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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 29, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on full display. >> he's acutely aware of what memorial day. >> the best way to honor the fallen is to make the message about them. >> flooding is a concern. we're expecting a lot of water. >> it is a freak of nature. i have never seen an event like this before. >> we're keeping up hope. it is tough to just sit here and wait knowing you can't do anything about it. announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> how does it sound the third time you've heard it? >> it never gets old. >> there is something great about the james earl jones baritone saying your name with his particular flourish. >> i think it's a base. i love the way he says my name. i feel a lot like luke skywalker this morning because james earl jones is talking right to me. he did it again. he is my father. >> he's listening, obviously. >> obviously. two hours down, you're doing a fantastic job.
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>> thank you very much. >> i think this is going to work. >> it's so great to have you here on "new day," welcome officially. >> great to be here. >> all right. meanwhile let's get to the news. there's a lot of it. president trump confirming this morning that north korea's former top spy is on his way to the united states for talks. this is the latest development in a flurry of diplomatic activity in order to saving the summit that is supposed to still take place two weeks from today. >> president trump hawking a new conspiracy theory this morning claiming, you know, in ridiculous terms that robert mueller's investigators are meddling or will meddle in the upcoming midterm election. the president insists, though, despite the fact that he's tweeted repeatedly about russia. he's got to get back to work. he wants to focus on north korea and the economy despite 12 tweets on russia the last few days. let's begin with cat lynn collins live this morning at the white house. >> reporter: once again the president expressing optimism about the potential for this summit going forward confirming
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on twitter that north korea has dispatched one of its top aides on his way to new york to engage in more discussions about that potential summit in singapore even though the entire summit hasn't been formerly reinstated yet. president trump confirming that high ranking north korean official kim young alcoh-chul i heading to new york with the on again off again summit with kim jong-un. the president is pushing his advisers to move ahead with the talks as scheduled despite concerns there's not enough time to prepare. >> a lot of people are working on it. it's moving along very nicely, so we're looking at june 12th in singapore. that hasn't changed. >> reporter: a close aide to kim jong-un arrived in singapore late monday to discuss logistics with u.s. officials. meetings north korea never showed up to two weeks ago. meanwhile a top white house official is leading a delegation in north korea. those talks happening in the
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demilitarized zone. officials trying to determine whether north korea will agree to complete denuclearization and what kim jong-un will demand from the united states in return. sources say that some trump aides including national security adviser john bolton have told the president that even a cursory meeting with kim would be a diplomatic victory and could lead to more serious talks. "the wall street journal" reports that the white house was preparing to announce new sanctions against north korea but decided to halt those plans as they try to salvage the summit. president trump agree to go meet with japan's prime minister shinzo abe before the expected summit during a phone call on monday. >> present arms. >> reporter: the president taking time to honor the nation's fallen service members on memorial day laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. >> today our whole country
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thanks you, embraces and pledges to you, we will never forget our heroes. >> reporter: but his comments were overshadowed by what critics say was a tone deaf tweet touting his administration's accomplishments and insisting the fallen would be very happy and proud of the economy. former chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey responding, this day of all days of the year should not be about any one of us. in the veterans group calling the president's self-pro-lition appalling. it's the most inappropriate memorial day comment ever made by a president. the group also accusing the republican party by trying to profit off the day. the president has been very active again on twitter this morning and its his last tweet that is getting a lot of attention. sorry, i've got to start
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focusing my energy on north korea nuclear, bad trade deals, veterans affairs choice, the economy, rebuilding the military and so much more and not on the rigged russia witch hunt that should be investigating hillary clinton, russia, the fbi, the department of justice, former president obama, james comey and former attorney loretta lynch. that tweet comes from the president who's tweeted 12 times about the russia investigation since saturday and it raises the question if the president has not focused his energy on north korea yet. >> it's almost as if there was something hypocritical about the way he just said that. joining us now to discuss john avalon and ab stoddard and host of no labels radio and john, there's something very real and that's what's going on with north korea happening and something very unreal or fake we should say and that's what the
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president is writing right now. let's start with north korea. what's happening now is just this flurry of activity all around the world with a key u.s. official in singapore, another key u.s. official in north korea as we speak and a north korean official the former intelligence chief on his way to new york to be here as early as tomorrow. it really does seem as if everything is moving towards this summit. >> right. everything is accelerated. as alisyn pointed out earlier, there is a sense that previous presidents haven't been able to get action but the president's determination to force the issue seems to have spurred the north koreans into action. the on again/off again summit does seem to be on again by the movement of senior officials in all places and the president discussing a meeting with prime minister abe of japan ahead of the north korean summit. that is a sign itself. all systems seem to be go despite all the confusion the last couple of days.
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>> do you see it as the president's letter of having been a successful tactic in getting kim jong-un's attention and putting these things into overdrive to make this summit happen? >> there's a few things going on here, a couple dozen. i do think his demonstrating his willingness to walk away is essential to maintaining some leverage here. the leverage is dissipating because the chinese are playing their own game. the south korean president moon is swooning over a peace treaty with north korea and denuclearization and hopeful that all the pledges from kim jong-un have been authentic and are genuine with good intent and so you have a lot of the pressure going away and i think the fact the president trump was willing to walk away and cancel it does help his position. that said, there's no reason to do this on june 12th. the banquet room on the marriott is not going to be booked.
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there's no problem here. the idea that it goes into overdrive to make it happen and to sort of launch the summit plans again, obviously, we can all agree is a good thing but the idea that you rush into it without all these sort of working group, working level, lower level agreements being put into place, it increases the chances for chaos and a potential embarrassment at the summit. i just don't see the reason for june 12th. it's two weeks from today. kim jong-un has obviously spent his whole -- the goal of his regime is to maintain -- be a nuclear power. no one beliefs he's ready to denuclearize even though keeps saying it. the idea of rushing to a summit table where president trump could be embarrassed is a risk and that's why i think it's worth taking more time before we get to the summit. i do see the rhetoric switching and i think kim has had a plate of role in this to get the
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summit to become the goal itself. even though it is for me get people around president trump and himself saying, you know, just being there and talking is a great thing. >> i think that's totally right. as far as the marriott being booked, both have dibs on it for the week after that. it all seriousness, it is dead on right. if the end goal is just to meet then, then that may be achievable. is that enough? doesn't that count for something? isn't that exactly what kim jong-un wants? all he wants is a picture of a shaken hands. >> kim's whole goal is to be seen at the same table on equal level with the united states president. given questions about kim's actual interest in doing that, what leverage does he give away if he gives up his nukes, what protections does he need to be given to do it? what you're seeing is an
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inversion of the typical script around this type of a negotiation where the meeting of the heads of state is first and the details come later. it ain't going to all get done in the next two weeks. >> maybe nothing will get done. >> analysts, let's talk about conspiracy theories. >> let's. >> ab, we had maggie haberman on earlier who has an article about this, about the president peddling conspiracy theories and this morning we have exhibit a and this one is a whopper. when the tweets come out it's our job to parse presidential statements for what they mean. he sent out a tweet this morning that is i think he's played his hand with this one, because he's peddling a conspiracy theory that hasn't happened yet, he's predicting a conspiracy theory will happen in the future and that mueller's team will meddle in the upcoming election. the president knows that election meddling is one of those catch phrases much like
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spygate, much like -- i don't know, there's others recently -- that get peoples' attention. >> witch hunt. >> and we also know from recent reporting that he test drives these deep state -- he wasn't crazy about deep state then he thought it was catching on with right wing media. election meddling is one of those and, you know, i'm just curious about your thoughts on whether or not these things actually take root in a real and effective way so that he's now planting the seed that the upcoming election will be somehow invalidated. >> absolutely. it's proven effective and he is without limits in terms of his willingness to launch conspiracy theories that are not based in truth and really triple down on them. remember, the election hadn't
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happened in 2016 before he told us it was going to be rigged. it is one of the last days in may, i promise you before november 6th he will say that if the democrats take the house back that somebody meddled in those results as well at the ballot box. there's nothing he won't say because he's proven that in the past. the idea of him saying that mueller is timing releases of indictments and everything to help the democrats is in keeping with the narrative he's building all along, that he has a team of conflicted people working for him and that it's all a rigged investigation. >> but there's something really specifically important about his use of the phrase election meddling. this is also another classic trump play. he's trying to take the term back. russians meddled with our electionings. we know that to be true because of several intelligence reports and the overall anonymity that this was an effort. he's intentionally muddying the waters. it's not just conspiracy theory
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trial balloons. it's not just him playing car knack the magician he's trying to actually muddy the power of that actual term and the threat to national security it has represented in the recent past. >> if the president is undermining the legitimacy of the american electoral process and he's doing it for perhaps his own legal benefit. it's happening. thanks so much. >> thanks. moderate republicans leading a charge that could force a vote on dreamers. will they get the five republicans signatures they need? will ask a republican congressman pushing that effort next? with best in-class towing best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger. f-150 is now motor trend's 2018 truck of the year. this is the new 2018 ford f-150.
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because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer. the lawmakers returning from the memorial day break have a big task ahead of them. they're just five signatures away from forcing a vote on immigration through a little known house rule. the sticking point, whether there should be a path to citizenship for dreamers. joining us now is gen denham of california. he has spearheading this effort to force a vote. i'm sure your ears were burning. your former colleague charlie dent just talking about what you're trying to do, five votes away, any quick update this morning on whether or not you've got new signatures on that paper eminent? >> we've got enough signatures. we'll have more members signing on as soon as we get back. we've had every democrat all but three right now and we only need two more signatures. >> two more republicans, do you have two more republicans? >> we do, yes.
5:18 am
but our goal here has always been to see legislation that we can find bipartisan that will move to the senate and actually get signed into law. we are still working with the speaker, house leadership to come up with that bill. hopefully a compromised bill and if not move forward on a full debate in front of the american public. >> you're taking it from both sides, now, congressman. i read this op ed in the national review over the weekend who is anti-immigration advocate. he says what you're trying to do with the act you've signed on to, the one you most want to see passed, that bill would pair an amnesty even more expansive than the 1.8 million illegal aliens with window dressing that would do nothing to contain the fallout of that amnesty. so that's coming in from the right saying you want big amnesty. your response. >> it's just not true. this would be an earned pathway. it would be a long 12 year
5:19 am
process, five years and then another five years just in a visa type system that would allow you to stay here, work here, go to school here, serve in the military. actually the military would be the quickest pathway to citizenship. my enlist act that i introduced six years ago. we got to find a solution here. that includes border security. we want something that the president will sign into law. he's been very clear that he needs border security as part of this and we're working on a bipartisan fashion to get that done. >> you've gol got incoming from the right and left here. one of the people running for congress in your district, mr. denham has played lip service to immigration while doing nothing in washington to solve the problem. furthermo furthermore, he's remained silent while this administration has broken up families and deported law-abiding immigrants who own businesses and create jobs. is he right?
5:20 am
>> i'm not sure i'm going to have a tough re-election battle especially running from somebody from san francisco. that doesn't play well in my district. this is something that should have been done last year or last decade. the democrats have control over the -- >> you've been in congress -- you've been in congress -- >> this has to get done. >> you've been in congress 2011, 2012 personally to try to get something like this through. >> personally, well i introduced the enlist act which didn't have support from either party until now. now it's part of each one of the dreamer bills. i'm a coauthor on several of these bills. i was a signer on the gang of eight bill. this is something that's a very personal issue to me. there will some that will play partisan politics with this issue. i will get hit from the left and the right on this but it's the right thing to do and that's why i'm focusing on it. >> the administration policies which had been in effect for several weeks now charging
5:21 am
people, all people who cross the border as criminals which separates children from their parents. are you speaking out against the administration's policies here? >> i'm speaking on a solution, trying to find a solution to this overall broken immigration system. our catch and release policy, our detentions of unaccompanied miners say system that's going to get fix. we should never lose any child. we need to make sure that this human trafficking issue across our southern border is something that is stopped and we put an end to it immediately. >> is the administration doing enough? >> i think congress has to do more. congress has to do its job. rather than seeing more executive orders like we saw under the previous president, congress needs to do its job and we need to pass this not only this reform but we need to address overall immigration reform and we need to look at the safety of all of these immigrants as they move from country to country. if you're seeking asylum, you
5:22 am
ought to go to the next safest country but we are seeing many immigrants that want to come to the u.s. because we're a great country. >> the chief-of-staff suggests that separating children from their parents could serve as a deterrent on coming to the united states. is that a humane policy for a country? >> we need to be focused on the children. what is the safest way to handle children and make sure that they are reconnected with a safe home or with their family. >> is the administration -- >> sometimes -- >> is the administration focused on the children as you put it? >> i think that congress needs to make a fix to this. there's more that we can do but extending policies from the previous administration on this same issue on immigration needs to be solved. >> can i ask you a question based on something the president wrote this morning? do you think robert mueller and his investigators are trying to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections? >> i don't know that i can give
5:23 am
any credence to that. >> is there any evidence on planet earth or beyond that robert mueller and his investigators are trying to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections? >> i'm not seeing anything on that, but this isn't -- when we talk about immigration, it is a big issue that effects everybody in my district, the left and the right. there's just not a lot of people in my district talking about russia or this investigation. they want immigration resolved. >> i appreciate that and i know i guess your districts 40% hispanic. immigration is very important there. you, sir, are absolutely involved in this discussion. you put yourself right in the middle of it that doesn't mean that other things are not happening. there can still be right and wrong when it comes to other issues. when the president suggests that the special counsel is meddling in the 2018 election is there any basis in truth, is there any connection to reality? >> i'm not seeing anything on
5:24 am
it. >> congressman, thank you very much for being with us. your ears should have been burning. your former colleague sends his best. >> a good friend who's signed on to the discharge as well. welcome to the new show. >> thank you very much. charlie dent's signature still counts which i didn't realize, forever. >> yes, it does. meanwhile to this story, two journalists have been killed as alberto walloped the southeast. we have a live report for you next. our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. i wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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we are following two severe weather stories for you. flooding fears remain in the southeast u.s. as the first named storm of the season, alberto, is expected to dump more rain. the storm is blamed already for two deaths of two journalists in north carolina. and while over in maryland, a national guardsman is still missing as the people in that flood ravage city slowly begin the recovery process. what's happening there at this, hour, nick? >> reporter: hey, there. good morning. the rain has stopped, the wind is still a factor and hurricane season for 2018, well it started about a week early.
5:29 am
the first named storm, alberto making landfall here in florida yesterday and it moved on from panama city, beach. there is a strong potential for more flash flooding as it makes its way inland. the southeast bracing for potentially life threatening flash flooding. alberto wallopping the gulf coast on monday bringing heavy rains and strong winds. the storm's fury captured on video as this bridge was destroyed. alberto claiming the lives of two journalists covering the storm. michael mccormick and photo journalist aaron smellser were killed monday when a tree fell on their suv. >> it is a freak of nature. it's one of those things that you -- you know it's going to happen or you can predict that it may happen. you don't know when. >> reporter: the governor warning that north carolina residents need to take the storm seriously as the governor's in florida, alabama and mississippi issue states of emergency.
5:30 am
>> it's a first severe storm of the season here. >> it's kinda early. it makes me leery of what's ahead. >> reporter: this as residents of ellicott city maryland begin another daunting cleaning effort. police releasing this new drone video showing the level of destruction across the city. roads washed out, cars scattered among mud and debris. >> they're devastated, as you can expect. they have gone through hell to get where they are today before this flood and now they're facing it all again. >> reporter: emergency responders continuing to search for a national guardsman who was helping a woman rescue a cat when he was pulled underneath the raging floodwaters. >> we're all keeping up hope. he's an amazing guy. it is tough to just sit here and wait knowing we can't do anything about it. >> reporter: and we are starting to get drizzled on again here at
5:31 am
panama city beach, the winds is still a factor and this storm has moved inland. if you're in the south keep an eye on the skies. there's a potential for more heavy rain later today. john? >> thanks so much. appreciate it. new concerns with the erupting volcanos in hawaii. you're looking at live pictures right now of the lava. more residents being told to evacuate to avoid being trapped. our scott mcclain is in hilo, hawaii, with the very latest. what are you seeing? >> reporter: first off we're in hilo because we're about to see a different angle and different look on this lava. the big story right now is in leilani estates. they were going door to door pleading with people to leave. an old fissure is reacting. it was shooting 200 feet in the air. here's the other problems we're seeing, some of that lava has crept on to a geo thermal plant.
5:32 am
it's covered one well head we know of. there's not been a release of hydrogen sulfide. at least for now there's nothing to worry about in that department. authorities are montsering the possibility that this lava could reach a main highway in the area which would give people one less escape route if things were to get any worse. of course, there's also the summit of kilauea. 30 minutes ago there had been yet another explosion there sending an ash cloud some 13,000 feet into the sky over the past couple of days, explosions, smaller explosions and earthquakes have been fairly constant, though we have not seen the big explosion, nothing even on scale with the explosion we saw a couple of weeks ago that sent an ash cloud some 30,000 feet into the sky. >> thank you very much. we'll look forward to seeing what you find when you head out in the water there. meanwhile, president trump is heading to tennessee today to campaign for a high stakes
5:33 am
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president trump confirming this morning that north korea's former top spy is heading to the united states for meetings, so will the president trump/kim jong-un summit happen in two weeks and what will happen at this summit? let's get the bottom line with david chalian. the developments in north korea are just coming in every hour if not sooner than that. so many different diplomatic teams are all over the world from singapore to the dmz to this top spy coming here to the u.s., so it sure seems like the president's letter fast track this had somehow. >> all those developments you're describing are after the fact that he canceled the meeting and all those developments are happening, which i think indicates just how much donald trump wants and needs this meeting politically to come off successfully. his desire for it doesn't make it any easier to pull off, but politically, this has been one
5:38 am
of the biggest wins for him with public support. it's one of the few places we've seen throughout the entire trump presidency that he actually was able to bring a swath of democrats to his belief that he's moving in the right direction on north korea. he hasn't been able to bring democrats on board to anything. so this is a really key moment for him and he knows it, i think, by looking at all the behavior. >> no one has said this more loudly and clearly than you, david. i do think this north korea moment means more than just what's going on the peninsula there. it has very much to do with the domestic politics and very much to do with how the president views himself in this president who very much wants to sell himself as the deal maker doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of deals up until this point so say -- >> paris, iran. >> this means very much to him and i think it means a lot to him to have it happen on june 12th. >> no doubt. you remember how he was rolling
5:39 am
out that date and the location. he was teasing it out much like he does with any kind of big announcements from his reality tv show days and you're absolutely right. he wants it on that date. he lifted the curtain on that and he wants -- you're right. it's not just that people like it, it is on brand for him as the deal maker that he sees this so important to accomplishing it. >> we're having a debate, an internal debate, i would love to have you weigh in. when the president tweets something that is fact-free and evidence-free and is a conspiracy theory as he did this morning, should we read it verbatim? does it give it oxygen because it is our job to parse presidential statements and help analyze them for the viewers and what they mean, but when it's fact-free and just to peddle a conspiracy, what's your thought on that? >> this has been the conundrum for many journalists during the trump era. i do think there is value in exposing and showing a fact-free presidential statement, but i
5:40 am
share the concern. i struggle with this day in and day out too about giving sort of life to something that doesn't necessarily deserve it. i think at the end of the day our job is to take official presidential statements, which is what they are, and if they are fact-free, then we have to show that to our audience. >> it's the difference between what it says and what it signifies because sometimes what it signifies is much more importance. we're talking about new accusations the president is making and it plays into what rudy giuliani said over the weekend. all he's trying to do is discredit the mueller investigation because he's trying to work the jury. he admit that had what he's doing here is not a legal defense, per se, he's playing this pr campaign. he's going negative on the special counsel and that's what we're seeing here play out in front of us. >> and john, it's working to some degree. you see how mueller's numbers, the investigations numbers have gone down among republicans and, by the way, donald trump's not going to need to win 100% of the american people behind this to
5:41 am
be able to move past this investigation. if indeed trump and giuliani are correct, this will be won or lost in the court of public opinions, if you're able to soldify 40% of that court, that may be enough to muddy the waters and not have your own party coalesce around the notion you've done something so wrong it requires you to be removed from office. >> that's the argument against reading the conspiracy theories verbatim. it does poison the well. let's move on to tonight, tennessee, so what do we expect with the president, you know, trying to rally around these republican candidates? >> asking me what i expect what the president will do in a rally is a tough one to answer because it will be whatever his whim is at the moment. where he's going tonight is really important, alisyn. the democrats chances of taking control of the senate, even in a very good democratic year are still very steep, but they can't
5:42 am
do it without tennessee. a deep red state that donald trump won by more than 25 points. they can't do it without putting a state like that on the board and they have the former governor phil bradenson is there nominee. he is actually putting this race on the board. what's interesting is marsha blackburn, the congresswoman donald trump, she's really trying to pursue a strategy of being trumpier than trump because it is red state america, whether or not that works even in a place like tennessee in what way be a big democratic year we'll find out. >> i think bob corker is going to be there for part of it. he's right in the middle, caught in between. the fact he's going tells you where republicans are trending. thanks to have you here. >> and congratulations on the gig. it's a huge pleasure after being your colleague at abc and here over 15 years now to see you in the anchor chair. >> you're a wonderful human being, thank you very much. >> he would be wonderful even if
5:43 am
he didn't just say that. >> are you sure? should we fact check that? once a teacher, always a teacher. a retired english composition teacher corrects a letter from president trump and mails it to the white house. we will speak with her next live. but first inner city teenagers in memphis are achieving their potentials by playing rugby. here is this week "impact your world." >> rugby doesn't build character, it reveals character. it does that for our kids. ♪ >> this is memphis inner city rugby. we are operating and serving six schools, nearly 200 kids around the city. we've got boys and girls and the communities we're bringing rugby too, so many of the kids are lacking outlets in life and pathways to opportunities. >> we have to have a certain
5:44 am
gpa. there's like zero tolerance with the attitude. >> partnering with teachers allows us to fuse mentoring for these kids along with coaching them. >> are you serious? >> living on campus now. >> 100% of our kids have been accepted to college or university. now couple handful of our kids have earned rugby scholarships. >> i adore my coach. sometimes you don't think you can do something until somebody pushes to you do it and then you're like, oh, okay. i just did that, what else can i do? >> fantastic job. just like we always ask you. >> the need for rugby can sound cliche. who needs a support. accountability to a mentor to go the right direction. announcer: "impact your world" brought to you by --
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a retired english teacher is schooling president trump on grammar and spelling. evan mason wrote a letter to the president after the parkland massacre to express how the families were treated. she got a form letter in response and -- as is par for the course but the former teacher says she was so appalled by the errors in it that she pulled out her trusty teachers pen and marked up a response and sent it back. joining us now is that teacher yvonne mason. thank you very much for being here. >> good morning, i'm glad to be here. >> you sent a letter -- you wanted to suggest that the president visit every one of the parkland families and you got back a form letter and we have, again, we'll put it up, the full screen of you marking up what you felt were the grammatical errors. what was it that you were so appalled by? >> mostly i was appalled by the just random capitalization of
5:50 am
words that typically aren't capitalized and i think that that's what set it off but then when i really started examining it, i realized it was really self-serving for one thing and for another thing, it just was almost jar to go read in terms of style and i wished it had been smoother. i wished it had been more executive, perhaps. >> a lot of the capitalizations, right, he capitalized the word federal and nation. apparently there's a federal style book which suggests that you can capitalize nation at some points, correct? >> there is. there is a national style book. there are any number of different style books, but my philosophy as a teacher is if we aren't teaching this in the classroom, then why are we using it in a style book. if you're going to write a biography or write a press release and you refer to lincoln's grave then why aren't you also capitalizing lincoln's
5:51 am
tea pot. random capitalization goes against the grammatical tragedy of the commons if you just start randomly deciding which words are proper nouns and which aren't, then how do you really expect the general public to follow that and if you do it then what if i'm in a classroom and i mark it wrong and then somebody shows me something. it's just a matter of clear communication. >> yes, and consistency. >> thank you. >> the things we all learned. agreed. i understand why this drives you crazy. i like your note at the top of where you mark it had up, have you y'all tried grammar and style check because there are computer programs that help you with some of these things. >> yes. yes, they do and my style and grammar check do actually catch random capitalizations and they're, again, if you have a
5:52 am
rule, an algorithm in a computer that is standardized, then why aren't you adhering to the standization? it all goes back to consistency and clear communication, which is my big thing as a teacher. communicate clearly what you want and you're more likely to get it because language is the currency of power. >> true story. one of my high school best friends was rejected by princeton. the letter had a bunch of grammatical errors. i love what you do here. i think it's just -- shows gumption. i can't spell. i have typos all over the place. there are certain things you should know after a certain period of time. you know outside of your letter, the president can't seem to speak special counsel. he writes it all the time because it matters in his life but he writes it cil? >> those are two different words council and counsel, two
5:53 am
different words. they send alike, but one should actually at some point learn the two words. there's no issue there, they're and their. just learn which one it is. it's going to be the same every single time, counsel's always going to be el if you're referring to mr. mueller. >> if the president was writing in your class, what grade would you give him on his composition? >> i've been asked that. i hate to give a grade because this is so incredibly public at this point which is obviously an indicator of the silly season, but i really -- if i were grading for that, which is mechanics basically, i just don't see i could give him over a d. i really don't. i would probably give him some points for effort and, please, understand that i know 100% that he did not write this, that this
5:54 am
was probably written by a committee. there's probably a drop down menu of i did, i facilitated, i called, i did, whatever and they just patch them all together. i understand that, but the signature is his and the buck stops some where. >> and did you resend your letter with all of the markups back to the white house. >> yes, i did. >> and did you hear back from them? >> i have not heard back from them but i'm expecting a tweet any minute. i can't imagine that he wouldn't already know about this since it's -- i don't know --s in german newspapers by now. i couldn't imagine that this would make him particularly happy that someone like me was picking on someone like him, but i don't imagine i'm the only english teacher who's ever marked up his papers to tell you the truth. >> when he does sends that tweet, make sure you mark it up and send it back. you've intimidated both of us. >> oh, good. >> as every teacher should, no
5:55 am
doubt. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, great talking to you. another true story, my mom, high school english teacher. >> wow. >> you are a best selling author so words do matter. >> thank you, thank you very much for reminding every one of that. >> "the good stuff" is next. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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it's time now for the good stuff. a 92-year-old veterans wish finally coming true. this american hero celebrating because he just received his high school diploma. he never finished high school after joining the marine corps. and had to work to support his family. >> it meant a lot to me and but this is back when things were not as easy as they are today. >> roy's grandson made the whole thing happen. he called the school district in ohio and scored his grandfather a diploma. even after all the accomplishment that he's no doubt had, people when they finally reach that achievement, there is no pride like that. >> that's a beautiful story and well done reading "the good stuff." how does it feel on your first day on "new day"? >> it felt good. no, i loved it. >> question mark?
6:00 am
>> it felt good like james earl jones saying -- one more time? announcer: alisyn alisyn camerota. >> it felt great. membersh that ends now. >> it's over. >> it is great to have you and these three hours flew, so i'm really looking forward to the rest of our lives. >> let's do it again tomorrow. time now for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and brianna kieler. >> good morning. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> i'm brianna kieler in washington. new this morning the strongest signal yet that president trump and north korea's kim jong-un might meet face-to-face after all just two short weeks from today. the president himself is confirming media reports that kim's right hand man is on route to new york while teams meets in


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