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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 7, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the crowd. >> we do everything we can to be sure that people can exercise the freedom to express themselves. the group did become violent. they did start throwing rocks and bricks and bottles. small pipes were thrown at our officers. local business workers shocked that the demonstration turned so ugly. >> next thing you know that window breaks, that window started breaking. these two windows break. >> i had to call the police. >> the yooefr night violence follows several days of protect in the area and across the country. hundreds of protesters conducted several die ins, taking over
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train stations in both cities as well as major department stores. >> this group has decided to walk in and stage another die in. it's been another fluid night. these demonstrators are determined, they say, to have police reform in new york city and show them that the spotlight will continue to stay on this story for the days and weeks they say to come. >> it's unclear what tonight will bring but for some the hope to be heard without violence is the loudest. >> it is calm right now. we know that some people are trying to plan a protest at 5:00 tonight. >> and dan, some officers had gotten -- received some injuries? to what extent? >> that's right.
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we are told that two police officers received minor injuries. >> so outrage and disbelief over the lack of indictments have been expressed across the country for the second straight week of pro football players speaking silently. today itd was the member of the cleveland browns wearing the simple message, i can't breathe. what are people thinking and feeling today? >> the demonstrations here in new york have continued throughout the weekend. we have seen more intimate crowds here. just goes back to what we saw in berkley, california. we caught up with some carol singers. they call themselves justice carollers.
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others say they are dreemg for a mixed chris mast. caught up with one of them in the crowds who is a professional opera singer and said it was important for her to come out and show her support for eric gardener. >> i'm singing tomorrow night so maybe they will fire me if they see me using my voice out in the cold. i'm very happy to take a risk. it's no risk. it's a terrible situation. >> this must be very important for you. >> it is very important, yes. >> we're expecting another demonstration at about 15 p.m. there was well over 100 protesters that marched through the streets. they flooded a toys r us and went straight for the toy gun section and staged a die in
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protest there. so far we have not seen demonstrators out here but they will be coming and showing up and they are determined to keep this story out there. >> all right, nick, thanks so much. we will be watching. appreciate it. syria said it came under attack by israeli war planes. this time a warehouse near the airport was reportedly targeted. we continue now overseas where a defense secretary chuck hagel is defending the special ops mission that ended with the deaths of both hostages. it was the united states third attempt at rescue mission in recent months.
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u.s. secretary hagel pushed back at suggestions that there may be significant problems with with the planning of the raids. an immense amount of timing and research goes into each of these operations. >> fred, u.s. officials say that this mission ultimately failed not due to operational error but because that element of surprise was taken away. the mission extremely risky and urgent when u.s. intelligence shows american luke somers would be murdered by saturday morning. the president authorizes the rescue giving no hint to the drama about to play out. two v-22 osprey touchdown, some six miles from the compound where the hostages are held.
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but suddenly everything goes wrong when they are exposed, maybe by a barking dog. one terrorist runs back inside and shoots both hostages. u.s. forces kill five terrorists and the rest flee. a combat medical team needs to spend a half hour on the ground trying to stabilize the two gravely wounded men. one dies on the way and another dies on the ship. >> you have to look at this from a surgical point. some will live, some will die. >> as word of the failed rescue mission, the president called the killing a barbaric murder.
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biden promises that the u.s. will be unrelent. >> the women and men here did an incredible job and inflicted serious damage on the captors. but this time -- this time they were unable to save luke. >> we're told president obama monitored this mission from the white house, following along with every step in realtime. >> let's talk about the president's health. >> well, president obama has acid ae flex. this is what the wouz is telling us. he saw the white house doctor and there was an indication he
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had some inflammation in his throat. it was recommended that he go to the hospital for a ct scan. we are told this was done out of an abundance of caution. of course there are still a lot of questions that remain. the president is a well documented former smoker. he has quit. but it does bring up questions whether potentially his history of smoking put him at risk. here is what sanjay gupta has to say. >> if he is still smoking, we don't know. if he is, then that could be contributing to his current symptoms of acid reflux. based on his past history and this is an abundance of caution. we hear the scan was normal but you have got the history of smoking and symptoms of acid
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reflux. a cat scan could be being performed to be sure there is no other mass. that is the sort of abundance of caution. you want to look at that area very thoroughly. >> and an official tells us that the condition has had no impact on the president's routine or schedule over the last few weeks. we will hear from president obama in just under an hour. >> that's always a lot of fun. appreciate it. oversees, a typhoon battles the philippines. we look at how bad the damage is. n drink. >>clear huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. new ensure active clear protein.
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central part of the philippines. the slow moving storm is losing strength as it moves across the country and dumps heavy rain. those who made it through the storm are telling their survival stories. here is andrew stevens. >> reporter: given heartfelt thanks, the surviving a second major storm to hit the city in a little more than a year. sunday mass a break as the new role of an evacuation center. 1500 people, almost the entire parish cramming together to ride out the typhoon. how scared were you? >> i was scared because i really -- i imagined what happened last year but i have to trust god.
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>> some left at first light but many are staying longer until the typhoon is clear of the region or until their damaged homes are repaired. for most all in the city it stirred raw and painful memories. as he shows me the remains of his family home he says he evacuated early this time but said he was still terrified. >> i'm the only one who was still awake and still praying god please help us, please help us. i know that you will help us. >> do you think he did? >> yes. >> reminders of what happened here a little more than a year ago are hard to miss. they are also potent symbols of the bitter lessons learned. the most important of those, to get out of harm's way and to get out early.
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>> nearly 50,000 people fled to evacuation centers, churches and schools. private families took strangers in. most voluntarily, some forced. in the end, the typhoon did a little more than brush the area. damage limited to localized flooding x, downed trees and roots ripped. the parish priest says people have resigned themselves to the fact that storms will always be a part of their lives. >> is it the will of god or the wrath of god? but now, no, it is just part of nature. >> a part of nature they pray won't revisit the city any time soon. >> and cnn impact world is keeping track of charities helping on the ground there.
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to find out how you can contribute, go to >> former president george w. bush looking ahead to 2016. what he says about his brother or his sister in law making a run. an explanation after this.
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>> while the u.s. government is releasing six detainees from the beg kwa guantanamo bay detention center, candy, you talked to congressman mike rodgers, a chairman of the house intelligence committee about this report. what's in it and what is the chairman saying about it? >> we don't know for sure but we could take a guess. officially it's not that but none the less it's an investigation into the cia and
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its activities during the bush era. we expect to hear what the u.s. specifically did with terror suspects. we also with expected to hear although not by name about countries who helped the u.s. detain and interrogate prisoners. sometimes those countries are chosen because they don't have rules about torture. what does mike rodgers think? mike thinks it's a very bad idea to make this stuff public. >> this is a terrible idea. our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths. our own intelligence community says this will cause violence. this is more than just differences on what happened.
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then they have to ask what good will come of this report. >> let's talk of presidential politics for a moment. we know bush is pushing his book about his dad, 41. but it seems at every turn his brother keeps coming up in the interviews. he made it clear he was anticipating the question. >> i was asking him one question and he said oh, is this a jeb question? he's used to it. you can get mixed up because you're talking about 43 as the son george bush is called who is writing a book about 41 and being asked questions about 45. 43 has absolutely no idea whether jeb wants to be 45.
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>> he's not a guy -- he will say yes or no when he feels like it. >> you have often referred to bill clinton. your mother and father. and he's your brother from another mother. what does that make hillary clinton? >> my sister in law. >> do you think your brother could run against your sister in law? >> yeah, and i think he'd beat her. >> she's formidable. >> very much so. no question, so is she. >> so you will take that bet? >> absolutely. >> of course you're not going to make it because you're an objective newscaster. >> if i think she will run? i have no clue. but i know this, like jeb, she mows what it's like. >> another time i asked him a question about jeb and he said oh, you know, if i have to reiterate it, run jeb run.
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>> i have a hard time believing that george w. and jeb do not talk about it. >> i know. and he doesn't cautalk to his father about whether he should go into iraq but i do believe it. i don't think they talk family business at the thanksgiving dinner table. >> already. we will leave it there then. always a pleasure. >> thanks. >> and a washington post burro chief in iran is now facing charges. what we know about his case coming up.
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>> bottom of the hour now. welcome back. here are some of the top stories
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we're following right now. six detainees from guantanamo bay are now in. all six men have been cleared for release nearly five years ago. the united nations will eventually repateuate them with their home countries. >> a washington post course upon dend in iran since july has been officially charged with unspecified crimes. the government has not given him a reason for arrest.
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they are three days to include a visit to the 911 museum. >> cnn observes a holiday tradition. cnn heroes and all star tribute. >> at first glance it might look like every other award show but this is an event like no other. here ten every day people doing extraordinary work to help others takes center stage. it just pushes humanity forward. >> just recognizing people for what we should be doing every
1:30 pm
day. >> reach, reach. >> individuals like man who helped people with disabilities get stronger inside and out. >> it is my honor to hug the weight lifter with the biggest hard ever, ned norton. >> a woman who works with some to save lions from extinction. and a rabbi with a black belt to help kids fight cancer. >> you're killing me cnn. got me sobbing all up in my shard they. >> it's a night full of emotion. >> those are my babies. >> my friend, kathy griffith. >> hi, everybody. >> an uplifting message. >> in the darkest of places, decency and love can persevere. >> performances that can
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inspire. ♪ >> the 2014 cnn hero of the year. >> and that's just a taste of what is to come. cnn heroes tonight at 8:00 eastern p.m. we will be right back.
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>> at least 21 women have now gone public claiming to have been sexual assaulted by bill cosby. among them, former super model janice dickonson. i visited her in beverly hills this week and she told me about the alleged rape, the fall out and what she hopes will happen next. some of what you will about to hear is graphic. >> what has held you back all of these years from telling the story in detail until now? >> i remember being humiliated, disgusted.
1:36 pm
i had revulsion towards cosby. cosby was a very powerful man and probably still is. i trusted this man and i stuffed it. i compartmentalized it because i was embarrassed. i was -- i was it wasn't until it came out recently that other women told the same story that had happened to me that i believed these women. >> you were 27 and he was roughly about 45 years old at the time? >> i don't remember how oldthat monster was at the time. i remember i was innocent and very excited to get a call that i was going to be, you know, offered this job on the cosby show. i went for it. he was a married man. he wouldn't do anything to me. >> when bill cosby did reach out to you in 1992, what was the
1:37 pm
conversation? what was the pick cher he painted for you that you said he's the connection i need for it to go further? what was promised? what did you believe would happen? >> i believed the tone of his voice? how are you? i am going to offer you a part on the cosby show. i want you to fly here and get here, you know in the next day or two. i took the bait. >> you were excited? >> i was rearing and ready to go. he said i hear you want a singing career. i can help you with that. i was met by bill and a ja man who worked for him, he was his musical director.
1:38 pm
i remember him saying to me at this dinner when he offered me red wine. what kind of man offers me red wine when i get out of rehab. >> he knew about your situation and how potentially fragile you were at the time? >> he called me in rehab. he knew what i was in rehab for, for alcohol. that in zits is really messed up. >> at what point did you find yourself alone with mr. cosby? you custed him but things went a different direction? >> i was alone with him and i had menstrual cramps. he said oh, i have got something for that and he gave me a pill. >> did you ask what it was? >> i don't remember that. i don't remember. but he's giving me a pill.
1:39 pm
i trust the guy. i trusted bill cosby. >> why did you feel like you trusted him? >> because of his demeanor and the promise of a career i trusted him. i wanted a television career. i had had a successful career for commercials and i wanted to take it to the next level. >> you are telling me you were in rehab. you were still very fragile. he offered you wine. that was a no no and now he offers you a pill and you still trust him? >> it was red wine. it was a bill. when i started to black out i had a polaroid camera on me. that's when i took several photographs with it. i remember shooting the pictures and having them on me the next morning. i blacked out and cosby mounting
1:40 pm
me like the monster that he was and i was thinking what the heck was that? i remember more specifically waking up and that he there was a lot of pain downstairs. there was semen all over me and my bottoms were audiotape and the tops were open. i just packed up and i got the hell out of there. >> what was going through your mind at that point when he came to you and you had this discovery? what were you thinking and feeling at that moment? >> i remember being extreme ly angry that i had been violated. i remember feeling disgusted at him but more importantly i was
1:41 pm
disgusted at myself. i should have gone and reported it to the nevada police. you know, but i wasn't thinking. i was only thinking of stuffing it inside an area so deep in my subconscious that it is now coming up and i am soaper today through the grace of god and i have crystal clear memories of the entire incident and this rape. i'm not out to get him. i'm out to tell my side of the story so i can protect any woman in the world against this monster bill cosby and against anything or that could rob innocence like mine has been taken away from me. >> how do you prove that when it's your word against his? >> i should have gone the police. i was too embarrassed and disgusted. can i prove it? i can't produce a stain on my
1:42 pm
pajamas and i can't produce the semen that was there. i didn't go in for an examination of my womanhood down there. i didn't rape counseling or any of that. had i known i would have. look how it's blowing up now on me. i am not lying. you were not there. i can prove it. put a lie detector test on me and put a lie detector test on the attorneys and put a lie detector test on mr. bill monster cosby. >> how much has hearing from the other women who alleged sexual assault by bill cosby how much has that assisted you? how much does that also help you in recalling in detail what happened to you in 1982?
1:43 pm
>> i remember the memory and being robbed of my innocence and i believe the women that i have not been in contact with. i believe their story because it was the exact same thing ha happened to me. as an individual woman, i am the world's first super model and this took place in 1982 and it took place in a hotel room in lake tahoe and he was wearing a bathrobe and a velvet hat and a gold watch. i didn't do the right thing. i didn't report it or go to rape counseling and you know what? i was afraid. but i'm not afraid any more. i'm now strong and i have support and i will go on with my story until my last breath.
1:44 pm
>> whone of the most recent accusers -- >> i don't like that word. >> why is that? >> i am not an accuser. why am i the bad person that got raped? >> if he chooses to speak on his own and he has after an appearance and i do have a portion of what he said. he said i know people are tired of me not saying anything but a guy doesn't have to answer to inknew when does. >> people? screw you, bill. you know damn well that he's not going to take any responsibility on this and neither are his attorneys. he says innuendo, i say rape.
1:45 pm
>> what does bill cosby need to do? >> know know as well as i know that they will not take responsibility. they say i'm a liar. i would love for him to come out and acknowledge that he is a big and has raped me. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry. >> don't apologize. you know. >> i don't know how to process this. i do not know how to process these emotions, you know?
1:46 pm
i'm going to meditate and go to church. this has affected me. >> and we did ask for permission if it was okay to continue airing that portion of the interview and she did say it was all right. in the meantime a lawyer for bill cosby responded to the claims. her story is a lie. there is a glaring contradiction between what she is claiming now and what she wrote in her own book and what she told the media back in 2002. she did an interview with the new york observer entitled interview with a vamp contra diktding her story about ms. cosby. i did speak with dickonson's ghost writer and he began working with dick inson in 2001 on her book no life guard on
1:47 pm
duty and dickinson did give him graphic detail but he never included it in a written draft to the publisher because he said without corroboration from cosby, he knew the allegation would never have made it through the vetting process and make it in the book. don't miss the special, cosby show, a legend under fire. we will be right back. i've had surgery, and yes, i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. go to for savings.
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>> it's considered one of the world's greatest fossil discoveries. peter larson with the black hills institute was thrilled when his team discovered sue in 1990. but he dibt realize this would lead his team into a ten year legal battle with many who all claimed ownership. this recounts the fascinating story and the moment when the fbi agent first came to confiscate the find. >> somebody called me and said
1:52 pm
the fbi has got crime scene tape. i hung up the phone and went down as fast as i could. 30 system people or whatever. it was insane. i didn't think about it. i just went to the specimen. i could see the idiots try to pack up my dinosaur. how dare they, how dare these people do this. >> i can't imagine somebody being able to do this here in the united states of america. in a free country. >> in order to insure that this dinosaur can be carefully packed up, we helped. >> it was pretty clear that they didn't know what they were doing. these people didn't know anything. most of these guys hardly go out in the field at all. >> i said to kevin, you just
1:53 pm
tell me and that fossil won't go anywhere. >> that request was denied. >> wow. can you feel the tension there? you wrote dozens of stories about this but this does undersco underscore. >> it turned out to be a real. >> we are talking about the discovery of this t-rex and while the pail yentologist thought great. let's collect it,remove it and take it elsewhere. it's federally enforced land, native american land and they
1:54 pm
negotiated with the landowner but then that was done illegally? >> the fossil was sold for $5,000. what the federal prosecutor determined was that morris williams did not have the right to sell. >> and that was the landowner? the souix tribe? >> the indian owner of the land did not have the right to sell his land unless he had permission from the department of interior. >> which he did not for the $5,000. >> he did not have permission to sell his own land. the other part is they ruled the fossil was land rather than personal property. >> interesting. because it had mineralized and the thought and feeling was because of that, it was indeed a
1:55 pm
fossil. but the other thought is no, it's real estate. >> nobody really knew how good it was. the question arises if they had taken the bottle outside of the ground, would have it have been personal property? that is the weird legal facet of this that nobody anticipated. >> and the legal battle is what is so fascinating about this documentary. ultimately, that landowner did receive more than $7 million. in that factor the legal bottle was resolved. >> and a half was decided, the investigate of the black hills
1:56 pm
institute continued and later there was a massive criminal indictment which turned out to be the largest criminal prosecution in the history of the state of south dakota. >> incredible. >> that's going to do it for me. thanks so much for being with me. much more news and everything else in the newsroom straight else in the newsroom straight ahead. hey matt, what's up?
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>> hi everyone. you're in the cnn newsroom. we are waiting to see if violent and dangerous protests return again tonight. a sense of calm has taken over as the protesters are making rounds around the country.