you'll throw it against the wall. >> if i was a local official i'd say, i'm having a press conference or doing a rally to defend my individual liberty i'm inviting every presidential candidate to come stand with me. >> and mike huckabee, rick santorum, ted cruz will go to get some leverage against the guys in the party who wants to stay as far from that stage as possible. i don't think -- this issue has moved so far so fast, i know where we'll be 10 years from now 20 years from now. in this window right here, i think it's a live issue. not a permanent issue but a live issue. >> moving so far, so fast, don't forget there are tens of
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millions of americans who feel passionately about it. they can make a lot of noise. >> i'm not forgetting that at all. i'm saying that i not forgetting am but i think the demographics are taking nuss a certain direction because young people feel the way they do. i think in this election for sure it's going to have some mileage for a lot of people. this just in, today, editor, publisher, proofreader, governor mike pence released a brilliant memo this guy is incredible. everything he does. he's decided graciously and frankly wisely, not to go forward with a new media operation run by the state. the reason, and it's a great one, just like mike pence, great, is that it would just make things too complicated for the good people of indiana. instead, the indiana office of information technology will put a lot of effort into updating the public calendar. it's a win-win-win-win-win. it's a win for the governor a win for the people, a win for for freedom and a win for us because we got to talk about it. >> coming up, the candidates biggest strengths, biggest weaknesses, we'll reveal all
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after the break. ♪
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>> it's time for ye olde whip-around, 2016 edition. this is a job evaluation of some of the bigger presidential candidates. their strong points their weak points, and their best references. to help us out, we call in our dream team of bloomberg politics, lisa lare, mike binder, and day. mike we'll start with you. jeb bush who is getting dave to move to miami to start being in position to run tremendous campaign. tell us about jeb, his beggest -- his biggest strength, his biggest weakness, and something about his prospects that is being overlooked in terms of its importance to telling the tale of how he'll do. >> the best thing that jeb has
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going for him right now is the family infrastructure and his base in florida. i mean, this guy has infrastructure already in place to do 60 fundraisers in the last 70 days. he plays well in private meetings in the boardroom, an intellectual heavyweight, wows the crowds, wows the boardroom. but the problem will be when he gets in front of crowds and starts to have to answer questions on his immigration position, his common core position, that's taken on a life of its own in the tea party. one thing that's been overlooked is his interactions with the press and eventually perhaps with democrats. he's prickly, not as warm and cuddly as his brother was on the campaign trail. that -- that's being overlooked right now. >> this prickly thing i hear all the time. i've seen it myself on occasion. can't he just cut that out? he likes teem, condition he just
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-- he likes people. can't he just cut out the prickly? >> that's what we'll see. when you put up -- when he put out his immigration book a year ago, the washington press gave him a pass saying he was rusty. i don't think he was rusty. i think this is who he is. and you know, jeb's a -- he's a veteran. can he change that? i don't know. >> we'll call him the tin man, he's rusty. let's move on to dave. >> this is like a hollywood squares here. only like a hollywood triangle. dave at the top we'll talk about rand's strengths and other issues. >> his strength is he's move aid way from his system his father built. i was with paul a couple of weeks ago he, knew exactly where
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he was going, who to meet. i think a weakness would be, he has a certain overconfidence and thinks he can take point on every issue. he knows where he's going right now. his first month in the senate in the majority will be spent introducing a lot of bills he's worked through the last time but when the issue pops up, for example when edward snowden popped up his instinct was to say he's more of an outlaw icon, not a criminal. everyone else said he's committing treason. there's an incident like that that could happen. people write about the base out there in the ron paul movement and the scope of this thing is insane. every state there's a campaign for liberty that ron paul built. every town is ready to run new hampshire. they have somebody ready to run the campaign in every town of
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any size, not something even a candidate like mitt romney can count on. >> i agree with you that the ron paul connection is overlooked in terms of what you seem to be saying, in terms of the strength, i think it's also overlooked potentially as a weakness, i'm curious what you think about that. we are starting to cp see people drill down into just how much distance is there really between the father's views and son's views? that could be a huge potential set of land mines for rand pall paul as he moves forward. do you think that's a problem? >> when he get into the heat of the campaign, what i said about him freelancing, if there's an incident in a debate new york a scrum, the kind of thing he might have to deal with in the heat of the campaign, where his father's views on something are thrown back at him. if it had just happened with isis happened six months from now in the heat of the campaign, his father was kind of blaming the united states for blowback and rand was answering. in the past he's gotten very
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annoyed at that kind of question. ask howard dean, ask rick santorum that doesn't look great on camera, ends up alienating people. >> i want to move to you and talk about romney, you were in m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i with romney, talk to us about strength, weakness and overlooked factor? >> his strength is he's the most experienced guy, or woman, running in this this whole field, including hillary clinton. he has done this before. he has networks and all of the states he's debated dozens of . time. of course that's also a major weakness. this is his third time running. this is a re-re-reinvention he's trying to do here, not only from loser to winner but from this image of him as an out of touch
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plutocrat to this touchy-feely guy who cares about the middle class and the poor and it's not clear if voters will buy that he's asking a lot of voters to sort of come along with yet another transformation from him of his image. in terms of the most underrated thing, i think the thing to watch with romney is going to latinos, he's indicated to ally -- allies that he would run to the right of bush on immigration issues, he won 27% of the latino vote last time, that was not good. it was pretty rough. and you know, much lower than that, it's hard to see how you win a general election. i think a lot of people in his party have concerned about that. >> we have three more candidates to get to. let's go to mr. bender and marco rubio. >> biggest advantages for rubio right now, he's the best communicator in the field, whether it's five candidates, 10 candidates, 130 candidates the republican party has on its website. he's also an underdog. he's best at having to come from behind. the negative in him is just almost the same as bush.
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rubio is one of the authors of the immigration bill that's anathema to the conservative base of the party and overlooked. his experience, in 2012 on the campaign trail in the presidential election, he criticized obama as not being ready for the white house. it's hard to see how rubio himself cleared that bar. his biggest accomplishments are political, becoming speaker of the house in florida in an underdog win in the u.s. senate. he couldn't have major legislative -- >> mr. bender, all i've got to say is you nailed that list. >> except for the communicator thing i think huckabee might dispute that. dave, let's go to your second candidate, scott walker. give us the three items on the list. >> i think his big advantage he's the best story for the early state voters of anyone in the race. iowans especially. a lot of iowans know the story of him fighting the democrats in the unions to the pass bill.
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the way he tells that to audiences it sounds like the story of st. sebastian getting hit by arrows. the negative, he will be in a race against people who cab be -- can more credibly seen in a command for the chief role. that is something that governors can get past that but he has an unusual number of people with foreign policy credibility when he doesn't when right now foreign policy is bigger than people thought it would be. and unlike chris christie, who i think has stumbled with some of the high dollar donors who beg him to run, walker is a huge choice of the sort of people we saw last weekend rallying around the koch brothers, pulling their money. he's beloved by that donor class. >> lisa, you're last on the list, hillary clinton, strength, weakness, overlooked factor. >> her strength, she'll probably avoid a bruising expensive primary, heading into the general in a strong position. weakness, the clinton name.
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there's a certain segment of the population that will never vote for her because she's a clinton. when we in the press remind her of all the baggage that comes with a clinton name does that segment grow? staffing. the clintons are notorious for having a dysfunctional operation. the choices she's making now how they work together, how they control all that outside advice will have a bearing on whether she runs an effective campaign. >> lisa, mike, dave, thanks to you all. much appreciated. we'll check in with you throughout the cycle. when we come back, we remade that scott walker video. you'll want to see your version. grab some popcorn. right after this. ♪
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>> us being us, we watched scott walker's video over and over and over again today and couldn't help but notice he uses loads of all american, nonoffensive stock footage. there's so much pre-shot americana in it we thought it looked like an ad for a stock video company. with that in mind, we made a few tweaks and came up with a brand new ad.
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>> america stands on the brink. at a time and place in our history where failed leaders preside over a nation adrift. the foreign policy that apologizes for america and projects weakness abroad. to reclaim our destiny, we must turn to bold, fresh, new ideas. >> folks in washington like this top-down approach, it's old. we believe you should build the economy from the ground up. >> and that's what states like wisconsin are doing, reducing the size and scope of government that cut taxes and create jobs. >> in america, we take a day off to celebrate the fourth of july and not the 15th of april because in america, we celebrate our independence from the government not our dependence on it.
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>> do you wear a hard hat when you use a laptop? >> yeah. >> do you wear a hard hat when you carry a ladder? >> yes. >> both cases. >> always. >> so that didn't quite capture the halperin way. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we are always looking for new ways to shoo away trolls and people who send us hate mail. today we found inspiration in our old friend john mccain iii. here's how the senior senator from arizona responded to that mainstay of capitol hill hearings, a protest by project code pink. >> arrest henry kissinger for war crimes! >> i've been a member of this
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committee for many years and i have never seen anything as disgraceful and outrageous and despicable as the last demonstration that just took place. you know, you're going to have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. if we can't get the capitol hill police in here immediately -- get out of here you low-life scum. >> low-life scum. so there are three possibilities not all mutually inconsistent about what was driving john mccain there. one, just cranky, two, defending the honor of henry kissinger, or really hates code pink. which of those is true, do you think? >> d, all of the above he put out a statement about it. he put the statement out about it that said pretty much what he said in the room. >> low-life scum. >> we are only on tv half an hour a day. up next on the radio radio, it is the bloomberg law. ♪
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