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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 5, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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while donald trump watched fourth of july fireworks in washington, d.c., protesters, he suggested, are like nazis, brought down a christopher columbus statue in baltimore, maryland. we'll have the latest from a divided america. theçóe1 global coronavirus fight, doctors in australia want the government to slow down its reopening, i'll speak with the head of the country's medical associatio
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during a pandemic was a challenge in many parts of the united states. ♪ the pres!d+ and first lady did host a traditional celebration without much social distancing. but in his few remarks about covid-19, the president again downplayed its impact on the country. instead, his fury has " directed at scenes like-gthis. several hundred people cheering here as a statue of christopher columbus in baltimore was pulled down and tossed into the harbor. the fourth of july is a time to celebrate how americans came together to gain independence,e but that is not theq tone president trump is using to mark the holiday. cnn's jeremy diamond has more about it from the white house.e1 >> reporter: well, on fourth ofd
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remarks, but president trump e1 this evening for the second night in a row focusing his independence day remarks on exploiting cultural divisions among americans, particularly at this time of deep division in america with two crises both th coronavirus pandemic and these áhju reckoning on racism in america. president trump delivering thess in america, radical leftists as he called them to the fight against nazis in world war ii. >> american heroes defeated the nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved q1 american values, upheld america1 principles and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of defeating the radical left, the
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marxists, the anarchists, the xd agitators, the looters, and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what ok they are doing.xdxd >> reporter: now, president trump on saturday also said that we will not allow anyone to divide our citizens by race or background. those remarks fairly remarkable coming from this president, oneó who started his campaign by e1 decrying mexican immigrants as c criminals and rapists, a w3 president who called for a total ban on muslims entering the u.
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statues of founding fathers as 1 he claimed in this speech. instead he's focused on protecting confederate namesakes and monuments. that's been the heart of the president's focus over the last week. yet now he's trying to recast that battle, but certainly thes3 remarks from the president on the fourth of july where america is facrg the crises, divisive and not unifying for this country. jeremy diamond, cnn, the white house. the coronavirus has scarcelk been mentioned in president trump's recent speeches, though he did falsely claim that 99% oó all cases are, quote, totally harmless. there is no medical evidence to1 support that. but as far as mr. trump is concerned, the pandemic is under control. >> we have made a lot of progress, our strategy is moving along well. it goes out in one area and rears back its ugly face in another area. but we learned a lot.e1çó
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we learned how to put out the flame. >> even if the president doesn't acknowledge it, the coronavirus is still a major threat from coast to coast. at least 36 states are reporting a rising number of cases. florida, arizona, and texas all posted record numbers of new infections this week, as did california. take a look at this chart. hospital beds in the state areo filling up to capacity. the spike in cases prompted officials to curtail july 4th celebrations. paul vercammen is in huntington beach with a look at how the virus changed one big holiday tradition.e1e1 >> reporter: partçó of the strategy to stop the spread of coronavirus shut down beaches in southern california. this is huntington beach, ourth of july weekend, people would be layingk down their towels and they would be right next to each other. enjoying a day at the beach and
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later on a huge fireworks display. the fireworks display canceled. they pat)táu$ of july parade here, canceled. they a smaller community parade where they weave through and by people's homes. the idea again is to have all these counties in lockstep with each other and not having the beaches open. santa barbara, ventura, los e1q angeles, and orange county shut down their beaches, san diego did not.jf but as they -- the police spokeswoman said here, important that four of those five did shut down. >> we're not the only one that is open. we're not the only one closed. so the message is there. we're closing down, but just fo3 a few days, let's try to flatten the curve again and make sure we can stay safe. >> reporter: so good vibrations up and down the california coast. >> big time. let's keep it chill.e1e1 >> repor2-úiájj$p' eerie sight as huntington beach is shut down and some people in southern california getting creative. i came upon a group of three sunbathers in manhattan beach and what they did was they laid their towels down on a e1
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cement walkway, they said they just needed to get in their rays. california at times is a source for unique innovation. reporting from huntington beach, paul vercammen, back to you.g >> thank you, paul. that was innovation. u florida is one of the biggest u.s. hot spots now, reporting yet another record number of new cases on saturday. and surpassing the worst day for new cases in new york. but that's not stopping some people from celebrating the holiday as they always do. they're hitting the beach, which ise1 open in one area. here's boris sanchez in clearwater.e1 >> reporter: ae of florida.5a more than 11,000 new coronavirus cases reported here in the last1 24 hours. that means that in the first three days of july, thehgáate has seen over 30,000 new covid cases. to give you some perspective, the state of florida saw about 100,000 new cases in the month 1
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of june alone. local leaders, the state's governor ron desantis, leaving r 1zejt)(rals to determine what restrictions theç wanted to put in place. on the western part of the statf outside tampa at clearwater beach, people were coming all day to enjoy the waves, play sports, enjoy the sand and surf as well. there are signs out warning people to try to stay socially d distant at six feet apart from people who do not share the same household, also asking groups t1 not congregate, groups of ten or more are not allowed here. though throughout the day we did see groups of much larger than ten people enjoying the beach. i spoke to one woman named kathy who told me she moved from alabama to florida in the middls of the pandemic, she says that she's concerned about the risk of coronavirus, but she wanted 1 to enjoy a holiday weekend on the beach. here's more what she shared with hink we all should wear masks and protect ourselves as berí#we can, you know, and xd
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keep, you know, keep the social distancing going on and, you know, that's it.xd if we're going to get it, we're going to get it. i'm happy to be here.xd i know the numbers are going up. enjoying life?s, but why4stop e >> reporter: the question is what the numbers will do two weeks from now.e1 after the memorial dayx.v ñ when we saw so many large crowds incubation period for the coronavirus, so all eyu on the numbers about 14 days from now. boris sanchez, cnn, clearwater beach, florida. it may be surprising for many is that while the coron lirus is spiking in the u.s., the fatality rate right now is steady. of course, that could change. health officials saye1 there ara number of reasons why the death rate may fluctuate.
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>> younger people tend to die less, our median age in the hospital has dropped from about 62 to about w348. younger people are less likely to die. the other thing is we also have gotten better at treating the disease, not much better, but somewhat better. and the increase in testing. in some states like florida, you see an increase inñi deaths ase well as increase infá cases. >> we're going to turn now to a situation developing in ok australia. the australian medical association ist( calling for a pause in easing coronavirus restrictions. that is because of a spike in new cases in melbourne. there were nearly 200 new cases reported in victoria state over the past two days. and officials had put thousands ofx÷ u1% housing residents on what they're calling aok hardfá lockdown. >> this is not about punishment. this is about protection. we cannot have a cohort of
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people, many ofw3 whom, not all but many of whom in poor health to start with, we can'tt( have this virus spread.  to contain the virus and that's why staying in your unit, staying in your flat, is absolutely essential. >> let's talk more about it. joining me now from melbourne to talk about it is dr. tony bartoni, president of the australian medical association. we appreciate you coming on. i want to ask you, what is particularly alarming about this outbreak in these housing units? >> good morning, natalie. thank you for the opportunity to talk to you this morning. >> of course. >> this -- these óomoutbreaks aa significant concernñi because the virus, in first wave, between the months of late february, right through toe1 ju, we effectively managed to -- the first wave of covid-19. we had some 103 cases of
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reported fatalities. unfortunately. and just under 8,000 casesw3 of now to the lastc week or two, i victoó , we have seen a significant spike after a number cases, we're nowb seeintz the spikes that we're seeing. and in particular, in the facility where -- in this housing block oflp houses -- hoe 3,000ok residents of thew3 -- o1 nine facilities. that is a large group of lower soc socioeconomicxd residents in cle proximity, with many chronic illnesses as is part of their makeup and that puts them very susceptible to becoming infecte. having been identified that there ajet some -- a number of people testing positive in those
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units, which have common entrye points, and elevators to the floors in terms of takingzv th up to those. andzve1 that's why thee1 premi the authorities have put in a hard t(lockdown measure on thos units. >> one can understand, because this is importante1 that it be contained because there could be risks if this isn't controlled, that itu could spread beyond ts city, to some areas of australia. >> well, as a nation, we had a reallyi] good community driven response to thee1 myures that have seen us achieve the results t we're at the stage where a month ago we started relaxing a number of the fárestrictions. we had various states have had harder border lockdown measures and achieved even faster results and have started thee1 relaxati at a faster rate than the rest of the country. but clearly what you're seeing
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in melbourne, victoria at the t( moment, is an example of when this suppression strategy that weñrxdfáe1 -- that we're utiliz terms of our response to covid-19, the suppression strategy means that we have to learn to co-habitate and live with the virus as part of the problem in the community until we get a vaccine. we can't stay locked down ìc% we need to get back to some form of economic and social activity. so we need to co-exist, respect the virus and understand that we have to live in a different covid-19 world where we have to do the social distancing, where we have thew3 importance on cou ing hands and staying away from work or school with any symptoms. and, of course, we're testing enormous amount of thei] population, something like about 2.7 million australians have had a covid-19 e1test, that's almos one in ten e1australians, and
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that's really underpinning our ability to search out and seek anyq new cases, cases, andeq$r'd isolate them and contact trace, which is the premise of the foundingçó principles of suppression strategy at the moment. until we get a virus, that's the new world we have to live in. >> right. and we're seeing similare1ñi situations here in the united states, we're seeing spikes in so many states and underlying problem is people not heeding the advice of health officials. so what we're seeing in melbourne kind of represents a starkt( ñrreality, like we're sg here, to howxd quickly things c change with this pandemic. >> and that is true.e1 obviously we'rexd unfortunately the scale and the magnitude of the numbers in your country, especially as youñi celebrate yr july 4th holiday weekend is a sobering reminder of indeed the
2:16 am
power and theñr -- and the enormous force of this virus can wreak havoc for the community. we have seen a situation where we got on top of it, we don't want to see ituzz really grab holdt( again. we have the second highest number of cases reported in the state, since the outbreak first started to take records, and, of course, we're really concerned and we're very worried and really the message that we're trying to say to thee1 communit is one that the rest of the other public authorities around the world arefá saying and thats that the importance of those measures, those e1guidelines, a dealing and respecting the virus and minimizing thee1 possibilit of spread. k a survival of the fittest, it is a survival of those thatñi actually heed the message and put into place what they needt( to do. $u$is development in melbourne and we hope it goes well. dr. tony bartoni, thank you for
2:17 am
your time. we appreciate youri] insights. >> thank you very much. >> sure. up next here, england's much loved pubs have officially reopened. and it is pretty much like any york, excuse me, there in london, littleñi room and lots people. we're live in london next. "
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download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. londoners took advantage of pubs and restaurants reopening for first time since march with apparently no respect for social distancing e1fáguidelines. the famous soho district.jf you can see people standing close together wi' ñ no face coverings. anna stewart joins me live from london. this has been a long wait for many people. and that scene right there is certainly not what probably health officials were wanting to see. >>i] well, this ist( what peopl were concerned about.
2:22 am
for most part, in england yesterday, it was easedw3 out o its hibernation, people did behave responsibly, getting their first haircuts, sitting in restaurants, getting a pint inside a pub for first time in over three months. as you cani] see, there were instances of overcrowding in ([1mq night. no social distancinge1 appearin to be taken heed of there. and also some instances outside of london as well. z show you a tweet a policeman in hampshire in heast england. he said what was crystal clear is that drunk people can't/won't socially distance. it was a busy night, but the shift managed to cope. i know othereq$p)eas have had issues with officers being assaulted. now heading home to those atkll on shift please stay safe. this was the big concern in the uk. it still is. it is a concern across the world. how do you balance the needs of helping economies gettingok goi, %u$em out of deep slumps and keeping a lid on the spread of the virus, which is still
2:23 am
very much a veryçóxd real risk across the world. and i thinzóñi the government h warned thei] public plenty of e1 times, if there outbreaks of th3 virus, we will reimpose lockdowl restrictions. the instances were few and far between. they are worrying and people will beçó hoping that that was one off, overexuberance on day one of the lifting of lockdown on day one. >> we hope okso. anna stewart for us, thank you, anna. iraq's battered healthcare system is struggling with a huge n virus cases. and deaths. saturday officials reported more than 2,000 new cases bringing the total to more than 58,000. and they say the death toll rose by more than 100 to stand at around 2300.oy &hc the pandemic is sweeping the whole country, but it is hitting theok capital of baghdad especially hard. a senior international ñ hospitals are overwhelmed and
2:24 am
people are terrified. >> reporter: they wait to verify the names of the dead. their sorrow is silent. much like the enemy that claimed those they love. yousef lost his parents and his sister to covs&kln oneok after the other. they xdunderestimated the virus they did not understand how to protect themselves from the spread. we are terrified now, we are 100% lpconvinced,jf he says.ok the burials happen atok 5a lar ñ dips. final prayers carried out by strangers. we are getting around 70 to 80 bodies a day, he says. and it is expected to get much worse across this country, whose medicale1 infrastructure was already decimated by decades of sanctions, war and corruption.xd
2:25 am
prevalence due to lack of proper measures and ppe. >> i was with my family when the head manager of the hospital contacted me to inform me that the result of pcr is positive for covid-19.ue1 >> reporter: the doctor filmed the moment he told his children he was sick.t( prom$gr'g them he would be back, not knowing if it would be a promise he would keep. >>e1 for any person it is a painful moment that you say good-bye to your childrene1 and your family and you doe1 not kn whether you will return backe1 not. >> reporter: luckily he did and is now recovering. we were sox8:ujrq" about mommy and daddy because of corona one of his daughtersxdfá says upon
2:26 am
return with the others chiming in. but the doctor fears fori] the worst for his country. >> with coronavirus cases now jumped due tolpe1 government det in providinge1 protection measures, the people ande1 openg the remark ets a sxd markets malls. >> reporter: people are trying to secure a psupply of oxygen fr iraq knowse1 loss on a mass sca, wars that bled into each other. a member of iraq's security forcesxd apologizes for his inability to keep his emotions in check.lp it is his mother who died.t( arwa damon, cnn, istanbul. as the u.s. president
2:27 am
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welcome backzv to our view here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta.u independence day in the u.s. means different things to different americans. these two images prove it. on the." left of your screen, donald trump watched fireworks down on comparing far left
2:31 am
agitators to nazis. on the right, the very protesters the president called out tearing down a statue of ómbus in maryland because they say he represents a racist history that should not be venerated. with me now to discuss the president's>3u(jtt over the holidaye1 is leslie vinjamuri a chatham house, a think tank based in london. good morning, leslie,lp thanks r coming on. >> good morning, natalie. >> first up here, the president used dark and divisive language over this holiday, addressing the country. he framed the hundreds ofjf thousands of protesters demonstrating over race issues as, quote,fá nefarious left win mob that intends to end america. what do you make of his words and his message that we have heard in past two days? >> so i think we're seeing a president who is grasping for straws, who is desperate to hold on, who sees a countrye1 that h is leading respond to a
2:32 am
pandemic, a health crisis, an economic crisis one1 a scale we haven't seen in decades respond very poorly because of his leadership and it is show up in the polls.çó so president trump is doubling down on his racist narrative, he's looking to probably a hard core of his base to mobilize them, to energize them, but natalie, it is not working. if you look at the data that is coming out on, for example, the number of americans who have engaged in the protests of -- xd surrounding the black lives movement after the brutal killing of george floyd, people are estimating between 15 and 26 million americans have
2:33 am
tremendously divisive and if yo( sit where i sit, in london, in europe, looking back at america, it is just devastating, it is devastating and qtwáe frankly t( shocking to watch.q >> and on that, the shocking to watch part, i do want to elaborate a bit. a former u.s. ambassador to russia called the president's mount rushmore speech as the most un-american speech ever given by a u.s. president on the used raised concern. i want you to listen to how a noted presidential historian said earlier on cnn about that he's hearing from president trump this weekend. here he is. >> donald trump is showing us how joe mccarthy would have %9q9ñ mccarthy was obviously just a senator from wisconsin, but raised havoc with his e1 anti-communist crusade.c and here you have a president of the united states on july 4th in
2:34 am
the middle of a ceremony on the national mall, tv cameras around the world, using the opportunit( to divide our nation, to call his opponents radicals and good for nothing anarchists and the i like, this is appalling. >> and as you said, leslie, it is shocking as well. is there any surprise, though, that this president is taking this approach or is this his a5eát+(jj)pá appeals to ñr his base. >> it is the same playbook, natalie, it is -- the words that we just heard are exactly right. the same playbook but taking it3 in a darker and more dangerous beginning of hise1 presidency, he was speaking out against immigrants, foreigners, it was divisive and problematic3 now he's turning that inwards and he's dividing americans ttacking e1ñi certain segment of the american jh#rankly
2:35 am
doesn't exist in the way he portrays it. >> professor lpvinjamuri there told me thm1 president could ba champion of unity during this challenging time, but donald trump is unlikely to change tha3 playbook she talked about. florida has become one of the coronavirus epicenters in the united states, reporting yet another record of new cases on v8uu)day.t( and the president's response to the pandemic could sway a critical demographic in that critical state come november. cnn'shkoff zeleny has that from st. petersburg. >> well, o doesn't have a chance. he blew it. >> reporter: john dudley is talking about president trump, whoi] hezv supported four year, but won't again. >> he had everything, we were so excited in the beginning. like a business. and it hasn't happened. all he succeeded in doing is juiced upok the stock g
2:36 am
now that's -- because of coronavirus. >> reporter: dudley is a retired banker in the face of a new trump campaign worry, losing the senior vote. amid summertime signs of anxiety from the beach to testing sites for soaring covid cases. here in florida, people 65 andt older made up 21% of the vote in 2016. trump won that group by 17 points. polls now show joe biden with an edge among seniors in keyxdt( battleground states and nationally. >> i just think this has got to be a wake-up call to a big portion of america. i thi:x a lot of people stayed home in 2016 because they weren't happy with hillary. >> reporter: for trump, there is virtually no path to winning without florida, which make places like the on top of the world retirement community critical terrain. >> i had to change parties. i could not doe1 this anymore. >> reporter: paula abandoned the republican party, marcia lund still considers herself a republican but not a trump one. >> i hoped he would turn out to
2:37 am
be a great president, but it didn't happen. >> reporter: even loyal trump supporter robert blethine1 hope the president would do one thing. >> wear a mask. we're doing it.xd we're supporting him. zez florida's gulf coast, trump won pinellas county by one percentage point, the same margin he carried the state. since then,çó democrats have se afá new surge in voter registration. >> there are more democrats not than there used to be in years past. >> reporter: do you know any people who voted for trump last time who are not going to this@d time? >> actually ie1 know e1several. includinglp myt( son and grands. >> reporter: thee1 airwaves are already noisy. including this trump ad questioning biden's fitness for office. >> trump is not that much younger. but in the case of joe biden, i think his inherentfá wisdom and his desire to surround himself with the best people, that's the wrong place to talk about age. >> it is the great state of
2:38 am
florida. >> reporter: sheila griffin, secretary of the county gop, believes the president's record and resilience will lead to his re-election. 'x you're talking to the base, his standing is as strong as ever and has not changed. >> reporter: as biden supporters gear up for november, trump is a motivating force for them. >> trump is our biggest ally. just an enormous amount of energy that i've seen, never seen before. >> reporter: so four months before election day, democrats do now have a voter registration advantage here in pinellas county. some 10,000 more registered voters than republicans. in 2016, democrats and republicans were essentially dynamics here that is going to be playing out over the next four months, seniors, so critical, of course, to president trump winning florida again. jeff zeleny,cnn, st.fá e1 petersburg, florida. next here, a sad and worrying mystery, why are hundreds of elephants dying? it is probably not poachers.
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hundreds of elephants have died in botswana and no one knowswhy. so far there is now3 evidence poachers axep to blame. now conservationists are raising the alarm saying the cause must be discovered soon or the results could be b.caty'vi=ph. david me1ckenzie has our report. and a warning, thise1 story contains distressing images. >> reporter: from the air, the investigations revealed carcass after decaying carcass, deadxd elephantsa5e1 sw s scattered a delta. >> this is i]unprecedented. you expect to have afá significt dieoff duri.#á the drye1 season in drought. but we're in flood, no other animals are dying. >> reporter: he says the issue was first identified in early
2:43 am
may. since then, more and more have been found. it is now believed more than 360 elephants havee1 died, butzf5 n >> this isn't just a conservation crisis. there is the potential for this to spill over into people. and at sf time of covid-19 when1 zoonotic disease is on everybody's minds, i think it is absolutely behoove upon the government to go and make sure those samples are taken so we know what it is. >> reporter: the government on botswana says investigations regarding the unexplainede1 deas p botswana is homeehwo one third f africa's elephant population. a population that ise1 constant under threat from poaching, habitat loss, andt( now this. >> those elephants that live
2:44 am
there, they do travele1e1 a ver long way.t( theye1 go toe1 zambia, and anan there are four countries potentially affected by this. >> reporter: at this stage, conservationists aren't ruling anything out. david mckenzie, cnn, south africa. >> whatt( a distressing story there. we'll continue to follow any upr!res on what is going on. next here on "cnn newsroom" -- >> i want people to look at my art and go home and feel that, the art work made my day. that made my travels in the street. >> something to make doctors and nurses smile through the tp'des) on a special day for the uk's national health service. oh my god, i'm so happy! excellence crème, by l'oréal paris. we're all worth it.
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the united kingdom is paying tribute to the national health service on its 72nde1 anniversa. the prime minister's residence was illuminated along with other landmarks to honor healthcare workers, especially those fighting the spread of the coronavirus. cnn's salma abdelaziz shows us the tributes in london. >> reporter: all over the country, graffiti art like this honoring the country's public
2:49 am
healthcare system known as the nhs has poppeezup. it ise1 one of the most beloved institutions in the uk, made up of the doctors ande1 nurses and frontline healthcare workers who have been battling this pandemic for the last three months. it is not just dpgraffiti art le this. there is billboards, ñrposters, crayon drawings in the windows of homes saying we love the nhs. on the 72nd anniversary of this organization, the country wants commemorate the sacrifices they have made. key buildings will bee1 litñr u blue.fá there is also a clap scheduled so everybody can applaud and commemorate those healthcare workers. i spoke to the artist who painted this drawing, nathan bowen. he told me he wanted healthcare workers to have something nice to look at as they made their way to the clinics and hospitals and care homes across this country. >> it makes them smile. i want to inspire people. i want peoplee1 to look at mye1 and go home and feelt( that, yo
2:50 am
that artworkñi made my day,e@sl that made my travels in the street. myxd artworkxi; for people tha when they're on their way to work, watching people look at, like the boring buildings when they can look at artwork. >> reporter: i want to show you another piece of art work dedicated to the nhs, this one there ist( another message here. take a closer look. each and every face is either brown or black, people of color. i spoke to the artist who drew me it was important to acknowledgejf the have playedc during this pandemic. a big portion of the healthcare worker population,ñi especially here in london, are people of do know that those of color were disproportionatelq impacted by coronavirus, according to the government's own data, minorities were more likely to be exposed to the virus and more likely to become seriously ill from it. the artist wanted everyone to remember and acknowledge that as
2:51 am
they walked past thisñr work of art. now, dozens of healthcare workers lost their lives during this pandemic. we don't yet knowfáfá the final death toll. but this anniversary comes at a particularly difficult, and poignant time in the nhs' history and perhaw) now more than ever this country needs its healthcare workq. salma abdelaziz, cnn, london. amid all the tragedy this pandemic is bringing, there t(a, of course, uplifting stories and we have got one for you. this one is from new hampshire, surely can be called a sur vovi. she beatw3çó the 1918 influenzae beatw3 cancer and she beat coronavirus. as she tells gary tuchman, she's always feeling lucky. >> reporter: we headed to new hampshire to meet this remarkable womane1 who just recovered from the coronavirus. do you feel lucky today? >> i always feel lucky.
2:52 am
i neverw3 hadçó any real problen my life. everything seemed to fall into place. g an incredible attitude, considering all that has happened in the life of 102-year-old gerri schappels. >> she had these what we call the spanish flu, which was the a huge pandemic during the first world war. >> reporter: gerri's family sayd she survived the influenza pandemic in the early 20th century. and the coronavirus in the early 21st century. back in 1918, little gerri and her mother were both seriously ill. >> the doctor told her father, they're both going to die.ok ñ my opinion. >> reporter: gerri went to lp college, became a teacher and got married right after world war ii.çó
2:53 am
her husband diedçó almost four decades ago. but they had two cóchildren. after gerri ó[retired, she had breast cancer andeiitjjz cancer and beat both. can i call you gerri? >> delighted. >> reporter: it is delightful to meet you. >> thank you. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> wonderful. >> reporter: you're an amazing woman. >> why? >> reporter: i'm going to tell5a you why. you're modest. but you had coronavirus and 101 years ago you had spanish flu. and you survived it twice. you're an amazing woman. >> i am. >> reporter: she is a resident iy%9 nashua, for several years now. >> hey, month ! >> reporter: on thise1 day, her daughter came to pay a visit. social distancing and masks still required. >> how are you doing? >> we have to keep the mask on? >> yes, we have to keep the mask on. do you recognize the top? you should, i stolee1 it from y. don't think you're getting it back.e1-9
2:54 am
>> reporter: the employees of her senior community were upset and saddened when she tested positive for the coronavirus. but when they told her the diagnosis -- >> she had an incredible attitude. and she, you know, took everyt( day and said, ifá guess i'm sic they told me i'm sick, but i'm not sick. >> reporter: like the spanish flu and the two bouts of cancñ% 102-year-old e1t(gerri managed fendn&o off the coronavirus asr well. thank you for letting us meet you. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: gary tuchman,nb c nashua,ñr new hampshire. attitude is everythingn< social justice protests have put a renewed focus on some sports teams names.e1 now ron rivera, headxd coach of the washington redskins, says a new name may be on thee1 horizo. rivera says he's working on a replacement with the team's owner. many native americans consider the nature to be a slur. the return of sport got an
2:55 am
earlier start outside the united states, and now athletes in ]njd on the issues of the day as competition gets under way. here's cnn's patrick snell with that. >> reporter: english football's ongoing battle against racism, manchester united superstar paul showing his support for the black lives matter movement with powerful imagery in a new haircut.e1 and ahead ofe1 kickoff, united d bournemouthfá players taking a knee in a show of solidarity. the match itself seeing the red show, firste1 of his two goals, fierce drivexde1 with thee1 lef and united 5-2 winners over the cherries. to italy, it took 43fá attempts but christian o ronaldo scored n the 4-1xd darby win over torino. and double delight for bayernok
2:56 am
munich. goals number 50 and 51 for the l5aaign in the 4-2 triumph. powerful imagery too ahead of sunday's austrianfá grand prix following the delayed start to the formula 1 season goo to the global pandemic. in a strong stance against racism, the mercedes car with both teamslp drivers world 4ph! valterri e1botas wearing black overalls. tj2m englishman is the only blak leading voices in support of the black lives matter movement. all 20 drivers are expected to bei] wearing race rs and t-shir , úq) on, but whether they take a knee remains to be seen. patrick snell, cnn, atlanta. thank you for watching. i'll see you next time.
2:57 am
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