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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  July 6, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning. it's wednesday, july 6th. this is your am: wakeup call. by now you know casey anthony found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee, but guilty of lying to police. here's what an alternate juror said about the verdict. >> i agreed with it whole heartedly. it was the right decision that was made. the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable doubt there. they didn't show us the evidence
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that, you know, was good enough for a conviction. >> that juror wasn't in the jury room, but did hear all the evidence. casey anthony could walk out of jail a free woman tomorrow after her sentencing because of time that she's already served, and she'll be free to cash in on her story with books, movies or both. but will we ever know how little caylee anthony died? we'll talk about that and other points with senior legal analyst jeff toobin in just a few moments. and just to give you an idea of how captivated america was by the trial. put up several stories about the verdict. just one of them got more than 20,000 reader comments. new details this morning about a cheating scandal in atlanta public schools. we're not talking about cheating public students talking about writing test answers on their palms ch tiers and principals are accused of tinkering with
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with standardize test schools, the ones that measure how the schools and students are doing. >> we cannot allow adult behavior to compromise the very tool which is we use statewide toe gauge a child's proficiency and whether or not he or she is prepared to succeed in the next grade level. >> more than 80 educators have reportedly confessed to the cheating. some of it goes back ten years and could bring criminal charges. now let's talk about the deal with dominique strauss-kahn. we learned his lawyers will meet with prosecutors today in new york. the maid who accused him of attacking her might have credibility problems. one red flag could be this allegation, that her lawyer wouldn't let prosecutors talk to her during a critical part of the investigation. her lawyer says the d.a. will meet with him and won't let him hear a taped conversation that she had with a boyfriend the day after her encount we are the former imf chief. that boyfriend, by the way, is in jail.
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in a separate case, a french writer filed a criminal complaint in paris. she claimed strauss-kahn tried to rape her eight years ago. he says she's lying. his lawyers have file ad suit to that effect. let's talk about the alleged gunman in the tucson shooting rampage. today is the day loughner may get back on powerful meds. an appeals court stopped him from being forced to take the drugs to deal with his mental illness. the government has until tonight to argue its case. loughner's lawyer says forcing the stuff on him violates his rights. the january shoot left 13 people dead and 16 people wounded, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords and a member of her staff. that staffer, ron barber has gone back to work. he was shot in the thigh and the chief. he's still getting physical therapy for his injuries, but he's well enough to go back to work part time as a district director. so, ron, how does it feel to be
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back to work? >> the only thing better for this day would be the day the congresswoman walks through door and we all have her back in tucson. i know she wants to be back. she's working hard to do that. ive no doubt she'll be back in not too long distance future. she'll do the job she's always done with more gusto for the citizens of the eighth congressional district. >> congresswoman giffords continues to get her physical therapy. just last week she made her first public appearance since the shootings. mark zuckerberg says his company will launch, quote, something awesome, end quote today. one should launch something awesome rather than something lame. there's lots of speculation on what this process is. could be applications for your tablet. we'll find out at 1:00 p.m. awesome eastern time today. christi lou stab in hong kong. how are the markets doing,
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christi? >> hey, ali. it's been a mixed day in the stock markets. the nikkei in tokyo rose to a four-month high. that gives the longest winning streak for two years. in europe it's been pretty much a down beat start to the day. all the markets are currently in the red. ali, back to you. >> netflix. i'm a big netflix user, by the way. i get the discs sent to my house. they're going global in a big way. they've come a long way from the days they mail out the dvds. >> even though they're not in hong kong. but they're making a big move to latin america. they will expand to 43 companies in south america. they made the first international move to canada. late last year you can see it clearly wants to be a global company, but it's going to be pricey. the company said it would lose up to $70 million in the second half of this year from overseas operation. but investors in the states are
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cheering the move. the news sent netflix shares soaring 8% on tuesday. ali? >> kristie, how do you do it? are you further ahead in congress how long? is there similar service? >> itunes. it's all about itunes. >> very good. stick around for this story. quite frankly, i don't want to be alone in this piece of knowledge. some farmers in the uk were looking for extra ways to save money. the answer was on the farm in big piles. they're turning livestock waste into energy. the pigs were wallowing in gold. the thousands of tons of pig, chicken and cow waste are put into a big machine that breaks it down into a delicious methane mix to generate lex tristy the farmers can sale. as long as the livestock stay regular. the process by the way kills most of the manure smell, too. no joke. i mean, i know you're into technology. it's smart when you think about it.
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>> it is. there is just so much win in this story. they're turning warm pig poo into cold hard cash. somehow they developed the technology, not only to do that, but to take the smell out. i think they need to bottle that innovation as well. this is a big win all. >> i'll check in with you later on. let's take a look at weather in the united states. jacqui jeras is live in atlanta. what are we looking at today? >> we're looking at problems in phoenix this morning. this has been going on since last night when dust storms blew through the area. other cities that we're watching is miami, florida. the let's take a look at a live picture from miami vm. you're dry right now. there are showers and thundershowers in the vicinity. those are expected to pick up quite a bit throughout the day today. other airports of concern include atlanta and raleigh. boston d.c. could have minor delays this afternoon as well as new york city and denver and phoenix, like i mentioned,
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looking for more thunderstorms and wind. it's that time of the year we see the dust storms and thunderstorms across parts of the southwest. when they happen, they can really mess things up for hours. >> i always think i know a lot about stuff. then i find out a word i never know. i never heard the word habube before today. >> if you've ever been caught in one of these things, it's really scary. the dust hurts your face. >> this is phoenix? >> yeah, that's phoenix last night. >> it shut the airport down? >> i don't know if it shut it down, but it was causing problems for several hours. >> that's incredible. good to see you. listen to this story about chocolate. i know you love chocolate. >> i love chocolate. >> this is a 3d printer that lets you produce your own personalized chocolate creations. a bunch of scientists in england came up with it.
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use a computer to come up with your own design, whatever you want to create in chocolate. then you hit print. it prints layers of chocolate. >> it prints it? >> layers of delicious chocolate. it moves to the next layer until you have your alcohol delicious chocolate creation. the printer is a prototype, but i think one day soon, we're going to have print your own chocolate. >> let me know when it happens and if i can put caramel in there, too. >> you do it like a weather map of chocolate. >> that's a great idea. love it. >> i'll remember that for your next birthday. good to see you. i'll check in with you in just a little bit. california may have to rewrite all the history books. who is left out? what may have been added. i'm going to tell you. first, before we go. i'm going to look at our quote of the day. here it is. quote, they want you to think the tea party is made up of toothless hill hillbillies. ♪
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13 minutes after the hour. the colorful comments grabbed our attention for the colorful quote of the day. michele bachmann on the campaign trail in iowa. listen to what she had to say about the the tea party. >> they want you to think that the tea party is made up of toothless hillbillies coming down o out of the hills wearing red, white, and blue. but the fact is they should be afraid of the tea party. >> all right. if you heard about the controversial new bill in florida to require history textbooks to include contributions made by gay, lesbian and transgendered americans. the bill passed the state assembly last night. it's now headed to governor
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jerry brown. it may help or keep gay kids from being bullied. some opponents of the bill say it's an attempt to promote a homosexual agenda. we'll keep watching this one for you. it's still not the sexiest story i'm going to tell you about, it's still the most important. the debt ceiling is still out there, and it affects every single one of us. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders about it tomorrow. he's invited house and senate members for both parties to the white house. here's his message. get out of your comfort zone. the president says progress has been made, but there are some serious differences that still need to be resolved. house speaker john boehner, a republican, says he'll be at the meeting tomorrow, but he has a message of his own. congress won't accept the dtax increases the democrats want. no agreement is reached by august 2nd. the u.s. could default on the debt obligations. time for the political ticker with tim farley. he's the host of morning briefing on sirius xm radio.
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good morning, tim. let's start with the debt ceiling talks tomorrow. increasing criticism heaped on by republicans against republicans saying at this point they're digging in in a way that could be dangerous for them and for the country. >> several people have been writing about this. david brooks in "the new york times" had an interesting story saying this is the mother of all no brainers, that republicans could be squandering an opportunity. another sees it as an error by the president. where it goes from here, we don't know. we know the great eight, as we are now dubbing them, because we have to have nicknames in washington for these people, but the leaders from the house and senate republicans and democrats meeting with the president. a quick statement from mitch mcconnell, the minority leader. these are not about rich or poor in an election but they're about making washington take the hit and make tough choices for a
2:16 am
change. not the taxpayers and job creators. very firm on their position. no new taxes and democrats and the president says with we need to have new revenues. so that's where the problem is right now. >> and brooks' comment along with other republicans is that in exchange for increasing a few hundred million dollars in taxes, they could be getting trillions of dollars in cuts. the president is going to be hearing from people today. he's holding one of the twitter town hall meetings. i never know what to make of these things, tim. >> it's like the haiku of social media. the 5-7-5. only it's 140 characters. don't think it's going to be truncated answers by the president. he'll give his responses to questions that have been prescreened. so this is not a big sur pripri. but it's taking place today. one of them in the washington journal saying there was only about 36 questions submitted, but there was a glitch. there have been thousands of questions submitted.
2:17 am
obviously not that many will be asked today. >> all right, tim. we look forward to it. good to see you. have a great show this morning. check out this video from kansas. you see someone tossing a bottle out of a car. the fact is she's littering. that's bad enough. the same woman tossed her empty iced tea bottles into the same yard nearly every day for about two years. the homeowner got sick of it. stepping over broken glass to get your mail is not cool. so he set up a camera, documented everything, and busted lady litter bug. she says she wasn't targeting him. she happened to be passing his place when she finished her tea. what do you think about that? >> personally i don't believe that. but that's what she said. we don't seem to know them. i don't care to know them. >> i think it's kind of funny. i would guess maybe she does finish her tea in the same place every day.
2:18 am
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it is 21 minutes after the hour. here are three things that need to be on your radar. roger clemens goes on trial accused of misleading members of congress over misuse of performance enhancing drugs. president obama's big twitter town hall begins online at 2:00 p.m. eastern today. and the mayor of las vegas is swearing in his wife as his replacement today. mayor goodman was forced to retire for term limits after being in office for 12 years. he says he loves to gamble but mrs. goodman hasn't been on a gambling table for years. three pta moms are accused in a ponzi scheme. the southern california moms took cash from 40 people claiming it would be invested in
2:22 am
derry company. they gained the trust of the victims at school events. if convicted the women could face up to 20 years in federal prison. hunting for a new computer? a new report shows which companies keeps customers most satisfied through the entire process. from picking out the computer to paying the bill. the most satisfied buyer are, drum roll please, apple customers. hp and dell also scored high. rough news for smart phone owners. another unlimited data plan bites the dust. verizon nixes the flat fee for usage starting tomorrow. it will cap how much data new customers can get for the charge. this makes sprint the only major u.s. carerer still offering unlimited smart phone data. the word recession makes plenty of people cringe. how about cgonorrhea? stds are up in part because of the economic downturn.
2:23 am
they're blaming higher poverty rates as well as a lack of knowledge tied to funding cuts for prevention. monita, let's take it to afghanistan first of all. impeachment talks going on in the afghan parliament took a turn for the worse. >> it's been an interesting week for women in politics. earlier we were talking about the mayor in the phillippines who punched a sheriff. now two mps in the afghan parliament, women who decided to defend a vice president who said said their reputation was tarnished within the parliamentary discussion. one threw a battle of water at the other. the other started to punch another person. it became an interesting time within the afghan parliamentary meeting right now. also, they're having discussions about whether or not president karzai should be impeached. he had -- they're questioning the legality of a court that he had set up for those who were
2:24 am
questioning -- who wanted to argue the fact that they had lost the elections back last year. so there are a lot of questions surrounding now his -- whether or not he's fit enough to be president. so there's a lot of anger within the afghan parliament. it's very embarrassing as a british prime minister, david cameron was visiting kabul yesterday as well. ali? >> exciting, though. listen to this. this story caught my attention. then i saw the picture, which just blew my mind. it's in mexico. a woman tries to get her husband out of jail in a very unusual manner. show us this. >> yeah, remember the television show, that american television show "prison break." this isn't anything like that. it's a lower version of that. this woman, this 19-year-old woman visits her husband in this mexican prison, in the mexican caribbean state. she decides to pack him up in this rollway suitcase. a wheeling suitcase. that's what you call it. she takes him out, bangs the suitcase against a step, and
2:25 am
there's some movement within the suitcase. of course, that catches the police officers' eyes, and they decide to say, okay. what's going on in there? they open it up. they find her husband curled up in the fetal position. the police are wondering, hold on, you weren't going to get through this anyway, because that suitcase was going to be searched. pretty interesting. >> creative. there he is. that's a man in the suitcase. monita, i'll check in with you later. >> we have not yet mentioned charlie sheen on am: wake up call. the streak ends now. we went nearly two weeks without talking about him. give aus break. he will be the roastee of a comedy central celebrity roast. it will resemble a kenny rogers chicken once they're through with him. it airs the same day ashton
2:26 am
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good morning. it's wednesday, july 6th. this is your am: wake up call. i'm ali velshi joins you from new york. casey anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, manslaughter or child abuse. what happens to her now? well, cnn's senior legal analyst
2:30 am
jeff tooubin is on the phone in new york. welcome this morning. casey anthony is convicted only of lying to law enforcement officers her sentencing is tomorrow morning. what is likely to happen? >> well, i think it's a virtual certainty that she will be released. she has already served three years in prison awaiting trial. she was convicted of carrying a maximum sentence of one year each, virtually no one gets prison time for those kinds of convictions. so she will virtually certainly be sentenced to time served. so she'll be released on thursday. she'll be a free woman. >> because she was not found guilty of more serious charges, is she free to make money off this? can she write a book? can she cowrite a movie?
2:31 am
can she profit from it? >> she can do whatever she wants. the can write a book. she can be in a movie. she can open a day care business. she'll unlikely find many customers. she'll have complete freedom to do what she wants. >> one last question for you. no one has now been convicted of the murder of the little girl caylee. what happens next? does somebody else get tried for this, or does it go down as an unsolved murder? >> the one legal certainty is that casey anthony can never be charged again. she could confess on the steps of the courthouse tomorrow and because of the double jeopardy clause in the constitution, she cannot be tried again in connection with the crime. someone else could definitely be charged. if the police can identify
2:32 am
another suspect, they can charge her. >> jeff toobin is our senior legal analyst. a california teenager is now on trial accused in the classroom killing of an openly gay student. jurors heard opening statements in the case yesterday. lawyers on both sides agree that brandon mcenerny pulled the trigger killing a student in a middle school three years ago. the big question is motive. >> it's not in dispute that larry king was shot by him. the real issue is why did he do it? that's what the evidence is going to be presented. it's up to the jury to decide. >> prosecutors say the victim, larry king, was just a shy gay kid starting to come out of his shell. the defense lawyers say he was aggressive, flirting and taunting the gunman. to the waters off the coast of baja, california, where police are searching for seven americans still missing after a boat capsized on sunday. one american was killed. 19 other passengers survived along with the entire crew.
2:33 am
as for the missing, the coast guard says it's optimistic search conditions are good with warm water and clear skies. >> let's head to washington, d.c. where president obama will talk long term debt answers with republican and democratic leaders. he said he wants to leave political rhetoric at the door. good luck with that. setting a goal to make the deal within two weeks. that would leave enough time to raise the federal debt ceil iin before the august 2nd deadline. christine romans with a look at what your money could be doing today. christine, really, i guess this is one of the biggest issues that investors are worried about right now. >> that's right. the debt ceiling. i hope they have a big door in washington to leave the political rhetoric next to. >> no kidding. a big check room. >> that seems to be taking all the oxygen out of the room, no question. but also watching greece and watching european debt default concerns. you know, we told you yesterday that a poll of 27 economists said that was the number one concern. this morning we have insurance, the cds, the credit default
2:34 am
swaps, how to ensure against defaults in europe. those have skyrocketed. costing much more than it has in a very long time to ensure portugal, even belgium, greece, and many other countries. we're watching that today and futures right now. >> another way to say that is that more people are betting there could be serious problems with the european economies. >> that's absolutely right. it costs more to ensure against a bankruptcy of some of these economies. that's what a lot of people in the know watch the cdss before the stock markets, the bond markets. those are catching everyone's attention in the bond markets. they're wafing it happen in europe. we'll see what that means today. >> by tweeting about this show, somebody put a value on twitter. >> "wall street journal" reporting a new round of private financing for twitter and it values the company at some $7 billion. there was a previous round of financing that valued the
2:35 am
company under $4 billion. so you can see a lot of investors, prooiftd investors trying to get their piece on this web mania. the journal, an interesting comment in the journal story shows one analyst saying, ali, that this is better for this company to find itself privately. it still has only about 500 employees. still unclear how the companies will make money. by tapping private financing, companies sort of finding itself with $7 billion. that gets the attention of a lot of people who want to make money off the new web social media enterprises. >> christine, i'll see you in about 25 minutes on "american morning." christine romans with your money this morning. and a tidbit of business news we like to throw your way before you head out. hong kong airlines say it will launch the first all business class fights from hong kong to london. the price is $3,200. that service should begin next year. they expect most passengers will be tourists from mainland china
2:36 am
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39 minutes after the hour. time now to reveal what today's word of the day means. haboob is an arabic word used to describe a thick dust storm that blows in the desert. take a look at this haboob near phoenix, arizona. this dust forced dozens of drivers to pull over. unbelievable. it happens a lot in the middle east. that's why it's named out there. it's a dust storm, a dust wall really, or a haboob. it's time to go to our senior political editor mark preston with our political ticker. mark, good morning to you.
2:40 am
you didn't know what a haboob was, did you? >> i absolutely did not. >> i didn't either. let's talk not so good news for republican presidential hopefuls. a new poll that you have out. >> someone such as mitt romney in the new state poll conducted for the cnn affiliate wmur tv in new hampshire shows mitt romney is at the top of the poll. look at the numbers. mitt romney at 35%. coming in second is michele bachmann at 12%. bad news for the likes of john huntsman who is not in the top five. he's at 2%. he's the former u.s. ambassador to china in the obama administration. you would think he needs to win new hampshire, do well in new hampshire if his campaign is to kick off.
2:41 am
what is also interesting is two people in the top five of republican picks -- >> they're not declared candidates. giuliani and perry. >> they're doing well even though they're not in the race, ali. >> tell us about the twitter session the president is having. he's taking selected questions via twitter but giving real answers. >> sch just shows you the old town hall that you and i are used to has gone by the way of maybe the 1950s. the obama administration will hold the first twitter town hall to take place at 2:00. questions will come in on twitter. the topic is focused on two things, ali. something we talk a lot about. jobs in the economy. the president will not respond via twitter. he's going to respond on a video feed on the white website.
2:42 am
this isn't the first time he's used social media to talk to voters. back in february in the white house he did one with youtube. so here we go. >> mark preston is our senior political editor joining us from washington. 42 minutes after the hour. here are three things you need on your radar today. captured crime boss whitey bulger will be in court today. he is facing murder charges. plus facebook addicts, the big, quote, awesome announcement is coming at 1:00 eastern time. and france, south korea and germany are all bidding the the olympic games. the announcement is for 11:00 a.m. in the morning. tiger woods is skipping the open next week say. the 35-year-old golfer has not competed since early may.
2:43 am
time to talk sports with pablo tourre. what's the story behind roger clemens? trial starts today. jury is sleked. h selected. how did this whole thing get started? >> today is rubber meeting the road finally. it may be the biggest legal dispute. it starts back when roger clemens voluntarily decided to go before congress in an attempt to clear his name in a february of 2000 date. he very famously denied having never, never using performance enhancing drugs, and of course, that contradicted testimony of his former trainer who told investigators that clemens used p.e.d.s 20 times in the late '90s. clemens fought this from the very start, going under oath, as i said. voluntarily.
2:44 am
something many players don't have the balls to do. but clemens certainly, in keeping with his pitching and athletic image, seems to have. >> let's talk about the image and the legacy. what does this go to clemens' legacy? >> roger clemens was considered by in baseball observers the best pitcher of all time. now all that is in jeopardy including his hall of fame status. with sports fans, ali, there's almost an element of me thinks the pitcher does protest too much. this guy is fighting so much against this that people are turning a bit suspicious. unfortunately with the steroid era, where there's smoke there tends to be fire. if roger clemens, in fact, if this is his last desperate move save his name, it could be a bit transparent if the government wins the case and prosecutes him successfully. as we report on, if he's convicted of all six charges involved mostly related to
2:45 am
perjury, he could spend up to 21 months in prison, which would be a bigger stain on how we remember the guy we once called the greatest pitcher of all time. >> often the lie that gets you more than what you did. >> exactly. >> pablo, good to see you this morning. thank you so much. pablo torre. this day in history in 1997. sojourner made its way onto the planet mars. happy anniversary. and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel. haagen-dazs.
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good morning. it's wednesday, july 6th. this is our am: wake up call. i'm ali velshi joining you live from new york. monita, big development overnight. somali man tied to militants were finding it was held on a u.s. navy ship for months. what is this story about? >> yeah, we understand that a somali national was held by u.s. forces. he was captured by u.s. forces a couple months ago. he was detained for intelligence purposes. interrogated for intelligence purposes somewhere in the gulf region. there was a sealed indictment against him. now the indictment is unsealed. i have it here. he has been charged with providing support for a man
2:49 am
whose attacks caused a lot of grief, a lot of worry for intelligence as well as the government, or lack thereof government in somalia. he is also charged with teaching and demonstrating the use of explosives after being detained overseas. he appeared in a federal court in new york on tuesday. he has been charged with those offenses. of course, we wait to hear what more he has to say about that. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. ali. >> and a story closer to where you are now. a british tabloid is accused of hacking into a missing teen's phone messages years ago. but the really troubling part is that in doing so, they gave her parents hope that she might be alive. tell us the story. >> yeah, this is being described in the british press as a watershed moment for british journalism. it surrounds the accusations that private investigators were hired by a tabloid newspaper here in the uk. they hire ad private investigator to hack into the
2:50 am
mobile phone of the families of grieving murder victims. it's not just this one teenager who was -- who went missing in 2002. then they hacked into her mobile phone. and what is troubling is they were listening in on the conversations or the messages that were left by the families and friends of milly dowler, this young teenager who went missing. they were then deleting messages because the voice mailbox was getting full. the the therefor interfering with the investigation. now the british parliament is about to start an emergency debate on the conduct of journalists. owned by rue bart murdoch's news corps. now many executives are facing intense scrutiny and calls for the chief executive to step down. >> monita, thanks for that.
2:51 am
by now you know about this. casey anthony found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee, but guilty of lying to law enforcement. here's what an alternative juror said about the veshlgrdict. >> i agreed with it. it was the right decision that was made. the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable doubt there. they didn't show us the evidence. good enough for a conviction. >> where do things go next? casey anthony could walk out of jail a free woman tomorrow because of time she's already served. she will be free to cash in on her story with books, movies or both. just to give you an idea of how captivated america was by the trial, put up several stories about the verdict. one of them, just one of them, got more than 20,000 reader comments. not views, comments. montana's governor declared a state of emergency because of the ruptured pipeline that sent tens of thousands of gallons of
2:52 am
oil into the river. experts say it's been found 90 miles away. there are fears it could make its way into the missouri river, which is of course one of the biggest in the united states. let's talk about the alleged gunman in the tucson shooting rampage. today is the day jared loughner may get back on his powerful meds. an appeals court stopped him from taking the drugs to deal with his mental illness. the government thinks he should stay on them and has until tonight to argue his case. loughner's lawyer says forcing the stuff on him violates his rights. the january shootings left 13 people dead and 16 wounded, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. new details about a cheating scandal in public schools. we're not talking about students. we're talking about teachers and principals. 175 are accused of tinkering with students' test scores, the ones that measure how the schools and students are doing.
2:53 am
>> we cannot allow adult behavior to compromise the very tools which we use statewide to gauge a child's proficiency and whether or not he or she is prepared to succeed in the next grade level. >> more than 80 educators have reportedly confessed to cheating. some of it goes back ten years and could bring criminal charges. mark zuckerberg says his company will launch something awesome today. you didn't think he would launch something lame, did you? there's a will the of speculation on what the theme is. it could be awesome app for your tablet. we're going to find out 1:00 p.m. awesome eastern find out what it is. now to the weather center with the awesome jacqui jeras. any flight delays this morning? >> no, which is so awesome, right? >> it's awesome. >> we expect some unfortunately later. we have a foggy start this morning in raleigh, north carolina.
2:54 am
take a look at the picture, ali. you can hardly see the buildings there. visibility about five miles. then showers and thundershowers. a few problems out west. the haboob which you like to say in phoenix yesterday, we may have more of them today. >> more of them? that was massive. you showed pictures of the sand storm rolling in. that wall of sand. i thought it was amazing. we'll check in with you through the course of the morning. the space shuttle "atlantis" is ready to take off if the weather cooperates this morning. either way, when it takes off, it's going to be the last and final launch of "atlantis." how many miles has "atlantis" flown so far in its career? the answer after this short break. it is 54 minutes after the hour. can be even more powerful,
2:55 am
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58 minutes after the hour. before the break we asked how many miles has the space shuttle "atlantis" flown so far in its career? 120 million, 150 million, or 200 million. the answer is a little over 120 million miles. the last launch is this thursday morning. and facebook has a quote awesome announcement coming up at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we'll let you know how that goes. plus president obama's big twitter town hall begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern today. and the mayor of las vegas is swearing in his wife as a replacement. mayor goodman was forced to
2:59 am
retire due to term limbs after being office in for more than ten years. he says his wife hasn't been near a gambling table in 30 years. let's go to hong kong to see how the world's market is doing this morning. how are markets doing? >> banking stocks weighed on marks in china. the nikkei rose to a four-month high in tokyo. over in your part of the world, ali. it's not looking more optimistic. futures are to a lower open on wall street this wednesday. >> kristie, we know dominique strauss-kahn is out of the imf. how much is his replacement christine lagarde making in her new job as the head of the imf? >> we know the numbers, terms and conditions. as the new managing director she'll receive over $550,000 a year in total compensation. she's beend


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