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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  February 5, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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fuf five, as many as seven times normal volumes. there was a little bit that leaked out. watch this one. guggenheim had a great call. >> final trades? >> hertz finally recovering. >> h & r block, unusual activity. >> on this dip, merck is a buy. >> that does it for us. have a great rest of the day. "power lunch" starts now. "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> scott, thank you very much. after ending january deep in the red, february so far gangbusters for the stock market. the rally putting the dow and s&p back on the break even point for the year to date. but don't get too carried away. investors fretting about the stocks and sectors that are actually leading the gains and why this good news may actually be some bad news. the second largest u.s. health insurer hacked. anthem hit by a massive cybersecurity breach exposing up to 80 million people. social security numbers,
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e-mails, employer info. how much your stolen data is worth to cybercriminals. you will be shocked. and reaching a critical stage at the port. the l.a. port saying it is days days away from a total collapse. we will take you there live. first, to sue at cnbc headquarters. >> stocks are rallying shaking off any fears about greece and europe overall. it's not any old rally, either. this one is putting the dow and s&p back to break even for the year, and the dow is on track for its best weekly gain in more than three years. let's get you caught up on the numbers. the dow is up 142 points the nasdaq up 26 and the s&p is up almost 14. oil has been rallying throughout today's trading session. we are better than 6% to the upside on wti and ice brent is up 5.5%. bob pisani is on the floor.
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>> the important thing is the character of the action, what the leadership is. rather than showing you the stocks, let me show you the sectors that are strong today. automotive is strong another good day for them. we have construction stocks metal stocks oil and gas. this is cyclical groups materials and energy on top of oil. you can see this in terms of the etfs. i watch volume because that's where people are putting their money, when you get big volume. we are getting big volume in a couple etfs related to materials and commodities groups. coal is getting a lot of play. nobody knows which way oils going. take a look at oil in the last two days. $52 yesterday, goes down to $47, comes up to $52. 10% swings in either direction. does that fundamentally mean anything? no. it's traders that are playing volatility, just trying to profit from the moves. i wouldn't say there's a lot fundamentally going on but there
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are certainly a lot of people trying to make money off the oil business. automotive, everything firing on all cylinders. great news from auto nation yesterday. their rival group had excellent numbers, earnings above expectations. they get about a third of their sales over in texas. not bad news. o'reilly sells parts they did really well. their comp store guidance 3% to 5% growth up right across the board. that was an excellent report. automotives, if we could just have that industry right across the board, the stock market would be 1,000 points higher. back to you. >> bob, thank you very much. today's rally pushing the dow and s&p basically back to break even for the year. however, many analysts are worried about what is actually leading the gains. in other words, why the markets are where they are. dominic chu here to explain. >> the good news is we rallied back to break even and the bears have gone into retreat. here are some reasons why some strategists and traders maybe don't like the price action as
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much as they could like it if things were better in the economy. you look at today's action. the s&p 500 up three quarters of 1%. look at all the leadership. we have nine green sectors across the board. you heard about the materials sector, big move today. that's possible takeover news there. you put that aside, look at the year to date picture. entering today, the sector year to date leaders have been utility stocks a defensive less economically cyclical sectors. utilities, health care categorized in that way. less economically sensitive. telecom stocks up 2.5%. these are more defensive oriented sectors. they don't speak well about the expansion of the economy, that's the reason why some are concerned. lu you look at some of the year to date laggards. take a look at industrials, i.t. technology financials. the worst performing sector year to date. these are three of the bigger more cyclical economically sensitive ones. if these guys go up it means
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the economy's expanding, things are getting better. as you look at what's happening with the market overall, we know the market is back up towards flat for the year. the optimists will say that's a good sign. the pessimists out there still say that unless these guys are participating, it may not bode all that well for the strength of the overall market. back to you. >> thank you very much. new forecasts on the u.s. economy. steve liesman is here with the wrapup. >> big downward revision to the fourth quarter gdp growth because of a much worse trade deficit in december raises concerns the stronger dollar is hurting the economy. here's the update. the average of economists who have tracking forecasts, down three tenths on that trade deficit news to 2.3% with a range of 1.8 to 2.8. my guess is the 2.8s have to come down a bit. q who is where? deutsch bank at the top of the scale, 2.8.
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barclays 2.5. economics taking .7 off its forecast down at 1.8%. why the strong dollar? here are the effects we look for. more expensive exports, cheaper imports. that means a bigger trade deficit and bigger trade deficit is a subtraction from gross domestic product, our overall measure of growth. we got that, you can see that in today's report. what you saw is you saw imports went up in part by the way, they are importing more oil to take the place of u.s. oil that's been shut in. there is the lower exports you would see. >> look at the imports coming up. >> there's another story i know you will talk about which is important to us, the l.a. port story. there is some sense of the trade numbers we were just talking about are affected by what's happening with the port. >> is that right? >> many economists are discussing that now. >> you have an exclusive interview tomorrow with the philly fed president. >> i do. >> it will be his last appearance before he steps down retires. >> yes. >> in march. that is tomorrow. i guess you have it live? is it live?
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>> live at 8:00. thanks. dominic chu? market flash. >> we are watching what's happening with estee lauder. higher demand for its skin care and makeup products during this holiday season this past one, investors are shrugging off the warning that full year sales would fall more than forecast because of a stronger dollar. in this case shares are up 7.5%. rival coty gaining ground hitting a record high on its better than expected second quarter profits. it's well known for calvin klein perfume shares among others. dom earlier broke down the sectors leading this rally, utilities, telecom, health care. that's a very defensive risk off trade. so is this how investors should play it in the months ahead and what does it tell us about quality of the rally? joining us jack ablin, chief investment officer and burns mckinney. welcome, guys. >> hey, sue. >> jack i'm going to start with you, if i could. we do have a rally but does it worry you that the more
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defensive sectors of the market are those that are leading this particular market move? >> it does, to some degree. of the five market metrics that i track, the two that are really holding us in the market are the economy and momentum. with some of the stumbling going on in the economy, given the strong dollar maybe some weak oil that's been digging the earnings that's a concern. you know clearly we are going to watch momentum because if the market does break down rather than look at a buying opportunity to get more s&p 500 stocks, we will likely look at that as an opportunity to take a profit and move beyond the s&p. >> burns, what about you? are you worried about the quality of the sectors that are moving this market or does that not concern you at this point? >> well we actually don't really find it terribly surprising which sectors are leading it. i think a lot of that has to do with increases in market volatility so far this year. probably the biggest driver for
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the growth in the volatilely rates is you have the fed easing off so the analogy i sometimes use, if you are driving a car 60 miles an hour and go off a pothole you don't feel it but if you slow that car down to ten miles an hour, you will feel the potholes. without that momentum we have had from the fed, we will probably feel the potholes more. one of the things as a result of volatility, that leads investors to where the best place to combat that volatility is dividend paying stocks. some of the ones you name utilities, telecoms with any stock you get your return from capital gains and from dividends. whereas capital gains can be positive and negative the dividend component of return is always positive. i think that's one of the big things that's driven investors to places like the telecom space which lagged quite a bit last year and as a result valuations remained fairly level. >> jack you like the
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international play, international large cap and some emerging market exposures. >> here are two sectors substantially cheaper than the u.s. given that cheap markets can get cheaper, what i'm really watching is some indication that these are markets that are going to gain some traction their momentum will move higher but i will tell you, it's remarkable to me that the emerging market equities are trading at a 50% discount to the s&p 500. that's the steepest discount that i have seen since 2002 and that was a year that kicked off a decade of merging market outperforming the s&p 500 by 230 percentage points. i think we are setting up for a rally outside of the united states. we have had a great move in the united states but i think now the next leg has to be higher abroad. we'll have to see. >> we will see. thank you, jack. thank you, burns. great to have you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate the opportunity. >> check out jack and burns' plays on market volatility in
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particular. and see how you can ride out the storm. ty? oil up and down lately prices rebounding in a big way this hour. yesterday they were down. up 6% almost 7% there, more than 5% for brent. we are watching the oil-related stocks. weatherford, one of the biggest oil field services companies cutting thousands of jobs because of the sharp drop in oil prices. what is the state of the sector right now? morgan brennan has been taking an up close look. you have interesting numbers here. >> we have interesting numbers. after years of explosive growth we are starting to see job cuts are becoming the norm in the energy sector. as you mentioned the latest is weatherford, 5,000 job cuts announced last night with its earnings. that will be taking place in the first quarter. the majority of those in the western hemisphere but also oil field services industry in general, it's laying off the most. one of the first impacted as production growth slows and rigs come offline. that's why you are seeing job
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cuts at baker-hughes 7,000. also schlumberger. 9,000 cut from its work force. according to gray and christmas, a report out this morning, over 21,000 job cuts more than 40% of january's total, were the direct result of lower oil prices. just to put that in a little more context for you, right here energy sector over 20,000 jobs lost in january versus 14,000 in the energy sector for all of 2014. most of those are coming from texas but also we are seeing some in california colorado and oklahoma. interestingly, not really north dakota. at least not yet. this is happening as oil and gas companies are slashing their capital expenditures dramatically for 2015. so oil majors which spend tens of billions of dollars each year on these types of investments, are cutting spending by double
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digit percentages. you can see that here as well. we will start over here. bp decreasing by 13%. chevron, conaco phillips. the one exception, exxonmobil are keeping capital expenditures the same as 2014. onshore drillers even more impacted. that's really something to watch because in addition to cutting jobs and cutting cap ex we are starting to see producers sell some of their pipelines to drum up capital as well. we have got reports that incana and pioneer national resources could sell off midstream operations that are considered so valuable. taking a look at stocks schlumberger up today. all the oil field services companies, most of the energy sector names are up in general today. of course, that's on the back of crude prices moving higher.
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also seeing the same with conaco phillips. in general the energy sector has just turned positive for the second time this week for the year. >> thank you very much. sue? it's been called one of the biggest hack attacks ever. anthem the nation's second largest health insurer, hit by massive cybersecurity breach exposing information on up to 80 million people. bertha coombs joins us with the latest as does eamon javers. bertha? >> this could be one of the largest breaches ever of a health care company. anthem officials say they discovered it themselves a week ago today and contained it and alerted authorities. personal data of as many as 80 million current and former anthem customers and employees was accessed including social security numbers which are gold for identity thieves, e-mails,
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physical addresses, but no medical data appears to have been stolen. the ceo personally apologizes on a dedicated website that handles the breach saying the company's working with the fbi and others and is promising free credit monitoring and identity theft services. as the nation's largest blue cross operator anthem has more than 37 million current customers in 13 states and in a more consumer oriented market, winning back trust is key. >> it is a crisis. they have to manage this properly. they have to assure their customer base that they are taking this very seriously, they do have the fbi looking for the very targeted security breach and trying to find out who actually did this. it sounds like they are doing all the right things. >> anthem reaffirmed its guidance for 2015. analysts say most of the costs should be covered by cyberinsurance. consumers can't easily switch
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insurers as many of us know. the theft of social security numbers can expose consumers often to even more risk than stolen credit cards because it's really hard to switch your social security number. >> thank you very much. so how much is your stolen data worth to hackers? eamon javers has that part of the story for us. >> bertha just said some of this data is worth gold to some of these hackers when they steal it. just exactly how much i learned by talking to some of the folks over at phish labs a cybersecurity firm that tracks prices. they gave us the black market internet price of health care data. turns out health care data is more valuable for the hackers than credit card data. the black market price, somewhere between $25 and $250 for health care records depending on the amount of detail in those records and the degree to which they can correlate those records with other things they know about you, including your social security number or also your credit card number. that compares to about $1 to $5 each for credit card data that's
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selling on the black market on the internet. much cheaper for the credit card pieces of information. what are the hackers doing when they get this information? well it's mostly insurance scams. crooks are filing false claims for insurance, they are putting up the name and identity of that person and then stealing money that comes from the insurance company. also, the information is sold to sick people overseas who then travel to the united states and present mockups of false identity cards in order to get health care services. finally, they are buying expensive equipment like oxygen machines and then reselling that on the black market and pocketing the difference in profit. a lot of different ways these hackers can profit from this information they have stolen. it's very very valuable. >> it certainly is. i really had no idea. thank you very much, eamon. appreciate it. to dominic chu for a market flash. >> check out what's happening on the cybersecurity theme. this is an internet security firm. the stock moving to the upside on news it has been hired to help anthem investigate its massive cyberbreach. shares up by 4.8%.
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also some bullish analyst commentary on one of their divisions that does a lot of forensic work with who perpetrates cybertheft. back over to you guys. >> thank you very much. massive diplomatic push announce dad announceed today to try to end the war in ukraine. it comes as the currency plunges. that is an understatement. go pro stock down 50% since touching an all-time high in october. the camera now getting -- camera maker getting ready to report earnings in a few hours.
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this is "power lunch." we are watching shares of sprint right now moving to the upside after its quarterly sales fell less than expected as it attracted more subscribers by cutting prices and offering more promotions promotions. they added 100,000 more wireless subscribers last quarter than expected. those shares up by 6% as a result. sue? >> thank you very much. big management changes at two of the world's top media companies. sony says amy pascal is out as head of sony pictures. the move comes after the studio was embroiled in one of the most cyberattacks in corporate history. disney naming a new chief operating officer, thomas staggs. he oversaw disney park and resorts. this appointment seen by some as a future ceo after mr. iger leaves. dupont adding two new board members as chemicals giant faces increasing pressure to break
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itself up. ty? >> the greek 10 year bond yield soaring. a crucial lending component being taken away from greek banks. european central bank deciding it will no longer accept greek government bonds as collateral for loans due, due to concerns the country might not meet its bailout requirements. really pulled the rug out from under those bonds. huge diplomatic push meanwhile, announced today to try and end the war over in the eastern ukraine. our chief international correspondent michelle caruso-cabrera has the latest. >> french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel surprising the world by making a previously unannounced trip to kiev today. moscow tomorrow to present what they are calling a new peace plan that they believe might be quote, acceptable to all. we don't know much about it. the only thing we do know for sure about this plan is ukraine would not be allowed to join nato, something vladimir putin, the leader of russia has been
1:23 pm
insistent upon. they have just arrived within the last couple of hours on the heels of a visit by u.s. secretary of state john kerry, who today also met with ukraine president petro poroshenko. u.s. coming under more pressure to give arms to the ukrainians to support them against the rebel uprising in the east which the west believes is driven by russia. all of these events come on the same day the ukrainian currency crashed. that's after the central bank announced it would no longer intervene to defend at least not much and they announced a massive rate hike which may be what prevented it from getting even worse today. look at the volatility in the chart there. they likely did this at the behest of the imf from which they are seeking another round of bailout money. ukraine needs the money because their economy has been so devastated by the war. also trying to make up for revenue they essentially lost when crimea was taken away from them and annexed by russia. sue? >> michelle thank you very much. time is running out to find a solution to that west coast port problem. jane wells is live at the port of los angeles with some details on that.
1:24 pm
>> the management out here the shipping companies say this whole place could shut down in five to ten days and at that point, they will stop paying dock workers. dock workers say what are you talking about. everyone from honda to hog farmers is being impacted. that's next. >> we look forward to that. also ahead, meet a couple with an explosive relationship. they get paid for it. financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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welcome back to "power lunch." check out shares of ball corporation, the u.s. packaging group. the stock is moving higher following the company's statement relating to the possible acquisition of its uk rival. the move would combine two of the world's biggest metal can makers. as a result, shares for ball up by nearly 10%. sue, back over to you. >> thank you, dom. time is running out to find a solution to the west coast port problems. jane wells is live once again at the port of los angeles. it's become her second home. she has the very latest for us. hi, jane. >> yeah they know me at the grinder. i love their breakfast over there. in an unusual move the pacific maritime association, the pma which represents management of west coast ports, has gone public with what it is calling its last best offer to dock workers, saying the slowdown will collapse into a total shutdown in five to ten days and at that point, they will stop paying people. the pma is saying the average dock worker makes $147,000 and it is offering raises which will
1:28 pm
boost that to an average of $160,000, full health care coverage. no co-pays, deductibles or premiums, higher pension and pma's ceo told reporters in a conference call the slowdown is in essence a strike except the workers are still getting paid and he says that's going to stop soon though he won't call it a lockout. >> what's at risk here the national economy, commerce. place goes down we all got major, major problems. i think if people aren't aware that we're at this juncture it is at this point in time in the negotiation after nine months shame on us. we have a responsibility to let people know that the critical nature of where we're at and the strong possibility if it continues down this path that this thing will have a bad, bad ending. >> well dock workers are saying they are perplexed by this. they say both sides are very close to a resolution and shutting the ports down now
1:29 pm
would be reckless and irresponsible. both continue to accuse each other for intentionally causing a slowdown. meantime, honda and subaru are reportedly flying in auto parts now and hog farmers in the u.s. are saying this slowdown is hurting their pork exports to asia. >> thank you very much, jane. this is all coming to a head soon. each week as part of our "i get paid for this" series we profile people with cool jobs they love. today, meet a couple with an explosive relationship. >> hi. i'm eric kelly. >> i'm lisa kelly. we get paid to implode buildings. when we imploded the building in flagler in florida, it was absolutely spectacular. it was amazing. it was extremely challenging. it was very hot. there was buildings and the water channel right there. >> it had walls in it that were almost three foot thick. we determined we were going to shoot it on six floors and that
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would have allowed it to fall within a particular area. there was about 1400 pounds of explosives total. we drilled a little bit over 3,000 holes. >> once the explosives arrive, we go into a very different mode. it's very serious, it's kind of like a lockdown. people who shouldn't be there are kept out. on the morning of it just feels fantastic. you are just sitting there with the anticipation you know you have done all you can possibly do. whatever happens from there, it's just going to come down. >> fire in the hole! >> the best part of the job, it's actually not even when it hits the ground. it's when eric answers me back on the radio and i'm like all good, and i wait and i wait and when i hear that all clear, then i know he's okay i know our guys are okay and i know from there, our client's going to be really happy. >> wow. on that particular building an implosion, aed placed six
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seismic monitors to measure ground vibrations. eric kelly says only three of the six triggered at a level of .02 inches per second which he says is equal to a bicycle hitting a manhole cover. for more on what lisa and eric actually get paid to do log on to >> fantastic series. one of my favorites. the gold market closing right now. let's take a look at where things stand. not a lot of movement. we are down about $1.40 on the trading session on gold. silver copper platinum and palladium, the entire complex has been moving smartly this week. mostly in the green on today's trading session with the exception of silver which is down better than 1%. out to chicago and the bond market. rick santelli is tracking the action. >> a look at today's ten-year in lieu of the data it looks as though rates are up six basis points, we settled around 1 3/4. maybe you are missing a lot if you think that way because maybe what's going on is we are just
1:32 pm
reverting back to the range we had before yesterday's dropoff. remember three turnstiles. look at this s&p versus ten year note yield chart. it's about a week long. when stocks stopped going down one turnstile buyers for treasuries disappeared. look at the next chart. this is a couple of week chart of bond yields started going down. the only turnstile left is weak global and domestic economic data. so we want to pay attention to why rates seem to be a little stubborn. the last chart is a chart of euro versus the dollar. it keeps fighting back. we are ready to make close to two and a half week highs should we close at current levels. back to you. >> good explanation there. the strong dollar having a big impact on u.s. trade. imports are up by exports are down. what that means for future u.s. growth.
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welcome back to "power lunch." energy stocks are moving higher on the back of rising oil prices. exxonmobil, chevron, hess and bp all gaining ground in today's trade. a different story for the airlines. the inverse relationship holds again. united, american delta, southwest all moving down as oil prices move up. sue? >> let's check the markets for you and get you caught up on where everything stands. the dow jones industrial average is positive by about 167 points, a 33 point gain for the nasdaq and s&p is up about 16 or so on the trading session. let's get back to the trading action with bob pisani on the floor of the nyse. >> up and down, we are at the highs of the day but it makes people's heads spin what's going on. don't kid yourself. we are in the middle of a very powerful rally. i want to show you what's going on this week because i don't see this very often. small caps midcaps and big caps, the s&p 500 all up 3% on the week. that is very unusual.
1:37 pm
that is a sign of a very broad-based rally. i want to show you the midcap index. you can buy this in the form of an etf. we may close at an historic high for the midcap index today. i said historic high. i know you weren't paying attention, you didn't think it was going to happen but it's been sneaking up on us in the last couple days. that's a significant breakout. that's where a lot of the airlines are, where a lot of housing and construction companies are. a lot of the cyclical names are in this area. as for the old s&p 500, i know you all own the spy. remember in december it was 2090 on december 30th. we are only 30 points away. we moved 30 points in single day. my point is pay attention here. we are approaching historic highs on even the big cap indexes right now. very very big move here. >> it sure is. let's talk more about that. we will bring in kenny pulcari
1:38 pm
and we are thrilled to have jeff killberg. good to have you with us. >> always a pleasure to be with you. >> let's start with how you would play this rally. we talk to you about volatility in options which is what you do. given the fact we are near historic highs in some indices, what would you play? >> kenny, getting close to valentine's day, he's all excited and very emotional but look at the market. we saw 1% moves every single trading day in january. what does that mean? to bob's point, we are only 30 points away from historic highs but yesterday we saw 20 s&p handles come off immediately when people got a little nervous about what's going on in greece and the eu. right now you have to re-evaluate. i think the market is susceptible at this point to go lower and touch that 200 day moving average. i know kenny has been all over that. i agree with my buddy. >> weigh in on this. it is great when it's going up but this market when it decides to turn it can be really vicious. >> right. but you know what happened yesterday? here's what's frustrating, that
1:39 pm
news came out yesterday afternoon and the market immediately sold off. all that tells me really it didn't sell off with any real volume so what it tells me is you had those headline reading algos that see it as a negative headline and initiate sell orders and the market backs off and the buyers pull back and let that dislocation happen. >> great point. >> there's no follow-through. today we are taking it all right back. anyone who was savvy enough to jump in and react on some of the dislocations are certainly happy after today's action. >> i think that speaks to the range we are in from 73 to 23. i think this is an opportunity where have youif you have profits you should book them. take the profit and run and be ready for the next undercurrent coming out of europe. >> i'm sorry, sue? >> i need to -- i just wanted to turn to jeff and talk about the open outcry system which the cme is doing away with with the exception of options plays. you cut your teeth down there.
1:40 pm
i covered chicago for awhile, too, in the pits. it's sad in one sense but the writing's been on the wall for awhile, right? >> certainly has. we have seen the electronic platform grow exponentially. i cut my teeth, i got my master's degree throwing elbows in the 30 year bond pit back in chicago. i use that moving forward but it's about evolution. you are seeing these markets, it's great because no matter where you are in the world, no matter what language you speak, you can trade electronically. it is inviting more market participation which should be a better thing for all of us. >> good to see you. kenny, thanks. appreciate it. don't miss a first on cnbc interview with terry duffy today on "the closing bell" at 4:00 eastern on cnbc. ty? the strong dollar having an impact on trade with the trade gap widening to 46.56 billion in december. what does it mean for future growth? john harwood sat down with the
1:41 pm
u.s. trade representative michael froman. john? >> if there's one thing congress and president obama might be able to agree on it's the trans pacific partnership. the administration is negotiating with a dozen countries. fresh evidence of that came today from congressman paul ryan who urged fellow republicans to give the president trade promotion authority. >> i'm not saying to enhance our leverage we have to enhance the administration's power. actually it's far from it. what i am saying is what tpa does is it enhances congress' power. tpa empowers congress. >> when i sat down yesterday with trade representative mike froman president obama's old harvard law class mate, it was clear there's a long way to go. one negotiation with other countries and one with congress. >> i hope that those two are able to proceed in parallel and we are able to get both done in a timely fashion. >> we like to complete the negotiations and get it through congress this year.
1:42 pm
>> considering big disagreements remaining with japan, among other countries, over agriculture and autos, that won't be easy. neither will getting a majority in congress. among republicans who don't like president obama, they will need around 180 votes. among democrats, whose labor and environmental supporters are opposed to trade deals, about 40. but froman says the deal will achieve what critics have wanted since nafta 20 years ago and help fight wage stagnation. >> this courts middle class economics in terms of creating jobs, supporting jobs here improving wages. i think there's an interest on both sides coming out of the election in november to find areas that they can work together on in order to help strengthen the u.s. recovery. i have heard from a lot of investors, a lot of companies that are looking to determine where they should put their next. the u.s. will be at the center of a web of agreements giving unfetered access to two thirds of the global economy. that makes the u.s. an
1:43 pm
incredibly attractive place for investment. >> as bad as washington's recent track record has been, he says he can pull it off. >> well we are not considering failure. we are considering only how to make it successful. >> it helps that house democratic leader nancy pelosi says she wants to get the yes but one thing is clear. for that to happen it will require heavy personal involvement from president obama himself. >> a quick answer to this if you would. what is trade protection authority? >> trade promotion authority is what gives the administration the ability to take a final negotiated deal and make congress vote on it up or down. the reason it's important is that if you don't have that you take a deal to congress and one congressman here and one senator there says no i need this for my industry or that for the other industry then the foreign partners say the deal won't hold together. >> i see. very interesting. thank you for clarifying that for me. 2015 not looking so good so
1:44 pm
far for go pro. the camera equipment maker due out with earnings after the bell today. what are investors looking for? plus -- >> today's power house is the birthplace of singer stevie nicks. petsmart is headquartered here. it's home to over 200 golf courses. can you name that city?
1:45 pm
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go to welcome back to "power lunch." check out shares of the biotech company spiking after a hedge fund company says it took a 5.8% stake. it is run by alex denner and richard mulligan. they were involved in bioagain and others. it views the shares as undervalued and plans to engage with the company's management. it's trading up a little more than 7%. however, aegerion has had a tough year down more than 50%. tyler? >> time for the power house. it is the sixth largest u.s.
1:47 pm
city. yes. phoenix, arizona. that's where we focus, central phoenix, close to downtown the financial and arts districts there. with us is gene urban with realty executives. welcome. let's check out the phoenix market stats. median sale price, about $200,000. local mls says the properties are on the market for an average of about 96 days. inventory just under 20,000 units. average days on the market, you see there. first listing, 6518 north 14th street listed at $350,000 taxes $2600 a year not a month. three beds two and a half beds 2100 square feet of living. tell us why you like this one. >> it's located in north-central phoenix which is a really popular area. this patio home is great because it doesn't have a big yard to maintain so people who are busy get a yard but don't have to
1:48 pm
maintain much. you are greeted by a two story open room, feels good. i like the great room floor plan and the kitchen. >> have a pool in the back i see there. >> it's a community pool. the luxury of the pool but you don't have to maintain it. >> let's move to the second listing, 5108 north 34th place. $745,000, $7600 in taxes. 3200 square feet of living space. this looks like a very nice property. >> i like this one a lot. it's inside a gated community. when you first walk in you move through the entry over to the left and there's a beautiful living room. that earth tone color with bold crown moldings give it texture and flavor. big kitchen. you can see a lot of cabinets counter space. little area where you can have casual dining. master bedroom split from the rest of the bedrooms. it's on the downstairs with the
1:49 pm
other four upstairs. every bedroom has its own bath. the upstairs bedrooms share their own patio. >> to the power house of the week, 6530 north 29th. listed at just under $1.3 million. taxes, $9,000 a year. five beds five baths. more than 4300 square feet of living space. that's a gorgeous place. >> thank you. it's nestled in the hills above the biltmore resort. when you first walk in you go by this really sweeping staircase, then you get to this room. in the photo we couldn't quite show it. the ceilings are 28 feet high. >> whoo! >> i know. the windows match that. the kitchen is set off from that room. what i liked about the kitchen, the blond cabinets and large picture window keep it open so you really feel like you have room to breathe in there. of course it has all the elements of dual ovens and whatnot people love. >> thank you very much. we will check back with you in a few months i hope. >> thank you so much.
1:50 pm
>> in phoenix. sue? stocks are rallying the dow on track for its best weekly gain in more than three years. we are up 180 points better than 1% on the dow jones industrial average. back in a moment. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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welcome back the "power lunch." check out shares of kahn's reporting fourth quarter sales below wall street forecast but it did see an increase in january sales boosting its stock higher. the shares you can see up by nearly 20% today. back over to you. >> thanks dom. in this hour of "power" internet security firm fireeye hired to help the health care provider anthem investigate its massive data security breach of 80 million customers. also coty gaining speed, hitting a record high on better than expected second quarter earnings. it is best known for its calvin klein perfume brand. the cme will shut down most of its open outcry futures trading pits in chicago and new york by july. the decision to end this 167-year-old method of trading including wild hand signals and shouting has fallen to just 1% of the cme's futures volumes. if you missed any of the big stories in the past hour go to
1:54 pm
visit our website. ty? >> go pro shares up today but taking a hit this year down nearly 15%. the action camera maker set to report quarterlies after the close today. can they get their mojo back? coming up on "power lunch." first let's see what's coming up on "street signs." >> if you have been wondering just how much lower gas prices have translated into an appetite for bigger cars no one knows better than the ceo of group one automotive. we have invited him here on the show. also, after the anthem hack just how much is your medical data worth on the black market? and why is it so much more than credit card data? really good questions. hopefully we will get really good answers coming up. make sure you join us at the top of the hour for "street signs." "power lunch" returns after the break.
1:55 pm
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go pro shares have been on a wild ride since they went public last june. overall, up more than 100% but falling nearly 15% this year so far. the action camera maker is set to report quarterlies after the closing bell and josh lipton is in san jose with what investors need to know. >> reporter: well tyler, today analysts expect go pro to report
1:58 pm
q-4 eps of 70 cents on revenue of $580 million. that would represent 61% growth on the top line. analysts estimate that go pro shipped at least 2.3 million cameras in the fourth quarter versus 1.4 million in the year go period. looking ahead, analysts say the question for go pro is how the company can expand its reach and product mix. for example, go pro currently dominates 94% of the action camera market here in the u.s. according to npd. now analysts argue the company needs to expand its footprint, especially they say in china. there is also the expectation that go pro will diversify its portfolio of products possibly into drones and also finally, beyond devices, the street wants to see the company continue to leverage its content as a media brand. already, remember there are go pro channels on youtube, xbox and virgin america. the company just announced a go
1:59 pm
pro channel is coming to roku this spring. the most obvious point of contention is go pro's valuation with that stock trading at around 40 times forward earnings. bear saying that's too expensive. bulls will argue the company deserves that valuation given its growth prospects. investors could have a better sense of which side is right after gopro reports results after the close. sue? >> that's all we need. that's all anybody will be watching at work these days. let's get you up to date on the markets because it is turning out to be quite a week for the dow jones industrial average. as bob pisani pointed out, a lot of major indices and sectors of the market as well. the dow is up 170 points. the s&p is up 17. the nasdaq is up 34. so some decent percentage moves by the major indices. in terms of the russell 2,000 it is now up better than 1% as well. the s&p mid cap up just under 1%. the oil market rebounding strongly on a percentage basis,
2:00 pm
up almost 5% on west texas intermediate and better than 4% on ice brent crude. >> that will do it for another edition of "power lunch." >> absolutely. have a great afternoon. see you tomorrow. "street signs" starts right now. as you just heard, stocks and oil are both soaring again as no one seems to know which way these markets really want to go. hello. another crazy day. oil surging back but we will tell you about the one potential trouble spot out there that almost nobody else is talking about. plus the true cost of hacking your medical data and why something a little bit weird seems to be going on with twitter, the stock. >> the stock. okay. it was a case of boom out of the gates and now the major averages are back in the black for 2015. in fact the dow is now looking at its best weekly gain in over three years. only about 1.2% shy of its all time


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