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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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look out a couple of months to february 275 puts for $8 look interesting. >> merry christmas everybody. >> except maybe not apple based on dan's trade watching that one. good stuff that does it foropon acon."s we'll be bac merry christmas. that does it for "options action." we'll be back at 5:35 p.m. eastern. "mad money" with jim starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. ma "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people make friends, i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you
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so call me or tweet m me @jimcramer. with christmas and hanukkah right around the corner, how about we do this, dow closed down s&p closed up. these are a little bit odd ball and some of them frankly sappy but i mean it, i want you to have these presents, too first, i wanted another yearly average higher so that the people who own stocks make money. now i know that sounds simplistic, but given the long-term track record of the market and the pitiful returns you're really getting from bonds and the fact that so many people seem to not even want to be in stocks anymore, i think
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investing is important some candidates don't seem to think the stock market isn't that important they think what matters is putting food on the table. i get where they're coming from. i think they're making a mistake. first of all, they're not mutually exclusive if you can afford to invest in the stock market, you should do it because the stock market is the greatest engine of wealth creation we should be making it easier for people to participate rather than resigning to a world where the world is a world of the already rich i save money and i invest it i found a way. it was small dollars but i did it thanks to the power of compound interest i did very well for myself. i want you to have the same opportunity. i don't want you to be disscouragdi discouraged. the results for 2019 prove it.
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third, i wish the federal reserve, the chair, jay powell, will continue this new found policy of not raising interest rates when he doesn't have to and cutting them when it's necessary. powell's become data dependent like his predecessor janet yellen used to be. that's all you can ask for from the fed chief. fourth, i want companies with good management and good growth aspects to be rewarded that kind of differentiation rewards individual stock picking and i'm a big believer in stock picking as long as you have put some money into an index fund. fifth, i want people to own apple. okay i don't want them to trade it. i want you to stop freaking out every time an analyst tries to scare you from this thing. as tony from bernstein did just today by saying that the -- someone in the accessories could do well this year and plummet next year. six, i want millennials to keep
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investing. this is important. one of the most exciting and positive developments i've seen is that robin hood, the disrupted online brokerage app now has 10 million accounts most of which have been opened by millennials. younger investors can afford to take risks older ones can't. if they get wiped out, they have their whole lives ahead of them to make that money back. let's remember, you can buy fractional shares. seventh, i want the arm ageddons to get their come uppings. they deny and denigrate every move up. they have given an outrageous free ride. i want that to stop. eighth, i want to see many more mergers. there are way too many oil companies. let's have chevron buy pioneer apache gave up already we've had too many retailers kohl's should sell to amazon
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macy's should merge with nordstroms we have too many semiconductor companies. marvel please sell there are way too many cyber security companies palo alto buy cyber arc. then there are too many drug companies. merck, eli lilly, johnson & johnson, surely there's got to be a deal there lurking. i could go on and on we have way too many companies that need to find ways to accelerate growth. buy another business ninth, i want fewer ipos every time investors want some newly minted ipo, they need to sell something else. that's how deals put pressure on the market it was too easy to become public until the wework debacle while venture capital is fine with financing rapidly growing companies that lose money, this market deserves a scintilla of
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property stop it with the bogus chinese companies that are clobbering the market ten, i want the ten companies i like to change their names so people can understand what they really do. who needs a name change? how about opta, kupa, mongo, z scale, livendale and zen desk. all of these sound like they need to do that. my daughter took a walk with me she tells me, dad, i want to be the chief operating officer of, and she closes her eyes. she spins around she spots a building and said, octa i asked her, do you even know what octa does her response was priceless no nobody else does either so who cares! she's kind of right. need to change their name to something more significant
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the chinese government to start playing ball on trade! this shouldn't be that hard. right now china's the highest pork prices in the world their herds are dieing from swine flu. we have the lowest market for hogs this should be an easy positive thing to do. that's the easy part more difficult, i want them to let our companies do business over there without being forced into bogus joint ventures. i want them to stop stealing our intellectual property and while i'm at it could they adopt some sort of meaningful environmental policy 12th, i wish for boeing to fix the 737 max. i want them to get it certified and back in the air. boeing is a great american company. it should do what great american companies do and get this done they should approach it with the same intensity as they did for
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world war ii i reiterate, get it done be open. tell us what you did today tell us what you're going to do tomorrow open the logs. tell us everything the current leadership isn't willing to go there and do that, the board should bring in someone else who will. get some professionals in there and take away the mystery, that's what it is, a mystery i am a huge backer of boeing no, i am boeing's biggest backer in the media bar none and there's not a day that goes by where i don't get the sense that they're hiding something the bottom line, look, i know it's an eclectic list. what can i say, it's an eclecti guy. when i put on my "mad money" hat, i want to help you make money. david in ohio. david! >> mr. cramer, big columbus blue jackets and ohio state buckeyes happy to you. >> i think that's good we had a guy that went to the other school, clemson the other
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day. we'll go with you. what's up. >> caller: wonderful i wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude to you after reading every book and reading voraciously the street i've been able to leave a traditional career at 30 >> holy cow. i wish my ma were alive. you are a good man thank you very much. i want to wish you a happy holidays and merry christmas. >> you're a great man. my question today is about roku i own deep in the money vols, but unlike others, roku seems to be trading on multiples of revenue versus algorithmic trading. >> right here's the way i feel about that i think roku's been moved too much i don't want you to buy it too much
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trade desk i feel better about that one so let's just be a little careful. i think the one has had a pretty darn big run all right. what am i asking for what are the 12 days of cramer well, here we go, right? this wish list is what i want to see most as we near 2020 "mad money" tonight, is this the season of giving and have they gifted you too much? is it time to take the money and run? i'll give you my take. tesla's electric in the market moving to 2020, i'm going to give you the answer. what do paychecks indicate about the overall market and the stock? i'm talking with the ceo so stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets.
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send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc
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as we approach the end of a terrific year for the averages, don't forget one of the most important rules in investing, paper gains don't count. a win is only a win when you ring the register. that's why you always need to be willing to take profits while you still have them. remember, it can go away let me give you a couple of examples of what i'm talking about. two stocks that are recommended just a few months ago, arrowhead pharmaceuticals which people have talked about and inmode both of these stocks have been fabulous arrowhead, it's more than double, up 112% since i recommended it in mid september and inmode has rallied 77% since i got behind it in mid october
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i want to thank michael and joe from new york who brought these stocks to my attention in phone calls. michael and joe, you both had core sets first time all time. when you catch enormous moves, you have to take some. this is about logic. letting your gains ride in speculative stocks is lunacy that is why i teach over and over again that bulls make money, that bears make money but that hogs, they get slaughtered. don't be a greedy pig. however, arrowhead and inmode are both fantastic stories which is why you should only sell a portion of your position if you don't own either one, it would be good to come in and buy. i have the conviction they're headed higher. when a stock doubles and you listen on the show and that's where you got it, i feel somewhat responsible, i
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shouldn't, it's yours, you pull the trigger, but i don't want you to give it back. why did these two names catch fire and why do i think it's worth sticking with them let's take them by one by one, arrowhead. when michael asked me in july, stock was up 100% for the year i was circumspect. by the time i got behind it in october it was up 4% normally i hate chasing stocks but when i looked into arrowhead the story was so compelling that i had to recommend it. this is a development stage gene therapy play company with its own unique play on treating intractable gene disorders. it's called rna inference. think of rna as the messenger and takes the blueprints of your genes and makes them the
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reality. arrowhead's technology shoots the messenger. no messenger, no problem the company believes they can use this to treat a wide variety of ailments and big pharma agrees with them they have partnerships with amgen and j&j. the company kept putting up positive clinical trial data so i felt comfortable enough to give it my blessing. a month ratlater we checked in h the ceo right before the company's big r&d day. he told a terrific story listen to this. >> i think what they saw was a powerful technology that as you say can silence genes. it is a hyper specific process whereby we can psy linsz a single jean. we've got three of them in phase three trials as well as two
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partner programs in phase two. the stock caught fire and arrowhead made appearances at a series of health care conferences always with bullish data and applauded by the money managers in the room they got attention by the analyst community and as they get discovered by wall street, they are roaring higher as one economic analyst gets behind them first one of arrowhead's main competitors got bought by novartis while the actual numbers don't really matter for early stage biotech management, they confirmed they'd be putting two more drugs into clinical trials and that sent the stock up another 19%. now arrowhead's peaked at 73 not long after because earlier this month the company announced a secondary offer. that caused the stock to get hammered it priced at $58 it's already bounced back to the mid 60s. i think it has more room to run. if you don't own arrowhead, you
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have a little more pull back, if you did buy this on my recommendation, think about how much you're up take some of the money out and let the rest run it's the responsible thing to do right before the ipo window slammed shut thanks to the wework fiasco. it had run from the mid teens to the mid 20s. i told you it was worth speculating just like arrowhead. why? because inmode has a great concept. they make energy based systems that are used for face and body con touring, medical aesthetics and women's health it lets them use radio waves that penetrate your skin and remodel the fat tissue underneath so you can get the equivalent of a face lift or lipo suction without the invasive surgery you eat enough philly cheese stakes from ginos, you get this going.
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people are vain. plus, inmode had terrific financials company growing at a 55% clip and it's actually profitable a host of new products being rolled out in the near future. it was selling for 15 times service estimates. seems pretty good to me. hey, it was. inmode's new product launches went off without a hitch when they reported this they shot the lights out. they posted higher than expected sales growth up 57% and acceleration versus the previous quarter we love that and on top of that they gave you a monster 12% earnings beat. technology is as terrific as it sounds which is allowing these guys to take market share all over the world it was a picture perfect quarter. no wonder the stock's been a huge winner. hey, even after this run inmode is still ridiculously cheap. selling for 20 times its 2021 out years earnings estimates i can see growth oriented
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managers paying 40 times that. long story short, inmode and arrowhead are looking better than ever. the stocks have made enormous moves. if you own them, i think you need to take something off the table. given how much they've run, i would sell even as much of half of your positions in arrowhead, 1/3 in inmode bottom line, when they catch fire, you need to ring the register after a gigantic gain if you don't own t feel free on any pull back to buy because arrowhead and inmode, they have a lot going for them and they may have a lot going for them for years and years ahead. jim in florida, jim! >> caller: hi, jim, how are you. first of all, thank you for everything. >> you're quite welcome. >> caller: i'm interested in seattle genetics has had a great run. they have so much good information coming down. they're up 102%? >> yes yes. we met this company many years ago. they have many shots on goal which is why we like it.
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it's a really good company going up not on takeover, not on takeover talk, not on rumors but on substance brian in new york. brian! >> caller: boo-yah, cramer >> yeah. >> caller: yesterday you were talking about the different ipos from 2019, lyft, uber, et cetera my question to you is about change health care chng. i wanted to know your -- >> i have met with these guys privately. i really like them i've seen them do a bunch -- these guys are very good i think it merged. the pe is not expensivexpensive. it merits a buy. i wish they'd come on the show they're very good. when some of your spec stocks catch fire, please don't be greedy. consider ringing the register. but don't go crazy and sell all of it, just sell some and if you don't own arrowhead and inmode,
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you should consider a position on a pullback. they are up quite a great deal much more on "mad money" ahead i'm going to sit down with the ceo of paychex and see what he's seeing on the labor market with the year growing to a close, i'm turning in my outstanding assignments. i haven't done all of the homework i needed to do. do not miss tonight's homework, please you know what though, first thing may be my take on tesla. don't make the move before having -- you've got to hear the tesla piece. stay with cramer
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what the heck? what the heck is happening with the stock of tesla i mean, and where did the
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sellers go do you remember the sellers? they were there every day at every point for ages keeping us in the low 200s for ages they wouldn't let it lift. but suddenly when the stock's up huge, bursting through the $400 level they're gone disappeared. no sellers the stock opens higher every morning like clockwork and there's no resistance. hasn't had any since they reported a surprisingly strong set of figures since the end of october. what happened? why did it change? why did the sellers disappear? why is there nothing but buyers? let's go over the reasons. okay, first, earnings. that's right earnings there are now real earnings projections and they are spectacular. analysts think they're going to earn $5 per share next year, $10 in 2021. that's growth. real growth. these are consensus analysts many analysts have vetted them
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they actually may happen that means tesla, let's say it's a heck of a lot better if you like growth stocks than a ford or a gm, all right profitable growth is what many of the money managers wants and that's what matters in the auto industry nobody else has it except for tesla. second, ingenuity. yes. so many automakers were supposed to roll out truly competitive products, genuine, well engineered partners with real cache by now they were supposed to be out there. especially the germans looks like they're a lot harder to make than people thought because the competition just simply isn't there so much for german engineering third, elon musk let's talk about him for a second he's gone quite frankly from being a liability to being an asset. not long ago he seemed like he was constantly on the verge of either a nervous breakdown or
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perhaps some sort of like ego a manaicle trip. that's no longer the case. we don't know if he's gotten his life together, i should hope so. as investors, what matters is he's not doing anything self-destructive no longer teasing the sec which i hated. he's no longer trashing the analysts which i thought was funny. he's a normal ceo. he ran a good thorough conference call. october was fantastic. gives occasional speeches. otherwise, i never thought i would say this, non-controversial. elon musk, for lack of a better term, is like his peers, he's boring now that tesla is profitable and on track to rake in the earnings, it's easy for them to
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raise all of the money they need for years i heard tesla could never turn a profit. then i heard if they make a profit it's mumbo jumbo. bogus. now i hear nothing if tesla earns even half of what the analysts are expecting next year, i have to tell you something, it will be no problem for them to raise blgs illions f dollars and put up factory after factory. fifth, we used to hear all of these stories from the bears about how there was always an excess in inventory. somehow tesla had made far too many cars and it didn't make any money on them anyway yeah, made cars and lost money each one the bears have now gone silent on that issue. as tesla, excellent. as tesla's now an automaker that seems to have an endless demand and no extra supply. all the other guys you have to hear the proud price cut six, musk was actually able to
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build a gigantic factory in china in an astounding short six months as someone who is building a the smallest of factories, i can tell you that's astounding in fact, it's better than intel which i always regarded as the single favorite manufacturer builder in america but they can't build new plants faster than tesla it takes about 18 months for theirs you might think it's not a good comparison because they are a semiconductor company. they've long been the gold standard i think the gold standard is tesla. seventh, the solar panel business, remember that one? they bought that seemed like it was a wrong idea. gone from a negative to positive musk has reduced the cost of these panels to the point where the pay back's almost immediate. and their panels look like regular roof tiles there's no reason not to do it my wife's ordering them eight, the cars keep improving with each new iterations
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they have tremendous pizzaz. even when a rocket's thrown through the supposedly unbreakable window of the cyber truck. i thought that thing was hideous. there's no accounting for taste. millennials loved it i hate millennials ninth, charging stations have become ubiquitous. i found four right near me when i learned to google. i used the google box. it makes electric cars much more viable ten, it turns out many of the sellers, they were short sellers. they were not longs ringing the register these shorts have disappeared or they're covering because it's hard to short a red hot stock like tesla when you don't have a thesis i can't own stocks but i have to tell you, i'd like to say ever since they threw the rock through the window and i like it just as much today even as it nears the legendary 420 level that mr. musk said could be a reality. stay with cramer
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we have got a booming economy with what's arguably the best job market in half a century. yet the big payroll processors have spent the last six months
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trading sideways consider the case of paychex cramer choice. the stock is up more than 31% year to date, it's pretty much flat lined since june even though the economy is in better shape. the fed cut interest rates that takes money out of their pocket the company reported a terrific quarter two days ago it's a classic beat and raise with tremendous strength in the human resources division after rallying 2 bucks the stock closed down. is the stock gaining strength before making it higher? as is usually the case or is there some other thing that is making them tread water? let's check in with the president and ceo of paychex to get a better sense of the quarter and where the company is headed happy holidays and welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim happy holidays great to be here. >> i go over this quarter and i
6:36 pm
said, that's it. since oasis, whatever. we have to call this a human resources company that also issues paychecks and advises companies on how to handle complex issues involving payroll, benefits, insurance, hr isn't that the way i should think of it? >> absolutely. i think the only thing you left out is it's become much more of a tech company we've talked about it. that's the way service has gone. it's technology and our innovation over the last five, six years in particular in the products we've introduced have positioned us to be an hr tech company of the future for our clients. >> the reason i mentioned that, i'm glad you confirmed it, there are still analysts who say things about a different division the fed cut rates, there's something slowing in this peo division and they're missing the point. you are becoming more cloud based and you're becoming less sensitive to the actual growth of the economy even though it does matter which is whythey don't understand stock goes down and then spends the next three
6:37 pm
months going higher. they don't understand it, marty. is that something that you can change >> well, we try, jim we talk on the call very much the last few calls about the technology, the innovation that we've produced this month we put out pay on demand our clients, their employees can take out their pay as they earn it not only is it like some other companies where it will go in their banks but it will go on amazon, paypal, go direct deposit, pay card. we have a lot of data analytics that are being used by our clients to help them retain and hi hire people and engage in businesses it's a lot more about tech which is exactly what the clients and their employees are looking for. >> at the same time there are mistakes that people are going to make without paychex. the paper was filled with articles, marty, about the significant changes coming to retirement plans frankly, i found them too difficult. i didn't understand what's going to happen with my 401k
6:38 pm
i didn't understand the ira cap. i didn't understand what to do and could easily make mistakes if i didn't have someone who would understand would i be able to go to paychex and say, what the heck does this mean >> well, absolutely. retirement business has been one that we've been in for well over 20 years it's very solid. it's one of the constant growers, 7 or 8% a year. the new secure act that is going to be passed here, completely passed, is something that gives tax benefits to clients who are not only participating but in initially for setting up a 401k and we think that's going to be a great help to retirement savings. we're going to help our clients, tax benefits are going to come to them. not only that, jim, but i think i mentioned before our mobility app now being used by our client's employees, they can sign up and participate in a 1 401k with their employer with as little as four clicks. that's making it a better plan
6:39 pm
for the employer as well >> i use paychex in many of my different companies and my employees say that they wish the log-in system was a little easier they're not young and they're not millennials, okay? they found it a little cumbersome they feel like it's too hard employees in their 50s and 60s like me are still a little -- we need help. can you make it a little more simple for us? >> well, yeah, i think so. in fact, we now have automated answers to questions if you have any questions when you come on the app. and we've now introduced this month short videos so it may be that millennial generation that looks for that we can give you the answer a step-by-step to do that or a short video to show you if you're looking for your check stub, your w-2 or if you're the client looking how to process overtime we're getting a five star out of five on our mobile app so we're
6:40 pm
feeling good we're trying to make it simpler. that's what paychex is about. >> that is great my employees will thank you especially about the video let's speak about the economy. i saw you were gets now more employees per company. we're not getting the -- really, the company formation that i certainly would feel in a more optimistic time. i'm wondering whether the company is pessimistic even as the existing companies grow? >> well, i do think, you know, what we saw in the paychex small business index this month was the highest wage growth, 3.1% that we've seen since 2011 and we've also seen the hours worked per week are up the highest in three years. so i think both of those are showing a stronger economy the wages are going up because i have the demand as a small business and i need the employees and the wages are up across all wage earners. it used to be minimum wage is driving it now every level of wages are seeing an increase
6:41 pm
that means there's demand and i'm paying more for my employees to hire and retain them because i've got the demand. i think that bodes well for a strong economy. >> some of the candidates i don't think people can save. if you are getting that kind of increase and we've got all of these new rules that to me make it easier to do a 401k or ira, do you expect the savings rate to go up >> i do. i would think so you're getting the wage increase i think we're seeing that retirement plans as we mentioned are going to be easier they're easier to sign up for. they're easier to participate in you have much more flexibility i do think the savings are going to go up i think the consumers, the confidence is pretty solid and i do think businesses are feeling like the demand is there they're going to continue to pay the wages. the job growth is flat but it increased but it's still there so i do think it's a good economy for consumers and for small businesses in particular.
6:42 pm
>> i'm going to leave it like that because i like that optimistic note. it's actually empirically correct. thank you so much. president and ceo of paychex good to see you, sir >> thanks, jim. the stock goes down every time for the same reason i told you, which is that the analysts don't get it and then it keeps rallying that's why it goes up 30%. that's why i remain steadfast that it's a buy and i felt that way since the stock was in the 30s. "mad money" is back after the break.
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that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence. it is time time for the lightning round it's got to be a fast one so are you ready skee-daddy time for the lightning round edwardo. >> caller: hi, jim my question is about enterprise. >> it's the only one of the pipeline companies. >> bob in wisconsin. bob. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from the cheesehead state go packers your thoughts on jack henry and associates. >> i like fin tech master card is my fav.
6:46 pm
john in maryland, john. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> you're welcome. >> caller: after watching john malone i jumped on discover communication. >> i think you're right. malone made a good case. it was lower dennis. >> caller: dr. cramer, dennis from southern california i'd like to know your opinion about dropbox. >> both dropbox and slack have become too hard because i believe satya nadella has it in for them he's the unbelievable ceo at microsoft. steve in north dakota. steve. >> caller: mr. cramer, calling you from the home of carson wentz. we're all eagle fans my stock is aig. >> don't put aig in the same sentence as carson wentz carson wentz is a winner. >> caller: jim, merry christmas. >> happy holidays. >> caller: god bless you, jim,
6:47 pm
for all you're doing for us home gamers. >> thank you very much. >> caller: you're great, jim we love you. >> thank you. >> caller: what's going on with alderyx. >> it's replacing excel. i like it. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade ♪ ♪ ♪ apps except work.rywhere... why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have.
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or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. ♪ music
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before we go away for the holidays, i want to catch up on some homework. every time i get a question about a stock i can't answer on the spot i always tell you i'm going to circle back to it later. i have to do more research sometimes we get unbelievably great ideas. that's what we'll talk about today. for instance, we got arrowhead and we got inmode which i mentioned earlier. i have to tell you, these are pretty exceptional i got them from you. this is the most interactive show that's great on november 21st trudy in oregon called to ask about alacos, allk for you home gamers. this is a development stage biotech. that means it doesn't make any money. focused on rare autoimmune diseases the lead drug is a monocolloidal antibo antibody it targets eosinophils and mast cells. when they have too many in one
6:51 pm
place it causes severe inflammation everywhere from your gi tract, eyes, skin, lungs. many other organs. alakos lead drug is in phase two trials, there's three trials eos eos eosinophilic gastritis it has a pipeline in a product a drug thatcould potentially treat a wide variety of rare diseases basically the data we've seen so far, it does a better job than what we've seen. at least if the data is to be believed on the other hand, they've developed one drug they have one single shot on goal i don't like speculating on that one biotech with one shot on goal i like lots of eggs in one basket that's what it's really like do i have my hockey stick? i should be using it i used this phrase quite often shots on goal.
6:52 pm
if you have a stock with multiple shots on goal, biotech, it's much better than alakos i like this one even less when the stock in question is run up dramatically at the beginning of august alakos saw the stock double in a single day when we learned the phase 2 trial had met all of the secondary and primary end points over a period of three weeks, the stock surged from 31 to 90 then they gave them drug status which is what you want if you're making drugs for rare diseases and the stock got another lift the biggest news came less than three weeks ago when they reported that alakos was, and i quote, exploring strategic options including a potential sale that allowed the stock to surge $130 earlier this month. we're hitting a wall coming back to earth even after the stocks pulled back it's still at 109 what sent the stock plummeting 29 bucks in the past three days?
6:53 pm
first on wednesday a prominent short selling outfit called sullivan investments published a scathing 250 page report on alakos arguing that what got the company rolling was suspicious they point out that alakos didn't hire an outside research organization to manage the clinical trial most companies do do that, not all of them. instead they ran the trial themselves that is okay, but it's not necessarily what let's just say is as rigorous doesn't mean they didn't do anything wrong means they had more opportunities to fudge the data, and that's a serious charge. that's exactly though what sullivan says alakos did they hired scientists to screw with the data and one of them flat out said it looks to me like they manipulated these numbers to look good quote, the data is cheri picked and dishonest, end quote, adding, quote, i'm quoting this,
6:54 pm
pretty serious charges, it's sketchy. you couldn't do this for a clinical publication this would not be publishable. holy cow i have no idea whether there's any merit to the allegations do you really want to take a chance with a stock that has catapulted from $31 to $109 in less than five months and it only has one shot on goal? i mean, the stock's up substantially from where it was. i'm pretty confident alakos won't be cashing a takeover bid until they put these to rest this stock has become a total unbelievable nauseating as far as i'm concerned battleground that i don't want you in unless you're a doctor who specializes in the rare autoimmune conditions, i don't see how you have the conviction to buy this one here if you own it, you know what i
6:55 pm
say? it's too hard. ring the register. one shot on goal and a question. that's a tough one next up, december 6th joe in new york asked about global blood therapeutics that symbol is gbt a biopharma company focused on blood disorders. the lead drug is a once a day pill for sickle-cell anemia. it just got approved by the fda. sickle cell is a condition where your red blood cells bend out of shape, they can't carry as much oxygen as they should. this haase veer consequences global blood's drug inhibits the underlying cause of the disease. there are about 100,000 people with sickle cell disease in the u.s., most of them african-american millions more suffer from it worldwide.
6:56 pm
this is a huge underserved and in pain market and the data so far looks very, very promising over the past couple of months global stock has caught fire surging to 77 today. what happened? the fda approved the sickle cell drug a month ago this is the first ever drug for the root cause of the disease. this is a big deal yesterday jpmorgan had an overweight rating, meaning a buy. and a $90 price target they're betting this will handily beat expectations next year it was a very compelling piece they made a strong argument for it even though global blood therapeutics has run, i like it. i like it more than a pull back. it's already been approved, which means you don't have to worry about the fda yanking the rug out from underneath us i wouldn't be surprised if the stock market is underestimating the scale of a demand for a real sickle-cell anemia treatment
6:57 pm
i grew up and never thought this was possible, maybe they got it. the fda says yes ideally maybe you wait for a pull back. maybe put it on a small position right here like jpmorgan would argue. great concept. great product. but we hate to chase your "mad money" so proceed with caution if you're planning to buy it, but i think it's the real deal stick with cramer. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. ♪ ♪
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