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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  March 19, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i'm chris cuomo this is special dbl hour of "prime time." there's a ton of news the big headline the biggest story in coronavirus since it started. in term of moous to fight it. governor of california making his state the first state to issue a stay at home order for everyone in the state. that is 40 plus million people. governor of course is and says this is not about us lewisinosis is how we win the war. slow the spread and build capacity to treat the worst cases. remember, four out of every five cases so far someone got this from someone else who didn't know they it. we'll get into that. first, erica hill is tracking the other fast moving developments.
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>> alarming prediction from california governor. more than half of the state, 25.5 million people will be infected with the virus over an eight week period. he's calling on the president in a letter to station the navy mercy hospital ship in l.a. to aleve the stress in the healthcare system. meantime the nation largest city offering its own stark warning. >> we are two weeks or three weeks away from running out the only way those supplies can be provided in time is through the full mobilization of the united states military. at this point there's never been a greater no brainer in the history of the republic. >> weeks away from running ou of crucial medical supplies. 3 million masks. 50 million surgery masks. 15,000 ventilators and more. in florida as people continue to flock to the beach the governor says spring break is over.
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his predecessor going further. >> take some personal responsibility. don't infect other people. don't take a chance you will cause your grandparents or parents or another friend from school to get sick. >> in miami all beaches and parks now closed. in clear water, they are scheduled to close for tw weeks friday. the governor says he doesn't plan to order a statewide closure. three confirmed cases in the nba. celtics marcus smart tweeting he tested positive. >> i can't stress enough practice social distancing. >> two l.a. lakers. who quarantine. >> as we continue to learn about more positive cases, we can't stress enough this will happen as we do more testing. another thing that stood out from new york city mayor today he said each one of the cases. is a person and it's important to look at them is more than a number. but members of someone's family.
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members of the community and reminder that we are all in this together. and we all need to take care of one another. even if that means staying inside. >> we can stay to ourselves and it doesn't mean wheal be alone. thank you very much. back now to the brand new state at home order for the entire state of california. one in every eight americans lives in california. will it work? how long does it go? i want to bring in medical analyst. a professor of bio ethics. good to have you, professor. >> what do you make of it? >> i think basically everyone should be on this order. the disease has spread widely. i think we are seeing people getting monitored for testing it's fair to assume a chunk of americans have or carrying the
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virus and could infect others. i support what the mayor did. but what we have to voluntarily as other state officials begin to order it. >> i want to take a jump ahead. i think people don't appreciate the fear factor here. if you don't flatten the curve, if -- we all know the cases they are not really testing. whatever they are telling us the number is. it's probably something much more. at best we have a sense it's going up a lot. which should be no surprise. if we don't do these type of things, won't there come a day that we have the leaders in the country having to decide how many people they'll let die? because they have to get the economy restarted? isn't that inevitable? >> i hate to scare people into staying inside getting off the beach and don't go camping and
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don't have parties. where kid bring friends over. but we have to do the right thing or we'll have a surge of people going into the hospital and overwhelm it. flatten the curve means spread out the demand for medical care. from the sick. so more spread out it is over weeks and months opposed to all hitting say in three days. in new york city for example. we don't have the resources dwoewe don't have the beds or surplus. the bed numbers in connecticut. roughly 9,000. hospital beds. if we had 100,000 people who were infected and i don't know 15,000 got sick. that's short on beds. guess what 60% of the beds are occupied now. so you'll overwhelm the system and something else. the manpower.
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doctors and nurses and teches will get sick. scrambling to cover as best we can. alternate healthcare providers. and you can have a bed if you don't have anybody to staff it it doesn't do anybody any good. cut the demand. >> also, the job for me is to give people information and give perspective. one concern, one thing i'm policing. i don't want to get into politics. i want your take on something. i want to play back to back sound from the president and then dr. fauci who could make a good case he's the most trusted in america right now. look at the different messages and assess the impact. here's the sound. >> a drug called -- in some
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people would add to it high driving whi. this is a common malaria drug. we'll make that drug available almost immediately. and that's where the fda has been great. they have gone through the approval process. it's been approved. they took it down from many months to immediate. so we'll be able to make the drug available. by prescription or state. >> let's make sure people understand what it is. today, there are no proven safe and effective therapies for the coronavirus. that doesn't mean that we're not going to do everything we can to make things that have even a hint -- there's no magic drug. >> look, we all know that i can
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defend what the president said ten different ways. people do it all the time. this is what he meant and said. that's not my point. people are desperate to figure a way out of the situation they have never seen in their lives. certainly not firsthand. and i am paralyzed with fear when it comes to mixed messaging. the idea that it's been approved and sounds like we're about to have something to help us. then you have dr. fauci who has o to spend time and currency saying there's no such thing. what does that dynamic do? >> ideology never dpeefeated a virus. the president is moving from an idea position he wants to hold hope and wants people to calm down and markets to stabilize. you can't hold out hope of a cure when there suspect one.
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the fda did nothing for the drug. it's been approved. since 1934. little indication it might be useful against certain viruss. we don't know. false hope here's what happens. the guy in the bed the family coming around saying he's been on the ventilators. the president saying there's a treatment. i'm infected says a nba player can i take this and protect my family? you can't have false hope circulating at the same time of the virus. it's not fair and right to the american people. pretty soon they stop listening to the leadership. >> that's the concern. thank you. for being reasonable and being righteous in terms of people needing to lock in now to give us the best chance of making it to the other side together. thank you.
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i'll speak to you soon. stay healthy. god bless. it's about making sure that we get the right information we don't play with emotions in politics. this matters too much. you want to know how much? this almost took me to my knees. this next family. i have never heard anything like this. one family, four of the relatives including their matriarch killed by the virus. it is not over. there are so many other of thm in dire need and can't get information on the status. you have to hear it. it is hard. but it's so important. (howling wind)
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horrible. before her death, two of her older children passed away. now another has followed. four gone from coronavirus. several more in the hospital. 20 relatives in quarantine. can you imagine? i spoke to two of the family members. rose ann and elizabeth. >> all right, look, first things first. this is an interview i really wish i never had to do. your family everything i hear about it remind me so much of my own. and to see one family hit this way by something like this is really truly heartbreaking. please accept my condolences. i'm so sorry for your loss and rose ann your loss as well. in the entire family. relay that. you have been trying to hold it together for the family.
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and talking to people. first, what is it like for you? you're an attorney. sometimes people say it like that means you have a cape you can put on and not feel everything going on. how are you doing? how's the family? >> our family is very sad for all the -- no one ever expected a family of eleven children to be decimated like this. so it's a surreal environment. on an emotional level i'm trying to be the family attorney i tried to be -- >> in terms of what the family is dealing with. you have lost four important members already. you have a lot of people in harms way. as i understand. what's the current situation? >> they do. they have two siblings in grave condition. on life support at the same
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hospital her mother and brother and with that. additional sister that is in stable condition. so we're thankful for that. we have a long way to go, our biggest concern is 19 family members that were tested last saturday. that do not have results. >> the biggest concern as she said with the tests is it's not that we just want results to ease our mind. we have a sister on life support who doesn't know the doctors don't know if she's positive. and how do they treat someone if they're not have test results? >> i don't care about whether or not the shot your face is clear or not clear. it's your heart i want people to know and your voice. about what this means to have this much loss during this time. >> it is absolutely surreal.
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i woke up tuesday morning the baby of 11. my mom called me and said i don't feel good. tony don't feel good. come help us. i say absolutely, ma. i got there, and my sister said you have to go walk the horses. maria would lay on the ground for those horses. for her to tell me to walk a horse i knew something was wrong. to know that two of those women i sat with on tuesday and nourished and promised everything will be okay to is gone? they were the root of the life. that was my mother and my oldest sister. they were everything. it's surreal to think who is
8:20 pm
going to -- it's insane. my two oldest brothers. they were the core of the family. since my dad has gone. they have held us together. like no other. and it's like the second we start to grieve about one the phone rings and there's another person gone. taken from us forever. it's not like it was one. by the time we got over the first sister, it settled in our brain. we got the next call. i listened to those doctors and the machines code my mother on the phone. when she passed last night. i'll never get over that. i never want to hear that again. that's why we're just begging for help.
8:21 pm
we never want to get that call any time soon ever again because of this. we're lost. it's impossible and i can't -- i want to go get my two sisters and my brother that left there and be like we're going to be okay. but i don't know that's true. because we have no answers. >> i can't imagine the strength that it takes for you and for rose ann to come forward and talk about this. at this time with this loss on your heart. i don't know how you do it. i don't think i would be able to do it. god bless you for wanting to express the urgency. i promise you as soon as we finish this i will make phone calls to the state. it's late. we'll keep making them and find out what's going on so your family can get answers and just know that family is family.
8:22 pm
but family will take on a new feel in this country. because everybody is afraid of the same thing and everybody is suffering the same thing. you can't replace what was lost. but you won't be alone in this. thank you so much for taking the opportunity spoesespecially at time to talk about it. i'll stay in touch with you and let you know what's happening. and i can't appreciate it enough that you're doing it. i wish there was more i could say. >> we really need corporation with the last phone call was 7:30. the last e-mail we have had senator has been wonderful. >> i'll check in. so we don't duplicate work. i promise you, the family deserves the information. it's a special situation it's a special situation in a way that actually is going to benefit
8:23 pm
that community. god bless and send my best to the family. as we say in italian. good luck going forward. we have an expression. in the mouth of the wolf. it sound scary to other people. it's a source of comfort. please let me know if there's anything we can do. >> absolutely, thank you. >> i know you feel the same way i do. maybe seeing that makes you remember why we have to do everything we can. god forbid another family suffers something like that. and i promise you we're making calls to the new jersey officials about tests. we'll stay on it. the need is great in different ways. what do we do about that? we have a top white house official next. (announcer) jesse's on her way.
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the president message to desperate healthcare workers not exactly we have your back. >> first of all, governors are supposed to be doing a will the of this work and they are. the federal government is not supposed to be out there buying vast amounts of identify tianame items and shipping. >> yes they are. that's the power. speeding up manufacturing and getting more things. there are people in the administration working like crazy to get supply chain movements going especially when they have been getting a late
8:29 pm
start. one of the people on the front line the house trade adviser. >> thank you very much. really appreciate you taking the time especially with the urgency. the governors are coming to you. they need help. i'm aware of this because my brother is the governor of new york. working hand in hand with the white house. the idea that the governors have to do for themselves that you aren't supply clerks. what does that mean when the federal government controls the resources and the army core of engineer and heavy assets that states don't have control of? >> so, this is a partnership. it's the full force of the federal government. working closely with private enterprise with the corporation and american people doing their mitigation measures. and with this federal government going out to the grass roots at local level and state level.
8:30 pm
and getting what we need to get done. if i may i'd like to tell you a few of the things i have been doing since friday. which may give comfort to the american people and explain how we're tackling the problem. back to friday. i got a call from hhs we needed swabs for testing. and because of travel restrictions in italy where they were being made, in realtime i had to help get the pentagon sent an airplane over to italy. to pick 800,000 swabs up. and get them on the aircraft. >> all right. you made kind of like the case of my concern. for me. first of all god bless you in the efforts. that's why you're there. we appreciate you doing the job. you're put in a bad position. most of that stuff should have been done months ago and we
8:31 pm
wouldn't be in the situation that we're in now. what was the lesson learned that is creating this urgency. you're able to get it done now. a phone call there and here. trump time. it took months to get here when we had warning about this. where was trump time then? >> there's a couple things going on. once it's over we'll get through this, i think it will make this nation stronger than it's been. one of my charges here at the white house is has been to bring our production back on shore whether it's machine tools, electronics and steel. we're learning a very hard lesson. in this particular crisis. because you're not only lose jobs if you don't have the production here. you can lose rise. there's 20 countries that provide us $120 billion a year worth of pharmaceutical imports into this country.
8:32 pm
ten of them have already imposed some form of export restriction. the big lesson i'm learning is that we need to have our supply chains, essential medicines and medical equipment on shore. to produce -- >> i don't disagree. >> the one assumption that you're making is that we haven't been doing anything until last week. it's simply false. i have been working on these problems for six weeks now. trying to get things in line in case there were -- and there's ore people in the government doing that. >> i hear you. both things can't be true at the same time. you don't get it done in a week. you can move mountains and haven't been able to do anything weeks preceding. we have been in the situation with testing and swabs and masks for weeks. and look, again, i respect what
8:33 pm
you're doing and appreciate it. i'm sure the american people will as well. there was definitely a delay prb and now you want to put into the code you can only buy in source from america. you told me you have to fly to italy to get swabs. it's not just american manufacturing. you'll kill us on timing. >> of course we're not doing that. we'll get whatever we need from whatever source. >> why require they buy from the u.s.? >> we haven't required that yet. that's the point. if you're talking about an executive order. nothing in that order applies to this crisis during covid-19. we're trying to put into place a set of incentives so we will invest here. there's a couple of things another part of that which is interesting to me, the whole thing with president trump has been buy american, deregulate
8:34 pm
and innovate. this innovation piece is so important. we have advanced manufacturing. 3 d printing and it offs us a chance to leapfrog the competition. and produce pharmaceuticals cheaper than the world. and we have them here and make them profitably. i'm trying to flip a switch on advanced manufacturing facility within the next 45 days. i would appreciate it as you cover this criticize it and as you will, but i think a lot of the energy needs to focus now on what we need to do day-to-day for the american people. >> no question. >> and criticize this at the end. and that will be fair game. there's an election. now -- >> it's all fair game. i got off the phone with a family that's lost four of the family members they are literally decimated by the
8:35 pm
virus. they can't get test results. one of the reasons is because we were so woefully behind on testing. when we had time to prepare. if you don't learn the lesson of the past you're doomed to repeat them. to forget the past that created would be reckless. >> we're on the same page. full force of the government, private enterprise and it's really important that the american people are rising to this occasion. simply by staying home and doing their social distancing. to the extent we can flatten that curve. we won't face the kind of vulnerability in treatment. my message tonight really is that we are doing everything we can now and we will continue to do that. and it really makes me proud of this country to see government,
8:36 pm
business and the american people join together in this. i would prefer an uplifting message. just stay on mission on task. i'm a soldier out there. all i'm concerned about tomorrow is to make sure we get what we can get tomorrow. for the next day. >> totally get it. your not a one man army. >> i got the whole agency and government and businesses. >> when the governors are told you're on your own. we're not a supply clerk. they can't build hospitals and build capacity without you guys. you know t. i don't know why they're not doing it already. >> those are the big issues that are above my pay grade. the fask force. what i can do is tell you what's actually happening boots on the ground to help the american people get through the crisis. >> i appreciate it. i don't want to keep you from the work. thank you for doing everything
8:37 pm
you can. the need couldn't be greater. >> keep your family safe. >> we need you at your best. >> all right. here's the good news. they're on it now. and we see congress on it now. $1 trillion coronavirus relief plan is taking shape on capitol hill. of course politics and protest. cnn power house just wrapped up an exclusive interview with senator majority leader mitch mcconnell. when would that money get to you? that's the question. that's next. we are t-mobile the first to go unlimited. first with no annual service contracts. first with taxes and fees included. now t-mobile has the first and only nationwide 5g network. reaching over 5,000 cities and towns and over 200 million americans. and t-mobile is not charging extra for 5g access. because this isn't our network... it's yours.
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big problem requires a big solution. senate republicans unvailed a $1 trillion stimulus package. to deliver desperately needed aide to you. our own dana bash sat down with mitch mcconnell for an exclusive interview which happened before nancy pelosi and schumer warned the bill could be a no go. >> leader mcconnell thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. the latest coronavirus bill that you unvailed today would among other things provide direct payment of up to $1,200 to those earning up to $75,000 a year. why did you decide on direct payment as opposed to sending
8:43 pm
that to businesses to use for the employees and stay open and maintain payroll? >> we're doing both. we're going to provide direct assistance it individuals. and small businesses. so they can stay open. this is a government imposed shut down if you will. to deal with this pandemic. and so the idea is to act quickly. send cash directly to individuals and small businesses. >> our understanding is there a healthy debate inside the conference about whether or not to go forward with the direct payments. where do you stand? is it a good idea or mostly because it's a white house proposal. >> i don't know what you heard. the goal among all of us the white house and republicans is to get cash into the hands of the american people and small businesses as rapidly as possible. let me switch to the rapid part.
8:44 pm
i talked to schumer this afternoon we'll meet tomorrow. a broader group democrats and republicans have been involved on our side in crafting a proposal. and on his side crafting what they're liking to ask and the goal is to stay in session, no one is been given permission to leave. we're all here. we'll stay at this until we can get bail out of the senate. on a broad bipartisan basis and send it over to the house of representatives. >> the obvious question is why did you insist on only starting the negotiation that you have been having over the past couple of days with republicans and the white house obviously all republicans instead of making it bipartisan. i ask you that not as a processed question. it's because of the times we're in. the question is whether or not that is slowing down the process at a time when americans need
8:45 pm
action now. >> i'm speeding it up. we passed yesterday a bill written in the democratic house of representatives. they are in the majority in the senate. we want to put forward a proposal. we have an obligation to do that as a majority. and the democrats of course need to be given an opportunity to react. that begins tomorrow. don't create controversy where there isn't. >> no, it's not about controversy. this is about americans saying we need help and now. >> i know. this is the quickest way to get it done p trust me. exact will i the way we're doing it. >> hospitals and medical professionals, you're probably getting calls begging for the medical equipment. recommending bandannas or scarves as a last resort. how does this happen in a country like in? >> we're moving rapidly on all fronts to teal with the
8:46 pm
shortage. where they exist. and the private sector across the board has been cooperating as well. this is isn't a pandemic that we have never had. this is a totally new experience. there isn't a precedent to look to. we're moving rapidly to deal with the shortcomings and get help to the american people. that's why we're here. we're trying to operate on bipartisan basis and we'll succeed. >> put this in context. you were there on 9/11. i was there too. i watched you. during the financial melt down in 2008. how does this compare? in terms of americans and the congressional response required of you? >> it's different in a sense that the shut down if you will is being done by the government itself. at federal, state and local level. we're doing that in order to protect the health of the
8:47 pm
american people. in effect as a result of government directives. others who understand the pandemics. we are in effect shutting the economy down. we have to. because of the public health crisis. that is very different from the 2008 financial crisis. or the 9/11 when we were hit by terrorists. it's a very different thing. the key to this is get passed this and bend the curve as dr. fauci tells us and that requires isolation. that shuts down the economy. it's our job to step in and help people through what we hope will be a short term shut down. of the economy. >> i know you know that senators kick durbin on the democratic side and republican side spoke on the floor about bipartisan legislation they have for
8:48 pm
senators to vote remotely. what's wrong with that? >> i agree with speaker pelosi. we don't think remote voting is a good idea for the house or senate. we're dealing with it. we're having longer role call votes. establishing social distancing. just like everyone else. we can work around it without a dramatic change the way the senate operates for 200 years. >> that was the next question. why? what is the main reason why you're opposed to it? >> i just told you. >> the institution? you don't want to change the institution? >> not over something that can be dealt with. we're not changing the rules. we're dealing with it successfully. without changing rules. >> all right. thanks today na bash for the interview. we'll be right back with what we learned tonight. a picture that is certainly worth 1,000 words.
8:49 pm
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8:54 pm
already. including their mother. this isn't a guilt trip, it's the truth, and you know it. why do you the governor like a state like california 40 plus million would tell everyone to stay home. one in every eight americans lives here why would he do that, because it's all we've got against the virus. shelter in place. curfew, self-isolation. whatever you ant to call it. it's not proof we're losing. it's the best way to win. you know what gets me, you get it here. less contact. less spreading. less strain on the system. better chance to treat the worst cases. we told you again and again. four out of five cases are transmitted by people who didn't know they had the virus. by the way my brother and sisters 340% of the cases are young people. stay home. and leaders don't tell us false
8:55 pm
hope. don't tell us there's solution when there aren't. we are the solution. we can also be the cause of more pain. that goes for the president too. look at his briefing notes. he didn't touch anything on the page that i'm sure someone else wrote except to change corona in virus, to chinese. his job is to let us know we're going to get through this, who does that help, we don't need an enemy, we have one, the virus. trump doesn't need to slide blame. we know how we got here. this is not about china. it's about us. we are about the solution. we must be together. thank you for watching. stay tuned. the news continues on cnn. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. it's a 13-hour flight. it's not a weekend trip. my dasd
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le. and welcome, i'm anderson cooper in new york. >> and i'm dr. sanjay gupta in atlanta and as you see we're doing what many americans are doing, social distancing. >> we're separated by distance but realize we're connected by a community, citizens that have to act in concert with each other to protect ourselves, loved ones and other citizens. we're partnering with facebook and tonight's cnn global town hall. in our first one two years ago the seats in this room were full and following the


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