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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> adammy? >> i still think the yen weaken, so i think the best way to play the weakening yen is toyota, tm. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. follow me on twitter. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market zum somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer him welcome to "mad money"ment welcome to cramerica. i'm not here to make friends, i'm here to make you money. my job is not just to entertain. call me , 1-800-743-cnbc. we always want to give credit to fed chief ben bernanke because
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he's forced money, we pay homage pretty much every day, the dow gained, s&p gained, nasdaq advanced 4.9%. others say the rally happened because the world is getting better. it's not exactly clear. we get mixed data each day. maybe the next one won't be on the employment data. globally, it's totally confusing. europe's data is almost uniformly bad. europe's stockmarkets are soaring. most due out of china, it's absolutely terrible. >> the house of pain! >> then we go get good news periodically as we did last night. it's greeted with tremendous skepticism. you know what? i agree that ben bernanke keeping the trades slow great. we favor the dividends on this show. remember color objection, dr. pepper, snap him, are probably oversawed, meaning we -- they are much better deal than bonds.
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it's a competition. we know that some parts of the economy are true and robust. do you doubt the strength of the housing recovery after the earnings report we seen from the appliance makers or the products that go into homes as we'll hear later in the show when we talk to weyerhaeuser, the nation's biggest company and a home builder, itself. i also like the fact that congress and the president haven't been a factor when it comes to the economy of late. i'll explain tonight that's the secret sauce causing business people to hire and lending, leading investors to buy stocks and you know when you feel better, you're not so quick to sell your stocks, either. but there's something else that's not heralded enough. and it's become all too clear to me on a daily basis that someone better start highlighting it. so you know what, it might as well be me. that's something else, it's the ability of managements to adjust to mistakes and disappointments on the fly, getting companies back on track and their stocks back on track with them.
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no, it's not this. it's this! >> all aboard? >> case in point, whole foods. now, it was only a quarter ago, one quarter, that whole foods reported what many thought was a terribly disappointing quarter. without nearly as much money made for sale, it's possible they were able lose share to the likes of kroger, of all things, as well as that foreign encloture trader joe's. perhaps the chatter es and naysayers say whole foods lost its prime. maybe they lost their way. by the way, whole food has it's own $2-bucks, only better. management listen, management owners, they, too, you may fought believe it, they, too, are disappointed in themselves. see, they worked like crazy since then to cut cost, cut the way they ship goods, manage the supplies better, keep new growth
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lower, try to saturate the market and please wall street? no, to meet demand. wp it reported last time, it delivered unbelievable good numbers to put to rest anything is long, long term, if anything, things are more right than ever before. you know what the stocks still buy. even as it rallied $9.39. i know it. i was over brooklyn's giwanis canal, never to be confused with the canals of venice. i found myself staring at the biggest construction site in the most vibrantboro in new york a. giant whole foods in an amazing location. this store is to big, it's scary whole foods hats the forcytodevelop it. because the company -- the for cytodevelop it. after -- they are dead wrong, oddly, they can quadruple it. because they are getting
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incredibly clever where they place their stores, even if the new ones are near each other as in boston, no cannibalization as i can tell, brooklyn and boston are saying, come on, we'll foods, give us some more stores. or how about this? do you know how many people questioned the growth here just a year ago? how about how they thought the film division had lost its way with that horrific bomb it was a john carter. remember this disney's espn, some people thought they began to see a slowdown outrunning profits. you will hear bob iger ge the fantastic ceo, it would make your head spin. first they bought lucas films, aka star wars star wars as well as pixar and marvel. that means there will be potential block buster releases for multiple years and multiple quarters in multiple years. many of these can rival the amazing success of "iron man 3"
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and these bombs like john carter, banished, done, ironman showed there was no point if deviating like the cartoon characterers and their careers that produce consistent hits. the stock didn't roar today. it's been roaring, though, don't worry about it. most of disney stock rests or goes down after the good news. make no mistake about it, though, this quarter was nothing but good news because of management's intense competitiveness. how about eog resource, a stock that rallied yesterday, after reporting spectacular results and went up another $2 bucks when merrill lynch greatest a mid-upgrade. think what happened. there have been two discoveries the bachit in north dakota and more important the eagle in texas. we want to go there. many don't know it. the best acreage belongs to eog, ceo mark papa has driven relentlessly and successfully to make this the most independent oil and gas company in the united states. if you listened carefully to last night's interview, you
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would have heard something that took my breath away. mark pappas got a new bag, the delaware basin in west texas. we know from listening to core labs, that there is supposed to be at least one more major find in this country at that time can rival the bachit if not bruno, bengalso. i'm betting it's the delaware basin and the eog has the acreage. that makes it a five-year story, pros spengs laid out by the company eog, disney, whole foods, not done. going higher. eog's stock is still a buy, despite it's run. mao! >> because i don't think it has suffering in. delaware says it can be a huge field. no one talked about the eagle for the way he did on this show either. now there is a reason why this continent will be energy dependent certainly before 2020 now, i can go through dozens of stocks from management's stick
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courses and increase the values of the companies, change the fortunes of their stocks intraquarter. it's true that managements are able to influence buybacks by introducing dividends. it's true disney, whole foods, eog are taking that money, mot hoarding it as bob iger ge says, maintaining it. buy, buy, buy. so, sure, we can say the fra macroenvironment is getting better. we welcome the housing economy. the booster is our economy. here's the bottom line, it's the keefe executi chief executive officers themselves. bob iger ge at disney, mark papa at eog scores of other ceos have been at the very genesis of the bull. they simply aren't getting enough credit for their amazing, if not brilliant execution on
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behalf of you, the shareholder. clayton in south carolina, clayton. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, all of us down here in south carolina love you. thank you so much for everything you do for us investors. you mean so much to so many people, it's unbelievable. thank you so much. >> i love the palmetto statement. you have the best part. make that clear. >> caller: that is true. you got to check out bucky's barbeque in greenville. i will get to the potent. i want to talk about the odds. it has had a nice one-year run. it's had an even more decent recent run. >> mm-hmm. >> caller: so now with the change of the ceo, what does it mean for bellagio on the short run and the long run and do you think i should abandon my conviction? >> no, no, no, no, i'm familiar with a lot of the work, particularly the brothers johnny and i've got to tell you diageo
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beam diageo and brown foreman are all winners. as people get wealthier, they buy higher-rated liquor. again, i want to apologize, i did not mean to slam doors this morning on "squawk on the street." i was saying it's expensive when you buy on an airplane. let's go to mike in new york. >> caller: hey, jim, it's mike in new york. i got a quick question about the utility fees have been going up the last few quarters. where do you see conedison going? >> i think conedison is going to rest. we hit this out of the park. coned is not super growth. we will not confuse it with google. i think coned is resting. it won't be rip van wimplg rest. it will be up real soon. got to give credit where credit is due. i'm talking eog, disney, all examples of why execution can drive a stock higher. even in one quarter, these guys correct course, do it right, take their stock higher.
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"mad money" will be right back. coming up, roaring past washington. remember the fiscal cliff fight and the debt ceiling debacle? d.c. duals that dominated the headlines have been lest in the dust by the record-breaking ralliment could it continue? don't miss cramer's take. later, money tree? the housing market's foundation is strengthening. that demand for lumber helped weyerhaeuser report the strongest quarter since 2005. is it time to build a position in this stock? cramer battles it out with ceos. in good hands, 10,000 people a day surgeon 65. so could retiring baby boomers be the key to returning your nestegg? it's cramer's call, all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a sending of "mad money", follow @jimcramer on
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when washington's a problem, we read about it every single day, but when it's a solution, no one cares. today in a little known story in the left-hand corner of the washington post, we found a headline that said red ink, impetus for taxing cuts and economic growth have unexpectedly converged making it so the treasury is not going to run out of money any time soon. that's right, we are further from the debt ceiling than we thought. of course it takes a little of a negative spin when it's the press. it will never be a grand bargain when have you souch hatred for walk. we know get more than that, we won't have a rancorous debate.
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maybe late fer it happens at all. i was the first won u one that called it. i think it may not happen this year. i have been saying the whole discussion can be tabled. in many ways, the president has already won. taxes have gone up for the rich, which does matter. it raises money. the spending has gone down t. analyst spending for fannie and freddie have now stopped. in fact, i expect fannie and freddie to be major contributors to the narrowing of the budget not the widening of it. no, i'm not being a polly anna, i know our country faces tremendous long-term budgetary issues involving medicare. they will be problems for years and years, until we get a president and congress that can work together to run entitlements. we don't have that at all. however, what matters to the stockmarket, which is what we care about here on "mad money" is that washington is off our own darn front pages. because of the increased decline
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in spending we are not lurching towards another crisis any time soon. there is no doubt in my mind the crisis after crisis after crisis atmosphere created by washington [ music playing ] has been the biggest headwind as well as the market has been up against. the anger, the partnership the paralysis have hurt business and destroyed confidence. the american consumer feels everything in our nation are spinning out of control. you take walk off the business section front pagement you put stories like this one on the front page, even if a few people that know it, you will get slower term confidence. that allows businesss to start hiroshima, which raises money governments can collect and keeps them out of the mix in a vir can you with us circle. i think most of us forget how bad this president and congress has been for stocks. we had the cliff hanging election. we weathered the horrendous fiscal cliff and dealt with
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budget skeft sequestration the president told us would shut down the economy. we used to dread these guys coming on tv, thankfully, we don't hear out of them. we may not until late fall t. principle point of anger isn't running away army. walk doesn't know how pernicious it is. we know they get a ride on the back of brick and mortar stores t. mom and pops can't deliver. when congress actually for once try to actually help small business in any concrete way in this concrete way, making it so taxes increase on the powerful online business competition the republican lobbyists who favor no new tax, allegedly help the small businesss fight the darn tax. moreover, it shows you how dysfunctional washington is, even when it wants to help small business. congress wants to burn down the
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small businessman to save him from taxes, even when the taxes only apply to the large competition. now, we have since seen the resolution of the fiscal cliff, what the stockmarket looks like without washington's medley, it's produced the greatest rally in 60 years. this is what it looks like without washington. it is true, the federal reserve is keeping rates low. i don't mind ann a bountiful environment, i don't know about you. the biggest thing is tax receipts that nullified washington and allowed the economy to flourish. be grateful as long as the bethen gridlock lasts. it's the secret ingredient yent to this amazing ongoing bull market. mike in new york, mike! >> caller: boo-yah, jim. on ebay/pay pal investor wanted to know your thoughts on the bill passed in the senate cornering the online sales tax. jim, is ebay up today because this bill might get through the
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house? >> i don't think the nature of the shouse nothing is supposed to get through i. it's like protect this house, like the baltimore ravens, nuggets through it. i will tell you, ebay is a good stock. they have my charitable trust. we are alcoholping at the bit. it never comes down. it's a buy. george in florida. george. >> caller: hi, jim, boo-yah. a great program, a great program. >> thank you. >> caller: jim, i have a large holdings in boeing. the sequester doesn't seem to have affected the stock. the dividends are good. i'll make about 5-grand this quarter. but i got a problem. i keep hearing rumors about their management and their ipos can continuing, the problems of outsourcing, supply issues, subcontractor issues. and i'm a casualty of enron, so i'm being very careful. and i wonder, should i keep it or just get out? >> enron was a fraud.
6:21 pm
i testified with -- an behalf of the people of the united states against enron. i will tell you this, boeing should never be put in the same sentence as get boeing is the greatest manufacturers the world has. if their management is problem mat ec, everybodys is. they're the best in the industry. i think it's by the way the largest source of why the dow is going up, the secret ingredient to this amazing bull market, unlikely suspect, walk, by no longer being important! [ music playing ] >> stay with cramer! coming up, money tree? the housing market's foundation is strengthening. that demand for lumber helped weyerhaeuser report its largest quarter since 2005. is it time to get a position on the stock? cramer battles it out with weyerhaeuser's ceo. .
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given this market some incredible run, how many stocks have soared to new highs? who can you count on to keep roaring higher? how about long themes with tremendous staying power. themes with tremendous housing. it's apparent for the eyes to see. if are you looking for a housing play, i like to go a ways up the home building food cane with weyerhaeuser, wy, it's the ream estate investment trust that is the largest owner of softer timberland and the u.s.
6:25 pm
timberland. it's also one of the biggest pulp and paper companies in the world. i like this so much we own it for my charitable trust. 75% of weyerhaeuser's business has exposure to housing. as much as timber comes to the united states and canada, much on the west coast, very good placement, housing is booming in california, you also get a great export market from there. weyerhaeuser may pays you a 6.7% yield. it could be higher, in fact the stocks came in with a 177% return. since we spoke with the ceo in 2010, i think that's a little ridiculous it's flat. weyerhaeuser just reported a fabulous quarter two weeks ago. they had a 3 cent earnings beat. now the company has a big analyst day coming up on friday, it could be a nice catalyst, sense that's a day away. let's check in with the ceo, mr.
6:26 pm
fulton, thank you for coming to "mad money" and coming to the set. have a seat. we are at an unprecedented moment. as you talk about in the announcement, we have a developing housing shortage. what would be weyerhaeuser's role in the housing shortage? >> well, we play a big role. so as you mentioned, we have timberland. we have a very large wood products manufacturing operation with our primary products being lumber and strand board, all of which go into new construction. we're a home builder. so three of our four major businesses are all leveraged to the recovery in u.s. housing. >> now, i want to understand the flexibility at wy. you have anyone operating xuvenlts you have land all over the place. if you felt they were multi-years ago is it constrained each year? >> well, it is constrained on an annualized basis. we're increasing our community count this year by 20%.
6:27 pm
we have a long land position, especially in california, which we like. that's a real key market for us. so now we're finally starting to see momentum kick in, in california in this recovery that has a long way to run. >> you are also very big. i didn't want to slight the export market. one of the things we have been talking about a lot. you mentioned it first, japan is beginning to restimulate its company. ja span a significant market for you. >> very significant for us. we ship logs off of our west coast timber operations, where we are strategically advantaged. we export our douglas fir logs, which are our highest quality. we ship them to japan. we ship to china and korea. japan has been our largest market for our timberland, we are an exporter of our cellulose fibers. >> how tight are your marks? some seem to vary. i know lumber came off, one of the analysts says please don't be constrained by the last few
6:28 pm
days. i'm trying to determine isn't it how much business lowe's and home depot have? and they seem to be out of lumber. >> it's governed by new housing, new construction, the recovery has a huge momentum opportunity here. then the remayor and remodel market also, that's for people that are putting people into the houses they bought through this resale activity. we actually see a pickup in the jap needs housing market also. so that's been a benefit to us. >> talk about these poll price, you talked about price higher for the second quarter. i think that is a price set a little by china, right? >> well, whole prices are set in a world wide market. a lot based on the euro. because we have european producers and prices have been soft. now we're starting to see firming up as the world wide economy is starting to recover and especially asia. so, that's an opportunity for us. the other markets are tight.
6:29 pm
you talked about lumberment lumber has been very tight. strand board tight. there was a lot of capacity that left the system during the downturn. it has to come up and respond to this resurgent demand. >> lumber composite has fallen 8% in the few weeks. does that matter? >> it doesn't matter. it ran to strong highs. we will see more capacity come on the market. but there is plenty of demand out there. the channels are very, very thin. >> that's what people don't understand. it's not that perfect a market. there's not that many producers of lumber in this company. >> there are more producers than other products. it is still a capital intensive market. you got to buy the logs. you got to convert them, you got to deliver them. and what we're seeing now is just the market finally coming back, bringing minimlls back online, adding shifts, the region. one of the things is finding
6:30 pm
qualified workers in all of our facilities. >> i know on the call people were concerned you are not getting the big gross margin on your housing business yet. can that be something that happens in the second half of 2013? >> we would expect it to catch up in the second half. we had great sales in the fourth quarter, especially as california came back. first quarter sales equally strong, built up our backlock by about 50% over where it had been both the prior quarter and premier year. those houses will be delivered 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter. then the housing sales activity continues to be very strong. what we're seeing is, you know, people re-entering the market because prices are now finally starting to move up. they realize mortgage rates are record lows. affordability has never been higher. so activity that takes place when prices start to rise, people gain confidence. they go back into the market. it builds general consumer marks. they buy a hour, they go to home depot and lowe's, and they go to
6:31 pm
the fu the furniture store. historically, it has brought us out of the recession. in this case it's the late. >> 10% is much bigger. last time we spoke, you still hadn't seen, i hate to use the events associated with the tragedy. you seen a huge sandy business. since then i was on a conference call with lumber liquid daters. they said they owe owe liquidaters. they said they are seeing a lot of sandy business. is it finally here? >> i think that will take some time to play out. people have to get their insurance proceeds. in some place, it's not clear they get to rebuild. there is some rebuilding activity that will take place. it will happen more quickly than it's happening in japan, i'll tell you that. >> i know governor christie assured me, my beach places will all come back. are you from my area originally
6:32 pm
before you moved to seattle. it has been pretty dismated. there has not -- decimated. there has not been a lot of rebuilding yet. your earnings per acre much higher than plum creek. you're at $78 per acre. what explains your better numbers per square per acre. >> the unique differentiator for us are our west coast plans. we have 2 million acres. in washington and oregon state, west of the cascade mountains. they're doug liss fir, a higher value of species, they're bigger, stronger, straighter and they are in high demand in asia and especially in japan but also for the california market. so now as the california market starts to come back, we'll see that benefit. but the significant aspect of our western lands is their location the species, proximity to ports, so that we're lonlistically advantaged to take advantage of that expoverty
6:33 pm
opportunity. >> you and i, we think it's early ink, if that's the case, you have multiple years of things going right. >> we have a long way to go. >> dan fulton, ceo of weyerhaeuser. it's still very enexpensive. stay with cramer. coming up, can you hand him the heat? cramer gets you fired up for a searing hot lightning round. .
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? [ music playing ] it is time system it is time for the lightning round. it's the round where i tell you whether you need to buy, buy, buy, or sell, sell, sell, when you hear this sound the lightning round is over. are you ready for the lightning round? first i will start with dale in new jersey. dale! >> caller: cramer, are you super. you are awesome. now, talk to me about halcon, hk. >> i was getting used to that, here's what i say about halcon resource. when we have ventured in
6:37 pm
speculative oils, we did not do well. i think halcon is good. it's speculative, people, just like heckmann. speculative means it can go down. let's go to pete in new york. pete! >> caller: jim kramer, how are you? >> real good, pete, how about you? >> caller: i want to speak about hertz. >> i like hertz and avis. they are both trying harder. darryl if california. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call, darryl in catch, a big boo-yah to ya. >> boo-yah back. >> caller: i want to know your thoughts on whittium petroleum. >> i do like erg more than whiting. let's go to brian in new york. brian! >> caller: hey, jim, a big let's go rangers boo-yah. >> what's going on? >>. >> caller: all right, the possibility of rising interest
6:38 pm
rates, should i own plain all american paa? >> yeah. you know what, you will not get anywhere near the plain, obviously that stuck has had a good run, i like it. let's go to john if california. john! >> caller: from the cramer fan club out here in sacramento, pennsylvania. >> you know where i used to park my car. that was my house at the time. >> caller: we've noticed the cramer cavemen and found out that dole has sold their ships, their packageing delaware we're jumping on dole thinking they will be a takeover target. what is your position on dole? >> i think the earnings are okay. i'm sorry, i like all those different things. i'm not going to talk about i. lloyd in kansas. lloyd! >> caller: i have owned my stock a while. it's still got a pe of only
6:39 pm
about 11. it pays about a 3.5% dividend. i think it's underpriced. what do you say? >> i totally agree with you. let me throw in lookheed martin. i like both of those. i think raytheon is an excellent stock. go figure. let go to cabeer in illinois. >> caller: what's up, what do you think about williams, not darren williams, wmb, is it a weapon of mass data? >> i think that stock so terrific. i can't believe it was down. i should have been pushing that all day. nice growth. let's go to joshua in new mexico. joshua. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, this is joshua from new mexico. i'm a first time caller. i want to get your opinion on express. >> very good one. i'm going to send it to the land of enchantment. ron in illinois. ron! >> caller: boo-yah, mr. kramer,
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chi-town, illinois. i want to know about usairways llc. >> oh. i think of usair ways. i think, ka-ching, ka-ching, yes, it could double in the next 18 months. usair ways, my favorite is back in the book. no offense. to radian. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round [ music playing ] come ug up, in good hands? 10,000 people a day turn 65. so could retiring baby boomers be the key to growing your nestseg? it's cramer's call. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor...
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everything. everything. everything. everything? [ all ] everything? everything. [ male announcer ] get free shipping and 5% back on everything your business needs. that was easy. on "mad money", we are always searching for new ways to generate yield, new stocks that can help your portfolio produce income because everyone should own one high yielder. those nearing retirement should own many more, which is why i want to introduce you to reit, a
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real estate investment trust for you home gamers that has skilled nursing facilities across the country. they are for patients recovering from an illness or surgery who maybe discharged from a hospital, they still need rehabilitation or restoretive care as well as for long-term residents. the target population, goes to the elderly. it is a play on the demographic time bomb that is the aging baby boomer generation. we don't yet know how big the payout will be. it's a real estate investment trust. they have to return the profits to shareholders. many estimates say it could yield 5% at these levels. since then it rallied had a spectacular 44%. stock jumped over a dollar in the last two sessions. can it keep roaring? let's talk to aviv reit ceo. thank you for coming in. >> of course, thank you. >> we like reits we know they
6:45 pm
pay consistently. we know they are an additive to those who can't make money on cds anymore. so what do we think will be the payout and how do you determine the ratio for your new company? >> well, i think you can expect we will be in the low 80%s based on the operation. our initial dividend will be $1.44 on an annual basis. so when we came out at $20 a share, it was about 7.5%. now it's sniffing around 5%. >> right. it's still a lot better than a lot of them. because they moved up. when you first came out, i was thinking, tease guys works knows what they can do, there are so many mom and pops in your business. now the stock has moved up, is this the immediate, move that market and put it to work and buy skilled nursing facilities? >> the way we look at it, it's a highly fragmented industry with very few institution alibiers. >> right.
6:46 pm
>> only about 10% of all of the nursing homes in this country are owned by reits. there are approximately 16,000 nursing homes in this country. so it's a land of opportunity. we don't anticipate that we're going to grow more or more quickly per se. okay, we'll enjoy the benefits of public capital an earn the enadvisor's trust over -- investor's trust over time. but the opportunity set is very large, combined as i mentioned with very few buyers, we think we can deliver growth. >> now, are you able to pick and choose? one of the companies in your industry, they lost a klein to the bankruptcy and -- a client to bankruptcy. it concerned me, the stock did take a hit. do you make it so everybody you know is a no-risk on credit? >> i wouldn't say no risk. good people can fail. we have triple net leases, so the operator cash flows which may be more variable than ours are triple net leases.
6:47 pm
we have annual combound compounded escalators. so it's very steady. our operators are covering their rent right now by 1.6 times. we have 36 different operators that we're working with today and they're all doing pretty well to very well. >> now, when i went through, maybe i didn't read this right, occupancy, are you roughly 80%? that is wise, some say 94/95, those are mostly retame. how are you going to get that up much higher? >> first of all, to draw a distinction, all of our properties are leased. the occupancy is 80% of the operating level. our tenant's occupancy. >> we don't have to worry about that, right? what the tenants are occupied is not as important as what your land is occupied and it's pretty full? >> correct. we still focus on the performance of the operators. if they have 80% occupancy, that's for the whole portfolio. in our industry, you have to
6:48 pm
look at occupancy, at the operator level on a state-by-state basis and there's historical anecdotal reasons for this. but in texas, the average occupancy might be 75%. in the northeast, it might be 92%. we have a lot of our properties concentrated in the mid-west, southwest, west and pacific northwest. so and actually, we provide this disclosure in our supplemental information now. if you look alt our occupancy on -- at our occupancy on a state-by-state basis, it's very much in line with the state averages. >> lastly, some people tweeted me and said you have to ask about medicare reimbursement risks. we know that medicare is bloated. is that something we should be worried about with your stock? >> it's not something that keeps us up at night. our macrothesis, our macrothesis is that the government always have and will continue to provide the reimbursement for the elderly. the rules may change from time to time, if you go back and
6:49 pm
chart it, which we have, the reimbursement on medicare and medicaid has been steadily rising about a 4% annual compound goat rate over the last ten years and the last five years when we've experienced, as you know, pretty tough economic times, it's beenen creaseing, the federal government just announced a 1.4% increase in medicare. so there's headline risks, but oftentimes people are talking about medicare and medicaid and not the skilled nursing facilities. you have to say to your investor, draw that distinction an look further. >> excellent. that's craig burnfield, chairman and ceo of aviv real estate truchlt it's been a huge winner already. it's probably not done going higher. "mad money" is back after the break. thank you. still ahead, you plan, you play, you try to perfect, but can your strategy stand up to cramer's test? call, e-mail or tweet @jimcramer
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to find out if your portfolio has what it takes in am i diversified?
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[ music playing ] remember that cute little rhyme, what was it again? sell in may, or not so fast. the week we've seen new all-time high after new all-time high, it's only wednesday. do tease levels frighten you, perhaps? worried about a pullback, maybe? the best way to survive, the key to surviving the ups and downs
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is makeing sure you don't have all your elgs in one basket. we will play am i diversified? you tweet me@jimcramer. you give me your top five holdings. why don't we start with a tweet from @shadetreegambler who writes am i diversified? visa, mo,al tryia and fedex, help, governor? here we go. atransport, tobacco company, a payments processor and an industrial payments processor, oh, wow, that is perfect. and i also like, wow, that's a good portfolio for if the economy does come back or even if it doesn't. ham lieuia! >> why don't we go to eric in michigan? eric? >> caller: yes, jim how are you?
6:54 pm
>> hi, how are you? >> caller: your show is the best. i'm so glad you are on tv. i'm a first time investor and i'm already seeing profits. >> okay. >> that's good. >> all right. thank you. >> caller: i want to ask you to give me a blessing, am i diversified? >> all right. let give it a shot. >> stocks are pfizer, pf. >> pfizer. >> caller: general mills, gif, hershey's, hsy, heinz, hnz, anded for, f. am i diversified, jim? >> ereck, you most definitely are not diversified, however, are you a young, new investor. first, heinz, warren buffet, he gave you that one. you will register tomorrow on that one, fiedzer, a good pharmaceutical. we think that stock will have a second move in the second half of the year, hershey, general mills, they are both the same,
6:55 pm
food companies, meap, we are playing diversification, hershey's goes. we ned to add a diversified industrial. you know what, all right, let's just add honeywell because dave cody is one of our favorites, right. we we like get when heinz comes out, we need, i'm looking at a retail, let's add target. because, you know, you're from out there. all right. how's that? good enough? let's go to bill in florida, please, bill. >> caller: jim? >> yeah. >> caller: how are you? >> all right. bill, how are you doing? >> caller: okay. >> go ahead, hit me. >> caller: five stocks? >> right. >> caller: mccormick, mkc, paul corporation, pll, procter & gamble, ag, chevron, cdx, and
6:56 pm
ibm, ibm. >> all right. let go to work here. ibm, travel trust. stefanie says it's coming back to where it was announced. procter & gamble consumer products, it's an industrial filtration company. oil, oh, mccormick and pg, i'm calling foul, i'm saying the two consumer product companies. sorry, mr. wilson, we will sell mccormick. what we're going to do is buy a healthcare company. let's put up let's have united health.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
i will see you tomorrow! for the second straight game, thousands of fans are outside toronto's air canada center wishing to be part of the league's first home playoff win in nine years. the bruins dashed their hopes in game three and toronto must respond tonight to avoid facing elimination in boston. game four is next! >> what a goal! >> score!


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