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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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quickly. >> guy adami >> to tell the truth, mel, see, i know you don't know what that means, but the kitty carlisle fans do. lockheed-martin, stocks going higher >> all 25 of them. thanks for watching "fast. mad money with jim cramer starts now. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. you can call me or tweet me. i love the english language. except when it's being abused by
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wall street sharpies who want to make the market totally incomprehensible after a roller coaster day, let's do some translating. i want you to consider this your wall street to english dictionary for understanding reflation. that means we're getting higher prices for the kind of stuff that goes up when there's strong demand for basic goods when you see this, the hedge fund playbook says you need to sell the highest gross stocks and buy the cyclical stocks.
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the thing is, trade means the border market is going lower, because the other stocks get broomed. the gross stocks make up a larger average, which is why they were down this morning before they rebounded after some comments by the fed chief. the fed is not just your friend, it's your best friend, forever fed, bff one of the tricks of the reflation trade, steady eddie stocks get purged because there's not much competition but you have all the companies that can raise prices thanks to surging demand let's take apple you guys know apple. that's a stock that lots of people are giving up right now
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they hate it, apple won't charge more for phones, computers, or airpods. they like their customers and want them happy. but what do you think happens at the hotel industry when we're all vaccinated, will we pay the same price for hotel rooms, theme park tickets of course not. so there will be an estimate boost, and that's the single biggest reason why a stock goes higher marriott will sell more product at higher prices southwest can double the number of passengers flying from houston to chicago, so every additional dollar goes to the bottom line. so the companies that have that are golden, the ones without it, wall street doesn't like them right now. let's go a step further. we value stocks based on their
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future earning streams if that cash is worth less in the future due to inflation, then the stocks are worth less right now. especially the gross stocks that are all about doing big numbers many years down the road that's strike two. who gets hit the hardest the ones with no earnings, only sales. they're fine when the economy is sta stagnant, but that's no longer the case t the stock got way ahead of itself, and that means future revenue streams are somewhat less enticing and they just gave everyone a big haircut the full beatdown this morning didn't last, because they threw water on the inflation trade
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and many of the great growth stocks had fallen double digits, that's something we say on "mad money" you have to buy but this is what the world could look like if everybody gets vaccinated and you all want to go out and spend money i am not allowed to tell my wife to relax that means don't take any action she said, don't you ever tell me to relax okay, whatever is making you miserable, don't relax i'm not going to tell you to relax. instead, let's explain how this plays out by talking about inflation scare. i think we're having an inflation scare. historically,the presumption i that the fed will fight back our last fed chair decided to raise interest rates, and it was
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devastating for the growth stocks salesforce, adobe, netflix, others they got hit with the rate hike, then in december, then in early february, after we had a pair of surprisingly bleak forecasts, causing stocks to get cut in ha half i was in san francisco, i wasn't having any fun at all. it was a dark day. and people thought that would be the end of the formerly high-flying stocks everybody saying, this is it it's starting. but that was the bottom. after the rate hike, inflation scare died down, and you had a chance to buy some of the greatest growth stocks of our era. this time, our fed chief has vowed to hold off on raising
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rates. but there will come a time when the growth stocks will be somewhat hopeless. they'll say, 9:47, before people came in to buy and kathy wood, i thought i should mention kathy wood. one last term, risk-off, this is the height of wall street cant, mean jargon, and not kant, the philosopher. i am happy to entertain the idea that you need to ring the register here. but i happen to like growth stocks, i would like them in a house, i would like them with a mouse. but dr. seuss enthusiasts all, if you want to be like kathy wood, if you like me and like her and like growth, you need to
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prepared to take some risks. now, you can just do some selling and try to swap back at a lower level. i've never been able to do that so well. and millions of people have lost their jobs, and they let inflation roll until that ends does that work yes. but he's not going to take it back tomorrow. that means we don't have a deep sell-off, because this nonsense is just gibberish. and it's not too late to sell the electric kool aid battery acid stocks. but a buyer, to any retest of that 947 low we saw today.
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kevin in maryland? what's going on? >> i have a good friend. we're both teachers, and we noticed all of our students have this product we want to know, will it continue to rise what are your thoughts on the future of crocs? >> i saw the interview of the ceo, i said this is a great story. i have to get the guy on because, wow, you and darren, i think you're on to something and i like the story and courtney, a great interview. michael in pennsylvania? >> hey, jim. many investors get swept away chasing tech stocks, my eye is on proctor and gamble. they reported great earnings and paid a nice dividend despite that, it's down 13% from an all-time high
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i don't know about you, but i still plan on cleaning my house, washing my clothes, and wiping my you know what you think i can clean up with p and g? >> did he say that >> yeah. >> can we take that out in post-production? okay here's the deal. i share with you, and sarah eisen, who interviewed david taylor today i was surprised the stock came back down, i agree with you, although i think you're too granular, frankly. let's go to matt in arizona. >> boo-yah to you from the state of arizona i'm doing home work on smuckers. they're getting into the
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multibillion-dollar pet food industry, and they're working on other things that i'm excited about. >> i think they're doing a dynamite job i'm with you i like the 3% yielders then you can't make any money in cash, and this company is doing well and it does have, to me, peanut butter, it's a tough category. the other day, somebody got rid of, which was it jif? but i think they've got a great mixture of very good, solid businesses and i think they'll have a good quarter. listen, it's not too late to sell the super expensive growth, but i like growth. i like it, sam i am. on "mad money" tonight, many consider brinks a covid-19 loser, along with so many of its retail customers but does the recent times tell a
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different story? and con agra, do they still have what it takes? and it's an under the radar com company, do not miss my interview with charles river labs so stay with cramer.
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i like to look for stocks that defy the gravitational pull of the average when they're going lower, like brinks they're best known for their armored trucks they got crushed a year ago when covid came but after bottoming at $33 last may, they've come roaring back and this morning, we got the full results, and they were even better than already raised expectations no wonder the stock jumped more than 6% today. and i think they have a lot more room to run. i spoke to the president and ceo of brinks welcome back to "mad money. >> thanks, jim, great to see you back on the air again. >> thank you, i'm recovering well, and i really appreciate it that's very kind of you. i was listening to the home
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depot call today, i said, that's a great american company, but they couldn't give us any guidance but brinks, strong growth in the second half. your confidence level is higher than almost any other company, and yet you're a cash business how is that possible >> there's probably a misconception that cash has gone down the facts are, and we presented some of this in our call today, the strength of cash is just as strong as it was before. and the amount of cash in the economy is just as strong, and the use is just as strong, if not stronger, even during a pandemic so a couple of examples. the federal reserve reports that cash and circulation in the u.s. is up 16% versus the prior year. that's a huge number in comparison to what the historical annual increases have been that have been in the 5% to
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6% range for the last 25-plus year that's a great number. internally, our numbers of the cash that we process through our system is up 6% versus prior years. that clearly suggests cash is going away and we're in a time in which the economy sees a lot of unemployment, a lot more stimulus into the economy. and i think we'll see more of that in the coming months. that's when we see much more cash used in our economy, and will continue to be. and we also see signs, surveys and other aspects that suggest that in fact the use of cash on in-person retail transactions has not changed materially from pre-pandemic levels. so we think those are great numbers, great backing we can give you more as well today. >> i saw the federal reserve numbers, and annual growth rate, the best in 30 years
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is it possible that a lot of young people got their checks and turned them into cash? >> it certainly is and we've seen -- but that's cash in circulation in general but what we've seen in prior times like this, 2009, 2010, is that the use of cash has gone up fairly dramatically during those times, and the stimulus obviously will continue to drive those things but this was during the pandemic as well. surveys done by the fed as well, and other third parties have suggested that the use of cash is materially the same for in-person transactions during the pandemic and after the pandemic that's great news. i know globally, too, we talk about the u.s., but globally, two-thirds of all u.s. transactions are in cash it's clearly not going away, and it's stronger than it was before. >> i know people, the plastic guys are saying plastic is here to stay. thepaypals of the world, they
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say they're here to stay but i see outfits buying bitcoin, things like that. if brinks says, if you want to transact in bitcoin, would you ever do it >> we're probably doing something very similar to that, that i think is what our next round of offering alternatives to manage cash that is to offer what i consider to be the solution that i call the digital cash solution. if about a third of payments for in-person retail in the u.s. is done in cash, yet there isn't a true solution for retailers to manage that cash in an efficient, effective, integrated way for the rest of their digital payments, then where do you go that's where we think we can jump in. we think we can provide that digital cash management solution and that is what we're coming on
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to next. a solution that effectively takes the retailers' cash, the physical cash they have in a store, and with our support, actually converts it into digital payments in the customer's bank account, the same as what credit cards and digital cash providers do for the same payments. that's where we're going, and we think that solution can be fairly significant and there's a huge untapped, unvented market in this space for cash management. >> so, doug, i can't resist. you have a terrific brinks sustainability page, you talk about diesel and gasoline, and also some alternative fuel vehicles what are you trying out? >> certainly we're looking at some electric truck alternatives in the u.s., but more
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importantly, in some other countries that are dual fuel vehicles vehicles that start on diesel and convert over to natural gas. more fuel efficient, and also better for the environment on top of these alternatives, it's also about how we optimize routes, reduce the number of truck miles, if you will, or delivery miles to reduce the amount of emissions. and by using the digital solutions that we're talking about, and the technology around that, what we can materially reduce is the amount of truck time and delivery and pickup time to reduce emissions. >> that's very important we know this, these are the issues that our younger inves investors particularly care about. doug, president and ceo of the brinks company, love to have you on the show.
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thank you. >> thanks, and look forward to talking to you again soon. >> of course "mad money" is back after the break. can the package goods stock rebound after the pandemic and if snacking on this stock can lead to some savory profits, next. we see increased efficiency connected to more comfortable homes. emerson's energy star™ certified sensi™ smart thermostat uses geofencing to simplify how homeowners manage comfort and costs.
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terrific quarter, but they didn't get much credit conagra, looks a lot more appealing. so let's check in with shawn conley, the president and ceo of c conagra brands welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. >> we see the brands, we see their ads, do i want to buy it 80% of your ad budget is online? and how is that working for you? >> if you look at the results, you can see it's working pretty well in the old days, we used to three a lot of advertising dollars at older products.
6:28 pm
but these days, our consumers are increasingly untethered to their televisions and they're on their device we want to be increasingly on devices and that has led us to a digital mix that is over 80% of our marketing budget. >> my daughter likes to bake puts it on instagram, gets a kick out of it her friends do, too. and they see this new duncan hines kits you put it on instagram. they're your spokespeople, aren't they. >> they are. and this is a great way to reach consumers, and the great thing about it is to get them talking to each other about it word of mouth is the golden goose here we find our digital work, which we can read immediately in terms
6:29 pm
of efficacy is critical. and that's really the endorsement we're looking for, the unbiased endorsement to the consumer instead of advertising preaching to the consumer. that's not as credible. >> let's talk frozen food. we've been talking about what a bargain it is. but the price of food itself is starting to go up. something we have to worry about? because frozen food, what is so great about it, it really doesn't hit your pocketbook. >> the big question in our space right now, will the elevated at-home eating persist will it prove to be durable? we believe the answer is yes, and we believe it's going to be in large areas where conagra plays like frozen food and snacking the question is, why do you believe it's going to be elevated looking at things like we expect
6:30 pm
more work to be happening at home going forward, that will continue that means more breakfast and lunch occasions at home. and motion picture studios doing direct release, that means at-home snacking will remain elevated and younger consumers, all the millennials were thrust into home, and they discovered what it's like to cook at home and eat at home. they found it's a super value proposition, and it's fun. so when we consider all the factors and more, it leads us to believe this level of at-home consumption will remain elevated. >> how do you deal with the fact that my generation sees certain brands, we like them, we don't necessarily want to see them change new generations don't want my brand. so you don't want to lose the
6:31 pm
core group, but i remember healthy choice, lose some weight, tastes good. but it doesn't look good anymore, it has the wrong packaging for my days. how do you do it >> what we've found is that consumers of all generations want modern packages and modern products and they put a premium on it and similarly, they reject that which looks antiquated when you have that on your products and packages, the consumer is willing to pay a lot less, and they're not that interested in it that's why design thinking is such a central part of our culture around here. we're mining data to understand what consumers of all ages are looking for at the moment, so we can design those into our products and packages. when we get it right, and it's
6:32 pm
embedded in our product, we find that consumers of all ages want it that's step one. then we get high-quality distribution in store and online, and then we layer the digital marketing programs on top of that. when you bring it together, very strong performance, as you can tell by our growing market shares. >> when i look at the aisles, you do own the frozen food aisle. but in the popcorn aisle, how do you knock the other guy out? >> well, when you look at our business in popcorn, ready to eat popcorn is the most recent place that we entered the category our beachhead is in the microwave popcorn, orville r
6:33 pm
redenbacher and act ii and all the entertainment that is happening right now during covid, and we believe will happen post-covid in terms of people seeking entertainment at home, using all the prescription services, direct to consumer movie releases, it really points to elevated at-home snacking microwave popcorn is a phenomenal occasion, and ready to eat popcorn is great, too. >> i think you have the right mixture. some people are already starting to lose the customer, because they did not innovate, but you did. so great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> not everything has to be a kathy wood biotech she's fabulous but sometimes you just want to own something that gives you a
6:34 pm
good yield, and it ain't going away it's going higher. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, how can you make the next stage of the pandemic response work for your portfolio? as the country hopes for a recovery, cramer catches up with charles river labs, next
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as the market gets swept up in the reopening trade, that creates opportunities that don't fit the narrative. take charles river labs, they give companies the tools they need to discover new drugs
6:38 pm
basically an arms dealer to the drug industry. and the stock jumping from $286 to $299. but since then, stock has fallen back to $283 but could this be a buying opportunity? let's talk to the chairman, president, and ceo of charles river laboratories welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. >> people saying there's too many ipos, too much craziness going on i think it may be the golden age of investment in new drugs how is it possible that you have 2,000 new possibilities here >> we've never seen the demand so great
6:39 pm
and most there are amazing new modalities to treat diseases gene therapy, and 2,000 new drugs developed in cell and gene therapy. about two-thirds of those are in pre-clinical development, which is what we do. so there's enormous opportunity there. i think there will be more coming a bunch of new companies have been minted by venture capitalists and other companies, and it treats a whole host of diseases, including cancer. >> when i look at cancer, the big drug companies, i see them buying a biotech after it has a cancer formulation
6:40 pm
are they buying something that charles river has said, you can get a green light on this? >> they are. you know, the biotech companies have become the drug discovery engines of the pharmaceutical industry and they do thatextremely well and they're incredibly well-financed, $130 billion came in last year, the largest of all time pharma is buying companies earlier, sometimes they partner with them, or they buy the whole company. we worked on more than 80% of the drugs that get to market most of the ones that are into the clinics. so we have a hand in proving the safety and efficacy of these drugs, and help the companies with go and no-go decisions.
6:41 pm
we're proud of our role in this whole universe >> let's talk about your role in covid. you were involved, obviously, i bet that you were probably more optimistic than most people a year ago, because you have seen the wonders that were developing. >> the fastest a vaccine ever got to market before this was four years typically it's ten years, by the way. of course, vaccines were developed in a year because the whole drug development paradigm worldwide workedon this very serious problem. we worked on all the vaccines now on the market, including astrazeneca and moderna, we've had deep relationships with them for years. and they do all of their safety testing with us. we're proud of the role we played in helping get these critical vaccines to the market. >> how much of what is going on
6:42 pm
with these is like a safe cracker. you have an amazon web services doing trillions of calculations, giving it to charles river, and charles river figures out whether it can work. >> we don't do the basic discovery for these companies. but moderna has technologies across a whole different group of therapeutic areas i think they've proven the validity of their messenger rna technology and the biotech industry is
6:43 pm
essentially, when they start, the companies are all virtual. and if they get larger, they do what they need to do none of the things we do, does the biotech industry do on their own. when i spoke to the ceo of moderna, he said we never could have done this without your help, and we love that >> and $875 million, every acquisition you've done since we've seen you has worked. this will be more cell therapies? >> yeah, this is one of the largest cell therapy manufacturing companies. sort of a gap we had in our port portfolio. about 10% of it will be cell and gene therapy now we have the technology to
6:44 pm
manufacture the drugs themselves, and we can test them to make sure they're safe before they go into the clinic and ultimately the market. it's a very important, strategic acquisition in a space with high growth. >> i think this is really one of the few companies at the cutting edge of every aspect of drug development. jim foster, of charles river labs, always great to see you. >> always great to see you, too. >> "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, cramer takes your calls, rapid fire. the lightning round is next.
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it is time and then the lightning round is over okay, we'll start with right
6:49 pm
now, shane in pennsylvania shane? >> hey, jim. how are you doing today? >> i'm doing well. how about you? >> good. so i got the best stock on the market right now i think it's super undervalued, a ton of growth ahead. what do you think of vertex pharmaceuticals? >> i don't understand why it's so low i agree. ed in florida, ed? >> hey, jim. jim cramer. >> yeah. >> how are you >> i'm good, how are you >> i'm great listen, i just want to first thank you and your team for everything you do for us little guys. >> man, we're all little guys. that's the key thing let's go to work >> thank you well, my concern is about a stock that i purchased recently. and i see it went down about 12 bucks in the week. and i don't know if i should buy it or hang in there.
6:50 pm
it's quantumscape. >> that's the biotech of the group, he has the better battery. that's what matters. can they mass produce it i don't know but i don't want you to bail, it's too interesting i need to go to eric in new york eric >> hi, jim they signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, i'm wondering about cgc. >> there was an article, and canopy is still up 43% i want to be a buyer of canopy kushboo in new jersey? >> jim, glad to see you back in action >> thank you go ahead, what's up?
6:51 pm
>> i want to wish my brother monty a happy 40th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> jim, what are your thoughts on expi? >> oh, my god. i pulled this up when i was sick i was like, how the hell have i not heard about this company this is a real deal company. it's a very good company i'm more partial to zillow, but they have a fabulous website, doing a lot of great things. let's go to michael in illinois. >> i don't know whether too buy more -- >> no, no, no, you got a great basis, you don't have to worry about it i would say, one of the things that has happened, we're watching plug power coming down.
6:52 pm
we don't have enough traction saying it will come down in price. i like it, but let's go to jeff in kentucky. jeff >> big boo-yah from kentucky my question is about dish network. >> i've read a lot of negative research in the last few days. no no too risky for me i need to go to rich in new york rich >> hey, hi, jim. >> how are you doing >> i have a question here. mr. russell added two great people to his board. but the stock isn't playing well in the sandbox, jim. i'm asking you about lazr. >> all the stocks got hit because of what happened with churchill and the merger with
6:53 pm
lucent and that is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, don your suit of armor and decide what type of investor you want to be. cramer is breaking down the key lessons from the reddit revolution that can make you money, next. i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ big news travels fast on t-mobile, the leader in 5g coverage and speed. visit
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red all right, what really happened with the great gamestop caper? i was recuperating last week, but i devoured the congressional hearing. ever since gamestop stock started nose-diving, we've been hearing a stabbed in the back narrative. just when they had the hedge funds on the ropes, wall street closed ranks and got places like robinhood to sell out. but the only problem, that story is not true. i'm a big fan of anybody who can help regular people try to make money. i love that the reddit forum has been working, and robinhood
6:57 pm
screwed up that said, if robinhood's meltdown prevented you from buying gamestop at 300 and they're down to $49, that didn't hurt you citadel pays robinhood for overflow, but it's the only way you will ever get commission-free trading. i don't think citadel did anything wrong, either you can argue the clearinghouse business is too concentrated, but you're right but that's on regulators i love reddit, but what about melvin capital they got greedy and turned a huge win into a huge loss. seems like a bad idea to bet
6:58 pm
against a video game retailer, but hedge funds make dumb trades all the time and then the smartest guy of all, the reddit hero who figured it out and made a fortune. keith gill this guy is everything i like about the business he figured out that gamestop was a combustible situation and profited from it good for him but here's where the situation s gets under my skin most of the people involved despise me i ripped out the catheter and called in and told people to sell gamestop at 350 top of the world, ma
6:59 pm
apparently anyone who told you to sell is bad was i trying to bust the short squeeze? no i was just trying to help people save money it's down 300 points since then. even if robinhood had not suspended trading, gamestop would have come back down to earth. this is the short squeeze, and squeezes do not last forever sooner or later, you run out of short sellers with their backs against the wall gamestop is still in serious trouble. the stock was trading like business was booming if you care about making money, you had to sell at 350, not buy. and that's the problem right there. there's a new contingent of investors who don't seem to care about make money they want to somehow be right even when they lose money.
7:00 pm
that's not how it works, though. i can't believe i have to say this but if you're not trying to make money, what the heck are you doing owning stocks? i'm jim cramer, see you tomorrow the testimonies from law enforcement on what went wrong before and during the capitol insurrection tiger woods, serious in a car crash. i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc the violent roll over, the car mangled roadside new information from police, the interior was more or less impact which gave him the cushion to survive otherwise it would have been a fatal crash >> we are live at the hospital


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