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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  February 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> welcome to "the halftime report." i'm scott wapner front and center, the dow, the index hitting a new high today and why one investor is buying each though at record highs. we discuss that with josh brown, jon najarian, steve weiss and tiffany mcgee. let's check the markets, the dow at a new ridiculous today a positive day for technology and you have chairman powell helping out. there's your picture right now s&p, nasdaq, and markets are washing liquidity and a pretty
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good backdrop, isn't it, josh? >> yeah. i think if you're bearish right now you're one of those guys that, like, this will end badly. those are the people who are bearish because it's too good, and i'm somewhat sympathetic to that it will end badly, but if you know your cocktail, and i know you do, this is what tom cruise has to explain of course, it will end badly because if it doesn't otherwise it wouldn't end, right everything ends badly. so in the meantime, though, you've got really the big marquee baang stocks moving for a long time and almost everything else working and i think you have to take that as a positive the semiconductors look ridiculous right now and they're in every segment of the economy is now utilizing semiconductors. i said a few years ago they're the new transports and i feel that way now more than ever. look at the payment stocks paypal, it's 300
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the stock is vertical, square, too. the entirety of the thintech space and you have so many areas where stocks are working and the worst thing i think you can say right now is it's too good, it's moved too fast and too many stocks are working and if that's the kind of investor you are, it hasn't been a really good ten years for you, has it? >> you know, weiss, we had keith meister on yesterday who talked about the backdrop and the environment for stocks let's listen to keith and then we can react on the other side >> as we look forward, i think we'll have a lot of vaccines available. there's a lot of pent-up demand. so just when you've had additional stimulus, the fed's still there and you'll get the economy reopening. so i feel like the economy will be very, very strong in the first half of 2021 which then creates what's the biggest risk? and i think the biggest risk is, you know, do you get inflation and what does that do to the price of equities, but until the market starts to worry about
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that which i'm not smart enough to know exactly when, but given how it's been to create inflation, i think it will take longer and i feel like for the next several months the setup is quite constructive hard to argue with that, weiss, isn't it >> that's been my thesis, except i'm not worried about inflation so much. i'm more worried about rates prestaging inflation and i still think we can get to 3% as long as we do it in a measured way and the market's not really going to flinch. sure, it will be up or down at any point in time you get a 5% to 10% correction, but the setup is great, and we still have enough people. it's not anybody that's uniformly bullish and you still have rashford saying it will end badly. still a lot of strategists saying this is too much too soon the dynamics are as follows, 15
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years ago, ten years ago trading the public economy i believe we can have an economy that will go to the 84 levels which are 7% gdp and that will drive it and inflation is not a concern because we're going through the industrial revolution that pulled demand forward for chips and for 5g and has made us more productive and we're seeing productivity increase with corporations and the economy more than we've seen for the last ten years productivity is falling and guess what it's not it's increasing. semis are my biggest position. they have been for a while and it's going to continue and the shortage is good, by the way, so i continue to like tech overall and i do think the large-cap tech will lag, it will still go up, but will lag compared to the others by these idiosyncratic stories and there is froth, but not the market overall i'm very comfortable with valuation in the market. >> tiff, you know, i'm betting that you can't be too concerned
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at all about where we are judging by the moves that you're making you have a new buy in zillo, right? you bought it on monday. that stock has absolutely flied -- as it's flown higher you have bought it which is interesting to me and it's up 70% and you're buying it now and you bought more peloton on the dip that we had, what does that say about the big picture view about where your stocks are even though we've come pretty far >> i think, first, scott, we have to take into consideration that, you know, we're in the middle of the acceleration of the digitization of basically everything, right? so i've got a whole entire thesis on peloton, but people are really thinking about peloton as a fitness company,
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right? this equipment company i'm thinking of it as a streaming company, and you think about streaming we think about net fluks netflix and disney + and when you look at those numbers compared to what peloton's been able to do in the past year it has surpassed those numbers and those companies that have been around for much longer i was in a peloton class on sunday with 60,000 people. so i'm looking at things from a different perspective with peloton. it did take a dip because it is having issues with meeting the demand the demand, right, of bike, but it also has this app that has nothing to do with the bike, right? you can take all sorts of classes and i'm really, really bullish on peloton and i use that as an opportunity to buy, and zillo, the ceo was on earlier. and i -- i cannot say the word
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today, it's the digitization of home buying which is so crazy because it is very hard to buy a house. it's not an easy process, but they want to make it a one-click process and whether they can do that or not i'm not exactly sure, but look at these numbers, 9.6 billion visits last year to zillo and what they're doing which i love and they had this really cool saturday night live skit is their -- i love this idea of real estate porn, right? this is what zillow, kind of like this buy product of zillow. people go to zillow to dream and what they're trying to do is take this funnel of dreamers and make them buyers, but all they need to do is get these 9.6 billion to keep coming back and that's what they're doing. they're already drawing them in. so there is this kind of a revolution going on and that's what i'm invested in >> jon najarian, what do you think about that thesis? you to believe that a lot is known. a lot is in these stocks, isn't
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it >> well, i just wish i would have listened to tiffany about zillow and gene munster because both of them have been pretty adamant in what is likely to be a fantastic year for zillow, and obviously the big jump today, i'm kind of kicking myself, scott, for missing that and kudos to you, tiffany, for catching it. as far as some of these stocks getting too far, too fast, yeah, there's a lot of that out there, scott and is it possible that they can continue at the pace that they were on for the last month or the last six weeks? no, it is not possible however, my point back and forth with josh is it doesn't mean it ends when we talk about things ending badly, unless i know the world is ending tomorrow this isn't going to end we're going have another market again tomorrow and i know that josh doesn't think the world's
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going to end either, but this is part of the discussion whenever you get to, well, it's going to end badly. people lose money every day and some people will make money. people make money every day and when you get an overextended stock and you get that fear of missing out whether it's an asset or a store value like bitcoin or doge even or tilray when you get that, scott, yeah, you'll have people streaming into that and they were after hours on tilray and it was trading at 61 and 62, i saw it trading 77 after hours before breaking down hard so does that mean it ended no it's still trading today you can decide that maybe now at 41 i like the stock and those are all examples in tilray i don't think anything ends unless the world ends, scott there are always going to be people that are late to the party and some of us that try to be earlier catch the wave and we don't always win we don't always win, i'm just
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saying -- >> i mean -- i think you're being a little extreme it's not that the world has to end for some of this to end. it's the cramer philosophy is he talks about certain pockets of the market which, in his words are, quote, highway to the danger zone. it's a kenny loggins market. at least part of it is starting to look frothy stocks that have enormous rallies that are in his view, totally disconnected from the underlying fundamentals. the whole world doesn't have to end for stocks like that to, you know, have a pullback. >> to correct. >> or have a correction, just little things have to change, you know interest rates moving higher can change the perception of growth stocks, for example. a comment from somebody in a powerful position could have an impact on some of these stocks or the overall market for a moment, too, doc we're not talking about you don't have to have a grand moment to have an upset in some of these names
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>> very, very true, scott and back to that tilray example. when you've got a stock that goes from -- i think it was 1,009,000,000. it exploded yesterday to 10, almost 11 billion in market cap and now that's not part of an interest rate or growth. that's just a feeding frenzy created by many of our friends over at wall street bets and the gang weed in particular over there that just kept piling into that stock and the options of that stock option trading this year is up 61% versus an all-time record last year. so obviously, there's a lot more participation and some of it because of that sports betting thing that we talked about that we didn't have sports to bet on, so they gravitated over into more speculative trades like a
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call option, for instance or a put if they want a bet and they did bet both ways and last march a lot of these same wall street bets guys were on the puts as the market was trading down, and all of that additional trading is just driving things up or down for moments in time and then things recalibrate. they're recalibrating right now in tilray as the stock goes from that after-hours high yesterday, 77 down to i think it hit 39 this morning and maybe it's fluctuating around 40 as we're talking now. >> sirat, again, reacting from meister when he joined us, the setup quite constructive and that's separate from a conversation that we are having here about slices of the market that may be frothy, overheated, overvalued and/or in need of a correction >> yeah. i mean, keith had it right
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i mean, you look at the faangs and those are really good -- what i would call secular growth stories and they're trading at multiples that have now come down and gone sideways as we've talked about and i think in a diversified portfolio i look at those as one of those core positions that you can now invest around because they're great cash flow and they've got a secular growth rate and they'll have a couple of good years coming forward it doesn't matter in terms of interest rates the only thing that interest rates are going to affect them is if capital flows out to other sectors that will have better growth rates or nominally better growth rates going forward it's not a question of you don't need to own those and the frothiness in a diversified portfolio because some of these stocks have tripled and quadrupled in the span of months and it just doesn't connect with the fundamentals of those. it's a question of where do you want to be and i think being in the faangs is totally good, and
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this is a question of exposure and looking at other areas that if and when rates do go up, scott and that's an ongoing question, two steps forward and one step back and you can be in the cyclicals and the financials and the areas like weiss said in the semiconductor space where the demand is outstripping the supply so we know that will continue and it will continue when we get to partial re-opening and to full re-opening. so there are plenty of areas in the market and one has to be very careful about valuation and the fear of the fomo fear. >> okay. i want to know where things are overvalued i want to play off of what cramer said and have you guys identify stocks that people may very well have in their portfolios and think -- and should think that they might be poised for a fullback because they think are overvalued. weiss, you have interesting names on this list, why don't you tell me which ones we should focus on
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well, i have zoom and i've got tesla, not that it will correct any time soon and it's always overvalued and no reason to believe that will calibrate, but to me it's the spacs the spacs are a ridiculous space and i'm being generous here or conservative 80% of them will fail or they do nothing as stocks. while these investors looked at, they spent time and it's transparent. that's crap. these investors, whether it's t. roe or fidelity, they have a portfolio of these things. so to think you can pick the one that's going to work and a lot of them are giving the egregious valuation, including, by the way, we have one on yesterday, but also you take a look and we'll talk about that with others and the ev stocks they're just not all going to succeed. life is not that easy, and i'm very careful. >> where do you get that the 80% number will fail
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>> just an estimate. just a guess purely a guess from years of experience you haven't done the due diligence. these names have not gone through the process and the due diligence hasn't been there. a number of them are venture stage companies and there's a high failure rate of venture stage companies. >> tiffany, steve mentions ev and that has been discussed for months now as the pinnacle of overheated -- you did own neo, right? i don't see it, though, in your book anymore, that stock was up almost 1500% over the last year. when did you move out of that? >> yeah. yeah so that was purely client driven again, i exist in the real world where we have to have conversations with clients and sometimes it's a meeting of the minds.
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so -- and steve brings up a really good point, this whole idea of tesla which we do like, we do own, and i think it's a different story. so nio, as you pointed out, up precisely in the past year 1,464% does not make any sense to me to cramer's point. this is an ev company out of china listed in the united states it's gotten help from the chinese government and it's gotten subsidies and looser restrictions it has not really delivered along with, by the way, other local chinese ev companies tesla is crushing it compared to them, right? it's delivered five times as many cars, vehicles, and not up as much. so i'm looking at those two things, the comparison of tesla to nio and nio does not make a
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lot of sense to me we got out of that a long time ago. again, it was client driven and we kind of tested it out, if you will, and at the end of the day we won and we were able to sell it >> what do you mean -- what do you mean client driven a client calls us up and said what are we doing in the stock let's get the heck out of here >> no, the client says we really want to be in the stock and we say we're not so sure that's a good idea and we have a conversation pivotal advisers is not a dictatorship sometimes clients have convictions around stocks and they hire us to yes, sometimes make decisions for them and also to be partners with them and have conversations, and sometimes they still want to own stocks, and so it's their money so we oblige, and we are able to have conversations with them and we ended up selling it and that's what happened i do not see a very good future for nio. again, to cramer's point, it makes me extremely, extremely
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nervous when you have a company that's up that much. again, over almost 1500% in th course of almost less than a year with no strong fundamentals to back it up. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> josh brown, how about playing off the cramer thing are there stocks that you say are beware of right now? >> i have an article on my computer from october 25, 2013 five warning signs that stocks could be getting too bubbly. >> i thought you were going to say october 1987. >> i hope not. >> like, seriously, you could just pull out the names of the stocks in here in this case they're worried about micron and green mountain coffee for some reason those are signs of the top you can just pull those out and put today's stocks in and it's all the same thing it's sentiment and valuations are stretched. cramer's in here, too. he's talking about sunny side up
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eggs that the grill is so hot that one second too long on the grill and they burn to a crisp it's all the same conversation so i don't think it takes much to look at a market where stocks have gone up and say it's, like, frothy, but if that's how you're investing you have no returns. like, none i know those people. they're fully hedged to the point shea shouldn't bother and just do real estate. >> i guess what i'm trying to get at, josh, and i would love for you to opine on this, and there are very specific stocks, some of which tiffany owns and that she mentioned, not to single out tiffany, but a lot of people may own the zooms and the pelotons and the zillows all of which have benefitted from a pandemic-led rent and now that we're toward the light at the end of the tunnel you have to wonder whether the best days are
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behind those stock moves isn't that fair to question that >> i can say something about that >> go ahead, tiffany >> yeah. let me just make an important point. so, yes, those stocks that you mentioned i own, but this is in the scope of a larger portfolio, right? so it's very important especially for people who are watching us at home to have a buy/sell discipline and have an asset allocation and this is in the context of a larger portfolio. it's important for you to have a reason for purchasing the stock and i think we tend to talk about all those reasons on the show, but you also have to understand at what point are you going to trim and take profits off? so all those names that you mentioned, we've trimmed and taken off profits. so we are constantly rebalancing portfolios
12:22 pm
so that's just as important as the conviction and the reasoning behind buying the stock. it's not like i bought zillow and we're riding on zillow at the same levels all of the time, right? once something goes up a certain percentage, we're making calculated decisions to determine when we're going to take our profits and in the case of peloton when we had that dip, we trimmed peloton across portfolios, right? depending on the client, and you know, it's also a good time sometimes to buy it back with new clients at a point where it's on sale so it's all a dance and the strategy, the asset allocation strategy is just as important as the conviction and the reasoning behind buying the stock. >> i'm glad you added that important context to it, tiff. josh and then sarat. >> one of the part things missing in the conversation is a lot of the overvalued -- a lot of the overvalued levels that we're seeing are starting before
12:23 pm
these stocks come public and they're happening in the private markets and valuations coin base is -- coin base is going to come public and they'll probably do a direct listing and not an ipo and not a spac. it could be worth 75 billion on the first day. that is no bearing on reality and that is not happening because of the public markets. that's happening with the levels of financing that they're doing pre-coming public with private capital and that's supposed to be the smart money and that's venture money beating up their own buck and they're doing that over and over again before it even becomes in the public do main where regular people can be involved so i think what weiss said about electric vehicles is true. it's worse than he stated. throw out the 80% number we had 200-some-odd vehicle producers. >> he's talking spacs. 80% failure for spacs.
12:24 pm
>> a lot of those spacs are -- >> exactly >> a lot of the spacs are in that space sarat, let me bring you into the conversation if i could. i wanted to add to what tiffany was saying and she's spot on there. one of the key words is risk management when you look at a portfolio and the positions, whether it's the zillows whether it's the nios and the teslas and those are wh what we call satellite positions and you know the risk/reward you're getting and you have to be cognizant of the risk in the portfolio and what i'm seeing sometimes in some of the clients that -- prospective clients we get is they've done so well in the last couple of years, they're up triple digits, but the concentration on five to ten stocks that make up 75% of that portfolio, fabulous company, but if the air comes out of these areas where it's an ev, it's in
12:25 pm
some of these other areas and even throw in the cannabis stocks, i think that's where you have to be careful i think we're all trying to say the same thing to the viewers, just be careful in the context of a full portfolio that the risk isn't all on one side because it's great right now when the markets are rising and the beta in your portfolio is huge, but that can really hurt you on the way down especially if money flows to other sectors. >> in the couple of minutes before i go to break, doc. tell me about the moves you're making you sold a lot of calls. >> yeah. i closed a lot of positions, scott and that was because i was doing exactly what all of us have been talking about, taking money off the table when you can and not when you have to when you get a 400% move out of a stock or something like that how do you not take some off yeah, you can keep a stop or a put option underneath that position and sooner or later you have to say okay, i think this
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might pullback and to everybody's point about evs and so forth, there's one huge play in evs and that lyric that mary barra was showing us in that super bowl commercial with will ferrell, fantastic that, though all of thoserun o lithium. virtually every one of them except the toyota hydrogen versions, if we're talking about alternative energy for vehicle, most people are talking about evs which means lithium. so alb up 87% year over year, great. fabulous play. lithium america, lac, same thing. i am an adviser to american battery and mining, abml this thing is up 600 and some odd percent, scott, just in the last year. i think these stocks go a heck of a lot higher because again, if mary barra goes from where she is right now to even just 40 or 50% of her fleet being
12:27 pm
offered as an ev which is what they're trying to do and by 2030 or 2035 even the whole fleet, there is not enough out there for these folks. so any of these companies in that exploration and delivery of lithium and so forth are going zoom and they're going to put all of these other stocks we're talking about, leave them in the dust because that is the next big play right now >> all right we will take a quick break when we come back, dow component disney reports after the bell tonight. also shares are up big andhe t investment committee takes their position we're back in two minutes. what a ride! i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq-100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm contessa brewer, here's your cnbc update at this hour. speaker nancy pelosi says the house's covid relief bill will include a their 15 minimum wage. she expects lawmakers will finish work on the legislation by the end of the month. >> don't count on extra time to file your taxes this year. the irs says there are no current plans to extend the april 15th deadline. last year the irs gave americans an extra three months because of the pandemic the white house says it's not considering any new restrictions on domestic air travel reports the administration is
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looking at covid-related limits on travel to florida brought denunciations from any politicians. meghan has won her battle. that decision ends prospects for a high-profile traial though parts of the case gl to court. >> contessa, thank you very much steve weiss, i come to you i find this interesting. you have repeatedly dissed bitcoin on this program, yet you repeatedly get into the trade. you've -- you've -- you've called it really nothing more than speculation, amomentum play and you are back in gray scale bitcoin and you have bitcoin directly through
12:32 pm
robinhood. >> correct >> so my job is to find stocks or instruments that will go up bitcoin -- i have a speculative part of the portfolio as most do, and i haven't sold bitcoin and i've sold through robinhood where the execution was horrendous, by the way and in terms of gbtc, look, you've gotten these announcements coming out every day. so whether i believe bitcoin will be a currency or a hedge, whether i think it's ridiculous it doesn't matter. when you have elon musk whoi think is pulling everybody's chain with all his tweets, but the fact is that it's marching forward. paypal which i also own paypal so it's going up, and you know, i think it will go up for a while at this point because now there's a race to say we're cool and we want to be involved i bought on the dip the other day and i'm there until further
12:33 pm
notice >> that's fair you obviously have the prerogative to do what you like. why are you trading in and out of it if you're convinced there's so much momentum behind it don't do it. >> because i use stops on trade. if i go in for something for a trade and i keep moving the stop up as the price moves up because i don't want to lose money on a trade. i'm there to make money on it. so -- and once i bank some, i move it up and pete does the same thing and that's just smart trading and it's a risk. if it's coming down and i'm gone >> it's good to know and trade school, too, for people who are in, perhaps, more speculative -- >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry it takes the emotion out of it you don't get married to it. so you just put it to the side and it takes the distraction out of it and you make money, great. if you don't, it's more fun. >> josh, do you have a position
12:34 pm
in bitcoin at all and if not an actual financial position, do you have a position on it to share with us? yeah, very publicly like on the show, and like market watch where i'm holding up a bitcoin, and i look like cryptocurrency hitler in the picture, but i announced in the summer of '17 that i bought my first bitcoin after having several dinners and events and meetings with, like, some of the earliest proponents of cryptocurrency, and they didn't necessarily convince me that it would be a currency, but i was convinced that there would be a lot of people coming in later than me which i think is what steve is trying to say. so i'm not, like -- i'm not like a disruption hippie screaming about how bitcoin has changed the world and i bought light coin and i don't understand any of it, and it goes up every day. i don't trade it i don't have any opinion on the price, but i do believe that digital assets are going to be a
12:35 pm
big part of the economy in the future and as a bitcoin max malist, and i thought it made the most sense to surround this one rather than having all these icos which were a disaster so i stuck with bitcoin. i'm still in it, and i'm a believer that it will be a part of the wealth management industry and the asset management business. i don't know that we'll be buying and selling things every day with it, but i understand the need to own assets that are outside of the financial industry and i've always said that for years now so i think everyone's talking about it because it's gone up so much which is how fear and greed works and how wall street works and the higher it goes and it gives it a very unique quality and it's worth more and the better buy the higher it goes and that's what's happening there. i have a big project to announce very shortly in that space i don't want to say too much
12:36 pm
now, but i'm in the mix. i'm down >> speaking of going up a lot, we're showing you bumble which has opened for trade you can see shares are up better than 80% just shy of 78 bucks and priced at 43 an $8 billion valuation in the ipo today and adding to it by the moment doc, are you trying to get an allocation here? you usually triand do with perceived hot ipos here >> yeah, but unfortunately, judge, now that i'm on several public boards i can't get an allocation anymore brokers basically cut me off and that's okay. it's fine. it's not like i tried to move it over to some secret account or something like that. if those are the rules, those are the rules to live by >> jon, do you have a profile on bumble >> i hope not. don't tell my wife
12:37 pm
>> yes yes. the judge -- the other judge would not be happy would not be happy. >> no, no, she would not >> sarat, disney after the bell. core holding of yours. >> it is a core holding and i think the focus here is going to be on what is disney + doing and really the trajectory of that and then the further discussion of when things do re-open. what is the strategy going forward? they've had enough time to maximize what's the best way to maximize profit and client experience so we'll be very interested to hear what they're doing. the stock has done really well and it's reflecting a good future so i'm hoping they can expand more on that. >> yeah. what a run just 37% in three months and it's been an incredible run. we'll tack a break and we'll come back, plus in celebration of black history month we are honoring smfr our cnbc contributors and here is james mcdonald with his advice for the next generation. ♪ >> the most important advice i
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we have a buyer of bumble. tiffany, you just bought it literally a few moments ago, i'm told >> i did i did. i did. i just love the story. for those ofyou who don't know bumble is a dating app where women control everything, and i love that. i love the story of the female founder. we don't really have a lot of those with publicly traded companies. i love the moves and the decisions that she's made with the company before today, so i think it's a great story that clearly fits into my tech conviction so i'm expecting good things
12:42 pm
so i bought some. >> i love the reasoning where women control everything >> yeah. i mean, put a girl in charge and see what happens >> yeah. >> good stuff. >> just saying >> i hear you -- believe me. we all hear you. thank you for telling us about that unusual activity, doc. >> cool. >> all right scott, canopy growth was one -- was one of the many stocks on the gang weed that's part of the wall street bets site that also had tilray in there and they have driven these stocks, scott to dizzying heights and you see the flame-out in tilray that we talked about earlier and this one, it had a 55% run in the last month and then it's pulled back today to only be up 22% or something like that. a lot of that's probably the constellation is such a significant owner here, scott, and the speculative paper in both those names, tilray and
12:43 pm
canopy was up 85% was call buying and those calls being bought are a lot of those folks whether they're coming in through robinhood or elsewhere unusual activity today, scott. take a look at beyond meat they're buying the next week expiration feb 180 calls that's what the stock at 171, 170. they bought 45,000 of those. i think this one could easily make that jump, but i'll probably buy something slightly lower, scott and then on the rally that i hope occurs i'll sell a higher strike against it. i've got you, doc. thank you for that jon najarian >> thank you. >> we have analyst calls on the day and plus there's been a lot of confusion about the kroef vac coronavirus vaccine where to get it numbers universal launched plan your where users can find state by state eligibility, the closest vaccination location and lots of data on the vaccine itself in that area and plus a
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
hi, rahel. >> these are all upgrades in retail and retail adjacent speaking to underarmour underweight at piper doubling. it has more than doubled in six months, but piper analysts think it still has 25% more to go. scott, they like the company's discipline around inventory, promotions and cost controls bed bath & beyond is being upgraded to buy at b of a and this is one of the stocks that rallied as part of the reddit trade at $54 before coming back down to about 28 now analysts upgrading it after meetings with management and also saying that this recent pullback in shares make its valuation much more attractive and finally, mall owner simon property group is being upgraded to overweight at morgan stanley. the price target goes to 125 scott, this is already a stock that's up 27% this year, but analysts think the stock is still cheap and they see several earnings drivers that support
12:48 pm
the new target, still, however around 25% for recent high, scott. >> josh brown likes it, too, if are those that have been watching this program. rahel, thank you rahel solomon. let's talk uber and near the lows of the day. tiff, you bought more ahead of the earnings and josh, you own it we talked about that doc, you have it i want to hear from sarat. you bought it ahead of the print? >> we did, scott one is uber eats is working. secondly, management's really focused and this is the most important point on being positive cash flow and having positive earnings, and i think that and where we are right now and the environment that we're in, once we get to reopening story the stock has a lot of upside to it, so i think it's a good time the own the stock and if it goes down we can add to it any more on the amount of money this stock continues to lose
12:49 pm
no they just cut their loss from 8 billion to a billion if it weren't for the pandemic they might have been cash flow positive already by the midpoint of this year so that might have pushed them off a quarter, but it doesn't matter the stock price is higher than when those projections first -- people don't even understand the potential here they bought drizly for a couple billion dollars. do you have any idea how much money americans spend a year at liquor stores? if they just get a few percentage points of that market share delivering alcohol this was a business that nobody was even thinking about and it could be a huge business for them and they have this last mile thing figured out. they have the drivers and they have the vehicles and they have the technology they will be a pre-eminent mobility solution for americans and people all over the world for years and decades to come. i can't imagine being worried about last quarter's earnings being an investor in this.
12:50 pm
it just makes no sense like, what are we talking about? >> one more thing to add to that >> i have to split i do i have to go, though treasury co treasury yields are pull back. we'll talk to the futures tradee playing it next. a reminder you can watch or listen live always on the go on the cnbc app back after this.
12:51 pm
good morning!
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the futures outlook yields moving lower on the back of chair powell's comments. we have more on how to play it i can't imagine his comments were a surprise to anybody >> no. we know they want to be lower for longer but, scott, despite that right after the first of the year we saw the ten-year yield move from a sideways range to a higher sideways range it's been in there since again just after the first of the year i think they're whistling past the graveyard at the fed when they say inflation is not going to be a problem so it is easy to see lots of catalysts that would drive rates higher tough to see any that would drive rates lower. i want to be a seller of the ten-year future and the march contract i would be a seller at 137 even as you can see right there. once i'm short my target to the down side is going to be 136 even that is just below the recent low we had on january 12th my stop we're always going to trade these with a stop, 137.16 and at those prices risking $500 to make double that $1,000
12:54 pm
>> got you we'll talk to yosou on thank you very much. final trades up next we see increased efficiency connected to more comfortable homes. emerson's energy star™ certified sensi™
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let's do final trades. first up tiff, then sarat. >> em, so how you compete with tesla and win ubgn the largest producer of cars in the u.s. and you make a commitment to go a hundred percent ev that is how you win and change the game >> sarat >> charter communications great cash flow, broadband growth. this is one you want to own even through the pandemic and when we reopen >> okay. josh then john
1:00 pm
>> paypal under 200. very recently staying with it regardless of the rally. >>wynn reports, scott, bought it on this dip got back into call spreads. >> okay. lastly weiss go ahead. >> xpo great quarter great guidance shocked the stock is lower >> thanks everybody. "the exchange" is now. >> thanks, scott good to see you midday hi everybody bitcoin hitting another record high as mastercard embraces crypto what does it mean for the industry and how it could open up the gates for new investors how the recent rise in popularity of club house can spark an audio only revolution and how big players like twitter could cash in. angry robin hood customers are showing up at the company's menlo park door step we have the details. let's begin with the markets this hour. seema mody has the story


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