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tv   Election Day in America  CNN  November 4, 2020 5:00am-7:00am PST

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coast, 5:00 in the west and a divided nation wakes up without a dinner in the presidential election. at least not yet. this nail biter of a race is coming down to several key states where millions of votes are still being counted at this very moment and that counting, that very counting, is something we should rejoice in. this is what it's all about. joe biden has 224 electoral votes to the president's 213, but with many states still left to be called where the race is stunningly close, president trump has falsely claimed victory. attacking legitimate vote counting efforts and making baseless claims of fraud. former vice president joe biden is calling for patience and his campaign calls the president's words outrageous and unprecedented. i want to get right to the numbers that tell the story and that is where we start with the cnn key race alert. these are the states where they are counting and where it is stunningly close. let's start with pennsylvania,
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with 75% of the vote in and 20 electoral votes up for grabs the president leads by some 600,000 votes, but -- and this is the story we will tell throughout the morning -- we are waiting for votes to come in from major population centers that could make the major difference. michigan next, with 16 electoral votes up for grabs, the president leads by 26,000 votes. this margin has been narrowing almost by the minute throughout the last hour. again, we're waiting on vote to come in from major population centers. wisconsin a little bit ahead of these two other states, we've been watching wisconsin maybe tell the story of the morning, joe biden now with a 20,000 vote lead there, ten electoral votes up for grabs, not much vote left to be counted in wisconsin. now, georgia, hasn't been a lot of counting in the last few hours in georgia. donald trump holds a 100,000 vote lead for those 16 electoral votes, but, again, we are waiting on vote to come in from the atlanta area, major urban
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centers which could tilt toward the democrats. a couple other states we have our eyes on this morning, let's take a look at arizona now with 11 electoral votes, joe biden leading by 130,000 votes with 82% of the vote in. maricopa county still a lot of outstanding vote to count. we don't know which way that leans because we are not quite sure when those votes were cast. north carolina, the president with a 76,000 vote margin, 95% in, 15 electoral votes up for grabs. we are counting that throughout the morning. in nevada, which is interesting, it is very close in nevada. this is a state the democrats have won three times in a row. joe biden is clinging to a 7,000 vote margin with 86% in. those six electoral votes by the end of today could be crucial in piecing together a margin of victory particularly for joe biden. so let's dig a little deeper now. let's look at the electoral college map and the road to 270. this is where things stand. again, joe biden with 224,
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donald trump with 213, but look at all the states in white. those states will make the difference. what happens there, what happens with the votes we're counting now will determine who the next president of the united states is. let's walk over to the magic wall and talk to phil mattingly. phil, you've been up all night and the story has changed over the course of the night. i want to go state by state, if i can, to where they are counting now, what votes remain and what it means. let's start with pennsylvania the biggest of these states, 20 electoral votes up for grabs. >> as it currently stands the biggest lead for president trump in terms of the states that have still not been called. right now donald trump as you just noted, 55% to 43%, 618,000 vote lead in the state of pennsylvania. 75% reporting, though, that's the key along with where the vote is still outstanding. if you are a democrat you went into last night to election night looking at philadelphia and the counties surrounding philadelphia. you looked at allegheny county the home of pittsburgh, those
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were the places where you needed your vote to come in and you needed your vote to come in big. those are the places where if you start to tick through you see the vote is not in. it's in big, but it's not in entirely. one of the questions going into the night, we saw it in the inverse to some degree, john, if you remember look at ohio, look at north carolina, early in the night it was blue, it was blue. well, let me quickly move back to ohio to give you a sense of things of how it actually ended. yeah, ohio turned out was not in play when it came down to t this is a similar margin to 2016, however, we spent so much of the early night talking about it. why? because of when the vote was reported and what kind of vote was reported. pennsylvania is the inverse of that. election day vote has been reported early, waiting for mail vote. mail vote largely absentee, vote by mail, largely democratic across the country. you can go through the counties, montgomery county, still 23% outstanding, expect margins to grow. move over to bucks county, a little bit more of a swingier
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county, that margin unlikely to stay where it is right now, 55% reporting. the story of pennsylvania is unquestionably a massive lead for president trump. it is also a massive amount of outstanding vote in democratic strong holds. >> is the story of the last few hours and the story of the minute is the votes that are coming in are largely votes from major urban centers, they are largely absentee and mail-in votes and both of those things tend to skew democratic. so democrats we have seen close margins. case in point, the state of michigan. >> yeah. look, michigan over the course of the last couple of hours i could tell you two and a half hours ago michigan was a 220,000 vote lead for donald trump. where is it right now? 26,416 votes. 86% reporting. if you are democrats right now you are pulling this back and saying where is the outstanding vote and what you're seeing is making you confident. not confident necessarily that
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it's over, there's a lot of votes still to come in, but what you are looking at here largest county in the state, wayne county, home of detroit, only 64% reporting. look at this margin right now, joe biden with 414,000 votes in, 64% reporting. we're talking potentially a couple hundred thousand votes coming in here. we just spoke to the michigan secretary of state, grand rapids, 82% in, you say this is a red county. it's a red county, donald trump is up. donald trump is up by 4 or 5 points. guess what, 45 minutes ago that margin was 14 points. that margin is narrowing and what's outstanding in kent county? what's outstanding? grand rapids. grand rapids went huge for hillary clinton back in 2016. kent county may stay republican, may do what it did in 2016 and narrowly stay republican, but as it currently stands grand rapids it's democratic, it's coming from democratic areas. i want to make something perfectly clear. we don't know the exact makeup and composition of this vote, we
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know where it's coming from, what the history of where it's coming from is and we know vote by mail throughout the course of the night whether it was being reported early or late has skewed largely democratic. michigan right now donald trump still hanging on to a lead, democrats looking at counties across the entire state and saying we have options in this state. >> if you were gauging the relative attitudes in the states right now, in pennsylvania no one knows what the heck is going to happen. no one feels confident or otherwise. michigan democrats feel confident for what is going to happen. in wisconsin democrats feel confident at this minute for what has happened. explain. >> the best way to put it it's like a progression from pennsylvania to michigan to wisconsin. wisconsin being the first one to go and actually turn blue. doesn't mean it's going to stay blue but with 97% reporting joe biden up by just shy of 21,000 votes. throughout much of the night donald trump was ahead by 100 plus thousand votes. 97% reporting joe biden is ahead. why is joe biden ahead?
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major urban center, biggest county in the entire state, home of milwaukee. 16% of the state population is here. this was a narrower margin for much of the night and then the absentee vote and early vote by mail came in. all of a sudden the trump lead started to narrow. i was just talking about in michigan, brown county is a republican county, it went by ten points for donald trump in 2016, now holding about a seven-point lead here except the vote that was outstanding in this county came from green bay, it was vote by mail. green bay leans democratic, vote by mail leans democratic as well. more vote for joe biden even in a republican county. we saw the same thing in kenosha as well. right now 97% in, donald trump -- or joe biden with a 20,000 plus vote lead. the big question is what's outstanding? where does donald trump go to get 20,000 votes? the answer is not a lot of options here. what's outstanding is vote by
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mail, you know this is not a big county you're not going to find 20,000 votes there that are purely republican. the big question for donald trump is can you find somewhere 20,000 votes? are we headed to a recount? >> that's a whole other issue. >> that i don't want to get into particularly given how late i've been up so far. wisconsin has done it for democrats right now, it is blue for the moment and we will have to see how it plays out. >> one other point on the margin before i move to georgia, 20,000 votes seems close, it is close in a certain way, but donald trump won wisconsin by 22,000. just a history lesson here, the democrats only won wisconsin in 2000 by 5,000 votes and in 2004 by 11,000 and change so wisconsin is close. 20,000 isn't the closest election you could see there. right now i'd rather be joe biden than donald trump in the state of wisconsin. let's talk about georgia now because i think attitudes on georgia have changed over the course of the evening and we are
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into that really uncertain category. >> if you think you understand pathways or kind of where things are progressing in the pennsylvania and into the midwest everybody is just kind of shrugging their shoulders right now and the reason why is this, you hit it when you were talking about the state earlier, what's outstanding in the state, donald trump with 100,000 vote lead, 92% reporting but it's where that 8% outstanding is that is so crucial including fulton county, largest county in the state. in 2016 hillary clinton won it big, 41 points, what's happening now joe biden winning it big and there's 20% of the vote is outstanding. move over to dekalb county as well. what happened in 2016? hillary clinton won this county big, 63 points. what's happening in 2020? joe biden winning this county bigger. but 80% reporting right now. so we don't have the best idea right now in terms of when this vote is going to come in and how it's going to come n we know it's likely to come in big democratic, but we don't have the best idea for is it going to make up 100,000 votes and also if you take a look at what's
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outstanding in the state, are any of these republican counties where, look, the story of yesterday into the like was donald trump turned out voters and his campaign turned out voters exactly like they said they would. a lot of people scoffed at it, said no way you were going to do it again, in smaller and rural counties and traditional republican counties they blew out turnout just like democrats did in a lot of places. are these smaller counties, you want to go into wilkinson county, are those enough to keep the lead as the bigger democratic counties come in? it's an open question right now, one we're keeping an eye on. it would be nice if we got some reporting, but just to be very clear, what election workers are doing right now is heroic and we appreciate it. >> and it's what it's all about. i want to say arizona, nevada, you don't have to go into those right now also very close. joe biden clinging on to a lead there. we are not going to see more votes from either of those states for a while pacific time is really the reason for that but we're watching those closely. talk to me about the different paths that each candidate has to
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270 and why, again, anything could change, but last night at about 11:00 if you were a democrat you felt lousy, but at 7:00 this morning you felt maybe a little better. >> yeah, no question about it. what you're seeing filled in are states that cnn has called. anything you see in gray, states we haven't called, we have nevada, arizona, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia, maine, alaska. let's say for the sake of argument based on where things stand right now donald trump is going to win the state of alaska. we'll even give donald trump the state of north carolina. he's got a pretty solid there right there, has been hanging on to it all night and we will give joe biden the state of maine. we won't give him maine 2, i don't know where that's going but he has a decent lead in maine. that leaves states where joe biden has a lead and that is arizona and nevada. you made a key point, nevada is razor thin but the outstanding vote mostly mail, mostly clark county, democratic stronghold so we will
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say for the sake of argument we will give that to him. what's left? georgia, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. well, joe biden holds on to wisconsin. >> he's leading there. >> he's leading there. holds on to it. joe biden overtakes donald trump in michigan. >> he's getting closer by the minute. >> look at the electoral vote. >> that's there. >> that's the path. >> 270. >> that's the path. that's the path if georgia stays red and that's the path if pennsylvania is too tough to overcome with the 600,000 lead that donald trump currently has. again, i want to stress here not done. not done, not done, not done. but if you were a democrat and you went to bed last night assuming it was a 2016 reducks and everything was over it's not. there is a very clear pathway with a lot of vote to count but there is a pathway. same goes for president trump. he has a pathway here as well. you look through what he's been able to do, say he holds on in michigan, say he flips nevada because that's very, very close and he wins pennsylvania and there you go, doesn't need to
5:14 am
win georgia, needs to dig into some democratic territory and needs to somehow manage to hold off joe biden in the state of michigan and hang on to a very sizable lead right now in pennsylvania and he's over 270. the reality is right now, john, both candidates have pathways. the reality is also that the biden campaign right now should feel pretty good about where they stand given how things have progressed over the course of the last three hours. >> the momentum over the last few hours is headed in their direction. there is still a long, long way to go. before we leave the wall for a moment, show me nebraska for a second. talk to me about this one electoral vote which could really be so important. >> yeah, so it's -- we've called it. >> that's what i mean, one vote that's called and it may make the difference. >> yeah, what it will do more than anything else is it will prevent a 269-269 tie which i think everybody can appreciate to some degree. you come over here -- sorry, it's late. >> it's early. >> early, whatever it is.
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so right now i'm pulling up the house district, but here is what i will do, i will draw it because the republican actually ended up winning this district, don bacon held onto the district, republicans on the house side happy with what they did last night, by the way. flip this up to presidential and you see right here it's all blue. that is a single electoral vote. there are two states that do this main 2, nebraska 2. we haven't called maine yet. democrats felt good going into maine, donald trump won this in 2016. in arizona flips that's one thing that flips, if this flips that's another one and it is sizable and important even though it is just a single electoral vote because there are also pathways that ended in 269-269 and i don't have the mental bandwidth to deal with that right now. >> basically that's pennsylvania protection. this means that joe biden could lose pennsylvania, if he hangs on to arizona in this he still gets 270. phil, i will let you go back to doing research, counting particularly look at michigan
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and pennsylvania over the next several minutes, keep us posted. if we can, we talked about wisconsin. wisconsin in a way what we've seen over the last few hours might foreshadow what we see over the next few hours. so let's go to cnn's ryan young live in milwaukee. ryan? >> reporter: yeah, so much drama here, quite honestly. most of my career you see people do things at night in terms of maybe seeing a suspect being brought in, but we were all chasing people carrying votes and that was so interesting. in fact, we have some of this video as they brought some of those data cards over from the city to the county to register some of these votes. we all were watching in anticipation to see exactly what happened. let's not forget that this state was won by donald trump in 2016 by less than 1% and it's all sort of tracking again to be a very close election. of course, you guys were just talking about brown county and how those votes came out, but i think something to highlight here is the fact that kenosha is
5:17 am
still sort of outstanding. we're getting those information here about kenosha and the votes from there. just let's not forget that the president visited kenosha, one of his last stops on the campaign trail. what did his ground team know in terms of what they needed to emphasize in those last few moments? everyone holding their breath to see how close this election will end up being. as we talked to voters yesterday we heard over and over again several different words in terms of what people were actually voting for. some people were really concerned about covid-19, obviously this state has been hit very hard by the pandemic and, in fact, we've seen numbers increasing over the last few days. we heard people say i'm concerned about where we're going health-wise. then when we talked to small business owners they were concerned about another shutdown and that motivated them to come out as well. let's not also forget the fact that more than 1.8 million people voted early in this state. so we saw a lot of ebb and flow yesterday when it came to this election, but obviously we
5:18 am
thought it was going to be close again and so far as we talked to election officials, they're obviously going back through some of the information here to make sure everything is right as we talk about this vote. john? >> close is one way to say it with a 20,000 vote margin separating the two candidates right now. there was an ink jet printer, they needed to get ink for a printer to print out the results and we were waiting on that. that's what we're dealing with as the votes come in. ryan young, thank you for being with us. let's go over to michigan now where the votes are still being counted and the margins have narrowed by the minute. 16 electoral votes at play. cnn's omar jimenez is live in detroit. omar, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, john, right now in michigan it's detroit, flint, grand rapids, sterling heights, those are the cities that are anchoring counties where we are still seeing absentee ballots counted at this early morning hour on this second morning of votes being counted so to speak.
5:19 am
the number of ballots that are being counted in a number that is wider than the margin between either of these candidates according to secretary of state jocelyn benson. we are standing at the tcf center in detroit, people have been working around the clock throughout the overnight hours trying to process as many absentee ballots as they possibly can, literally coming in and out in 900-person shifts just to keep, again, this process moving. at last check that we heard from them we had about a little over 90,000 outstanding absentee ballots, my guess is based on the pace that they've been working at over the course of the night they've shrunk that a little bit, but we did just hear from someone, an official here with the clerk's office who walked by and said they initially were hoping to get that count done by early this morning but that it will likely be a little bit later into the day as well. when you look at timelines that we are seeing in other locations as well, i mentioned sterling heights, that's in a county, a suburb of detroit, macomb county, they were actually
5:20 am
hoping to get their vote done by 7:00 a.m. this morning. well, we're obviously past that now and we have reached out to them, we haven't heard back on what the status of that count is as well. the county that is anchored by grand rapids, kent county, they were hoping to get their count done by noon today and overall as a state, jocelyn benson, the secretary of state here says they will have a clear picture of what michigan looks like by the end of the day today and they say they are still on track for that and that is sort of the timeline they are working with at this point, which if you go back a few days they initially thought they wouldn't be able to get to that point until friday. so obviously a lot of things have gone smoothly in their books up until this point to get them to this scenario. it's weird that we're saying a day later seems early, but that seems to be the situation here in michigan, especially since they've seen record turnout both on the absentee ballot side and when you combine that with the people that showed up on
5:21 am
election day, they are expected to blow past that 2008 voter turnout here in michigan which previously had set the record for turnout in the state. john? >> omar, they're doing great work counting. buy them a coffee from all of us and tell them to get back at it. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> reporter: all right. stand by for a key race alert. we're getting a fresh look at the state of pennsylvania, one of the pivotal states in the nation right now. let's take a look at this moment, donald trump still leads by 618,000 votes with 75% of the estimated vote in. 20 electoral votes up for grabs, but, again, the vote we are waiting for is the early absentee, the vote by mail which is tended to skew democratic and we're waiting for that vote from urban centers which also tend to skew democratic. so let's go to pamela brown at the voting desk for a deeper look at pennsylvania and where things stand. pamela? >> let's put this into
5:22 am
perspective. you pointed out that the margin is a little over 600,000 in trump's favor, but here is the thing, only 44% of the early ballots have been counted. there are still 1.4 million left to be counted out of the 2.5 million early ballots cast in philadelphia. so that is more than the margin there in pennsylvania. now, nearly 22% of the mail-in ballots counted, more than 272,000 mail-in ballots were in philadelphia. that's important. that's a democratic stronghold. we're still waiting for those numbers to come in. i'm told they're working diligently in philadelphia trying to get those numbers as quickly as possible. then you go to the suburbs, bucks county, more than 30% mail-in ballots counted, more than 107,000 left to be counted there. allegheny county that's the home of pittsburgh, more than 48,000 mail-in ballots counted so that's more than 178,000 left to be counted there. another suburb outside of
5:23 am
philadelphia, montgomery county, more than 121,000 left to be counted. just to put this in perspective as well. we've been talking about skewing, early vote skewing left and the day of votes of the election skewing right. we know in pennsylvania the early votes accounted for -- were tied to 65% registered dems and 23% registered republicans. i also want to look at wisconsin because it is razor thin there and wisconsin two counties we have been waiting on are done counti counting. you mentioned that printer issue there, brown and kenosha were those two places. all that's left to count now are some provisional ballots in the state. so here is where things stand in these two key states, wisconsin has just 3% of the vote remaining, pennsylvania has 25% of the vote remaining and nine counties in pennsylvania, john, just started counting today and don't forget there's that grace period, the three-day post election grace period for mail-in ballots to arrive there in pennsylvania to be counted. of course, they could be under a
5:24 am
legal dispute if it gets down to the wire. >> pamela brown for us at the voting desk. everyone has their calculators out trying to do the math to see if it adds up. the bottom line is the math is there, it is possible for joe biden to make up that margin. likely? we don't know. but possible, yes. pamela, thank you very much. on that possible note, let's go live to my friend kate bolduan, she is in philadelphia where if democrats are to cut into this margin a big chunk will have to come from philadelphia. >> reporter: that's exactly right, john. here in philadelphia where i'm standing outside of the convention center this is where all of the action is happening this morning and to be honest it hasn't stopped. it's been happening counting and processing of these mail-in ballots has been happening all throughout the night. here is what we know and that's -- and we don't know a lot, but here is what we do know, there is more than a million ballots that have still yet to be counted and we are talking about the mail-in ballots and the biggest counties
5:25 am
in the commonwealth the numbers are important. for perspective, in philadelphia 141,000 mail-in ballots have been counted, that is not yet half of the mail-ins that have been returned. in allegheny county where pittsburgh is not yet half of those mail-in ballots have been counted. in montgomery county which is the big suburb outside of philadelphia, not yet -- same story there, not yet half of the mail ins have been counted, bucks county outside philadelphia same story there. caution is what i'm hearing. what pennsylvania election officials are offering me this morning, caution because there's so many mail-ins that have yet to be counted. let me play for you what one of the philadelphia county commissioners said this morning about the road ahead. >> if everything keeps up we will have the total results in the next couple of days, but pennsylvania allows votes to be
5:26 am
received and counted up until friday, three days after the election. so we can't count what we don't yet have. so if you've mailed your ballot on or before election day on tuesday and it comes in wednesday, thursday, friday, those votes will be counted. >> reporter: now, nine counties in the commonwealth did not start processing and counting the mail-in ballots yesterday. they are only starting to count the mail-in ballots this morning. that's nine counties in pennsylvania. all of this data is to say what you know, john, which is there is still a long way to go. here in philadelphia we are expecting an update from the county commissioners on how things are going and have gone overnight, but they stress that the counting has been going on -- going on all throughout the night, we were getting updates on numbers that we were expecting coming up in the 9:00 hour, but in a state -- in this -- in pennsylvania which we know was won by 44,000 votes
5:27 am
four years ago, a million ballots, more than a million ballots still left to be counted is a lot. >> it sure is. i know they're working very hard at getting it done. we are waiting patiently for more results. kate bolduan in philadelphia, thank you very much. and we are expecting more votes to come in shortly. from any one of the six key states that have yet to be called. in the next state that tilts in one direction could be decisive in telling us where this entire election will go. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this.
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all right. about 8:30 on the east coast we still do not know who will be president of the united states come january 20th. it is simply too close to call in several key states. about six states right now hang in the balance, two of them out west. so phil mattingly here at the magic wall with me. let's talk about arizona then nevada. >> we walked through the east coast, pennsylvania into the midwest. let's talk about two important states. arizona. arizona back in 2016 went to donald trump, however, democrats saw a narrowing margin in 2016 and thought perhaps based on what happened in 2018 when they flipped a senate seat here this was the year when it would turn democratic. let's look at what's happening. right now joe biden with 130,000
5:32 am
vote lead. 82% reporting and why does joe biden have that lead? maricopa county. you know this state well, you've covered this state before. maricopa county 60% of the population lives here. suburban turnout, education, also hispanic turnout as well. the population inside maricopa has started to shift towards democrats, we have seen t right now it looks like that shift is bordering on flipping this state for biden. 86% reporting. that is a sizable margin. a larger margin than kyrsten sinema had in her nate race. 86% is in with maricopa. cnn has not called it yet, same in the senate race, but this is a sizable advantage and if you are holding this margin in maricopa county and you are the democrat you are likely to win this state, however, votes outstanding we will keep an eye on t the biggest reason why arizona is important, you've been talking about this with me
5:33 am
is this is a flip. this is a flip that all of a sudden makes it possible to get to 270 electoral votes without winning pennsylvania. if you're joe biden. that is why the democrats wanted this. last night there was a lot of concern that pathways were shutting off entirely. this opened pathways. this made clear pathways. that's why arizona matters. however, still hasn't been called, biden with 130,000 vote lead. >> arizona opens up several paths, keeps several paths open. nevada if it were to go to donald trump some of those paths close down. >> i will tell you what a democrat texted me when the most recent clark county update came in which was yikes. not because nevada was over, joe biden was a lead, 86% is reporting, and what is outstanding according to the secretary of state in this state is mail-in vote and we've been talking about mail-in vote, vote by mail, it has skewed heavily democratic, i believe the majority is from clark county, a democratic stronghold, for the biden campaign that allows you to exhale a little bit.
5:34 am
this does not allow you to exhale. most democrats believe because of the turnout operation, harry reid his whole team what they've done put nevada in a pretty good lock. the trump campaign has repeatedly say this is in play. right now it's in play. 86% reporting, joe biden with a narrow lead. all eyes on clark county. you look at clark county and you say 10% is the fire wall here. if you're winning clark county by 10% and are a democrat you're pretty good to go. >> they're not there. >> it was at 10% until a couple hours ago, now it's narrowed down. there's outstanding vote in clark county, 84% reporting. democrats this is way too close for county particularly because joe biden is winning washau. hillary clinton won it as we went on to win the state. joe biden winning it handily. the difference the turnout in the rurals and keeping the margins close in clark, right
5:35 am
now only 7,000 votes separate. the one biggest wild card, biggest wrench to any pathway the biden campaign would have is all of a sudden if this changes. we won't know anything not today until tomorrow according to nevada officials. we will have to wait and see but right now democrats feel like they're okay, but this is close. >> to be clear, all the election day vote is in. 100%. >> yes. >> of the election day vote is counted, what is outstanding is mail. a lot of it in clark county, a lot of the mail has been trending democratic but we don't know. we're just waiting. all right, phil, keep us posted as this develops. this is certainly exciting and keeps on changing. let's go to biden headquarters, the former vice president has been trying to strike this patient optimistic tone. listen to what he said a few hours ago. >> it ain't over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted. keep the faith, guys, we're going to win this. >> jessica dean live for us this wilmington, delaware, at the campaign headquarters. you've been talking to people on
5:36 am
the inside, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, john, this morning one campaign aide telling me that they are optimistic that they are on the right track, that they believe when all the votes will be counted that joe biden is going to emerge the winner. another source close to the campaign telling me that for biden and the democrats they are just under the burden right now of waiting -- of waiting for the votes that take the longest to talley. right now it's just this waiting game that everyone is doing, but, again, as they look at the map, as you guys have been doing with phil, going county by county, you can bet that's what they're doing right now as well and they're taking in all of that and based on what they're seeing they are feeling pretty good that once it all comes in that that's going to go into their column and that ultimately joe biden will be declared the winner, but, again, it's just the waiting game right now. they just have to cautiously -- you know, be cautious and tell
5:37 am
everyone to pack their patience, that's been their message all along. one source pointing to me to campaign manager jen o'malley dillon's tweet from several weeks ago that said this race is a lot closer than the polls say, this race is a lot closer than a lot of people think and indeed it has turned out to be a tight race. >> jessica, not much for anyone on the inside of campaigns to do now except to watch and maybe start getting lawyers at the ready and sending them in the key states. jessica dean in wilmington, thank you very much. watch, send in lawyers or maybe there is a third option which is to lie about the democratic process. and that is what the president of the united states tried to do overnight. liste listen. >> this is a fraud on the american public. this is an embarrassment to our country. we were getting ready to win this election, frankly, we did win this election. >> there were republicans put off by that, the president
5:38 am
calling fraud, disclaiming the counti counting, counting that may ultimately lead to his victory. let's go right to the white house, also known as trump headquarters this morning because that's where we're running things, kaitlan collins is there. >> reporter: we're seeing why you don't come out at half past 2:00 and prematurely declare victory because there are states that the president was touting five hours ago that now there is more of the precincts reporting their vote and dr. sanjay gupta not looking good for the president. the margins that he was touting in the white house a few hours ago have narrowed substantially and people are voicing concern about this and of course the reason the president did this was in 2016 by the time he had already won the election basically, he was already giving his acceptance speech, but now he is realizing how quickly things can change and especially when people have been warning you might look good early on but when the mail-in ballots start being krounted in these critical states it mate not look as favorable as it did early in the evening. the president declared victory
5:39 am
when there was no victory to declare, not for him, certainly not for joe biden, either, at that point as we are now still many hours later counting votes, but the president also promised a legal challenge, john, and that is something he's been telefwrafg for weeks now, his advisers have been saying it in the last several days, but the question is what is he challenging exactly? because the president was saying they're going to take this to the supreme court. of course, that's not how this works. you don't just decide that you're going to the supreme court, you have to have a case first and they're still counting legitimate ballots at this point as they were when the president came out last night. so basically at the white house they are sitting back there watching these numbers, just like we are in wisconsin, in michigan, of course, and pennsylvania as they are starting to come in, but things are looking a lot different for the president than they were when he came out and declared victory that of course he had not secured yet. >> he's talk being votes that were cast weeks ago and arrived by yesterday, almost impossible to imagine a legitimate legal challenge to any of those.
5:40 am
kaitlan collins at the white house, please keep us posted. they are counting in six states at this moment. we're waiting on the next batch of votes to be posted and the next state that tips one way could be decisive. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this. ♪ greetings mortal! your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. liberty power! wow. that will save me lots of money. you're insured! this game's boring. let's get tacos. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. - [announcer] messes neither should your vacuum. typical vacuums have bristles that can leave gaps and wrap hair. so shark replaced bristles with flexible power fins. they directly engage floors and dig deep into carpets with duoclean power fins
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5:44 am
welcome back. this is cnn's special live coverage. 8 had 4:00 on the east coast and we still don't know who the next president will be. in 2000 we had florida, in 2004 we had ohio, as we sit here this morning we have six floridas, six ohios, six states where they're still counting and the race, the election, the presidency hangs in the balance. so stand by now for a key race alert. let's talk about the state of georgia where things are very close this morning. donald trump leads by 100,000 votes with 92% of the vote in. 16 electoral votes up for grabs, but what's key here is the outstanding vote comes from largely urban population centers in the outstanding vote is vote by mail, which is skewed heavily democratic. is there the math to make up the margins for joe biden? we're just not sure. but if he does make up that margin, georgia could be
5:45 am
decisive. look at this wall right here, you can see on the path to 270 joe biden now has 224 electoral votes, donald trump has 213. if for some reason joe biden was able to pull it out in georgia it shuts off so many paths for donald trump to win the election, maybe even sealing the deal. right now the president is leading, will that change? we're watching very closely. let's go right to georgia now, cnn's nick valencia live in atlanta, nick, what are you seeing? >> reporter: john, this is far from over and this race 12 hours after all the polls closed here across the state still too close to call. as you mentioned, the wig ge q. he is are there enough remaining democratic votes to push joe biden over the edge here. he's currently trailing president trump by 102,000 votes and there is optimism among democrats in the state that they can make it happen. why? because fulton county the biggest county in the state and also a democratic stronghold still hasn't finished counting votes. i just got off the phone with
5:46 am
regina waller with fulton county who tells me as of 8:30 this morning they began again counting the absentee votes after they stopped last night at 10:30. part that have delay is yesterday morning there was a pipe burst in state farm arena right behind me, the sight of a super site, that pipe burst caused a three to four-hour delay. they decided to stop counting last night. deccakalb county has 39,000 absentee ballots. together those two counties, 127,000 votes still on the table, well within the margin of that 102,000 estimated lead that president trump has here. a lot on the line in georgia. 16 electoral votes, this is a state that president trump carried by # five percentage points without visiting the state once. he's been here three times since july, last week joe biden delivered his closing message here and this is a state that he would desperately love to win, it would deliver a devastating blow for the chances of president trump's reelection bid.
5:47 am
>> right now the president ahead by about 102,000 votes. nick valencia, please keep us posted. let's go to jim sciutto at the voting desk. georgia and michigan, still waiting on votes to come in. >> folks at home might wonder why at this point we don't know. the simple fact is there are still votes to be counted, legal votes cast legally still to be counted in states where the margins are thin. let's begin with georgia. 80% of the vote is counted so far. they just resumed counting about 17 minutes ago, 8:30 a.m. these are absentee and mail-in ballots which tend to favor joe biden, not clear if that will be enough to change where the race stands right now. fulton county in and around atlanta heavy urban area here, you will be remembering the long voting lines we saw there, heavy turnout, this is an area tends to favor the vice president quite strongly, the question is is it enough to make up the
5:48 am
broader deficit so far. another county, dekalb county, as nick was mentioning there also just outside atlanta, they haven't even begun -- resumed counting yet, they will in just over two hours at 11:00, again, absentee and mail-in ballots there. 79,000 absentee and mail-in ballots still to be counted in dekalb county. it's still too close to call despite the president's lead at this point. let's look ahead to michigan. another state, hasn't been called yet. why is that? still lots of votes to be counted, a lot of legal votes. in particular in urban areas, wayne county in and around detroit, so far 64% of the votes have been counted there. this is the largest county in michigan, heavily urban, four democrats to take over this state where the president still maintains a lead.
5:49 am
this he need to win big there right now. it does favor democrats, of course, the big question just like in georgia, does it favor them enough to make up the deficit in rural areas, et cetera. hundreds of thousands of votes still to be counted in the state of michigan, more broadly according to the secretary of state that includes not only detroit, wayne county, but grand rapids, flint, warren and the secretary of state saying there this is important for people at home to hear, every vote will be counted. you can be confident. the secretary of state of michigan says. let's go big picture. in georgia, key state, 8% of the vote remains to be counted there overall. enough to turn an election in michigan 14% of the vote remains to be counted there. enough to turn an election. particularly in the tight margins that we have right now. again, in both those states it's urban areas that tend to favor democrats, the question of course is it enough to turn the results in those states and ultimately given their position as battleground states in this election to turn the election
5:50 am
overall. other states coming in, wisconsin, another swing state, tighter there, 3% remains to be counted, pennsylvania 25% remains to be counted. keep in mind as we've noted on this broadcast before votes there can come in up to three days after the election. that means a lot of the votes not only haven't been counted but they may not have come in yet. so that's why you're hearing from folks there that it may be some time, pennsylvania election official earlier this evening said we can't count what we don't yet have. simple statement, but, again, it's legal. so, john, a lot of tight margins and a lot more of our viewers' votes to be counted in this election. >> a lot of counting going on as we speak, jim. jim sciutto at the voting desk, thank you so much. let's dig a little deeper now, particularly into georgia. phil mattingly with me. what are you seeing? >> i wrote 72,000 on the wall, that was what nick valencia's report was talking about with dekalb county. you're looking at the enormous margin.
5:51 am
72,000 is left outstanding, all vote by mail and a karate that goes 83-16 at this point in time that is a substantial pick up opportunity in terms of total votes. let's look at where the top line s again, donald trump still ahead by 103,760 votes and i think the biggest thing you add 65,000 votes in dekalb, you add -- take a look at fulton county now that they're counting again, see what you can get out of that, biggest county, obviously another big margin there, obviously absentee as well. one of the interesting things, i've been focusing on the atlanta metro area i haven't paid attention down here. chatham county, home of savannah, what's outstanding largely vote by mail. in a democratic county that skews in a medium compositi composition-wise democratic. it might be this margin, it might be 55-42, it might be republican, but likely if it follows the trend we've seen over the course of the entire country offer the course of the night perhaps it's an even
5:52 am
bigger democratic vote. there's unknown variables in terms of the composition of the vote and how much of it is democratic vote by mail. when you look at what's outstanding, you see a number of republican counties, you see the red counties filled in, those are the huge counties. these are decent vote centers and they aren't even atlanta metro and the outside of it. i don't know that there's a pathway, still trying to figure out the numbers, that's why i thought the 72,000 was interesting in dekalb. the reason why georgia hasn't been called yet when donald trump has a 103,000 vote lead is this, one, two, three, four, wait and see those come n that will tell you what happens in georgia. >> there are enough votes to make it possible, likely, who knows? we're watching them count. nick valencia will tell us the minute he gets more conversation. time to go over to my colleague, alisyn camerota. >> early this morning during a self-proclaimed victory speech president trump claimed without evidence that the election was fraudulent and said he would go to the supreme court to stop
5:53 am
votes from being counted. what do all of these very tight races mean for future legal fights? for that i want to bring in cnn election law analysts rick pelvis and jonathan diaz. rick, that's an idle threat from president trump, correct? he didn't stop the votes from being counted for the next however many days, right? >> number one, he can't go directly to the supreme court. number two, most of these issues end up being state law issues, they don't actually involve federal constitutional law and, number three, we have a legal process here, a process of going through the absentee ballots, that process is going to go forward, it's not likely a court is going to stop that process at any point along the way. we will have legal battles, this was expected, if we ended up in this position, but the courts are going to decide if there are facts to supports any of these kinds of claims and we know that there will be a lot of extreme
5:54 am
outlandish claims made that do not have any factual basis. >> jonathan, let's talk about that. there are razor thin margins in six battleground states right now. so are these legal challenges inevitable? should we start bracing for those? >> they are certainly not inevitable. at this point much like with the ultimate results it's still too soon to tell whether any of these states will be within a margin where a legal challenge could prove decisive and like rick said, the facts on the ground are going to have to be there to support any kind of legal claim to stop counting or to not count a certain pool of ballots in a particular state. so far we haven't seen that. >> look, we all remember what happened in 2000 and it came down to 537 votes, ballots, in florida. rick, do you see the same ingredients in any state sort of shaping up right now? >> i think we are getting closer to that point. we see how fine the margins look
5:55 am
like they might be in a few states, maybe wisconsin, maybe nevada, it depends on how chose the overall margin in the election is. we don't know about pennsylvania. you can bet if those margins are tight, i think both sides are going to pursue every possible avenue in court and let me point out one issue the biden campaign might pursue. you may remember the issue about the skinny ballots in pennsylvania which are now all invalid votes under state law. we don't know how many votes there may be there. these are the votes that come in without a secrecy sleeve. pennsylvania uniquely among states throws those out. i can easily imagine the biden campaign itself going to court and saying it's unconstitutional to throw those votes out if they are a large enough volume to make a potential difference in pennsylvania. >> that's really interesting insight. thank you, jonathan, rick, thank you both very much. let's go back to my friend and colleague, john berman.
5:56 am
>> thanks so much, alisyn. more votes coming in by the minute. we're watching six states very, very closely this morning. and there is a trend developing over the last several hours that might give us a clue of where things are headed. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this. introducing a revolution in the world of pain relief:
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good morning, everyone, i'm john berman, i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. this is cnn's special live coverage of this historic moment in american history. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 in the west, and right now at this moment we have no clear winner in the presidential election. joe biden has 224 electoral votes, the president has 213. they are locked in this incredibly tight race with razor thin margins in several key states making them just much too close to call at this point. while the votes are still being tallied president trump is falsely claiming victory.
6:01 am
attacking his opponent for trying to somehow steal the election. no evidence of that whatsoever. he has lodged baseless claims, the president has, of fraud. former vice president joe biden is urging patience and calling on every last vote to be counted. let's get straight to the numbers that tell the story starting with a cnn key race alert. these are the states that hang in the balance right now. let's start with the state of wisconsin. ten electoral votes there. joe biden now leading by 20,000 votes. this state flipped overnight when the urban centers came in and the vote by mail came in, joe biden vaulted into a 20,000 vote lead for these ten electoral votes. that's a trend. we've seen throughout the morning and we're watching very closely in a number of other states as well. let's look at michigan, for instance. this state has been getting closer and closer by the minute as of this moment the president leads by about 15,000 votes, 88%
6:02 am
of the vote in, 16 electoral votes up for grabs but joe biden has really closed the gap and the vote that's outstanding in urban population centers, vote by mail, which have skewed democratic. next on the list is pennsylvania. here the president has the biggest lead in these key states of 618,000 votes, 20 electoral votes up for grabs, 75% in, but, again, the vote we're waiting on from large urban population center, vote by mail, which have skewed heavily democratic. you see a pattern here, that's the story of the morning. in georgia the president ahead by 100,000 votes at this moment, 92% in, 16 electoral votes up for grabs. atlanta, augusta, savannah, key urban population centers we're still waiting on the vote by mail from those. could turn the tide, we don't know. we are counting. a couple other states we are watching closely this morning,
6:03 am
nevada, six electoral votes. they're done counting election day vote for those six electoral votes, what they're waiting on now is some more of the mail vote coming in, joe biden's lead is much closer than the biden campaign wants. north carolina the president ahead by 76,000 votes, 95% in. 15 electoral votes up for grabs. both campaigns will tell you that's tilting towards the president but we're watching it and they are counting. finally in arizona, this may be one of the more important pickup opportunities for joe biden, he's leading by 130,000 votes wr 82% in. the 11 electoral votes in arizona really opens up possible paths to 270 for joe biden that don't exist without it. let's take a look at the overall map right now. biden is leading with 224 electoral votes, the president has 213 but the important thing here is those states in white. any combination of those for either of these candidates right now gets them what they need and gets them over the top. let's dig a little deeper. we will go to phil mattingly
6:04 am
over at the magic wall. we went through the states one by one. way nt to start with pennsylvania in a way, it's the biggest electoral vote haul at 20. the president holds the largest margin there, so why is it still up for grabs? >> he holds the largest margin there, but -- and it's something we have seen throughout the course of this morning and as the results have come in and pennsylvania actually -- i'm actually going to stop real quick because something just happened and i think we need to pay attention to it. michigan just turned blue. michigan just turned blue. joe biden now ahead. we've been predicting this was coming throughout the course of the morning, we have seen it slowly but surely, about four hours ago donald trump had a 220,000 vote lead here, now with 89% reporting joe biden has turned the state blue for the moment. however, this is a trend. we're talking about the trend, i will get into pennsylvania in a second. just because these are real results coming in now. we're seeing more from wayne county. seeing more from wayne county, 66% i believe last time we
6:05 am
checked, now it's at 70%. we will see this throughout the course of the morning, theres a chance we will be talking and numbers will start flipping. the difference right now from earlier from last night, some parts earlier in the morning is the numbers are almost universally in michigan, in pennsylvania and wisconsin going towards joe biden. now, why? why is that actually the case? a couple reasons. the composition of the numbers is almost entirely vote by mail in all of those states. they count after election day vote. why? great question. talk to their state officials. but as you saw in some states early in the night last night, whether it was ohio or north carolina, those states started off blue, democrats thought they had real opportunities there, by the end of the night it became clear once the early vote was counted then election day vote was counted that republicans had ohio at least pretty well in hand. now you've had the inverse happen. election day vote was counted, now you're seeing mail vote count trending dems way. >> this is breaking news. this is a major moment possibly
6:06 am
in the evolution of this contest. donald trump up until minutes ago had been leading in the state of michigan. we've been waiting for these urban population centers and their vote by mail to come in, more came in and now joe biden up by 6,000 votes. >> we told you this was going to happen. it's now happening. now, 89% left outstanding. we don't know the competition of everything, but i want to tell you what is outstanding. why did i pull up wayne county first? wayne county started to come in, it is the largest county in the state. 18% of the state. 67 to 31% that's a huge margin. it is not 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 votes it's probably 100,000, 120,000, maybe 130,000 votes for the biden campaign to pick up. oakland county, this is suburbs, shifted hard democratic over the course of the last couple cycles. 2016 hillary clinton won this by
6:07 am
eight points. what's joe biden doing today? whoa. >> wow. >> wow. we've tried to figure out everybody was talking about the suburbs running hardaway from president trump. you saw it in 2018, you saw it in the midterms, you saw it in gretchen whitmer's win in the governor's race in 2018. this is a demonstration of that with 94% reporting, oakland county now 56% biden, 42.5% trump. so what's left outstanding? what's left outstanding in the state? the trump campaign is saying 11% left, let's go find our vote, 6,000 votes, 7,000 votes is not an astronomical amount. let's see what's 90% out here. we told you about wayne county that's coming in democratic, coming in mail which has been democratic. kalamazoo county not a huge county but right now joe biden ten-point lead, 10,000, 15,000 votes left with 82% reporting, also by mail, should skew democratic as well. what about the head counties, kent county, donald trump back
6:08 am
in 2016 won this county by three points, a conservative county in the western part of the state. 2018, started to shift back towards democrats. what's happening right now? well, the biggest thing to look at is the margin. earlier in the night donald trump had a 15, 16 point lead here, the margin has started to slink. why do we think that's going to come in democratic. >> oh, donald trump is winning in kent county, he may grow his lead. actually, you would think if the vote by mail is what's outstanding there that will likely not definitely but likely skew democratic so biden may pad his lead from this republican coun county. >> we know from talking to the secretary of state earlier this morning that in kent county the vote by mail that is outstanding comes from grand rapids and grand rapids in 2016 went pretty sharply towards hillary clinton. it's not just that it's vote by mail and therefore it will be democratic, it's that it's also where it's from in kent county.
6:09 am
we've been talking about this that this was going to happen, it has started to happen. we will see how this goes over the course of the morning. as you can see this is realtime, this is live action, it's a live ball here. >> can you put up wayne county? this is where 70% is in at this point. 70%? >> yes. >> 70% counted now, you can see the margins that are opening up. joe biden leads by 6,000 or 7,000 votes. with 30 more percent in michigan may not look all that close. we don't know yet, but if it trends like it does and if there are tens of thousands votes more it may not end up that close. people need to be open to that possibility which may matter when you hear the president talking about legal challenges and the like. phil, hang on one second. i want to go to omar jimenez who is in detroit, in michigan right now, at a counting center to give us an update. omar, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, john, these main population centers that we're keeping an eye on where these absentee ballots are being counted, detroit, flint, grand
6:10 am
rapids and sterling heights as well, we're in detroit at what's known as the tcf center where they are trying to process as many of this absentee ballots as physically possible. they are come in in 900-person shifts and worked overnight every single minute basically of the night to try to get through as many of them as possible. at last check we had heard there were about 90,000 outstanding ballots. i suspect they've chopped down that number a little bit, but out of the 172,000 absentee ballots that they received here we do understand they've tap lated 145,000 of them, however, the caveat there is that some of those have to go through a bipartisan group so the number of outstanding votes isn't quite the difference between the total and how much has been tabulated. so there's that situation. and then when you look at grand rapids and kent county, you guys were talking about it a few moments ago about some of the
6:11 am
absentee ballots that are being counted there. i was in contact with the elections director for the county clerk's office there who told me it's going to be tough to predict when we will be done with the remaining 76 precincts that are outstanding in grand rapids but at this moment they're processing almost 60,000 ballots through high speed tabulators just to give you an idea of the process and what they are trying to still work through a day after election day and as phil pointed out a few moments ago, we heard from secretary of state jocelyn benson earlier this morning who said that overall even with all the states scrambling to cut through tens of thousands of absentee ballots in some cases they still expect that by the end of the day in michigan we are going to have a clear picture as to where this state is heading with most jurisdictions reporting. even here at this detroit center, the previous guidance we had gotten from officials here was that they hoped to be done with this process by early this morning. well, early this morning came
6:12 am
and we spoke to an official with the clerk's office who told us it's likely going to be later in the day. ma coke county a suburb that president trump flipped from democrat to republican in 2016 they were hoping to have their ballots done by 7:00 a.m. this morning. well, 7:00 a.m. came and we still haven't gotten their full report. so we're keeping an eye there. and oakland county they are still trying to -- they're still waiting on large communities of absentee ballots to come in as well. so you've got all of these pockets that are still working through in some cases tens of thousands of ballots and as secretary benson put it earlier this morning, she said and this was hours ago that the difference in the ballots was enough to -- was bigger than the threshold between the two. >> all right. omar jimenez live in detroit. really the center of the political universe at this hour because of the breaking news which is that as of minutes ago joe biden has vaulted into the lead in the crucial swing state of michigan, you can see it
6:13 am
right there. nearly 7,000 votes, it doesn't seem like a lot. it isn't a lot right now, but it is a trend we have seen over the last several hours and it has major implications, major implications on the path to 270 electoral votes because we also saw this happen in wisconsin where joe biden is clinging to a narrow lead there. phil, walk us through what this means with wisconsin and michigan with biden now holding a lead. >> so what you see on the ma.right now, everything that's filled in are states that we have called, they're red, they went for president trump, if they are blue they want for former vice president biden. biden with 224 electoral votes, president trump with 213, there are a couple for the same of gaming this out we are going to put in one category or another. we will put alaska red for president trump, we will even give president trump north carolina, still out there, has a solid lead, we haven't called it yet, give maine to joe biden and should also look at maine 2, i kept a toss-up last time we did this, i looked at it, maine 2 is moving in that direction so we
6:14 am
will keep that for him as well. what does that leave outstanding right now? well, we talked about arizona and nevada. nevada is tight. nevada is tight, arizona would be a big flip. right now biden leads in both so we will give biden arizona and nevada. what does that leave? georgia, we've talked about georgia, pennsylvania, talked about pennsylvania. look at wisconsin, look at michigan. you give vice president biden wisconsin and if michigan which just crossed over to biden and looks to be trending more in that direction goes to biden -- >> that's 271. that's enough to win the presidential election. that's why what is happening before our eyes is so important and you haven't touched pennsylvania and georgia yet. >> president trump could win pennsylvania, president trump could win georgia. now, again, i want to caveat this. this is us gaming it out based on current results as to where things stand. vice president biden leads in michigan, he leads in wisconsin, he leads in arizona, he leads in nevada. nevada is razor thin.
6:15 am
arizona traditionally republican state. so properly caveating things what i'm doing is showing pathways. >> i will tell you i am sure that when michigan, when joe biden vaulted into the lead there was a scream of delight from delaware because it's just that important for them this morning given where things stand. what is it portend for pennsylvania? we haven't seen votes really coming in yet in pennsylvania the way they have in michigan and wisconsin. the president still leads by about 600,000 votes there, but if you are looking at the trends from michigan and wisconsin, how does that play in pennsylvania? >> so the difference in pennsylvania more than anything else is the size of the president's lead. 75% in and donald trump is up by 618,000 votes. the other difference which actually tracks with what everything else is is about 1 million and possibly a little bit north of that absentee votes. >> 1 million votes. >> 1 million absentee votes and
6:16 am
possibly a little bit north of that that are outstanding. why does that matter? well, first where they're outstanding from. we are talking about philadelphia, about the collar counties around philadelphia that have gone democratic pretty sharply including bucks, maybe a swing over in bucks which is currently red but have gone democratic sharply. we have also talked about allegheny county, the home of pittsburgh. democrats expected big turnout there, got big turnout in 2018 in the house races, expect big turnout there tonight, today, and at this point hasn't in large part because of what hasn't come in yet. philadelphia 56% reporting. let's move out to delaware county, 74% reporting. move over to montgomery county, 77% reporting. that is a ton of vote outstanding in democratic stronghold counties that is absentee. absentee if you've got 1 million absentee left and you say, well, you know, look at the margins right now, 618,000 votes is a lot of vote to make up with 1
6:17 am
million. not when absentee has been going 70%, 75% biden's way over what we've seen in wisconsin, what we've seen in michigan. doesn't mean it's going to happen here, but the trend lines matter here and the trend lines say that that is a very large lead that president trump has right now. the trend lines also say that based on what's outsang, based on where it's outstanding and based on the method in which that vote was cast outstanding, that that is not an insurmountable lead. it's not. it doesn't mean that biden is going to catch up, it just means that there is an opportunity for the biden campaign in the state of pennsylvania. now, one key caveat here. if you go through the state and you go in these counties in western pennsylvania, you didn't think, people didn't think, president trump could match how he just blew turnout out of the water in these counties. people had never seen before, didn't even think was possible finding voters. they did it again for the most part. some of the margins were down in here, but there is just huge opportunity for democrats out here and that is where the bulk
6:18 am
of the vote is outstanding. >> all we're trying to say is the math is possible. the vote outstanding skews democratic, it just does, democratic areas, democratic methods, it's possible. is it likely? we just don't know. we're watching it closely. phil, stand by. i want to go to allegheny county. pittsburgh. which is one of the areas where they do have some votes still to count. cnn's alexandra field is there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: john, we should know in the next hour what else is going on in allegheny county that's when officials will start to count again so we could get a clearer picture of what's going on in the county that is home to pittsburgh, at the same time we're hearing that officials in philadelphia will be giving us an update about what's going on in the eastern part of the state so this could continue to shape our understanding of what's going on across pennsylvania in the coming hour, but, john, remember all the way back to yesterday when we were telling people it was highly likely they wouldn't get the results from pennsylvania for several days. that still appears to be true today. i want to remind people again
6:19 am
why it was expected to take so long in pennsylvania and what is causing what feels like a delay even if it isn't caused by anything going wrong. here is what pennsylvania is dealing with, they have that massive turnout that phil was talking about so there are a lot of votes to count. add to that the fact that this was the first time that they conducted a large-scale mail-in ballot election, some 3.1 mail-in ballots were requested, 2.5 million returned, 1.4 million of those ballots still have not been counted. why does it take so long to count those ballots? well, it just so happens to be pennsylvania law that counties all 67 of them could not begin to process the mail-in votes before election day. so they didn't exactly have a running start coming into this. on top of that you had nine counties that said they still wouldn't even begin to count knows mail-in ballots until today, that's another reason we're waiting and add to all of this, john, the fact that there are still ballots that can legally come in according to the
6:20 am
state's supreme court you can still count mail-in ballots that were postmarked as of election day and are returned or rather received within three days of the election. there have been legal challenges concerning those ballots and there are very likely to be further legal challenges concerning those ballots, but they are very much in play. i just want to share with you what the governor of pennsylvania shared overnight, he sent a message out on twitter trying to assure all people across pennsylvania that every vote would be counted. he didn't set a timeline for this election, that's not what officials do. he also made it very clear that anyone suggesting that every vote shouldn't be counted in pennsylvania would be conducting a partisan attack on this state, on its voters and the election itself. john? >> alexandra field for us in pittsburgh. alex, thank you very much. joining me now is the attorney general of pennsylvania, josh shapiro. mr. attorney general thanks for being with us. i want to talk in two roles and will ask you to wear two different hats, one as the attorney general, then as a
6:21 am
senior democratic official in your state. first, as the attorney general the counting that's going on right now, can you give us an update? >> look, we said all along that we were going to secure and protect and count the vote. we accomplished the first two, the vote was secured and protected and now we're going through this laborious process of counting. folks ask me who does the counting? these are volunteers and clerks from our communities who are working around the clock right now to get all of this data inputted. i think as you saw from your previous segment about michigan, i'm certainly not an expert on michigan, but you correctly reported that numbers come in, vote totals go up and down and things change. i think you're going to expect to see more of that happen today in pennsylvania as the votes are inputted into the system and we get a clearer picture of where things are going. >> so put on the democratic senior official hat for a moment
6:22 am
here. more than a million votes outstanding, the president leads by about 600,000. how does that math work, do you think, for joe biden to make up that deficit? >> yeah, look, i'm really not here to be a political pundit. i mean, what i'm really here to say is that we can have confidence in this process, these votes are going to be tabulated, they're going to be counted and at the end of the day the will of the people of pennsylvania is going to be respected. i think you're going to see a lot of movement in those numbers today just by virtue of the fact that these ballots are counted, you've correctly pointed out that there's a significant amount of ballots outstanding in southeastern pa which piss clee has been a large democratic vote, but the most important thing from my perspective right now is that we get an accurate count, that we count all the ballots as required by law and that the will of the people is respected. >> any idea how long that will take? >> yeah, that's the magic question. my kids woke me up to that question very early this morning. >> i don't feel so bad now.
6:23 am
>> yeah, look, i mean, here is the reality, it's going to take as long as it takes to get an accurate count. it's what the law requires. i think as your reporting suggests we're going to get a lot more data today, i think you will have a clearer picture of where things are going toward the end of the day, but obviously ballots can be received and counted all the way up until friday. so i expect that we'll know by the end of the week. >> so the president did what he promised or should i say threatened to do, which is that he came out last night and declared victory and said that you should stop counting, you shouldn't count these votes which by the way at the time he said he is talking about votes that were in some cases cast or written in weeks ago and that had arrived by yesterday. your reaction to his comment and his threat of taking this to the supreme court. what to the supreme court, i don't know, but this to the supreme court. >> well, look, put aside his threats, i don't pay a whole lot of attention to that. the president wants this settled. joe biden wants it settled.
6:24 am
the people of pennsylvania want it settled. my kids want it settled, right? and the best way to settle this is to count and make sure that we have an accurate count and that all legal eligible votes are part of that process and so what we need to do right now is follow the law, take a deep breath and make sure that all of these ballots are counted. and when they are we will respect the will of the people of pennsylvania and make sure that our electoral votes go to that individual who garners the most votes in pennsylvania. >> just to be clear, the votes that do arrive today, tomorrow and the next day, they have to be postmarked by yesterday, by election day, but the votes that do arrive these three days they will be segregated? how will they be treated? are you keeping them separate? >> yeah, i would sort of not focus as much on that segregation issue. that's just more kind of putting them -- think about it this way, putting them into a separate pile, right? but they are all going to be counted. the guidance from the secretary says that they ought to be counted, these are legal
6:25 am
eligible votes according to our state supreme court. in fact, the question of kind of trying to disqualify those ballots went up to the united states supreme court on two separate occasions and on two separate occasions they refused to step in and say that those ballots should be disqualified. this is a matter of state law to count knows ballots, it's been interpreted by our highest court in the state, our state supreme court who said count those ballots that are properly -- excuse me, that are postmarked by election day, by yesterday and received up until 5:00 p.m. on friday. those are eligible votes, they will be counted. >> josh shapiro, the attorney general of pennsylvania, thank you so much for being with us. we will let you get back to your kids to face more of those withering questions that they seem to be asking. they seem to be dead on point. >> they're asking the right questions. >> we appreciate it. thanks so much for being with us. pennsylvania is one of the states where they are counting
6:26 am
as we speak, six states we're watching very closely, more votes coming in. pennsylvania, michigan just flipped from red to blue with joe biden leading. we will give you an update right after this. (brad) some may wonder how apartments-dot-com has helped more renters find their place than any other site. by digitally upgrading every one of our employees...physically. now, everybody at can, and does, give one hundred and ten percent. [rapid typing and clicking] apartments-dot-com. the most popular place to find a place.
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hello, everyone, i'm john berman. welcome back to cnn's special
6:30 am
live coverage. 9:30 on the east coast we still don't know who the next president of the united states will be, but we do know some things. there are developments now over the course of the last several minutes that tell us where things may be headed. stand by for a key race alert. i want you to look at these four states now on the wall, joe biden is now leading in these four states. in michigan he pulled ahead about 20 minutes ago he now leads by 11,000 votes, it's growing, albeit slowly, 90% of the vote in, 16 electoral votes up for grabs, the outstanding vote we think in urban population centers and vote by mail, that both tend to skew democratic. what happened in michigan happened in wisconsin earlier, joe biden leads there by 20,000 votes, ten electoral votes up for grabs, about 97% of the vote in, again, there's not many
6:31 am
votes left to count in that state. let's look at nevada. nevada is a state where joe biden is leading by 7,000 votes, this is way too close for comfort for the biden campaign, but this includes all the election day voting. the only vote left to count, vote by mail largely from clark county vote by mail in clark county in in evidence da tend to skew democratic. let's look at arizona, a crucial flip for joe biden, leads by 130,000 votes with 82% of vote in. those 11 electoral votes for joe biden if he hangs on to them opens up all kinds of new paths to get to 270. so joe biden leading in these four states, if he hangs on there he gets to 270. he is trailing in pennsylvania, although it is now closing. donald trump leads there by 589,000 votes, the margin was bigger a few minutes ago. again, the outstanding vote there was 76% in, urban
6:32 am
population centers and vote by mail we do expect joe biden to close that margin. we just don't know how much at this point, whether he has enough votes to make up for the 590,000 vote gap. this is where the map stands, joe biden 224 electoral votes, donald trump with 213. we are watching the remaining states closely. if the states where joe biden is leading in right now all go blew, he will win. we don't know that that will happen but it stays like it is, that's enough for joe biden. so let's go straight to the white house, jeremy diamond is standing by. jeremy, what are you hearing this morning from the trump campaign? >> reporter: well, john, this is the story of this race is the narrowing that we are seeing in those key, quote/unquote, blue wall states that the president won four years ago and when you think about the way that the president talked about those states when he addressed the country at 2:30 in the morning versus what is going on now, you can tell not only how wrong the
6:33 am
president was about claiming victory in those states essentially or saying that he appeared to be on track to win and what has happened now when many of those mail-in votes for many of those urban population centers in wisconsin and michigan have come in. if you look at what the president was saying about the state of michigan he was saying we are winning, essentially saying it's going to be very hard for joe biden to catch up to him and yet that is exactly what we are seeing. when the president talked about this only 66% of precincts were reporting the president was up by eight points around 2:20 in the morning. now we know that the dynamic has completely changed there. a very similar story in wisconsin where the president was also enjoying an edge and then you saw the vote come in in some of those urban population centers in the state of wisconsin and now joe biden maintains this narrow edge there. the president was also talking confidently about the state of arizona which even at the time was leaning in the direction of joe biden and now appears to be doing so in a more confident
6:34 am
way. ultimately, john, what we heard from the president last night, though, beyond the state by state specifics was this kind of reckless rhetoric where he tried to claim victory, where he suggested no more votes should be counted even as all of these legally filed votes, ballots that were submitted on time in a legal manner that they should not be counted and suggesting that democrats are trying to steal the election. that of course is not only false, but it is potentially dangerous when you think about the impact that he could have on so many of his supporters across the country who we have seen turn out in droves this election and how that's going to factor in their calculus. this is kind of what was expected. we expected those votes for joe biden to come in later because of the mail-in situation in the states of wisconsin and michigan as well as the state of pennsylvania. pennsylvania, john, another state where the president was expressing some serious optimism
6:35 am
at 2:30 in the morning, we know that there is a lot of votes that still remain to be counted, specifically in the philadelphia area and that obviously is expected to be heavily in joe biden's favor. so a lot still remains on the table and a lot is still undecided. we haven't heard from the president since he made the remarks at 2:30 in the morning but we know that come in the president's camp have expressed concern about the way the president was talking about results. you had chris christie saying that he believes the president shot his credibility by talking in such a confident manner about election votes that still really remain to be determined. john? >> jeremy diamond at the white house. the president doesn't get to decide this. you do. the american people do. with your votes. jeremy, thank you very much. stand by, everyone, for a key race alert. so this is an interesting key race alert, i'm at the magic wall with phil mattingly. this is a race, and forgive me, that doesn't actually matter.
6:36 am
at least not directly. i'm talking about the popular vote because of our founding fathers we don't actually elect our presidents through the popular vote, they set up this electoral college. where is the popular vote nevertheless? >> right now popular vote joe biden over 50%, about 2.6 million votes ahead, 68 million to about 66 million and i think that's what you're focus on more than anything else that's adding those two together with the full knowledge there is a lot more vote to come in as they finish counting california, new york, your native state of massachusetts, i won't talk about the red sox. but this is a lot of vote. this is a lot of vote. one of the big questions that was coming into the day, coming into yesterday and into today based on the surge that we saw in early vote, based on the unprecedented early vote numbers be it vote by mail or in person vote by mail would election day turnout close the gap and turn this into a turnout election like we haven't seen in a
6:37 am
generation, maybe since 19606789 the turnout was huge throughout the night. i think it's not -- give it time. give it time. but one thing you can say if you -- when we were going through looking at margins in florida, looking at margins in ohio, looking at margins wherever it ended up in the margins, the turnout county by county by county was up 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, some places more. we will see how this ends, you might have a better idea of where it is, i've been a tight tied into the counties. >> this is roughly where it was with hillary clinton. hillary clinton won the popular vote roughly by that. 2.5 million, 2.5 million roughly. this will grow. when you get california, new york and massachusetts they don't rush, this he count there largely because it doesn't factor into the presidential vote that much. it will grow. could get to 4 million, 5 million. does it matter in the outcome? i will tell you one way it might matter, phil, because if somehow joe biden squeaks out a victory and if the varjen in the electoral college is close, you
6:38 am
may hear challenges from president trump to legitimacy there. it's harder to challenge that legitimacy if it's a narrower electoral college win if joe biden is also leading by 5 or 6 million in the popular vote. it's a harder case to make. doesn't mean that donald trump won't make it but it may be a harder case to make. >> it's going to be very interesting to see where it ends up. i'm also intrigued because national polling on the national level not in the state by state level had joe biden with a pretty solid lead, 10, 12, somewhere around 8 or 9, i don't know the specifics of it was more focused on the states. there will be some reckoning going on there, too. who knows. maybe when everything is counted it ends up in that place. it's early. a lot of people made a lot of observations about california in the 2018 midterms and i think they all wanted to take back by the time the night was over. we'll see where it goes. i think by all accounts this is a significantly closer race than people thought going into the night perhaps and how the popular vote ends up will probably reflect that, but we'll
6:39 am
see. >> get back to michigan, get back to pennsylvania, we will come back to you in a little bit. >> i'm going to go to alisyn. alisyn? [ no audio ] >> all right. we're having some audio problems over there, but good thing we're at the magic wall with phil mattingly. the gap has narrowed a little bit in pennsylvania. >> it's narrowed by about 20,000 votes. you go back into southeast pennsylvania, montgomery county, a county that hillary clinton back in 2016 won by 21 points, closer margin throughout the course of the night, kind of how we understood that more vote was coming in and likely democratic, now that margin has opened up a little bit, 60.5% for joe biden, 38.5% for donald trump. i want to provide context as somebody who has been doing this since 2:30 a.m. this is what we saw in wisconsin, this is what
6:40 am
we saw in michigan, this is what we're seeing in pennsylvania and it's not just the big urban centers out into the suburbs that are places of strength. we knew milwaukee county was going to come in, we knew detroit was going to come in, that's going to happen with philadelphia. it's also margins in trump-leading counties right now. we want to keep an eye on that as those come in to dictate whether or not that can hold or whether or not joe biden has a real shot to overtake donald trump. >> now for real i'm going back to alisyn. alisyn? [ no audio ] >> all right. it isn't working the way that alisyn is hoping it will. let's bring in david gergen and jamie gangel. david, six states hang in the balance, we don't know who the next president of the united states will be. give us the 30,000 foot view
6:41 am
here. >> john, the democrats as you well know have just come through a long time of the soul when a lot of democrats went to bad last night they were very, very depressed, but today, this morning in this dramatic turn about, you know, democrats are now seeing a much brighter ray out there and at least a couple pathways to victory, one with pennsylvania, the other without pennsylvania. i have found it fascinating that without pennsylvania the democrats could still make it. nonetheless i do think it emphasizes how important it is to be patient. there are a lot of people that said why didn't we finish last night starting with the president. well, in six out of the last 15 elections the counting has gone well beyond midnight and we've done it very patiently, throughout our history. we have had long waits. you know, george washington when he was elected after his second term, there were -- when he first won his second term there
6:42 am
was a two-month delay in figuring out who had won the vice presidency. so these things historically are true, we just need to be patient and we need to avoid reckless -- the reckless kind of proclamations that it's all over, we will have to take it to the courts, the president got engaged with last night. >> nothing is over. not even close i will say, david, you're right, democrats at one point last night thought things were quite bleak, the mood was quite dark, it did not turn out the election nearly as well as they hoped, congressional elections look very, very unimpressive for the democrats. one thing that will calm their nerves is if they manage to eek out a presidential victory. jamie also with us. david brought up this statement the president made, the false claim that he somehow won the election overnight and to stop the voting, literally stop the counting of the votes. you've been working the phones. what was going on behind the scenes at the white house? >> so as a republican source said to me this is a senior official who is normally an ally
6:43 am
of the president said that trump had a temper tantrum last night. that he saw that the numbers could start going against him, that he wanted to declare victory while he thought that he was ahead and this, you know, as you've been saying, john, this was not a surprise to us. the white house had been sort of forecasting for weeks that this might happen, but here is the thing, we know how to count votes, as you've been pointing out all morning. what the president did last night was sow chaos, confusion, undermine democracy and i will tell you the republicans i spoke to this morning are not happy with him. let me read three quotes from three different officials. the first person said he is behaving as expected, badly. the second person said that trump is afraid of mail-in
6:44 am
ballots and the third person said that what he said last night was, quote, indefensible. and just to reiterate there is no evidence that we have seen of fraud. these states are just trying to count the vote. no matter what donald trump said at 2:30 in the morning. >> very interesting reporting, jamie gangel, it will be interesting to see if any of these republicans ultimately have the courage to stand up to the president which it may come to that over the next few days if he continues this. the margins may not give him much of a platform to speak, we don't know yet, that's why we're watching the count which has been going admirably well. jamie, david, please stand by. more votes coming in. we're watching michigan, we're watching pennsylvania. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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all right. welcome back to cnn's special live coverage. we are watching the votes come in in several key states. one of the most crucial this morning is michigan where about an hour ago for the first time in a long time joe biden took the lead with the vote trending in his direction. let's go to jim sciutto at the voting desk with an update on where those votes stand. jim? >> well, john, i said it
6:49 am
earlier, i will say it again, folks at home might wonder why we don't know yet in a state such as michigan, so central to this election, we don't know because there are still legal votes to be counted and in particular in key urban areas which in this case tend to favor democrats. let's begin with wayne county, this includes the city of detroit. at this point 70% of votes have been counted there, that's a big figure, but it still means about a third have to be counted. many thousands of votes there could turn this into a more solid joe biden state, he has a slim lead there now, but those votes still need to be counted there. they tend to trend democratic there. also macomb county, just north of michigan, there a total of 250,000 absentee ballots came in, not clear yet what percentage of those 250,000 have been counted so far. so far they're still leaning red at this point. this was a county that was key
6:50 am
to donald trump's victory in michigan in 2016, he flipped it from blue to red then. as the remaining portion of 250,000 votes are counted there, does that increase joe biden's load in the state? we will be watching that closely. here's the key, we are hearing from michigan state officials now that they expect the vast majority of ballots in that state will be counted by the end of today. don't know that for sure, but they believe that to be true. the state we need an answer from, state this election can turn on, michigan, we don't know yet, although biden has the lead, we could not by the end of the day. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. let's dig in deeper with phil mattingly at the magic wall. joe biden leading by 193, it was up to 11,000 and narrowed a little bit but still ahead. >> i'll explain why it narrowed and what it means to the except of what we know. macomb county came in. that's the county if you remember back in 2016 every republican i knew that knew
6:51 am
about michigan saw the count come in for ma couple and were mind-blown because of how well president trump did. guess what? 2020, the margin is down. but this was a democratic county and president trump is holding on to. the margin slimmed down as absentee ballots came in. what it underscores is something we've seen in the last several hours throughout pennsylvania and up into the midwest. absentee ballot, even in counties that went republican or look like they're going republican, has largely come in democratic. that's the case here. what are you looking at right now, joe biden, 9,393 votes ahead with 90% reporting. you look at what's outstanding, and this is the biggest thing outstanding. this is wayne county. 18% the entire state, this is a marriage area of 67% to 31.6% and this is what matters most, 70% is in. that means 30% is outstanding. almost all of it, if not all of
6:52 am
it, is absentee vote by mail, which is heavier democratic than really 67% to 31.6% is. we don't know exactly the compilation will end up being but the reality is joe biden has a lot of room to grow in this county. look at that 9,000 and if you're donald trump you're looking around saying where can i pick up vote given joe biden will be picking up vote in detroit. looking at some of the red counties, is there enough out there? you can get a couple thousand from bay city, couple counties from bay county. we will see. but as long as detroit is outstanding, 30% there, joe biden has a pathway in michigan and that's why it's blue right now and right now democrats feel comfortable where it is. not totally confident but comfortable about the way things stand. >> with michigan and wisconsin and arizona, joe biden has a pathway to the presidency, which is why we're watching it so closely. keep us posted as you keep counting, phil now i'm joined by cnn senior
6:53 am
commentator and former ohio governor john kasich. he endorsed joe biden for president. i don't know if you slept at all, john kasich, at one point didn't things didn't look good for biden, and this morning more of the voting is trending in his direction. what are you looking at, and what do you see? >> what i'm looking at is a country that is very, very closely divided. i think however this turns out, john, there can be no chest-thumping, no big celebration. in fact, both parties need to listen to what the other parties want. it looks as though you have joe biden doing well in the urban areas of the country but what are the people in the rural areas having to say? can we listen to them? can we hear what their problems are and try to solve them? we have to -- we've got to get this country united. that requires listening. one of the reasons why i was for joe biden i think he's a good listener. he doesn't want to divide the
6:54 am
country. it's still out there, a lot of votes to be counted but i would suggest the leaders of both parties, we need to listen to the voters of the other party and start to internalize that, john, because if we don't, you're still going to have this unbelievable siloed effect in america and i don't think that's healthy in the long term for our country. so let's see how it turns out. note, no big celebrations. let's be serious about america and let's listen to what people are saying who did not vote for us. >> what do you make giving everything you just said about bringing the country together, what do you make the president's comments overnight, with so much of the vote to be counted, states still to be decided, no kleier winner yet, the president declared victory and said the states should stop counting and votes shouldn't count. your reaction? >> it was ridiculous. you should not have done that. and he's being severely criticized by republicans as well, that every vote ought to
6:55 am
count. i see a number of prominent republicans tweeting out saying we will count every vote. this is what we have come to expect. but it won't matter, because i think we will count all of the votes. the question is, what are the legal challenges that are going to be left over? we look at a place like pennsylvania, it looks as though michigan is trending biden. it looks like wisconsin is trending biden. that, coupled with arizona, looks pretty good for joe biden. but we still have nevada out there until they're all finally called, we don't know. pennsylvania, the interesting thing there, and i have been talking, is john, for months now about pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin and minnesota and that's what it's come down to. in pennsylvania, the question is, those votes that are outstanding in philadelphia. the president was wrong to do that. and i don't want to call it yet but what i will say is that's not helpful to get people to respect one another. i just had a friend text me,
6:56 am
it's so bad thinking about how many votes trump got. think about what those people in america are saying to the country. it appears they don't think they're being heard and we need to listen. >> they made a lout statement, louder than a lot of people may have been expecting, maybe not enough to re-elect the president. thau that's what we will wait and see. john kasich, thank you very much. where are we going now, remind me? all right. we're watching the votes come in. michigan still counting votes. pennsylvania still counting votes. a lot of vote left to be counted there. the votes in both states, both by mail, urban population center that tends to trend democratic, much more when we come back. oh humans.
6:57 am
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john berman here. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 in the west, and this is cnn's special live


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