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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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eastern. more news is next. >> joe johns, thank you. i'm susan hendricks in for don lemon. in just 20 minutes from now, president obama will have all eyes and the ears of some 3,000 gay and lesbian activists in washington. the president is the keynote speaker tonight at the human rights campaign dinner. it's coming off a major gay rights appeal victory. i want to bring in the don't ask, don't tell, certainly huge. a long time coming. a lot of people happy about that. but what else tonight do you think the crowd wants to see and hear from president obama? >> well, you're certainly right about the idea that don't ask, don't tell s. a big victory and we expect the president to touch
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on that as he addresses the huge crowd, as you said, nearly 3,000 people at the convention center. this is the 15th annual national dinner. it's largely a group of supporters in many ways. i spoke with the leadership on friday and they already endorsed the president for his election. they say the president has accomplished more for the lbt community in the last two years than has been accomplished in the last 40 years. but, of course, the big issue that a lot of people in the gay community want to hear the president speak about and come out firmly in favor of is gay marriage. we don't expect any big headlines on that tonight, susan. the president has said that his opinion, his feelings on gay marriage have been evolving but you have other groups, like the republicans and group freedom to mary, they want to see him come out and be much more firm and public in their reform for gay
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marriage. >> 3,000 plus expected to be there. we shall see as soon as the president starts to talk, we'll take you back to the event. thank you. >> thanks. the u.s. government believes the killing of a high-level al qaeda leader could provoke revenge attacks against americans. a cia attack is credited for killing anwar al awlaki and otherses. they are warning that it could insight anti-terrorism attacks inside the u.s. and around the world. also killed in friday's drone attack was another american who joined al qaeda. samir khan produced an online english magazine called "inspire." some more information about who anwar awlaki was. he had been called the new bin laden and the bin laden of the internet even. the u.s. says he was a master at online recruiting, finding and motivating new radicals to kill
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americans around the world. inciting that, inciting anger. the u.s. says he was a spiritual advice advisor to three of the 9/11 terrorists. he is also linked to the so-called underwear bomber in the 2009 and attempted car bombing at times square as well. even though anwar al awlaki was a u.s. citizen, the u.s. considered him a threat to security. they say his killing violated u.s. and international laws. jessica yellin takes a look at the legalities. >> reporter: it's president obama's latest successful strike on a wanted al qaeda terrorist. >> the death of awlaki is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliate.
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awlaki was the leader of external operations for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: but this time it's different. awlaki was an american. this may be the first u.s. killing of an american target with no trial, no indictment. >> the problem here is that the u.s. has done something that i don't think it's ever done before. it has killed one of its citizens somewhere else around the world without any due process at all. this is about rule of law and about rules to keep us all safe. >> reporter: warren ds organization sued to take awlaki off a terror kill list and lost. they would not give justification for killing an american. >> this goes beyond the circumstances of his death and i'm not going to address that. >> an adviser to the u.s. state department explained the u.s.'s logic for killing anyone on the cap tr or kill list regardless of nationality. >> a state that is engaged in armed conflict or in legitimate
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se self-defense is not required to provide legal service before legal force. >> reporter: they viewed him as a threat for some time. >> i consider al qaeda and the arabian peninsula within that organization probably the most significant risk to the u.s. homeland. >> reporter: politically the white house has support from both parties, republican congressman peter king says, it was entirely legal and from a top democrat -- >> it's legal. it's legitimate. and we're taking out someone who has attempted to attack us on numerous occasions. >> reporter: so why won't the white house explain the legal justification for the killing? well, that would be an admission that the u.s. was involved in the killing and it would seem that the obama administration wants to distance itself from perceiving foreign intervention in their country.
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jessica yellin, cnn, the white house. now, drone attacks have been part in the fight against al qaeda. how it can deliver a kill shot even though the person pulling the trigger is thousands of miles away. >> reporter: watch these two men in iraq. they have no idea that they are being hunted by a deadly uav. it is following their every move, even recording them fire their weapons. they have no idea their insurgent act activities have been spotted and no idea that the uav thousands of miles away is about to fire a missile at them. it's what makes drones a must have are for the u.s. military. >> the real advantage of the unmanned systems is they allow you to protect power pout
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projecting vulnerability. >> reporter: this is the air force base where drone pilots remotely fly missions over iraq and afghanistan. these pilots surge mission requests from frontline commanders after weapons were first installed on drones. >> when we put kill fire missiles, you have planes capable of not only providing the video thaw need but now they are also capable of taking out targets where there may not be any other assets available. >> reporter: an estimate of 40 or more countries, including china, russia, and pakistan, are also developing drones. even hezbollah, the paramilitary group, has used them against israel. no one feels the urgency of staying ahead of the competition more than the personnel at creech air force base. >> right now we're hanging on to
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everybody in the system. we've mobilized the service. if you're assigned to creech, we don't allow you to move out rar. >> reporter: already commanders are considering ways to cut out pilots altogether. >> we are looking at ways to program unmanned aerial vehicles to operate autonomously and within groups by themselves. >> with weapons? >> with weapons or without weapons. >> reporter: unimaginable a few years ago. weapons appear destined to work with less and less human input. >> there is a barrier to using the armed systems and we think about it as a never, ever thing and yet it's not the technology that's holding us back. it's trying to figure out the applications of it. >> reporter: unmanned technology is here to stay. wars will never be the same again. if ever there is a moment to borrow a line from a science fix
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movie, snow it. mankind is boldly and ir reverse blee going where man has never been before, towards an unchartered era of warfare. nic robertson, creech air force base, nevada. >> as we told you at the top of the show, we are waiting for president obama to speak at the human rights campaign national dinner. president obama is the keynote speaker. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. also, amanda knox is just days away from learning her fate. her parents have been waiting years for her freedom. could it happen? she's appealing her murder conviction in italy. (announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. aflac... and major medical? major medical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ]
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welcome back. checking some of the top stories now, police in new york have arrested at least 50 wall street protesters today as they have blocked traffic on the brooklyn bridge. hundreds chanted, whose bridge? our bridge. as they walk on both the pedestrian and vehicle levels, they were charged with disorderly conduct and blocking traffic. the so-called occupy washington are protesting social inequity resulting from the financial system. amanda knox could learn her fate as soon as monday in a murder case that has drawn international attention. the 24-year-old american is appealing her murder conviction in italy. she was found guilty two years ago of killing her roommate brutally, meredith kercher, and sentenced to 26 years in prison. the prosecution says that amanda
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knox and her former boyfriend are killers and their sentence should stand. we have new images of you of casey anthony from the moment that she learned that remains had been found in the search for her 2-year-old daughter caylee, in that specific vicinity. this is from a county jail medical facility in 2008. it shows anthony hunched over and rocking back and forth after seeing the news on tv about a week later the remains were identified as her daughter caylee. anthony's attorneys have this tape sealed for trial claiming that it's inflammatory. as we wait for president obama to address 3,000 gay and lesbian activists at the human rights cam bank dinner, i spoke with one of those people. meineke's personal pricing on brakes.
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welcome back. you're looking at a live picture from washington where president obama will walk out any moment now and speak to some 3,000 gay-rights activists. he's the keynote speaker at tonight's human rights campaign dinner. since then, he scored a major victory for gay rights with the repeal of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. this is huge. i want to welcome john, editor
4:17 pm
for america blog, a political website that often focuses on gay issues. john, great to have you with us. thanks for joining us. first, what are you hoping to hear from president obama tonight? anything different from president obama? >> yeah. i think the number one thing folks are hoping to hear is that the president comes out in favor of same-sex marriage which isn't such a strange thing to ask because he was in nafr of it in 1996. >> how did you feel when you heard that the don't ask, don't tell policy was repealed? it was designed, it was first brought up on december 21st, 1993, designed to prevent discrimination. but what i believe -- and i want your opinion on this, is that it almost did the opposite and where people were afraid and they were hiding where they
4:18 pm
were. and what this was and claim nobody military intense soldiers, and so the policy we ended up telling somest estimates and telling them they have to keep the secret and say i went to my mother-in-laws. where did i stay? i stayed home? it created a lack of trust which is the -- sort of equal to being in the military. they said that you needed this c cohesion. >> john, not to mention, you should never have to hide who
4:19 pm
you are. they are fighting for their rights and their country. a young gentleman was afraid to show his face. he showed himself from here down. finally, he called his father on youtube and said, dad, will you still love me? and he came out and his father said, yes, i do. i thought he was so brave to do that because he was an example to say, this is who i am. accept me for who i am. i am fighting for my country. >> do you have the video or are you -- >> we have the video, i believe. >> okay. i didn't mean to cue it up myself. take it away. >> you're hired it, john. you're hired. for folks at home that want to see it, you can find it on youtube. >> i saw that video the night that the band -- the repeal was going into effect at midnight. i stayed at home and was on my computer and was surfing around and saw this video. i don't know if a reader sent it
4:20 pm
to me or not. it was this guy showing his face face, military army shirt, said he was from germany, alabama, called him my daddy. and you're watching it going, oh, my god. this guy -- it was true. this guy was calling his father to come out to him and tell him, dad, i am in the military and i'm stationed in germany and i'm gay. he posted it within a couple of hours of calling his father. it was the most amazing thing. as you said, he had been basically chronicling his life, coming up to colleagues and filming it and showing it on youtube. you watch a video like that. you see this guy, not only is he one of our heroes, i guess 1.5 million drarz in active duty. i believe we have service members. at the same time, just now, human being. he's a real person. and you see that this is important. these aren't -- exactly. >> we're talking about real people. we're talking about our military members. >> they are brave. they are fighting for our country. >> right. john, we know you're standing
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how about this out of italy. the seven people being charged with manslaughter related to the 2009 quake. they were part of a pam that met to address concerns about recent seismic activity.
4:24 pm
they are accused of giving a "rough generic and ineffective assessment of the seismic risk. meaning, they didn't predict it. a quake struck and killed more than 300 people. the city is asking for $3 million in damages. you hear the gunfire. thousands of civilians are fighting near libya. a red cross boat had to turn away from sirte because of the violence. some 5,000 fighters loyal to moammar gadhafi are thought to still be there in the city. sirte is one of the last places held by his supporters. >> imagine this, a marriage with an expiration date. a bill in mexico city would allow couples.
4:25 pm
they can choose to death with us part for the contract and those that don't want to be tied down can pick two years and then rear reassess. it's a way of letting the marriages end easily. the catholic church is appalled by it and calls it absurd. >> stay with us. as you know, we are waiting for the president to give his keynote address at the national dinner expected to start at any moment now. stick with us. at exxonmobil we know the answer is yes. when we design any well, the groundwater's protected by multiple layers of steel and cement. most wells are over a mile and a half deep so there's a tremendous amount of protective rock between the fracking operation and the groundwater. natural gas is critical to our future. at exxonmobil we recognize the challenges and how important it is to do this right.
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welcome back. as he normally does, president obama started with a couple of joinings. i want to take you to washington where president obama is addressing a human rights dinner. the picture is fuzzy there but he introduced lady gaga, he said he met with her and then he sen cyndi lauper is in the house: let's listen in.
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as we wait to get back that signal of president obama in washington, d.c., we have other news for you. the u.s. government believes the killing of a high-level al qaeda leader in yemen could provoke revenge attacks. a drone is credited for killing an american-born clear rick, anwar awlaki. the state department is warning that it could incite anti-american attacks in the u.s. elsewhere around the world. awlaki has been under surveillance for two weeks when the opportunity arose to kill him with a missile. another american who is among those killed in friday's drone strikes, amir khan was considered vital to al qaeda's efforts and produced an english magazine called inspire. khan used to live in north carolina. our affiliate of btv spoke to
4:33 pm
people who knew him and how she was able to track down khan last november but the federal government could not. >> reporter: we started off by ringing the door bell of samir's parents. we spoke with the spokesperson for the family. >> as you can imagine, if it was your child a. number of emotions, embarrassed, frustrated. >> reporter: jibril says samir was dangerous but won't take the next step. >> was samir a terrorist? >> that's a good question. he definitely was a terrorist supporter. >> reporter: but you wouldn't say that he was a terrorist? >> did he actually commit an act of terror? you know, i don't think it's ever been proven that he has. >> reporter: what propaganda, the words that he used against people online, would that not be consider canned an act of terror? >> i don't know. because he was doing the same thing here. and if he was that while he was here, i would say he should have been arrested and tried for
4:34 pm
that. >> reporter: the federal government might agree with him on that. he was listed as the number two al qaeda when it came to propaganda. sue myers said she couldn't believe that they could track him down but we couldn't. if he's the number two guy how did federal intelligence let him get away? move from charlotte, hop a plain, and go to yemen? i know, molly, it's crazy. and those are the questions i'm asking right now. even so, jibril says, this is not a day to celebrate. >> reporter: there are some americans tho would say he that this is a huge day to rejoice because he was a huge terrorist and he's been taken out with anwar awlaki. >> yes, but i'm not one who rejoices in the loss of human life, regardless if they had it coming or not. >> our thanks to molly graham in
4:35 pm
charlotte, north carolina. checking some of our top stories, police in new york arrested at least 350 wall street protesters as they blocked traffic on the brooklyn bridge. they chanted, whose bridge? our bridge. those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct and blocking traffic. the so-called occupied wall street demonstrations are entering their third week. protesting social inequities resulting from the financial system. amanda knox could learn her fate as soon as monday. a case has brought international attention. the 24-year-old is appealing her conviction in italy. she was found guilty two years ago of killing her roommate, meredith kercher, and she was sent to 26 years in prison. amanda knox was. her lawyers say that she was not guilty. knox and her boyfriend are
4:36 pm
killers and they say her convictions should stand. her mom has hope but she is not celebrating just yet. new images of casey anthony as she learned that the remains had been found of her 2-year-old casey. you can see her on the right that. is security video from the county jail med ka facility. it shows anthony hunched over and rocking back and forth. a week later the remains were found as her daughter caylee. anthony's attorneys had this tape sealed for the trial a judge overturned that on friday and clears the way for to you see it. coming up, a warning from the cdc about a cantaloupe recall. you could be part of a bacteria-borne outbreak. nothing but a miracle. a man accidently drives off a cliff and survives six days in a ravine. you won't believe how his own family found him. awful.
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♪ on the political radar, sarah palin calling republican candidate herman cain the flavor of the week. palin joked about the comment on
4:40 pm
jay leno. >> the fact that she called me flavor of the week, if you look at what happened, that might be true for some people. but i believe that there's ice milk and haagedaz black walnut. i have some substance here. it lasts longer than a week. okay? >> all right. >> he's a good sport, isn't he? for the latest political news, do you know where to go? president obama is celebrating the 20th anniversary for his presidential bid. it was announced on october 3rd, 1991 in the middle of his fifth term as governor. former president jimmy carter has reasons to celebrate in atlanta. that's because it's his 87th
4:41 pm
birthday and the opening of a library and museum is opening as well. it's the first day of october and it feels like it across much of the country. cooler and wetter weather is hitting the east coast. meteorologist jacqui jeras joins us. people are enjoying the seasonal temperatures. we all bring out the turtle necks, right? >> not everybody is loving it, believe it or not. >> not the wet weather. >> exactly. it's so cold we're getting snow showers, believe it or not, across parts of the appalachians. it's a vigorous system that is causing problems in the midwest yesterday. take a look at pictures that we've had around lake michigan, around the chicago area yesterday afternoon. the winds were so strong they brought huge waves. they caught some of the joggers offguard. they tried to keep people away
4:42 pm
but apparently they didn't get the message or decided to go out in it any way. it shows you how dangerous and how strong those waves are. amazing pictures out there. across the east today, it's not nearly as strong in terms of the wind but it's still bringing in the rain and you can see the snow. we've seen a couple of inches already in snowshoe west virginia. you can see the pink and as temperatures cool down tonight, we'll see more of that turn into the white. the big cities for the most part have been okay. light rain in d.c. and baltimore. sprinkles, and that's about it into new york city as well as into boston. watch out for the cold temperatures across the east and on the reverse of that, susan, temperatures well above average in the rockies and western high plains. >> jacqui, thank you so much. we want to go live to where president obama is wrapping up. we had problems listening in. >> not by progress but ordinary
4:43 pm
citizens, not propelled by just politics but love and friendship and a sense of mutual regard. it's playing out in legislators like new york and courtrooms and in the ballot box and also happening around watercoolers and at the thanksgiving table and on facebook and twitter and at pta meetings and potluck socials and vfw halls. it happens when a father realizes he doesn't just love his father but his wife. a soldier tells his unit that he's gay and they say they knew it all along and they didn't care because he was the toughest guy in the unit. it happens when a video sparks a movement to let every young person know that they are not alone and things will get better. it happens when people look past their ultimately minor differences to see themselves in the hopes and struggles of their fellow human being.
4:44 pm
that's where changes happen. and that's not just the story of the gay rights movement. that's the story of america. >> the slow march towards a more perfect union. you are contributing to that story. and i'm confident that we can continue to watch another chapter together. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. ♪ >> you can see president obama there. he said progress is led by ordinary citizens. he said it's led by love and progress and regard. he said it happens when a father loves his daughter and also his daughter's wife. he also mentioned that video that i discussed. up next, gay-rights activist john arivosia tells us what he thought about president obama. stay with us.
4:45 pm
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plaque buildup... and if crestor is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. just moments ago, president obama wrapping up a speech to thousands of gay activists. just moments ago he was the keynote speaker in tonight's
4:48 pm
human rights campaign dinner. powerful statements from what we hefrd. here's what stood out to me. he said, progress is led by ordinary citizens by love, by regard. regard for other people. what did you think of it? >> no, i think it was a good speech. i think it was the speech that i expected, perhaps not the speech that i would have liked. meaning, i think the president did a victory lap. he talked about some of the successes, don't ask, don't tell, hospital visitation rights and things that are very good and important. he didn't really lay out a road map as to what is he planning on doing for the next year. he's got another year in office, hopefully another four years. is he planning on doing anything about marriage again. is he planning oncoming out and saying that he's for same-sex marriage? one thing he could do is issue an executive order that the
4:49 pm
government will not do business with anyone who operates in gay and lesbian and transgender people. there are things that you can do to solidify the vote, particularly with the gay community. >> so you're thinking it was more on the surface in terms of his speech, there is no doubt that president obama is one of the best speakers. do you think this will become a wedge in the 2012 election? do you think this will be a problem? because as you say, he didn't really mention anything specific thaw wanted to hear. >> there are two wedges, perhaps. one wedge that none of us expected was the president mentioned during the speech tonight how a gay soldier was booed during the last presidential debate. >> i remember that. >> he said, i'm a soldier serving in new york, steve hill was his name, and people booed and no one on the
4:50 pm
clearly the democratic leadership sees it as an opportunity to see how democrats are different than republicans. basically you have gay soldiers becoming a wedge issue to make for republicans look bad. i think it is -- it is great. but it also shows to what degree i think the gay issue changed over the years where now it is an issue that is not as dangerous for democrats that are able to use tonight a positive way to rally their own base. it makes the republicans look bad when you have the anti-gay issue. there has been a lot of conflict with the president and gay community over the last three years that's started to turn around and repeeal of don't ask don't deal. i have been a strong supporter of the president. >> i know it is early. he just wrapped up his speech. what do you expect to hear on your website and blog?
4:51 pm
>> ienings expect to hear my readers he didn't come out on the nondiscrimination. i think it briefly -- lot of concern the left has had the last few years as s that the president is a great speaker. but they heard a lot of speeches and they would like to see a lot of action now. we have begun to see the president october a number of things the last couple of weeks. i think he has turned around in many ways and become a fierce advocate on a number of issues. something the american people want. he wanted to stand up and fight. i think he needs to not just give speeches but prove to people he is a fighter and starting to do it. that's what we want to see to next issue on gay issues and all issues nationwide. >> earlier tonight before you heard him speak and following him on twitter, did you anticipate anything different? were you hoping? >> i didn't anticipate anything different. i would have liked to have heard him talk more about marriage in general. he mentioned he doesn't like the ballot initiatives to ban gay marriages in the state. they are happening in north
4:52 pm
carolina and minnesota. might have been nice to get more detail and say i am against what's happening in minnesota and north carolina. that would help. i think that it would have been nice for him to talk, he says he's evolving on gay marriage and a quote he gave to my deputy in an interview. he is evolving. maybe to hear him talk more about his evolving on gay marriage and how evolved he has gotten. it is a topic hard to ignore now. gay marriage has become sort of a number one topic in gay politics whether intended or not. the recent victory in new york, my gosh, that just -- just put it front and center as no longer a dream. it is something real we can achie achieve. may have been nice to hear more about that. >> it seems like the politically correct thing to say these days is that people with for civil unions i mentioned earlier, governor christie who says i'm not running for the president. my home state, new jersey. he said he is for civil unions.
4:53 pm
it seems as though that's what people are saying and don't want to cross the line into accepting gay marriage. what do you think? >> it depends. that was the politically correct thing in 2000. now you have republicans like dick cheney saying he is okay with gay marriage. i think that in the republican party it is really evolved now. kel mehlman, former party chair who is opening gay and helping to raise money for gay marriage. if anything it is politically incorrect for any politician, particularly a democratic politician, who is expected to be at the forefront of civil rights and they have to be for same-sex marriage or you are getting out of touch. >> john, great talking to you and great conversation. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. thanks. we are checking more headlines for you now. let's take a look at what's going on. cia drone attack in yemen is credited with killing american born cleric anwar al awlaki.
4:54 pm
born in new mexico, al allaki used his knowledge abo. the u.s. government believes al awlaki could help prevent attacks against americans and also around the world, they are saying. a bulletin from the fbi and department of homeland security warns of homegrown violent extremists may seek seek retaliation. those are their words. the fbi, the state department also urges overseas travelers to register with the government so that they can be contacted in case of an emergency. more than 1,000 family members and supporters of an executed georgia inmate gathered today in savannah to celebrate his life. those in attendance at his funeral chanted this -- i am troy davis, many of the speakers used the occasion to speak out against the death penalty.
4:55 pm
davis was put to death last week despite doubts among many about his guilt. he was convicted of the 1989 killing of an off-duty police officer. denying it the entire time. the e.r. doctor that pronounced michael jackson dead testified the pop superstar had signs after dying heart and was clinically dead upon arrival. ted rowlands has a recap of the drama of week one and look ahead to week two of dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. >> week two of the conrad murray trial will likely be picking up right here where week one left off. friday we heard from the paramedics reported michael jackson's house after the 911 call was made and paramedics told the jury when they arrived michael jackson was cold to the touch and that never throughout their resuscitation process did they ever feel a pulse or see one on the heart monitor but the most damning evidence against murray from those paramedics was that they asked him what drugs were in jackson's body and
4:56 pm
murray never mentioned propofol. we started to hear from one of the emergency room doctors at ucla on friday. we will extend that testimony starting early next week. the doctors at ucla are going to tell much the same story as paramedics that they, too, asked what was in jackson's body and no mention of propofol at all. also likely start to hear from the detectives that were assigned to the case. they will determine or detail to the jury their investigation throughout this. they have been sitting in the courtroom throughout the week. jurors are starting to get to know them because they have been referred to a couple of times by the attorneys. now they will really get to know them because they will be on stand for quite some time and later in the week we may hear from of two dr. murray's girlfriends. one of the girlfriends lives here in the los angeles area. that was the apartment that dr. murray was sending the propofol to throughout this. we will hear from her likely and
4:57 pm
then we will hear from the other girlfriend in houston, texas. this was the woman dr. murray was on the phone with when he realized that michael jackson was in trouble. >> ted rowlands, thank you, in l.a. there. covering the michael jackson death trial. you know what you may want to check your cantaloupes. fit came from general sing farms in colorado throw it away no matter what. 15 people died from an outbreak to listeria linked to the tainted melons. more than 80 people have gotten sick. you may already be infected with bacteria and you don't even know it yet. >> it can take a week to three weeks after you eat contaminated product before you become ill and can take as much as two months to become ill. some people may still have the cantaloupe in their refrigerators. if you have cantaloupe that's labeled as something other than jensen farm, then it is okay to eat. but if the label looks like
4:58 pm
this, that's what the jensen farm label looks like and then it is not safe to eat, throw it out. >> the listeria bacteria usually causes flu-like symptoms but infection can be deadly. as we mentioned jensen farms recalled the rocky ford cantaloupes more than two weeks ago. all of the tainted melons are probably off the shelves by now. listeria fears are also behind a recall of bagged lettuce from a california company true leaf farms is recalling tens of thousands of bags of their shredded romaine lettuce that was shipped to 19 states and canada. it had a use by date of september 29. a california grandfather is recovering after spending six days trapped in a ravine. his name, david, he drove off the road in the forest and landed about 200 feet below, if you can imagine. if that wasn't bad enough he ended up next to a dead driver in another car and turns out a
4:59 pm
man drove off the same spot two weeks ago, no one knew that guy was there. rescuers found both men because that one man, his children refused to stop looking for their father and found him. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill and then my brother got out of the car and kept screaming and the next thing we heard dad say help, help. and there he was. my dad wouldn't never not call his kids there are four of us. just by the time the fourth day that the -- that day and six days we knew something was wrong. supposedly just lost a car. there was a bright car. as you saw where the accident happened several cars have gone off the p cars, horrific. i don't know how he survived. he has been living on water from the stream. and leaves. >> he broke several bones and fractured his back in the crash but he's okay. susan hendricks. "latinos in america in her


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