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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 27, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi is believed to have ben killed in a raid. >> a u.s. official says ago baghdadi detonated a suicide vest during the operation. president trump is expected to make an earlier announcement earlier. he tweeted something very big has just happened. someone that won't tell you the truth. if you do i believe he'll be impeached. this is cnn breaking news. a u.s. military raid in northwest syria. >> sources say he detonated a suicide vest as u.s. special forces closed in. we are told his location was based on cia intelligence but we have going to have wait for dna analysis to wait and confirm that it is, indeed, ago baghdadi who died. >> he has been in hiding five years and declared the isis calca caliphate in 2014. last night, president trump tweeted, quote, something very
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big has happened, unquote. some show part of the raid targeting al baghdadi. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of this video but here it is. >> a witness in syria described two helicopters and war planes and gunfire an hour last night. this day time video is from iraqi state tv and shows the aftermath of the raiders in northern syria that is believed to have led to the demonstrating of the i shortstsis leader. >> we have this covered from all angles. we start with initiation p-- nick.
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isis is not like al qaeda. a lot of individuals who are radicalized over the web. so what kind of impact does his death have? >> reporter: it certainly ends a chapter and this is an overnight ideally. let me tell you more about what we know has happened so far today. still awaiting official confirmation from the white house. the signs are from hearing eyewitnesses and seeing that social media video that some sort of ground elements, u.s. special forces ground element moved in it seems towards this village that is close to the turkish border. a firefight ensured. we hear the eyewitnesses listened to heavy gunfire and heavy explosions that laughsted about an hour. it's unclear whether or not baghdadi, if it is confirmed it was him, was traveling in a
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convoy and moved to a house or how this unfolded. but clearly a substantial incursion of u.s. special forces. one of the allied of the united states, the kurds lost over 10,000 of their sons and daughters and their chief stepped forward and they supplied intelligence what they refer to as historic operation here and that complicates matters with america's relationship with turkey. they are saying they were confirmed of this raid prior to it occurring. possibly in a stronghold of a group that is a rival to isis. isis waiting. al qaeda still strong in this province near the turkish border. these are the discussions people have as they learn more details over time. here is a look at al baghdadi's
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life and what it meant and where his death leads us. his face in publicly only once and even then in the presence of a small number. this is the moment friday prayers in mosul and abub bakr ago baghdadi chose to reveal himself. yet, before the infamy of this pulpit, he spent a decade rising quietly. a ph.d. student said to like football, these pentagon records show his capture by u.s. forces in 2004 near fallujah, his hometown and held for years as a civilian internee at u.s. camp buka. one expert who knew him said he turned. >> translator: al baghdadi was not cruel but wanted to fight the americans.
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he went to a school where he met foreigners and some iraqis who filled his head with such ideas. >> reporter: the man in charge of the camp mur mmur saying see you in new york. i look at those words in a different context right now. >> reporter: then there is silence. a long stretch in the shadows of iraq's savage civil war before hitting the al qaeda sanctions list in june 2011. here he led the islamic state of iraq in iraq whose previously another leader was killed. then a magnet of the blood th s
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thirst. even al qaeda disowned it leading to the extremist group to split in february 2014 and much later to show the group's fighters breaking the borders of vienna iraq declaring caliphate. baghdadi claiming direct lineage from the prophet mohamed. this was baghdadi's moment. the pinnacle of years of calculation and isis rose fast. then can the attack on an occupation of mosul? the atrocities against the people there and the beheadings of western hostages and procedure of khoubani and all of these baghdadi isn't visible, yet doubtless a key decision maker but one of the more testifyiving thing about the isis he helped create is not its
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obsession of murder but harnessing of social media to create a global franchise amongst people it often never met. in libya people were attracted to isis brand to commit atrocities and each die from it. but in november 2014 rumors a strike hitting him and within a week and recording of his speech. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: it became a partner. no public appearances mixed with audio statements and u.s. officials told cnn they believe he was injured in may 2017' had to take five months away from his leadership duties yet from that moment on wards what is left of isis caliphate collapse inside on itself. mosul freed from their grip in july and in october. isis reduced to a tiny sliver of
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land on the border and idea infectious, hateful and full of insanity yet now without its figure head a man willing to lead his followers to death but only from the shadows. so what is the death of the author of isis ideology mean for the group itself? it's a substantial blow, obviously, deep symbolic and what isis was all about and certainly if you're looking to find a way of slowing the projection of that technology horror through social media, killing the man who fermented that to inspire it is a way of slowing that down but like the soviet union the death of their leader, but continue of elements continue to spread over social media because it's more a virus online, frankly. there may be cells of isis waiting for a moment like this to attack. that is speculation but you cannot take away from the fact
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that this was a man who came up with the idea, who brought people together and encourage ideology and appears to be no more. how extraordinarily potent this u.s. operation has been. u.s. has a melissay track record, frankly, in the last decade or so in the middle east here, but this undoubtedly even as critics will say is an extraordinary victory over the past two or three days and u.s. forces on a backward foot posture pulling out of northeastern syria but because of the incursion of turkey green lighted by the white house now it appears or the syrian kurds are saying they assisted with the u.s. still going after achieving their main goal in the fight against i six the death of al baghdadi and they see parts of their operation collapse around them they managed to achieve this absolutely seminole
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task. a key moment for president donald trump who has long shall we say have a patchy relationship with the intelligence community because of allegations of interference of russia in the 2016 flex? here he owes probably one of the most substantial victories of his achievement to the first term to that community. >> very interesting contrast. nick paton walsh, thank you for your insights. ryan brown we would like to bring him in. we are told the raid was carried out by special operation commandos is. what else have we learned about this? >> we are told this special operations raid was -- came about, in part, because of the central intelligence agency, the cia through a very complex collection effort was able to identify a target that they believed was al baghdadi leading to the u.s. military launching its special operations forces into this area of northwest syria. it's important to note that this is a very challenging area to operate in. the u.s. military actually is
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mostly in eastern syria. in western syria, you have a range of dangerous actors. you have various armed militia groups and many associated with al qaeda and regime forces and russian forces and turkish forces. the u.s. would have had to have very high confidence that baghdadi was there to launch this risky military operation deep into this dangerous area, very far from where the u.s. military presence is. as nick mentioned, the u.s. is pulling back from other areas in syria as we speak makie ining t more complex operation. an official telling us is the pullsback of u.s. troops would make this difficult in the future and why the u.s. military needs to keep some presence on the ground despite president trump's desires to pull u.s. forces out of syria entirely, something he seems to be in the process of reversing but, again, a very complex operation, a very risky operation that seemed to have been success. now we are being told during the
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operation that al baghdadi detonated an explosive possible suicide vest in the hopes to avoid being captured. again, showing how high risk this was the moving parts as they launch this very, very risky operation deep into enemy territory. >> ryan, what are you learning specifically about a presence on the ground there? reports of that? >> the u.s. military has long said it needs troops on the ground to help develop these kind of targets, gather intelligence, work with local forces like the syrian democratics forces. without that presence on the ground, we are told this operation could have never happened. as the president is pulling u.s. forces out, if that withdrawal had happened, it's not too far of a stretch to say this kind of operation would have been impossible to launch would the some kind of u.s. military presence in syria. those in the administration and pentagon advocating for some kind of u.s. military operation
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will point that the u.s. military needs a foot precipitate in syria in the future. >> ryan brown, great reporting for us today. thank you. >> you bet. i want to bring in cnn correspondent kristen holmes as well. we are expecting to hear from the president around 9:00 a.m. this morning. any indication of what he is going to say about this? >> reporter: well, look. white house officials are being cagey about that and this is not really a surprise. with an announcement of this size and magnitude they wants the words to come from president trump, from the commander in chief. we have likely learn whether he signed off on this military raid and when he learned about it and was he watching it unfold last night? those are big questions here. last night, president trump tweet youing out a cryptic message saying something very big has just happened leaving a lot of people speculating what it could be. i want to make one thing very clear here. if this is confirmed, this will be a big win for president trump. this is coming at a time in
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which his foreign policy has been called into question, not just by democrats but by members of his own party, particularly about withdrawing u.s. troops from syria, troops who were conducting counterterrorism missions in the region. so a capture of this size, this huge manhunt, this would be viewed as a win by the trump administration and president trump, himself, particularly given the timing of all of this. i want to mention something nick said but stress it again. a lot of these republicans were slamming the president saying we were leaving the kurds to die and they were being massacred. then you have this raid, this potential death, if confirmed. then you have a general of the syrian kurdish democratic forces saying they were working with the whi, working with the united states military to achieve this sharing intel so this is looking very good for president trump which is likely why we are not hearing from white house officials framing this. they want the president to deliver the message himself.
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>> another thing that is interesting as you point out the president would have probably given advance notice, at least permission to the military, possibly a week out. that means the president knew this was going to happen or had at least good sense even as he is being blasted by both members of his own party, as well as democrats how he was handling the situation in syria. >> yeah. that is very interesting. look who was slamming him. senator lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell you're looking at. people in the past, particular senator graham he has talked to foreign policy about. likely he was keeping this very close to the vest, even though the people that he was consulting or has in the past consulted on foreign policy were slamming him out in the public. so it's very interesting to see these dip namics at play here and how this unfolded. was this a last-minute decision?
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we know there was time for a setup but it's going to be interesting to see how the president lays this out and what his republican allies who were critical of him have to say about this. >> of course, something we may never know. thank you. the white house is lashing out also at president trump's former chief of staff john kelly. kelly says that he warned president trump he might face impeachment if kelly was replaced with, quote/unquote, a yes man. coming up the blistering response the white house gave kelly. we are following breaking news out of the syria. it's believed isis leader al baghdadi has been killed in a u.s. military raid. what his death could mean for this once formidable terror group. also breaking overnight. we know at least two people are dead and at least 14 have been treated for gunshot wounds after a shooting in greenville, texas. we are live on that scene for you next.
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we are staying on top of the breaking news. iraqi state tv reports this video of what they say is the aftermath of the raid near the turkish/syrian border where officials telling cnn it is confirmed that abu bakr al baghdadi a was killed. they say he detonated a suicide vest he was wearing as u.s. official carried out a raid.
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kurdish fights with the -- the isis leader has been in hiding five years and we are told that locating him was based on cia intelligence, dna analysis. now we will have to confirm whether it is, in fact, al baghdadi. president trump is expected to make a major announcement about foreign policy in a news conference that is expected later this morning. we want to turn to cnn international correspondent ben wedeman. he has spoken with dozens of captured isis fighters along with their families. ben, we are wondering this morning, what does the death of al baghdadi signify, if it's confirmed, and how it impacts isis overall? >> reporter: it's a major defeat for the terrorist organization. i remember being in baghdad a
3:23 am
few years ago when isis was on the edges of the city. a time back in 2014 when it seemed that isis was unstoppable. now we see that just earlier this year, they lost their final bit of treerritory and now they have lost their leader. it is a serious blow but not a death blow for this organization. they still operate or their affiliates are operating in west africa, in libya and in iraq and syria and in afghanistan in the philippines. they are certainly, in no sense, out of the game. it's also important to keep in mind that the torture chambers and dungeons d s damascus and rh and cairo recruit organizations like al qaeda and isis, keep
3:24 am
that in mind that many of the police states in the middle east the common template is for the generals, the dictators to create a situation where the populous has a choice -- either side with the police state, the dictatorship, or your only other option because of the political middle has been eliminated, exiled or jailed or executed. the other is the extremist or the regime. therefore, there is still fertile territory, fertile ground for groups like isis to come back. martin? >> let me ask you this, ben. a lot of americans will equate this to the death of osama bin laden and al qaeda. they are not the same here, are they? >> reporter: no. bm osama bin laden was a well-known figure to the 1980s when he led
3:25 am
the so-called group in the fight against afghanistan. he remained a prominent public figure. from back then to his death. baghdadi was a much more secretive person who had a very low public profile. he never really had the sort of personality that osama bin laden actually encouraged. and when earlier this year, we were in eastern syria for two months, we interviewed dozens of captured fighters, isis wives and their children, and very few of them had much to say about abu bakr al baghdadi, himself. their loyalty was to the islamic state rather than to the person who was actually leading it. >> which could be troubling in the days and weeks to come. ben wedeman, thank you very much. other breaking news. overnight we know two people are dead and 14 have been treated for gunshot wounds after a
3:26 am
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so we are staying on top of the breaking news. sources telling cnn it is believed isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi is dead and killed in a raid in syria overnight. a syrian activist saying this
3:30 am
video here shows the middle operation near the turkish border. a witness described to cnn hearing several helicopters and war planes and gunfire about an hour last night. cnn cannot confirm this is, in fact, from saturday's raid that is recorded. iraqi state tv says this is video of the aftermath of the raid. a defense official saying it appears baghdadi detonated a suicide vest as special operations commandos closed in. >> we want to tell you more about the impact baghdadi has had on not just the lives infant middle east but around the world. before isis existed he was detained in 2004 several months at a u.s.-run prison in southern iraq but he was later released. two years later, the islamic state of iraq was created and in 2010 he ascended to the leadership after his predeces r predecessors were killed in az
3:31 am
iraqi operation. baghdadi two years later declared himself the ruler of more than a billion muslims and since then he kept a low profile. last year is believed to have been wounded in an air strike and said to -- the terror network for several months due to injury. in april of this year, isis released what is reported to be a new message from al baghdadi and brings us up to now that cnn sources telling us he is believed to be dead after a northwest raid in syria took place overnight. >> a cnn national security analyst and former secretary of the homeland security department is with us now. julie, thank you for being with us. the thing about isis, although they do not hold any more territory or large swaths of territory any longer, a lot of their power seem to come from individuals who are radicalized online. with that said, what does the death of its leader mean to the group and the future of it?
3:32 am
>> certainly short term and medium term, this is a body blow to to isis. because as a recruitment effort, is sis was in a challenge. they lost the caliphate, the events of the last couple of weeks regarding the united states and our decisions in turkey and syria, meant that isis, for the last couple of weeks, had actually been relatively active. they sort of viewed it as an opening that they might be able to reassert themselves. now with the death of baghdadi, that narrative is gone and terrorist groups like isis feed off of narratives of success and this is a big blow to them, at least for the short and medium term. we don't know what the legacy and succession is of isis at this stage. >> a lot of people who heard about this today was the location this happened. only about three miles from turkey.
3:33 am
does that tell you that there was involvement from turkey? >> yes. the turks are taking credit for it or at least saying that they shared information. here is the questions i have. i want to be very, very careful about what is valid reporting. but what the questions i have are certainly did the events of the last couple of weeks with both the united states and then also turkey and syria in that area mean that baghdadi either had to move and, therefore, was exposed and became careless and therefore was exposed? i find it too much of a coincidence that he was found -- or at least he was targeted in the last week given all of the events in the area. so that is that something i'm looking at just from the operational perspective and did turkey assist? how much information did they have about baghdadi and when? then, of course, the events of last night in terms of actually finding him. so the last couple of weeks, a lot of movement as we know and
3:34 am
that means that he may have exposed himself in ways that he had to intelligence agencies in ways he had not before. >> general hertling said they had preparing for baghdadi's death and he was a martar and perhaps maybe why he killed himself essentially with a suicide vest prior to being taken out by u.s. forces, at least that is the reporting that that is how he died. what happens next, though? is there a number of two guy in the process? >> there are two's and three's and four's and we don't know exactly who may rise. probably a statement or video from isis they want to prove to the world they are not decapitated by the death of baghdadi. but i have to say one thing. i know we are making al qaeda and osama bin laden comparisons
3:35 am
but he reasserted april 2019 and wanted to make it clear to isis and to potential recruits he was in charge. in some ways that kind of hurts isis right now, because they have not cultivated sort of another cult. on the other hand, isis has existed without baghdadi being sort of the operational leader for a lopping time. it is a network. it is not like al qaeda where everyone showed allegiance to bin laden. the ideology exists but exceptionally wounded at this stage. a wounded terrorist organization needs to prove itself relevance to the western united states and eastern europe on the alert because they need to make themselves relevant right now and may show itself in terms of a western attack either in western europe or the united states. we would anticipate that
3:36 am
regardless. >> all right. julia, we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news out of the texas this morning. police say two people are dead, at least 14 have been wounded in a shooting at an off-campus college party. this is in greenville, texas. overnight, the hunt county sheriff said they are still trying to find the shooter right now. >> let's get to cnn correspondent ed lavandera who is in greenville, texas, for the very latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are along a remote stretch of highway outside of greenville, texas. the shed you see behindmeis the party venue where all of this unfolded about six hours ago where authorities in texas say it was an off-campus texas a&m university commerce off-campus homecoming party where there were some 7506
3:37 am
people last night, most of the people at the party were from the dallas area. that is where investigators say just before midnight, someone approached this party and started shooting. >> 14 received treatment at local hospital, area hospitals and we have two deceived. we are not getting cooperation from the people who were attending the party. >> reporter: right now, investigators are saying that the gunman is still at large. they did not skaurcapture the g at the shooting scene. what is interesting about 15 minutes before the shooting took place, sheriff's deputies were called to the area because of complaints of the parking along
3:38 am
the highway so two sheriff's deputies here when the shooting erupted and then we are told it turned into chaos here as people were scrambling running for their lives from the scene. in that chaos, the gunman appears to have been able to get away. so that search continues here this morning. marty? >> ed lavandera, thank you for update and we will continue to stay in touch with you. >> ed, thank you so much. cnn continue to following the breaking news this morning that the leader of isis is believed to be killed in a u.s. special operations raid. we are waiting as the president is preparing for address the nation in just a couple of hours.
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3:43 am
replacement saying it could lead to his impeachment. kelly, a former marine corps general, left the white house last december amid criticism he didn't do enough to rein in the president's impulses. >> kristen holmes joins us from the white house. >> reporter: these remarks were made during a summit which is overall summit where he was interviewed and a rare thing for the former chief of staff to sit down for an interview. he hasn't spoken up that much. take a listen to exactly how he said it. >> i said whatever you do, don't hire a yes man, someone that is going to tell you -- it won't tell you the truth. don't do that. because if you do, i believe he'll be impeached. >> reporter: okay. he doesn't mention the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney there at all but it's a very pointed remark.
3:44 am
he goes on to say if he stayed, the probably wouldn't probably be in this situation. this is coming about a week and a half after that disastrous press conference with mick mulvaney where he admitted to a quid pro quo with ukraine' the entire white house had to recant the statement and back pedal saying it was a misunderstanding in the way he spoke. president trump said john kelly didn't say that and if he had, he would have been kicked out. but the more interesting response here comes from the press secretary and i want to pull it up for you. she says, quote. this is a pretty occupying statement. first of all john kelly was a four-star former marine general and very well-respected in multiple communities here, military intelligence. but, again, that statement sounds like something president trump would say. so a lot of questions here as to
3:45 am
how that came to be and what exactly she is saying about john kelly's intelligence, but as always, you know, the day that ends in why. there are there is some sort of behind the scenes drama at the white house. >> that quote definitely raised a lot of eyebrows. thank you. >> we will take a closer look coming up with the significance of the location in syria where al baghdadi was reportedly found and killed overnight.
3:46 am
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breaking news this morning. it is believed isis leader abub abu bakr ago baghdadi is killed in a military operation. >> cnn cannot confirm this is saturday's raid. iraqi state tv reports this is aftermath of the raid. officials say it appears that baghdadi detonated a suicide vest as officials closed in. >> they say he was hiding in northwest syria that is close to
3:50 am
the border of syria, in fact, three miles from the board of turk -- border of turkey. they say they were given notice ahead of time that the raiders was happening.border of turkey. they say they were given notice ahead of time that the raiders was happening.of turkey. they say they were given notice ahead of time that the raiders was happening.turkey. they say they were given notice ahead of time that the raiders was happening. >> tell us about where baghdadi was found. >> reporter: i think the first thing everybody thought, as they learned the news of this, marty, was exactly that, how on earth did abu bakr al baghdadi ended up in that province? for viewers who don't know that terrain very well this is many miles to the west of before baghdadi believed to have been along the iraqi/syrian border. a few monthsing that ago that intelligence have been focusing their search. it is an interesting question to try to understand how it is that
3:51 am
baghdadi was able to move, apparently, from the euphrates valley he was last believed to be over to the province. important for the viewers to understand that idlib is under a group that has connections to al qaeda. this is a province that is essentially the seat of al qaeda's power in syria. al qaeda and isis, while they say share a lot ideologically it's not an err that baghdad impti f lot of friendly faces. there are sleeper cells throughout the entire country. there will be questions to ask how he got there three miles away from the turkish border. certainly something of a mystery. >> clarissa ward, thank you so
3:52 am
much for your insight. when we come back, we want to tell you something else breaking overnight. two people are dead and at least 14 have been treated for gunshot wounds after a shooting in greenville, texas. we have more on the other silde of the break. we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free & gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis and eczema.
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there is breaking news out of the texas this morning. we know plils say two people are dead, at least 14 are hurt, three in critical condition after a shooting at an off-campus homecoming party that happened in greenville, texas. >> the hunt county sheriff's office said they were called to the scene after parked vehicles on the highway. shots were fired after they arrived and investigators are still trying to find the shooter. officials say the party may have been involved one the fraternity at texas a&m but that the event was not sanctioned by the university. we are live on the scene next hour. we are monitoring the breaking news out of the syria morning. officials believe isis leader baghdadi was killed in az raid and president trump is gped to make a major announcement about
3:57 am
foreign policy at a news conference at 9:00 a.m. so a couple of hours away. we will bring that to you when it happens. stay close. ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. [baby cries] pampers is the first and only diaper with air dry channels. they stay up to 3 times drier, so babies can sleep soundly...all night. pampers.
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now save up to $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi is believed to have been killed in a u.s. raid. >> the remarkable feat taking out the world's most wanted man. >> a u.s. official say


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