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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 24, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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i'm erica hill in for jake tapper. breaki ining news. a trump official telling cnn moments ago the white house has given formal approval for joe biden to receive the president's daily briefing. this comes hours after president-elect biden introduced his first cabinet picks this afternoon. the overarching message? america is back and the biden team is ready to lead. it was a striking vigil. the nominees as you see there gathered in wilmington, delaware. but social distanced with masks. the president-elect acknowledging he is glad his
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transition is finally being allowed to move forward after weeks of delay from the trump administration. the biden transition helping the stock market roll. a huge milestone on wall street today. you see it there on your screen. the dow topping 30,000 for the first time ever. then closing above that number as well. just moments ago. it's that milestone that prompted president trump to make his way to the white house briefing room for literally a one-minute speech bragging about the dow. hours later, he pardoned corn, gobbling alongside cob, two thanksgiving turkeys that came from iowa, a state the president said he loves. one thing the president does not love these days, questions. didn't take any. not answering when asked about a formal concession and running in 2026 or any additional pardons. but his lack of a formal concession doesn't seem for faze the president-elect's team who made it clear today they are approaching these new roles with a much different focus than what we have seen over the past four
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years. as cnn's jessica dean reports. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden making it official today. >> america is back. >> reporter: formally introducing his first round of cabinet nominees and appointees. >> it's a team that keep our country and our people safe and secure. it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back. >> reporter: the national security and foreign policy picks are all heavy on experience and, if confirmed, some will make history. >> thank you for placing your trust in me to lead the department of homeland security. >> reporter: al hahn dro mayorkas would be the first cuban to serve as homeland security secretary. >> my parents brought me to escape terrorism. they cherish our democracy and were intensely proud to become united states citizens. >> reporter: avril haines would be the first woman to serve as director of national
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intelligence. >> i have never shied away from speaking truth to power. >> reporter: secretary of state nominee antony blinken spoke of his late stepfather who escaped the holocaust as a child, finding safety with american forces. >> i ran to the tank, the hatch opened. and african-american g.i. looks down at him. he got down on his knees and said the only three words that he knew in english that his mother taught him before the war -- "god bless america." that's who we are. >> reporter: linda thomas-greenfield promised to bring people together what she calls a gumbo diplomacy. >> where jefferson i was posted around the world i would invite people from different backgrounds and belief to help me chop onions for the holy trinity and make homemade gumbo. it was my way of breaking down
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barriers. >> reporter: the nominees were clear their message is different to the world than president trump's america first approach. >> we need to be working with other countries. we need their cooperation. >> perhaps, most importantly, you've tasked us with helping unite america. >> reporter: 17 days after the election was called, the biden transition is now fully in motion with the general services administration signing off on the official process monday night. >> i'm pleased to have received the ascertainment from gsa to carry out a smooth and peaceful transition of power. >> reporter: the biden team has been in communication with several key government agencies like the department of defense, treasury, state department, and health and human services. today's introductions just the first of many as biden works to fill out his cabinet. we know that he has selected janet yellen to be his nominee for treasury secretary, but many more of these announcements to come in the weeks ahead.
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erica? >> jessica dean, thank you. in both brief appearances today by president trump, not even a slight mention of his dwindling days in the white house. however, cnn's kaitlan collins reports, other members of his administration are acknowledging what is now officially in the works. >> reporter: while refusing to commit to the tradition of conceding the election, president trump took part in another tradition tell white house today. >> corn, i hereby grant you a full pardon. thank you, corn. >> reporter: trump granting leanency to two turkeys in the rose garden ahead of the thanksgiving holiday while making only a veiled reference to the presidential transition now under way. >> as i say, america first. shouldn't go away from that. america first. >> reporter: it was his second appearance in front of cameras today after the white house gave reporters a two-minute notice for this one-minute presidential statement. >> the stock market just has broken 30,000 and never been broken, that number. that is a sacred number, 30,000.
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nobody thought they would ever see it. >> reporter: in the briefing room trump touted the milestone for the doe and attempted to take credit for it and designated for questions without taking any for the third week in a row. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> mr. president! >> reporter: it was the president's first appearance in front of cameras since the general services administration announced the transition to the biden administration can now formally begin, including coordination between officials like hhs secretary and the incoming pandemic team. >> we are immediately getting them all of the pre-prepared transition briefing materials. we will ensure coordinated briefings with them to edge assure they are getting whatever information that they feel they need. >> reporter: the move was seen as possibly the trump could get to a concession, though he later tweeted what does gsa being allowed to preliminarily work with the dems have to do with
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our various cases? we are moving full speed ahead. the president is continuing to fund-raise off his own efforts to undermine democracy and sending multiple emails overnight that claim the funds are to fight the election results but the fine print shows trump's new fund-raising arm gets the first cut. erica, we saw that gsa formally signed off on the transition last night but there was still a question of when joe biden was going to start receiving those classified intelligence briefings that typically someone gets as soon as they have won the presidential election and cnn has now learned from a white house official that the white house has signed off on president-elect biden receiving what is known as the president's daily brief. that is that written assessment prepared by the office of the director of national intelligence that the president and his top advisers get. it's been a point of contention at some points of donald trump's presidency but we are now told that biden does have access to get that and, right now,
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coordination is under way for him to receive his first briefing of that matter and so this is just another step in the process to move forward to this transition of power, the federal government from donald trump to joe biden. >> kaitlan, thank you. joining me now, is nia love and paul. joe biden will now receive the president's daily briefing, i think this is one in a number of steps that would not feel as remarkable had it not been withheld for so many weeks. what does this actually change for the biden team? >> it changes a lot. it's an absolutely critical briefing the president-elect has to get every single day and i'm glad that president trump and his team has belatedly signed off on it. joe biden has fast experience and he was the vice president for eight years he had that briefing. but he has not been briefed on
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our latest intelligence for four years. nor should he have been, right? he was a private citizen. he doesn't know a lot of what we are up to right now and a lot what our enemies are up to. to prepare to defend america he has to have that briefing. i'm very glad it's happened and i was worried and angry it was delayed for several weeks. the first job the of the president is to protect america. >> the biden team clearly was laying out a narrative today, right? they were highlighting experience and the qualifications of all of these nominees and their personal stories. they wanted to put this story line out there about service over self, talking about the country. that, too, was a departure in other times may not have felt remarkable and, yet, somehow it did. >> yes. i thought back to when donald trump was president-elect and he introduced his national security
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team. a lot of them were impressive too. general mcmaster and general mattis and general kelly and spent their career putting the country ahead of them and so is joe biden's team. the difference i think donald trump practices a politics of na narcissism. he is ready to serve and protect our country and ready to give up their private lives and didn't do that weird north korean thing that trump always requires. of course they praise joe. he is going to be their boss. it just seemed strong and secure as opposed to that weak and insecure attitude that trump seemed to bring to everything. >> congresswoman, one of the things that joe biden has said is he wants to work across the aisle, you know, highlighting that he is successfully done it in his many years there in washington. so that being said, what did you
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hear today that you think could maybe bring over some people from across the aisle? could constitute reaching out to republicans? >> like what paul begala said, i think the fact he actually said i want people to tell me what i need to hear versus what i want to hear. i mean, that is a really good start because that is saying i don't want to work in a bubble. and i certainly hope that that is true because it's gotten the current president in trouble quite a bit and this is one of the things that i think is really important, transparency, making sure that the president has exactly what he needs to hear so he can do the job. the other thing i think that is important is i like yellen as a member of the financial services committee. she has always been very straightforward and tried very hard to be nonpartisan, to do the job. i think that there are a lot of republicans that are concerned about john kerry. i think he could have picked --
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the best pick he could have had was to pick someone, a republican who is for climate solutions, to show that this is not a political issue but it's actually an issue that he wants to move forward with bipartisan support. >> there is going to be criticism as well, paul, from those in the democratic party. we are talking about, you know, biden and the team trying to reach across the aisle but there is a large number of progressives within the democratic party who are, you know, they are starting to talk and they are not necessarily happy with what we are seeing in terms of the initial nominations. >> well, that is the nature of putting together a coalition. democratic party is large and diverse and it needs its left wing and it needs its center. you can't do without one way or another. i'm thrilled to hear mia praising janet yellen. she is a very able person. you know who else praised her? elizabeth warren.
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a very liberal democrat and considered a conservative republican. not only does biden has to unite his party he has to reach out to republicans. i would love to see him, for example, put president obama's chief of staff rahm emanuel in transportation. rahm is a moderate, a very good thing, i think, but some progressives don't like that. at transportation you're just putting deals together. the republicans may control the senate. the democrats control the house. rahm is a guy who can put those kind of deals forgot from moderates and progressives and even the republicans because that is what it's going to be take and i think what biden's brand of politics is going to be sniper. >> congresswoman, comments from the lack of republicans coming forward to acknowledge the outcome of the election and will of the voters. look. i don't think anybody is holding their breath for president trump to formally concede but would
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you like to see more republicans, specifically elected officials, speaking up and saying, yes, these are the results? this is how democracy works, we need to move forward because there is still a lot of silence. >> yeah. what i'd like to see is grown-ups that are willing to do the right thing for the american people. i was actually frustrated when even donald trump became president and there were people that were saying this is not my president, there were members of congress saying we are not going to accept this election. everyone needs to just grow up and understand that elections have consequences and if you did not like joe biden, the best thing you can do is accept he is going to be the president come january and do everything you can to make sure that the president is successful because we have got a lot of problems and a lot of americans need grown-ups at the table that are going to be sit down and talk about what they are for. and i really wish that we would just start the healing of
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america and the uniting of the american people because people out there that want to see us harmed and do not want to sees the united states of america succeed. >> congresswoman mia love, let's hope they are listening now to that message. paul, great to have you here today also. thank you. hospitals so overwhelmed with covid patients that pregnant women may not be able to get care. they are not the only ones. a top health official warning of a dark reality right now. plus, these pictures becoming far too common. americans waiting online for hours just to feed their families. fo banks stretched thin ahead of thanksgiving in a season of need. it may be a sign of damaging inflammation, which left untreated, could get much worse. please make an appointment to see your gastroenterologist right away. or connect with them online. once you do, seeing the doctor is one less thing to worry about.
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nine months into this pandemic health care workers are stretched thin and they are worried about what is to come. frankly, they are exhausted. >> i don't think you can describe how it feels to us as nair their caretakers to see that suffering as patients. we are scared what is to come because the hospitals are already full. >> the hospitals are already full. today, more than 85,000 americans are hospitalized with covid-19, that is yet another record high. for the 14th day in a row, according to the covid tracking project. we know it is getting worse. as cnn reports, a new model now reports a total of 20 million cases in the u.s. by inauguration day. >> reporter: the coronavirus outbreak is accelerating across the nation. more than 169,000 new cases reported yesterday, the highest monday on record. 30 states seeing a surge in new
1:21 pm
cases this week. uncontrolled spread of the virus across new mexico un104% compared to last week. covid-19 so rampant across america that one model projects the u.s. will reach a staggering 20 million cases by january 20th. hospitals buckling under the surge. >> you may not be able to go in and get your heart attack treated. i've heard hospitals not being able to provide care for pregnant women because they are filled with covid beds. so that is the reality. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, 14 1k6 daconsec days of record breaking hospitalizations and california surging by 77% the last two weeks. in minnesota the star tribune publishing this dire headline no beds ni s anywhere. >> i took care of lady suffering from covid and we were trying to call their family every day to give update and couldn't get
1:22 pm
hold of anyone and we found out it was because her husband had died of covid and her daughter had died of covid while she was in the hospital. how do you tell somebody that? how do you tell somebody that their family has died? >> every place is like minnesota and minnesota is like every place. >> reporter: if that warning is ignored thanksgiving holiday could turn into a disaster. >> going home to your home community for a wonderful traditional thanksgiving holiday my actually, unfortunately, be a source of an even amplification of the surge. >> reporter: as cases keep surging, some states forced to implement new restrictions. >> we are being overwhelmed with a record number of cases with hospitalizations going up with numbers of individuals in the icu increasing every day. >> reporter: los angeles county reporting a new record for cases monday. 6,124, setting the stage for a new stay-at-home order.
1:23 pm
nashville public schools returning to all virtual classrooms after thanksgiving. >> there should be no community in this nation where the bars are open but the elementary schools are closed. >> reporter: here in colorado, new models are showing 1 in 41 residents are likely to be contagious as the virus is unchecked across the state. the cdc director moments ago announcing that most of the coronavirus spread across the u.s. is coming from small gatherings and people who are not exhibiting symptoms. it's a smashing warning ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> lucy, thank you. my next guest is fighting the virus on the front lines and has been for months. she is the chief of infection presks prevention in miami. we are learning more about this disease as we go along. the fact we know the number of asymptomatic spreaders is now even larger than we thought it
1:24 pm
was. a lot of the spread is happening in young people. this i know is particularly concerning to you because of the holidays and you're worried about what this is bringing your way. you already had a massive surge in july. >> thank you very much for the invitation. absolutely. like everything you have been hearing throughout the day, this is not drama. this is reality. we are concerned. we are seeing increased number of flights coming through miami. we know people have pandemic fatigue and people want to get out and are tired but this is going to get us into trouble. our hospitals right now have good capacity to take care of people but our hospitals are full with noncovid patients. as a number of covid cases increase it's going to become very difficult to take care of everyone and the same time maintain the economy open. this is a time for everyone to understand that it's up to each one of you to take social responsibility to protect yourself and to protect everyone around you. especially during this holiday times. >> that is perfect what we heard from the surgeon general saying
1:25 pm
hospitals are overwhelmed and may not be able to treat emergencies like heart attacks and hearing concerns about pregnant women. how much of that is a discussion for you in terms of rationing care? i know this is something that hospitals have had to address for a number of months so that they are ready if they get to that point. >> so we have not had to ration care. one message that is extremely important. we want people who need care to come and get care. when we were in lockdown, the number of people coming with heart attacks came down dramatically and we don't know if people had heart attacks at home and think were just worried about coming to the hospital. so first of all, in miami, our emergency departments are open. they are able to take care of patients. if you're pregnant, if you need care, come and get care. we don't want to scare people from getting the care they need. we want to make sure the community understands that wearing a mask, maintaining the physical distancing, and not having large gatherings is the only way we can stop this
1:26 pm
pandemic and showed that when read restrictions and orders for universal masking and able to take care of everyone and able to control our surge from july with these measures. upcoming new treatments this is an option but it depends on the community behaviors. we don't want to collapse the health system or get to the time to send you to a park to get treatment under a tent. we don't want to get there. >> your hospital is one of the first to receive the pfizer vaccine, one of five, i believe, in florida. what more can you tell us? what do you know about the planning for that moment when the vaccine does arrive? >> yes. jackson health system is one of five hospitals in the state and the only one in miami who will get the vaccine in the first phase. there are plans to distribute it across the other hospitals and health systems. what we don't know yet is the amount of vaccine that each state will be getting and how soon will that be allocated. we are hearing that very soon in upcoming weeks, we have plans already in place. we have been working on this for
1:27 pm
several weeks. and that includes over the duration that the vaccine needs and needs to be at minus 80 degrees and two doses per person, 21 days a part. we are educating all of our staff and faculty and providers on what do we know about this vaccine. the safety, the immediate potential side effects and making plans to make sure that everyone who needs the vaccine will have the opportunity to get the vaccine. we will be starting with health care workers and people that are at high risk from providers following the guidelines in the health department and the state. >> dr. lillian abo, thank you for joining us today. thank you for all of your work the last several months. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. the biden administration is now dot gov official.
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joe biden and agencies are huddle now the transition for a biden administration is officially under way. in the last 24 hours, that formal sign-off was given and officials say the biden transition team has now been in touch with all federal agencies. as that process begins, we are learning new details about the timing behind the gsa administrator's decision to
1:33 pm
formally start the transition. cnn's kristen holmes joins me live. what are you learning here? >> reporter: we knew the decision was hard for emily murphy and she had been talking to quite a few people. we learned on friday as georgia was certifying its election after the hand recount, gsa officials were telling white house officials giving them a heads-up if michigan and pennsylvania on monday were going to certify as they were expected to do that it was likely that murphy was going to ascertain the election. we know that this triggered a series of events. one, the preparation from gsa, the general services administration, to get that paper work to get everything in order to start that transition. but the other side was what we had jim acosta reporting last night the close aids and lawyers to the president on the phone in the office with him essentially convincing him that this was the right move and that this was going to happen. we have also learned that murphy was surprised or even shocked when she saw that tweet from
1:34 pm
president trump moments after she sent the letter to the biden team to the president-elect where he essentially said he was recommending to emily murphy and her team that they ascertain this election, that she had had no direct communication with him and, again, was surprised to see that he was somehow toing credit for this action. >> fascinating all of this as we are learning how it's replying out. in the meantime, there is also this letter that was viewed by cnn. president trump's chief of staff mark meadows notified staff about the ascertainment and put up boundaries when it came to cooperation writing, quote. how am i supposed to interpret that? >> look.
1:35 pm
there are strict rules in place. they are reaching out to the agency review teams we saw biden send out that long list of people from health to the arts to sciences. that is who the transition coordination is supposed to talk to. doesn't always work this way. there are informal conversations particularly among national security folks who want a feel for it. we had people talking for us about the obama transition in the bush era and how the best part for them was that they just walked around the halls of hhs, for example, talking to people, looking at modeling and seeing how the work there was done every day because you have to remember that not everybody who comes into this administration is coming from a background of a former government employee. a lot worked on campaign and on the hill but not in an actual agency so they want to hit the ground running. i want to note one thing is very important. we have been talking about this coronavirus response nonstop and
1:36 pm
how it was being disrupted by the fact that emily murphy, the gsa, and trump, himself, were stonewalling this election and denying its results. we have learned that health and human services, that they have set up meetings with biden's team that they are already trying to get briefings and working their way through to give them the information they need. that biden's team is planning on looking at that coronavirus data as soon as possible. this is a key component here. not only so they can respond, hit the ground running on day bun, but also as we look forward to the vaccine distribution, one of the biggest concerns that health experts i've spoken to said was that there wasn't going to be a seamless transition that the biden team was not going to know what was going on to actually carry out the distribution of a vaccine. this is a national rollout and not something is done on a regular basis. it could affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people's lives. so this is what we are looking at right now and it appears that at least health and human
1:37 pm
services is talking to biden's team' getting that out there. >> which is very good to hear. thank you. great reporting. covid cases skyrocketing as millions of americans board planes. why so many say they are ignoring the warnings from public health experts this thanksgiving. cars lined up for miles waiting for hours for food, days before thanksgiving. some being turned away. it's not just the holidays. in many cases, this is an everyday issue. the economic pain you won't see on "the new york timethe new yo. go from old to new. from worn to wow. the beautiful bath you've always wanted, done right, installed by one expert technician, all in one day. we've been creating moments like these for 35 years, and we're here to help you get started. book your free virtual or in-home design consultation today.
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cdc best guidance on holiday travel this year? just don't. the top of the its website in bold, stating staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from covid-19. yet we know air travel at a record high right now during the pandemic. cnn reports, some people have no choice but to travel, there are others who do have that choice and have decided they want to take the risk. >> reporter: caroline said she could not stay home any more. she took a coronavirus test and boarded a flight home to kentucky for thanksgiving. >> i think at some point it's too hard to stay away from family, especially for the holidays. >> reporter: it is the rational of 50 million americans according to aaa who will travel by plane, train, or car this week. the new forecast is only a 10% decrease from last year's pre-pandemic levels but aaa thinks the actual number could be even lower as coronavirus cases surge.
1:43 pm
last week, the centers for disease control said to cancel holiday travel. >> i understand the risk i'm taking but i want to see my family. >> reporter: passenger levels are already starting to rise again and set a new record of the pandemic on sunday. this past weekend was the busiest three days at airports since travel cratered. major airlines are gearing up for more passengers and adding new flights for the first time since march. airline industry groups say they are not encouraging travel but not discouraging it either. >> i think it's perfectly ethical. we would not fly people if it were not safe. >> reporter: cleaning like this plus heavily filtered air on board an airplane and everyone wearing masks keeps virus transmission rates low. >> it's a layered approach. >> reporter: dr. leonard marcus is on team of harvard who study the air inside airliners. their findings being in a.
1:44 pm
>> everybody has to make a decision about their own personal risk. >> reporter: airlines are starting programs to test passengers for coronavirus but only on limited international routes. for caroline that means taking another coronavirus tested before gathering around thanksgiving like no other. >> i think it reaches the point where you have to decide what is best for yourself and how you can best protect yourself and those around you as well. >> reporter: tsa thinks not many people are cancelling their trips, meaning tomorrow could set a new air travel record of the pandemic. one that could be broken on sunday. when the tsa thinks everyone who left for the holiday could be coming home all at once. >> pete muntean, thank you. the scene in new jersey
1:45 pm
today really speaks volumes about the reality for so many americans right now. as they continue to struggle during this pandemic. cars are lined up for miles in east rutherford, new jersey. what is perhaps even more astonishing here is that some willingly waiting three, four, five hours just to get this food donation to feed their families and, in many cases, this is not just about a holiday meal. this is about daily survival. cnn's brynn gingras is there all day. >> reporter: when you see people come in their cars and they are literally crying as they receive those meals in the trunk of their car, it shows you how desperate people are feeling and how important these causes are. i want to show you the line of cars. what you saw earlier you showed your viewers from this morning's distribution here at the
1:46 pm
meadowlands ymca. you see those cars lined up every single car is a family, multiple families in some cases, who are waiting to get these free meals. further down, i can see a family right now who brought a soccer ball just to keep their kids occupied because they have been waiting here for two, three hours just to get those meals. let's keep in mind, we are in a county in this country, one of the wealthiest counties in the entire country and this is the need we are seeing. go down this line. it stretches earlier this morning two miles and it's a little less than that but typically this food bank tells us they don't really see this demand in the afternoon. more so in the morning. that's not the case and not what they are seeing today. i want to hear from these people in this line, sometimes visiting every week. some people will go to a different food bank tomorrow just to have enough food for their week. >> it's hard. my mortgage went up. my taxes went up. and i could barely, you know, afford it.
1:47 pm
besides all of my other bills. >> reporter: so you need the food? >> oh, definitely need the food. >> if it wasn't for this place, we don't know where we would get our food because we need to pay our bills. >> reporter: it's just those heart breaking stories are repeated literally by every person in these cars, just trying to find a way to make end's meet and relying on their communities to help them out. >> as all of this need is increasing, i would imagine this is also just a strain in terms of what is available for donations. are those dropping off in terms of both financial and donated foods? >> they are. there are volunteers, fewer because that is a really -- all they have are volunteers. there are employees getting laid off. they tell us they won't be able to survive the next couple of months if they don't get more donations, get help from the federal government who they say
1:48 pm
the airlines, they help airlines and other industries, so help the nonprofits. you can see the demand is there. >> certainly is. there are so many ways that people can help. brynn gingras, thank you so much. i just want to point out we have those resources at and i will tweet that as well. will grandma get a hug on christmas? which americans may be getting vaccine shots by mid december. ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way ♪ ♪ and it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you
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breaking news in our "health lead." the white house coronavirus task force considering now shortening the covid quarantine period according to the hhs assistant secretary who says they are looking at evidence this a shorter quarantine and a test may be enough to slow the spread. he did not, however, just say how long that newly shortened period could be. joining me now, dr. hotas. good to have you with us. what do you make of this news we are learning potentially a shorter quarantine period? would you know what that means in terms of length? >> i haven't seen what the doctor is looking at whaen the particular data. these are called incubation periods and what quarantine is
1:54 pm
about. the amount of time from the period when you're exposed to the virus to when you show symptoms and become positive. usually, if you're going to become symptomatic it's usually four to six days. we know that this is a range. it's a probability. roughly about 90% become positive within ten or 11 days. possibly that is what we are looking at, cutting it short the extra three days, because 90% of the people are going to be positive by that period. even 14 days is not perfect. you still get the outliers that do it -- positive after 20 days so probably something along those lines to ease things up a bit. >> as we look forward to a vaccine, we spoke with one doctor a short time ago who is at one of the five hospitals in the state of florida that will be receiving those initial doses of the pfizer vaccine.
1:55 pm
based on what we know at this point, do you believe there could be front line health care workers who are receiving their first dose of a vaccine by mid december? >> i think that is very possibly, because pfizer, which is the first vaccine, the pfizer vaccine will be as requesting emergency use authorization, will take two or three weeks for the food and drug administration to review all of the data. remember, when they review the data, they are actually going back to the primary data and not just looking at company press releases and why it take assess couple of weeks. then assuming they confirm all of the evidence for efficacy and safety, what they will then do is present it to a committee of the fda, as well as the acip. once that is done, i would say within 24 hours you could start releasing vaccine to the public. when you add up those days, that is what it comes out to be, about three or four weeks. so, yes, i think it's possible beginning with health care workers.
1:56 pm
i'm hearing different reports how many doses pfizer will have by that period of time, whether it's 25 million in the u.s. or 40 million. we are hearing different amounts. you get a sense of that. then things will really pick up a lot in the new year. >> it's certainly encouraging. this new poll really stopped me for a second. 51% of respondents said that they are likely to get a covid vaccine as soon as it's released. important to point out this is up 14 points from when they did that polling in september. when we are looking at barely more than 50%, is there a messaging issue? >> there has been. operation warp speed has done an excellent job in terms of the scientific rigor of their studies and the integrity of the clinical trials. but they never put forward a communication plan. it was always left to the pharmacy ceos who often bungled that message. i think that helped erode confidence. also you have all of the
1:57 pm
politicization of the vaccine by the white house, that didn't help anything certainly. then you have a pretty aggressive antivaccine movement so three components up, you get a significant percentage of vaccine hess tanitancy. i'm hopeful people seeing getting vaccinated without ill effects and things will gain momentum to the point where more people will be accepting of it. you'll always have a percentage who believe in conspiracy theories and for that we have to address the anti-vaccine lobby. a high bar. we did a study with a group in new york find 70% of americans have to get vaccinated with a high efficacy vaccine before we can think about reducing transmission. the first part of the vaccine is to reduce severity of illness and prevent people from going to hospital or the icu. the second piece we get the numbers really up there so we can actually halt transmission
1:58 pm
and that is a higher bar. >> yeah. as we look -- you've talked so often about what has hindered the response in this country being the lack of a national plan. i would start with during that former director of the -- wrote for cnn saying the nationwide alert system. think of, you know, almost the terror alert system but so that it's not state-by-state, right? we would know if you were at orange or red what that criteria was. and his point was if everybody was on the same system and you knew what you were dealing with that so incentivize people to make sure how to make the situation better. how effective do you think a national covid-19 alert system would be? >> i think it would help and also help unify the country. i remember prime minister boris johnson has already done for this for the uk and we do it here in harris county. a judge has implemented this. it's fragmented and the problem with our response an one of the
1:59 pm
reasons we failed so miserably and lost 257,000 american lives so far. >> hopefully, this is something that could work and that could unite us and perhaps looking to harris county for ways to get that sartetarted. dr. hotez, thank you for joining us. we want to remember two front line people who lost. the kansas city fire department lost two employees. everybody called captain robert rocha bobby. he had been with the department 29 years. scott davidson was just 45. a communications specialist and a paramedic. his coworkers remember his calming voice. the chief says the department will struggle with morale for a while. >> this was the worst-case scenario that they would never come out of the hospital alive and it's devastating. it's devastating to all of us. >> our deepest condolences to the kansas city fire department and to their families.
2:00 pm
thank you so much for joining us on "the lead." i'm erica hill for jake tapper. 5 joe biden is declaring that america is back as he introduced key cabinet picks. he said the team shows the country is ready to lead the world not retreat from it. a major development. the white house has just given formal approval for president-elect biden to start receiving the president's daily intelligence briefing and it's working with the biden team on when he'll receive that first briefing. also breaking, president trump touting american greatness just a short time ago at the


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