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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 13, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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head to head for the first time. jake tapper and dana bash with uni vision ilya calderon will mauft ahead of the contest in four key states. sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be back for a special situation room 4 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. erin burnt starts outfront" right now. outfront next. national emergency. president trump making that declaration today as the number of coronavirus cases in the united states climbs past 2,000. plus trump finally says he will likely get tested for coronavirus. this after he was pictured standing next to an official who has tested positive for the virus. plus another person who met that same official says he has coronavirus. that's the mayor of miami. and he'll be my guest. let's go outfront. and good evening i'm erin burnt. outfront this evening break news a national emergency. president trump declaring a national emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
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the virus is now present, confirmed to be present in 48 u.s. states and the district of columbia. 2158 americans confirmed infected with 48 deaths. >> i'm officially declaring a national emergency. to very big words. the action i am taking will open up access to up to $50 billion. >> the market surged after trump's announcement, which is a gad thing after days of terrible economic news. the president also said 5 million tests will be available within a month. note that the dhhs says there would be 4 million available today. the big question tonight is will president trump set an example for americans? >> you're asking people who come back from europe, americans coming back from europe to self-quarantine a couple weeks. you were in a picture with somebody who now has coronavirus
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from brazil at mar-a-lago. how is that different? >> well, i'll tell you first of all i'm not coming back from someplace. >> but you were exposed. >> we -- there was somebody that they say has it. i have no idea who he is. i take pictures it lastings for literally seconds. i don't know the gentleman we are talking about. i haven't seen the pictures. >> the president needs to send accurate and confident messages to americans. it's not relevant of course whether he knows the person with the virus. it's relevant that in close proximity to the person. by the way that person who happens to be the press secretary for the president of brazil didn't just take a picture with the president for a second or two. he spent a good deal of time with him and ied a dinnerer and party with him. and multiple times appear significant time. at least one other person who was with that press secretary was the mayor of miami. he was tested. he has the coronavirus. he'll be my guest later on this hour. as for the other point that trump made about not being tested because he hadn't quote
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come back from someplace, this is really important for people to know. the virus is spreading inside the united states. you can get this virus whether or not you have traveled or the person that happens to infect you has traveled. travel not relevant at a point when you have extensive community spread. and americans across the country are changing the daily routines putting much much their lives on hold. erika hill is outfront in new rochelle, new york, the site of the largest cluster in the united states. i know they did something important, started drive through testing at a location there. who is getting the tests? >> reporter: yeah the test something key, erin, as you know. those tests are available first and foremost, the priority is going to folks here in new rochelle who have been under quarantine and those in the containment zone. while you can drive up and drive through the testing it doesn't mean that anyone can show up. like so many things there are changes. for this you need to to have an appointment and it's a reminder of what is different on this day
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across the country. an unimaginable weekends with a nation on pause. >> i'm just stock piling things because my health is important. >> as uncertainty grows, americans are stocking up for the long haul. shelves across the country stripped bare of essentials, as lines wind through the stores and even outside. in new york new york city this bred distributor can't keep up with the demand. >> every single supermarket is completely wiped out. >> life changing by the minute. in louisiana, the state's primary postponed until late june. in in boston one of the world's most well-known races will be run in september. >> obviously postponing the marathon is an incredibly difficult thing to do. it's one of the most iconic and patriotic events for our commonwealth. >> they're trying to be cautious and obviously the mayor than attracts a lot of people.
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>> i saw it coming honestly. >> reporter: in los angeles the second largest school district will close two weeks starting monday. across the country, at least 15 million kids home from school. >> the experts tell us look two weeks is too late. another week is too late. you got to try slow this thing down early. we can't stop it. but we can slow it down. >> reporter: decisions with a massive impact for working parents and for all the children now spending the school day at home. >> closing schools is always the last resort because of all the negative impacts. we feed kids every day for breakfast and lunch. >> reporter: in response districts are using school buses to deliver meals and setting up food distribution sites. while many schools are adding distance learning, that only works if every child has access. >> not all 53,000 students have online access or a device. a computer.
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so if we can't provide that online learning for all of our students, then we can't. >> reporter: with all the closures and cancellations there are openings. in new rochelle, new york, drive through testing beginning friday morning. >> we have six lanes. we can do about 200 cars per day. that can ramp up. you drive off and we call with you the results. >> colorado and washington also using that model in some areas. a way to increase testing while minimizing exposure. but it's still not enough to meet the demand. >> i'm running a fever and have chest congestion and nobody can test us here. >> reporter: erin, testering will be under way for 12 thundershowers a a day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. as you heard from the governor they are hoping to process about 200 cars a day with a goal of ramping that up. the upside to having everything here too as the mayor told me before when they would swab
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people for tested they had to extend it to albany. this this way they get results faster. >> outfront now dr. a sanjay gupta. dr. vinson. and dr. sharon wright the division of infection control and hospital ep deeming ohology. thank you to all of you as the president says $50 billion because of the emergency declaration what does it change. >> the federal government is going to now support this. the states are going to administer this and the local governments are execute the plans. some of it is going to be ventilators getting into hospitals. making sure patients coming in needing care which is expected to happen is the get the care. but it's the other thing, the unintended cost of things. making sure the food supply chain is adequate because people are told to go get enough supplies for the house. they talked about school loans
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forgiven. people getting enough medications during this time. insure to cover costs of tests and medical care as well. all these different things coming up that they want to make sure they have money for. they were a little vague on that, you know, the president today during the conference. but those are the things that can be used for in the past. >> dr. wright what does it change in your month for people needing treatment for coronavirus. or suspecting it needing treatment, what des it mean now? >> calling it a national emergency doesn't change too much from the face of things except that it does bring more resources as dr. gupta said. we are hoping there will be an increase in test kits provided to states, the ability to test more patients and get a handle on how much this is spread in the community and perhaps opening up the national stockpile so more protective equipment as we treat patients, more masks, respirators gowns and gloves in short supply. if we continue to have increase
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in number of patients we see i think health care workers be at risk. >> which is crucial. you can't have them put at risk. you can't expect it of people and when they get sick no one to do the care. so dr. back knello. president trump said 5 million tests in a month. here is how he said it. >> the fda's goal is to hopefully authorize the air application within 24 hours. it's going quickly. which will bring additionally 1.4 million tests onboard next week. and 5 million within a month. i doubt we'll need anywhere near that. >> okay. multiple questions from that. i doubt we'll need anywhere near that. is that a fair thing to say. >> i don't think we can say that at this point at all. we have no idea how many infections we currently have. we don't know how they are going to increase. i think we can assume we are going to have many many more,
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not fewer. >> and last week, the vice president pence said they would have 4 million bethe end of this week. when you compare that to what the president said. that's only a million more. that doesn't sound like a a lot when i look at the numbers. what's your sense of the ramp up we are seeing. are these numbers to say good or not. >> i'm not sure we have a ramp up yet. but we have the capability in this country there are many companies that can make the kits. there is no reason we can't have 5 million in a short period of time. >> dr. wright, i spoke to the president of dhs molecular he says they can make 300,000 tests a month once they get started but there is a shortage of material to interpret the tests. all the people making the tests need to go to suppliers to get a reagent i guess essentially, the thing the lay persons terms you dip it in to interpret, positive or negative. can this be resolved in time?
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how serious of a problem do you think this is as you look from a hospital perspective? >> i think it's a very serious problem. that's what's limiting us right now. it's hard to tell if we're still in a phase where we can have few enough cases that we can contain it or if it really is as most of us suspect spread through the community now and we need to to move to mitigation phase. i think quickly we need more tests available, more reagents so we have the ability to do so. many academic medical centers and independent laboratories are developing their own tests because the government hasn't pride it yet although they are working hard on providing more. i know our state massausetts received many more tests. we open hope it opens up. the question is will it be in time or will it be a phase where we don't test everyone because we assume many people have it and restrict to people who have other medical conditions or in places like nursing homes or universities where a case hasn't been diagnosed yet and we try to contain the spread there. >> so doctor the president made
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the point not everybody should take the test. he made it clear. here he is. >> we don't want everybody taking the test. it's totally unnecessary. and this will pass. this will pass through. and we're going to be even stronger for it. >> if you have the tests you need it who would get a test. >> first people tested are people ill with respiratory symptoms and then we want to make surveys throughout larger cities to see who else is infected. we have no idea right now how many other people besides the symptomatic ones are infected we need to know that to plan mitigation. we have no idea in rural areas. >> like in south korea. >> which they started in january. that's why they were able to keep the numbers down. >> so how big of an issue is this reagent issue? when you look at south korea, you know, i don't understand the full supply chain here. but i can see in certain places in the world they appear to have the supply. >> yeah. >> they have the reagent and
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able to interpret the test. >> yes. >> why don't we. >> part of it initially the tests sent out to what they call the point of care spots was a flawed test. they didn't scale up that test. that was part of the problem initially. there is no reason why any shouldn't be able to create enough of the reagent. as you point out they have done it in other places around the world. the test used in many countries around the world was developed in germany, adopted by the world health organization and used in all the countries. we can do that as well. in fact take it from a manual process which takes a lot of time to a more automated process that high through put process which you kept hearing about today. >> all right. all of us please stay with me next one of the hardest hit countries italy. italy has 17,000 cases and 1,200 deaths and the numbers have been jumping. what can we learn from what is happening there? and what is happening there? plus a man who met with trump last weekend and tested positive for coronavirus had contact with the mayor of miami. trump hasn't been tested. the mayor of miami has. he has the virus and he is
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there are now 17660 cases in that country. up more than 2500 reported cases in juft one day. the number of deaths hitting 1266. and that is up 250 in one day. everyone is back with me. dr. wright, these are can be, you know frightening statistics when you a here them more than 2500 cases in a day. 250 deaths in a day. how concerning are the numbers as much as we know they don't tell us the full story. they are all we have. how concerning are they when you hear them? >> i think the numbers are concerning. we do need to put it in a little bit of perspective. we don't know when the tests were run, all from yesterday or a few days ago or last week. we don't have a great sense of cadence. but it's concerning it's rising. i think the death rate is also somewhat startling compared to what other countries have been reporting. and i think some of that may be due to the ages of the patients that the deaths are being
4:19 pm
reported in italy which have generally been in the 70s to 80s, different than some other countries have seen so far. but what has been reported where highest deaths rates and other illnesses are as well. >> right, sanjay, you look at italy in terms of age one of the oldest countries in world outside japan. but, you know, we understand from dr. fauci you talked to him so much that this. >> yes. >> he cease says it's ten times more dead lan than the seasonal flu which has a rate of 1%. that would put this at 1%. italy, again, we don't know to dr. wright's point how many cases there are reported -- all you can do is take the death rate vespers the numbers we have and know it's perfect. the rate is 7% actually greater than 7%. iran rate is 4.5%. what do you think is happening. >> well, these are concerning numbers. i don't want to be dismissive of them. >> right. >> but as you point out it could be older population, other factors there may be a higher percentage of smokers for example. we don't know that for sure.
4:20 pm
>> right. >> one thing that's an important point even if you go back and look at early china data, what was really driving the higher mortality rates. i think a lot of it had to do with the stress on the medical system. it was patients who may have otherwise survived had they been able to get care but because they had so many patients coming in the system so quickly they couldn't get care. some of niece were preventible deaths. and that's a real concern. that's why -- this is something we showed last night erin i'll show it again, the flattening of the curve becomes so important we have the animation that shows the first red peak you don't want that the second peak is what you want underneath the pick peak and small peak is the same number of patients, the difference is they come in more sta staggered when you don't stress the medical system and you have the better survival rate with the flattening of the curve. >> dr. rackmano when i stoke to the testing ceo when he got the u.s. contract was because they were doing testing in northern italy, doing a lot of testing
4:21 pm
there and been able to see what they get. i asked him what he learned about it what he sees from italy. what do you think of the numbers and here is what he said. >> we're seeing of an exponential growth of tests -- or of occurensen a obviously the death toll is now increased to i believe over 1,000 people died in italy alone. well the number one warning i could give based on what we have seen in italy is to take this serious. >> how much attention should the united states be paying to italy? i mean should we be looking at okay 12 days in and at this case load -- now carefully should we be looking. >> very carefully because they have done two things causing this in italy first they waited too long to mitigate the spread. early on they weren't blocking any transport except in the initial yarp that was infected. so it spread unknown throughout all parts of the country. and now they're in trouble. this is a lesson you have to act soon to prevent movement. and large groups of people
4:22 pm
meeting and so forth. the second part is what you want, that they overburdened the health care health care system. more patients than the hospitals can take care of. if they had beds they would have survived. >> so, dr. wright last night during sanjay's townhall and coronavirus there was a coronavirus patient they spoke is still testing positive about one full month after being infected. so here is the -- how he explained it. >> i was re-tested today it will. still came up positive. it's been a long time, far far more than the 14 days. in fact coming up now on about 28 days. and i'm not the only one. there is a bunch of us from the diamond princess. >> i suppose, dr. wright this highlights how much we just don't know. could he still be infectious? what in the world do we take away from this in the situation where eve we've been told people
4:23 pm
should quarantine at 14 tais. he is at 28. >> it's concerning. we don't know everything about the virus yet. and people can shed viruss even with influenza for longer periods of time. often people with compromised immune systems. i don't know anything about in gentleman. they can shed for longer fop for example on college patients can shed out to 30 days. but on the average patient we don't see it as long. sometimes there may have been an event where some of the strain of virus or the incubation within the cruise ship caused more people to get a higher inknock lant of the virus we don't know how much is there that's transmissable. >> dr. rackenleo. 42 apple stores in reopened in china, beginning to end, if you say apple is a trustworthy indicator they think things are fine. maybe people don't trust the
4:24 pm
chinese government, they trust apple. 41 days is that the time line we're looking at? over in china. >> that's a great question. as you know they had draconian measures in china to stop movement. that seems to have restricted the number of case. a billion people, 80,000 cases amazing. i'm not sure it's over. as people go back to work and circulate, the population immunity is going to be very low because they haven't had many infections. we could see another wave of outbreak. >> isn't that the same risk you face in any country trying to go on lockdown. >> yeah, absolutely. and i mean it's a double edged sword. you want to prevent many infections. on the other hand as people get exposed to it they in essence will get sort of vaccinated, get immunity for some period of time. we don't note how long it lasts. that's a good thing for the country. if you don't have that obviously the situation can occur again. >> in terms of real vaccine we are 16 months away if you're counting from the moment they started. thank you all very much. and next president trump
4:25 pm
downplaying concerns after he was notified next to a man who has the coronavirus. >> i have no idea who he is. but i take pictures. and it lasts for literally seconds. >> the mayor of miami also had contact with that same person. the mayor of miami tested positive. and he is outfront to tell you about it. plus an entire country suddenly shut down. people stuck in homes. no one knows when it ends. an american under lockdown in italy will tell you exactly what life is like. "protect your family as it grows" company. a "put enough away for college" company. and a "take care of your employees" company. we're a "help you ride the ups and downs of the market" company. and when it's time to retire, we're a "we've been guiding you toward this all along" company. think of us as all these companies, and more. principal. retirement. investments. insurance.
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. breaking news, a second person who visited president trump's mar-a-lago resort has tested positive for coronavirus. the person attending a fundraiser brunch for the trump campaign on sunday. one day after the president met a brazilian official also infected. and the president was asked today whether he will be tested. >> but i can tell. >> you you may have it even you don't have symptoms are being selfish by not getting tested. >> i didn't say i was going to be tested >> are you going to be. >> most likely, yeah. not for that reason but because i think i will do it anyway. >> will you let us know.
4:30 pm
>> fairly soon we're working pout a schedule. >> katlyn collins outfront. katlyn what is the white house thinking on whether trump should be tested for coronavirus. obviously he has had direct personal contact with someone who has it. and but he says he doesn't have symptoms. >> yeah, and what he had been saying there is is the opposite of what white house aides have been telling us is that the president had no need to get tested now he says he likely will. it comes as it's frankly becoming a situation difficult for the white house to ignore. we're told by several hours sources that calculus started to change amp the brazilian press secretary started testing positive for coronavirus because white house aides knew that was someone who did spend time with the president on saturday night at his mar-a-lago club even though the president tried to downplay the contact. we reported on the show last night it was more extensive. now of course we learn about a second person loose at mar-a-lago last weekend that is now tested positive for
4:31 pm
coronavirus. any attended this luncheon for trump victory abfundraiser for the republican national committee and the president's re-election campaign. and the campaign says that person that donor did not come into contact with the president but was about 1,000 people there the president made remarks and did shake hands with officials. of course there are concerns about that. the question now is when is the president going to be tested? he made commitments like this before saying he is getting tested only to never follow through. once we know he has been tested some believe i may have been. we'll let you know what the white house is saying about it. >> thank you katlyn. i wanting to outfront row to the republican mayor of miami francis suarez. he self-quarantined after coming into contact with the brazilian official and tested positive for coronavirus tare. mayor, of course let me start with the most important question. how are you feeling tonight? >> i feel great. obviously surprised at the same time. wasn't expecting to test positive yesterday i was at a council meeting and i confirmed i was in the same room and in
4:32 pm
close proximity with the official, the brazilian official testing positive. i immediately quarantined as i declared a state of emergency in the city of miami by video. after i began the quarantine i got a call from the department of health of the state asking me to come in pan test even though i wasn't feeling any symptoms. went in immediately, got tested. and then today was followed, of course, that i tested positive and so obviously you know it's been a while wind of a day. first having to go public with the news. and then you know the continuity of operations of our city and the people i was in contact with notifying them as well. >> so is -- is the bottom line mere that you don't as far as you know have any symptoms -- i mean you were tested because you were in proximity with the person but you are not sick at all? >> look i'm starting to feel a little bit of symptoms. you know it feels similar to the on set of a cold.
4:33 pm
at this particular juncture. today i tested positive. i don't know how long i've had it. you know, and for what period it's been incubating. obviously, you know, i'm going to be dieting as the day goes by. we know the virus is going to be spread. you know, i want to make sure that people feel people understand i have it, i'm obviously 42 years old. i don't have any immune deficiencies. i'm not elderly obly. my hope is by sharing the experience it calms people down because it's something i'm going through myself. >> of course. and look, i hope that it continuing to be very mild for you. although you said you are feeling the on set of flu like symptoms. as you point out, mayor, you're young, 42 years old, healthy. but for many constituents this is scary, whether young or not. for a lot of people this is a
4:34 pm
scare kr thing. what's your message given you are going through this and i'm sure a few days ago you probably like everyone thought that this wouldn't happen to you? >> of course and what we did in the city of miami is we took action immediately. we cancelled two of our main events, ultrawhich was a congregation of about 150,000 people over a weekend. and eighth street, a festival of a quarter million people. that get together in a small area. we got criticized for making the decision. but i think it's evident now to everyone that we made the right decision. we are asking people to follow the protocol. asking them not to be together, wash hands more 20 seconds. obviously avoid large congregations of people. if they do come in contact with someone infected they have they must dwarn teen for a minimum of the 14 days. if they feel flu like symptoms they have to get tested. >> mayor suarez this is a tough situation obviously for the president. but he was with the same person
4:35 pm
you were with. he was in close proximity with them as a party, dinner taking pictures touching him. today he said he is not taking any precautionary measures, not self-isolating. as the president that may be difficult but he said that would not be the reason he got tested even if he did get tested because he wouldn't need to because he doesn't know the person. what do you say to the president who obviously his example matters a lot? well what i can say is i followed the medical advice i was given and the medical advice i was given was once i was able to confirm by picture that i was a in close proximity to the person. by the way i may not have gotten it from that person. but i want to confirm that i was in close proximity to that person i immediately self-quarantined. and then went into a protest cal are kohl where once tested and found out that i was positive i had to inform obviously all the elected officials from my government who i've been in contact with. our city manager, police chief who i self-quarantined many
4:36 pm
council members self-quarantined there is a continuity of operations that's also at issue in any government. we have already prepared for the possibility of up to 40% of the workforce not being able to work. and that's part of our continuity of operations plan. sfo i'm able to work. thankfully for new. i'm able to skype and obviously have phone calls and i've been on interviews all day long. but, you know, we have to make sure that we are communicating with the public which is why we'll be diarying throughout the sickness so people can feel better if i don't experience major symptoms that this can be something neck deal with without any major issues. >> well, i appreciate it. and i think a lot of people appreciate it. you're coming out and talking about it and sharing it with everybody makes a huge difference. and i speak i think for a lot of people watching when i say thank you for doing that. it's so important. and i hope that you are able to get through this quickly and
4:37 pm
request minimal disruption. thank you, mayor suarez. >> thank you so much. >> and outfront next an entire country on lockdown could what is happening in italy right now be a preview of what is to come in the united states and soon in my next guest is an american mother lichaj through the crisis in northern italy. the waterfall? nope! a new volkswagen. a volkswagen?! i think we're having a breakthrough here! welcome to caesar's palace. thank you. on a flexible wealth plan. and with new brokerage accounts, your cash is automatically invested at a rate that's at least 20 times more than other advisory firms. personalized advice. unmatched value. at fidelity, you can have both.
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tonight, runs on grocery stores in the united states amid growing fears about coronavirus, shelf after shelf at some stores empty. that's a whole foods in manhattan. and this is a supermarket on long island in new york. paper goods section. and there were pictures like this from many places in this country. americans are uncertain about what comes next, what stores stay open, what they will do if the shutdown in america becomes a lockdown. one american who knows what a lockdown, coronavirus lockdown is like is christina higens. she lives in northern italy. the epicenter of the italian coronavirus crisis. she and her family are under mandatory lockdown and joins me tonight. and christina, i really appreciate your time and taking the time to talk to people, because people want to know what you have gone through, what it
4:42 pm
is like. and there is a lot of fear and uncertainty about what life will be like in the united states and the grocery stores are just one part of that. i mean, how does that work for you now in italy? you're under a mandatory lockdown when you and your family need food, what are you doing. >> where a yeah we're upon something called social isolation. we haven't seen anybody at all the last six days. and we have another 21 days at least to go. they have been fantastic at keeping the supply chains running for the supermarket. there actually hasn't been a run on supermarkets. and everything is available. right now all stores are -- are shut on monday it was store keerp could choose to stay open or not now they are required to be shut. the only stores open are pharmacies and supermarkets. >> when you go to the supermarket or go to the pharmacy, how does that work? you're not allowed to go out whenever you want, are you? >> so it's very controlled. we have a form that you have to
4:43 pm
fill out. it's a form that describes why you are out. and you for example -- not only are we socially isolated but there are rules how to engage with other people on the street. you must be one meter apart. that's where very important when somebody goes out from the family it's one person. so my husband -- now when you go to the pharmacy they know longer let you in the pharmacy because the pharmacyists are putting themselves at risk with seeing all the sick people there is a window and one person at a time comes up to make their request. >> wow. >> and the police are out. they are stopping people process to find out why they are out and giving ticket. so they are trying to enforce this as much as possible. >> and in the grocery store, how does it work? >> same thing. the way it works because you need to be one meter apart depending on the square footage of the store only so many people can be in the store. so sometimes there are lines outside of the store, again
4:44 pm
everybody -- one meter apart. and you have to wait your turn because you can only have so many people in. people are wearing masks. and it's very eerie going to the supermarket. people are suspicious, quiet, no children. and so we went on monday and we are trying not to go back for as long as possible. >> so how do things feel christina? are they under control? does it feel like there is a pressure keg of sort of uncertainty and fear? what is it -- how would you characterize life like this six days in? >> it's very difficult. it's very, very difficult. it is unfortunately despite all that italy has done, they think that it may not be enough. because there are still individuals who are going out. a woman today supposed to be in quarantine which means she has the virus was out walking around with people. so people are not -- most people are complying. some people are not and putting
4:45 pm
the rest of us at risk. that's nerve-racking. the second part is all day long we hear bad news. so we hear news of people who are died or friends who are sick. and it's -- it's like living with dread really. i have to say that the kids are great. having a great time. the teachers have been sending work. and we have a rhythm to the day. the kids are great. we have a lot of family time and love having us around we make a cake every day. that has never happened. the kids are doing great. francesco, my husband and i are struggling. >> and you know, i think it's just -- it's very hard for people to imagine what you are going through. you know, here, i know your parents are here. your other family members are here in the u.s. as well. >> right. and we see italy and know that that may be what the united states is also going through --
4:46 pm
this could happen as well. you know, we have video earlier today, christina italians in rome. obviously you're near millin. but they were singing the national anthem for anyone who hasn't seen it. here it is. >> so despite the social isolation and the -- and the fear, is there a sense of camaraderie, a sense of, i don't know, unity? >> well with, we don't see each other. we call people all day long. and it's -- there is -- it's very difficult right now. there is not a lot of hope right now. we're really right in the middle of it. and we're trying to believe that
4:47 pm
in ten days the numbers are going to go down. that -- that video for example is -- was fantastic. we have a -- there is a campaign throughout italy where people put candles outside on the window as show of support for all of the people putting lives at risk right now, the doctors and pharmacyists and even people delivering the food. they are putting themselves at risk. so there are -- and children are putting up signs all over that say with a rainbow that say, in -- we will overcome this. and that is also wonderful to see. but those are small things. and it's -- we're right in middle of it. it's a little difficult right now. >> and what would you say to people who see that they too may be going through the -- the sort of isolation andes las vegas, i
4:48 pm
guess that you adatabase desola are right now. >> everybody is going to be asked to make small sacrifices and big sacrifices. and it's very difficult to stay home. and not going out it's a complete change of your life. and i think the thing to really -- i would encourage every family to try to think of it is a reason why you should do this. so your parents, or your neighbors, or your friends who are doctors, do it for them. and we can do this. but it means that every american needs to do what -- comply with the rules. because we can do this. but it's going to -- depending on how much people comply it will be faster or slower. so i encourage everybody to -- to comply. and we can all get through this together. >> christina, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. and outfront next, what
4:49 pm
those most vulnerable to getting seriously sick from the coronavirus are telling us. >> those of us at my age, 70 and above are greatly concerned. i'm hoping we can get through this. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated... ...with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet. tonight florida announcing its election will go on as planned on tuesday despite the spread of coronavirus but the voters who turn out to the pollings in the highest rate, those 65 and older are also the most vulnerable to the virus. rosa flores is out front. >> reporter: since the coronavirus outbreak, 67-year-old ignacio says an old game of dominos in miami's havana neighborhood has a new rule. hand sanitizer and lots of it. are you worried about the coronavirus? >> yes. >> reporter: officials across florida are worried about seniors too. one out of every five people in the state is 65 or older.
4:54 pm
>> the cases in florida have and will continue to disproportionally affect our older population. >> reporter: governor ron desantis announcing measures for seniors, restricting visitation to nursing homes and encouraging local officials to close senior centers. in orlando, firefighters assisted dozens of facilities asking about the types of care they might need in an emergency. and election workers sanitized voting locations as seniors and others head to the polls for tuesday's primary. with every passing day the concerns over how seniors could get exposed grows. this week, the miami beach mayor issued a state of emergency and declared the end of spring break. even as families around the country prepare to visit south florida. >> it's spring break, people are going to not listen and i'm one of the people that's not going to listen. >> reporter: with the number of
4:55 pm
cases growing by the day, some seniors are self-quarantining, his walks along the beach are the extent of his outings. >> reporter: those of us at my age 70 and above are greatly concerned. i'm hoping that we can get through this. >> reporter: desantis just announced 2,500 test kits which could test up to 625,000 people will soon be delivered to labs across the state. back in little havana, it's game over. domino park closed friday and all senior activities have been cancelled. local and state leaders here in the state of florida are encouraging people to exercise social distancing and they're leading by example. governor ron desantis announcing that he will no longer be shaking hands out of an abundance of caution. he also announced that he will be activating certain components of the florida national guard. >> rosa, thank you very much. and we'll be right back. allergies with nasal congestion make it feel impossible to breathe.
4:56 pm
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even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] we are following all of the breaking developments on coronavirus and the national emergency in the united states tonight.
5:00 pm
for answers to your coronavirus questions, don't miss dr. sanjay gupta's podcast. right now, this is the must listen. coronavirus fact versus fiction, the constant questions you have answers. thank you so much for joining us. ac 360 starts right now. >> good evening, tonight the impact of president trump's decision to declare the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency. we'll look at what it means to people in communities seeking not just help from the federal government but also access to testing, which as you know has emerged as possibly the single biggest challenge to the country getting its arms around the outbreak. there's that and what else the president said, refusing to take responsibility for a significant part of the crisis. here we'll play it for a moment for you, and talk about it later in the hour. in a somewhat related vein, there's a question of the president's personal conduct in the face of this, he has come into contact with one or