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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  October 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opposite clear. u.s. troops somehow ended up staying at a scottish hotel. vice president mike pence needed to stay at a trump hotel in ireland despite his official business being nearly 200 miles away. he had to stay there and, of course, there's fox news by the sea otherwise known as mar-a-lago which doubled its initiation fee after mr. trump was elected. regardless about the g7 at cost, the cost is that by the trump organization, the president owns the trump organization, and that doesn't change whether he's in a villa, a gorgeous, gorgeous bungalow on the ridiculist. that's it for us. the news continues. over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> very well done, anderson. thank you. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." the white house fully admits to ukraine quid pro quo, then tries to take it back and blame us forgfor getting it wrong.
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guess what, it's all on tape. i have it. you listen for yourself. you see who's lying. and, also, which key cabinet figure in this ukraine mess is now resigning. that means he can testify. we have a top impeachment investigator who is listening closely and is here to talk next moves as we break down where impeachment and the prosecution of this president's lawyer stand tonight. what do you say? let's get after it. got to say it, only in the age of trump. the president sent his acting chief of staff to take on the media and he had a simple message. yeah, we held up aid to ukraine, but we did it so they would investigate the dnc in 2016 election interference. so it was a good quid pro quo. listen. >> did he also mention to me in the past that the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. but that's it and that's why we held up the money.
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>> what you just described is a quid pro quo. it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened as well? >> we do that all the time with foreign policy, and itch news for everybody, get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> no, no, no. it's not about political influence in foreign policy. it's about the political influence used for personal gain in foreign policy. by the way, the dnc server gambit may be a debunked conspiracy theory but it wasn't a bad cover story for the president because it made his action in ukraine about something other than wanting to go after biden. but that gotcha about the quid pro quo obviously got stuck in his head. only in the age of trump, mick mulvaney tried to pretend he never said what you just heard him say. quote, once again the media has decided to misconstrue my comments to advance a biased and political witch-hunt against
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president trump. let me be clear. there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election. there never was any condition on the flow of the aid related to the matter of the dnc server. that's a lot of words. let's go back to the few that answer the question. >> did he also mention to me in the past the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> absolutely, no question about it, and that's why we held up the money. listen, double speak worked well for orwell. it doesn't work in reality this clumsy cover has trump's fingerprints all over it. just lie, deny, then point to the media and cry. but you heard the proof, and today we got more proof of what this president was up to from another diplomat who's loyal to trump but gave damning testimony
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about the president's intentions. let's bring in someone who heard from ambassador sondland today, heard exactly what mulvaney said. house oversight committee member jamie raskin. you and i lost a friend today and america lost a legend. elijah cummings meant a lot of things to a lot of people, and i hope that now his passing is a remindtory people about what passion of purpose is and what brave leadership is. he was gone too soon, no question about it, jamie, but hopefully his legacy will be a lesson to all of us. >> well, thank you for that. it's hard times and they just got a little bit harder with the loss of our beloved elijah cummings. he has been a role model to everybody in maryland and everybody on the oversight committee, and really everyone in congress who listened to him because he's shown how you fight with every fiber of your being for democracy and the constitution without losing your
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humanity, without losing your decency, and without giving up on anybody. and he really showed us that as extreme and as partisan as the republicans get to keep our hearts and our minds open, that they might be able to find some common ground with us. so it's a very sad day here in maryland, but, you know, in the jewish faith we say that the memory of the righteous is a blessing. every time we remember elijah cummings, which will be frequently through every day, it will be a blessing to us and we will hang on very tight to his extraordinary vision and his great example. >> i can here elijah in my head saying, come on, cuomo, don't take up my time with this mulvaney. you know what that is. you know that's bs. you know what they're trying to do. it's a cover story. let me tell you what happened today. he had no tolerance and no patience for things that were obvious and that were distractions of a point. so let's honor his memory. you were in session today. you got to hear testimony from a
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friendly of this president. he was at a hotelier, ambassador sondland, gifted an ambassadorship. what did he say today that was instructive to you? >> well, of course, we cannot relay the details of his testimony. i know everybody loves a good mystery, chris, but this is hardly anning ing agatha christ. we have mulvaney, the white house chief of staff, coming out and admitting to the crime. i think he thought committing another crime was an alibi for this crime, but it's just as unconstitutional to shake down a foreign government for political reasons related to the 2016 election as it is relating to the 2020 election. and so the smoking guns are just piling up at this point. it all started with the contemporaneous telephone memorandum they gave us in which we had everything we needed at this point and now we're just
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getting a surplus of evidence. we know exactly what they were up to. they shook down a foreign government, a vulnerable ally, in order to get political dirt or in order to support a deranged conspiracy theory. none of that is within their constitutional powers and all of it is an assault on the national security and the constitution of the united states. >> the biden part is a more flagrant foul n. mr. sondland's opening statement put out today he seemed to suggest that at the time -- i think he has a problem with this testimony, by the way. that at the time he was getting ready for the phone call and he didn't really know but much later he learned about the interest in mr. biden. those texts mr. volker put out, it seems like mr. sondland knows very well what the deliverable is and the deliverable is about biden and the dnc and giuliani, they believe, wanted as much in the statement. is that all accurate to you?
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>> let's just say there's two real service professionals who were outraged and appalled by the shadow foreign policy conducting political campaigns and you have the people on the other side either in hiding and trying not to testify or are rapidly trying to distance themselves from the whole trump/giuliani plot. >> you had rick perry say today that he's stepping down which obviously makes him much more available for testimony. we had heard he was going to step down last week. he denied it. today he confirmed it. is that of interest to you? >> it gives me the impression there are a lot of people who are trying to get off of a rapidly sinking ship.
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if this is where we have major shifts of opinion, americans favor not just an impeachment inquiry but according to fox news impeachment and removal of the president. where will we be as the evidence becomes an airtight case? the president continues to act in completely lawless ways. the idea they will host the g7 summit -- >> because it's the perfect place. mick mulvaney said they looked at different places and states and the place was built to host. i can't believe it's never been used before. >> the people were posting on line about the bed bugs and the flying cockroaches may beg to differ. even if it were the perfect place which, of course it isn't, it would be completely unconstitutional. it's a violation of the domestic emollient clause. >> he says he'll never benefit.
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>> he said there would be no profits there which somehow is a distinction they think makes a difference. it doesn't. the constitution says he cannot accept any payments at all regardless whether it's profits or not and it's not up to him. he has to ask our consent to take money from foreign governments. he can't take any. that's the only thing he's allowed to take. the secret service and the state department and the defense department and white house writing checks. they're spending federal government money and collecting from foreign governments, and all of it is totally lawless and unconstitutional. one last point i would like to make, chris, because i'm the congressman for maryland where camp david is and mulvaney engaged in a series of slurs against camp david today where
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the g7 met back in 2012 when president obama was president. he said people thought that it was terrible and appalling. nobody ever said that before. who is he quoting when he quotes these anonymous people? go to beautiful thurmont, maryland, and you will find the perfect place to bring together democratic nations of the world. we should be the leaders rather than fraternizing with every dictator and despot. that is donald trump's real team. when you have real democracies bring them up to thurmont, maryland and let them stay at camp david. it's beautiful, rustic and we'll give you a tour of the whole city. >> congressman, thank you very much for your remembrance of elijah cummings from your perspective on where this is headed. we look forward very much to the case can you put together for the american people. thank you for joining us
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tonight. i'm sorry for your loss. >> you bet. >> let's get an fbi matter. >> impeachment is political. we have to entertain them both. what is learned from today from mulvaney, from sondland, and from what you are just hearing from the congressman. mccabe and baker next. t-mobile's newest signal reaches farther than ever before. with more engineers. more towers. more coverage! it's a network that gives you ♪freedom from big cities, to small towns, we're with you. because life can take you almost anywhere, t-mobile is with you. no signal goes farther or is more reliable in keeping you connected.
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because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. shortly after mick mulvaney's briefing admitting a white house quid pro quo a source told cnn the trump legal team was, quote, stunned, unquoek. now mulvaney's trying to deny what he said blaming the press. is this white house damage control incurring more damage. thank you. jim baker, legal significance of
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the admission, assuming it stands as fact, that it was about the dnc server, that was the quid pro quo. >> it's further evidence of the president's violation in my opinion of his constitutional responsibilities and he just didn't do what he was supposed to do. he is not living up to his oath of office because he is abusing his constitutional power to try to stay in office. >> i hear that on biden, that's a clear case. but why couldn't they argue on this one. this is why i liked the argument. i have to make the argument which is corruption is legit. you care about 2016 interference. i know a lot of people think it's a conspiracy theory. i don't. i think they were out to get me in 2016 and i'm not going to give money to a country that does that kind of corruption. is that a good faith argument
6:18 pm
against corruption? >> i don't know but i'm not buying that because the president for a long time as has been concerned about his legitimacy, the notion the russians helped him infuriates him. so what he wants to do is to try to cast doubt about the claim and to go into the 2020 election and say i won 2016 legitimately and nobody should have a doubt that i should be re-elected because my first election was perfect and great and other terms he uses. i think it is intended to bolster his efforts to win in 2020. >> andrew, please. >> chris, let's be clear. there was no conspiracy theory. no violation of ukraine in the meddling in the 2016 election. we know this. every intelligence agency in this country has agreed with that. the president's own people to include tom bossert has been
6:19 pm
forcefully, publicly saying this was a myth that they tried to punch through. the administration's focus is nothing more than an effort to bolster the president's, as jim said, legitimacy, conspiracy theory he can take into the 2020 election to make himself a stronger candidate. it is absolutely no different than his attempt to investigate and dredge up dirt on the bidens. >> what else, andrew, would they need in congress to make a compelling case here? they brought in sondland, another friendly of trump. he was a big donor to him. they brought him in to help with ukraine. today we understand his testimony played to the effect that, listen, the biden thing, yeah, i learned about that but much later. i don't know that that's true. here's another layer of somebody who is in those texts, andrew, saying, yeah, this was about biden for the president and giuliani and, yes, i was told i
6:20 pm
had to work with giuliani. >> well, it hurts the president on a number of levels. it further reinforce this is idea that rudy juligiuliani was architect of this scheme. sondland admits that today allegedly in his testimony. secondly i would say it's really hard to reconcile what sondland apparently said about not knowing about the bidens or a biden connection to burisma. you have the acting ambassador to ukraine putting it right in his face and sondland twice reacting saying call me or stop texting or putting out what is obviously a kind of defense about no quid pro quo. i think that's a tough line for sondland to hold. >> rudy keeps saying, it's okay, i was working for the president doing it pro bono. aren't there rules about what a public official can accept as pro bono legal services? and even though i heard a clever
6:21 pm
argument someone said you could assume that rudy giuliani's legal advice is worth zero but let's say it isn't worth zero and is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that's well above any maximum allowance. how does that figure into it? >> there are a number of statutes mr. giuliani needs to worry about in terms of whether he violated them. among them is something called the anti-deficiency act which makes it a crime -- it's a federal crime for government employees to accept volunteer services from a person. you cannot accept and spend money in a way that is inconsistent with what congress has articulated and you can't accept volunteer services and the federal employees would be committing a crime and mr. giuliani may have been involved in a conspiracy to violate that statute. i just don't know. he's also got exposure as we talked about before with the foreign agent registration act. he has a lot of exposure and i don't know, it's so confusing in
6:22 pm
terms of trying to figure out exactly what he was doing, who was paying him, who was supporting him, who was his principle giving him direction, was it a foreigner, was it the president? it's all a big mess and must be investigated, i think, by the u.s. attorney's office and also the fbi this cries out for a criminal investigation. >> we have to jump, certainly to be continued. we may be getting new intelligence on the giuliani counterintelligence investigation. criminal investigation, counter intelligence. we have someone questioned by fbi agents on the case. what does he know and what did he tell them and what questions does he believe needs to be asked next. the big dogs. the old dogs. the deaf, blind, the different. subaru presents the underdogs. these shelter dogs still love unconditionally. they're just hoping to find their human,
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now, remember, the fbi which falls under the trump administration-run doj in the form of bill barr, thought enough of the questions and concerns to open two investigations into rudy giuliani that we know about, criminal and counterintelligence. one person we know they've been talking to just so happens to be the author of a new book "treason and betrayal: the rise and fall of individual want." welcome. in tv they don't like to talk about their competition. rachel maddow had an interesting interview with you last night heavily focused on how you know the state of play in ukraine. you are familiar with the tactics and interests of the two
6:28 pm
men who were indicted as associates of mr. giuliani. par nes and they were changed and became interested in politics. when and why did you know that? >> going back to 2015-2016 of civil racketeering into activities by the trump organization i looked into and came into information that down in florida in the boca raton area had been steering former soviet people to the trump organization and a good way to
6:29 pm
money launder by buying condominiums, holding them a couple years and selling them. we conveyed that to the fbi and it became a money laundering, really an investigation by the fbi including a money laundering investigation. >> and what was your role? why were you informing on these individuals to the fbi? >> i represented the pro-russian president was in office and unfairly and improperly made accusations against them and jailed them. in response paul manafort was behind a lot of the activities and started collecting
6:30 pm
information on money laundering. >> and that's how you got the connection to them. i don't want to get too in the weeds but what exposure mr. giuliani has and by extension the press and these two specific interests of going after the dnc. you feel civil rico is still part of it. why? >> the racketeering statutes are very powerful. you have to really look at giuliani, parnas, fruman and the rest of the three amigos as a racketeering enterprise at this point attempting to extort from a country that needed our foreign aid information and a bogus investigation and in return wanted in writing a promise before the money would
6:31 pm
be released for military aid, a promise by the ukrainian government that they would conduct this bogus investigation. >> why is that civil rico? >> well, it's certainly extortion. there was money laundering involved, money from suspicious sources to parnas, fruman and, again, investigation of giuliani as well. you have any corrupt practices which happened over a period of time by an organization group. >> they said they could get me information on biden. they knew the players in ukraine. it's the end of my involvement. oh, but they paid you. it had nothing to do with anything. oh, but the amount, $500,000, echoed an amount they had coming to their accounts from suspicious sources. i didn't know where the money came from.
6:32 pm
>> well, certainly time will tell and the southern district and the fbi into both parnas/fruman's finances. >> you think leads to russia? >> there were millions of dollars going through their bank accounts, red lights going off in the banks. the bank informed of the suspicious activity. the administration has known about this over the last year or two and did nothing. now that the whistle-blower has come forward, the investigation really by the fbi has intensified and the southern district spread to an examination of mr. giuliani's finances. >> where we are right now, give me one key question that has to be answered. >> the question is who really was behind this? was it out of vienna, russian
6:33 pm
information sources and russian oligarchs finances this? there were millions of dollars flowing into parnas/followthrouparnas/fruman accounts. where did this money come from? what were the sources? that is really the follow the money investigation is what i believe the southern district and the fbi is looking at at this point. >> mr. mccallion, please may i list your efforts in helping us understand this as we learn more information about how it fits into the legal framework necessary for investigators. >> well, absolutely, and i appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> to be continued. all right, so tonight the president is hailing turkey -- i know this is another aspect of the situation. he's saying, yay, i got a ceasefire.
6:34 pm
turkey says it's not a ceasefire at all what's going on in syria. is the president just doing what he does best which is ignore reality in the interest of himself by declaring victory? what is actually happening in syria? what needs to happen in syria? one of his chief defenders takes on the case next. good to see you. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car?
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okay. mick mulvaney now wants to you believe that the congressionally approved aid for ukraine was only withheld to dig into a debunked conspiracy theory, but actually he doesn't want you to believe that because he took it because because he happened to let it fall under the understanding of a quid pro quo, but he did say it and we played it for you. the bigger problem is the text messages and the testimony and trump's own words add another layer which is that biden was a give, a deliverable, something they wanted. rick santorum knows a thing or two about trying to remove a president. rick, it is good to have you back on the show. >> good to be back. >> what do you think happened today? do you think mick said this -- he went back to the white house, the president went crazy and said i don't care what you do. deny it and get out of it. >> in defense of mick, i think he was using -- again, i'm trying to view this in the best
6:39 pm
light. >> for him. >> for him, yes. he was talking about corruption and the need for ukraine to clean it up, and i think he gave as an example the suspicion that ukraine was involved, you know, with the 2016 election and biden. i don't think he was saying it was a -- i think he was using it as these are the kind of corruption things that we were concerned about, but, again, he was unwise to bring it up. i think he should have just left it as we were concerned about corruption and we're not going to give, as he said, money to an organization, to a country that's going to pay off people instead of doing things legitimately with it. he used a very poor example, and i think he had to back track on the example. >> all right. i take your argument just for the audience, let's play this little piece again -- not you, rick, the context for the audience for what he said. >> he also mention to me in the
6:40 pm
pass the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> look, it was clear enough that the president wanted him to change it. the bigger problem for them, rick, i really don't think it's a question. we've had this conversation before. we should continue it now. there is no question that this president and rudy giuliani, maybe rudy giuliani even more than the president wanted ukraine to look into the dnc, but just as importantly, to look into burisma, the company where joe biden's son was on the board and he wanted that levered against the aid. it keeps getting echoed by people who are loyal to the president. the third one said it today. the only question is whether or not it's enough to impeach. have you reached that part of the analysis yet? >> i read it and looked at the transcript which is the basis
6:41 pm
for all of this. the way i read the transcript, he asked for a favor and the fafrp w favor was to look into the 2016 dnc hack -- >> and biden. >> okay, again, i've been in conversations you have interpreters which there clearly was here. and you have him making a statement where he asked for a favor. you wait for the interpreter to interpret and then the president of ukraine responds -- >> but trump is speaking english, as best he understands it. >> the understanding is that the president of ukraine brought up giuliani. the president didn't bring up giuliani. the president of ukraine brought up giuliani and, of course -- >> we now know why zelensky brought it up according to volker, they were loyal to the president. and the president didn't have to respond, yeah, biden, a lot of people are really into that. you'd better look at it. >> again, bad judgment. i don't think it's an impeachable offense.
6:42 pm
i think it was poor judgment for the president to even comment on it in this type of conversation. but i think it's pretty clear, at least it's clear to me, that's not the favor he was asking for. he was simply commenting, which he shouldn't have, about something that the president of ukraine brought up. >> then why did all the people that we've heard from so far surrounding the conversation and the followthrough think it was exactly about that? >> well, i think that giuliani's presence and his role -- he's being investigated, as you mentioned earlier, by the attorney general. there's some concern there about him as a private citizen and what he's doing. again, if you're looking at what would be, quote, an impeachable offense if you want to go that far, the idea we were holding up aid in exchange for biden, or he was asking for a political favor i just think is, to me, a bridge too far. >> he was asking for information, which you've admitted in the past you're not supposed to do from a foreign
6:43 pm
government, and it seemed like he was doing that if not more. let's let the case be made. i want to ask you something else that's more clear. the ceasefire in syria is not really a ceasefire. it's 120 hours for them to get out or the killing is going to resume. the president takes it as a victory. i think that's silly. let's push past that. he has to undo his decision, rick. something else has to happen here. otherwise we know what happens in four days and 14 hours. >> yeah, look, i've said on this program many times i agree with the president almost 90% of the time, on all economic policy, i agree on the border, on so many -- and what he's done in iran. i just think he has really stepped in it with respect to this. this is a poor decision. it's having really, i think, startling, even startling to him, consequences. one of the reasons he's tried to put the genie back in the bottle here. we can talk substance and how dangerous it is to walk away from one of our closest allies and to allow turkey to do what
6:44 pm
they've been doing and -- >> and russia to do what they're doing, literally living in our bases. >> there are multiple levels of this that are bad. i want to something that maybe hasn't been talked about. this is really bad for the president come november of 2020. and i have been hearing from so many republicans who love donald trump, who are telling me for the first time they're taking a step back and they're actually thinking about whether they're going to vote for this man. i've heard this from people i'm stunned to hear it from because this was, i just think, reckless. this was not something that we expected from a president who i think at this point has been on the edge on foreign policy. he's done edgy things. but he's done it to try to disrupt things, to try to move north korea or iran or others, and i think it was appropriate because we were stuck -- >> this is different. >> and i think it will affect him with his base. and when you have someone who relies on his base, you can't
6:45 pm
shake it up and he's doing that. >> i hear it. the big question is why did he do it when he did it right after talking to erdogan? that is a call we need to know about. rick santorum, thank you very much for making the case. always appreciate it. you heard me talking earlier with jamie raskin, the congressman from maryland, big loss today, one of the most influential voices in our political culture and a loss for our republic as a whole. you need to understand who elijah cummings was. i can show you through what i watched him do in person next. ♪ don't get mad, put your money to work with
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6:50 pm
politics allows us a chance to remind what passion of purpose is truly about as lived by elijah cummings. i saw cummings on the streets of baltimore, the place he was born, raised, and proudly represented during riots in the ugly aftermath of the freddie gray scandal, people were outraged. people were lost in emotion. in emotion. >> god, we ask you to bless our city, a city that we love, a city that has given us so much. >> i don't know what that's showing you, but you hear elijah cummings. this is when politicians are elsewhere. not elijah. he was on the ground. he was with the people. he lived up to his name. he somehow in that moment, and i'm telling you, i was there, people were angry, it was a riot. he somehow got people to come together around him with a blow horn telling them come to me,
6:51 pm
come to me. we're going to pursue justice. we're going to demand the best of our leaders. we're not going to exhibit the worst of reactions. this is about them, not us. he led them in a prayer that captured his sense of commitment to the people and place. the struggle was real, but so was the hope of getting to a better place. >> god, we ask you to bless our city. a city that we love. a city that has given us so much. >> when that one young man was saying, you need to hear me, you're either with me or not, some people of the media turn around, he's grandstanding, you didn't. >> no. >> you stayed locked onto that young man. >> he hugged me in the end. i want him -- simple as that. >> he was the real deal. those were tears from the heart. he was organic. came from the community.
6:52 pm
represent that community. keep living there. never forget why you were able to rise. that's the kind of leader he was. a recognition that the son of sharecroppers, a guy who was stoned and cursed as a kid for just trying to get in a pool, he never forgot it. it gave him such profound appreciation. when he was able to witness the first african-american president. >> when he first called me back in 2007, he said, elijah, you want you to run my campaign in maryland. i said, campaign for what? he said, for president. i said, president of what? >> that was an easy laugh for him, but it wasn't his signature look. that was that droopy face of resolve. that was elijah cummings. all business. up for the good fight. especially in the age of trump. >> i don't know what, how we get this through, we're talking about the president of the united states of america.
6:53 pm
going around saying these kind of things. that's ridiculous. chris, i will go to my grave protecting this democracy. >> and he did. got to love him. elijah did. even when he was struggling, his health was fragile for a long time. he'd get on the phone, he'd warn me to see the bigger picture. he was one of the first to tell me, listen, you got all these crimes coming out of your mouth and all these different theories going on around you, this president is going it be held to account for abuse of office. he was right. he reminded us that we must live every day with a profound sense of purpose. >> when we're dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact? >> makes you wonder if he knew then he didn't have that much time, but he sure lived it.
6:54 pm
he lived exactly what he was posing as a question to everybody and his message will not be lost. so i wish our brother, elijah, that his walk into heaven be an easy one and i wish that he rest in peace. his legacy will carry on and his need and the need for all of us to understand that we have to check power will live on as well. elijah cummings. let's take a break. of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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bolo time, be on the lookout. mick mulvaney's, yeah, we did it, we held the money until they'd investigate the dnc. that wasn't his only moment of strong and wrong today. he also told us that the 2020 g7 summit of world leaders has been awarded to president trump's doral golf resort in miami. he said it's the perfect place.
6:59 pm
as perfect as that ukraine call. the fact that the summit will draw hundreds of diplomats and personnel to its grounds amid reports of its nose-diving profits is raising plenty of conflict of interest questions. this, of course, should come as no surprise, considering there's already several emoluments lawsuits against this president. so, be on the lookout for more brazen acts by this president to skirt ethical norms. like in turkey, where trump tower's istanbul, as he says it, stands and recent u.s. policy moves have enabled turkey to run over allies in syria. but you don't have to take my word for it, trump raised the conflict issue, himself. >> well, i also have -- i have a little conflict of interest because i have a major, major building in istanbul, and it's a tremendously successful job. it's called trump towers. two towers. instead of one. not the usual one. it's two. and i've gotten to know turkey
7:00 pm
very well. >> told you he says it that way. the question is, just how well does he know turkey? so be on the lookout for answers. thank qyou for watching. "cnn tonight" with d. lemon starts right now. >> you said that mulvaney was strong and wrong in the press -- i think he was strong and right. then he had to come back and eat some crow. >> that's the wrong part. >> that's the wrong part right there. so, maybe you got me, maybe you meant wrong on the back end because he definitely said it. you played the sound -- >> oh, he said it. >> oh, he said it. where's my research here? the sound bite, he says no question about it. >> yeah, no question about it. >> no question about it. then the reporter, i'm going to talk about this in just a moment, but the reporter said to h him, to be clear, and then he goes on to say, oh, we do it all the time with foreign policy. >> don't be so naive. >> get over it. >> yeah. >> then now, really -- >> what happened was he went back to the white house -- >> what had happened was. >> yeah, what had


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