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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 24, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> thank you for that, and our special coverage will continue with brooke baldwin. all right, we'll take it from here. good to be with you all. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin today with the president-elect wasting zero time in the 57 days left of the transition process, introducing some of the first members of his cabinet, many of them with, as we heard, personal connections to the president-elect, highlighting their backgrounds, and detailing their critical missions ahead, including the nation's, of course, most pressing issue, a pandemic that continues to claim thousands of lives day after day. today the president-elect is more properly equipped to get the job done because, after weeks of delay, gsa administrator emily murphy finally and officially ascertained the election results, freeing up millions of dollars in resources and opening the doors for agencies to start cooperating with the transition. but president trump seems to
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still be playing games after declaring that he will, quote, never concede, and continuing his rampage against biden's victory on twitter. the president, if you tuned in and you blinked, you might have missed it, because he abruptly called the white house press corps to the briefing room late this morning, and in this bizarre not even 60-second pat on the back to his team, he touted gains in the stock market today and said this. >> and i just want to congratulate all the people within the administration that worked so hard, and most importantly, i want to congratulate the people of our country because there are no people like you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> we should note a number of experts are citing the formal start of the biden transition and a new hope for coronavirus vaccine as the cause for the dow topping 30,000 for the first time ever. more on the president's bizarre behavior today in just a moment, but i want to start in wilmington, delaware where the
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president-elect just met with some of the people that will now help him run the country. >> it's a team that will keep our country and our people safe and secure. it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back. the team meets this moment, this team behind me. they embody my core beliefs that america is strongest when it works with its allies. collectively, this team has secured some of the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory made possible through decades of experience working with our partners. >> let's go straight to our cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny, and, jeff, listening to all of this, the bios, the personal connections to this president-elect, the emphasis on service and science and facts, what stood out to you today? >> reporter: brooke, one thing i think that stood out was there was no mention of president trump. president trump called that
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briefing, if you want to call it that it, in the briefing room shortly before president-elect biden was to take the stage there. looking at the changes he's making in these agencies, there is an entire rebuke of the trump administration and how he ran his government. from a person to person to person, these nominees said we will serve our country, not you. there was no sense of loyalty oath to the president-elect. brooke, what we saw there was a team not of rivals, it was a team of stable, competent leaders. a changing of the guard, not necessarily a new guard, but people with deep experience inside the government. so it was a big changing of the subject which, interestingly, did not mention the president's name at one point. mr. biden said he's grateful to finally have this gsa ascertainment so he can start uniting the country and the world. but, brooke, it was entirely looking forward, almost jumping
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beyond these next 57 days. who knows what will happen in them, but certainly looking ahead to january 20th in the afternoon when he takes power as the nation's 46th president, brooke. >> jeff zeleny, thank you very much. we'll come back to this and this monumentous day with the president-elect and his cabinet. to the president, the current president, and although trump is showing no signs of stopping his twitter tirade against the election, he faced the public in the last hour for the first time in days for the annual turkey pardon. kaitlan collins is there at the white house. kaitlan, we mentioned at the top that sort of bizarre press conference, air quotes, touting the dow, taking credit for the dow and then the turkey pardon. watching it all having covered this white house now for a couple years, what's your read on all of this? >> reporter: well, it's the president trying to take credit for what's happening with the stock market. of course, you remember before the election he often warned of what would happen to the stock market if joe biden did win the white house, and now the president is attempting to take credit for this good news which,
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of course, as you noted, experts are talking it up to the gsa formally moving forward with the biden transition last night, and this good vaccine news we've had the last few days, and, of course, the janet yellen news. this reporting that joe biden is expected to pick up janet yellen as the next treasury secretary. reporters got about a two minutes heads-up that the president was going to make that appearance. he does these sporadic news briefings but without taking questions from reporters. that was shortly before the president took part in this tradition in the rose garden of pardoning the turkeys before thanksgiving, something which is usually a pretty quiet ceremony before the family leaves somewhere for the holiday. we know donald trump is staying back in washington this year because he knows his time in office is coming to a close, and he has things he wants to get
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done, i'm told by sources, so even though he's not acting publicly like the transition is going to happen because he's not committing to the tradition of conceding to the election, behind the scenes, of course, he is preparing for it. >> let's talk about behind the scenes. you've got some reporting, just a little more on the tweet last night, saying he felt that the gsa should go ahead and ascertain -- that's the formal word, authorize the transition. what have you learned about that? >> reporter: yeah, the president tried to frame it as if he had recommended that to the gsa. but in that letter to the biden team, emily murphy who runs the gsa said it was a decision she came to independently and attributed it to the string of court losses the president has suffered the last few days. that is something he has talked about with his legal team, and we're told he did several times yesterday as they were talking about a path forward and what the president's next steps were going to be. while you've seen moves that looks like the president could be coming closer to publicly acknowledging reality as they drop powell from the legal team
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in recent days, the president has given his blessing to this gsa transition. the president is also vowing to move ahead with his legal fights, and he's still pushing conspiracy theories on twitter. it's three weeks after the election, and he still has not acknowledged joe biden's win. so you've got to pair those two things with each other, and the president is still attempting to undermine democracy with those statements. >> kaitlan, thank you. i want to talk about all of this with my next guest, cnn political commentator mitch andrew. he is the former democratic mayor of the great city of new orleans. mr. mayor, a pleasure as always. i just want to begin with, you know, on biden's appointees and the nominees today. as i watched the whole thing, i was listening to a lot of people talking about it, the fact he was really drawing a distinction with his predecessor, as jeff points out, never name-checking trump but drawing this contrast with his picks, but also in how they will change the way this country does business. what did you think when you were
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watching it? >> well, a couple things come to mind now that things are clearer. first of all, president-elect biden won this election overwhelmingly, 6 million votes, 306 electoral votes. we call that down here in the south a big whupping. it's clear and it's convincing. secondly, it doesn't matter what donald trump does. it's not up to him who the next president is and whether he concedes or not is not a requirement. thirdly, the president has been denominating what being president looks like. joe biden has demonstrated what it's like to have a person that's balanced, that's stable, that's thoughtful, and his picks demonstrate the country as he promised. i was really happy to see people of great experience, great stability, calmness, a sense of kindness. i think the president-elect has been handling a very difficult situation in a very gracious and
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thoughtful way, yet in a strong way. he's very clear he's moving forward because it really doesn't matter anymore what president trump does. it would be wonderful for the country if he would do what every other president has done, but if he doesn't, time will move on and joe biden will be sworn in on january 20th and he'll be ready with a great team. >> something else i noticed, unlike trump four years ago or even obama in the beginning, joe biden has a personal connection with every single person on that stage. i've been listening to jeff zeleny who was covering him in the transition, and he said, these are all obama proteges. biden said this. i want these folks to tell me what i need to hear, not what i want to hear. how will that inform u.s. national security? >> that is critically important. i've served this lieutenant governor as mayor in the city of new orleans, and it was critical
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to me to be able to govern well to surround myself with people who will tell me what i need to know, not what i want to know. it's apparent that these people he appointed have great experience, but they also have the kind of relationship with him where they can tell him the truth. and secondly, their loyalty is to the country first and not to the president, and joe biden has always understood that. it's been one of the great abuses of power to president trump to make sure it wasn't the exact opposite way. that's not the way it's supposed to be. i thought these picks were great, they come with great experience. i feel very comfortable, it's very stable and it feels very balanced and it's very refreshing, to be honest with you, and on top of that, they seem to reflect the diversity of the united states of america and they're going to prepare us well for the future. >> mayor landrieu, let's talk about president trump. we saw him pardon the turkey and we saw him with a quick appearance in the briefing room. there is still just over 50 days left of this administration.
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we are in the midst of a pandem pandemic, a critical time in our country, and as my colleague john berman has pointed out in recent weeks, the president seems to be fighting very hard to keep a job that he's not currently doing. >> well, there are a couple things about this. first of all, we are in a hell of a mess in this country. we have hundreds of thousands of people who are getting sick and are dying. the transition can't happen quick enough. the covid is the first thing that we have to do. we have to beat covid, we have to kill it. that is the first order of priority. in a reasonable and sane world, this president who we have now would be handing over the transition very quickly to the president-elect so that no balls are dropped and people are not hurt more than they have to be. and i think that's just unfortunate. nothing is going to change the way president trump acts. he is going to act the way he's always acted, and joe biden is going to make sure his team is ready to attack covid, to get the company back and active and to keep people safe.
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>> we know republicans after that trump tweet announcement, gsa ascertainment, they seem to be acknowledging that biden is the president-elect. but when you have certain republicans who still can't seem to admit that joe biden won, how does he work with them? >> well, i think that's unfortunate. i think that you can see the president-elect has, on many occasions just in the last couple of weeks, reached out probably privately and certainly publicly to the republicans that are in washington, d.c. but they're not the only ones who are governing this country. yesterday the president-elect had a meeting with the mayors of america, and he said, listen, there are no red cities or blue cities, we're all one america. we want to seek the common good. we need to work together to make sure we do the business of government quickly so we can secure the future of the american people, and he said, i represent everybody. his hand is outstretched, and i'm very, very hopeful that in the near future republicans in washingto
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washington, d.c. to be distinguished from other americans that the pandemic is the most important thing. covid does not respect the republican party, and i know joe biden is ready to do just that. >> that's correct. it doesn't matter if you're left, right or center. mitch landrieu, be safe and have a great thanksgiving. >> you, too. secretary azar said they are now coordinating with the biden transition team. the cdc is warning people to stay home this thanksgiving. they tell you how to celebrate safely. and 10 million americans are lining up for food assistance this holiday. but the non-profits trying to help them are now hurting themselves. let's shine a light on this today. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. even in the face of a pandemic, this is an alarming number. in the u.s. so far this month more than 3.3 million covid infections have been confirmed. that is more in one month recorded since the pandemic began and we have more time until this month ends. 85,000 people were in u.s. hospitals with covid-19 yesterday. that is the 14th straight day of hospitalizations, setting a pandemic record. athena jones looks at trends among health care workers. >> reporter: health care workers, we are sending out an s.o.s. as coronavirus infections surge
12:19 pm
across the country with no sign of slowing down, they are pleading with americans to do what they can to help slow the spread. >> i can't prevent anyone from getting covid. all i can do is try to keep covid from killing you. so we need people to step up and wear masks and distance from people and just try to keep them safe and everybody else safe. >> reporter: new covid cases topped 100,000 for the third week straight with hospitals setting a record worldwide for the 14th day in a row monday. officials warning if the virus continues to spread out of control -- >> you may not be able to go in and get your heart attack treated. i've heard hospitals not being able to provide care for pregnant women because they're full of covid beds. so that's the reality. >> reporter: in fact, ohio's governor says hospitals in his state are approaching capacity. and health officials in pennsylvania warned they could run out of icu beds in a week. in california where icu admissions have risen 55% over
12:20 pm
the past two weeks, the los angeles board of supervisors is considering more closures. in nevada, we saw its highest 7-day average for new cases monday. new restrictions limiting gatherings to ten people start today. this as one new model predicts covid-19 cases in the u.s. could nearly double by inauguration day to 20 million cases. and another well-known model projects another 140,000 more people could die over the next two months. >> this is not a time to be gathering in any numbers, and certainly if you're in an airport for a bus station or a train station or a gas station, you will be up against people with covid-19. >> reporter: despite the warnings, millions of travelers are packing airports ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> we have some fear of covid like everybody else, but, you know, we have to keep living. >> reporter: meanwhile with schools in nashville moving to remote learning next week, new questions about priorities. >> there should be no community in this nation where the bars are open but the elementary schools are closed. this is the wrong priorities.
12:21 pm
>> more than anything, we want to keep our schools open. we know how important education is to our kids. we also know that you can't have a very effective work force if you have to stay home with your kids because they can't be in school. >> reporter: and now that the transition to a biden administration has officially begun, health and human services secretary alex azar says his department is in communication with biden's team. they will assure meetings with them and cooperation will be communicative and collaborative. they may be able to start regular briefings, something the trump administration halted at the beginning of the pandemic. brooke? >> athena jones, thank you so much. dr. khan is the former director of the cdc's office of public health preparedness and response. dr. khan, a pleasure, sir.
12:22 pm
welcome. >> always a pleasure, brooke. thank you. >> now that this transition has been green-lit, what does this allow for that the biden team is now working with the cdc? >> i think it allows for the better coordination of the existing team and the transition team in terms of what sort of strategy they will push out with the coming administration. however, based on your excellent reporting, you know we can't wait for the transition. that's potentially 50,000 to 60,000 deaths, so people who will never make it to the transition. it's time now for the current government to either step up with science or step out of the way and let cdc do what it does best, which is remind us this is a self-inflicted tragedy. there's over a billion and a half people where wouorldwide w celebrating no cases and no hospitalizations. that could have been us before the vaccine. >> i appreciate all that you're
12:23 pm
saying. this needs to be happening now. if you are on this biden team, what are the first items on the covid to-do list? >> the first items on the covid to-do list is integrated state, national leadership managing. everybody have the exact same strategy, a strategy that's around containment and how do we layer covid patients and the vaccine to get us to lower cases. like i said, a billion and a half people are enjoying now. how do we make use of the tools available to us and why do we not have more contact tracings in america? we have lots of money for other things. why is there not money for isolation and quarantine pay for people who are asking to stay in isolation and quarantine? there are all sorts of tools available to us that i hope the new administration will use, or the current administration will allow to be used by cdc.
12:24 pm
>> here's hoping that, to your point about the strategy and coordinating with the governors, that all of the governors left and right will play ball in terms of just looking out for the public health of their citizens. in terms of a vaccine, dr. khan, we know that the cdc is trying foig out who gets the vaccine first. some have said the elderly and front line workers should be first. others are arguing it should be the younger people and teachers. what do you think? >> so i think the approach that is being adopted by cdc and the advisory committee on immunizations and national academies is spot on, which is social justice first. we know this disease disproportionately sickens, hospitalizes and kills people who are black, indigenous and people of color. all of that brings it to the front in terms of ethical principles, and they do it based on risk. you want to save the most lives, and you're going to save the
12:25 pm
most lives if you focus on health care workers, if you focus on people who are in a critical infrastructure, people with high-risk conditions and people over 65 years of age. those would be the categories to focus on first to save the most lives. >> dr. ali khan, thank you for your expertise, thank you for all your work. we'll speak again, i have the feeling. thank you. >> thank you. mask on! >> love that. there you go. appreciate it. thank you, doc. i got mine right here, i promise you. president-elect joe biden now facing another huge challenge. how to govern for all americans including the near 74 million people who voted for president trump. this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks.
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president-elect and vice president-elect have been told to go ahead with a transition, and now they're making their cabinet picks. one of the challenges is finding
12:31 pm
a way to close the divide in the country. with me now is congressman charlie dent. charlie, great to have you on. >> thank you, brooke. great to be with you. >> 74 million americans voted for president trump and many of those don't believe he lost, and before biden is even sworn in, you have senator marco rubio attacking his cabinet picks without even acknowledging bind won the election. i know this is a big question for you, but i'm going to throw it at you. how does president-elect biden unite the country? >> i think joe biden should keep doing what he's doing. i think his tone really has been very good. he's had a unifying tone. i think his cabinet selections have been pretty good so far. so i think he's on the right track. and he has a governing mandate of sorts. the best thing he can do is bring some sense of normalcy back to the functioning of government, particularly the white house. i think that is the most important thing he can do -- >> define something normal.
12:32 pm
>> stability, not governing by tweet, not all these conflicting policy statements. you know, just the never-ending chaos and drama we've been accustomed to these last four years. help make politics boring again. i think that's one thing biden could do to actually help. you know, not this never-ending drama and chaos. stability, certainty, predictability is a really good thing. >> i know you have a bunch of friends up on the hill who are republicans. are they behind the scenes saying, oh, thank god? >> oh, for heaven's sake, yes. look, there will be a collective sigh of relief once president trump is gone. i mean, some, you know, i think tolerated him, others just really despise him, and others just can't wait till he's gone. so i think for a large number of them, there will be a few out there who thought the last four
12:33 pm
years was just terrific and not chaos, but i think the majority will be happy once it's over. >> sure. what about this fundraising? since trump was considering to concede last month, he sent out this e-mail. what does that say to you? >> he's raising money not just for legal defense, it seems, but for leadership pacs or literally campaign tifactivity. he's going to threaten the run again. i believe when he's out of office he will continue to monumentize the defeat. maybe a platform or tv show or television network. he's trying to monetize this and he wants to keep a very large voice in the process which is going to make life difficult, candidly, for a lot of republicans, typically those who want to become the next president because they have to
12:34 pm
compete with that, and as a congressional president, you don't want to make an election about yourself or donald trump, you want it about the democrats and the biden administration. i don't think donald trump hanging around making noise is going to be very helpful to a lot of republicans. >> what about in the more immediate georgia with the run-offs in early january? that's in full swing. they started a recount and the republican governor gave his blessing, and in the midst of this, david purdue is campaigning. what does he ask in his response? >> i'm going to tell you in a minute. i'll be glad to help you with that. i'll tell that you in just a second. we called for the resignation of our secretary of state is what we did. we're calling for lawsuits. we're doing a lot, because right now we want him. every legal vote should be counted for donald trump. and you know what? they should be counted for me, too. >> congressman dent, if
12:35 pm
republicans like senator purdue keep baselessly claiming fraud and you are a republican voter in georgia, how is this, a, not going to backfire on the gop as in, why would i bother voting if i don't think my vote will count, and b, how should these republican candidates be playing this? >> well, one thing republican candidates should do, they should not do what donald trump did, which was to suppress his own vote. you know, when he went out there, when donald trump went out there and said you shouldn't vote by mail, it's crooked, it's corrupt, he basically told a lot of republicans not to vote by mail and republicans are rather good at it. i wouldn't make that same type of tactical blunder. that was self-inflicted. you can see, too, based on the questions of david purdue, david purdue, probably more than any senator, has stood by donald trump, and it will never be good enough for these real fringe elements of the base. i think there comes a time when you have to tell him the election is over, and now it's time to elect me and i'll be a
12:36 pm
check on the democratic administration. that would be my answer, not to stand up there and try to somehow defend this notion of fraud where there is no evidence of any, at least on a widespread basis. >> georgia coming up right around the corner. we'll be covering it. in the meantime, charlie dent, thank you so much for coming on. love having you on and happy early thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks, brooke. >> thank you. the cdc said stay home, but millions of americans are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday, crowding the nation's airports as covid cases continue to rise. we'll talk about that next. it's footlong season™ at subway and minitron's got some new news! contactless curbside pickup is here! just tap for tasty in the app. and pickup contactless. cause it's safety first. right, tiny car?
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covid advice from public experts from the cdc this thanksgiving is clear. don't travel, stay home, and now there's a new poll that indicates the majority of americans seem to be paying attention. this "axios" ipsos poll says families have changed their plans and will hold smaller, intimate gatherings. but there are still millions passing through airports as they stick with their travel plans. let's go to ryan nobles at
12:42 pm
jacksonvill jacksonvill jacksjac hartsfield-jackson international airport. >> people say they really felt the need to get out. a woman is here to pass out masks. they have over 500 sanitation stations all around this airport. but here's the thing, you talk to people over and over again, you keep hearing the term, wanting to see family, feeling like they've been split apart from the rest of the world because of covid-19. we know people are basically tired of the pandemic. they expect over a million people to go through this airport in the next four or five days. in fact, take a listen to one traveler we just talked to a second ago. >> we haven't really been able to travel, i haven't had a chance to go home and see my family, now more than ever, i live here by myself, i want to take the opportunity to spend some time with people and try to at least with a small group. >> reporter: brooke, you know
12:43 pm
most of us who travel for work have been through the airport and haven't seen crowds like this in a long time. look at this guy in a full hazmat suit who showed up to the airport. he was walking around with everyone else here at the airport. it was kind of eye-catching. you see some people are really taking this quite seriously, even despite the fact they want to travel. we've heard all sorts of things about people wanting to at least touch the hands of one of their loved ones, but at the same time, look, i went to south dakota for sturgis. i remember what happened after in terms of the explosion of covid throughout the country. people are concerned about what this could mean. a lot of people said they went to take tests before getting on a plane, but as we know, you can't put yourself in a bubble, get on a plane and then fly home. >> i know. it's so complicated, all of this this year, and i just wonder, too, at the end of the year when people are like, yuck, i'm over it, as it's getting worse. we just have to keep our guards up. ryan young, good to see you, friend. thank you. >> as many americans reconsider
12:44 pm
their thanksgiving plans in the wake of what ryan was just talking about, there is this reporting from the "new york times" under the headline "small gatherings spread the virus but are they causing the surge?" it seems leaders are passing on the responsibility saying, quote, a pandemic is more a failure of the system than the failure of individual choices. ellie is with me from boston university. ellie, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> two minutes ago we got this e-mail, perfect timing for you. the cdc director just said moments ago that the majority of coronavirus spread is being driven by household gatherings and people without symptoms. to that, what do you say? >> so i think certainly now that coronavirus is really
12:45 pm
widespread, household gatherings are going to be an important contribut contributor. and over thanksgiving, we definitely expect to see a lot of cases transmitted as a result of thanksgiving gatherings. >> that's the fear, right? >> right, exactly. but what we've seen over the last several months is that, you know, we saw cases sort of spiking again in september through october, and a lot of that was predictable and a lot of that could have been managed by better policies. >> i got it. dr. robert redfield said, quote, who would think rural north dakota would be in the red zone. it's all in the red zone and is all being driven by household gatherings. and what's happening this week? people will be gathering, small or not, and for those, ellie, who are gathering for thanksgiving and do find themselves in a backyard or in a living room or around a table, what is the number one thing people should not do?
12:46 pm
>> so the way coronavirus predominantly transmits is by someone who is infected, exhaliexhale ing respiratory particles and being inhaled by someone who is not infected. if you're in close proximity with people, if you're not wearing a mask, if you're in a space not properly ventilated, all of those things can contribute to infections. you want to get outside in open spaces, open the windows, and definitely wear those masks. >> for the people who are celebrating with people who are not in their immediate household, how should they go about responsibly conducting themselves after the holiday? like, is there some sort of necessary quarantine for a couple of days? what would you recommend? >> yeah, so it's really likely that at least, you know, a portion of people will have been exposed to coronavirus at their thanksgiving gathering. so what we really hope that everyone will do is stay home and stay away from people who
12:47 pm
aren't in their immediate household for up to 14 days or longer if they develop symptoms so that they don't risk spreading that infection to a next round of people. >> and when we say quarantine, i know i've had some people on instagram ask me, what exactly does that mean? that means you're not going outside, you're not hanging out with friends, you're not going out to eat, that is you're staying put at home for that 14 days. ellie, thank you very much as epidemiologist. the white house has just given formal approval for president-elect joe biden to receive the pdb's, that's the president's daily briefings. that's according to a white house official, so both sides are working on that first breaching. thousands of americans across the country are now lining up fat food banks for ths thanksgiving. while congress goes on break without a stimulus deal, we take
12:48 pm
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the covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crash are highlighting the food insecurity of so many americans across the country, millions are waiting in food lines stretching for blocks and blocks hoping to get enough food just to feed their families. as these holidays are approaching, the need seems to be growing. in new jersey, a single nonprofit ymca meadowlands has given out over 630,000 meals to almost 40,000 families and expecting to give another 50,000
12:53 pm
today to people who began lining up before drawn. cnn's jen has been there all morning. the families here this morning are asking for help for the first time. what are they sharing with you? >> reporter: two things i witness throughout this day that exemplify the need so great and across the country and witnessing here is, one, seeing people in their cars lined up for more than five hours to get food to feed them the next couple of weeks. i saw one woman crying and shaking. the first one in line and there at fourths a4:30 and shefg cryi. this crew here behind me are packing boxes for the second distribution. we have here throughout the day. one this morning. one later this afternoon. it's a small crew here but they
12:54 pm
are expecting a couple more volunteers in a little bit. really talking to these people, you're learning so much about the state of where we are right now in this country and that is people sometimes have to, again, line up for hours. other people have to visit food distribution every day of the week traveling to different states, different counties to get that food to help their family make end's meet. around the thanksgiving time the need is so great. i want you to hear from them, though. take a listen. >> it's tough. you got everything going on. bills to be paid and, you know? i'm lucky i still have a job and, you know? but it's what is going on. >> they forced my husband to retire early, so we can get the benefits and it's hard to find a job today. i would do anything, you know, just to find something.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: that woman so emotional, brooke. it just breaks your heart honestly to see the position these people are in. cars at 5:00 will line up and getting the food packed into the back of their cars. i got to tell you, really sporn important. distribution centers like this need dounations and could close up if they don't get more donations. >> for people watching, we will get out information how they can help and donate. so powerful to hear from these people and powerful for them to ask for help. no shame in that. our breaking news coverage begins as the white house gives formal approval for president-elect biden to receive the daily briefing. we have more on that next. deion sanders? you sure did! now in the app, get a free footlong when you buy two. because it's footlong season™!
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i'm erica hill in for jake tapper. breaki ining news. a trump official telling cnn moments ago the white house has given formal approval for joe biden to receive the president's daily briefing. this comes hours after president-elect biden introduced his first cabinet picks this afternoon. the overarching message? america is back and the biden team is ready to lead. it was a striking vigil. the nominees as you see there gathered in wilmington, delaware. but social distanced with masks. the president-elect kn


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