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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  November 25, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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one, mean thousands of the people were working in concert and not one person shared it with anybody? we elected that guy, here's what we did with those machines. nobody has said that. what does that tell you? it didn't happen because you can't get people to do that. >> you're exactly right. i'll make it more simple, double "o" don. this is what would be happening. the pennsylvania legislatures who are republicans and trumpers would be coming out with the proof of their own problems. here's how crazy it is. trump has gone to the pennsylvania legislature to complain about the law that they voted to pass that helped them win. they did well on the republican side in state in pennsylvania and on the congress side on the republican party side. so he's the only one who's complaining. so this conspiracy was only against him and at the same time designed to help republicans in congress and in the state
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legislature where he's now complaining. >> it was rigged, it was stolen. by the way, where was sidney powell today? >> do you see how spooky that was. >> man, i did. listen, we're laughing about it, but it's really -- >> got to mock it. >> it's really concerning. >> got to mock it. >> but you have to call it out. you're right, and i'm going to be chris cuomo right now. aren't you watching chris right now? he's covering it right now. maybe not covering the conspiracy in the way tour it -- >> 70% believes it was stolen. >> they want to believe it was stolen. maybe it's the same thing, i don't know. >> well, i mean, you know, feelings over zblakfacts.
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>> we're not talking turkey. >> should we tell them about the latest chapter in our friendship? >> uh-oh. >> i guess it means more to me than it does to you. tomorrow. >> are we getting married? thanksgiving. >> sympttop dreaming. this guy. we had an expression where i grew up. i used it on trump the other night but i'll use it on don now. with friends like don, who needs enemas? >> all right. i'm going on that. >> i'll see you outside and don and i are going to do it together because we couldn't be with family. >> we've been seeing each other the entire time and your entire family has had it. >> oh, yeah. >> we're seeing each other in the backyard. >> but we're doing it the right way, but at least we'll be together and we're doing it outside. it's going to be a little rainy but we have an area that's covered. it's not going to be great or what we dreamed of for thanksgiving, but we're going to be thankful for who we have and
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what we have. just don't wear in a. >> that . >> it's just not worth it. >> she won't leave her house. >> it's not worth it, man. >> i see you in the building every night. >> look, we get tested and i have to keep up my antibody stuff to see if it's there so i can do the plasma thing, but it's not worth the risk, brother. god forbid like that guy i just had on. it's not worth the risk. >> this is what i'm going to have on, though. >> whatever covers your mouth is fine. i'd rather you put it in your mouth. maybe i'll put an apple in there. have a good show. i love you, don lemon. >> you're nuts. that's all i'll say. i'll see you. happy thanksgiving, everyone. people at home are like what's going on? i'm don lemon, so glad you could join us.
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we haven't seen anything like this in, really, four years. we really haven't. we expected, you know, a day of stark contrast and, boy, did we ever get one. president-elect joe biden in a thanksgiving address to the country imploring americans to do their part in the battle against the virus, stressing science over politics and urging the country to dream again. >> i believe that this grim division, demonization is going to give way to a year of light and unity. why do i think so? because america is a nation not of adversaries, but of neighbors. not of limitations, but of possibilities. not of dreams deferred, but dreams realized. >> with the pandemic ravaging the country, the president-elect calling on americans to remember that we are at war with the virus, not with each other.
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>> we fought a nearly year-long battle with the virus that has dwaef devastated this nation, that has brought us pain and loss and frustration, and has cost so many lives. 260,000 americans and counting. this divided us, angered us, set us against one another. i know the country's growing weary of the fight, but we need to remember we're at war with the virus, not with one another, not with each other. >> and then there is this moment of real feeling and empathy for more than 260,000 american families, families who are mourning the loss of loved ones on the eve of thanksgiving with the cdc now projecting up to 321,000 deaths by december 19th. >> for those that have lost a loved one, i know that this time
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of year can be especially difficult, believe me. i know. i remember that first thanksgiving, the empty chair, the silence. it takes your breath away. it's really hard to care. it's hard to give thanks. it's hard to even think of looking forward. it's so hard to hope. i understand. i'll be thinking and praying for each and every one of you this thanksgiving because we've been there. >> the president-elect who's been there, praying for the people who will lead in just 56 days. contrast that with the current president. the current president acting like he knows he's on his way, pardoning his disgraced first national security adviser, michael flynn, who not once, but twice pleaded guilty to lying to
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the fbi about his conversations with russia during the transition, a country that, and i probably don't have to remind you, had just interfered in the election that made donald trump president. and this may not be the last we hear about pardons, by the way. politicize dirty trickster and trump coney roger stone convicted a year ago of lying to congress and witness tampering now says he hopes the president will grant him a full pardon after trump commuted his sentence this summer. like i said, quite a contrast. at almost exactly same time, the president-elect was saying this. >> our democracy was tested this year. what we learned is this. the people of this nation are up to the task. in america we have full and fair and free elections. and then we honor the results. the people of this nation and the laws of the land won't stand for anything else.
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>> at almost the exactly same time the president of the united states was still trying to subvert the will of the people, refusing to accept the fact that he lost the election, praising rudy giuliani's lies as he called into a phony voter fraud event to make it clear to this event in pennsylvania. >> this election was rigged and we can't let that happen. we can't let it happen for our country and this election has to be turned around. this is going to be your crowning achievement because you're saving our country. >> the fact is joe biden got 8,026,721 votes, the most votes of any candidate in history -- 80,000, i should say. the most votes of any candidate in history. how many times do i have to say that, 80 million, excuse me.
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80 million votes. the president got 73,890,295 votes. that is a difference of 6,136,426 votes. you know what that is otherwise known as? a landslide for joe biden. but the president continues to fight a war he's already lost, meeting tonight at the white house with those pennsylvania republicans. he had to scrap a planned appearance today after news broke that rudy giuliani was exposed to another person who had tested positive for the virus, boris epstein, remember him? he's part of giuliani's clown car full of lying lawyers throwing around wild accusations at that press conference last week. now testing positive for the virus. as has giuliani's son, andrew. but that didn't stop the man who was once known as america's mayor from taking off his mask at a crowded indoor event where
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cnn estimates 80% to 90% of those attending were not wearing masks. he put it back on again later. but he's not the only one acting like the virus has already killed more than 260,000 americans is no big deal. just no big deal, 260,000 americans dead. the white house proclamation for thanksgiving specifically encouraging americans to gather at homes and places of worship to give thanks, encouraging to us gather in the middle of a deadly pandemic. as the cdc is pleading with americans to stay home this thanksgiving. those pleas falling on deaf ears. this is from "the new york times," americans who live in states won by the president were on average more likely to say they are likely to have thanksgiving with family outside their household. that as states across the country are battling are deadly surge of the virus. texas setting a record for single-day covid case increases, more than 14,000 new cases.
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and texas senator ted cruz? he cares more about defending the right to eat turkey with a crowd than he does about the lives of his own constituents. el paso county moving mobile morgues now. food lines are getting longer and longer. this is the reality for millions and millions of americans. >> we're all struggling and i appreciate north texas helping us out. >> i haven't been working since december. >> i can't find a job. they cut out my unemployment. it's a big deal. it's a real big deal. >> thank you. >> unemployment, hangunger, ande president of the united states in the morning millions of americans. there was a contrast today between the president and the president-elect, and this says it all.
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>> i believe you always deserve to hear the truth, hear the truth from your president. >> the president is pardoning like he's running out of time, which he is, while joe biden is promising america we'll beat the virus. >> i know we can and we will beat this virus. america's not going to lose this war. we'll get our lives back. life is going to return to normal, i promise you. this will happen. this will not last forever. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
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in his thanksgiving message, president-elect joe biden calling on americans to come together to fight the virus and not each other. while president trump as he prepares to leave office grants a full pardon to his former national security adviser, michael flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. i want to bring in cnn white house correspondent kaitlan collins and mj lee, and presidential historian douglas brinkley. hello and happy thanksgiving to one and all. i'm so happy to see both of you. kaitlan, let's see, i'll start
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with you. president trump pardoning his former national security adviser, michael flynn. this is someone who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. i'm wondering if this is another sign that trump knows he's on his way out. >> i think it absolutely is because you heard the president today insisting that he's won this election, that democrats lost. of course that's not true. you can see how the president is actually viewing things because he does know he's on the way out the door. that's why he's pardoning michael flynn who has had such a lasting impact on the trump administration. you might forget he was only the national security adviser for 24 days. but of course, the president at the time said he was firing him because he lied to vice president mike pence for lying about his contacts with then-russian ambassador sergey kislyak, but he later pleaded guilty twice to lying to the fbi during the presidential transition period, the same one we're in right now with joe biden and his team. to see this saga end in this way
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is just really remarkable given the fact that the justice department tried to drop it own case into michael flynn earlier this year. that was a really shocking twist after he tried to disavow the guilty pleas. it's not prooi it's not surprising, but it is still remarkable to see the president pardoning his own first national security adviser. >> are we going to see more of these? >> i think so. if you talk to sources around the president, they say expect more pardons potentially, commutations to come. look for george papadopoulos, paul manafort, roger stone might get a pardon. charlie kushner, jared kushner's father, of course. you're right, it is a sign he understands behind closed doors that his time is coming to an end. that's why he's making moves like this. >> all right. mj, so president trump is
7:19 pm
ignoring the pandemic now while president-elect biden is urging americans to recommit to fighting the virus. talk to me about biden's thanksgiving message, will you? >> yeah. you know, this was another incredibly vivid contrast between the sitting president and the president-elect. a sitting president who is not conceding and is continuing to sow doubt on the election, and the president-elect, who is giving this national address before the thanksgiving holiday, basically urging calm and a sense of national unity. this was an incredibly empathetic speech and ends what it is like to look around your dinner table and see that there is somebody missing at the table. he was obviously referring to so many americans who have lost loved ones through this coronavirus pandemic. and then just really emphasizing and urging people to please be
7:20 pm
responsible, that he gets that people are getting weary, that they're getting impatient, that this has been going on for so long, but that especially as we wait for a vaccine to start being distributed, that we are basically almost there and that this isn't forever. take a listen to a bhis speech. >> i'm hoping news of the vaccine will serve as an incentive to every american to take these simple steps to get control of the virus. there's real hope. tangible hope. so hang on. don't let yourself surrender to the fatigue, which i understand is real fatigue. >> it's worth noting biden himself will be skipping his own family tradition. you know, he said for so many years we have had the tradition of traveling so that we could have a big family gathering on thanksgiving day. but he's not doing that this year either, like so many
7:21 pm
families who are also not going to be able to partake in their usually traditions. he and his wife are staying here in delaware. they're just going to have a very small gathering. he's basically urging other american families to do the same. >> douglas, i want to bring you in and ask you about the president-elect biden delivering a passionate, somber message ahead of thanksgiving, while the current president is pardoning his cronies and playing games. the contrast -- i mean, it's just so obvious. it's night and day. >> it's completely night and day. you know, joe biden did an excellent job today. he had a tough task. it reminded me of when, you know, john f. kennedy got ascended and a few days later, lyndon johnson gave a thanksgiving prayer to the nation and he wasn't quite i'm not the real president but our country has to be mournful. so joe biden kept a mournful tone. but then at the end of the
7:22 pm
speech today he rang the bell of optimism and he spoke throughout about george washington and we're all in it together, fdr, he quoted martin luther king jr. and scripture. he was trying to do a balance because he's like a war-time president right now , that we are at war with covid-19 zpoechltd convinand he has to get people on board to social distance and wear a mask. by contrast, donald trump made a fool of himself. here it is right before thanksgiving and donald trump's doing a call-in with rudy giuliani and people there saying it's rigged, it's rigged, it's rigged. it was an embarrassing performance by the president and joe biden came off as a class act and a difficult thanksgiving season for us. >> douglas, you talked a little bit about history. i want you to put biden's speech
7:23 pm
into perspective. how have other presidents steered the country during difficult times? >> you know, you tend to think that it's been around forever, the thanksgiving holiday. washington did it as a proclamation. but fdr used thanksgiving as a way to unify the country at wartime. you might recall, don, a famous nor man rockwell painting, the four freedoms and showing freedom -- a thanksgiving dinner at a table. so there's nothing more american, the holiday. i think joe biden missed an opportunity to perhaps mention native american history today. he still has a name for secretary of interior, which would be a historic native american to a cabinet position, there's no recognition of the role and the pilgrims meet the new world and the native indigenous people commentator. i hope down the line he lives up
7:24 pm
to his campaign promises for native people. >> yeah. kaitlan, i want to talk to you more about this farce that the president is engaging in. i mean, he met with pennsylvania republicans at the white house tonight. he's calling into these, you know, crazy displays of rudy giuliani and jenna ellis. what is going on? >> yeah, he was actually supposed to go to that hearing as they're calling it today in pennsylvania. it got scrapped, so instead he invited these lawmakers, as you can see there, they were coming into the west wing earlier. they came into this meeting with the president. they did not invite reporters in, but this was this hearing that they called it on accusations of voter fraud where basically you heard a lot of what you heard from the president and his allies over the last several days trying to dispute the results even though pennsylvania is finalizing its election results. of course, joe biden has won by a significant margin there, and it's undisputed. that is the thing. the president and his allies are repeatedly trying to portray it
7:25 pm
as otherwise. it's come to these situations where last week you saw the press conference that rudy giuliani held with an attorney for mike flynn who the campaign later distanced themselves from, and it ranged from that to the president today being patched in on speaker phone with someone just holding up a phone to a microphone so the president could address those lawmakers from pennsylvania there, the republicans. it's a situation where the president is insisting he won this election, and of course we know he didn't. to see it contrast not just with reality but what his own government is doing, but the federal government is moving forward with the position. joe biden is going to get the daily brief next week. his team is already speaking with several different agencies throughout the trump administration. it's happening whether the president likes it or not, but he still has not publicly acknowledged it and still hasn't taken a question from reporters since the day of the election. >> yeah. it's surreal, but it's very
7:26 pm
dangerous what he's doing because a lot of people are believing the nonsense. and it's a total conspiracy theory. thanks, a lot of the time happy thanksgiving one and all, be safe. >> thanks. the mother of all superspreader events and a pending calamity, doctors souped the alarm over what could happen with the coronavirus this thanksgiving as the u.s. reports the deadliest day of the pandemic since the first week of may. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -well, audrey's expecting... -twins! grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. okay. mom, are you painting again? you could sell these. lemme guess, change in plans? at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
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. this is really unbelievable. we have some breaking news just in minutes ago. the new ensemble forecast from the cdc projecting there could before up to 321,000 deaths from the coronavirus. this is, i think, as of december 19th that can happen. today over 178,000 people were diagnosed with the virus, and
7:31 pm
over 2,200 people have lost their lives. that's today. with more than 89,000 people in the hospital right now, we've now set records for hospitalizations for the 16th day in a row. take a look at this. this is a time lapse of air travel throughout the day today. look at all that. despite cdc guidance not to travel for thanksgiving, air traffic is hitting levels that we have not seen in months. joining me now is cnn medical analyst dr. amy phillips and joe allen, assistant professor of exposure assessment science at harvard and the author of "healthy buildings," and both of them join us once again. i was telling you on the break, dr. compton phillips, we spoke very early on you and predicted all of this. sadly it has come to pass and now we have these alarming new numbers from the cdc. thanksgiving hasn't even really
7:32 pm
happened yet. millions of people are already traveling. >> it is a frightening time and, in fact, you know, i think december is going to be just a really difficult month for all of us to get through. and the challenge is that we get such mixed messages from leadership. you know, do we listen to the cdc? do we not listen to the cdc? do we wear a mask or not wear a mask? so having some consistent messages come out that really help us put this behind us, help us get through december, is going to be really critically important. >> yeah. listen, the cdc guidance, it is guidance from the cdc. it's not like a mandatory you cannot travel, otherwise people would not be allowed, the airports would be shutting down. it's guidance. is this a recipe for, sadly, more cases, more infections, and even death? >> it is a recipe for more cases and death. and you've seen the conversations that people have. some people just don't believe
7:33 pm
that this is real or don't believe that it's nearly as impactful as it is. and i have to tell you, yesterday i spent my day modeling out how many refrigerated morgue trucks we need to put at our hospitals and how many racks we have to put in them because we know this is real. and how horrible is it to figure out how many additional morgue refrigeration trucks you have to have, it's awful. >> yeah. listen, joe, the reason we have you on, you talk about these healthy buildings. you actually design buildings that are healthier, that have better ventilation, that can help when there's a pandemic or there is a disease that is spread through droplets. i understand you have been looking into the dangers of having even small gatherings in enclosed spaces. tell us about that and if people are really going to do it, what are the things -- if they're going to do it, what are the things they can do to minimize
7:34 pm
the risk? >> yeah. i'm really concerned about thanksgiving for this reason, that most people realize our homes don't breathe very much. we choked off the air supply. the term we use to think about this is something called the air -- how many air changes per hour you get in a typical home. it's 0.5 air changes per hour. it takes two hours for the full volume of air in your house to breathe. now, for reference, for schools, we're recommending four to six air changes per hour, ten times higher. 0.5 air changes per hour is not enough to prevent the spread of this virus through the air. i want to give you a sense of what that looks like. i'm in my home measuring carbon dioxide right now. we're the main source of carbon dioxide indoors. it can tell us how well our homes are ventilated. my home right now is 1,800 parts per million of carbon dioxide. you want this below 1,000 parts per million on a normal day.
7:35 pm
during a pandemic, we want this under 800 parts per million. i've done the math on this, it's 0.3 changes per hour. this is typical, what you will find in almost every home across the u.s. now, it's not an issue in my home right now because i'm just with my immediate family. but i would never have people over in my house with these conditions. if i simply open up the window an inch are two, these levels in my office will drop down below 800 parts per million. if you're going to have people over, first, we should not be right now. if you're going to do it, open up the windows a bit, wear a mask at all times when you're not actively eating or drinking. if you have a portable air cleaner with a hepa filter, use it a portable humid fiifier, us it. this is not the time to have long, loud conversations at the dinner table, spread out. we've seen the science that what we're heading into is not going to be good and our homes are just not the places where we can handle a lot of people. it will lead to spread if
7:36 pm
medicine is sick and infectious in your home. >> wow. thank you. i'm glad you did that so people can see. but really, think about this, joe and doctor. if you burn something or you're cooking something and there's smoke, it lingers in the air for a long time when you have to open up all the doors and windows. so, i mean, i would just -- i would think that that's a comparable demonstration to how long particles can linger in the air before they flow out of your home. am i wrong? >> it's a great way to think about it. cigarette smoke indoors f someone is smoking indoors, all the windows are closed or you burn something, it's going to take a long time for that to dissipate. now, the other thing, right, if you have windows and doors open, you're increasing the air change rate, and that will dissipate any airborne particles that carry the virus.
7:37 pm
absolutely you should be wearing a mask indoors. >> doctor, members of president-elect joe biden's transition team met with officials from operation warp speed and the department of health & human services. what's their top priority to be ready to take over on day one right away? >> well, it's really making sure that that vaccine gets distributed because that is essential for us to actually get our lives back, right? we can do a better job at getting our lives back by everybody wearing a mask and social distancing and minimizing interactions, but we really fully get back to ourselves when that vaccine is distributed. and it is hard, it's really implicat complicated getting that vaccine everywhere, so we're looking forward to that. >> i want you to both be safe and have a happy thanksgiving. so glad you could join us on thanksgiving eve to give all of that's information to our viewers. thank you so much. >> have a good thanksgiving, don. thanks. >> thank you.
7:38 pm
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he's pardoning his former national security adviser, michael flynn. the white house claiming flynn is an innocent man even though he twice pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. joining me now is former deputy assistant attorney general, harry litman. good to see you. it's been a while. how are you? >> yeah, i'm well. thank you, how are you doing? >> good. i'm doing very well. do you think this was an abuse of the president's pardoning power, harry? >> i mean, it was a profound
7:43 pm
abuse. it's not just the kind of abuse that we saw, say, with sheriff joe where he gives a goodie bag to a crony. this is more deeply self-serving than that. it's part of this ongoing effort to rewrite the entire mueller probe and to paint -- to whitewash history's verdict of him, donald trump. so the screed on white house stationery is a narrative about him, trump, and it goes back to the obstruction involved in trying to get jim comey and then later don mcgahn, an important figure we'll still hear from, to corruptly drop the prosecution against flynn who not only pleaded guilty but laid out all the facts and agreed to them for why he was guilty. and it was not a trivial crime. he really damaged the national security. >> at one point, flynn was
7:44 pm
cooperating with robert mueller, but then he stopped. was that a sign that this pardon was inevitable because suddenly he's not doing anything? was that a sign? >> it was a sign that he was gaming for it, including his firing his counsel and bringing on, who? sidney powell, the same counsel who was, you know, kicked off the island by rudy giuliani this last weekend. but yes, he changed his tactics completely and it was an out and out play for a pardon, possibly even connected with conversations between counsel that we don't know about. but it was a strategic move by a guilty man. and you know what? it worked out for him. he made the right calculation hoping that the corrupt president would see it his way and see that granting him, flynn, a pardon, would work to trump's own advantage. >> we're told that the president
7:45 pm
is considering multiple pardons. who do you think could be next on his list? roger stone already said today he's hoping for one. >> yeah. so he would want one. manafort is a big-ticket item here. you know, this is one aspect of it that's odd, don. the actual pardon is not up yet. all we have is the self-serving but completely unofficial statement on white house stationery, but it's odd because normally a president does a sort of flurry of pardons just in leaving. why he would want to sort of sequence them out is a bit puzzling. but definitely stone, manafort, you know, all the rogue's gallery that was most connected with trump's own behavior in the mueller probe and the impeachment. they're the ones who would be most likely to get the benefit of him on the way out.
7:46 pm
>> i think it's important we have to remind the viewers, we have to remember that the attorney general barr took, really, the unprecedented step of trying to dismiss flynn's conviction after he pled guilty. and now his doj is trying to appeal a recent ruling against trump which said the doj can't represent him in that defamation suit. how damaging is it that the justice department continues to try to act like the president's personal attorney, harry? >> yeah. well, and that was the hope here that they could have it play out in time so that trump wouldn't have to play the pardon card, one fewer mark on his legacy. but if there wasn't going to be enough time because it still is with sullivan, so that was one of the things that caused career people to abandon ship and, you know, really accuse the department of a kind of
7:47 pm
favoritism that we just haven't seen before. that's front and center for biden now as he thinks about a new attorney general. how damning? very damning. >> happy thanksgiving to you and yours, harry, thank you so much. >> same to you, don. good to see you. people across the country forced to line up in great depression-style food lines as the pandemic makes it harder and harder for many americans just to get by. how one ohio mom with six kids is trying to make ends meet and get the most out of this very difficult thanksgiving. at fidelity, you'll work with an advisor to help you build a flexible wealth plan. you'll have access to tax-smart investing strategies, and with brokerage accounts online trades are commission free. personalized advice. unmatched value. at fidelity, you can have both.
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this has hit home for a lot of people. this is a tough thanksgiving for so many american families. millions of people have lost their jobs in this pandemic, and that means millions of americans are reaching out to food banks and pantries. they need help. and joining me now is laura, ohio mom raising six kids with her husband. and they are receiving food assistance like so many other americans. laura, thank you so much for joining, sharing your story. there is no shame in it. there's lots of people who are dealing with the same thing that you're dealing with. i just want to know how are you and your family and your husband are doing? i understand your husband is a house painter and the virus is really hurting his business. talk to me about what's going on with you and your family, please. >> well, since the whole pandemic kind of started, things have just been kind of harder for us. i mean, we've utilized all the
7:53 pm
food pantries and assistance and certain times of our -- we've had certain times of our life that we've needed them. but when this hit, it was pretty hard. and actually, the one food assistance that we've been receiving is actually paired with the cleveland food bank. it's been really, really helpful. i don't know what we would have done all summer long without it. and going into the fall and into winter. it's just been -- and if anything we've had for help here and there, this has been so helpful for us. the kids enjoy it. yeah. >> what would you do -- you mean, listen. and you know that some of the
7:54 pm
supplies have been low because we have a food bank near our home that we work with. and the supplies have really been low. the demand has been really high. have you noticed any shortages, and what is -- any shortages? and is there, do you always -- are you always able to get the food that you need and the families who may be suffering and maybe need help around you as well? >> you know, during the whole -- during the pandemic, when it first started, we were, you know, i was able to get in right away. as it started getting harder for more and more people. they've actually expanded the food pick ups to twice a week. and then through the summer. now it's getting really hard. i actually missed the last two pick ups because they've gotten full up so fast. they just -- they can't keep up
7:55 pm
with the amount of demand for all the things. and it's not just, like, food. for what the system does for the school systems is -- it's really great. they've done things where they've had books donated for the kids. so, when the cuds come with us and we go through the car line, they have books. and one time they have local -- they pair with a lot of local area things. so, we'll get from a local place and the money funded from that will go to local businesses. or that fresh fruit and produce. so, that's been really, really nice. but it's hard. >> yeah. listen, i know.
7:56 pm
and we so appreciate you for joining us to show the world really that a lot of people are in need right now and that there's help out there and that there's more help that is needed. so, i wish you and your family the best thanksgiving. say hello to your kids and your husband, and we are all thinking about you. and we're wishing you the best as well as millions of families around the country who have fallen on hard times as well. you be well, and thank you for sharing your story, okay? >> you too. have a good thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. a tale of two presidents. joe biden giving a message of leadership, one that is in stark contrast to donald trump at a time when the nation is dealing with multiple crises. stay with us.
7:57 pm
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