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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 8, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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games and full salary. it seems like they're far apart on a deal but they said they wanted to try to start july 4th or that week. doesn't seem realstic at this point. >> thank you. thank you all so much for joining us. brianna keilar continues our coverage right now. i'm brianna keilar and welcoming viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. the public visitation for george floyd has just begun in houston where the city is expecting thousands of mourners to pay their respects to the unarmed black man who was killed at the hands of police. his death exactly two weeks ago today sparked nation wise protests and calls for changes in police departments around the country. sara sidner is at the memorial and joins us now.
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several people from the floyd family expected to be there. tell us who else is attending. >> reporter: the floyd family, a heavy burden going to three public memorials trying to help people get through their own grief and then having to deal with their own grief in a private memorial that will happen on tuesday but we are seeing hundreds of people already showing up at the church in the middle of a 0 prezzive heat here in houston as is normal in the suchler time. we are watching a lot of families with children saying the final good-byes to george floyd and they wanted to come and not only sort of give their condolences but recognize what his life has meant for the entire country. they are seeing in their minds change and they're hoping it will bring change they have never seen before, they can feel a difference that he's already made with his death. i want to mention to you to take
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you inside the church where you're seeing mourners one by one coming into the church. because of coronavirus this is a very different scenario than you would normally see for a final good-bye. there are about 3,000 people can fit into this church but the way they have done it to keep people in a more self distanced situation is one by one let 15 people at a time come into the church, allowed to go up to the casket, not too terribly close, pray and then move on and you will notice as they come into the church their n't temperatures are checked and asked whether or not they have symptoms and also see that people are wearing masks as they walk in. i did manage to have a conversation showing the shot that the truck is showing you from above the church and the hundreds of people that are here waiting to get in. there are a lot of families and i was able to talk to within of the families, a mother and 14-year-old son and i talked to them about what this meant. they said we want to come to
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show our respect to this man who has really brought out again in this country some of the difficulties that it means to be back in america and the difficulties between the relationship with police. what we want to say is we want people to know that we are still going through that and that we want americans to understand the pain that the black community has been through. her 14-year-old son said i'm afraid to go outside now. and i said, because of coronavirus? or because of something else? he said, no, because after seeing that video i know that could be me and he's 14 years old. these are lessons being learned over and over and over again and the people here want it to stop and simply want it to stop. we also hear that the governor is going to be speaking shortly. the mayor is here and talking to folks, as well. this is bringing out all of the top brass and bringing out the every day man who just wants to say good-bye and thank you to
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george floyd and his family. brianna? >> sara, thank you so much. we appreciate that report from houston and also breaking this afternoon, the fired senior police officer who knelt on floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes will make a first court appearance this hour and the charges upgraded to second-degree murder and manslaughter. josh campbell is outside of the courthouse there and tell us what we're expecting from this hearing today. >> reporter: i'll be heading in there. we are expected to get a first look at the fired police officer. now he will be appearing via video link to a courtroom behind facing the charges. and what we're waiting to see is whether or not we get an indication from his attorney on what his defense strategy will be. we expect this hearing to be short, bail hearing and want to know the strategy because just last week in the court for the
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first appearance of the three others officers involved at least two of the officer's attorneys saying that chauvin was a senior officer and responsible for floyd's death and the prosecution in the early stageser and learning now also that the minneapolis city council is moving for dramatic reform for the police department. i spoke to the president of the city council saying they want to d dismantle the minneapolis police department and replace it with a new model. the mayor not on the same page and asked whether he would defund the police and said, no, he won't abolish the police department. he was in favor of reform. just this weekend the chair of the congressional black caucus representative karen bass spoke with jake tapper and weighed in on the idea of defunding the police in her view. >> what i think is really needed and i think that part of the
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movement around defunding is really about how we spend resources in our country and i think far more resources need to be spent in communities to address the number of problems. i don't believe that you should disband police departments but i do think that in cities, in states we need to look at how we are spending the resources and invest more in our communities. >> reporter: that is the debate that's being played out across the nation, how far do you go? do you defund police? dismantle them? reform them? unanswered questions here in minneapolis how far the city council will go and a busy day not only on that front where the city council is looking for wholesale change but the officer that at the center of the controversy will have the appearance behind us and hope to get details and get those back to you. brianna? >> i want to ask you a question of defunding the police and
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seems we spoke last week with the owner of cup foods, the store in front of which george floyd died and they said they're implementing a new policy where essentially if it's a nonviolent concern they have they're not calling the police because they feel like the problem that they need dealt with is actually going to be kind of eclipsed by the force that might come in from the police. there does seem to be a demand from this when you have store owners, you know, at least anecdotally saying we may not call the police. >> reporter: yeah. that's what the city council president here trying to get at, not only people here in certain communities distrustful of the police department and the protection that they expect, but also, she said they looked at the data of 911 calls and most for service were not actually violent crimes in progress. it was more for issues to be handled by mental health
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providers so they're trying to look for a different model that the public will trust. of course, the question is for those who are saying let's abolish the police, what do you do about crime? murders are not going to stop. you will see violent crimes and need some type of force that would help protect the public but again those are all the unanswered questions we don't have yet here from the city council saying they want to dismantle the police. it is an idea we haven't seen a plan about what that would look like in the long run. brianna? >> thank you so much. an angry white man confronts a group of black lives matter protesters, see what happened and i'll be speaking with the african-american woman who stared him down. plus, despite the history on race, president trump is considering a speech on race as his approval rate falls 7% over the last month. as coronavirus cases rise in several states across america, a new warning from health experts today, why they're worried that
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(doorbell rings) - [crowd] grubhub! (fireworks exploding) president trump is facing a 7-point drop in the job approval amid the george floyd protests and coronavirus pandemic. brand-new cnn polling shows only 38% of americans now say they approve of the job that trump is doing overall. while 57%, more than half of americans, say they disapprove. on the issue of race relations, a majority of americans, 63%, disapprove of how the president is handling the issue. and when asked about their choice for president, 55% of registered voters say joe biden versus 41% for president trump.
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cnn special correspondent has some new reporting of president trump's reaction to these polling numbers. tell us what your sources are telling you, jamie. >> reporter: it isn't good and you don't have to go to sources on this. just look at his twitter feed this morning. the first thing he said, he called the polls fake. so look. those numbers are truly -- polls are a snapshot in time so it can change but right now those numbers are a disaster for him, a former senior administration official said to me, when they saw the poll numbers, losing is an existential threat to donald trump. so he is undoubtedly not happy to put it mildly. one other thing about those numbers, i talked to a senior republican official on capitol
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hill and that person said to me that in their opinion they think the senate really is in play. the source said, we could lose the senate. they're very concerned that moderates, independents when they come to the polls, they're just not going to vote for republicans down ballot. so it's a concern for the white house, it's a concern for the party, brianna. >> and tell us what you have learned because it's a real possibility that we could see a spike in coronavirus numbers and it appears the president is seeing some opportunity about where to attribute that. >> reporter: so one thing we know about donald trump he likes to blame other people so i think we have to preface this by saying there is concern that the protests are going to cause a spike in numbers. we don't know yet what that's going to be or how -- what those
10:16 am
numbers are going to be like but the protests are happening and also what else is happening? these states are opening up. and we have already seen spikes in some states as things open up. donald trump wants one thing. he wants the economy back. he wants jobs back. and so, if the numbers go up, the sources i'm talking to say just wait. it's -- you know, he's going to blame it on the protests because that serves his purpose. he wants the economy open. that is how he gets to election day. >> look. you can see how there could be a spike with so many people gathered but there's also this opening of the economy where you see people outside at restaurants, people closer together. there is more traffic on the street. you know more people are going to work so we'll how this shakes
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out. jamie, thank you for great reporting. the white house is considering a plan for president trump to address the nation on race and national unity. joining me now is erin gaines for the 19th. thank you for joining us. i wonder what you think given the majority of americans do not approve of the president's handling of race relations and what you see him talking about in the tweets is inflammatory. what do you think about this plan for a speech on race? >> i think it would be a departure of the message that many african-americans are heard from this president in the past four years and even as a candidate. in 2016, you know, president trump was asking african-americans what the hell do you have to lose? even as he was calling for more law and order which is a very specific message to black voters
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in particular. they know it's different for they communities than the rest of the country and once again in 2018 and i think even in 2020 we have seen that the president is willing to go to a racial playbook to ignite and excite and invoke enthusiasm of his base. i don't think that that does much to excite or bring black voters orr to his side as he seeks to win re-election and the message is a contrast to vice president biden who has been someone who has been emphathetic in this moment in racial unrest, laid out a plan for what he plans to do for black america and something frankly that black voters and americans have not heard enough from this incumbent president. he was asked last week what his response would be to black folks in terms of the coronavirus and their economic recovery as the country reopens and his answer to that was, you know, the
10:19 am
economy will reopen and the numbers will go up. what he says in this speech i think certainly would if it's a message of unity i don't think that's a message most black people feel they have heard from this president in the past four years. >> if it's not something that could convince black americans, is there another audience that he's trying to appeal to by at least going through the motions of reaching out to the black community? >> i think that when he does speak to issues of race a lot of his base hear it is message he has and that reassures them that -- against messages of what the president says and some of his policies are racist. it is a counter argument to that for his voters but that is not something that particularly resonates with black voters when
10:20 am
they hear him speaking to issues of race. it is not that the president hasn't spoken about race. he has quite a bit in the last four years i don't think the me message of unity i don't think they hear and does work to reassure his base in a lot of ways that he is speaking to race in a way that a lot of them may identify with. >> the president, erin, largely declined to engage with the press. he's not answering questions. done only a couple of what the white house may bill as a press conference but they're really just statements. he ease done some appearances with conservative outlets one of which is a former press secretary. what do you make of that strategy and what it says about i guess where he is? >> i think what it says is that he is not responding to our national moment of reckoning around the issue of race.
10:21 am
you know? he's invoked george floyd. he's reached out to the family of george floyd and really speaking to black americans collectively is not really something that's happened. in fact, what we have seen is him doubling down on the message of law and order with little empathy for or identification with people who are peacefully protesting. right? even as he was able to embrace white protesters largely calling for the country to reopen in the midst of this pandemic but it's a pandemic of systemic racism that black voters and black americans are looking to hear from him on in this moment and frankly that they just have not gotten much of a response from him on that issue. >> errin, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. errinhaine at editor at large.
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according to a cnn analysis four states, california, texas, florida and illinois are outpacing new york state in the daily new coronavirus cases. california on average saw the most new cases per day, more than 2,000 over the week that ended june 7th. new york city has seen a decrease in the amount of cases. that's good news as new york city begins phase one of reopening. new york governor cuomo kicked off this morning with a ride on the subway as the mta resumed the regular weekday service. cnn's alexander field is in new york city for us. tell us what the phase one looks
10:28 am
like. >> reporter: hey there, brianna. new york is nothing like the city it was 100 days ago but this is where we start to get back to where we were. some 400,000 workers back on the job today across sectors like construction, wholesale trade, manufacturing and retail. so for the first time we are seeing more stores open. they are only open for curbside pickup or some in-store pickup and a softer and a slower start maybe some new yorkers want but well ahead of many people predicted would be the place that we would find ourselves in right now. in early june. new york city mayor bill deblasio said it's because of the hard work of the citizens and the governor is celebrating this as an achievement. >> we said thank you yesterday. we lit up the city and state landmarks with colors of the state. to say thank you.
10:29 am
because we're not out of the woods but we are on the other side. certainly. >> reporter: on the other side. perhaps the most encouraging words that new yorkers can hear. how do you keep making progress? the prediction is we won't enter phase two of reopening in new york city before july but it really depends on what people do right now. key to this is how much testing we see across the city. the goal is 35,000 tests a day and we understand there's some 15 test sites across the city to prioritize the thousands of protesters and demonstrators that we have seen in the streets for the last two weeks. officials remain concerned of controlling a spike that could have resulted from those large-scale demonstrations. >> they certainly do. thank you for that report from new york. we are back now to our breaking news. moments from now the fired officer that kneeled on george floyd's neck will make the first appearance on the second-degree murder charge.
10:30 am
will we see the early defense? plus, also just learning the identity of the driver that rammed protesters in virginia this weekend. it was a kkk member and we will have more on that. a white man goes on an angry tirade against black lives matter protesters. i'll be speaking with that woman who stared him in the eye, next. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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today! joe biden's campaign release add statement that he does not believe that police should be defunded. this comes as president trump and his campaign tried to tie biden to the growing calls of protesters to defund the police and to paint him weak on crime. joining me now is democratic -- pardon me. excuse me. okay. we are going to speak just in a moment to a congresswoman on stand by. meantime, a retired navy captain apologized after using racial slurs in a conversation that he accidentally streamed live on facebook. we have cnn's rosa flores with that story. >> reporter: retired navy captain scott bethman resigned
10:36 am
after he and his wife accidentally livestreamed a conversation on facebook for more than 30 minutes. where he used racist language and slurs according to a statement from the alumni association and a family spokesperson. the jacksonville cap ter of the association said the nature of the comments are not consistent with our volunteer leadership or the navy. cnn affiliate obtained a statement through a spokesperson saying there's no words that can appropriately express how mortied and apoll jettic we are about the insensitive things we said that were captured on social media. cnn made attempts to speak to all parties involved and has not heard back. brianna? >> all right. thank you so much. i want to head to houston where the texas governor abbott is there and actually addressing the george floyd memorial. let's listen. >> i've had the opportunity to
10:37 am
visit with the george floyd family. and what a tremendous family. i tell you what. they love the state of texas. and george loved the state of texas. we are proud george floyd is a texan. today is a sad day. every since his death has been a sad day. this is the most horrific tragedy i have ever personally observed that george floyd is going to change the arc of the future of the united states. george floyd has not died in vain. his life will be a living legacy about the way that america and texas respond to this tragedy. i'm here to tell you today that i am committed to working with the family of george floyd to ensure we never have anything like this ever occur in the
10:38 am
state of texas. we're already working with legislators, we are working with his family. his family asked me and i promised his family that i would use and incorporate their family in these discussions, the discussions about the pathway forward. will not be taken over by politicians but led by family members, led by victims, led by the people who suffer because of racism for far too long in the state and in this country. we will, we will build a pathway forward. but in the meantime, in the meantime, we are working on peace and celebrating the remarkable life. i'm leaving now to go personally meet in person with the family of george floyd to in private give my condolences and give a flag flown over the texas
10:39 am
capitol in honor of george floyd. a couple of quick questions and then i have to go meet the family. >> governor, what do you think -- >> will change in texas after this reform? >> several things are already beginning to change and then additional things will change. the things that are currently changing is both in police departments and in city halls either some things that some actions have been taken and making sure that we will not have police brutality like what happened to george floyd. and then when we get to the texas legislature discussions have begun. remember this. texas has a legacy of success whether it be the timothy, the sandra bland act and maybe now the george floyd act to make sure that we prevent police brutality like this from happening in the future in texas. >> governor? >> two more. >> mya -- >> vice president everywhere -- >> say it again. >> thank you, sir.
10:40 am
i appreciate it. are you going to make sure, ensure that the police training and diversity training is implemented everywhere in the police -- >> very important point right there. because of the members of the legislature i have talked to already they said one of the charges that we have is we have inadequate training so we need better training before a police officer goes out on his first patrol and we need to make sure that that training is done repeatedly to make sure that they incorporate the appropriate training to make sure that what happened in minneapolis never happens in the state of texas. >> governor, the houston police has come under scrutiny for not releasing the body camera videos of in houston six officer-involved shootings. do you believe there should be some statewide policy as for whether or not body worn cameras should be released from all
10:41 am
police departments in the state of texas and implement that as a legislator? >> i signed the body camera law into law. i wanted to ensure that there would be a recording of every interaction that police officers have with people that they encounter and done on purpose to make sure that we would know what happened so the public gets to see what is happening with those police officers. i don't know the specific circumstances you are talking about but that law signed by me for greater disclosure of interaction that police officers have. thank you all very much. >> one more question. >> is it time to -- >> i can't hear you. >> ivanka trump is dropped as a commencement speaker over the administration's protest response. plus, moments from now, the fired officer who kneeled on george floyd's neck will make his first court appearance on the second-degree murder charge. plus, we are also just
10:42 am
learning the identity of the driver that rammed protesters in virginia this weekend. it was a kkk member. we will have more on that.
10:43 am
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we have some breaking news, a man charged with intentionally driving his car into the group of protesters is the head of the ku klux klan. ryan nobles joins us. tell us what you learned. >> reporter: this happened on sunday evening, a group of protesters that were peacefully demonstrating just outside of richmond, virginia, and that's where this man harry rogers took the truck into the crowd and
10:47 am
according to a release from the commonwealth attorney revved the engine and ran his truck into some of those protesters. there were some proest thors that were hit by the truck. at this point they say that none of them were seriously injured but the man who has been arrested is a gentleman by the name of harry rogers charged with felony vandalism and assault and battery and held without bond and what is interesting is that the commonwealth's attorney shannon taylor said judging by the social media charges he is a part of the ku klux klan and also someone who sympathizes with confederate ideology so as a result taylor is now looking into possible hate crimes charges against rogers. there's still a lot we don't know about the situation, exactly where they base this on, just a social media post? more to it? bringi
10:48 am
brianna, there's uproar of the actions over the weekend, many people sharing this video of him in the big blue truck and led to the outcry, the investigation, the calls to find him. police arresting him and charging him. he is expected to be in court for a hearing on august 18th. brianna? >> ryan nobles, thank you for that from virginia. now to the commencement speech that wasn't. this one involving first daughter ivanka trump. trump is blaming what's popular known as cancel culture after a technical school in kansas sided with student and faculty demands and shut down ivanka trump's virtual commencement speech in light of her father's response to george floyd's death and the handling of protests and protests in washington. she posted an excerpt of the speech she was planning to make. >> you commence at a moment unlike any other. america and the world are battling a terrible pandemic, the seat is engaged in a
10:49 am
national endeavor to protect our fellow citizens and open up america again to rebuild our economy. and take care of the safety and well-being of our people. you are a wartime graduate. >> a graduate of wichita state university in 2018 and tell us, you signed an open letter that opposed this speech. tell us why. >> yeah. thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you having me. i think at a time when black communities and allies throughout the united states and even the world at this point have been risking their lives to prevent the system at large of per pech waiting the silence they invited a daughter of a man who has a platform, the power, the resources and the ability to heal our nation and truly work towards deconstructing the system but ofly none of that transpired. ivanka trump is complicit as her father to incite violence against the people that want to
10:50 am
end it and i think that seeing her is the definition of an alliship. she talked about equality, spoken on unity and achieving justice but that's all completely unsupported by the policies or tangible constructions or change so i think inviting someone of that caliber to a support students of color and in an environment of equity and justice, it sends a different message. >> you've probably seen part of her address because she posted it online. we just played some of it. in another part she talks about all of the effort, including tears, that have gone inwhat students have done. for instance, critics have used that image, along with tear gas too, sort of play off of her using the word, "tears." what have you thought about her
10:51 am
address? >> um, so i didn't read the entire thing. i can tell you i've cried a lot too. and i can tell you a lot of act vss doing more than me have cried a lot. when she passively watched as her father ordered federal agents to spread this tear gas in front of the washington protesters, i think that's very further corroborates what i'm saying. tell me you have these tears and you want to make these changes, but there has been no paolicy that helps the fight we're in. so, how can someone speak about inclusion when her senior advisor haven't been able to contribute towards them being able to have the same liberties that she does. i think that further illustrates my point even more. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. and this just in. joe biden's campaign has
10:52 am
releasinged a statement saying he does not believe that police should be defunded. as president trump and his campaign, who have tried to tie biden on the growing calls to pro -- defund police. and you were pepper sprayed by police when you pepper sprayed a group of demonstrators. can you explain as many of the protesters have been calling to defund police, exactly what they're calling for. and that may be a number of different things. what does that mean to defund police? >> i think you're hearing that from a number of sources. but what i'm most proud of is that today we announced, the democrats with congressional black caucus, with speaker nancy pelosi, justice in policing act of 2020, and it goes far into not allowing police officers to
10:53 am
do the no-choke hold. it also bans them from racial profiling. it also bans the no knock. calls for a data basis system so police can't go from one police force, after being terminated, into another police force. a whole host of things that will help us change the culture. it's bold, unprecedented. but look at the time year in. i was, as you said, at a peaceful protest march, and in just a few seconds things went awrie because there was unnecessary force. no announcement of the pepper spray. when those protesters were out there wanting to be heard in light of what decades and decades of racial profiling of the disparities with african-americans incenseless lives being taken, they wanted to be heard. and what we're doing now, across this nation, and
10:54 am
internationally, is getting a different kind of atoengz where we must put action in to place and that's what you're seeing in congress. we're not putting additional funds into the police department. our recommendation is to rearrange those funds and make them put training into place. culture change, protocols, and i think that's extremelyfective or should be. >> so too, that point t seems like when people are talking about defunding the police there, are many different positions on this. we've heard from people who have taken an extreme point of view where maybe they don't see the need for police. and then you have people, it sounds like yourself, you see the need for police, but want to see maybe resources, reallocated. is that kind of a good way to explain this? >> i think there's a combination of things that gives us a win win.
10:55 am
i do think that you do need citizen review and community review boards. i think we must be more engaged with the citizens at large. and i think that would be helpful. i don't think we should put more funds in. i think we should look at the culture and protocols. and they need drastic changes. when military forces brought into the local communities, we need to take a look at that. we need to change the culture of what we have right now. we need not to put additional funds. we need to take those funds and reallocate them to things more appropriate that we're hearing from some of the same individual whose are saying we should defund the police department. they have other demands also that i fully support in our bill, justice in the policing act, also includes that. i've also introduced a resolution 990 that talks about
10:56 am
racism is a national crisis. and it includes many of those same things that we need to do. at looking at the disparities, discrimination in police force and also in health care, in economy, in the criminal justice system, in housing. so, we know that there are many systemic problems we have to take a look at. >> congresswoman, thank you for being with us. congresswoman, joyce beatty. >> thank you. right now the fired officer who kneel on george floyd's neck is making his first court appearance on the 2nd degree murder charge, that was updated after initially a third degree charge. might we see an early defense? it's a new day for veterans all across america.
10:57 am
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fqtsz we're at the top of the hour now. you are looking at live pictures we have out of houston where the public visitation for george flied is underway in his home town. this church is expecting thousands of mouf thousand mourners to pay their respects to the unarmed black man killed in minneapolis. this has called for changes in police departments around the country. greg abbott met with the floyd family. he spoke to mourners last hour. >> this is the most horrific tragedy i've ever personally observed. george floyd is going to change the arc of the future of the united states. george floyd has not died in vein. his life will be a living legacy about the way that