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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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complaining that robinhood for operational reasons didn't let them by gamestop at $400 a share. now under 50 >> anyway, we -- >> it was a miss speak >> out of time here on "closing bell." "fast money" starts right now. >> i'm melissa lee and this is fast money money steve grasso, jeff mills, brian kelly and pete in a jerian las vegas casinos getting ready to open the doors a little wider. plus not clear for takeoff a second set back sending shares of virgin galactic tumbling. with two days left before valentines day we're taking a look at some of the most loved stocks on wall street. or will it be true love or heartbreak for these names big week for twitter
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shares surging more than 25% since monday for its best week in six years the jump coming after the company reported the second billion quarter of 192 million pete, though is selling. he's out pete, why? >> well, i think the run was just absolutely extraordinary, mel, and when you make a look at it, they did everything right, right. they had some great amountization, up. when i look at the pe, i feel like it's stretched at this point in time, even for this particular name. twitter's always traded at an inflated pe. this was a stock that i was lucky enough to get at $35 a share in august. i based my thoughts upon usual actions that got me into it. we talked about this but going towards elections, it seems like the right trade going into the elections it was the stock continued to move to
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the up side and now the stock is exploding more it was up 11%, i think, on wednesday after delivering the great earnings i still love the company as a matter of fact, you and i talked about this, that i saw some unusual options in there today. had to jump on those kind of a stock replacement. i'm out of the stock but i've got the calls to the up side >> you're still ex postsed to the long side if it does go higher >> yeah. >> you can make the case that for some stocks, even if it trades higher and the valuations go higher, that stock has proven itself, so therefore, that is a point at which you do get in, you see the stock respond, you do have the earnings come through. is this one of those cases >> i'm almost in the exact same boat as pete, actually they're doing a lot of good things the user base is broke they're obviously engaged in the plom platform. some of the numbers are still underperforming.
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snap, facebook, etc. they're getting a little bit better but they were slow. i think advertisers are still seeing better roi on some of the other platforms. it also means there's a big opportunity for twitter. they can engage smaller businesses i like the story longer term but i would also use this pop to take profits if i was in the name >> we talked about this in terms of the growth chairsons to a snap, etc., and the concern that maybe twitter isn't living up to its peers. after this run, what are your thoughts >> so this boat's getting bigger, because i'm in the same boat as them >> like a cruiseship here. >> that's right. zwiter's all-time high is 74.p 3 from december 2013 i think snap is field goal to garner a lot of those ad dollars as jeff just said.
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as pete said, you look at the chart, the rsi is 86 you know that over 70 is over bought i think even the company told us they're worried about growth and they're worried about their numbers going forward, because the comps are tough. the comps are what everyone's sitting at home quarantine when the pandemic just hit. so i think twitter is to be sold i wouldn't rush into snap but i'd rather be a holder of snap than twitter right now >> before you jump in or out of the boat that the rest of three are in let's say you were in this stock. you saw this rise this week. you also know there is an investor day for twitter in a couple of weeks. they may announce something big what do you do >> well, meet bk on the aledo deck because it's sell it, too
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it's off with those things where the catalyst has already gone. so yeah, announce something big in a couple of weeks maybe, but the whole trade was the election trade we knew there was going to be unbelievable of engagement. then the biggest user of their product has for the time being kind of sailed off into the sunset so, you know, i'm a seller as well >> i think it's interesting that people say, oh, you know, donald trump being permanently banned from the platform, that is a threat to twitter. that's one reason to sell. it wasn't a reason to buy it when he was on the platform in the first place, pete. i mean, was it i don't remember many bullish analysts saying donald trump is going to spur engagement and therefore drive up the valuation of twitter >> right yeah, it's fun fodder. you're right i think the reality is that it takes this big huge broad base and that's what we've talked about time and time again. they're getting better at
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monetization i think there's a lot of combinations i don't think the loss of donald trump is a problem for twitter, by any stretch there's enough very interesting voices that come on to twitter that i don't think it's just one voice from the president itself tweeting away. there's plenty of others the loss of the president, the gain of the president, that had add very minuscule amount of tangible meaning other than it's fun to talk about. >> you raise your happened meekly, steve, grasso? do you have a nent >> it's a friday show. i didn't know how much time you had left the only thing they could announce is maybe having a charged subscription base model. it's tough to get people on to this for free. i don't think there's any bull case scenario behind that either once again, another reason to be a seller here. >> the minute they charged for a subscription, i'm off twitter, that's for sure.
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saying it right now. jeff mills, if not twitter, then where in social media? >> well, i'll just go to the charts on that one you see snap, big pop. facebook, it's interesting, it's battling between the 50-day and 200-day. i think if you get a break higher, i like facebook compared to the other two >> from a tech car throb to wall street darlings, valentines day is on the horizon. that's a public service announcement it's on the horizon. we thought it would be a good time to look at some of the streets most loved stocks, amazon, alphabet, gm more than 85% buy ratings from analysts start with amazon, the most loved stock with a 47 buy ratings, two holds, zero sells pete, is this stock true love or a heartbreaker >> oh, this is true love
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>> heartbreaker. >> this is amazing stuff no it's not. this is true love, steve i tell you why when you look at the various numbers. we just got those numbers so it's fantastic we get to look at what's in front of us at the very moment when you look at the numbers and what they did, they crushed their earnings in revenue. that prized people, i think. their operating income was up extraordinarily high their cash front was up 72% across the board and the most interesting thing, i think, is this is a company that finally might have grown into where they are from a pe perspective, they're still growing like crazy. when you look at what once seemed to be a four digit and a three digit and now we're looking at a company that's trading what 60 times there's plenty of up side. when you get a new ceo is going to take over the operation, give it to somebody who's an insider who's in the most profitable part of your world, and that's exactly what they did when they
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hired the chairman of the aws to become the ceo of the company. i think that was brilliant it reminds me of what they did with sachy modela. >> this is going to be a heartbreak i let the cat out of the bag there. the september high was -- >> oh. >> was 35.52 and after earnings, we had a pop to 34.34. but when you look at the stock, it's really done nothing since september. this is another one that's going to have huge comps to get over once we restart the economy. i agree with pete. aws was the reason to buy it i wouldn't be a buyer of amazon right now. amazon could fall hundreds of dollars without blinking i'd stay clear of the huge tech beau hemoof the in the room. >> gem motors has 16 buy ratings. two holds.
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true love of heartbreaker. >> yeah. that's going to be a heartbreaker for ala thousand dollars. >> oh! >> yeah. i am concerned here's what i'm concerned. i don't think that wall street and the analysts are pricing into the issue that could surround the chip shortage that is -- that we all know about and so my concern is that while car prices may go up, that may not accrue to gm's bottom line, adding into the fact we've also had quite a run in the general of motors, so bk's a seller. >> the general of mills is going to do true love on this one, i think. i understand the chip shortage issue. you know, it's an industry issue. they're doing what they can to execute around that. looking forward, they have a big opportunity in evs and av gs i like the aggressive strategy for me, i like the stock here. i think it could go higher i think there's an opportunity
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in. >> autos generally we're facing down the barrel of another maybe 1.6 trillion dollars at 6% unemployment i like the move above 40 and then the retest. that's encouraging to me so i think there's a path higher >> sound effects for this game was tremendous alphabet, 42 out of 44 with a buy rating grasso, true lo or heartbreak. >> this someone a true love. go ahead cue the sound effects. [ birds >> this stock checks pack to its 50-day if it checked back to its 50-day, it would be a drop of 12%. i don't think it's going to do that but the 50-day is rising, so you could have a couple of point check back i think ultimately this one's a true love for me it's going to outperform the whole group.
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>> i think it's hard for me to say this, but it is going to be a heart praek for me now of course it's a great business. i like what google's doing with the crowd and the nonad businesses, especially versus a stock like facebook. but i do think it could be left behind when the growth ramps up towards the end of the year. it's 23% of comps. ets investors start to favor i think perhaps there's a relative under performance story when talking about google. steve mentioned the chart, 3 is% above the 200-day. i don't know if it checks back to that by any means i think that could be some semblance of a head wind there you talk about higher interest rates, higher inflation. i think that could weigh on valuation some you lump into that, it's been a slow burn for a long time, but i think that ramps up. so for me, heartbreak. >> i feel bad for the stock with
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the heartbreak sounds. 14 buyings, one hold, one sell pete, true love or heartbreak? >> this one for me's a heartbreak i look at the -- >> oh. >> i do rooifrgtd, mel -- >> that's so good. what the stock has already quadrupled, right? they've put out phenomenal numbers. i think this is -- when you look at this stock -- and we were talking about amazon a little while ago trading about 60 times. this is trading 120 times, so yes, the earnings are strong, but i think this is the kind of target when if we do get a pullback and i sort of thing we will at some point in time, when we do, these are the names that are going to get targeted. you look at the p.e. levels, where they are right now and i think those are going to be what people attack. right now, i think it's a heartbreak >> well, you just broke my heart. remember back last time we were
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on i mentioned the christmas gift you gave me was a stunning crocheted apron, and he got it on etsy. this one's a true love for me. i get the valuation metrics. here's the thing we're going to market valuation doesn't matter the stocks that really have a story behind them that gain growth that really do well i think you can ride this one a little bit longer. >> all right we've got a news alert on where the so-called smart money is going. leslie is here with details on the latest >> hey, melissa. this is for the fourth quarter as of december 31, we got the 13 for ses chloroman's bow quest group, an interesting one to follow an interesting disclosure of a $900 million position at quarter end and intel owned 18 million shares as of december 31st why isn't this interesting well, it was that week that
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third point actually made their activists move in intel. that became public at least during that week in the last week of the quarter. it's unclear whether the peak is related to the move or whether they're in support of the third point move notable nonetheless it's a pretty large holding for bow post also, interesting that they had been traversing in some of theis backs as well, announce new positions in avanty, horizon, and previously had invested in a few others, notably per shing square but paired back the state in pershing square tomtine during the quarter. these are as of december 31st. the positions may have changed since then but a sizeable stake in intel. but no evidence that it's in connection with third point.
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just interesting timing given the activist move there. >> leslie, thank you baupost should send dan a bread basket, i don't know what. >> crocheted -- >> crocheted apron on etsy, of course it has been a nice run for intel since lowe got involved. >> yeah. intel, this was a stock that a lot of people threw out, including myself i'd owned it for a long time i got a little bit of a bounce and i got out. they're behind the eight ball right now, mel they have a lot of time that they need to make up in a herr write. whether or not they can execute to do that, because they've fallen behind their competition and that's a problem for them. i think intel, this is a tough one for me to be able to look at it at 62 and say it's going higher >> investors rolling the dice today. but will their bets pay off as
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cranking higher today as las vegas eases towards easing covid restrictions a goal to get to 50% capacity by mid march. so let's trade some of these names. jeff mills, i don't know how do you feel about the casinos here >> i'm starting to warm up to them, actually i've been anti-casino, anti-airline for a long time you see the vaccine rolling out, 1.13 million doses a day i mentioned the stimulus in the pipeline part of it will be filling a hole that exists, certainly, but i think partially people want to take that and spend it you look at pen and draftkings, a lot of activity there. i think it's clear that people want to get brack to that sort of thing i think mgm is probably the most interesting. they have a regional casino business, so not as ex postsed to events and convention, so that softened the blow a little bit.
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the charts that are interesting level, so just above 35. i think if it can told that will level and start to move high, that would be good >> top pick? >> for necessity it's las vegas sands. not only are you going to see this reopening but i don't think you have the risk of reclosing whether or not the virus has a second or a third or a final wave here, they're not going to be able to close down cities again, so you have that risk taken off the table. you look at las vegas, it was a hundred dollars or $120 stock. if you get that ramp up with more stimulus, i think you got a good stock here. >> will the stock be able to get liftoff again? eaors on options, new high ahd has this rally flamed out? much more "fast" after this.
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welcome back to "fast money. we got a buzz kill on virgin galactic after delaying for a second time a space flight test that was scheduled for this weekend, the company saying it needs more time tests originally scheduled for september but had technical issues there steve, you've been a long-time believer in this one now what >> i've owned this one at about $15 or so. this one is over a tremendous amount even over its old high which is around $42. for me, i'm really not that encouraged and disappointed by the lack of communication by the
5:25 pm
company. so i'm staying in this one i think they have a couple of levers to pull but it's pointless if they can't get this thing off the ground they should have done it syrian and should have communicated it a lot better i'm in it for a little longer until they show some signs of success. >> brian kelly >> i think this is the opportunity of the next couple of years here. we didn't expect -- this is hard stuff. it literally is rocket science, so they're going to have failures, they're going to have successes, too over the next three to five years, you get stories like this, you buy the stock at both ends. >> there's the cathy wood dynamic with the space focused etf. there aren't why space option toss trade in. here's one that would probably be a beneficiary of the flows. >> yeah. this is a stock -- i bought this stock back in june the other great thing is the implied volatilities are off 2
5:26 pm
charts you can sell calls against your position in stock and take in incredible amounts of premium. that's the way i've and a half gated my way through the ups and downs of this stock. the pullback is back to monday it's not like the stock, even though it did pull back 8%, it wasn't as significant as it sounds today >> context is important. 13 to keep rolling in. big buys leslie has details >> this one hits close to home it's comcast, the parent company of nbcuniversal and cnbc upping his stake by about 27% tchld value at the end of the fourth quarter was over a billion in comcast we knew that he had invested previously in comcast. he's been reportedly having dialogue with management upping his stake in the fourth quarter. although we're not sure are where his stakes stand this is as of december 31st.
5:27 pm
medical. >> i imagine this puts him among the biggest shareholders in comcast at this point. >> other than brian roberts. >> leslie, thank you all right, panel thanks for your time, steve, jeff, brian kelly, pete, don't go anywhere though, options action is up next. stay tuned
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happy friday options action fans chris varrone, mike co and tony zhang coming up. reefer madness hits the market cannabis trade is hot. we'll break it down. how to play pot without getting burned plus the next opportunity many chips. is this on the brink of a big breakout later, if you've got a question about options, tweet us. we might anticipation you on the air. we start off with a record day on wall street the s&p


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