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tv   American Morning  CNN  July 28, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a lot of analysts were looking at this company's books ahead of time and saying is it worth the 19 bucks a share. >> it went up 40%, went up to 27 -- >> 85. >> $85? >> no, $27.85. >> somebody asked me should i buy dunkin' donuts $27.85. carter good to see you as always. never really know what to make of the ipos. good talking to you. we will see you again tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. that's it for us. "american morning" starts right now. we are coming down to the wire when it comes to the debt ceiling. john boehner cracking the whip against his own members saying they have been blocking a deal and it is time to get if line. will the speaker's tough talk work. >> ali velshi. exclusive video shot seconds after last week's deadly terror bombing in oslo. eight people were killed in the blast. the man that is captured said he would be caught, too.
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good morning. great to see you this morning. thursday, july 28. this is "american morning." advice teen out. we know yesterday a little stuffy. >> she sounded. >> it she is getting better hopefully at home today. a lot going on. >> imagine what our lead story is now? it's the debt. the republicans are scrambling to line up house votes to stave off a potential first ever default of u.s. debt. the deadline, you know, this, august 2 now less than five days away. the house is expected to vote on speaker bane are's plan sometime today and it comes after the house speaker laid into the republican rank and file yesterday ordering them to get in line. many of these people he is talking about are tea partiers who insist that his plan is too soft. >> even if the bill does pass senate democrats are saying they will oppose it and working on their own proposal which has been spearheaded by senate
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majority leader harry reid. so if both sides failing to reach an agreement, what happens? could there be a constitutional escape hatch? there is a provenition the 14th amendment with which some say could be translated to allow the president to go it alone, to actually raise the debt ceiling himself without an act of congress. will he, though? we will break that down in a moment. we want to dig deep near house speaker boehner's actual plan. you will remember it was sent back to the drawing board and after some changes the nonpartisan congressional budget office said the plan would reduce the deficit by $915 billion over ten years. joining us is john an allen, senior congressional reporter for politico and joins us live from washington. 850 filling in with cuts. now up to $17 billion. tea partiers and other kaerts say it needs to be $18 trillion in cuts.
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>> a lot of people are satisfied with the new number. it is a bit of an accounting trick and forced to count the savings in a slightly different way. but it seems to be satisfactorying a lot of folks. there is a group of freshmen, two-party folks, that will have a press conference this morning and in support of it. it will be close vote today. no question about that. speaker boehner and his allies, lieutenant apartments, are going to be whipping votes up until the very friend specifically what you have these tea party freshmen, many of them said my mandate to come here was to make sure we cut spending. as you said, the -- you know, accounting tricks are a different way of counting up the -- crunching the numbers is what brought us to more savings. not necessarily because they are cutting spending. >> that's right. i mean, the bill overall has a huge number in terms of cutting spending. not just up front and not just this $900 billion now but also provides for a lot more spending cuts later on. they are running out of room to cut. you will remember the big spending bill earlier this year
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cut tens of billions of dollars. so if you take a step back and you look at the entire forest there's a lot of spending cuts going on. lot of real spending cuts democrats are arguing that they are going to hurt a lot of people. so those certainly are accounting tricks. in terms of that last little margin to get to the point where they are cutting more than they are raising the debt ceiling which is what republican leaders wanted to do, they needed to rely on some creative use of cbo accounting methods. >> right. this is also interesting, though. even if he does get john boehner, that is, the house, even if he does get the conservatives to fall in lynn and go ahead and vote for this, there seems to be question about whether it will get out of the senate. have you 53 senators, two independents, included who said they are not going to support boehner's proposal. now we are looking at another proposal perhaps harry reid's proposal which the cbo also downgraded. let's take a look at the numbers. instead of $2.7 trillion in deficit cuts, $2.2 trillion. does the reid plan have the
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support to get anywhere? >> it is not clear whether the reid plan can as if senate. phoenix it could it appears to be a nonstart other the house. a house bill that may or may not pass that's a nonstart other the senate. senate bill that may or may not pass that's a nonstarter on the house. i think what's most likely to happen is if the house passes its bill, the senate will go with another plan and amend it on to that house bill and play ping pong. i talked to former senate majority leader trent lott yesterday. he said in his view procedurally the earliest this could get done is wednesday or thursday of next week which pushes it past that original august 2 deadline. >> what happens? that appears to be an impasse. as you said one bill won't get out of one house and one may not get approved by the other. what happens come august 2? >> i think your guess is as good as mine. there's a lot of warning obviously about a possible downgrading of debt about a possible default. i think most folks think the treasury department has a little bit of wiggle room built into
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that august 2 deadline. we have seen reports from outside groups that say that tax receipts have led to a little bit more revenue. there is a little bit more money on hand than has been advertised. maybe a couple of days isn't a big -- as big of a deal. certain there treasury department is making plans at this point to figure out which bills are going to get paid and which ones will get pushed off. >> sounds like we are right back where we were yesterday. we will have to wait and see. senior congressional reporter with politico. >> always good to talk to a fellow terrapin. >> that's right. go terps. >> that's a turtle, is it not? >> tortoise. much larger and lives longer. >> excellent diversion from the conversation about the debt deal. all we can keep asking is what happen it is there is no deal? if i had a nickel every time we had to ask this question i would be able to pay the national debt. the white house insists president obama will not raise the debt ceiling by himself by invoking the 14th amendment. still a lot of folks out there are talking about this escape clause. that's because former president
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bill clinton and some house democrats say the president should use it if no deal is reached. what are we talking about here? this was provision that was penned after the civil war to make sure confederate states repaid the war debts. section 4 of the 14th amendment says, quote, the valid i did of the public debt of the united states authorized by law including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion shall not be questioned. it is that last part, shall not be questioned that legal scholars say is open to interpretation and allow the president to declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional clearing the way for the white house to pay the country's bill without a deal being reached. now, president obama has said that he's talked to his lawyers and they are unconvinckoconvinc invoking this will be an argument. you had a chance to talk to michele bachmann about this. >> i sat down with the
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congressman yesterday. republican presidential candidate as well. exclusive interview with her and asking her a lot about the debt ceiling and about our credit rate. also, about this 14th amendment possibility. she called any move to invoke the 14th amendment to hike the debt ceiling without congressional approval unconstitutional. here is a listen. >> congress has the power to lay and collect taxes. it is congress that does the spending. the president is prohibited to do that. if hay had the power to do that he would effectively be a dictator. there would be no reason for congress to come into washington, d.c. he would be making the spending decisions. he would be making the taxing decisions. clearly that's unconstitutional. >> we are going to have more of our talk with her ahead, including why she thinks we don't have to raise the debt ceiling. and why she will be a no vote today on the house speaker's plan. also senator john mccain taking on tea party conservatives and debt stand-off accusing them of
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abandoning reason. as you will hear that's not sitting well with congressman -- republican congressman joe walsh. >> that is not fair. that's not fair to the american people to hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it is unfair. it's bizarro. >> and insulting for a guy like john mccain who has been here for so long, politicians like him that have gotten us to this point where we have a government we can't afford. shame on him for saying that for going after those of us who were elected six months ago to change the way guys like him have operated in this town forever. >> we are going to dig deeper into all of this next hour when we talk to the republican congressman of georgia. he is not onboard with house speaker boehner's plan. new video of the aftermath
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of friday's bomb attack in norway. just obtained by cnn. it was shot by johan christian. he says he thought the tunnel was going to collapse on the roof of his car. he says he got out of his vehicle, as you see here, quickly began recording dazed survivors of victims covered in blood hoping the video may provide evidence to police. he was struck by how many people lost their hearing in the blast. he was also able to get rare footage inside of the badly damaged main government building. captured this image. ha a huge hole in the floor of the government building. it is not clear whether this is the location where the bomb detonated. eight people were killed in the blast and 68 others were massacred later in the day at a summer youth camp. the prime minister announced today independent commission will be set up to examine the attacks. >> perhaps some of the video he shot will be used to determine evidence. the worst downpours in more than a century triggering a deadly
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flooding in south korea. triggering deadly flooding there. if you look at the pictures you can see just how treacherous it is. more than 20 inches of rain falling on seoul in the last 48 hours. you see -- you hear people screaming in fear. highway roads are impassable. flood sing now being blamed for at least 35 deaths there and most of them are from landslides. hundreds of homes have been lost and it is still raining today at a rate of two inches per hour in some parts of seoul. >> where it is not raining is texas. people in south texas are preparing for the worst as a tropical storm barrels in from the gulf. rob marciano is in the extreme weather center. this is where one of the rare things, people in texas are saying i hope some part of the tropical storm gets to us so we get rain but don't want a tropical storm. >> right. it is a tropical cyclone with a positive spin. at this point we are hoping that we can get it into texas and if we can keep it at a -- you know, most category 1 hurricane, that would be ideal. the uncertainty of the intensity
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forecast, though, is really -- paramount here. we are not really sure how strong it is going to get. pretty sure about the track, though. it is not very organized at the moment. just off the yucatan peninsula. about 600 miles from the coast of texas. and it is forecasted to med that way here over the next couple of days. landfall likely tomorrow night. as either a tropical storm or a minimal hurricane. somewhere between brownsville and houston is the forecast track. this would bring much needed rainfall into this area. where they got a ton of rain the past couple of days across northern iowa, illinois, and including chicago, this is some video coming into us overnight from davies county where they got over six inches of rainfall in some spots. about a half a dozen swift water rescue has to be made in this area. so they don't want any more rain. texas would like to see just a little bit of that 37 check out the numbers. over seven inches. grand rapids seeing over three inches. they will probably see a couple more thunderstorms some of which
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could become severe today and heat starts to build across parts of the eastern half of the country as well. we will be tracking don, of course, through jit the morning and next couple of days. >> all right. rob, thanks very much for that. history making baseball in cleveland. did you watch this? >> i was at a yankee game yesterday and this happened while i was there. the news came out. >> interest didn't go 6 1/2 hours. santana threw the first no-hitter of his career. gave up one run. first hitter of the game for indians reached base and then an error came around to score. santana, third hitter in the majors this zone we have a bunch of baseball store these week. we have this one and the lawn game talked about. 19 innings tuesday night. baseball admitting the ump blew the call. joe torre weighed in on the call that ended tuesday night's 19-inning game in atlanta. watch it. everybody else thought he was out. the ump calls him safe.
3:14 am
looked like he was out by a mile. the braves beat the pirates 4-3. twitter began blowing up with calls for instant replay after that which always happens in baseball. they always call for it. torre says he has been on both sides of the calls and feels they will always be part of the game. the ump admitted and everybody said it. >> what would have happened? the game would have continued on? >> a long game. >> for what, another -- >> i don't know. >> maybe they should redo the game. it was only 19 innings. ahead on "american morning," heroes of 9/11. some of them learned they will not be eligible for federal assistance that got toxin that were caused by toxins at ground zero. they confronted some of the people behind that decision and we will get more from the meeting that took place last night. just ahead. >> newt gingrich says we should all buy american. somebody forgot to tell his staff that. the candidate's awkward moment when we return.
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yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. 9/11 first responders and others that became ill from working at or around ground zero expressing their anger and
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frustration at a town hall meeting in new york city. >> they are reacting to the news that those who have been diagnosed with cancer will not be covered by the new 9/11 victims' compensation fund. we have details of last night's meeting. we talked yesterday to a 9/11 advocate who has been saying how can you say our cancers were not caused by the toxic air we breathe in the days after 9/11? >> that's right. you can imagine the passion that this issue is stirring up because so many people feel in their gut they would not be sick were it not for their response. this is one of three meetings by the justice department to explain how the new victims compensation fund is going to work. that's the fund established by the act. the big issue which came up again and again why is cancer not being covered? especially because of the fires that burned for so long down at ground zero. one man who spoke last night -- he spent three months working at
3:19 am
ground zero and also landfill where the debris was taken, five years later, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. take a listen. >> i just think that this is an injusti injustice. i'm a retired police detective. i was down there for three months. i want to show you something. sometimes i have to eat through this tube. because the muscles in my neck don't work to swallow. i wave ask talk through this tube. and i'm the lucky one. because i had health insurance. all these other people have cancer that don't have medical insurance. you are pushing them aside. >> so many healthy people didn't get sick because of ground zero and some this is so controversial because people believe that it is linked to ground zero.
3:20 am
the decision not to include cancer was made by the national institute of occupational safety and health and reviewed all available data and found no scientific evidence proving a direct link between exposure and cancer. and essentially there is no finger principle. the woman in charge of the money, sheilah, had nothing to do with excluding cancer. she told the audience they need to be patient. she said if and when scientists can prove a link between 9/11 and the cancers they will be covered by the fund. >> it is an emotional thing. you know, our hearts go out to people who have suffered cancer. but people suffered from cancer, all kinds of cancers, who are not exposed to 9/11. i think we have to wait to see what the medicine is going to tell us. >> the doctors say cancer takes at least ten years to develop. the rate of cancer is no higher in this particular age group
3:21 am
than it would be otherwise. of course, many first responders who were sick say they don't have time to wait. even an extra year. they are hoping other studies will come out proving what they believe and that is that their cancer is because of the exposure. >> what's -- what do they think will change with the new reviews? when you stay is no finger principle what happens to change that? >> there's only one study that actually found what is even a remote link between cancer and ground zero and that is blood cancers. things like leukemia, something called multiple myloma. those the ended to develop much faster than other area cancers. they believe that maybe if they can make this connection that it will open the door to other types of cancer. >> you are saying ask people to wait. some of these people are die. >> you hear the emotion. there's nobody that doesn't agree that this is heartbreaking. i think that, unfortunately, the science hasn't caught up. we will be interviewing in an hour the doctor that you referred to in that study, dr.
3:22 am
moline. her study is the one that suggests some link between cancers and the 9/11 responders. she also believes that more research needs to be done which is happening now. as you said and as you heard in the heartbreaking testimonies a lot of people said i may not be around and meantime, my family has been bankrupt. our lives have been changed forever. how can we be pushed aside. >> emotional trauma that -- >> right. thanks so much. we are taking a quick break and will be right back with more. including kiran's exclusive conversation with michele bachmann. in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. hey can i play with the toys ?
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on your business this morning, 25 minutes after the hour. dow had its worst session since june 1 yesterday. dropping 200 minutes on to end
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the day. nasdaq and s&p 500 also closed lower as debt ceiling fears continue to plague these markets. right now u.s. stock futures are trading mixed. they were all up in overnight trading overseas. that's after house speaker boehner's new debt ceiling plan got the nod from the congressional budget office after the close of markets yesterday. still no deal, though. investors are looking for any signs of progress on the debt ceiling. a few minutes ago science technology company dupont recorded their second-quarter earnings. better than expected. sony reported a 60% drop in profits last quarter. citing production slowdowns from the earthquake in japan. royal dutch shell says its second-quarter earnings almost doubled. u.s. competitor exxonmobil expected to most its earnings later today. wall street looking to new economic data out today for a fresh read on the health of the u.s. economy. weekly jobless claims report comes out at 8:30 a.m. eastern time and number much pending home sales for june releases at 10:00 a.m.
3:27 am
expecting weak reports for both indicators. the government will foot the bill for half of all health care costs in the u.s. by 2020. they are expected to double by then to $4.6 trillion due to rising health care costs and other factors. also new this morning suisse bank credit suisse says it is cutting 2,000 jobs after the company announced its second quarter profit dropped 52% on lower earnings from trading. every day, all around the world,
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30 minutes past the hour. time for your top stories. today is the day the house votes on speaker boehner's new and improved debt plan. according to the budget office that bill would cut $915 billion in spending over the next decade. the vote comes just a day after the speaker ordered his tea
3:31 am
party colleagues to get behind his revised plan. >>ing in fact, he said get your assets behind this plan, specifically. even if house speaker boehner's plan passes it has no chance of passing the senate. harry reid has plan of his own but after the congressional number crunchers took a look at it they said it would reduce deficits by $2.2 trillion over ten years. that's $500 billion short of what reid promised. >> the white house continues to insist president obama will not go it alone. should there not be a deal to raise the debt ceiling voted on by august 2. group of house democrats has been urging the president to raise the debt limit himself by invoking the 14th amendment. there is a line in there that talks about debts not being questioned. >> yes. >> and there are some interpretations that say it means that the president can go it alone and issue a raising of the debt ceiling by executive order. >> he says that he doesn't think that's entirely true. president clinton did. he said he should do it but he said he can't do it. what's going on with the
3:32 am
markets? dow down 200 points yesterday. fourth straight day of declines. joining me now from london is nina with how the work markets are faring. hard to tell. it is not a decisive move one way to another. it is a slow trickle. >> that's right. of course, a lot of people have gone on holiday for the month of july and august. one of the reasons why we are not seeing huge amounts of reaction at the moment is because on the one hand investors are biding their time nervously and because volumes are thin. i can say, though, that the european markets andation ash markets are marching up a fourth day of declines as everybody gets even more worried about the u.s. debt debacle. even if the u.s. does manage to come to an 11th our agreement there is concern in the markets the united states covers aaa decrei credit rating could suffer and be downgraded. let's look at ramifications for other mark fets that were to happen. out of the $14.3 trillion of
3:33 am
debt outstanding that the u.s. has, we should mention that over a third of it is held in foreign hands. most notably about $1.3 trillion in china, japanese also and about $900 billion worth of u.s. treasuries. as, of course, the treasuries get a little bit riskier the dollar falls, everybody suffers for the moment. >> that's exactly how we need to look at it. good to see and you thanks very much for that. >> thanks. we are five days now until the deadline. the house is expected to vote on speaker boehner's plan to cut government spending and to raise the nation's debt ceiling. there is a fight going on within the republican party itself. perfect boehner may not win. tea party conservatives like congressman michele bachmann say the plan doesn't go far enough to rein in spending. she told me she voting no on it. i sat down with the presidential candidate exclusively yesterday. we talked about her decision to run and also her decision to hold her ground on the debt.
3:34 am
is it scary to think -- i mean, that you can technically be the first member of congress probably in 100 years to get elected president and first woman? those are huge milestones. what's it like this can be me? >> it is not frightening at all because it isn't about me. it is all about the people of this country and the people that i care about. because i'm very concerned that we do turn the country around and that the economy gets book track. i understand the economy. i understand what needs to be done to turn the economy around. >> sometimes -- i have to ask you, isn't it's easier said than done? a lot of campaign promise it is president made and this president, and he bumped up against the reality of having, you know, a lot of problems in congress dealing with the opposite party. and a lot of the promises he made he ended up not being able to deliver on because of the nature of the office and reality. do you worry sometimes if you were to be elected you couldn't follow through on some of the promises you made because of the reality in wash? >> certainly divided government
3:35 am
presents challenge. i don't underestimate that at all. in my opinion, the president's problem wasn't his lack of experience or divided congress. president reagan had a divided congress. yet, he was very successful enacting his agenda. what president obama has failed to do is properly understand the issues. on every measure this president has failed. he has a big "f" on his economic report card. he has to take responsibility for the economy. because he's the one that's made these decisions. that's not to say that president bush didn't overspend. how. >> how do you feel about the debate that's gone on when it comes to spending cuts and linking it to the debt ceiling? >> well, first of all, i think that all of the plans that are out there start with the wrong premise. their premise is this. raise the debt ceiling. this is one thing i will assure you. i have been all over south carolina. and iowa and new hampshire. i have been to texas and florida
3:36 am
and other states as well. i haven't had one person come up to me yet and say michelle, we need a balanced approach. we have to increase taxes. because we have to keep this level of spending going. 69% of the american people are saying don't raise the debt ceiling. >> now that's changed. now it is about 39%. i think people are scared. >> well, that's not what i'm hearing. out on the trail, people are saying government, get your act together and cut i spending. washington has their fingers in their ears right now. they are not listening to the american people. that's why i am adamant. i will vote no on increasing the debt ceiling. we need sanity back in washington. >> you are voting no but think it will go through. >> i think president obama and the leaders in washington will come up with a deal. what they need to do under no -- uncertain circumstances is do at least what my bill does. and that's pay the interest on
3:37 am
the debt. then i say from there, after paying the military salaries, prioritize. get your act together. get your house in order. you can't have it all. your children can't have it all. mine can't. your teenager can't have it all. nobody can. neither can government. >> a little later we are going to bring you more with congressman bachmann. little bit more about her personal story how she managed to raise five kids and why she and her husband decided to open their home to so many foster children and why she can make history being the first female president. she is standing firm on the debt ceiling. she believes, as she said, it is a false premise. we won't necessarily default. that we can pay the interest on our debt and from there, prioritize. >> that is a big discussion now about whether if you don't pay some things, whether or not that's a default, s&p, ben bernanke have said don't -- if you don't pay something you are in default. moody's takes a different view. you are only in default if you
3:38 am
don't pay a bondholder. we are probably getting caught up on nuances at this point in the game. it is still unexpected what effect it will have in tend if we don't raise the debt ceiling. there is an awkward moment for newt gingrich and his presidential campaign staff. former house leader was meeting with media in atlanta yesterday. he has been sounding the made in america battle cry quite a bit. insisting we have to beef up manufacturing in this country by buying more american made products. which made this exchange with a reporter who asked him to hold up his campaign t-shirt a little more uncomfortable. >> a lot of what you are talking about is about taking america back to america. we asked for t-shirt and picked up that one. it is made in el salvador. it is printed here in atlanta. >> okay. >> it was a big thing when we talked to your campaign -- about how you wanted things made in
3:39 am
america. do you have plans to change things? >> i have no -- i will have to ask the folks that ordered this. i didn't order it. i didn't do it. >> that was a rush order. >> volunteer campaign, volunteers do lots of different things. >> wow. got caught. >> the volunteers' fault. it is tough. i mean, this is the nature -- >> it is a -- very tricky thing to talk about made in america. not just the t-shirt but it is the blackberry or the ipad. >> component. >> everything you use. if you are going to scrub yourself of things not made in america he will be campaigning mostly nude with no electronics. that will hurt his campaign. >> or maybe not. >> maybe not. who knows. exact reply. >> you know. he's unsinkable. 42-year-old michael trapp, pilot from new york, mir act russly saved after his small plane crashed. it crashed in lake huron,
3:40 am
treading water without a life jacket for 17 hours. he survived and flying a small plane alone on his way to a family reunion in wisconsin. the engine stalled over the lake and went down fast. >> it did flip over on its top breaking the windshield out. and he had to get himself unbuckled and out of the door. and it was just seconds later the airplane was totally gone. >> people on a boat finally spotted him. waving a sock. >> amazing. >> they asked him if he wanted water. he responded thanks, hi enough. he said he's feeling. just sore from all of that swim. >> 17 hours of treading water. amazing he survived it. watchdog group out with a list of what bugs consume terse most. topping the list, compiled by the consumer federation of america, shady car dealers, credit and debt services. tied for third complaints about home improvement or construction jobs and retail sales practices. >> brings us to our question of
3:41 am
the day -- bad service? which industry is at the top of your complaint list. send us an e-mail, tweet, tellous facebook. we will be reading some of your comments a bit later. >> coming up ahead on "american morning," alec trebek, n jeopardy. literallily. we will tell you how the host turned into a crime fighter and how it all turned out. >> pay or not to pay. find out why folks in one city are not paying up whether they are caught by those red light cameras. where do you go to find a super business? you know, the ones who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the superguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or at®.
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the answer is chasing a burglar down a hotel hallway. the question is why was jeopardy host trebek on crutches at a "national geographic" eventing in california? >> isn't the answer a question? >> yeah. >> who was running -- >> i get the answers but i can never do it in the form of a question. turns out the night before trebek, 71-year-old, awoke to find a burglar in his hotel room and ran after her and ruptured his achilles. >> the snap and the sound, i
3:45 am
played sports all my life. i called security immediately. gave them a good description of the woman and they got her. >> police arrested the suspect on suspicion of felony burglary and receiving stolen property. trebek says most of the stolen items were recovered except a fami family heirloom that his mother gave him. >> he is said to be going surgery today. we wish you the best. >> it is bad injury. >> yes. the united states government can continue funding stem cell research on human embryos. it was a ruling yesterday after a federal judge threw out a lawsuit that was attempting to block federal funding. a victory for the white house. the lawsuit was filed by two scientists who objected to the destruction of embryos for research. in texas, opening statements in the sexual assault trial of warren jeffs could begin today. also this morning jeffs' lawyers are expected to ask evidence to be suppressed from his arrest in
3:46 am
2006 in las vegas. jeffs has pleaded not guilty to charges of bigamy and sexual assault on a child. how many packs of hot dog do you have in a day? check out this billboard up here. posted outside the indianapolis motor speedway. you see that hot dog sticking out of what's meant to look like a cigarette package. warning, race fans of a link between processed foods and cancer. >> that's mean. >> the space was -- they wouldn't have liked our national hot dog last week. the space was purchased by a doctor's group pushing a plant based diet. why here? they say last year 1.1 million hot dogs were sold during the indy 500. >> don't only half a million people go to the indy 500? i was at the yankee game yesterday. >> how many hot dogs did you have? >> one. it is part of the experience. >> yes. >> i have to tell you, i would probably buy the idea there is lot of sodium. i'm not sure i will make the leap from hot dogs to a plant based diet. just saying.
3:47 am
>> that's a tough leap. very tough leaf. >> i had those fakey hot dogs. >> i call them the why bothers. you may as well eat a salad. why bother if you have to mold vegetables into the shape of me meat. just have kale. why bother paying for going through a red light? a lot of questions surrounding red lights in california. do they cause more rear end collisions as some people stop and others are trying to get through? most importantly, do you have to pay the tickets if you get one? if you live in los angeles the answer to the last question is -- apparently, it is up to you. apparently because the way the law is written there, authorities cannot force violators to pay the $476 fine for running a red light. the news comes as the city considers shutting the program down. >> you know why this is? because it would -- they can't technically prove you were the one behind the wheel of the car. even though they have the license plate. if you show up in court to fight
3:48 am
it and rule against and you don't pay it then they will come after you. there are people that are irate that said i paid $476 of fines and i want my money back. >> i think -- idea is once you -- established in a it is you can't get your money back. >> people are getting mad now saying i-want my money back. if all the other people can't pay it i want my money back because i paid. >> it very interesting. we will check your morning headlines straight ahead. 58 minutes -- no. how many minutes is it? >> 48 minutes past the hour. the chevy cruze eco offers an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon on the highway. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that close at high speeds, and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪
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3:50 am
50 minutes fast hour. a vote on house speaker john boehner's debt plan is set for today. it comes after boehner ordered his colleagues to get in line behind his revised bill that cut $915 billion in spending over ten years. white house press secretary jay carney is saying a provision in the 14th amendment that some democrats say allows the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own is, quote, just not an option. only congress has the authority to extend the borrowing limit. we have exclusive new video shot in oslo, norway. it was taken by a man driving through a tunnel beneath the government plaza when that bomb went off. the worst downpour more than a century triggering massive flooding in south korea. 35 people are dead. mostly victims of landslides. more than 20 inches of rain
3:51 am
falling on seoul in the last 48 hours. texas is gearing up for tropical storm don. it is now forming in the gulf of mexico. if it continues on its projected path the storm could make landfall along the texas coast early saturday. you are caught up on the day's headlines. "american morning" is back after a quick break.
3:52 am
american consume voyrnsding off about what bugs them the most. they say when it comes to -- then don't like shady car dealerships. that topped the list of complaints according to the
3:53 am
consumer federation of america's annual survey. >> surprised me because i didn't think people buy cars as much as they do other things. but car, auto problems top the list. that brings us to the question of the day for you. bad service. which industry is at the top of your complaint list. facebook, lori says the airline companies, enough said. >> all right. elvin lewis says fast food. people can't even get the simplest order correct. it is like a joke. i guess he was hungry. >> it seems consistent. ruthie says on facebook bad service complaint, congress. >> brett nelson says overseas computer tech support call centers. well with keep your comments coming. send us an e-mail or tweet. tell us on feedback and we will read your thoughts later in the morning. >> with negotiations using at a snail's pace the debt cries that's provided inspiration for some from the creative to the bizarre. >> jeanne moos takes a look at the debt limit follies.
3:54 am
>> reporter: a rap video, amy winehouse. what do they have to do with the debt ceiling fiasco? ♪ raise the debt ceiling >> reporter: a comedian from virginia who likes doing political videos. >> all the spending kind of fits in well with like a bad rap. i just happened to be a bad rapper. ♪ we ain't got no skwaums ♪ dropping hundred dollar bombs et? ♪ was that an a-bomb dropped by boehner as he called for his fellow republicans to get in line. >> is it true you told some republican members this morning you need to get your "a" word in line behind this debt ceiling bill? >> i sure did. this is time to do what is doable. >> reporter: "the washington post" reported that the house majority played a movie clip to motivate republicans to pull together. the clip featured ben affleck as a bank robber planning revenge in the town. >> i need your help.
3:55 am
i can't tell what you it is. you can never ask me about it later and we are going to hurt some people. >> reporter: democrats turned the car against the republicans. >> they chose to inspire their house freshmen. one of the crooks gives a pep talk to the other right before they both put on hockey masks, bludgeon two men with sticks, and shoot a man in the leg. ladies and gentlemen, this is your house republican majority. >> reporter: asked about republicans playing the clip, ben affleck said i don't know if this is a compliment or the ultimate repudiation. if they are going to be watching movies i think the "the komen" is more appropriate. a fill billion corporate layoffs. >> you are firing me? >> reporter: here is a head scratcher. what possible connection could there be between the debt and the death of singer amy winehouse? ♪ talking about me going the rehab ♪ >> reporter: congressman billy
3:56 am
long from missouri tweeted no one can reach amy winehouse before it was too late. can anyone reach washington before it is too late? both addicted? same fate? later apologized saying he meant no disrespect to winehouse with his analogy about congress' addiction to spending. if this keeps up we will have to raise the limit on debt related doozies. jeanne moos, cnn. , new york. >> creative. i like the rap. >> a long hot summer. >> yeah. >> ahead. ♪ we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else,
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3:59 am
unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. moving on their own. house republicans plan to vote today on raising the debt ceiling many saying it is not tough enough for them. >> new video from the moments after the blast in norway showing just how powerful and devastating it was. we are going to talk to the man that documented norway's darkest day. >> the rain won't stop. what happens when a country gets two months worth of rain in just two days?
4:00 am
>> strange injuries for 500. alex trebek running into trouble after chasing a burglar busted into his hotel room on this "american morning." good morning. it is thursday, july 28. welcome to "american morning." news on the debt. is it settled? >> more back and forth. still no deal. now you are paying the price for washington's inability to come to an agreement. the stock market down now for the fourth straight day. declines coming as house speaker john boehner scrambles to rally republicans in the house to get behind his plan. >> tougher than you may think it is. during the closed door meeting with house republicans yesterday, the speaker had a blunt message for the hard lined conservatives. get your ass in line. that's his quote. is that tough talk working? joe johns is live in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is looking like more and more the speaker is going to have the votes on this, though.
4:01 am
democrats and n the senate say the boehner bill is dead on arrival if it does clear the house. it would certainly inform the end game as the congress plays beat the clock here approaching august 2. these folks, of course, pushed this thing to the brink and now the cursing has started. boehner telling his troops to get their "a" word in line as the democratic senate leader says boehner's bill is dead on arri arriv arrival. let's listen to what both sides on capitol hill were saying as of last night. >> it is not the tea party caucus. most of the freshmen are in good shape. it would be more what i would describe as hard lined conservatives who want more. i don't blame them. i would want more, too. but this was an agreement between the bipartisan senate leaders and myself. it is what's doable. and i think we can get there. >> i'm disappointed. i care about john boehner. i think he is a good person.
4:02 am
i have been disapointed he painted himself into this corner and makes our job much more difficult. i hope that the american people will learn pretty soon we are able to work through this. we have to do it. >> what is in this bill? you need to know this. the boehner bill has what's described as a two-step debt limit increase. $917 billion in discretionary spending cuts over the next decade. setting up a framework for almost $2 trillion in more cuts. democrats say the problem with this bill among other things puts the congress in the position of having to go back to work on this problem. possibly around the holiday season in december. the senate democrats working on their own alternative. but in the event they cannot agree how they get out of this, that so-called 14th amendment option, has sort of been thrown back out there by some congressional leaders on the democratic side. the president's folks have said no. it is not an option. it is not an option again and
4:03 am
again. congressman jim clyburn of south carolina, house democratic caucus among other talking about that. as you know, what this does essentially says that hey, the -- united states debt cannot be questioned. therefore, the president presumably could, you know, put in an executive order and do an -- run around the united states congress. again the white house saying that's not an option. but who knows what's going to happen if they cannot get a deal. >> all right, thank you. we will cover this to the bitter end. >> thanks, joe. senator john mccain taking on some tea party conservatives in the debt stand-off accusing them of abandoning reason. as you will hear, that's not sitting well with republican congressman joe walsh. >> that is not fair. that is not fair to the american people. to hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit
4:04 am
until we pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it is unfair. it is bizarro. >> and insulting for a guy like john mccain who has been here for so long, it is politicians like him that have gotten us to this point where we have a government we can't afford. shame on him for saying that for going after those of us who were elected six months ago to change the way guys like him have operated in this town forever. >> interesting. i mean, the strong language and the in-fighting that's going on right now in the gop. particularly in the house because there are, as he said, i came in office six months, if i get booted out next year, fine. but can i not vote to continue spending the way we are. >> stay with us. in less than 30 minutes we will talk with the congressman of georgia who one of the conservatives is against house speaker john boehner's plan. more presidential candidate michele bachmann is also against it and says she is a no vote. she's been a fierce supporter of
4:05 am
what she defines as a traditional family. her family and upbringing has been anything but traditional. >> after my parents divorced our family went into below poverty. we had been a middle class, lower middle class family. after the divorce, we went below poverty and my mother made about $4800 a year. hi to get a job and my brothers got jobs. they delivered papers. i got a babysitting job. i made 50 cents an hour. that was big money back then. we wanted to help out. that's what we needed to do. my mother also said that, you know, it won't always be this way. it will get better. she told us to buckle down and do well in school and we all did. we all made it. >> we are going to have more of our talk coming up next including why she thinks we don't have to as a nation raise the debt ceiling and why she will be a no-vote on the house speaker's plan. the worst downpours in more than a century triggering deadly
4:06 am
flooding in south korea. you look at the pictures, it is devastating. more than 20 inches of rain falling on seoul in the last 48 hours. highways and roads washed away are impassable. flooding is being blamed on 35 deaths. most of them from landslides. hundreds of homes have been lost. you see that sea of cars barely peak peeking out from under the water. it is still raining there today. a rate of two inches per hour in some sports of the city. there's heavy flooding in northwest illinois. the sheriff's office in joe davies county telling cnn and there have been half a dozen water rescues. no serious injuries. up to a foot of rain in some areas and say it is still coming down this morning. >> there's no rain in texas. people in south texas now preparing for the worst as a tropical storm barrels towards them in the gulf. rob marciano is in the weather center. they cannot catch a break. it will be great if the tropical storm becomes something weak and sprinkles rain over south texas. not if it does didn't that's certainly the hope. you don't want this to blow up into a major hurricane.
4:07 am
all indications now is that that probably won't happen. the outlier here is that this is a very strong and still unorganized storm. small i should say. as a small storm getting into the gulf of mexico, between don't know how intense it is going to get. the track of it is pointing it towards southeast texas as we go through the next couple of days. here you go. here is the forecast from the national hurricane center. takes it somewhere between brownsville, just south of corpus christi. landfall expected tomorrow night, early saturday morning as a strong tropical storm potentially minimal hurricane. that is the ideal situation. maybe if we were bumping it up farther to the north, forecast rainfall amounts could see up to a half a foot in some spots and will take tonight places like san antonio. they will take it further north, austin, take it in dallas. although at this point it does not look like the moisture will get all the way there. they got tonight iowa and i will and i will michigan overnight and talked about that. the flooding that we saw there last night and the -- swift water rescue have flood warnings
4:08 am
posted for today because we have more thunderstorms supposed to fire along this front. some of which could become severe. chicago, guys, broke a record for the month of july. they saw well over nine inches of rainfall. much of it come thing past weekend. more of it expected to come today. >> the problem with that record is that it was not a month of july's worth of record. it was most of it on a weekend that -- get hit again. we are going on what's going on out there. thank you. >> you bet. looks like a scene from a movie. it was a real-life riot that took place outside of chinese theater in l.a. thousands of people tried to crash a jam packed movie premiere. police arrested two people. >> do you know what the movie was? >> we said it looked like something out after movie before standing there on the street. >> yeah. i mean -- how badly do you need to see any movie? that you would get involved? at what point in a crazy scene outside of a movie do you say to chris, let's just not see this today? is it the -- what happens where
4:09 am
people decide we are going to stick around and take my shirt off and start a fight about getting into the movie? >> i heard "winnie the pooh" was really good. >> "black swan" nearly caused a fight, riot, trying to get out of it. such a horrible movie. >> stop picking on "black swan." i heard it was "electric daisy." it was a documentary? alex trebek catching a burglar in the act in his san francisco hotel room and chasing her down a hallway. that's what his achilles' heel snapped. >> the snap and the sound -- i played sports all my life. i will called security immediately. gave them a good description of the woman. and they got her. >> police arrested the suspect. 56-year-old lucinda moyers. still to come this morning, dramatic new video taken moments after friday's terror bombing in oslo. the man who shot it says he was
4:10 am
than sure he would live to tell about it. he joins us live from norway with more of these amazing pictures. awkward moment for newt gingrich because of a t-shirt. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families
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looking at live pictures in oslo, norway, where police are helding a news conference. updating members of the press on the latest developments in the aftermath of that horrific bombing and massacre that took 76 lives. releasing more names of the confirmed dead a little later this evening and also talking about a new interview conducted with the defendant in this case, anders breivik. we are monitoring developments for and you will bring you the latest. we have a cnn exclusive. dramatic new look at the immediate aftermath of the massacre. it is something you will not see on any other u.s. television network. >> johan tomberg was passing through a tunnel beneath the city's government plaza when that explosion happened. eight people were killed. >> listening in for a second. the aftermath he put his camera on and started walking and
4:14 am
seeing people. let's listen for a moment. you can see that -- you are seeing people on their cell phones. he thought he was going to die, too, before he started filming but survived. he recorded some of the most compelling video we have seen. this is seconds after the blast. he joins us now. johan joins us live from oslo. >> thanks for joining us this morning. first of all, you described this as almost like a war scene. war zone when you were walking through. tell us what it was like in those moments after that bombing. >> ing the second i took to myself to get in order i went down from the tunnel and i saw this building that was blown away like a war zone. i got the pictures back from 9/11 immediately. i started to record to document and also inside the building to help injured people.
4:15 am
>> your first -- johan, your first reaction -- i'm sure others had the reaction -- you thought it was al qaeda. >> i was definitely -- i was 100% sure this was al qaeda. attack we have been waiting for. yeah. i was 100% sure, terror attack against for way and oslo. i was -- i was thinking of al qaeda. >> as it turns out, the suspect -- the suspect p. anders breivik is not only accused of carrying out that bombing but to hear about the horrific shooting that took place on the island at that youth camp. what -- what is it like? how are you all dealing with this? especially you who is there actually when this happened? >> i have not had time yet to think about myself. i can tell you people all over norway when they woke up saturday morning and turned on the television, the number of dead have increased from eight friday evening to more opinion
4:16 am
80 kids. people around the country are crying in front of the tv and still upset crying. that's what they are doing. they are still in shock. >> tell me where you are in relation to where you were when the bomb went off and where you were take thing video from. >> i was in the tunnel underneath the government building and in my car driving home. i heard this big bang and thought it was -- first i thought it was a gas explosion. second after i saw the -- felt the air coming through the tunnel and my car moved. hi to lay down on the floor. the ceiling in my head. my car was still working. i drove out and started to record. from there i got my 15 minutes. >> you weren't concerned of another bombing or the billing would collapse? your mind went into let me gather evidence mode? you were thinking you were going to record this because the police may be able to find someone. you headed right into the place where people were heading out of. >> yeah. well, i was -- looking at one
4:17 am
building. it was destroyed. i did not go inside. one building, the one i-went into, was not that destroyed. i went in to see if i could find any more injured people in the stairs on the floors upstairs. >> and you talk about all the buildings around you being blown out and big damage. how -- what was the extent of the people injured? what were you seeing around you? were people able to walk away from that? >> first -- first few minutes people were in shock. it was very quiet. silence. first three minutes. then we heard screaming as people got -- lost their hearing because of the bomb. they couldn't -- some of them were not able to hear. some were not able to walk. someone -- very injured. unfortunately somebody also was dead. >> wow. johan, very fast thinking. i hope it does help the police at least in understand thing a little better. very, very fast thinking to get out of your car and try to
4:18 am
document as much as of what was going on as possible. johan christian tomberg was under the building attacked. he got out of his car and started filming and joins us from oslo. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> uncomfortable and awkward moment for newt gingrich and his presidential campaign staff. the former house speaker was meeting with reporters in atlanta yesterday. he had been talking about buying made in america a lot lately. insisting we need to beef up the manufacturing in this country and buying more american made products. while he was in the middle of the exchange producer for abc news asked him to hold up a campaign t-shirt of his. let's show you how this turned out zbl out. >> a lot of what you are talking about is taking america back to america. we asked for t-shirts to be send to us made in america. i picked up that one and it is made in el salvador. it is printed here in atlanta.
4:19 am
it was a big thing when we talked to your campaign about how you wanted things to be made in america. do you have plans to change things? >> i have no -- i have to ask the folks that ordered this. i didn't order it and i don't do it. >> that was a rush order the volunteers got. >> a challenge with volunteer campaign, lots of volunteers do lots of different things. >> volunteer campaigns and lots of volunteers do different things. it was an awkward moment. he had been talking about the importance of made in america. >> yeah. i mean -- there are -- you can get t-shirts made in canada -- in america if you wanted to. i think someone ordered them online. we are going to be back in just a few moments. news of the word staff may have thought they hit rock bottom when their paper closed. they are being offered new jobs. you won't believe where. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
22 minutes after the hour. minding your business this hour. dow dropping nearly 200 foyntsd day. nasdaq and s&p 500 closed lower. affected bidet ceiling fears that continue to plague the market. right now futures for the dow,s in a deck and s&p 500 are all higher ahead of the opening bell. investors will be watching washington closely today. looking for any signs of progress on the debt ceiling talks. futures are getting a boost from strong corporate earnings this morning. colgate beat wall street's expectations for the second quarter. europe's biggest oil company royal dutch shell says its earnings almost double and exxonmobil is expected to post its earnings later today. investors also looking to new economic data out today for a fresh read on the health of the economy the jobless claims report comes out at 8:30 a.m.
4:24 am
eastern time. number of pending home sales comes out at 10:00 a.m. wall street runs on dunkin'. jumped 31% after going public this week. the ipo raised $423 million for the company. they also own baskin-robbins. an] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn.
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27 minutes past the hour right now. what a beautiful picture of central park. >> unbelievable. >> we have been lucky the last couple of days. rough weather in other parts of the country. >> 74, partly cloudy. going up to 88 today. beautiful, beautiful summer day here. sorry for those of you not having it. hot and rainy in other places. drought in others. anger and frustration boiling over at a town hall meeting in new york.
4:28 am
for those that became ill after ground zero and seeking compensation. >> a ruling that cancer will not be included as one of the ailments that it will be covered by the 9/11 health fund. deb feyerick has details of last night's meeting. very emotional from people who have already suffered so much and feel they are being left behind. >> that's right. exactly. especially among people so healthy before 9/11 and came down with all these various ailments in the decade following. this is one of three town hall meetings by the justice department. the purpose is to explain how this new victims compensation fund is going to work. that's the fund that was established by an act. the big issue coming up again and again last night, decision not to cover cancer. one man who spoke said he spent three months working at ground zero and fresh kill landfill. five years of a later he was diagnosed with throat cancer. >> i just think that this is an injustice to people that have cancer. i'm a retired police detective.
4:29 am
i was down there for three months. i want to show you something. sometimes i have to eat through this tube because the muscles in my neck don't work to swallow. i breathe and talk through this tube. and i'm the lucky one because i have health insurance. all these other people have cancer and don't have medical insurance. you are pushing them aside. >> the decision not to cover cancer was made by the national institute of occupational safety and health. ing a dock reviewed all of the existing data and found no scientific evidence proving a link between exposure to the toxins at ground zero and cancer. essentially there is no actual fingerprint. the woman in charge of the money had nothing to do with excluding cancer. she told the audience to be
4:30 am
patient and said if and when scientists can prove that link, then they will be covered by the fund. >> it is an emotional thing and, you know, our hearts go out to people who have suffered cancer. but people suffer from cancer, all kinds of cancers, who are not exposed to 9/11. and i think we have to wait and see what the medicine is going to tell us. >> many doctors say that cancers take more than ten years to develop. even after exposure to environmental toxins. so the rate of cancer is no higher than the age group than it would be otherwise. the only visible spike right now is in blood cancers. specifically multiple myloma. higher than usual men at a younger age. that's where doctors believe they may see the first 9/11 link, blood cancers, leukemia, multiple myloma. however, people that are sick now say they simply don't have
4:31 am
any time to wait. >> first of all why the blood cancers? if they find that link, do they think they extend it -- may extend coverage to other cancers? >> they mate be automobile to extend coverage. blood cancers develop at a much, much faster rate than other cancers. that's what a particular study found. but also, there are going to be other studies which may not be scientific. but may be so powerful in terms of who is being diagnosed and how many rates of cancer people are coming down with specifically first responders. that may shift the balance in the next year. >> there is a lot of hope in the coming months they may change the ruling. meantime, it is very distressing for a lot of these people that are suffer. >> hanging on. yes. >> coming up at 7:50 eastern, we will talk to dr. jacqueline molino. her study suggests a link between 9/11 responders and cancer. she says more research is needed to confirm the connection. a look at top stories. new video of the aftermath of friday's bombing attack in norway. it was taken by an oslo man who
4:32 am
was driving through a tunnel beneath the city's government plaza whether the bomb detonated. >> massacre suspect anders breivik is being held in solitary confinement. norway's prime minister calling for an independent commission to investigate the attacks. heavy flooding this morning in northwest illinois. sheriff's office telling cnn there have been a dozen water rescues but no serious injuries in some of the counties there. they have had up to a foot of rain in some areas and it is still coming down. >> house is planning to vote on john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling. the vote is expected to be close because some republicans are very, very clearly still not onboard. they complained the spending cuts don't go far enough. yesterday the speaker met with republicans and demanded they get onboard. nbc's brian williams asked the house speaker if there is a revolt going on within the house gop. >> mr. speaker, is it fair to say you have a -- bit of a rebellion on your hands? do you feel -- >> i have a little rebellion on my hands every day.
4:33 am
it comes with the territory. >> i'm going to bring in one of the house republicans who is against speaker boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling. joining me from washington is congressman phil gingrey of georgia. thanks for joining us, congressman. >> thank you. >> john boehner yesterday tried to sell his plan to conservatives. it has been revised back to the drawing board. more cuts and the congressional budget office now says it cuts $917 billion of spending over ten years. again, no tax increases. are you onboard? >> i'm not onboard. it is the next best thing. the best thing is cap, cut and balance. that gives the president what he asked for. the $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling to take him as he asked for through the next election. and that sounds awfully political to me. but in any regard talk about balance for us to be willing to allow him to do that and in
4:34 am
exchange we ask the cut, cap and balance. the most important aspect of that to me is the balanced budget amendment. we need that desperately. we have been, you know, many congresses, republicans, democrats, it does not matter. we just keep spending. the only way we can constrain ourselves is by the balg answered budget amendment 49 out of 50 states has. >> congressman gingrey, there are many that are upset by the issue. they are saying it should not be tied to the debt deal. it is a very valid point. and that spending obviously can't continue. but that hinging, passing a debt deal on passing a balanced budget amendment as senator mccain put it, he called it foolish and said it is worse than fool i shall and not fair. he also called it bizarro. what do you say to that? >> i completely, totally, 100% disagree with senator mccain. we tie things together all the time. there are times when i'm opposed to tying things together.
4:35 am
but this, in my opinion, is the only opportunity. we will never get a balanced budget amendment unless we don't take advantage of this choke point, if you will, in -- as recall emanuel says, no crisis should go to waste. i really believe this is a crisis. i don't want us to default on our debt. we are not going to do that. but i can almost assure you that if this is the only vehicle to avoid that, then it is very simple for harry reid to remove cut, cap and balance off of that table and amend it if he wants to in the senate and send it back to us. but let's take this opportunity once and for all to get this country's fiscal house in order and pass this balanced budget amendment. >> you are quoting rahm emanuel about why no crisis should go to waste? i mean, let me ask you this. >> i'm trying to be as bipartisan as i can here. >> okay. there is one aspect of bipartisanship. a lot of people respect the
4:36 am
ideology in the tea party caucus. are you ignoring the reality there is another party and have a majority in the senate and some compromise has to happen here or the nation is in serious trouble? >> well, you know, that's right. and as speaker banering correctly pointed out many times, we in the republican party only control one-half of one-third of the government. we have a leverage point here. i think that every member understands that. we have a unique opportunity. we control the house of representatives. they have to have us. this takes guts. this is a tough vote. i love my speaker. i have deep respect for our leadership bp i feel so strongly about this and i think i'm trying to do what is right for the american people. not so much what is right for our party or the political careers of our speaker. or even yours truly. i will stand strong on this. i'm going to vote no because i truly want us to have the opportunity to take cut cap and balance off the table in the senate and get it passed.
4:37 am
even if we have to do that a little bit beyond august 2nd, i hope it does not come to that but may take that. >> you are saying you are not afraid of losing your elected office to take this to the brink and to -- try to get a deal worked out. >> absolutely. >> are you willing to deal with the potential fallout if we are not able to get any type of deal -- potentially default and lose aaa credit rating and see unemployment spike? >> that's a different question, of course. the first question is no, i'm not worried about my political fallout. certainly i am worried about the country and the -- interest rates and all of that. i'm not oblivious to that concern. you know, if we don't do the right thing, how do we know the standard & poors and other rating agencies, moody's, are not going to downgrade us anyway. they already said that several months ago. even without talking about it raising the debt ceiling.
4:38 am
i think this armageddon will occur if we don't do the right thing. i clearly believe that the american people look at this and say why would members of either party be opposed to balancing your budget? we have to do that every day in our families and our businesses at home. that's what's going to save this country. >> the reason is you guys want to balance the budget but nobody -- no one is raising taxes and no one is touching any entitlement programs. you are cutting around the fringe. >> we are taxed enough. we are for tax reform and closing loopholes. we are for broadening the tax base so more people are paying at lower rates. we are absolutely committed to addressing entitlement reform. at least on my side of the aisle we are. >> thank you for your point of view this morning. congressman gingrey from georgia. interesting conversation we are having. one thing we should talk about, he said we are not certain
4:39 am
moody's and s&p will not downgrade us even if we don't default. two very different situations. he is right. entirely likely the u.s. could get downgraded. getting downgraded the way they are saying they may downgrade us takes us out of our aaa credit rating. if you default you drop way down here. very, very different case. we may get downgraded from here to here if we default we can go downgraded from here to here. >> when you talk to congressman gingrey and bachmann, we don't default if -- >> chairman of the federal reserve board disagrees with them. standard & poors disagrees. moody's takes that view. you only default on who you default to. if you don't pay social security that's not a default. >> nightmare scenario. it is not necessarily default. >> it is important to realize that there are differences, lots of grades for -- still ahead, why russia plans to sink the international space station into
4:40 am
the pacific ocean. >> also, is this photo of julia roberts misleading? >> no! >> air bush -- >> it has been banned in britain. >> i think she looks fine. have you ever gained weight on vacation? eight pounds in two weeks. yeah. look at that. i eat stuff like this. on vacation i have no rules. number one worst vacation spot for your waistline coming up next. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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4:43 am
good news, bad news for the staff of rupert murdoch's newspaper. they have new jobs in siberia. 200 positions are available in the remote russian region to the former "news of the word" staffers. it is believed 283 people lost their jobs when the 168-year-old newspaper was shut down. last week murdoch promised parliament everything possible was being done to find them new jobs. i guess siberia is growing. >> i guess it is. makeup ad featuring actress julia roberts is being banned in britain. why? because british authorities say
4:44 am
the lancome ad right there is misleading because it is overly air bushed. it would make people believe you can look like that if you put on makeup. >> i could look like that if i put on makeup. >> female member parliament reportedly raised questions about airbrushing saying it is contributing to young girls' problem was body image and confidence and maybelline ad featuring christy turlington has also been banned. >> interesting. what do you think of that? >> i understand the whole -- it is just strange because in the u.s. they can't regulate how people -- >> we can regulate to a point -- self-ringlating thin-- regulati. it is interesting. wear still adjusting to life without shuttle flights. now comes word the russians plan to plunge the entire international space station into the ocean when it reaches the end of its life cycle in 202037 russian space officials say the international space station is too complex ask and too heavy an object to be left in orbit.
4:45 am
you can leave behind space junk. mir was sunk into the pacific in 2001. i guess they are good at this. if they are going to sink it from space they have good aim. >> how interesting. you know how many shuttle missions have gone to deliver parts. >> and now dump it into the ocean. >> if you were sad about the space shuttle mission, can you imagine? maybe if they did it well it could be a tourist attraction. >> that's right. you can go diving at the international space -- >> that would be -- what a spectacle that would be. >> right. >> drop it from space and it lands in cozumel. a year later everyone section scuba dive. >> it is bad. >> it won't be that easy. come to america. you will leave eight pounds heavier. tourists gain the most weight while visiting the united states. researchers found the average tourist piles it on thanks to our huge portions, all you can eat buffets, constant snacking. see, this is the one, caribbean.
4:46 am
>> all-inclusive resort. >> we didn't understand the concept of all incluesive until we went to cancun. we couldn't believe our luck. they say that the caribbean all inclusive reports as well. >> i thought americans who have these things, big servings and all you can eat, would just eat more in other places. i would have thought it was the other way around. americans gain weight wherever they go. thin slovenians come to america and say the americans eat a lot. i couldn't possibly eat that much. apparently they come here and eat as much as americans do. >> they get one taste of the corn dog and that's it. >> can't just have one. more headlines next. including a tropical storm moving towards the united states. we will tell you when it is expected to make landfall when we come back. >> controversial decision not to cover the cancer treatments of 9/11 first responders in a health fund. it is sparking outrage and anger. scientists saying there is little evidence that actually links cancer to the toxins in the air when the world trade center collapsed. dr. moline agrees but says that there is a link between the two.
4:47 am
more research could change those findings. she will be joining us coming up. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere.
4:48 am
introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. a vote on house speaker boehner's plan today. it cops after he called for his colleagues to get in line. let's check in on the markets. the stock futures important the
4:49 am
dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are trading higher ahead of the opening bell. investors are watching washington closely today. looking for any signs of progress on the debt ceiling talks. big arrest in the hacking world. police say the 19-year-old spokesman for the notorious computer hacking groups is in custody in britain. half a dozen water rescues but no injuries or deaths from heavy flooding in northwest illinois. the sheriff's office in joe davies county says they had up to a foot of rain in some areas. still coming down this morning. tropical storm watch in place right now for much of the texas coast as tropical storm don forms in the gulf of mexico. it is the season's fourth named storm. the first threat in the u.s. could make landfall somewhere between corpus christi late friday night or early saturday morning.
4:50 am
4:51 am
512 minutes past the hour. a 9:00 responders health fund a ruling that the fund won't cover cancers. yesterday, we had a chance to speak to john feel, a demolition supervisor at ground zero. he lost a foot there and he suffers from respiratory problems. he says he has attended 53 funerals and in 51 of those 53 deaths, it was cancer. he calls the ruling a slap in the face. >> we had no hazmat suits. we had no proper respiratory. through the nose, through the
4:52 am
mouth and the skin and ash sobed and causing the blood cancers. don't insult our intelligence. we are sick and dying, but we are not stupid. >> joining us is dr. jacqueline moline, the author of the only study to date suggested a link between cancer and 9/11 responders. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> obviously, the emotion here and the science. let me ask you what do you make of the ruling? >> well, you know, dr. john howard is a wonderful man and he cares deeply about the responders. >> explain for the audience who that ask. >> dr. john howard is the head of the national occupation, safety and health. he has been involved in this from the very beginning. what is he looking at is what has been published in the literature so that he can definitively say, yes, there is a link in the science based on what is out there in the science so that we can cover it under this adroga bill. >> do you eventually think that
4:53 am
this will be changed and it will include cancers? >> i think it's important that we revisit this on a regular basis and i think there will be information and there are ongoing studies will get the results of them within the next several months. i think, over time, well, in all likelihood, change these. >> tell us about your study. yours is the first to show at least some correlation or link. what did you find? >> what we found was in young individuals -- by young, we define them as under 45 -- there was a higher late of myeloma which is blood cancer. overall, the rate wasn't elevat elevated. we don't expect to see folks at a young age with this type of cancer. we felt it was important to get it out in the medical community so people would be alert and aware of this. our study didn't prove there was a link but it just showed there was a possibility and it showed that we had to be vigilant and
4:54 am
keep looking for this and other cancers. >> i want to show a little bit of the emotional testimony. as we said, this is an emotional issue as well for people who feel they were traumatized and now feel they are being sort of left out in the cold, they feel, when it comes to getting treatment and monitoring. let's listen to one gentleman at this hearing yesterday. >> i just think that this is an injustice to people who have cancer. i'm a retired police detective. down there for three months. i want to show you something. sometimes i have to eat through this tube because the muscles in my neck don't work to swallow. i brenel and talk through this too. >> talking through his tube. i'm one of the lucky ones because i'm still here he says. how can there not be a link given i was healthy and i was
4:55 am
fine and i worked down at ground zero or in staten island for several months and now i'm dying. >> you know, unfortunately, sometimes it takes time for us to be able to definitively get the answers and i feel for these detectives. i've seen many of them. you know, i've been a part of the world trade center programs for almost ten years now. they are our heroes. they responded. they went in there selflessly. the health consequences of this, we don't have a full answer on and while many of them are saying, you know, enough time has passed, we should have these answers, it takes time in many cases for us to see if there are enough cases that are elevated from what is a common disease overall. we do know that it seems like when you hear this one has cancer, that one has cancer, that you're saying, my goodness, something is going on. i mean, in fact, that is why we published our report because we
4:56 am
saw this. i think, over time, we are going to have answers. i think we just need to be cautious and we want to make sure that our responders get the best science behind the cancer question. >> so they are doing the study at mt. sinai. the thing that is interesting and we were told, you know, in the wake of 9/11, the air is fine, it's safe to breathe. the epa came out and said the air at ground zero is fine. ten years later, we are seeing, obviously, respiratory illnesses, those have been shown to be correlated and people are saying, wait. we need time to determine if there was a level of toxicity to cause cancer. >> saying the air was safe to breathe was one of the misstatements of all time from a health perspective. we serm know it wasn't meant for those people who were working on the pile. unfortunately, it was interpreted that way. and we do -- we have learned lessons which are make sure that
4:57 am
people have respiratory protection, that they do go in and they know how to not only do the work they need to do in rescue and recovery, but protect themselves. there are respiratory problems. those occur right away and we have seen that and those are covered now. i think, over time, we may have different answers for folks. i know it is very frustrating that science moves slowly to give the answers that people are looking for. >> i know you're digging deeper and you're trying to figure this out and get to the bottom of it. dr. jacqueline molina at north shore health inspects, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we take a break. top stories coming up. to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah. [ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible.
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another day closer to default. i'm kiran chetry. after all the talk, there could finally be some action today. the house is expected to vote on speaker boehner's plan today, but conservative republicans back the plan after a frustrated speaker ordered them, get in line. will they listen? we will find out. i'm ali velshi. michele bachmann one of the tea party members standing in the way of the deal.
5:01 am
why she won't budge on this "american morning." ♪ good morning to you guys. thanks for being bus. it is thursday, july 28th. christine romans a little bit under the weather. >> a little bit? did you hear her yesterday? hello, i'm christine romans! so we sent her home. i didn't make fun of her on tv. >> nothing worse than a summer cold. >> it's okay she is not here because kind of the same news as yesterday. >> hey, there are updates this morning. please. >> here is one of them. house speaker john boehner cracking the whip against members of his own party during a closed door meeting yesterday. he ordered his colleagues to get behind his plan. a plan that gets put to a vote today. >> at least two people weren't listening. we spoke earlier to republican congressman phil gingrich, as well as congresswoman michele
5:02 am
bachmann. here is the congressman. >> this takes guts. this is a tough goat. i love my speaker and have deep respect if tour leadership but i feel strongly about this and i'm trying to do what is right for the american people, not so much what is right for our party or the political careers of our speaker or even yours truly. i'm going to stand strong on this. i'm going to vote no because i truly want us to have the opportunity to take cut, cap, and balance off the table in the senate and get it passed. >> representative gingrey there articulating passionately what the view of many republicans are. >> they want to hang any approval of raising the debt ceiling on to a balanced budget amendment. >> house speaker john boehner struggled on to get the house gop to rally behind his plan he
5:03 am
told nbc brian williams he understands why some hard line conservatives are against him. >> it's not the tea party caucus. most of the freshmen are, frankly, in pretty good shape. it would be more what i would describe as some hard conservatives who want more. i don't blame them. i want more too. but this was an agreement between the better senate leaders and myself. it is what is doable. and i think we can get there. >> even in house speaker boehner's bill does pass today, and it has to go to the senate and senate democrats say they will oppose it. they say it will not get off the ground. >> it's an interesting position but that's not going to be the solution ultimately. >> senate majority leader harry reid told brian williams it is a shame because speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. >> i'm disappointed. i care about john boehner. i think he's a good person. i've been disappointed that he has painted himself into this corner and it makes our job over
5:04 am
here much more difficult. i hope that american people are going to learn pretty soon that we are able to work our way through this. we have to do it. >> this morning, washington has less than five days to do it. they have to pass some kind of deal before the treasury runs out of money to pay all of its bills. it will still have money to pay some of them. the markets really react. >> they have been down actually for four straight days. joining us from washington is joe johns. you're hearing all of these people say i love the speaker, i care for the speaker. i feel sorry for the speaker. look. john boehner comes out. he reworks this deficit proposal and no cuts and no entitlements but saying in the senate it will be dead on arrival. where the compromise here? >> reporter: obviously, they are going to have to pass something in the house and try to get something in the senate and then, real fast, in a beat the clock fashion, you know, take the best of this and the best of that. the democrats say the biggest
5:05 am
problem they have is the boehner plan is a two-step deal. it requires a congress to re-visit this issue and, soon, possibly around the end of the year when people are shopping for gifts maybe in december? congressional democrats and the white house don't like that and they say that a short-term debt limit increase would put the country back in the same position it is in right now and see that as a risk to the economy. >> joe, the opposition is coming from a combination of freshmen republicans who were elected on sort of a tea party wave from the tea party congress, from some other conservative veteran congressman. where is the heart of the opposition? who is leading it? >> reporter: yeah. you really have to do almost a vote count on that and this thing has been so fluid and so volatile, we haven't been able to do that. but anecdotally from our
5:06 am
reporting we have talked to tea party backed members of congress who were very much opposed to raising the debt limit. some of them like, for example, florida, republicans congressman allen west, have shown signs very recently they are more willing to vote for a debt limit increase as long as there are conditions and perhaps not a very long one. boehner has actually said on the record and you heard in that sound bite, tea party caucuses in pretty good shape, which would suggest he has got some of those votes. but it's the hard line conservatives that we saw in those sound bites at the top. these are people who are not afraid of john boehner, been in congress with him for a long time, and they are saying, you know, on principle, i'm not voting for it. >> the other question. many of these people were talking about digging in, talking about the tea party caucus republicans, they were saying the nation wants this as well and there was a time -- we have seen the polling change. 69% of people back in april, according to one survey said,
5:07 am
yeah, don't raise the debt ceiling. >> now gone the other way. in our poll it's about 389%. it seems the tide has turned and people are fearful about what could happen. >> reporter: right. they are not immune. they are just not immune to the telephone calls from people back in the congressional district who are worried about, you know, what is going to happen to my interest rate, what is going to happen to the country? we just came out of a recession. these are very real fears and these folks, everybody understands they are still here in congress representing the people who voted for them and they have to take that into account no matter what their philosophy is. >> joe, thanks very much for that. you know, you almost have to go back to 2008 and remember that america was against the bailout. >> the t.a.r.p. >> the t.a.r.p., correct, against t.a.r.p. then that day that it didn't pass in the house and the dow plummet plummeted, everybody called their congress up and said you have to get this done.
5:08 am
that was a friday and by monday the deal was done. markets are stable but still losing -- >> you remember the split screen on many networks you saw the vote and the dow going down. dow lost 200 yesterday. the s&p 500 down sharply. futures are up, but, again, a lot of concerns, a lot of questions about whether washington can get this done. >> let's talk break down the high stakes debt debate what means for your investment, mortgage, loans. joining me is lee gallagher, assistant managing editor for "fortune." where do you think we will see the response? we talk about markets but it might be bond markets and many viewers don't follow that carefully. might be a sudden reaction in the stock markets like the day we were talking back in 2008. where will we likely see the reaction? the dow has been down a few days but not by much. >> no. i think equities is where we will see the biggest reaction if only a panic cell along the lines what you mentioned
5:09 am
happened with t.a.r.p. none of us will forget it. that was panic and come o let's get this done. i think that is probably the biggest likely place for an immediate situation. i mean, the bond market will be affected. if interest rates go up, if borrowing costs go up, it will cut across all sectors. i think immediately see it in stock market if we go to a default which, hopefully, we won't. >> play out a few scenarios. a scenario we get downgraded regardless of what happens and a scenario a default. that is a different kind of downgrade altogether. moody's and s&p downgrading the credit. >> that is -- you hear people saying this could be like lehman but worse. immediate plunge in stocks, bonds, the dollar. >> yeah. >> probably a freeze in the short-term lending market which everybody everyone was afraid would happen in lehman and
5:10 am
didn't happen but could happen which would be very bad. then the panic selling we talked about. then just the sort of longer term impact of higher cost to borrow across the board for the foreseeable future. >> the goal here is not to have folks panic but i want to give them the scenario. if there is a freeze in credit markets like post lehman that means two things. number one, means homes trying to get sold may not get sold and prices go down and companies may not be able to borrow easily. we saw what happened in 2008, they laid people off. >> right. now you're seeing -- since 2008 they haven't exactly been spending any money. >> right. >> they haven't been hiring is the whole point. even in the past couple of weeks people are stockpiling cash even more so because of this. >> they don't want to get caught. >> having cash is the safest thing right now. not sure we totally advise going entirely to cash for the individual but for companies that is what they are doing. so it's likely that companies who are already basically frozen, not hiring would freeze up even more. again, this is the absolute worst time in the world for this to happen.
5:11 am
>> we need to put that out there. >> yeah. >> it could happen. >> it could happen. kked not happen. >> the likely scenario what our viewers should do. what should you be doing? if you have a well-balanced portfolio i know you probably don't all the time but if you check it four times a year and make sure it's balanced like going to the dentist should you be doing anything? >> this is a hard time. you don't want to let your emotions get involved in the market. you don't want to follow the headlines and you don't want to time the market. this is logical but if you think about pulling your money out you have to be right twice. you have to be exactly right at the moment you pull it out and exactly right when you put it it back in. otherwise you might as well have lost everything. you run the risk of losing everything. we really tell people as long as you have a diversified portfolio, you're well covered, just try to sit on your hands and just wait this out. >> diversified doesn't mean a bunch of stocks. >> no. >> it means a bunch of different asset classes and might be stocks, it might be precious
5:12 am
metals and might be bonds. you need a mix of things that will react differently to the same news. >> exactly, exactly. and that is based on your age and how many years have you left to retire and all of that. but, yeah, we mean stocks, bonds, other assets, you know, even stocks in merging markets. the one thing everybody should do now is just -- with the situation or not make sure you have a lot in foreign companies and by that, we mean actually safest bet we think is u.s. companies that have huge businesses overseas is the easiest way to benefit from global growth. no matter what the u.s. is growing. >> and the world is still growing fast. >> yes. >> thank you, leigh gallagher, assistant manager at "fortune." >> one of the big concerns actually to some tea party conservatives like michele bachmann, she said who is going to save us when, you know, when we continue to overspend? china? russia? i don't think so. we have to get things going at home. she also said it may be
5:13 am
short-term pain but she is voting no on this debt ceiling -- raising the debt ceiling. hi a chance to sit down with her yesterday and she said this is why she is holding her ground on the debt debate. >> washington has their fingers in their ears right now. they are not listening to the american people. that is why i am adamant. i will vote no on increasing the debt ceiling. we need sanity back in washington. >> so you're voting no but you think it will go through? >> i think that president obama and the leaders in washington will come up with a deal. what they need to do under no uncertain circumstances is do at least what my bill does and that is pay the interest on the debt. then i say from there, after paying the military salaries, prioritize. >> a little bit later we will talk more about the woman behind the founder of the tea party caucus, how she manages to do all that and why she wants to run for president and raising
5:14 am
five kids and opening her home to a lot of foster children. she opens up and admits my marriage isn't perfect, nobody's is and you have to be in there for the long haul. interesting to hear her perspective on that. a press conference at newt gingrich's presidential campaign headquarters. we have that for you next. alex trebek "jeopardy!" host was hurt running after a burglary suspect. the story is coming up.
5:15 am
5:16 am
members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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this is for the young folks out there. i think this is over the heads of many. do you agree? i. you didn't know what it was. >> i certainly didn't, yeah. and i'm pretty young. i'm in my mid-20s. >> exactly. 17 to 18-year-old set. the white house decided to pull an internet prank on the 2.5
5:18 am
million who follow the white house twitter. latest accordance briefing was a bore so the white house posted a link saying here is something more fun. when people clicked this is what they got. snots i make you understand never going to give you up never going to let you down ♪ ♪ never going to run around and desert you ♪ ♪ >> you want the young people to think you have a handle on the web today, tell them you know what rickrolls means. it is when you unknowingly click on link that takes to this. '80s rick ashley singing "never give up on you." what is his other song? what is other song? >> he had more than one big
5:19 am
song. >> come pop a lot of music fans here. everybody is looking down at their papers. anyone? >> one-hit wonder. i like rick ashley. >> haelts moments for newt gingrich and his campaign staff. having a press conference and meeting with reporters in atlanta yesterday. insisting we have got to beef up manufacturing in this, buy more american-made products. so then he has this exchange with a reporter who first asks him to hold up his campaign t-shirt. >> what should they trust? >> hold up your t-shirt? >> sure. >> a lot of what you're talking about is about taking america back to america. we asked for t-shirts to be sent to us and they were made out of america. just picked up that one and it's made in el salvador. it's printed here in atlanta. it was a big thing when we talked to your campaign about how you wanted things to be made in america. do you have plans to change things? >> i have to ask the folks who
5:20 am
ordered this. i didn't order it and i didn't do it. >> that is a rush order that some of your -- >> volunteer campaign, lots of volunteer do lots of different things. >> so i imagine they are going to get some campaign t-shirts made in america. >> and not made in el salvador. >> but more expensive in america. >> hello. there you go. it's economics. nowt that i have to tell yo about. alex trebek is scheduled to undergo surgery for a ruptured achilles heel. he is going around on crutches and suffered this injure because he was chasing a burglar out of his hotel room in san francisco. here is what he said. >> the snap and the sound. i've played sports all my life. i called security immediately and gave them a good description of the woman and they got her. >> he said his achilles heel gave out and he just collapsed. police arrested the sk
5:21 am
56-year-old lucinda moier on felony, burglary and receiving stolen property. most of the items were recovered but trebek is still missing an heirloom his mother gave him. >> you mean "together forever" there is the other rick ashley song. >> you knew that, rob, right? >> i tell you what, watching that video just brings back some serious flashbacks of high school and not being able to dance to '80s music. >> rick ashley couldn't dance to his music either and he had a hit! >> guys like that were our role models back then. who will we learn from? m.c. hammer didn't come out until the early '90s. tropical storm don flared up yesterday and gaining strength as it heads into the gulf of mexico. we have hurricane aircraft en route right now, hurricane hunter aircraft and likely discover winds greater than the
5:22 am
40 miles an hour that are pegged at right now. about 500 miles from the texas coastline and the forecast is it for it to make landfall sometime tomorrow night and early saturday morning between brownsville and corpus christi and galveston island. potentially a minimal hurricane. the eye dealed scenario because we need the rain. bring it, they are saying. give me some of that rain. could see 2 to 4 inches in a swath here across parts of central texas. take it. ongoing drought there like never seen and the heat continues to build. in the meantime, rain across parts of northern iowa and illinois. this is what we saw overnight. places like davies county where they had a number of swift water rescues happened and no injuries reported but nonetheless the flooding continues in this area and flash floods continue. we take you to france on a drier note.
5:23 am
a town across the eastern part of france, a world record was set for the number of hot air balloons that were launched at any given time at this international air balloon meeting. so pretty pictures for you there. nice day across parts of the northeast today, but the heat is going to be building across the i-95 corridor and we probably will get back to some temperatures, not as hot as they were last week, but 88 degrees in new york city and 95 in d.c.' 90 in atlanta. it is the middle of summer. feels like that. we are getting into the middle of hurricane season so we are watching carefully. tropical storm don as it heads towards the texas coast. guys, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, rob ♪ together forever >> and what is the next line? ♪ and ever >> to what? >> i don't know. >> i don't know either! i only know the together forever part. >> i'm trying to redeem myself and you're embarrassing me further. coming up next, which ride is crowned the number one most appealing car? >> i feel like that would be
5:24 am
very subive. the number one most appealing car? a million cars out there! >> there isn't a number one car. good point. excellent you make this the day to correct everybody. >> i'm sorry. i'm not! what is your favorite car? >> i have to think about it. >> now i'm in trouble again putting you on the spot. still ahead, my exclusive sit-down with congresswoman michele bachmann. she talks about what she learned from being a mother and what she learned from her own mother and how she got out of poverty. >> inspirationally and internationally known maureen hancock. you've heard of her. she joins us live and a look at how she delivers news from beyond the grave. 24 minutes after the hour! [ male announcer ] there's more than one
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of these abandoned racetracks in america today. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams. oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪
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5:28 am
27 minutes after the hour. "minding your business" this morning. u.s. stock futures trading flat following a big sell-off on wall street yesterday. the debtcele earnings report new economic data, including weekly jobless claims are all on investors minds today. the world's most profitable company of all oil, exxonmobil reported $10.7 billion in profits for the second quarter and up from the same time last year. dutch shell said its earnings almost doubled last quarter. a close eye on continental airline flights this morning. 24 canceled yesterday morning because of pilot sickouts and could be more problems today. continental merged with united
5:29 am
airlines last year. republican president happen hopeful michele bachman sits down with kiran chetry. had you she got out of poverty. "american morning" back after the break. [ man ] this is my robot butler.
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♪ new york these streets will make you feel brand-new ♪ >> how pretty. i was sitting at yankee game yesterday afternoon. >> this is the official song, at least it has been for a years. a beautiful shot this morning of the buildings here at columbus circle. partly cloudy later and going up to 88 but, boy, we have the good weather. >> i will call it partly sunny. >> we are lucky compared to other parts infant country. yankees stadium was a field of dreams for a group of young haitian earthquake survivors. the team opened up their hearts
5:33 am
and ballpark to them yesterday. everyone where you looked, it was fantastic. >> this is part of hope week 2011. something the team does every year. some of the players actually spent the whole day with the kids and they even hopped on their bus, got to take a ride around the city. richard roth joins us now with more on all of this. it's always nice to see. smiles on the faces of people who have gone through such unspeakable tragedy. >> the day begins with a surprise. ten children thought they were going to the library. wouldn't you like to end up at yankees stadium? they have been through so much. >> talk about expectations. >> i know. many have lost friends and a couple of family members and they -- you're just getting really into baseball here. soccer is the real sport there in haiti. let's watch as one of the youngsters encountered yankees star derek jeter. >> how are you doing, buddy? how are you doing? nice to meet you. hello. how are you? >> cool! >> then the youngsters took the
5:34 am
field to watch the batters take batting practice. i think charles threw out the ceremonial first pitch to the cheers of the arriving crowd there. i asked some of the youngsters was was their impressions being at yankees stadium. >> it's impressive. i didn't know i was coming to yankees stadium. and thank yankees for doing what they have done for us. >> what do you think about coming to yankees stadium? >> it's amazing. to see all of the players. >> fran was a star. he captivated everyone. a yankee loss yesterday, a big one, but threets seattle broke its epic losing streak there. the students were accompanied by five yankees including jorge posada and cc sabathia. they got on a double-decker boat
5:35 am
and we had a minor police escort only as far as the bronx then stuck in traffic. they lit the lighting of the empire state building in case you wondered about the lights last night. the view. their mouths were opening look at looking at the statue of liberty and racing through manhattan. a man coming out with pizza from pizza place delivering a lot of pizzas to the youngsters there. i talked to the yankee managers and players about what it means for them. >> well, i think we all look forward to it, because it's an opportunity for us to give back. but in the long run, we're the ones that are truly blessed by these people. >> as a professional athlete, my opinion, man, the way i was raised, it is your duty to give back. >> they have not' seen it and i haven't seen it. i have always wanted to go on a bus tour of new york city. i was quick to sign up for this one. the kids enjoyed it and hopefully, give them another view of new york city.
5:36 am
>> the goal is to reward those giving back. somewhere in the new york city area i think the next 20 minutes or so, someone will get you a big surprise. i can't tell you more. at their door when the bell rings who is outside which is really the ignition of a hope day for the yankees project here. >> wow! are you going to come back and tell us? that is kind of information to leave us hanging with. >> well, if i'm invited back. >> we will call you back. do you know two rick ashley songs? >> i probably know them, but i don't know the lyrics that well because of wearing ifb ear pieces, my hearing is gone. >> a good excuse. >> i should have thought about that. richard, that was fun. it was fun at yankees stadium yesterday to see them. they were having a good time. >> it was very emotional there. some say news people don't have a heart and let me tell you when you see these children. >> it is a nice time. good on jeter and swisher and the yankees for doing that. >> thanks, richard. come back tomorrow.
5:37 am
michele bachmann founded the tea party in congress and we had a chance to see her lighter side. she sat down to open up about what her family upbringing was like and how she juggles it all and she talked in an exclusive interview. here is a bit of it. >> we took a big gulp and should we do this and open our heart and our home? we said, okay, we will take one. then we got a phone call and asked would you take another? and we did. a phone call and would you take another and we did. >> in terms of the foster kids it's a gamble to welcome somebody in your home. you don't know the struggles they have been through. clearly they have been through struggles or they wouldn't be living without their biological parents. did you ever worry am i doing the right thing by my family by welcoming in somebody who may need a little extra help? >> everything comes with its challenges. you think about the pluses and minuses every way.
5:38 am
challenges with buy low biological children and my husband and i didn't have discretionary time. it was worth it. it expanded us beyond what we thought we could do, but it was a big family is a blessing. it really is. there is a tremendous blessing to be said with a big family. >> do you think mom still carry the -- at the end of the day does it fall back on the moms more than dads when it comes to raising kids? >> i think it traditionally does but it depends on the marriage. we tag teamed. our rule is whoever is home deals with the laundry and the food and chasing with the kids and the discipline. if one was absent, the other picked up. we didn't wait for the other one to come home. we assumed the responsibility. that went miles in our marriage. we made a decision that no matter what, we were going to stick it out. we were going to make it for the
5:39 am
long haul. that has given both of us, i think, a great freedom in this relationship because we realize neither one is going to walk. we might be mad at each other, but we're not going to walk. >> there are leach that sadly don't feel that way about the situation for whatever reason. sometimes, you know, it seems as though people feel really helpless and think you know what? maybe it will be better if i try it with someone else. >> i know why they feel that way. my own parents divorced when i was 13, 14 years of age. after 17 years or so, my parents' marriage end. it's a tragedy for single mothers. i get it. i lived in a single parent home. our family went into povertity. after the divorce, we went below poverty and my mother made about $4,800 a year. i had to get a job. my brothers got jobs. they delivered papers. i got a baby-sitting job.
5:40 am
i made 50 cents an hour. that was big money back then. my mother said it won't always be this way, it will get better and she told us to buckle down and do well in school and we all did and we all made it. >> great to get to know a little bit more about her. she has shot on to the political scene. obviously, when you knew her, when we covered her a few years ago, you had some sense she had some staying power and that she was going to be somewhere but she has really shot into the public scene and people haven't gotten a chance to know her all that well. >> she has raised a ton of money and she is leading or at least right up there with mitt romney in a lot of the polls in iowa. so we will see what happens. but, yes, she is actually going to be speaking at the national press club later today. she has answered a lot of questions about the debt ceiling. obviously, she is saying it's a no vote for her regardless of what happens. >> right. >> she also thinks it's false to say that we will default if we don't raise the debt ceiling.
5:41 am
obviously, that is a minority opinion but there are many in the tea party caucus -- >> who hold that opinion very dearly. all right. good interview. more of it available later on in the show and online. our next guest is an internationally known psychic medium. maureen hancock is on a mission and wanting to help as many people as she can by communitying with the dead and we are going to be talking to her about it and her new show coming up. 41 minutes past the hour. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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5:44 am
44 minutes past of the hour. have you a hectic life, if you think, wait until you meet our next guest. maureen hancock has to balance her job as a mom and talk with the dead in her second job. >> i had a guy come in loud and clear to me and he pointed over here. it was like look at that sign. grab the e and the d.
5:45 am
do you know anybody named ed or eddie? that could be associated with this place? >> yeah, we do. actually, we had a firefighter that passed away. >> so he was in this building when he passed? >> yes. >> he had a heart attack? >> yes. >> okay. because he is holding his chest. he is like "this is my house." like this is where he likes to be and he likes to watch over you guys. >> wow. you see the shocked look on the firefighters' faces. maureen hancock is the star of "psychic in suburb yeah." when you look at the clip, they didn't believe you at first? >> no, they didn't. i walked in the room of 20 skeptical firefighters. >> what was the end result? >> the end result, they were in tiers and disbelief. one of the firefighters said i was an atheist and didn't believe in god and you turned my world upside down. >> you told me in the break you're the catholic media
5:46 am
because you're still a practicing catholic and you found a parish they respect the fact this is a gift from god and not a sacrilegious. >> i have a priest who helped me and said this is the gift of the holy spirit. >> it's fascinating. i think people have a fascination with psychics. what do you feel and what did you feel as a young girl? >> i believe that everyone is psychic or has intuition. for, it was definitely a little bit stronger. as a young child, i was in a coma with lead paint poisoning. when i came out and home from the hospital i saw all of these people walking around my home and i'm one of eight. i'm sorry, yeah, i'm one of nine! so one of my sisters said you need to stop talking about all of these people or they will take you back to the hospital and then cut to 1992, i was in a car accident, broke several bones in my face. then i started to hear the
5:47 am
voices but i do believe that everybody has this ability -- >> you shut it down? you heard it when you were younger and you thought i don't want to get in trouble, i don't know what to do with this so it went dormant? >> yeah. a lot of kids see experts and they get afraid so they shut it off and that is what i did. >> cut to after the car accident. you said it was in 1992 that happened to you? >> uh-huh. >> what did you then start seeing? how did you manage it at that point when you were older? >> well, i started to hear voices. i was litigation manager at logan airport so i had this big job and i knew that i wanted to help people somehow and i also was working on the side with hospice doing hands-on healing. i started to really hear like, hey, i'm her mother angelina, tell her i'm here. i would be like go away! it was scary! and then i was a stand-up
5:48 am
comedienne in boston. i made death not be so scary. >> what about people who doubt you and say you're doing a reality show. you claim that you could probably google me. you could probably google me and find out somebody in my past and ask me about it. >> then i say to them google yourself, you're not that interesting. but, really, i give facts that are not googleable, if that is a word! so, you know, i come up with things that are not just out there. i see comfort. the work that i do during the day is all volunteer. you know? i work with cancer patients and children and i work with detectives to help find missing children. so i spend my time giving back. all of my private readings are free so that sets me apart. and as far as the show goes, i hope to spread this message and i can do it in a light-hearted way. >> so do you, right now, i mean, would you be able -- i mean, is this on demand or is it more hit or miss? >> yeah. it's kind of like, you know,
5:49 am
right now, i'm talking to you so i'm not like -- the light switch isn't on. if somebody wants to barge in from beyond, they might just do that. so you're right. there is no on-demand button. so, sometimes, if they want to just come through, they will come through. on occasion, i'll be at the supermarket and, hey,, you know, that is my sister over there in produce! i'm like, leave me alone, i'm shopping! >> do you sometimes ignore the voices? i mean, you don't always -- you're not -- otherwise it would seem you would never have time to yourself. you would always be seeking out people and trying to tell them about things they may not want to hear? >> right. i have control over it and i flip the switch when i want to or need to. but thankfully it's not aulvet time. i have two children and i'm trying to balance raising kids and raising the dead. >> are they scared of this, the kids? how old are they? >> not mi more. they are 10 and 12. at first my younger one was a
5:50 am
little bit afraid and saying is somebody in the closet? i talked to them about calling their angels and they are protected and watched over by their loved ones and they have a nephew if heaven, my sister's son sean and he watches over them and he says he visits them in their dreams. i think it's great that they know they are watched over and protected. >> that is amazing. well, unique gift for sure. maureen hancock, style network "psychic in suburbia" thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. if like to check out owner book "the medium next door" you can. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin.
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5:52 am
just in tow cnn. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits dropped compared to the week before. good news for investors. economists expected the jobless claim to increase. this is the first time in more than three months that the number of weekly unemployment claims has dropped below 400, 0 400,000. that is still a high number. 398,000 people filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week. that part is bad news but the number is lower than expected. u.s. stock futures have moved higher on the good news following a big sell-off on wall street yesterday when the dow dropped more than 2 hundred
5:53 am
points. a vote on house speaker john boehner's debt plan scheduled today after he ordered his conservative colleagues to get in line behind the bill that would cut $915 billion in spending over ten years. take a look at this exclusive video obtained by cnn. it was shot in the seconds after friday's bombing outside oslo's government plaza taped by a man who had been driving through a tunnel beneath the plaza when the bomb exploded. he was able to get on top and take pictures inside the main government building where the damage was most severe. a tropical storm watch in place right now for much of the texas coast as tropical storm don forms in the gulf of mexico. it could make landfall somewhere near corpus christi late friday night or early saturday morning. you're caught up on today's headlines. "american morning" will be back after the break.
5:54 am
5:55 am
do you remember the story about the bear attack that the 17-year-old who was attacked by a bear? >> yeah. >> the denver teenager reliving that moment when he was mauled by a bear last weekend in the alaska wilderness. >> he was 24 days into a month-long backpacking survival camp when he and other teens were camping and never intended to startle a mother bear and her cubs. >> it was just sheer panic. i remember running down the hill and looking behind me and seeing this huge snarling grizzly bear. then it tackled me. i can remember it attacked me twice. i don't remember, you know, which time is it actually bit me
5:56 am
or which time it scratched me or what, but i can remember the moment when it bit down on my head and i was just thinking, you know, i'm going to die. i kept saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die, i'm going to die. >> he suffered a serious head wound. he actually had a punctured lung, a broken rib but there is he right now in the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> that is incredible. >> unbelievable. we will be right back. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work.
5:57 am
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♪ no stranger to love, are you? >> no. i know the words. >> because you're finding them on your phone! >> you asked me about "together forever." >> this is "never going to give you up." >>. ♪ forever and ever to part together forever we two ♪ notes don't you know i would move heaven


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