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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 7, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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that what you're talking about. >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> i just wish they could spend a day in our life so that they can understand why this is so important to us. it's not a choice for us. and that we need this. >> reporter: cnn, loveland, colorado. >> thanks to her. that's it for the lead, turning you to over wolf blitzer. thanks so much for watching. on the controversial meeting with russians at trump tower. and the floul-up with the trump campaign. it's a cnn exclusive. on speaking terms.
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chuck sue her and nancy pelosi meet a week after cancelling over one of the president's tweets. just moments ago, the house passed a bill to avoid a government shutdown for two weeks. what about after that? and franken's final shot senate al franken bows to fellow democrats and announces he's stepping down in allegations of sexual harassment. the multiple wild fires burning out of control in southern california. they've now charred more than 116,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes and other buildings. the largest shut down a major highway and railline in ventura
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county. and now we're getting word of a new fire that's just broken out in northern san diego county. also, a cnn exclusive, the first indication of followup to donald trump jr.'s meeting over at trump tower in new york city last summer with a group of russians including a lawyer with ties to the kremlin. sources are telling cnn that the british publicist who arranged the meeting later sent multiple e-mails to one, to one russian participant and a member of president trump's inner circle, shedding new light on what was discussed. and shortly after president trump has finished a white house meeting with democratic and republican leaders, the house passed a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown for two weeks. we're covering all of that and much more this hour with our guests, including congressman jim hines in the house intelligence committee and correspondents and specialists are also standing by, but let's begin with a fire disaster unfolding at southern california right now.
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cnn's paul is working the story for us. paul, the largest blaze that so-called thomas fire is now threatening communities close to where you are in santa barbara. >> reporter: that's right, i'm right on the ventura line. look over my left shoulder, this is the leading and northwest advance of the fire. you can see the flames on the hillside, but the firefighters had been able to corral this right here and make a stand. they were able to get in with some helicopters earlier and make water drops that was impossible earlier when the winds are savage and vicious. as you are articulated, wolf, this fire has burned all the way to the pacific ocean. this is part of that. and if you look on a remote hill over here. you can see a group of prisoners helping fight this fire. this is a monster of a fire.
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it has burned 9 #,000 acres, that's twice the size of washington, d.c. it has burned down 151 structures, they expect that number to go up and they have not been able to do damage assessment. that'll make for a rosier picture as gloomy as this looks, will, and i know people have been questioning if somebody is doctored pictures with tried to change any of this. this is actually rosy as i said because they're making progress and making a stand right here on
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the santa barbara county ventura county line. >> paul on the scene, thanks, paul, let's go down the coast to the other side of the fire. sarah sidner is in ventura county for us. >> 200,000 people evacuated from their homes as well. we are at one of the homes in the evacuation zone. picking up water and dumping them right there on those blazes. every time they get one part of the blaze out, another one pops up. i should also mention that the vaeting with there are five assisted living facilities that had to be evacuated at one point the hospital was told to shelter in place.
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this is still an extremely dangerous fire. we are also getting just rained on by ash that's coming down from the mountains there. and this is an area here where we are on a farm, there is a lot of farmland around here. a lot of avocado trees that stand in the way between the fire, where it is going, and it is heading the big fear towards santa barbara, that's what firefighters are telling us throughout the day, their biggest worry is to get in front of it so they can stop it from getting to more populated areas. but this is an extremely dangerous fire hazard. the good news is is that in this area for right now, the winds have not picked up as high right at this hour as they were supposed to. we're talking 80 mile an hour gusts, but they are starting to pick up again and there is a lot of fear here. everyone here says look, we realize we are not out of the woods yet, wolf. >> certainly not yet. let's hope they will be soon though. sarah, thank you very much. there's also breaking news we're following. including new details emerging
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right now about what happened after donald trump jr.'s very controversial meeting with a group of russians at trump tower in new york city during the presidential campaign. our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is working the story for us. you're getting exclusive new information from your sources. >> along with my colleagues. since this trump tower meeting in june 2016 was revealed. trump world has had essentially two positions about it. one that the meeting was a one off. there was no follow-up, and two, that the discussion in that meeting was purely or largely about russian adoptions of russian children. these newly disclosed e-mails and congressional investigators now have raise questions about both of those positions. one, clearly these i mails by some of the participants in that meeting. i'm going to give you an example of one, this is five days after that meeting in trump tower, between senior members of the
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trump campaign and russians who were promising to advance that meeting damaging information on hillary clinton. dnc e-mails, e-mailed them and said isn't this eerily world in the words of this e-mail, isn't this eerily weird in light of what we talked about in that meeting then. now wolf, it's possible there's an innocent explanation of that. we've spoken to people involved who were saying, this e-mail was saying it's eerily weird because we had not discussed the dnc or russia hacking the dnc. but at least one shows there was followup and two raises questions in that trump tower meeting.
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>> he's the publicist who set up this meeting between don jr., jared kushner, and the russians who were coming into this meeting promising damaging information on hillary clinton. well, following this meeting, rob goldstein e-mailed dan ska vino who was at the time with the trump campaign and is now the social media director for the trump administration. e-mailed him, pressing him, suggesting that donald trump sr., the candidate open up a page on vk. that's basically the russian equivalent of facebook. very popular millions of russians use it. and he repeatedly presented this idea and suggested this idea to the trump campaign. we have been told that that idea was first discussed as they were coming out of this meeting in trump tower on june 2016. so again, it raises the question, what more was discussed when you had these senior members of the trump campaign sitting down with
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russians promising damaging information. i should note, we did not find any evidence that donald trump set up a page as discussed here. justed a a minimum, it describes though another topic of conversation around the time of that trump tower meeting. >> and intriguing development. you've also learned about the reaction that when donald trump jr. circulated, released those private e-mails, he had received that a range that trump, that meeting over at trump tower in new york. e-mails in which donald trump jr. seems very eager to get what was described as dirt on hillary clinton from the russians. >> you remember, after this meeting was revealed, and again, the first story explaining what happened to this trump tower meeting has since been proven not to be entirely accurate. after this meeting, donald trump jr. released his seeshz of e-mails showing what was discussed in advance. and those e-mails show that the russians when they came into this meeting were offering, at least, the possibility of
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damaging information on hillary clinton. when donald trump jr. released all of those e-mails explaining what the real reason for the meeting was, at least in a advance, one of the participants in that meeting, ike, his son, e-mailed him with the phrasing, wolf, in this e-mail, an e-mail that congressional investigators have. e-mail his father saying why would donald trump jr. show himself to be colluding with the russians? he used that word colluding. to be clear, it's not clear if in this e-mail the son of this russian participant in the meeting was just joking about it. again it's just an observation between the two, but it shows you the number of communications that followed this meeting and referenced back to this key meeting in trump tower between many of the participants in those conversations. >> i'm sure robert mueller has all of this information plus a whole lot more. thanks very much. great reporting, jim sciutto and team. also breaking, the u.s. house of representatives just passed a bill to keep the government open for two more weeks. senate still needs to approve the bill and the house vote came
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moments ago after president trump met with democratic and republican congressional leaders over at the white house looking for a long-term agreement. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, jim iowa cost tea ta, he has the latest for us, what are you learning? >> reporter: they are continuing to dodge sexual harassment, the president and aids evaded answering how the white house should lead on the subject. as you said, wolf, for now though, government at least has avoided a shutdown after passing a spending bill in the house in the past few minutes. >> senator franken -- >> reporter: in response to growing calls from his democratic colleagues, embattled minnesota senator al franken acknowledges allegations and while he didn't apologize, he did say he is stepping down. >> today, i am announcing that in the coming weeks, i will be resigning as member of the united states senate. >> reporter: but there was a
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parting shot at the other end of pennsylvania avenue. president trump continues to face lingering accusations of sexual misconduct. and still endorses alleged child molester republican roy moore in the alabama senate race. >> i of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office and a man that's repeatedly preyed on young girls with the full support of his party. this is not about me. it's about the people of minnesota. >> asked about that, the president had almost know response. >> any comment on senator al franken made comments about you earlier today? >> i didn't hear them, sorry. >> reporter: while the white house pointed to the voters who elected mr. trump. >> the president addressed the
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comments back during the campaign. we feel strongly that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected donald trump to be president. >> that overlooks comments caught on tape by access hollywood. >> it's like a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. >> reporter: not to mention candidate's response for women who accused them of assault. >> look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think, i don't think so. >> reporter: president appeared to be more focussed on avoiding
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a government shutdown that could happen this month. >> we're all here as a very friendly well-unified group. >> reporter: mr. trump welcomed chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to the oval office after they passed on meeting with the president to keep the government running a week ago. >> we hope we can come to an agreement. >> reporter: but pelosi warned democrats are willing to hold their ground if congress fails to find a solution for the young undocumented known as the dreamers. >> no. i stand by that statement. we will not leave here without it. >> reporter: white house did try to resolve one issue. >> god bless the united states. >> reporter: dry mouth during a speech at the white house a day ago. >> frankly pretty ridiculous questions. . the president's throat was dry. nothing more than that. >> reporter: now as for a white house press secretary sarah sanders labeling questions about mr. trump's health ridiculous. they have come with the territory of serving in the oval office and during the campaign, mr. trump repeatedly questioned
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hillary clinton's stamina to serve as president on another front wolf, we should also point out the white house is responding to congressman and civil rights icon john lewis who was skipping the opening of a civil rights museum in mississippi this weekend. that is a snub to the president and the white house says it is disappointed. wolf. >> jim acosta at the white house with the late, breaking developments. thank you very much. let's get some more on all of this. democratic congressman jim heinz of connecticut is joining us. he's a member of the house intelligence committee. thanks for joining us. >> hi wolf. >> let me get your reaction to the late-breaking developments in the russia probe. you heard jim sciutto's report, do these new revelations raise new questions about donald trump jr.'s controversy to the trump tower meeting in new york city? >> reporter: yeah wolf, i want to be careful about this, this is not clear from what's happening yesterday. i want to be careful about discussing the particularlies about what happened behind
2:17 pm
closed door depositions. we know publicly over time and i and others know privately from material that we have seen that there was of people that i know about. who showed interest in getting material. and then an awful we may have something for you. >> and used by the campaign. people have different definitions of collusion. we're still working and this is why the investigation must continue. there's a lot of leads to follow including the one you refer to get to the question whether damaging information was actually conveyed to the campaign. a question we don't yet know the answer to. >> rob goldstone, the british pr guy is set to meet with the intelligence committee what as early as next week. what will questions will you have for him?
2:18 pm
>> well, you know, he of course was at the center of the don jr. meeting. he rarnged it. and we'll go in open minded. i think he was accurately described as a colorful character. so it could be anything from just trying to raise his profile with the presidential campaign to actually having real tough. his name does pop up a lot, and we have questions beyond the don jr. meeting for mr. goldstone to really get behind whether this was all just him show boating or whether in fact he was in contact with any russians and of course there is a connection with mr. or whether that was a concerted effort to provide them with compromising information. >> was donald trump jr. forthcoming during what the seven or eight hours of testimony yesterday before your committee? >> i would describe him as largely cooperative. you heard ranking member adam schiff yesterday raised one point that was troubling, which was that he did have a
2:19 pm
conversation that would appear to be on topic here with his father, the president, and claimed that because he had his lawyer in the room and he claimed attorney client prif linl for not answering questions about the nature of that conversation. now, i didn't go to law school, but i'm sure as are most people that there is no attorney client privilege for conversations that happened between two people that are not attorneys. we are interested in following up with that because, you know, the fact ha that he doesn't to want talk about it. the fact that it happened very close of course to this whole issue around that meeting and how to respond is central to the investigation. >> we'll see if we get answers on that investigation down the road. stand by, there are more developments unfolding right now. i need to take a quick break. we'll resume our conversation right after this. this is electricity. ♪ this is a power plant. this is tim barckholtz. that's me!
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the head of the fbi is making his first public remarks since president trump launched a very sharp twitter attack on the bureau. we're back with democratic congressman jim himes of connecticut. christopher wray, he was testifying up on capitol hill. and he was asked to respond to the recent attacks to the fbi by president trump who described the agency in one tweet as being in tatters. was director wray forceful enough in his defense of the agency? >> well, i didn't see the whole testimony, wolf, what little i did see of it, i thought exactly the opposite. you know, the president's statement about the fbi, these are highly trained men and women who put their lives on the line very literally to keep us safe from terrorism, from crime, from all sorts of things. the president does a lot of irresponsible things. to call what they do and to call their organization in tatters
2:25 pm
was beyond outrageous. adjectives fail when you talk about the responsibility of this president to people who again risk their lives for us. i was looking for a slightly more full-throated defense of the men and women of the fbi, but, the director chose to do what he did. >> let me get your quick reaction to senator al franken's announcement today that he plans to resign from his seat in the coming weeks amid more allegations of sexual harassment. this comes during the same week that democratic congressman john conyers stepped out from his see the subpoena this a sincere effort by democrats or politically expedient? >> i'm glad you asked the question that way because of course i can't help but observe that democrats have dealt and be very honest and open and tough with their own. you saw senators across the board you saw that happened with john conyers, and the question of course for a lot of women out there ought to be why are we not hearing any real republicans do
2:26 pm
the same with respect to their senate candidate in alabama? who was accused of things far worse than al franken is. and of course with the president, why is nobody calling for him to be held accountable by republicans for behavior that he admitted to? so, i'm glad you framed the question, but look, i would say this is an interesting moment here because a lot of us are very glad that this is finally coming to the surface to be dealt with. and we're very glad that women are beginning to feel comfortable coming forward and that men are being held accountable. we're also conscious of the fact that we need to make sure as we change for the better, as we are, that we also remember that we will have cases of false accusation naps we need to make sure that in our enthusiasm to make sure that women's rights are observed and that men don't engaged in piggish behavior that we also leave room for careful consideration for time to pass so that we can ultimately react to the truth, not to sensationalism. >> the democratic governor of minnesota, you note, will appoint a democrat to take senator franken's seat.
2:27 pm
did you think democrats would have forced franken to resign as quickly as they did if the governor of minnesota, let's say, were republican and a republican would fill that seat? >> i don't know, this is one of those moments where i'm actually kind of glad to be over here on the house side. i don't to want duck that question, but that would have made the politics more complicated. let me say this, i've watched the way the democratic party and democratic lead verse dealt with these issues. with nancy pelosi calling on two members of the house of representatives to resign. men and women calling on al franken to resign. those are statements of principles, they are statements of agreement with where this country is finally going, and again, why have we heard nothing equivalent from republicans in the senate or in the house with respect to roy moore or with respect to the president of the united states? >> congressman jim thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, new mystery sparked by north korea, they're called ghost ships, and they sometimes carry both living
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multiple sourcings now telling cnn that british
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publicist rob goldstone who arranged that meeting sent multiple e-mails to a russian participant, a member of donald trump's inner circle later that summer. let's bring in our specialist to assess it. phil mud, what jumps out at you from this exclusive new cnn reporting. >> the complexity of the investigation. it's like a sweat we are, pull a piece of yarn and it keeps pulling and pulling. we thought looking at the donald trump jr. meeting last summer that initially was a meeting according to donald trump jr. about an immigration issue. now when donald trump jr. was confronted, it involved a conversation about trading dirt on hillary clinton. now, there's a suggestion based on this breaking news today that there might have been an ongoing relationship with this british intermediary. here's why i'm cutting to the chase as we try to put together this more and more complicated story. michael flynn is cooperating. did he hand over e-mails that also referenced this? are there e-mails from other players including jared kushner, paul manafort that referenced
2:34 pm
this. are there phone calls that offer a context of one simple question. was this an isolated meeting? was it a continuing conversation that involved e-mails or was this more of a relationship that we could only find by getting a bunch of data from a bunch of people and then seeing what they say in interviews, wolf? >> you know it's interesting, chris is with us as well, five days later, rob goldstone sends an e-mail to two russians calling the news of the just learned dnc hack eerily weird, just five days after the meeting. your reaction to that? >> well, what we know or what we've been told about the meeting is the hack. that never came up. that the broad conversation as phil referenced was about the promise of dirt on hillary clinton, once that was made clear that wasn't going to happen, the meeting ended abruptly and there was, that was it. the trump forces had been very keen in portraying this as a one
2:35 pm
off. this was a blip on the radar, it happened, there was nothing to it, and everyone moved on. and reporting today suggests maybe it wasn't exactly a blip on the radar, and it may well be in goldstone's words an eerie coincidence, but it is an eerie coincidence. and there's a lot of coincidences here. they may all just be coincidences in relation to this investigation, but dollar lot of them. >> because there was dirt in the health cared e-mails as we all know. the rest of the campaign which was the poe december that e-mails. >> the meeting had nothing to do but russians kids being adopted here in the united states. >> well, and the story just keeps changing.
2:36 pm
and it's particularly with these congressional investigators what they're being told on the front end, also covering the e-mails. and there's more to learn, and the fact that donald jr. remember initially put out the e-mails to try to say, oh look i'm being transparent, well, he wasn't. and it keeps on becoming increasingly clear how not transparent he was. and the fact that -- whenever you have a drip, drip, drip situation, whether you're talking about donald trump, donald trump jr., hillary clinton, it doesn't get any better for them with all of this information just keeps leaking out. it raises more suspicion. >> to jackie's point, the issue here, at least one of the issues here is that we keep getting expanded versions of the story. and that may mean that really when you get, you know, you're unpacking the dolls and at the end, there's nothing there, but, when you keep getting -- well, actually, this happened. well, there was this follow-up. well, this came up. well, that person was there.
2:37 pm
reasonable people see that and think, golly, just the whole story, do we have it or are we still looking kind of through a lens of just part of it and why, if we don't have the whole story, why aren't they telling us. >> it's the opposite of crisis communication. >> get it all out there. >> get it out there yourself. everybody stand by. there are other developments unfolding right now. we'll resume our special coverage right after this. money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what?
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we're back with our specialists and phil mud used to work at fbi and the cia. i want to get your reaction, about a week or so ago, the president tweeted this about the fbi. after years of comey with phony and dishonest clinton investigation and more, running the fbi, it's reputation is in tatters, worst in history, but fear not, we will bring it back to greatness. so new fbi director chris wray was asked to respond to that today. here's what he said. >> the fbi that i see is tens of thousands of brave men and women who are working as hard as they can to keep people that they will never know safe from harm. the agents, analysts, and staff of the fbi are big boys and girls. we understand that we will take criticism from all corners and we're accustomed to that. >> so phil, what did you make of his defense of the fbi?
2:43 pm
>> he did the right thing. look, everybody's who's out there is saying he is more direct and confronting the president is making a mistake. if you fight in the mud, you're going to get dirty. if he sticks his head up, this man has less than one year in office. if he sticks his head up in this washington, d.c., and directly confronts the president of the united states, what's going to happen? what if he stood out there today. that is fbi director christopher wray and said the president is dead wrong, doesn't know what he's talking about. how can you think that that serves the interest of the fbi to get involved in a fight with the president? i know people are going to critique him for being subtle. i think there are a lot of people within the fbi who are going to say, he politely defended us. he talked about our honor for an organization that's been around since the beginnings of the 1908 and we recognize he can't get out too frontally and what people like the secretary of state have done. otherwise, he's going to get in a fight that doesn't help the bureau. >> he's only been the fbi director for four months. >> phil mud is right, he's playing the long game here.
2:44 pm
we know that donald trump pays attention to these sorts of things and donald trump doesn't like when you say bad things about donald trump. i do think it's important to pause for a minute and chris wray tried to down play it and say look, we're going to take swings from all over the place, but one of the places you would not assume if you were the director of the fbi, you would take slings and arrows from is the president of the united states, who by the way, picked you. i think it's important to pause and say this is abnormal. i mean, imagine, it's hard, but go back to the omniera and imagine barack obama tweeting out or saying while the fbi is in tatters. george w. bush, i mean, this was never done. this sort of norm breaking by donald trump because it happens all the time, we have no choice but to be somewhat innered to it. but this is -- >> this is something who knew what he was getting into. >> yes, he sbhont surprised. >> he wasn't walking into a normal environment. >> no. >> that is true. but remember, he did something similar with the intelligence community earlier, and let me get phil to respond to that.
2:45 pm
if you remember what he said about the cia. >> boy, the reaction to that was more vis ril. i remember that a day or two after inauguration, he went out at cia headquarters and we talked about this wolf and talked about the size of his inauguration crowd and the front of stars and men and women of the cia have lost their lives. many of my friends at the agency were friends and people who are now stars on that wall. this one, this issue of the fbi being in tatters, i think people would say yeah, that's the president, he's goofy. what the president did to the cia will not be forgotten. because he was making those references in front of people who should be honored. >> everybody stand by. there's more news we're following right now, including, get this, a brand new mystery originating in north korea. are small ghost ships washing ashore in japan an indication of some dire conditions kim jong-un is trying to hide?
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2:51 pm
are their intentions more devious? cnn's brian todd has been digging into this. brian, what are you learning? >> reporter: these are terrified ill-equipped fishermen. it's been reported that just this morning two more boats washed ashore on japanese beaches with two dead bodies found near them. this has happened several dozen times this year and we have new information on how kim jong-un's regime is requiring them to selfish on the black market for cash. >> reporter: inside, eight skeletons. japanese officials strongly suspect they were north koreans. >> they don't have great navigation abilities and lost their way. >> reporter: this boat, with lights rigged up to attract squid, was found with several desperate north koreans on board. the japanese coast guard has
2:52 pm
found survivors alive but emaciated lying among the dead. dozens just in the past month have been found and analysts are concerned about increasingly dire conditions under kim jong-un. >> that's a display of growing desperation. >> reporter: they prohibit the government from selling seafood to other countries so fishermen are pressured to sell their catch on the black market. >> they are having to rendezvous with for envessels on the high seas so it can be relabeled as japanese or chinese or si singaporean. >> they are probably inexperienced people going out and the result is they are having difficulty getting out
2:53 pm
there. >> reporter: japanese authorities have discovered that one boat have come ashore on a japanese island uninhabited, deserted except for a small shelter. >> translator: almost everything that was worth any money was gone from door knobs to door hinges. >> reporter: they are more than willing to risk starvation and death because of the almost unattainable quotas they are given by kim jong-un. how much pressure are they under? >> the pressure is incredible in terms of that. they are sent out. if they don't catch what they're supposed to, if they're behind, if they lose control of the boat, they will be punished. >> reporter: japanese officials say at least some of the surviving north korean fishermen were slated to be returned back to north korea at their own request. why? some of them probably feel that because they don't speak the language they would struggle
2:54 pm
living in japan but others may fear retaliation against their families by the regime if they applied for asylum. >> probably a good fear. some japanese citizens have suggested they are worried that some of these fishermen are really spies. could that be the case? >> it's certainly possible. they have a well-documented history of kidnapping japanese citizens but it's unlikely they are infiltrators. if north korea really wants to plant spies in japan, they would use better boats to insert them, not these boats where the chances of survival are slim. >> brian, thanks very much. brian todd reporting. breaking news coming up. the wildfire disaster in southern california is spreading tonight. more than 100,000 acres have burned and now a new fire has just broken out. we're going live to the fire lines.
2:55 pm
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3:00 pm
does it contradict donald trump jr.'s claim that the meeting went nowhere? defending the fbi. the bureau's director publicly responds to the president's claim that the fbi is in tatters. tonight, powerful push back against mr. trump from his handpicked choice to replace james comey. and franken quits. he resigns over groping allegations, delivering a parting shot at the republicans asking why president trump and roy moore aren't paying a similar price for their alleged misconduct. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. the fire danger in southern california is off the charts tonight with officials creating a whole new warning level as multiple blazes reach across the region forcing more


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