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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 1, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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he is the big front runner when it comes to the money race. he's expected to announce somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to $20 million in the first quarter in fundraising. that's not as much as he raised back in the 2008 period, but not too shabby for mitt romney. thanks. a reminder for all the latest political news go to our website cnn let's celebrate the 4th a couple days together. we'll have beer and barbecue and hit the road. >> we'll be celebrating here at cnn. >> we're patriotic to our job. >> live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. the case against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn may be falling apart. he has a quickly called court hearing. that is happening in 30 minutes. sources say prosecutors will outline significant credibility
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issues with strauss-kahn's accuser, a maid claims that strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her six weeks ago in his new york hotel suite. >> even with dna evidence, the prosecution is considering dropping the case. that shows how bad her credibility may be, that even with dna evidence, they may not be able to bring this case. it's a shocking, shocking development. a big surprise in the casey anthony trial. prosecutors in orlando plan to call rebuttal witnesses today but instead, the judge called an indefinite recess, putting the trial on hold. that is because defense team has to take the deposition of one of the state's rebuttal witnesses. closing arguments set for tomorrow are now in doubt. minnesota state government is closed for business today. the governor and lawmakers, they failed to close a $5 billion
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budget gap by the deadline. critical services remain open, but state parks, campgrounds, minnesota zoo, they are all shut down for the holiday weekend. france may give weapons to libyan rebels holed up in misrata. they have surrounded the city on three sides for months now. russia immediately objected. such a move would violate the u.n. mandate for libya. moammar gadhafi's daughter says no matter what happens her father is not going to walk away from his country or people. e her remarks came from an interview with french television. >> i see my father once in awhile. he's the one who cheers us up. contrary to what's been said our family is still very tight. these events have brought us
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closer than ever. leon panetta took over as secretary of defense. he replaces robert gates who retired after four and a half years on the job. panetta's focus, winding down two wars and trimming the pentagon's massive budget. general david petraeus will take over panetta at the cia in september. they confirmed him on thursday. petraeus led the troop surges in afghanistan and iraq. in between, he led u.s. central command. the nba joined the nfl today and locked out players. talks over splitting the nba's $4 billion in annual revenue, that collapsed. the league says 22 of its 30 teams are losing money. it wants players to take a pay cut. >> the goal here has been to make the league profitable and to have a league where all 30 teams can compete. >> a lot of our fans and people that follow our game, although
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we're not going to miss any games at this point still just don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. >> the nba season is supposed to begin in late october. the accusations made headlines around the world, but new information could shatter the sexual assault case against former imf head, dominique strauss-kahn. a source close to the case tells cnn there are serious issues with the credibility of the housekeeper who claims that strauss-kahn attacked her in a manhattan hotel room. now strauss-kahn's lawyers want him released. richard roth is in new york with the latest. this is quite a bombshell when you think about it. part of the maid's story is actually in question here. what do we know about the credibility issues? >> reporter: well, according to sources, talking to cnn and other media, the alleged sex assault victim has problems in telling the truth to prosecutors
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who had previously claimed she was an excellent witness and they were going to lean heavily on her testimony should this go to trial. they seriously considered what she had to say and stopped dominique strauss-kahn from leaving the country that day. though they have dna evidence that indicates there was some type of sexual encounter in that hotel room, they are going to ask the judge to really change the bail conditions, the severe bail conditions, and he indeed may be set freon his own recognizance. he left his home in new york city, part of his house arrest conditions and arrived a short time ago at court with his wife, the journalist. the last time there was an organized demonstration of hotel maids yelling "shame on you." that chant may be yelled at people in the prosecutor's office. we'll have to see. >> this is somebody who could have been the next president of france, really someone who was very popular there, if the case
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goes away, as some people might believe, is there a chance he can rehabilitate his public image here? >> look, you remember that famous trial with the former u.s. labor secretary where he walked out after he was found not guilty. he says where do i go now to get my reputation back, a quote that has been aired sadly by other defendants who were then exonerated. the socialist party in france still has not chosen its candidate. >> in the meantime, if his lawyers get their way and he's released, would it be possible that he could go back to france? >> it's expected the prosecutors will ask the judge to still keep dominique strauss-kahn's passport, but he may be told you can stay free in the united states instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this massive private security system that was imposed upon him, extraordinary bail conditions. that is probably going to be
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eased now. >> richard roth, thank you. on the phone with us, jeffrey toobin. i understand you spoke with strauss-kahn's defense team. what does this mean for strauss-kahn? what do they believe this means? >> i think we've got to take this one step at a time. i think today will probably be limited simply to a relaxation of the bail conditions, but obviously the prosecution is going to have to reevaluate what if anything they can still prove. this case may proceed. it may proceed with the damaged credibility of its witness, but it wouldn't be the first time. there could also be some sort of deal on lesser charges. if the problems are so profound, the case could wind up being dismissed. i don't think we'll have a resolution to the case today other than a reduction in bail conditions. >> what does that mean? >> in terms of how the case will
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be resolved, obviously, the circumstances have changed a great, great deal, but we don't know at this point how it's all going to end up. >> jeff, when you say relaxing the bail conditions, remind our viewers what the situation is. $6 million in bail and bond. he's under house arrest. do they think he'll be able to walk out of that condominium that he's been spending a lot of money on, walk into the street and be a free man? >> yes, i mean, i think the main condition that they will look to have relaxed is the fact that he would no longer be under house arrest, that he would be able to move freely within, at least the five boroughs of new york. i think it's very unlikely the prosecution would agree to allowing him to return to france. that's essentially giving up on the case. but just no longer have electronic monitoring.
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let him live essentially like a free person in new york city while his lawyers push for a resolution of the case on, they hope, very favorable terms. >> jeffrey toobin will have more on this. we'll be following this very closely in the next 30 minutes or so. here's a run down on some of the other stories. first, why did the judge in the casey anthony murder trial unexpectedly call a recess? we're waiting for word on when he gets back. and shopping online just got more expensive. in california. we'll tell you why the same thing could happen in your state. then, the space shuttle program goes into retirement this month after 40 years. was the program ultimately a success? we'll take a look back. later, big spenders. you know who you are. you're hiding your purchases. that can hurt your relationship. >> a lot of times, like the girls, we do secretly shop. that's just what we do.
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casey anthony's murder trial is in recess indefinitely. that unexpected move came from the judge just two hours ago. our david mattingly is outside the courthouse in orlando. david, this is somewhat surprising. we've been watching this. court was set to hear from rebuttal witnesses today. what happened? >> we fully expected right now to be pretty much done with seeing witnesses being called to the stand in this case. the prosecution was just going to call a few rebuttal witnesses to refute some of the findings that the experts had when they
8:13 am
testified for the defense. we never really got to that. everything ground to a halt very quickly today when we heard a very common complaint. the defense was complaining that the prosecution was going to call a witness to provide testimony that they were not prepared for. so the judge has allowed them to take that witness to depose that witness to do whatever they can, take as much time as they need to prepare, but he warned them that everyone right now needs to be thinking about the jurors. listen. >> remember, y'all can take as much time as you want, but you got jurors back there. and they have been sequestered. and there are real problems and there are imaginary problems. and i hope this is a real
8:14 am
problem and not an imaginary problem. >> reporter: if we manage to get back on track today and the prosecution wraps up its rebuttal, then tomorrow, we could see closing arguments in this case where the defense and the prosecution both have their last words in front of the jury before they hand it to them to begin deliberating over this holiday weekend. >> what did the judge mean when he said there are real problems and imaginary problems? what was he talking about? >> reporter: what he was letting us know was he wasn't quite convinced with the defense's argument that they really need to go depose this witness. at this point though, he has no choice but to give them the time to do that in all fairness to the defendant here, casey anthony, who is on trial for her life. so that was his way of saying i'm not convinced that your complaint is valid but do it anyway. >> got it. thank you, david. we're going to take a closer
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look at the trial in just a few minutes. i'm going to talk to two lawyers, one analyzing the prosecutor's case, the other on defense. we're going to cover all those angles. shopping in california just got more expensive. it could affect how much you pay when you shop online in the future. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! gg mom: you're home piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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starting today, california is requiring online retailers to charge sales tax to the customers. it's a move to help california make up for the budget problems they are having. allison joins us from the new york stock exchange. how are they making money here?
8:18 am
>> it's actually what you just said. the sales tax came out of california's budget problems. this is one way the state is trying to raise revenue. it essentially means that people living in california now have to pay sales tax on anything they buy from an online, out of state retailer that actually has connections in california. many call this law the amazon tax law. amson is having no part of it. they are severing ties with 10,000 businesses who funneled their shoppers to that site. in the last hour, who cut off its relationship with hundreds of partners, it's going to reward any customer in california that spent more than $300 in the past year, a free club "o" membership. california customers can still buy from the customers, affiliates, of course, they are going to have to pay a 7.25% tax
8:19 am
at the checkout. >> are there other states that are actually considering doing the same thing, to try to help out with their budgets here? >> you know what, they are. many states are thinking about it. as they also struggle to make ends meet. california is actually the seventh state to put this so called amazon tax into effect. they join connecticut, illinois, north carolina, arkansas and rhode island. they have similar laws. amazon sued new york and lost. companies like amazon are denying states millions of dollars in revenue that they so desperately need. you can see that with the california legislation expected to raise $320 million. suzanne? >> thank you. have a good holiday. >> you too. three great stroories. one is going to air. here are your choices. first, libya's fighting women. they say they are answering moammar gadhafi's call by
8:20 am
training to defend their country. are they just for show or legitimate force? that story from inside libya. second, how big is your digital footprint, an eye opening report on how your phone, car, other devices are exposing your personal information in this digital world. finally, distracted driving challenge. drive along as parents and teenagers see how well they can get through an obstacle course while texting. if you're not behind the wheel, you can vote for your favorite story by texting 22360, text 1 for libya's fighting women, 2 for digital footprint and 3 for distracted driving. chicago has a deadly problem with guns. last weekend, 10 people were killed by gunfire, more than 40 wounded as well. young people are especially at risk. there's one woman who is working to do something about this.
8:21 am
diane lattikcor. >> guns, guns and more guns. we're losing a generation to violence. >> everybody is scared to come out. >> when they start shooting, you got to grab the kids and run in the house. >> there are some people who are not scared to go outside and i'm one of them. my name is diane latiker. we're known as kob. they are kids that are in gangs, homeless, some of them drug dealers so they got a lot of issues going on. >> who signed up? >> i tell kids this is a peace place. this is a safe place. >> i was really wanting to be a veterinarian. >> we have leadership workshops, music. >>. ♪ >> it's a range of things that goes on in here. we started with 10 young people. next thing i knew, i had 15, 25.
8:22 am
at one point i had 75 young people in three rooms of my house. that's how kids off the block started, in my living room. we opened the doors for the new kob center in july. last week, 301 young people. if they knock on the door, they can come in. >> i was 12 when i got in there. robbing people, stealing. diane, she changed my life. i love her for that. >> i'm no different than nobody else. i just open up my door. why can't you come outside and see what's going on in our neighborhoods. there are people who care, and i'm one of them. >> last year, diane's center helped more than 300 kids stay off the streets and out of trouble. remember, all cnn heroes are chosen from people you simply tell us about. to nominate someone you know who's making a difference in your community, go to the judge in casey anthony's murder trial orders an indefinite recess after a fight
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hi i'm doug harrison. we're experts at getting you the power chair or scooter you need. i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. here's a rundown on some of the stories. dominique strauss-kahn is now in a manhattan courtroom as his lawyers try to get him released because of credibility issues with the maid who accused him of rape. we are monitoring. we're going to bring you the
8:26 am
latest. we're also watching the casey anthony murder trial still in recess after the judge called a time-out for the defense. and are you a secret spender? why hiding those designer shoes, or the new set of golf clubs from your spouse can damage your relationship. that story coming up in 15 minutes. back to casey anthony's murder trial. we were all geared up to hear from rebuttal witnesses today. somewhat of a surprise, proceedings came to a screeching halt. the defense has questions about one of the witnesses the prosecutors plan to call. the judge has ordered an indefinite recess. joining us to dissect all of this, defense attorney, holley hughes, she's going to be analyzing the prosecutor's case and criminal defense attorney, richard herman who joins us from las vegas, he's going to tackle defense. three questions for each of you. first, closing arguments could come tomorrow, what are the main
8:27 am
points the prosecution and defense need to make? holly, for the prosecution side? >> two biggest points, the human decomposition and that hairband with the death band on it. second point, casey's crazy, inexplicable behavior for 31 days while her child is missing. >> charlie, the main points? >> the main point is that the complete burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove their case, each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt. you need a specific intent to kill to get first degree murder. they have not proven that. the forensics they put up were junk science. the jury can disregard all of them including the sniffer machine which has never been used in any court in any land in any world. >> wow, okay. holly, back to you. three reasons you think the prosecution made its case? >> again, casey's really crazy behavior. the defense wanted to say is
8:28 am
because she was sexually abused. there's no evidence of it. not junk science, cutting edge. remember this, suzanne. there was a first time dna was used too. they said it was junk science and jeff ashton was the prosecutor. the science, her crazy behavior and no other explanation for what happened to that baby. she's the last person who had control. >> richard, three reasons you think they proved reasonable doubt? >> junk science. dna was used but it was peer reviewed before it was used in court. this doctor's sniffer machine has never been peer reviewed, it's experimental. that's for starters. they have not proven motive, the government. they don't have to prove it, but when you want to kill someone, you have to prove it. the only evidence that came into this case was that she was a
8:29 am
loving and good mother. they have not proven what made her snap to all of a sudden want to kill her child. just because she's a liar does not mean she's a killer and a murderer. two different things, crazy behavior does not mean she's a murderer. her family was dysfunctional and she had to survive in that family environment. >> the most important question of all of them, do you think that casey anthony is going to be found guilty and if so, is she going to get the death penalty? we're going to ask both of our lawyers after this quick break. boring potato chip decoy bag.x now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting.
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casey anthony's murder trial took an unexpected turn today when the judge ordered an indefinite recess. he's giving the defense time to take the deposition of one of the state's rebuttal witnesses. we've been analyzing the trial with defense attorney holly hughes, a former prosecutor and she's looking at the prosecutor's case for us. also with us, criminal defense attorney, richard herman, he's tackling the defense side. final question for both of you guys. will casey anthony be found guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee and if so, is she going to get the death penalty. richard? what do you think? >> i think number one, the death penalty is unconstitutional in the state of florida, she's not going to get the debt penalty. two, they have not proven first
8:33 am
degree murder here, so she's no way going to get he convicted of first degree. in order to get her on felony murder they have to prove aggravated manslaughter. you have to prove a pattern of that. the state has not proven any pattern of child abuse here. they can't really come back with a verdict there. the only option would be a manslaughter conviction and then a conviction on lying to authorities. overall, maybe she's going to do 12 to 15 years and she'll be out. that's how i see it coming down. >> holly, how do you see it? >> i think what we're looking at is first degree murder, no death penalty. she didn't take the stand. right now, there's been enough crazy testimony by her family. they're dysfunctional, richard nailed that. they are dysfunctional bunch. this trial reminds me of that coffee, chockful of nuts. they're not going to kill her. they want to apportion the blame. the apple doesn't fall far from
8:34 am
the tree. they watched george testify, cindy testify. they're going to blame some of that crazy behavior on the parents. i do think they are going for first degree, because if you look at the circumstantial evidence, it points to her. if that's not enough, i got two words for you, scott paterson. >> that wraps it up very well. thank you so much. we'll see. we'll see what happens. obviously, a lot of developments. the explosive twists, emotional turns, engaging testimony, all set for the stage for dramatic end with the casey anthony trial. you don't have to miss a minute of this action. tune in to our sister network, hln for live trial coverage throughout the day. financial infidelity? yep. spouses who shop behind the other's back. bottom line on the bank account and the marriage. ♪ money money money neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water.
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want to introduce you to a former pro basketball player, craig speedy claxton and his wife. you may recognize her from the show "basketball wives." they are one of many couples dealing with financial infidelity or secret spending. poppy harlow hit the town with the couple to see what it was like. what did you find out? interesting angle on this, financial infidelity. >> i know, cheating.
8:38 am
cheating with the wallet. it's interesting, suzanne, this nba lockout probably has some of those basketball wives up in arms because some of them, not all of them, like to spend their husband's money. we met one who certainly does. mika claxton. we decided to go shopping with them. take a look. >> call it secret spending, financial infidelity, whatever you want. when it comes to love and money, things can get complicated. two people that know a lot about it, former nba player, speedy claxton and his wife. thanks for being here revealing the secrets of your spending. >> i think it's the secret of his spending. i own it. he's the secret. >> i'm not the secret spender. she's the known spender. >> shall we go shopping? >> let's go. i knew from early on, i had a
8:39 am
habit. >> what habit is that? >> shopping. >> a lot of times, the girls do secret shop. >> that's what we do on the road. they all get together and go on a shopping spree. >> we do it when you're on practice. that's where i learned the trunk trick. >> this is where all the shopping bags are, in the pantry. >> yeah. >> what does she buy the most of? >> those christian louboutin shoes. you know there's something wrong when i know the name. >> i know they're about $1,000 each pair. >> she got about 20 pair. >> we have two little girls. a daughter who is 8 who is just like mommy. crazy. she knows now, she feels like we can go into the gas station and she has to come out with something. she'll find whatever is geared toward the kids. she'll find it at a gas station. >> what do you get the girl that has everything? >> you have to be very creative. you got to come up with something different.
8:40 am
>> do you see all the bills? how careful are you at reading the bills? >> i'm very careful. i mean, she's making a home right now. i let her enjoy it. i still take care of most of the bills at home. that's how we balance it out. >> he's a great husband. i have to say. >> poppy joins us from new york. poppy, two people may be in love, but how do they know if they're financially compatible. >> very good question. we're going to pull up a quiz. we have this fun quiz on cnn today. see how compatible you are. i want to point out one thing. did you notice speedy claxton's diamond earrings and watch? what i quickly find out is he likes to spend a lot of money too. let's not lay all the blame on the wife. he likes to spend money too. >> thank you very much, poppy. want to give you breaking news here. we have news out of the court case here, the deal with
8:41 am
dominique strauss-kahn, the former head of the imf. the judge releasing information here saying that strauss-kahn has been released on his own recognizance. this is a very significant development. he was under house arrest. he was paying for his own security detail in new york. but he was not allowed to move about freely. we are being told now that we are expected to hear from strauss-kahn fairly soon. he is going to be coming out. we are watching tape here. i'm being told this is -- now we are watching live pictures. i understand this is outside of manhattan courthouse. we see our own richard roth there taking a look at some of the information he's reading from his blackberry. you see an aerial shot. a lot of focus and attention around this case. it has garnered international attention. strauss-kahn walking out. i believe these are live
8:42 am
pictures now with his wife by his side. his legal team. he is the former imf chief who was accused of sexual assault, of rape of a maid in a hotel room. there have been numerous reports about information, new information that has come to the attention of the court about the credibility -- questions about the credibility of his accuser, the maid. you see him getting into his car now or vehicle with his wife. he has been staying at a manhattan condominium that he has put up. he has put up the costs for that as well as his own security detail. i want to bring in our own jeffrey toobin. jeff, does this come as a surprise to you, the fact that now we've got strauss-kahn, who is being released, let go on his own recognizance because of questions about his accuser's
8:43 am
credibility? >> i would say surprised is an understatement, when you have the government of new york state publicly committing itself to a major sexual assault prosecution, and then essentially overnight, virtually surrendering the case. it is a major, major surprise. the fact that without protest, they released dominique strauss-kahn on his own recognizance with no bail conditions at all, that is a shocking, major development in a case like this. >> where does he go from here? do we know if he's actually allowed to leave the country? i would imagine they would want to keep him close by, that the court has taken his passport? >> that is the one thing he is not allowed to do is leave the country. that was clear from our reports from inside the courtroom. he is not getting his passport back, but he apparently can come and go as he pleases within new
8:44 am
york city and perhaps even within the country. i'm not entirely clear on that. he may not leave the united states, but he has no bail conditions at all, as far as i can tell, beyond that. that is he can come and go like anyone else in new york city. >> i'm going to bring in susan candiotti who was inside the courtroom. what took place inside the courtroom? who actually made his presentation and what was strauss-kahn's reaction? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, he strode into the courtroom. you might have described it as confidently. clearly his attorneys knew what was about to happen. so did he. his wife accompanied him as well. the whole thing was over with within about ten minutes. immediately, the first thing that happened is that the prosecutors addressed the court. they said to the court we would like to say first of all, this case proceeded in a very serious way from the very beginning after this hotel maid made some very serious allegations of a sexual assault.
8:45 am
we looked into them. they said that her allegations were very solid, that her employment credentials were equally so, and that we have evidence of some kind of a sexual encounter. as we went on, she said we presented this information to a grand jury and as we all know, charges were filed. then she said, as the state is required to do, we began looking more deeply into her background, into her statements, into her past activity. this is part of the information that we have been reporting to you within the last 24 hours. and she said that it was then clear that we began to ask ourselves, as she put it, about the strength of our case. and she said, as you know, we must provide to the defense any indication of ex culpability factors, factors that could
8:46 am
indicate possible innocence on this case, as we are required by law. and any other information we get from our own investigation that might amount to possible impeachment of the witness of this case, in this case. so she said, with that in mind, we met and provided a number of pieces of information to the prosecution. the prosecutor in this case, lead prosecutor, did not define exactly what those issues are, but said that they have been filed with the court now so that we will all be able to see what it is. with that, she said the state does not object to allow the cash bond that has been placed in this case by dominique strauss-kahn to be, as she put it, exonerated. ner in other words, it goes away. the state does not object that he be released on his own recognizance. with that, he smiled, the
8:47 am
defense attorney patted him on the back and he and his wife strode out of the courtroom with a smile on his face. >> did you hear anything? did you see anything? did he say anything or turn to his wife and say anything or to anyone else in the room? >> he was not asked any questions by the court. his attorneys did the talking for him, asking that he be released on his own recognizance. they said the passport will not be returned to him. he will be able to come and go as he places presumably within new york state. his wife was sitting in the front row. as soon as court was dismissed. he got a pat on his back from his own attorney. turned around and smiled to his wife and the two of them strode out together straight out of the courtroom and into a car waiting outside and they're out of here. >> i understand we're getting some information that we may hear from strauss-kahn later today? do we think we're going to hear from him? he's going to go in front of a
8:48 am
camera or is it going to come from his attorneys, that there will be some sort of statement made from him later? >> not sure whether he will make a statement, but i do have indications from the defense team that the lawyers, at the very least, plan to make a statement. whether that holds up, that's what i was told earlier. also interesting to point out inside the court is the attorney representing the hotel maid in this case. just before court began, that man, kenneth thompson told me he had no immediate comment but said he will have, in his words, a lot to say as soon as this hearing is over. important to point out, the prosecutors stressed that this case is not over. that they are not talking about dismissing any charges at this time, and in fact the judge weighed in at the end of the hearing and said let it be clear that there is no rush to judgment in this case. the case will go on and we'll be meeting again in court with
8:49 am
dominique strauss-kahn on july 18th, as previously scheduled. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin. what do you make of the statement that came from the prosecution? on the one hand, as well as the judge, this is a case that is moving forward. it has not been dismissed but on the other hand, they are letting this guy go? what does this mean? >> it means the case has major, major problems. they are admitting that and there is no reason to resolve the case today if they are letting dominique strauss-kahn out on his own recognizance which is a total, total different position from when they were insisting on very strict bail conditions. and obviously some negotiations are going to ensue between the prosecution and defense and the defense now clearly very much has the upper hand in those negotiations, because obviously, these credibility problems are very serious. this will take some time. i expect it will take weeks, not
8:50 am
months, but it sounds to me like this case is never going to trial but will be resolved either in some sort of plea or outright dismissal. >> jeff, you spoke last night with the defense team. what do we know about these credibility issues? i know "the new york times" times has been reporting reported she had a conversation with an inmate, about potentially making money off this. do you have any information about what we are talking about when we say she lacks credibility, that there has been a problem with her story? >> i have to say i don't want to commit to saying that i know exactly what the problems are. my conversation with the defense was more general, but obviously, the prosecution does not take a dramatic step like this without studying carefully and
8:51 am
recognizing a major problem with their own case, so yes, the details that you described from "the new york times" story -- >> jeff, i'm sorry. >> are starting to have more detail -- >> i have to interrupt. kenneth thompson, the attorney, is before the mike. >> about that account, the d.a. knows that. that was true the day it happened. it is true today. what they did not tell you upstairs in the courtroom today is that the victim herself is the one who came forward volunta voluntarily with the information about her -- she told me that she wanted to tell the district attorney the truth. about how she first came to this country. and about other matters. i then called the lead prosecutor and told her that the victim wanted to tell you everything. that she was afraid.
8:52 am
i told the district attorney's office exactly what the victim told me. and the victim then met with the district attorney alone and described some of the things that she had not told them. now, this is important. the only defense that dominique strauss-kahn has is that this sexual encounter was consentual. that was a lie. now, i'm going to give you the facts that show that's a lie. number one, when the victim walked into that suite, she did so for one reason. and that was to clean that suite. she was told no one was inside that room. and she went into that room believing that no one was inside that room.
8:53 am
and then dominique strauss-kahn came out running out of one of those rooms naked, towards her. and he grabbed her breasts first. and started to attack her. he then grabbed her vagina with so much force that he hurt her. he grabbed her vagina with so much force that he bruised her vagi vagina. the nurses who examined her saw the bruises on her vagina that were caused by dominique strauss hand and took pictures of the bruises on her vagina and the district attorney has those pictures. the next thing that shows that their claim of consentual sex is a lie is the fact that when
8:54 am
dominique strauss-kahn through the victim to the floor, he tore a ligament in her shoulder. that is a medical fact. she now may need surgery for the damage he caused to her shoulder and she told the prosecutors day one, my shoulder hurts, and she has been telling me for weeks. when she met with me, rubbing her shoulder, because she was in such pain. i sent her to a doctor right here in new york to look at her shoulder. that doctor was concerned. and sent her to get an wrrks mi. and then had a follow-up visit with her and determined she suffered a torn ligament in her shoulder and that it was a recent injury and described to me that he's seen this injury with athletes who are knocked down and when they're about to fall, they brace themselves and damage the ligaments in her shoulder. that is exactly what happened to
8:55 am
the victim when dominique strauss-kahn threw her on the ground. the other third point to who you show you she was violently attacked in that room is that dominique strauss-kahn ripped her stockings. there are holes, rips in her stockings and the d.a. knows that. the next thing i want to tell you is that when she was fighting to get away, when she was on her knees and he was sexually assaulted her, after he finished, she got up and started to run for that door and started spitting dominique strauss-kahn's semen out of her mouth in disgust all over that hotel room. so when you hear about the forensic evidence, the dna evidence, she spit his semen on the wall, on the floor and guess what? as soon as her supervisor came
8:56 am
upstairs, she saw that. the security staff at the hotel, they saw that. the nypd, they saw that and a prosecutor who went into that hotel room and she showed him where the semen was. the other thing that's important to keep in mind is that the medical evidence supports the victim's account. the forensic evidence supports her account. she was taken from the hotel to the hospital in an ambulance. a grand jury has already found her account credible. now, here's the situation. the victim -- is a victim also
8:57 am
of female gentile mutilation. it happened to her in africa. against her wishes. and she was very concerned that her young daughter that she gave birth to in africa would also have to endure female gentile mutilation and she was desperate to prevent that from happening to her baby girl and so she came to america. she came to america because the great promise of this country. and her application is not completely accurate. upstairs, the district attorney talked about a false rape. the victim was actually raped in
8:58 am
africa by soldiers. the mistake she made is she was afraid to tell the prosecutors that the rape did not occur in connection with the asylum application because she did not want to be deported because she's afraid of having to go back to guinea. now, what's very, very important, all of these statements that were leaked by the district attorney's office concerning whether she's involved in drugs and so on, that's a lie. our concern is that manhattan district attorney cy vance is too afraid to try this case. we believe that he's afraid that he's going to lose this high
8:59 am
profile case like he lost cently the case against the two police officers accused of raping the woman who was drunk and like he lost the two high profile cases this week involving the deutsche bank fire where tragically, two firefighters lost their live, but the district attorney has an obligation to stand up for this rape victim. and there's something else troubling. that they wouldn't tell you. when i brought this information to their attention, i trusted the district attorney. i actually trusted them. and i let them meet with my client while i went to the second circuit judicial conference a couple of weeks ago in lake george, new york. those three days that i was away, they met with my client. i didn't bother them. but i checked in on the second
9:00 am
day. and i found out something very disturbing. i spoke to the victim and i spoke to a 15-year-old daughter. and i said, how's it going? they said, not too well. i said, why? the daughter told me that they were mistreating her mother, the prosecutors in the manhattan district attorney's office. i told them to stop meeting immediately until i was able to get back to new york city and meet with them. when i got back to new york city, i spoke with the victim and i met with her daughter. and both of them individually met with me with tears in their eyes and told me that the prosecutors here had repeatedly screamed and yelled at her. the little 15-year-old daughter told me that she was outside of the d.a.'s office behind -- when her mother was behind closed
9:01 am
doors with the prosecution team and all she could hear were the prosecutors screaming and yelling at her mother as she was trying to do homework. she became concerned for her mother and then when there was a break and they went out to talk to someone, they returned. that someone was me. because when i found out that they were mistreating her, i told them to stop going forward with a interview. they wanted to continue. i told them wait till i get back to new york city. what the victims daughter told me is that when the prosecutors walked back into that office, they screamed at her mother, get out! get out! get out of here! and they threw her mother out of that office. this little girl had tears in
9:02 am
her eyes when she told me how they had treated her mother. i was so concerned that i dem d demanded a meeting with the district attorney himself, cy vance. they didn't grant it so i had to meet with the second in charge, dan alonso, who were both federal prosecutors in brooklyn and i come pained to dan about how they had been treating the victim and i told him clearly that the way they had treated the victim was no way to treat a rape victim. then the following week, after i had been on this case since may and had been at this office many tim times, had many meetings, many discussions i learned for the
9:03 am
first time by reading "the new york times" that one of cy vance's top aides, the third in charge, the woman in charnl of the entire trial division is married to one of dominique strauss-kahn's lawyers. she's married to the man who's been in this courtroom trying to get dominique strauss-kahn off for his attack on the victim. that troubled me. because i believe that as the victim, the district attorney had an obligation to tell me that one of his top aides was married to one of dominique strauss-kahn's lawyers in this case. and so i demanded a meeting with cy vance. and i was granted a meeting with cy vance and i asked cy vance how could he ensure that his number three person would not get information from all the other prosecutors here and inadd ver tantly tell her husband when
9:04 am
they're home at night. i said i want to make sure you have taken the necessary steps to wall off this prosecutor. i want to see the e-mail that went to every prosecutor in the office saying that karen friedman had rekuzed herself. i wanted to see the letter that went to every prosecutor in the office and guess what? there is no letter. there is no e-mail. cy vance told me, tell the victim you've spoken to the d.a. as if that was sufficient. then when i asked cy vance to explain "the new york times" report that after dominique strauss-kahn was taken off that air france flight by the port authority police on may 14th, and turned over to the custody of n.y.p.d., and after he had been taken all the way up to
9:05 am
harlem to the special victims squad and had been in that station house for at least five hours and had asked for an egg sandwich, asked for coffee, said he wanted to call europe because he had a meeting with the german chancellor angela merkel the next day, never asked to speak to a lawyer. said his handcuffs was too tight. why didn't the new york city police department with those very fine and experienced detectives of the special victims squad attempt to ask dominique strauss-kahn whether he had attempted to rape or sexually assaulted the victim. it does not make sense. it is policing 101. that when you have a suspect in custody for a very serious crime
9:06 am
of rape, murder, robbery, one of the first things you do is you try to get them to make statements. they didn't do that in this case. instead, for five hours, he sat there and no one had the guts to go up to him and ask him whether he had committed these acts. on his own at 9:00 that night, dominique strauss-kahn said, i want to speak to my lawyer. can i have my cell phone. >>? and he spoke to his lawyers, hung up and at that point, detectives said, do you want to talk about the incident? he said, i was all ready to talk about the incident, but my lawyers told me not to. so i ask d.a. cy vance why wasn't dominique strauss-kahn questioned before he asked to speak to his lawyer? d.a. cy vance had no answer. at all. that does not make sense.
9:07 am
so now, what you have to understand is relatively straightforward. we believe that the district attorney is laying the foundation to dismiss this case. anyone can see that. they agreed to let dominique strauss-kahn freely roam the streets of new york city or any other city in the united states knowing full well that the victim to this very day maintains that he sexually assaulted in that room. know i knowing very well to this very day that the forensic evidence shows that. knowing very well to this very day that they have a picture of her bruised vagina. knowing very well to this very day that she suffered a tear to her ligament when he threw her down to the ground and knowing very well to this day that they have a pair of stockings that were ripped by dominique strauss-kahn.
9:08 am
so, the district attorney of new york county has an obligation to stand by this rape victim. he has an obligation to stand up for all women who have been raped or sexually assaulted. now, it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. and so all of this stuff that they leaked to the "new york times" was designed to discredit this woman and i spoke to her a little while ago and through her tears, her hurt, she asked me, why did they do this to me and i said, i don't know why. and now, she is determined. she's not going to remain in hiding anymore. she's going to come before you all and she's going to tell you with dominique strauss-kahn did
9:09 am
to her and she's going to tell you what the prosecutors in this office did to her because we don't have confidence that they're ever going to put dominique strauss-kahn on trial, so the victim will stand before you and tell you because she said i will go to my grave knowing the truth, knowing what this man did to me. so, she's not here. that is the truth. here's the situation. the d.a. called me yesterday at 5:30 at my office and said, ken, can you come meet with us right now? 5:30. i said, no, can we talk? yes. they called me at 6:00. and they told me that they had put together a letter of some of the statements that our client made, the victim made. and they said, ken, we turned that over to the defense attorneys. we had to. i said, that's fine. but i think that some of the
9:10 am
things you turned over isn't really brady. yes, it's brady. what that didn't tell you clearly up in that courtroom is that everything that's listed in that letter, every single thing listed in that letter, you all will get a copy of it, came from the victim voluntarily. no one in this office could deny that i'm the one who called them and told them that the victim wanted to voluntarily tell them things. they told me yesterday, ken, when we go to court, we're going to tell the judge that ken thompson's the one who told me about this. but you really didn't hear that upstairs. yes. >> what about -- >> let me just say this. listen. >> what about the recorded message that supposedly they
9:11 am
got -- >> here's the deal. i'm sure you're a prosecutor before, right? the point is this. her credibility is important. any rape victim's credibility is important, but you cannot become blind to the physical corroborating evidence. is it true? is it true? that dominique strauss-kahn bruised her vagina to the point where they did the rape kit -- i'm not finished sir, i'm not finished. i'm answering your question. you may not like it, but i'm answering. is it true they have the physical evidence to show it wasn't consentual? they have to tell you. they know. they have the picture of the injuries. they know it happened to her shoulder. they know they have the stockings. so you're right. credibility is important. he was in the room. she was in the room, but you cannot discount the powerful physical evidence that was left behind during that assault.
9:12 am
>> a report saying they got the -- >> linda, i'm going to answer that question. here's the deal. the prosecutors told me yesterday first of all, i had never heard that tape. i asked him to let me listen to the tape. i have not heard that tape. the first time i heard about that tape was late last night. number one. number two, the prosecutors told me they have a recording of her on tape with this guy in prison and she talks about the assault and i said, did she change her story to this guy in prison? they told me no. she told them, this guy the same story she's been telling us from day one. now, the victim did in the know that the calls were recorded. i'm a former federal prosecutor.
9:13 am
i know that. she did not know that. so when she was on the phone with this guy who she did not know was a drug dealer, she told him about what happened in the hotel room and it was consistent with what she's told the grand jury and prosecutors from day one. that's something they should have told you. >> in this letter that the victim -- >> you've been listening to an extraordinary development in the case of dominique strauss-kahn. we have been listeninging to the plaintiff's attorney laying out the extraordinary detail, what the alleged victim is saying happened between herself, the hotel maid and strauss-kahn in this hotel room. he is certainly not backing down from the charges, but he is also making very serious allegations and a very dramatic departure from the d.a.'s office that he says he believes they're going to drop this case, that they were setting up his client to drop this case and they have an
9:14 am
obligation to move forward, that there's forensics as well as physical evidence. he says that proves his client, the victim, this hotel maid, was indeed sexually assaulted by strauss-kahn. all of this happens as strauss-kahn is actually released on his own recognizance, that after the prosecution bringing forward to a judge saying we've got some issues about her credibility and the judge essentially saying he will be allowed to walk freely to leave his house arrest and this is far from over. this case will continue, but there are dramatic twists and turns. we're going to take a break, when we come back, a real possibility that we are going to hear from the district attorney following these remarks. we also have analysis. we've got susie candiotti, she was outside the courthouse, and we've got jeffrey toobin, our legal analyst. he is on the phone to break down
9:15 am
in wr this goes from here. this has captured the international spotlight on this leader who was disgraced and now, there are many, many questions about whether or not this trial will even move forward. we'll have those details coming up shortly. what's this option? that's new.
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zblmpblt we are following the breaking news in the case of dominique strauss-kahn, he is now being released on his own recognizance. this happening out of a manhattan courtroom. you see pictures there of strauss-kahn and his wife and his legal team leaving the courthouse. that happened within the last hour or so. this after a judge heard from the prosecution that there were holes that were in the case because of questions about the alleged victim's credibility. i want to play for you a bit of the court proceedings that took place earlier, how the judge came to this conclusion, the presentation of the prosecution when they realized there were enough questions about the main
9:19 am
victim in this case that they would allow strauss-kahn to essentially go free. and not be under house arrest. >> all right, i understand that circumstances surrounding this case from the viewpoint of the parties have changed substantially and i agree. mr. strauss-kahn, as i said when the original securing order was granted, its purpose was to assure your appearance not to be some type of a punishment and i have no doubt that you have complied with that order in every way. in light of recent developments, the risk that you would not be here appears to have receded quite a bit. of course, the case is not over as you just heard and you will be expected to appear here on the adjourned date and i'm confident that you will. >> want to bring in susie
9:20 am
candiotti, who's outside the courthouse. you were in these proceedings that the prosecution brought forward. what was the case they were making? what did they say about how their case is potentially falling apart? >> well, they talked about serious issues that had arisen during the course of their investigation. that they interviewed the alleged victim in this case several times over several weeks, their investigators did a lot of leg work and they said to the court, we have developed serious credibility issues. but they didn't go into detail. we now have the detail. it is contained in this filing from prosecutors and he's here's the headline. it contains sunning new information that we have not previously reported about what prosecutors are saying in part led them to today's hearing. here's the headline. they state that immediately following the incident, that they interviewed the alleged victim, the hotel maid, several
9:21 am
times about exactly what she said happened after the alleged sexual encounter and during the course of that time, they said that after the alleged attack, prosecutors said she fled to an area of the 28th floor where that hotel suite was and told them she remained in the hallway until she said she saw dominique strauss-kahn leave by an elevator and that is when she told authorities she reported the incident to her supervisor. again, she said she repeated that several times. however, prosecutors said they sub skently learned that she did not immediate ly report this an remained in the hallway. she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then return to suite where this alleged attack
9:22 am
occurred and began to clean that suite before she reported the incident to the supervisor. this is brand new information we have not heard before that wasn't said in open court, but is contained in this document. this also goes on to state what we have previously reported quoting sources, but now it's on the record, prosecutors said she had admitted that the hotel maid admitted she lied on her asylum application when she came to the united states from her native guin guinea. you heard her attorney say that she admitted to these lies because she was afraid about what might happen. but here, prosecutors point out that she was provided with a tape recording of what she should say in that application, that she memorized it and now, acknowledges that she had lied about that, talking also about they said about a gang rape. we previously reported she said
9:23 am
she was previously sexually assaulted in the past and that sthefs this was a part of the asylum process and she had lied about that taking place. one more thing this states about credibilile tility issues, it s acknowledged to the authorities that she lied on her income tax forms, lying that she had a second child, when she only had one, claim ago friend's child as a second dependent and that she also misrepresented her income in order to maintain the housing where she is currently living. so, after that, they pretty much just summarize as they state that she also it said she was untruthful to the prosecutors in this case about a variety as i said of different topics including her background as they put it, her apprentice circumstances and her personal relationships. some of that has been reported in a single news report but
9:24 am
they're not documenting any of that in this court filing. but certainly, what a stunning turn of events in just the last 24 hours, here we have dominique strauss-kahn walking into the courtroom with a serious look on his face and able to leave with a pat on his back from his attorney after he is allowed to be released on his own recognizance, but this doesn't mean the investigation is over. they are continuing e ining pert happened. >> in those documents, is there anything about these alleged reports, we saw something "the new york times" about it, about a conversation she had withen inmate about potentially making money or benefitting in some way from filing charges? is there anything from her team that talks about that allegation? >> no, the key elements had to
9:25 am
do with what happened the day of the incident, where she was and what exactly she did. the income tax information, the asylum application in which she admits lies, generally sums up and there are a variety of other issues. >> and what was the reaction inside the courtroom when they made the presentation? >> well, there was absolute silence as the expression goes, you could hear a pin drop. everyone was hanging on every word stated by the prosecutor as she laid out the information she had. and when the judge spoke as well again, dominique strauss-kahn was not asked any questions and he did not offer any information to the court and it was over and done with within a brief ten minutes and then he strode out of the courtroom in effect being released on his own recognizance
9:26 am
that those bail conditions go away. he won't be allowed to travel outside the united states, but will be allowed to travel about while this goes on, but the judge issued a stern warning to appear in court on july 18th. >> excellent reporting. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin. before we get to the details presented here, i just want your impression, your reaction to what has happened the last 30 minutes. it seems absolutely extraordinary that you have a situation where the prosecution comes forward with a case and says the witness has credibility issues and the attorney for the plai plaintiff comes forward and you see a whole team dee tieruate before your very eyes. can this case even go forward when you've got this team in such turmoil? >> i've heard a lot of lawyer press con frens in my day. i have never heard anything
9:27 am
remotely like the ken thompson, the lawyer for the maid's press conference earlier just a minutes ago. the way he excloruated the prosecution, detailing his version of the facts and accused in no uncertain terms, the district attorney of new york, cy vance, of selling out his client of tossing this case out the window to benefit a powerful defendant at the expense of a victimized immigrant maid, it was just an extraordinary scene and we have just been informed that cy vance jr., the district attorney, will be having his own press conference in the next few minutes and he's going to have a lot of questions to answer because that was some set of accusations that we just heard against him. >> how can they possibly move forward when they're not even on the same page?
9:28 am
i mean, is it possible for the attorney, kenneth thompson, and for the maid who is unidentified, but may go before cameras and essentially bring forward their own case and without the d.a.? >> they certainly can't bring a criminal case without the d.a. they can sue dominique strasz khan for civil damages and i expect they will do that, but in terms of whether he can be criminally prosecuted, i would say that case is now hanging by a thread. what the prosecution did today is close to throwing in the towel. but giving dominique strauss-kahn bail conditions that are not bail conditions at all, they are signalling they
9:29 am
think the case is heading for a very favorable resolution for the defense. >> what is next? >> good question. given the way things are gone, i would certainly hesitate to predict anything. the thing we will hear next is how does cyrus vance, who is the prosecutor who brought this case with great fanfare, embracing the credibility, describe what happened and whether he is really selling out his -- this victim. whether he is in fact responding rationally and logically to new developments or whether he is simply throwing in the towel because he's afraid of losing to a powerful defendant and his skilled and expensive lawyers. this is a very difficult moment for cyrus vance and he better have some answers. >> did you hear anything presented by the attorney of the
9:30 am
alleged victim? anything at all? it was unbelievable, the level of detail about this alleged assault. was there anything that gave you pause in terms of whether or not this case could move forward? >> well, you know, i think we have to keep in mind that we are hearing a defense attorney's characterization of his client's story. by definition, the defense attorney is going to play, is going to put forth the facts in a favorable light, so you know, we weren't hear frg the witness. we were hearing from the witnesses lawyer. he made a case that this woman was a victim of a horrible, vicious crime and the d.a. is throwing her to the wolves. that was the case he made. i thought it was a persuasive case, but i also believe in
9:31 am
hearing both sides of the story, so i think it's important for us to hear how cyrus vance characterizes what his office did and apparently, we're going to hear from him any minute. >> we are and jeff, real quick before we go to a break, whose job is it to deal with this mess? to figure out whether or not they're dropping the ball, whether they should move on the case, whether or not there's been any miskaukt? who has to deal with this now? >>
9:32 am
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>> can power
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9:41 am
to maintain and to keep her safe. continue to do so. after the trial, i stood here and i said that the highest duty of a prosecutor is to ensure that the safeguards of american law are provided to all who come before our courts. our judicial system seeks to ensure fairness and justice for both victims and defendants. as prosecutors, our duty is to do what is right in every case without fear or favor where ever that leads. the disclosures we made that led to today's proceedings reflect that principle. in this case, as within every
9:42 am
case, our office's commitment is to the truth and the facts and that will govern how we proceed. thank you very much. >> very brief statement from manhattan d.a., said he would not be taking any questions, but made it very clear there had been information that had come forward after the indictment that investigation raised certain concerns and questions about the victim's credibility, that they would bring that before the judge and charges have not dismissed and the investigation continues. saying we believe we've done nothing but support the alleged victim in this case. jeff, how does this complicate things? i mean, obviously, you have the d.a., who says we're going to move forward here.
9:43 am
the charges have not been dismissed, but they have presented this evidence that they say is evidence, the victim is no longer credible. how does that impact what happens next? >> it means that this case is hanging by a thread because you can't have a sexual assault prosecution even with dna evidence as there apparently is in this case if the prosecution is asserting that the victim is a liar. now, they don't say that in so many words, but they certainly are saying she has major credibility problems. they have consented to a complete and total surrender on bail conditions for dominique strauss-kahn, the defendant. so, yes, they are saying the prosecution has not been dropped, but they are not saying that it won't soon be dropped and you can be sure that the
9:44 am
defense in this case led by benjamin -- are going to say try this case or dismiss it. >> and final question. do you have any idea when we will see strauss-kahn again back in this courtroom? when they will present further evidence that this is a case that will move forward? what happens next? >> the short answer is we don't know to a precise date. in keeping with the procedures of cases like this though, i have to say there are not many cases with so many bizarre and fast moving developments, but chances are in a week or two i would think the prosecution and defense are going to have to make some real decisions about whether this case is moving forward and the defense is going to be basically saying you guys got a fish or cut and the prosecution's going to have a make a decision about whether this case is proceeding and i
9:45 am
imagine that will be in the next few weeks. >> thank you for putting it in perspective. a dramatic case of dominique strasbu strauss-kahn, he is a free man. her attorney insists that she was allegedly sexually assaulted. we are also following another case closely. a lot of people paying attention to casey anthony trial and we have just gotten information, 1:00 eastern time, 15 minutes from now, the judge says he is going to go full steam ahead. i want to bring in holly hughes who's been following this. what do we anticipate in next 15 minutes? >> what we're going to see is both sides of attorneys getting ready. prosecution is getting ready to examine witnesses for the rebut l case and they're going to cut to the heart of the matter. we had two really big issues in this case and they both go to first degree murder.
9:46 am
number one, the defense put on dr. warner, a forensic pathologist and he said dr. g. should have opened up that skull. i found brain matter inside. prosecution is prepared to put on their forensic an throw poll gist who conducted a washing of that baby's skull and said when i did the rinse, there wasn't brain matter in there. that refutes what defense said and the second really big thing is that cindy anthony took the stand in the defense case and said all the searches for chloroform were done by her. that's significant because the prosecution says this is first degree murder because casey premedicated it. planned ahead for months ahead of time, she conducted 84 computer searches for chloroform. they're alleging she used that on her little baby and then duct tape
9:47 am
taped her mouth. so when cindy takes the stand and says, oh, no, those searches were mine. of course, that's a problem. the prosecutors are going to bring in cindy's bosses because of they have work records and they prove cindy was at work. when she took the stand, she said, oh, no, those records weren't accurate. i could come and go as i please. i was home doing the computer searches. prosecutors have the president of the company cindy anthony worked for and they're going to put that president on the stand to say our records are accurate. when an employee is in the building, it shows on the time card. if they can prove that cindy anthony lied, it is a dark day for the defense. >> what do you think about who presented a better case? what do we make of casey anthony's fate here? >> wow, i think by far the prosecution put on a better case. i know sometimes we joke because it is a murder case, it is very serious stuff and what the
9:48 am
prosecution did was build their puzzle one piece at a time. they took that jury swinto the life of casey anthony. this is what she did for the 31 days her baby was missing. this is what happened when we found the baby's bones. this is the only person it leads back to. they've got that death band on that hair in the trunk of the car. there's no good reason for a death band, which means decomposition had occurred in that baby's hair when it fell out in the trunk of her mother's car. the smell from poem who know what the smell means. we were talking to richard herman earlier who said the sniffer machine is junk. her mother is a nurse. her father a homicide detective. the tow truck driver smelled decomposing bodies, the lead detective, all those folks and more said it is the smell of human decomposition. i've been on scenes with
9:49 am
decomposed bodies. let me tell you something, you don't forget it and mistake it for rotten pizza. >> thank you. we'll be watching, ten minutes away now. that court case is going to resume and we'll be paying close attention. nba players are locked out, one of basketball's greatest, if the labor fight is going to sink the season. kareem abdul-jabbar is in the cnn news room. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead.
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fans and sponsors are asking, will we have pro ball? dave stern says most teams in the league are hurting. >> the goal here has been to make the league profitable and to have a league where all 30 teams can compete. and since neither of those goals stated earlier have been achieved, the owners really don't have any choice. >> a lot of our fans and people that follow our game, that although we're not going to miss any games at this point, still just don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. >> joining me from los angeles is one of the greatest players in the game's history. kareem abdul-jabbar. it's very nice to see you. i remember watching you as a kid. you won six championships, scored most points in league history. what do you think about this? should there be, will there be a
9:53 am
season this fall? >> i doubt there's going to be a season. the owners have too many problems they need to solve and they have to get those problems resolved before they can continue to do business. so many of the teams are losing money that it makes it almost imperative that the owner haves to get some resolution of the issues that are so important to them. they're paying a lot of the players too much money. some of the guys sitting on the bench and don't play much are making way too much money to justify that expenditure by the owners. the small market teams are having a hard time competing with the teams in big markets because there's no revenue sharing and that's an issue the owners have to settle among themselves, but there are a lot of little things that affect the big picture and they need to be resolved before they can go
9:54 am
forward? >> who should give up more? the players or owners? >> well, i think every side has to be compassionate about what the other side, what their issues are. if that can happen, they can resolve this, but when everybody's just fighting for their little piece of the pie and don't want to give up anything, it makes it very difficult for any resolution to take place and sometimes, it takes time for that to sink in on both sides, so what do you do? >> it's a tough thing. a lot of fans wondering that very question. we don't want to let you go without asking about lebron james because a lot of heat this year for signing with miami then under performing in the finals. what do you think about that? do you think it's fair for him to shoulder so much of the blame there? >> well, i don't think that any one person can win the world championship for a team. it's impossible. it's a team game and i think the dallas team proved that this year in how they won the world
9:55 am
championship. but i think lebron put a lot of pressure on himself just by the way he handled the public spotlight on him. i think he got into it a little bit too much and made a lot of people feel that he could do it all and then when he didn't do it all by himself, which is an impossible thing, they came down on him. so you know, lot of this is his own fault, but i'm sure he'll handle it better as time goes on. he probably learned a lot from this and will take a different posture with the public as time goes on. >> all right. well thank you so much for your perspective. we miss the sky hook, the short shorts back in the day. such a pleasure to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> it's a pleasure. we'll be watching those labor talks as well and we'll be back after this quick break.
9:56 am
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the face of changing america. we take a look at how the u.s. is changing on many levels. in texas, there's a fight over the new congressional seat and ed lavandera take as look at it. >> reporter: when ever a redistricting showdown looms in texas, political pundits can't help but think there's got to be better way, but each suggestion ends in a punch line as the editor in chief of the texas
9:59 am
tribune found out. >> maybe we ought to take the process of drawing the maps out of the politicians and put them in the hands tech -- >> we ought to take the calories out of fried chicken, too. >> reporter: the last redistricting battle in texas end ended with tkds democrats fleeing the state to plok the republicans plan for a few congressional map. 51 lawmakers escaped to oklahoma. they spent days hanging around the pool of a hotel trying to kill the bill. redistricting brings out the worst in politics, just ask dave mcneilly. >> it's a time when people who previously had been friends can become enemies and it's a time when if revenge can be gotten by those this power, it will be. >> reporter: so welcome to the latest round. it's more intense this time around because of the state's population growth. texas will get four new congio


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