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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. noon in mexico city. 1:00 p.m. in washington where we're watching from around the world. thanks for joining us. got some live pictures coming in from the conservative conference here in washington, cpac as it's called, where we're expecting to hear momentarily from president trump's chief strategist steve bannon and his -- and the white house chief of staff reince priebus. we're also expecting remarks from trump's secretary of state rex tillerson who is in mexico city meeting with leaders there. for the republican leaders, it's all about cpac for the next few days with thousands attending. it's the largest conference of
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conservative political activists from across the united states. team trump has a massive show of force. the white house counselor kellyanne conway predicting it will be called tpac by the end of tomorrow. steve bannon and reince priebus will take the stage, sit together, answer questions there. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it begins. haven't heard much from steve bannon since he became the chief strategist at the white house. reince priebus, the white house chief of staff, will be appearing together with him. we'll have live coverage of that. first, take a listen to some of the other speakers from earlier in the day. >> the victory is not on november 8th. that is an assignment for change and real reform. >> my plea to you here today is to not get caught up in washington. to not forget the voters. to not ignore the people who
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live in reality all across this country every single day. >> i wear this lapel pin. it's a pair of scissors cutting red tape. we need to cut red tape in america. >> obamacare has become a cancer on our health care system. we don't need to replace a health care system. we need to remove the cancer. >> the welfare program the left has put in place since the great society of lbj have failed. >> from the left, their base, there's a technical term for their base. moscow. i was going a different direction which was bat crap crazy. >> our congressional correspondent phil mattingly is at the cpac conference. reports that steve bannon and reince priebus have been at odds on certain issues. is there a joint appearance momentarily, is it a show of unity within the trump white house? >> yeah, no question about it. and talking to people here at
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cpac, they acknowledge that's the goal here to show a united front. there's been no shortage of reports of aides coming out of the white house talking about disputes over hiring decisions, policy direction, even proximity to the president. and if you look at the context here, wolf, that in some sense makes seps. if you -- reince priebus, an establishment figure. chairman of the republican national committee. steve bannon, the chief of breitbart news. more or less went after the establishment for years. now they're in the same kind of boat working tl ining together, side by side. as these stories of dissension or splits have come out, they've tried to confront that. never will that be more apparent than this appearance at cpac. what we've seen is the entire trump administration come out in full force and try and do something similar. look back over the last couple of years. in 2015, donald trump came here talking about the potential he'd run for president. he was mocked by conservatives who weren't comfortable with
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him. k kellyanne conway saying cpac is turning into tpac. they want these activists not only to be on their side but to be deployed in full force, wolf. they recognize, they look across the country right now, see some of the backlash to some of their policy proposals that they need the help of individuals like this. the active grassroots conservative base. that's why you're seeing them here today. it's a joint effort to activate the activists but also make sure they make clear, at least publicly, their administration is all on the same page. >> it's going to be interesting the format. matt sclapp will be questioning reince priebus and steve bannon and going through a whole unch of issues. what are you hearing about what we might hear? >> nothing is off the table. this is a friendly stage and territory for conservatives. watch everybody that's come up, up to this point. the question and answer session
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with kellyanne conway. as you voted, anything steve bannon says is interesting. we just haven't seen a lot from him. where he fits in the white house. his role, his power. we'll see that live and in living color. and that's going to be interesting for everybody who has been trying to read the tea leaves. it's going to be out in front. it's interesting to everybody. not just reporters. not just people watching from the outside but i spoke to republicans on capitol hill, some of whom were attacked by breitbart over the last couple of years. they themselves are not sure what the role of steve bannon is. how he interacts with reince priebus. this will be an illuminating conversation. >> we'll, of course, have live coverage. we'll be anxious to hear what steve bannon and reince priebus have to say. stand by for that. thanks very much, phil. i want to continue to watch live pictures also coming in from mexico city where the
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secretary of state rex tillerson has been meeting with mexican leaders. he's meeting with luis videgaray, the foreign minister. they'll be speaking and making statements in mexico city. i don't know if they'll be answering reporters questions but we'll have live coverage of that. just moments ago, president trump addressed the mexican visit by the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security john kelly. he told business leaders that tillerson's visit to mexico, and i'm quoting the president now, is going to be a tough trip. his words. a tough trip. we'll, of course, have live coverage of that news conference. the statements that will be made by the secretary of state and the mexican foreign minister. that's expected very soon as well. as we await for all of these developments, especially the white house chief of staff reince priebus and the white house chief strategist steve bannon to address that cpac conference, a huge conference under way here in washington,
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d.c., i want to bring in our panel. joining us, senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. susan page, for "usa today," a.b. stotard, columnist for real clear politics and our senior media correspondent, the host of "reliable sources" brian stelter and chief political analyst gloria borger. this will be the first on-camera public comments from steve bannon since the inauguration. i think it's a pretty significant moment. >> it is. they have been going out of their way after initial reports that they weren't getting along so well because after all they do come from two different political worlds. reince priebus of the republican establishment and steve bannon of breitbart and the alt-right. they've gone out of their way to say they're actually working hand in glove. and behind the scenes, people are saying, well, they are not so sure. is bannon more aligned with
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jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, or more aligned with reince priebus? i think it is no coincidence that they are out there together at cpac. and i think one of the reasons is that bannon wants to introduce reince priebus as somebody who should have credibility with these people. and i think that he's giving him sort of the good housekeeping seal of approval by sitting there on stage with him. and trying to let the folks at cpac know that this administration is going to speak with one voice. >> and brian, steve bannon's got a long history in the media before becoming this top strategist for the president in the white house. for our viewers in the united states and around the world, tell us a little bit about that background. >> he was in hollywood working on films and tv shows.
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he'd made documentaries, conservative oriented documentaries. he had a credit on "seinfeld" that made him a lot of money through that sitcom. but running breitbart, the far right website, a favorite of trump loyalists. he left that job, of course, to help run trump's campaign last summer. now, of course, chief strategist in the white house. but as gloria was saying, this is someone who has avoided the spotlight who does not give interviews. while he may be a source for reporters behind the scenes, he doesn't speak on the record. and i bet some of our viewers have never heard his voice. it will make for an interesting moment to see him on stage with reince priebus. >> it certainly will. and we'll have live coverage of that. nia, the president hosted a group of ceos over at the white house today. i want you to listen to what he said at one point that involves more than just talking business. >> i'm delivering on everything that we've said. in fact, people are saying
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they've never seen so much happen in 30 days of a presidency. with mexico, we have $70 billion in deficits, trade deficits. and it's unsustainable. we'll not let it happen. can't let it happen. we'll have a good relationship with mexico, i hope. and if we don't, we don't. you see what's happening at the border. for the first time we're getting gang members out, drug lords out. we're getting really bad dudes out of this country. and at a rate that nobody has ever seen before. and they are the bad ones. and it's a military operation. actually, it was the best golfer of all the rich people, to be exact. and then -- >> that last comment, one of the guests there suggested -- reminded him he had a hole in one when they were playing golf. let's talk a little bit about what the president had to say. he was being pretty direct, blunt in talking about the
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u.s./mexico relationship. it could be tough. >> it could be tough. it already has been tough. the meeting he was scheduled to have here with the president of mexico was canceled because of the rhetoric that's gone back and forth. president trump saying that mexico was going to pay for the wall and president pena nieto, who had had low ratings when he stood up to president trump. his ratings are kind of creeping up. so i think president trump is finding out that the president of mexico also has some cards to play, right? this isn't a zero-sum game in terms of this relationship. obviously, president trump wants this wall. he wants some sort of cooperation from mexico. they have said no. he's reviewing how much aid the u.s. sends to mexico and whether that's part of the negotiation. so when tillerson goes and we've seen this with the secretary of state when he goes abroad, he's
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on a cleanup mission for this president. you imagine some of that will have to go on there. some tough talk back and forth between these two leaders. >> rex tillerson, the secretary of state, we heard from him during his confirmation hearings, susan, and got to know him a bit. sentence since he was sworn in as secretary of state, he hasn't been all that visible on television. now we'll hear what he has to say. he'll be speaking it with the mexican foreign minister. and one subject, one, a few words i'm anxious if they even raise the words, would be that border wall and who is going to pay for that wall. >> the border wall, who is going to pay for it. both sides say the other side is going to pay for it if it gets built. the president's approach on immigration, on deportation. some of that involves the approval and cooperation of mexico. for instance, the president wants to be able to deport people from central america back to mexico, not back to their home countries. you can't do that unless mexico is really to go along with it.
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>> a lot of these home countries don't want to take them back. >> mexico may not be willing to. >> mexico says that'll take back the mexican cities, which they have no choice. but they're saying they don't want to take back someone who came from south america or central america, from other countries. >> that's consistent with the obama administration. they had to be deported back to their home countries. the trump administration wants to change that. it does depend on the cooperation of some other foreign leaders, in this case, mexico. interesting to see rex tillerson speak. we haven't seen press briefings by the state department since he became secretary of state. we haven't seen him able to fill the jobs beneath him at the state department. lots of vacancies there that have been problematic for trying to institute the traditional role of the secretary of state has played. >> it's hard to be secretary of state if you don't have a deputy secretary of state or under secretaries of state or stuftant secretaries of state. all of whom have yet to be named and then they have to go through senate confirmation.
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>> right. look. so far it's no secret that rex tillerson has been cut thoift usual role and influence of secretary of state. he was not on stage with benjamin netanyahu. he could do a one state, two-state solution. big decisions are being made. an emergency meeting over the weekend in mar-a-lago to respond to a missile test with the north koreans. rex tillerson's counterpart was there for the weekend. the japanese secretary of state, if you will. rex tillerson was nowhere to be found. he's not in the photos. he doesn't have staff. now he's being sent down to basically hear the mexican government say out loud what they said yesterday. this new policy is hostile. that they've been vilified by this president. that they don't have to do this as a sovereign nation. it's going to be very interesting to see as susan says, how rex tillerson describes it because he does not
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have the influence that secretaries of state and the command usually have. and this is a very tense relationship. i don't think he's going to describe it as phenomenal which is the word sean spicer, the white house press secretary, used yesterday. >> phenomenal. the u.s./mexican relationship. i was surprises to hear that as well given some of the strains that have developed. the mexican president declining an invitation to come to washington. everyone stand by. we're watching two big events. about to have live coverage from the cpac conference here in washington. where president trump's white house chief of staff reince priebus n his chief strategist steve bannon will be speaking, answering questions there. we'll have live coverage of that. haven't heard much from steve bannon over these past few weeks. also standing by to hear from the secretary of state rex tillerson and mexican foreign minister. they're about to speak. you see the lecterns there in mexico city. they're trying to smooth the u.s./mexican relationship, despite serious tensions over
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the president's proposed border wall and who is going to pay for it. our special live coverage continues right after this. ads . today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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welcome back. standing by for two important events we're watching here in washington. live pictures on the left part of your screen from cpac where the white house chief of staff reince priebus and the white house chief strategist steve bannon will be speaking. they'll be answering questions. the cpac chairman, the american conservative union chairman, matt schlapp, will be asking those questions. an important discussion that is about to begin. we'll have live coverage of that. on the right part of your screen, you are seeing live pictures from mexico city.
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you see two lecterns there. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the mexican foreign minister, louis videgaray will be speaking. making statements following their meetings there. they are both trying, we understand, to smooth tensions between the united states and mexico over president trump's proposed border wall, his repeated assertions that the mexicans will pay for that wall. so there's a lot to discuss, a lot to access. i want to go back to our panel. and gloria borger, once again, and i want to underscore how significant it is that we'll be hearing from steve bannon. he's caused a lot of controversy over these past few weeks because of his views. there's been a lot written about him. on the cover of "time" magazine suggesting he may be the real power behind the president. how sensitive are white house officials to all those kinds of reports? >> well, i think they are very sensitive to it and the person who might be the most sensitive
10:22 am
to it is the president of the united states who likes people to know that he is the boss. however, there is no denying that steve bannon and jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, have become a real powerhouse within the administrati administration. and we're talking about the secretary of state tillerson being in mexico. you know, i have spoken to people who believe that, in fact, foreign policy is being run out of the white house and not out of the state department as a.d. was referring to earlier. and i think that creates quite a tension and quite a lot of difficulty for the secretary of state. and whether it's about eu policy, whether it's about israel or mexico, these are meetings and decisions that the secretary of state needs to be in on. and i think the problem you have with a lot of these cabinet
10:23 am
level officials. and tillerson was denied the number two person that he wanted, elliott abrams, to be his deputy. so i think what you are seeing at all these agencies is that people like tillerson are trying to get their people in so they can start having the impact that they really want to have on the president and on policy at the white house. >> you know, nia, it's interesting that the president's second round of discussions on a travel ban have now been delayed until at least next week. the first travel ban executive order didn't get through the courts. now he's coming up with a revised version and there's some -- people are wondering, why is it taking this long because the presidentasserted, the longer it takes, the more bad dudes will be gloflooding i the united states. >> he talked about it as if it was necessary to the safety and
10:24 am
security of americans. in some ways it's probably a good thing this white house is waiting and slowing this process down. most people close to the white house admit it didn't go well the first time partly because it was rushed out and all of the different agencies and agency heads didn't have a chance to weigh in on it. now they have this blueprint essentially given to them by this court that blocked this travel ban that i think allowed them to try to craft a travel ban now that will stand up to legal scrutiny. we'll see. it is also possible that whatever the issue here in terms of an eo will still face scrutiny. they'll look at some of the things the court said around religious minorities. that was in the ban that may have stood on the establishment clause and give green card holders trapped in and sort of travel ban we saw before. >> the reaction to see if matt
10:25 am
schlapp who will be moderating this discussion between steve bannon and reince priebus if they'll get into those controversial issues like the proposed travel ban. >> we're seeing this administration some some ways act like a typical administration. no shortage of ways they're unique and unprecedented but in terms of trying to figure out an executive order that will meet a court's scrutiny is not unusual. even the pull and tug over who is going to hold some of these secretary tier, third tier cabinet positions. that's something you often see with administrations with the battle between the white house and people with the president when he was a candidate and the people who are close to the secretary of the agency. we saw that with hillary clinton when she became secretary of state for barack obama. so this is standard operating procedure, although it's taken the trump administration a little while to get to this point. >> it is understandable that the white house, the president, doesn't want under secretaries or deputy secretaries of the various cabinet departments and
10:26 am
agencies who were very critical of him, never trump types, republicans during the course of the campaign. so they are vetting all of these individuals. i assume that's understandable. >> right. and susan is right. this is a typical push and pull. we see in the congress how much power is centralized into the speaker's office or flow down to the committee level to be influential with legislation or just get written in the speaker's office and thrown on the floor. this is the same thing. the problem with the trump universe which is unique, as gloria said, you have people running around saying, well, the middle east is jared's portfolio. is that really sustained and everything, all consequential decisions, domeimestic and fore lie with the purview of kushner and bannon. some like rex tillerson may
10:27 am
leave. they may not get enough people approved working with them that they feel really make a cohesive team that they can work with. and so if you see a general mattis leave or a rex tillerson leave, that will terrify republicans who have really placed their hope and trust in this so-called group of grown-ups, these generals, including mcmaster who have just taken these positions of consequence. and it turns out they're noninfluential. that will be a huge problem. >> jergeneral mcmaster, the new security adviser to the president, got very high marks. not just from republicans but from democrats as well. all right. everybody stand by. we're still waiting for these two big events to begin. president trump's white house chief of staff reince priebus and steve bannon will be speaking at the cpac conference in national harbor, maryland, right outside of washington, d.c. they are both at the gaylord national resort and convention center in oxen hill, maryland, right outside of washington.
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all right, the statements from mexico's foreign minister videgaray and rex tillerson happening right now. >> translator: for this message to all the media. mr. secretary rex tillerson and mr. secretary john kelly, welcome to mexico and welcome to the foreign ministry. the ministry secretary of the interior, thank you for your attendance. we' welcome to all the media representatives. today all the work groups of the
10:33 am
president of mexico and the united states will review deferred topics for the team that with the aim of continuing the dialogue between both nations and to give a follow-up on what was agreed by the presidents in their last phone call. before going into specific issues, i would like to highlight some of the aspects that were repeat today with the secretaries tillerson and kelly, where besides mr. -- first of all, we would like to express that this visit we are really honored and really thankful because it's taken place in a very key moment for mexico n tand the united states. as you will know, there's a concern among mexicans, there's irritation before what has been perceived as policies that might
10:34 am
be harmful for the mexicans and the mexican industry. i would like to say this is the first meeting that we have with our counterparts. we have had bilateral meetings but this is the first meeting that was held as a working group. and this has been done after few weeks of the administration -- of the position taken by tillerson and kelly. this shows that for the united states, it's an important relation with mexico as well as for the mexican government. it's important, of high importance, the relationship with the united states. and we would really like to thank secretary tillerson and secretary kelly for their attendance. their presence here in mexico in a moment where we have notorious
10:35 am
differences. the best way to solve them is through the dialogue. and honest dialogue, a clear dialogue, that finally can take place between two nations that have deep bonds and links of friendship, closeness and, of course, of the society in north america. we have had space to dialogue with different topics of the agenda. we know that -- we acknowledge this is a long-term process, that it won't be necessarily simple. we are taking steps toward the proper direction. and today we took some steps toward this positive direction. we have coincide in some issues and the first one is the need -- the need to continue work iing
10:36 am
continued dialogue and to continue points of view so as to achieve agreements for mexico. we have mentioned this and we have expressed this to the secretary of state and the secretary of the homeland security. the secretary of the united states dialogue must have a comprehensive approach. this is to say it has to enclose all topics. this is why this is really important to have the presence of the secretary of state. the secretary of state has the faculties and the power to see a comprehensive approach. the relationship between the foreign ministry affairs and the prime ministers would be the main axis for the dialogue, a
10:37 am
dialogue which will include all topics, including migration, security and, of course, trade. the last topic has been -- hasn't been touched yet, but we are planning to start it in the future months, as we have explained. i would like to focus on the migratory topic. we have expressed both secretaries tillerson and kelly. first of all, our concern. concern to respect the rights of mexicans living in the united states. and more specifically, the human rights. and we have listened to deep -- on behalf of both secretaries. this is a very positive situation that we will face this topic with the mechanics and with dialogues that will
10:38 am
continue growing between both. we've also talked about the legal impossibility of a government to take decisions that will affect another government in a unilateral fashion. therefore, there is a need for this type of decisions that undoubtedly affect both countries. it would be an agreement and a dialogue. and this is a fundamental principle that we have coincided. and i would also like to mention a very significant coincidence that concerns central america. for all of us, it's the immigration phenomena. it's completely different. mexico -- so we attract to be a
10:39 am
transit country. countries that are in the triang triangle. both governments, mexican governments, the united states and shared approach. an approach that is only limited to the migration purpose but what can cover the different issue issues. we have agreed that in the next months, we will summon for the meeting that -- together with mexico and the united states. we will invite all their countries in the region such as canada, colombia and other countries from central america so as to hold a very constructive dialogue and --
10:40 am
whether we can solve that different causes of migration. it will be a long way to go to be on agreement with the united states but today we've taken a good step. the difference between mexico and the united states are still there, and we must work to reach agreements that will serve both interests. to overcome the aggressions, to overcome the negative feelings that are prevailing nowadays, what would be most important would be the facts. and today we have traced that through different facts and
10:41 am
actions, we'll consolidate the relationship between mexico and the united states as a joint work and reliable friendship and relationship. thank you very much and welcome you again to mexico. thank you. right now we will invite secretary tillerson. >> thank you very much. secretary videgaray and my good friend luis. i'm delighted to be in mexico city, and i'm particularly pleased that secretary kelly has traveled with me so that we could have very comprehensive discussions on issues of great importance between our two countries. as i shared with others, i am a native texan. i was born in texas and spent almost all of my life living in texas. so mexico for all of my life has been a very close neighbor. and i have a great affection for the mexican people. and so i'm really pleased to be
10:42 am
here. we have just concluded very productive meetings last night and this morning with our counterparts. the secretary of government, the secretary of foreign relations, videgaray, the secretary of national defense general fuegos, secretary of the navy admiral soberon and secretary of finance and public credit, madid. during the course of our meetings, we discussed the breadth of challenges and opportunities in the u.s./mexico relationship. although our two nations share a long history, our visit was forward looking focusing on common interests that would advance security and economic well-being. in our meetings, we jointly acknowledge that a relationship filled with vibrant colors, two strong sovereign countries from time to time will have differences. we listened closely and carefully to each other as we
10:43 am
respectfully and patiently raised our respective concerns. our conversations covered the full range of bilateral issues. we reaffirmed our close cooperation on economic and commercial issues such as energy, legal migration, security, educational exchanges and people-to-people ties. we agreed that our two countries should seize the opportunity to modernize and strengthen our trade relationship. we also reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order along our shared border by stopping potential terrorists and dismantling the transnational criminal networks moving drugs and people into the united states. similarly, we underscored the importance of stopping the illegal fehrairearms and bulk c that is originating in the united states and flowing into mexico. there's no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both
10:44 am
sides of our border. we recognize the existing u.s./mexican cooperation to curtail irregular migration both by securing mexico's southern border and by supporting efforts of guatemala, honduras and el salvador through the alliance for prosperity to reduce violence and stimulate economic opportunity in the region. on this issue, we discussed the importance of fair treatment of all of those in this transit. finally, we universally agreed on the importance of strengthening institutional mechanisms. the meetings were the continuation of a purposeful and productive exchange that is setting our two countries down a pathway to greater security and long-term prosperity. and we look forward to further meetings, perhaps in washington, d.c., to continue to progress our important discussions on these issues. both secretary kelly and i look
10:45 am
forward to and are honored with -- by the opportunity to meet with president pena nieto. >> translator: please, secretary kelly and secretary, could you please come to the podium so you can address some words. good afternoon, secretary tillerson and secretary kelly, secretary videgaray and members of the media. it's been a significant meeting as mr. videgaray mentioned. and this is true because as we've mentioned, in the last years, mexico and the united states have shared the purpose of building up more prosperous and safe region for all their
10:46 am
people. the understanding, the responsibility and mutual respect have been the foundations under which cooperation relationship has been built that has proven to be successful for both countries from the point of view of the security and immigration flows. this relationship has been strategic. this is why today we have expressed to the counterparts of the united states the need of building up a dialogue that allows us to have a -- working. we already stated that we do not agree on the different measures that recently were stated by the government of the united states that have immediate -- that would affect mexico. we have expressed our concern on
10:47 am
the increase of deportations and before the possibility of citizens of other countries that could be returned or sent back to our territory so that they can await for the legal -- we have mentioned that all decisions countries decide in their region, security and safety issues or migration, they go beyond borders. therefore, we have to get to a consensus as much as possible. the government of mexico considered that the schemes of coordinations of the different mechanisms we have need a permanent dialogue that will set the needs of both countries. in this regard we insist the need of maintaining the -- in an orderly fashion to guarantee the human rights of all mexicans in
10:48 am
your country. likewise, we highlight importance to the continued close relationship with all the countries of south america to help us to have a good regional development strategy. under this issue and under this approach, we have also reviewed the mechanisms that have been developed to combat organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking. in this regard, we expressed a need to strengthen the exchange of intelligence as well as to continue with actions to stop the flow of weapons and money coming from the states so as to have the possibility of groups that are causing great harm to our population. we are expressing the need of the mexicans regarding safety.
10:49 am
we also found some coincidences of strengthening with the cooperation between both nations. for these cooperations to be possible, and for both countries to benefit from these, it's necessary to create a better understanding with both nations. mexico needs the united states and the united states needs mexico. our nations will always be neighbors. therefore, it's the most convenient thing to establish equal agreements based on respect that both countries deserve and history has already shown this is the way to go. thank you very much. mr. secretary -- >> all right. we're going to -- u.s. secretary of state and
10:50 am
homeland security. you see reince priebus, the white house chief of staff going to the stage there. steve bannon, they are shaking hands. the chief strategist at the white house. that's matt schlapp, the chairman of the american conservative union. this is they're going to have a conversation at the c pack conference just outside of washington d.c. park maryland. >> i think it's safe to say by a full room, just a couple of cameras, that this is one of those moments. and i think the first thing that would be appropriate after 30 days of running a continual sprint is to thank these two guys for what they have been doing. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you.
10:51 am
>> well, on that front i also think it's a perfect moment to thank all of you for helping us elect what will be one of the greatest presidents that ever served this country, and it's because of your work that he made it happen. >> and i want to thank you for finally inviting me to c pack. >> yeah, there's no -- what was the name of the -- >> the unininvited. >> yeah, the unininvited. >> there are many alumni in the audience. >> i didn't like the unininvited. >> we decided to say that everybody is a part of our conservative family. and that's what donald trump has done to so many of us around the country politically. and you guys have put together an amazing operation. i know you all know this but the last time a president came to c pack in the first year it was
10:52 am
ronald reagan, saint ronald, in 1981. and you have put together the president has put together the most conservative cabinet we have ever seen according to our c pack ratings and i think a few of us are pretty happy about what looks like is going to happen on the supreme court too, so it's -- now let me ask you to -- i'm looking in the back of the room as well, but -- >> is that the opposition party? >> let me ask you to -- we read a lot about you two. >> it's all good. >> but i bet not all of it's accurate. i bet there are some things that don't get written correctly. let me ask each one of you, what's the biggest misconception about what's going on in the donald trump white house? >> well in regard to us two, i think the biggest misconception is everything that you're
10:53 am
reading. we share an office suite together, we're basically together from 6:30 in the morning until about 11:00 at night. >> i have a little thing called the war room, he has a fireplace, nice sofas. >> and it's actually something in a you all have helped build, which is when you bring together and what this election showed, and what president trump showed, and let's not kid ourselves, i mean i can talk about data and ground game and steve can talk about big ideas, but the truth of the matter is, donald trump, president trump, brought together the party and the conservative movement. and i've got to tell you, if the party and the conservative movement are together, similar to steve and i, it can't be stopped. >>. [ applause ] >> and president trump was the one guy -- he was the one
10:54 am
person. and i can say it after over seeing 16 people kill each other, it was donald trump that was able to bring this party and this movement together. and steve and i know that. and we live it every day. our job is to get the agenda of president through the door on pen and paper. >> and we have known it since august 16 when you look at the opposition party and how they betrayed the campaign, and now betraying the administration, it's always wrong, on the first day that kellyanne and i started it's the same team that was grinding away on the campaign, the same team that did the transition. the campaign was the most chaotic by the media's description, most unprofessional, didn't have any idea what they were doing, then
10:55 am
you saw them crying and weeping that night. and the reason it worked, the reason it worked is president. i mean trump had those ideas, had that energy, had that vision that could galvanize a team around him -- look, we're a coalition, a lot of people have strong beliefs about different things but we understand you can come together to win and we understood that from august 15th and we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt he was going to win and i think that's the power of this movement. >> and on top of that, first of all, president trump laid out his vision i would say four or five years ago here at c pack. >> that's right. >> it's nothing different. if you go back and watch the tape of president trump four or five years ago, that was the trump agenda. one of the things i used to say all the time and governor walker and everybody gets sick of me saying it was that president trump found it, what all of us
10:56 am
were starving for the whole time since despite of the fact that we hate politicals, but we were starving for somebody real, genuine, somebody who was actually what he said he was, and the media attacked us on the campaign, oh, you can't spend money on trump give it to the senate, attacked us on the transition. president trump put together the best cabinet in the history of cabinets, now the ridiculous stories and all we do every day and all president trump does every day is hit his agenda every single day, whether it's tpp, deregulation, neil gorsuch, his promise is coming through every day. >> he's even leaving bathrooms alone. that's kind of a nice refreshing thing as well. >> we believe it's a state
10:57 am
issue. >> president trump when he was running, he made -- this is the other thing that the mainstream media or opposition party never caught is that if you want to see the trump agenda it's very simple. it was all in the speeches. he went around to these rallies but the speeches had a great amount of content in them. this was galvanized remember, we didn't have any money. hillary clinton and these guys had $200 million. it was the rallies and speeches, all he's doing is laid out an agenda with the speeches on the promises he made and our job is get the paths of what he's executed and he is maniacally focused on that. you won on this, but this is what you want to do, he was like no, i promised the american
10:58 am
people this, and this is the plan we're going to execute on this, by the way that's whyup seen the way he's gone through the supreme court, by the way the other 102 judges we're going to pick, that's what the mainstream media won't report, just like in the chaos of the transition, they're dead wrong in what's going on today. president trump is following through on what he promised the american people, and the mainstream better understand th something all of those promises are going to be implemented. >> steve you're a really likable guy. >> not so bad. >> most of the time. >> what a 30 day of action. each one of you tell me one or two things in the past 30 days
10:59 am
that you think is critical and has got to happen in this administration to really turn this country around, start with the first 30 days and what's the focus after that? >> there's a lot o that's happened in the first 30 days. you look at the world order, and some of the things that are going on that i think will be dealt with soon, but the first thing i think is neil gorsuch. for a couple things. number one, we're not talking about a change over a four-year period. we're talking about a change of potentially 40 years of law. number one. but more important than that it established trust, it established that president trump is man of his word. we always knew that but when he said here is 20 names on a piece of paper back in july remember?
11:00 am
and he said i'm going to pick my judge out of these 20 people that are on this piece of paper he did it. that's number one because neil gorsuch represents the type of judge that has the vision of donald trump and fulfills the promise he made to all-you and all americans across the country. second thing, deregulation, what hasn't been talked about a lot is that president trump signed an order that puts in place a constant deregulatory form within the federal government and what it says is for every regulation presented for passage that cabinet secretary has to identify two that that person would eliminate and that's a big deal. and then lastly, immigration. immigration. protecting the sovereignty of the united states. putting a wall on the southern border, making sure that criminals are not