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tv   On the Money  CNBC  January 19, 2019 5:30am-6:00am EST

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hi, everyone, welcome to "on the money. i'm becky quick. hot new gadgets at the consumer electronics show from the television that rolls up to the toilet that talks. stuff you could be buying soon. eat fat to get skinny. that's what the keto diet says is it more than a fad? a key number you need to know your net worth, what is it, how to figure it out, and why it matters. and love the red sox or hate them, their owner has a pretty nice place to live and if you have spare cash, it can all be yours "on the money" starts right now. >> this is "on the money."
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your money, your life, your future now becky quick. we begin with a glimpse into the future from entertainment to transportation there is new technology that could soon be in your life we went to the world's largest consumer electronics show to find out what. tech on the cutting edge, that is our cover story the latest tech toys and newest gadgets from nearly 4,500 companies were on display at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. this year the giant screens are higher resolution than ever, 8k. some even roll up when you don't want to watch it it's not justice big screens getting the buzz smaller screens on smart home devices, all voice controlled, of course, are an increasingly important battleground as google and amazon ramp up their offerings. another technology on display, 5g the next-generation wireless network can be ten times faster than broadband >> i see a huge quantum leap going from 4g to 5g.
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of course, my expectation that we're going to see so much more innovation >> carmaker audi showcasing how 5g could be leveraged to offer video entertainment and virtual reality to passengers. not only are autonomous cars driving interests, but check out bmw's riderless motorcycle while not designed to go on public roads, it gathers data on how to make motorcycles safer. another transportation giant making a splash -- uber. this futuristic vehicle, a sort of flying taxi, was designed by tech company bell and is known as the nexus with plans to come to market in the mid 2020s. are you looking to redo a bathroom in the check? check out this $7,000 smart toilet it comes with built-in surround-sound speakers, ambient mood lighting, a heated seat, alexa voice controls, and it will be happy to tell you everything it does but not hopeful everything you do. what other cool technology will we see this year joining us now is chris velsko
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from in gadget thank you very much for being here 5g may be what i hear the most often. what's new with 5g >> it's clear to say that 2019 is going to be the year of 5g. first year people will be able to buy devices and jump on the networks that have ramifications for the way we jump on devices and the way they talk about each other. it still feels like it's a lot of talk. there are lots of demonstrations we saw the ceo of verizon talk about this and people elaborate on how it this will work we don't know how it will pan out in concrete ways >> let's talk about the tv screens. that being a big deal. we saw in the piece foldable screens. when you get to the scrawler screens, devices -- smaller screens, devices, what's the latest >> the biggest surprise was a company called royole. >> there it is >> a chinese manufacturer of foldable l.e.d. displays they've been doing it for about
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six years. thrive done what samsung has so far not been able to put on the market yet >> does it really work and not have a crease that stays in it have you used one over time? >> i have used one, not over time, unfortunately. some of the units had been in use for a while. there maybe not the most polished devices, but it's a flexible screen. >> cool. >> and easy to fold out and use the phone as a tablet. powerful >> people are more and more focused on health and fitness. what gadgets did you see or things that might play into the trend? >> this year, this is the second-generation muse headset >> let's see >> pop this thing on basically it's a tiny consumer-grade eeg it reads your brain waves. it's supposed to measure brain activity it guides you through meditation as you're working through these guided meditations, you'll hear a lot of rain when it's sort of messy inside your head >> ohm and it knows when i'm messy inside my head when my mind is cluttered? >> it tries to it does get cluttered.
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>> seriously, this is more than a mad ring >> absolutely. >> i need to it play around with this more. what's this? >> this is started by a chinese startup enreal they've raised $15 million so far because they've taken the technology that makes them impressive a.r. devices like the hollow lens and leap and converted it - >> can i see anything sneer. >> yeah. some of the visuals won't work here since it is a preproduction unit >> it's hot. >> you will get a display popping up's one of the few augmented reality headsets you can get now. with something like you're magically less able to use it in the real world you could feasibly use this on the subway >> deficit getting smaller what about this, a razor, but high tech? >> this was one of the bigger surprises at ces based off of the level of people who seem into this this is the heated razor from gillette labs, the design focus venture. it does what the label says. it's a heated razor that's meant
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to ready indicate the experience of getting a hot towel wet shave at a barber shop so i expect to see this thing do really well around father's day. i have not tried it yet, but colleagues of mine tried it vouch for how comfortable it is. yeah >> the last thing i would expect from a consumer electronics show is a burger. but here we are with a burger. what is high tech about this >> this is the -- basically the impossible burger 2.0. i cannot speak to why they decided to show this off at ces. it seems out of the realm of what's appropriate there but they did actually pour a lot of work into refining their original formula into a burger it completely -- it's meatless it tastes like a burger. >> if it's not meat, is it soy >> the reporter impossible burger used wheat protein. it tasted good but didn't give the mouth feel that a traditional burger did >> that's pretty good. >> this is based on soy products -- >> that's really good. >> you get more of the
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experience of eating meat. plus, the flavor has been upgraded we had a crate of white castle impossible burgers - >> this is way better -- better than a slider. this is really good. >> i'm not a vegetarian, but i could eat this fine and not -- >> me, too i would never miss it. wow. i'm take another bite. it's good. i better wait until after the break. thank you very much for coming in >> of course >> great stuff i love it -- especially the burger up next, we're "on the money. is a high-fat diet a key to losing weight? the keto diet is popular, but is it safe? later, a simple formula for financial success. it is your net worth and it's worth it to figure out yours. right now as we head to the break, let's look at how the stock market ended the week.
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you may have heard about the keto diet. it's a trendy, high-fat, low-kalow-ca diet a lot of celebrities out to for weight loss. you fill occupy cheese and meat and stay away from bread and pasta. is it a diet craze or crazy diet our chrissy farr decided it try it for two weeks i'm at the grocery store and am going to pick up everything i know according to my keto meal plan so i can get started with my keto diet so this is basically the happy place for a keto dieter. we just really want to be loading up our shopping cart with cheese, yeah. this morning i had a very fatty, low-sugar yogurt, and lots and
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lots of coffee that's pretty much all i've had today. i'm really a little bit tired and a little bit sluggish. i think that's normal. a lot of people say they experience a little bit of a keto flu in the first week as their body is transitioning away from being reliant on sugar. the one thing i do really miss is chocolate we'll see how that goes. good morning it's day three on the keto diet. and i'm about to get up to make myself the break e breakfast for the third day in a row of cheesy eggs with oil. day five, not looking forward to the weekend. sick of eating cheese and nuts i made it to day eight of the keto diet. i will say that i'm doing a lot better and i'm not quite as tired as i was this weekend it's day 13 on the keto diet i feel quite good today. as far as how it went for me, the first week was really, really hard. and i definitely felt like crap. by week two, i started to notice
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a few of the more positive impacts. i lost a little bit of weight. not a ton, but a little bit. i actually just felt like pretty good >> chrissy farr is now off the keto diet, but she's joining us to tell us more about her experience thank you very much for being here today good to see you. >> thanks for having me. i am so glad to be eating carbohydrates again. >> what exactly is the keto diet how does it work we got a glimpse of it tell us in more detail >> the basic idea is that you want to transition your body away from being reliant on carbohydrates and start burning fat instead. you want to eat things like cheese and nuts, lots of fatty fish, and a lot of people are doing this now to try to lose weight i mean, there are things that you can have like cheese which most people wouldn't associate with a diet and perfectly fine on keto. that was the approach i decided to take. >> a neighbor of mine has been on the keto diet for over a
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year she lost 35 pounds of it she said it fits into her diet because she's italian. a lot of the mediterranean, the oil, olives, cheeses, are things she likes to eat anyway. what are the upsides and downsides, the good and bad about what you dealt with? >> i would say the upside is the increased energy boost the first week, as i talked about on the video, is really rough. some people call it a keto flu you feel super sluggish. that apparently is normal. as you break into day five, six, you'll start to notice that you wake up in the morning not that hungry i used to wake up starving and throughout the day, you just have more energy i felt great i was able to get back to the gym almost immediately so for that reason i think it's a fairly sustainable diet. and then there are also like plenty of good options to eat. speak swear by things like bulletproof coffee essentially coffee and butter. and they can have that and maybe not, you know, they wouldn't need to have breakfast go right through to lunch. and i did end up eat, you know,
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a lot of pretty healthy food you can have some vegetables you want to avoid very starchy fruits and vegetables. i think there is actually some range of choice on this diet it's not too limiting. on the negative side, you just cannot eat out at restaurants. there's almost nothing that's keto friendly. and you can get knocked out of ketosis with just a little bit of sugary barbecue sauce, which is my experience >> yeah. >> so you know, there's sugar in everything and you have to be super vigilant about checking. >> you know, i just wonder about any potential safety risks are there any things with atkins and some of the others, critics would say you shouldn't be eating that much cholesterol. what have you heard, found out about keto >> yeah. that's a great question. for starters, i'd say talk to your doctor if you are considering a diet like this -- especially if you have a medical condition like diabetes. it's not actually advisable to be in a deep state of ketosis if you have something like that
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always check in with your physician on that. for some people, i have heard that their cholesterol levels have actually spiked on the keto diet they may have lost weight, but they found that they were compensating the lack of carbs with all of this fat in the form of eggs, which i actually personally had a lot, and other things for them with that particular body make-up, that wasn't particularly healthy so i would watch out for that. if you have high cholesterol already, i would go in and check that periodically if you do attempt the keto diet. >> chrissy, thank you very much. great to see you >> thank you up next, we're "on the money. knowing your net worth isn't just for the wealthy the simple math that can help you plan your future and later, from boston to boca if you have a cool $25 million to spare, the boston red sox' owner's home could be yours. ♪
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what's a gig of data? well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. [ baby crying ] or, 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you...
5:48 am for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or, if you need a lot, we have unlimited too. plus get $100 back when you buy an lg or moto phone. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. we often hear the term net worth when talking about millionaires and billionaires. even if you don't fall into that category, you should know what yours is not everyone does. >> i have not, but i've calculated celebrities' net worth. >> i don't i know how to calculate it, i believe. >> my husband and i calculated it a year or two ago >> i refer to it planning for the future thinking about my daughter, her university studies >> yes, i have tried to calculate my net worth before. >> joining us now with more on this is senior personal finance correspondent sharon epperson.
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you got a wide range of responses there. >> yes >> what is your net worth, and how do you figure it out >> it's key to understand your current financial situation and where you want to go the only way to do that is to figure out your personal net worth. that's all the assets that you have, what you own, minus what you owe. your liabilities that's the way you figure it out. >> specifically, what does that mean if i'm looking for assets and liabilities, that does that entail >> you think about all the accounts you have, where you have money, and what you own you think about your retirement accounts, you think about the value of your home, you think about other things that may have some worth if you have a car that is worth something, if you have insurance policies with a cash value you add those up then you also want to consider what you owe, what is your mortgage, what are your student loans, your credit card debt, car loan all of those liabilities, you have to subdistract those. pretty -- subtract those pretty simple math you may not need a calculator, but you do it on a regular basis. >> if it turns out i have a
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negative net worth, is that a bad thing? >> don't freak out many people in their 20s and 30s will have a huge net worth if you have a student loan debt, a huge mortgage and haven't saved a lot yet for retirement or other long-term purchases, then you may not have a positive net worth. that's not a bad thing you just have to know what you owe and what the interest rate is on that debt. if you have a lot of credit card debt, very high interest debt, that's something you absolutely want to get rid of right away. the other thing that a lot of people do is they make sure, hopefully, that they're paying their debts on time, right they've set up a payment plan for the debts. they're not setting up a payment plan for themselves. at the same time that you're paying off the debts, you need to be building up your own assets, particularly if you have debt that is low-interest debt you know, you want to make sure you're taking advantage of perhaps even better interest that you might get or compound interest that you might get investing. >> you know, i guess this is something that you need to do fairly routinely, too. i think about something -- most
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people's biggest asset would be their house. >> yes >> if you have a $300,000 house and you've put $30,000 down, that still means that you're ahead of the game. you owe $270,000 on a $300,000 asset. >> right >> come is great news until real estate prices fall and the house is only worth $260,000 then you're in the hole. >> exactly that's why it's important to double check all of these things and to understand that when you are in some of these situations, that's why people are looking -- when they're looking at refinancing and looking at things about their home, often it's because they need cash right away you want to think about the financial moves you're making that will impact your net worth. that's going to be something that is not just benefiting you now but also may be beneficial for you to know for your children long term >> good advice something people should be doing at the start of the year anyway. >> absolutely. >> when you do new year's resolutions. good to see you. up next, a look at the news for the week ahead. and real estate of the really, really rich. from sun rooms to recording rooms, we will tour the recently listed home of red sox owner
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john henry welcome to the coolest sports bar in the world.
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let's talk about the stories coming up that may impact your money this week. on monday, it's martin luther king jr. day the markets will close in his honor. on tuesday, the world economic forum in davos, swanitzerland, will kick off. thursday, the leading economic indicators report is scheduled to be released
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for all you p.b. fans out there, it's national peanut butter day. on friday, two economic reports for december are due the durable goods report, and we'll be seeing how many new homes were sold just in the last month of the year. his team holds the title of 2018 world series champions. now boston red sox owner john henry is hoping to score again, this time in real estate the billionaire recently listed his sprawling south florida powerhouse and our robert frank takes us on a tour >> reporter: this $25 million estate in boca raton is the family home of billionaire john henry, owner of the ""boston globe,"" england's liverpool football club, and the boston red sox. >> it's the perfect compound for a family that values privacy, security, and the ultimate in south florida lifestyle. the first thing you see is this
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magnificent sun-soaked great room which features 30-foot ceilings and an open, airy space. >> mr. henry's passion for collecting japanese antiques and artwork is evident throughout the 41,000 square-foot residence. the mogul even commissioned an artist to handpaint this bathroom steps away is a space architecturally designed to feature the sun. it's called the sunset room. and mr. henry is said to have closed some very big business deals here the billionaire's penchant for music can be seen in the state-of-the-art recording studio he had built. he also loves pizza. he built an italian-themed dining area around this brick oven one level up past the master suite is the red sox owner's pride and joy -- his world-champion sports bar. decorated with world series trophies, platinum baseball bats, and golden gloves.
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this is the first and last time cameras will ever get to see this mr. henry's broker says after our shoot, the family moved all of it into a vault >> the home was custom-built for the family in the 1990s as their full-time residence. >> reporter: today the henrys are ready to move on the family is listing the estate for $25 million. and in case you're wondering - >> sorry to all of you baseball fans out there the red sox memorabilia is not included >> reporter: i'm sure he would throw in a baseball or two to the buyer of a $25 million house. henry has been an astute investor he started his career trading soybeans and became a billionaire as a commodities trader he bought the red sox in 2002, worth $380 million, today they're worth about $3 billion >> wow if he sells the house for $25 million, will we have done as well in terms of percentage
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gains? >> probably as well or slightly better than the red sox. he bought that back in the late '80s, early '90s and that part of boca was not that popular now he's in a community that's very hot so $25 million is a lot for non-oceanfront he might get it. >> wow, he's got the midas touch then got everything >> exactly >> including the red sox >> including the red sox, exactly. >> great to see you, robert frank. that's the show for today. i'm becky quick. thank you very much for joining us next week, tesla's ceo wants to transform transportation could it be your future? that's "on the money." see you next weekend
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hey there, we're live at the nasdaq market site it is our ten-year anniversary here at "options action. we have a big show here's what's coming up -- >> you did it! congratulations! world's best cup of coffee >> investors have been hot for starbucks. and carter worth says the shares are about to perk up even higher he'll break it down. plus - >> viva las vegas, baby. >> casino stocks are on fire but mike coe says one name in the bunch is about to crap out he'll give us the trade. and -- >> look, up in the sky, it's a bird


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