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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 12, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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according to an fbi bulletin, armed protests are being planned in washington, d.c. and all 50 state capitols. >> our goals are to protect the district of columbia from a repeat of the violent insurrection. house democrats took the first step today toward impeaching president trump a second time. >> it is obvious that the president is no longer qualified to hold that office. >> kevin mccarthy says the president feels he bears some responsibility for all this. we should take that with a massive grain of salt. >> this administration in the ranks of history be bookended to explosions of white supremacist violence. >> announcer: this is "new day" with ally con cam rata and john berman. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is "new day." tuesday, january 12th, 6 a:00 a.m.eer in new york. new and disturbing details about
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planned attacks on the u.s. capitol. real fear this is not over. "the new york times" reporting overnight that house democrats have been briefed on several specific threats to the capitol and to u lawmakers. law enforcement is planning for a number of worst case scenarios including snipers and active shooters. suicide aircraft attacks. even armed drones. a two week state of emergency now in effect in the nation's capit capital. armed protests planned at all 50 state capitols and washington, d.c. beginning this weekend. up to 15,000 national guard troops ready to secure the inauguration. but so far not a single briefing from the u.s. capitol police, the fbi, the justice department, homeland security and add to that the acting head of the department of homeland security abruptly resigned last night. this morning investigators are also looking into the actions of a dozen capitol police officers at the insurrection who were supposed to be protecting lawmakers. at least two have been
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suspended, one of them took a selfie with a rioter. another wore a maga hat and directed rioters around the building. the clock is ticking for vice president mike pence to force out president trump from office using the 25th amendment. if that does not happen, house democrats plan to vote tomorrow to again impeach president trump. we will see president trump, we're told, for the first time today since he sent that mob to storm the capitol. cnn's jessica schneider is live in washington with our top story. what do we expect, jessica? >> reporter: good morning. we obtained an internal fbi bulletin that indicates last week's siege was potentially the beginning of cascade of violence from people determined to plunge this country into chaos. federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are scrambling to understand and thwart those threats. law enforcement officials still haven't briefed the public what about to expect. this comes as "the new york times" reporting that house democrats were briefed last
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night by capitol police and the sergeant at arms about just how dangerous a threat the capitol and landmarks all across the country could face. six days after the riots a the capitol and law enforcement is bracing for more potential violence as an internal fbi bulletin warns of credible calls for armed protests at all 50 state capitols and washington, d.c. in the lead-up to the inauguration. the fbi also says it has received information on a group calling for others to join them in storming state, local and federal government courthouses. another critical concern are reports of threats against president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris ahead of inauguration. >> i'm not afraid. we've been getting briefed. >> reporter: president donald trump approving a request from washington, d.c.'s mayor for an emergency declaration to provide
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assistance for inauguration day. bowser has been urging people to avoid washington entirely that day. >> if i'm scared of anything, it's for our democracy because we have a very extreme factions in our country. trumpism won't die on january 20. >> reporter: according to the national guard bureau chief, the pentagon approved increase of national guard troops for the inauguration. >> we're building that up to 15,000 between now and the inauguration to make sure we meet every requirement from each of those federal agencies to make sure that they can conduct a peaceful transfer of power of inauguration on the 20th of january. >> reporter: the fbi bulletin obtained by cnn provides crucial information at a time when no federal law enforcement agency held a public briefing since the wednesday attacks. fueling questions of how the attack on the capitol was able to happen. >> i don't have any direct evidence of -- as yet -- of any kind of inside job. we have a couple of capitol
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police taking selfies and another capitol police evidently put on a maga hat and was walking people. >> reporter: several capitol police officers have been suspended, and several others are under investigation according to the acting chief of a capitol police. she says that the department is reviewing video and other open source materials for any potential violations that could result in termination for the officers. authorities say investigating ties between insurrectionists and law enforcement is a priority. this video has circulated widely on social media and appears to show an officer posing for a selfie with a rioter. so the investigation into these capitol police officers continues, but the preparations for possible violence come just as the acting homeland security secretary chad wolf has resigned from his role. he was facing court pushback to the validity of his position. so while these threats mount, it appears the security leadership apparatus in our country, john,
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is also faltering. >> jess karks please keep us posted. jessica schneider in the capitol. thank you so much. senior law enforcement analyst the former deputy director of the fbi. andy, the new york times reporting overnight that democratic lawmakers were briefed on concerns about the inauguration, including snipers, suicide craft, possible drones. what we need from you is how much of this is standard issue for inaugurations and what are you most concerned about this morning? >> so good morning, john. i read that same reporting that you're referring to. and you know, that laundry list of potentially horrendous terrorist acts, those are the exact sort of threats that people who plan events, national security special events like the inauguration think about and develop counter measures for all the time. so that list sounds much more to me like a at least bringing
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the -- our lawmakers up to speed on the range of possible actions that we could see rather than a list of specific threats that they expect to happen. the inauguration as a national security special event is typically incredibly well protected. there is a massive effort across numerous agencies in d.c. hundreds of officers are brought in from surrounding states. we now have a national guard deployment of upwards of 15,000 troops. i'm pretty confident, although we likely will see disruptive activity here, i am pretty confident that the inauguration will be safe. >> but andy, what about -- >> the activity we're thinking now -- >> sorry to interrupt. what about the scope of the advisory? this is separate from the inauguration. the fbi advisory that went out that said expect armed protests in all 50 state capitols. >> alisyn, that's the piece that concerns me the most. the inauguration is a hard
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target, well secured. the security posture of state houses in 50 states is very different state to state. many states are struggling right now with resource challenges, specially coming out of the pandemic. the states haven't had the sort of preparation lead to get ready for this sort of activity in the way that maybe they should. and it only takes success in one or two locations for this to turn into a galvanizing rallying call for this extremist movement. so, that's the part that really concerns me the most. >> what do you feel about some explicit statements from lawmakers in what we're hearing occasionally behind the scenes concerns about people on the inside, the fact that two capitol hill police officers were removed from their jobs? the fact that there are members of police forces from around the country that may have been at this insurrection in washington, d.c.? what do you make of that? >> you know, extremism of any
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stripe is an insidious and corrosive, has an insidious and corrosive effect on law enforcement, on the structures that hold up law and order. so these sorts of investigations are absolutely essential. and i think all agencies will try to root those people out of their ranks. however, even let's take the capitol police, for an example. you have so far the examples of a few individuals who may have committed acts of misconduct balanced against the many actions of the men and women who heroically preserved the safety and security of our lawmakers and ultimately put themselves in harm's way to try to repel that attack. so, you know, i think it's important that we maintain some balance here. if there are bad apples in the group, they have to be found and removed. that is not going to help us in any way, but i still have enormous confidence in our law enforcement community. >> andy, how about the idea, the fact i should say, that now the
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chief of the capitol police has resigned after this, as of last night, the head of homeland security has resigned, the senate sergeant at arms was ousted, the house sergeant at arms was ousted. so i'm not sure this is any time for on the job learning for the people who are comino replace all these folks. how concerned should we be about this? >> you know, it is maybe the worst time for that top level of law enforcement leadership to start crumbling. the actions of chad wolf resigning yesterday, you know, essentially walking away on the eve of the fight is inexplicable to me and of course the department of homeland security, you know, in charge of the secret service who has lead for the entire event, that is just a remarkably concerning step. i think some of the worst impact of it is the message that it sends to the troops below, you
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know, who are professionals and trained and dedicated to their jobs, but to have their own leadership walk away on the eve of the event is incredibly disspiriting for those folks who we need to put themselves in harm's way. it's very, very strange move. >> andy, what do we need to be hearing this morning in public from the fbi, from federal law enforcement agencies? and what plausible explanation could there be for the silence of fbi director christopher wray? >> well, john, we know from having been through many crisis events over the last decade that one of the key strategies to not only respond to a crisis but to prepare for a possible crisis is communication. and that is first and foremost, communication with the public to let folks know not only what threats and concerns are out there but also to reassure them that we are taking the right steps to counter those threats. and really importantly communicating with our lawmakers
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on the hill. look, it's not a part of the job that anybody looks forward to. but it's absolutely essential. the fact that we haven't heard from that community is really concerning. the law enforcement community in d.c. is large and diverse and works together all the time. these people know how to do this. the fact that we're not hearing from them right now is concerning. i hope they turn that around very quickly. we have a few days to go before the inauguration. they need to be out in front letting us know what to expect. >> everyday, honestly. with eight days left, why not come out everyday and make us feel okay about it or at least know what to look for and what's going on. andy mccabe, i really feel like you helped us understand a wide range of things this morning. >> sure. in just a few hours the house will vote on a resolution to pressure vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. the action set the stage for historic second impeachment vote
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in the house tomorrow. we're live on capitol hill with more. what's going to happen? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. this certainly is a significant moment on capitol hill. democrats are moving very quickly. today we'll see them essentially laying the ground work, setting the stage essentially, to set up that vote tomorrow to make president trump the first american president to be impeached twice. >> reporter: exactly one week after a pro-trump mob held a deadly riot storming the u.s. capitol, house democrats plan to vote to impeach president trump for the second time tomorrow. formally introducing an article of impeachment monday, charging the president with incitement of insurrection. >> the capitol of the united states was attacked by a mob of the supporters directed by the president of the united states who called them there and who sent them there. and there has to be accountability for that. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers already calling on trump to resign.
3:13 am
one gop congressman says he is strongly considering voting to impeach him. >> to me, this is not the timing that we -- that is ideal. i would prefer that we have a more fulsome investigation into what happened, most of what i know about january 6th came from personal experience or from twitter. but at the end of the day, i think it is obvious that the president is no longer qualified to hold that office. >> reporter: despite a source telling cnn house minority leader kevin mccarthy indicated trump holds some responsibility for the attempted coup, he told his republican colleagues in a letter, quote, impeachment at this time would have the opposite effect of bringing our country together when we need to get america back on a path towards unity and civility. >> every hour that he sits in the white house is an hour where the american people and the world is less safe. so i will not rest until we ensure that he is removed from office as quickly as we possibly can using whatever tools are at our disposal. >> reporter: the house will vote on a resolution tonight urging
3:14 am
vice president mike pence to use the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. pence, one of the apparent targets by some rioters was seen leaving the white house monday night, after speaking to the president for the first time since last week's insurrection on the u.s. capitol. two administration officials tell cnn. president-elect joe biden says the decision to move forward with the impeachment is up to congress but wants to make sure it does not derail his agenda. >> go half day on dealing with the impeachment and half day getting my people nominated and confirmed in the senate as well as moving on. >> reporter: meantime, some capitol hill democrats say it will be possible to hold an impeachment trial without slowing down the start of biden's new administration. >> we can do impeachment while we're doing these other things that deal with this, to combat the coronavirus and rebuild the economy starting now, starting
3:15 am
january 20th. >> reporter: and as we see all of this movement today and over the next few days in the house of representatives, it's worth reminding ourselves that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he does not intend to bring his chamber back from recess until january 19th to, of course, a senate trial would begin likely not until the start of the biden administration. john? >> a lot of activity there this morning. please keep us posted. meanwhile, new reporting on what president trump was doing inside the white house during the insurrection. also the conspiracy theories he is still pushing on republican lawmakers behind the scenes. prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now during the lowest prices of the season, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. only for a limited time. gives you more of what you need to help you lose weight! more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature.
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to make a masterpiece. taste our delicious new flatbread pizzas today. panera. ♪ house democrats will vote today on a resolution to urge vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from power. if that does not work, the house plans to vote on impeaching president trump a second time for inciting the deadly capitol insurrection. joining us now cnn political analyst margaret talev the managing editor at axios and errol louis. great to have both of you here. let me just pull up the
3:20 am
republican members of congress, just to remind everybody, errol, who were all in, you know, on trying to overturn the election. there were something -- more than 100 of them who wanted to deny the vote count of the electoral college. they still stuck with the big lie that the election was somehow illegitimate. so, what's going to happen for this impeachment vote? are we seeing any erosion of the republicans who came out very strongly after the insurrection and said it was time for president trump to go? >> yeah. the impeachment looks like it's a done deal. the democratic leadership of the house, nancy pelosi and her top aides, they don't bring a vote unless they can win a vote on something like this. so clearly they've sampled their conference and the democratic majority is going to prevail and they'll get their impeachment vote. what the republicans do, of course, is a very big question. they were clearly unable or
3:21 am
unequal to the moment. the country needed them to really do their duty and cut through a lot of the political b.s. and safeguard the constitution and the integrity of this election. and they simply chose not to do so. they went with the cheap politics of the moment. some of them we have to assume or actually in fear of that mob because when they go back to their districts far away from washington or new york, they have to confront a bunch of people who were clearly violent and irrational and willing to do damage. when you see people chanting that they want to kill members of the government -- >> hang mike pence was another chant. >> other than that, this is, i think, their own doing. >> margaret, you have some new reporting in axios this morning that really should inform republicans when they walk into that impeachment vote. basically within the last 24 hours, the president was still spinning conspiracy theories in a conversation with kevin
3:22 am
mccarthy. what did you learn? >> that's right. good morning, john and alisyn. jonathan swan reporting for us last night two parts. the first part is this, we know that kevin mccarthy told his caucus yesterday that there was indisputably no evidence that people linked to antifa were not driving that siege last week, but here is the rest of the story. president trump yesterday had at least a half an hour call with the republican leader mccarthy insisting that they did, blaming, quote, antifa people for that siege on the capitol. and it was our understanding a very tense call with mccarthy saying it's not antifa, it's maga. i know because i was there. and just getting increasingly exaspirated during this call. at one point stopping to cut in the president and say, stop it. it's over.
3:23 am
the election is over. mccarthy's frustration evident but mccarthy has helped get the president as far as he is now. and so that's the situation we're in. i think if you look at that, if you look at the president's meeting with vice president last night at the white house, the read out of which was meant to send a very clear signal that they have found some kind of peace at this moment tells you that the 25th amendment effort is not poised to go forward at this moment. and that despite republicans trying to broadcast the notion that they've made their point and the president gets it, that he doesn't get it and is continuing to insist the things that didn't happen happened. and not to own what did happen. >> errol, not only does the president not get it, he was checked out. where was he during those six hours of the insurrection while republicans lawmakers were calling him to ask for help, to ask for sending for backup? and he didn't take the call and didn't get back to them why?
3:24 am
there's new washington post reporting. he was hard to reach. and you know why, because it was live tv said one close trump adviser. if it's tivo he hits pause and takes the call. if it's live tv, he watches it. and he was just watching it all unfold. like a 5-year-old, he couldn't drag himself away from the stimulation of watching, you know, this deadly insurrection on television. and i just have to pause one second for a major hypocrisy alert. do you remember in 2012, do you remember the year that fox news channel devoted to beating the drum of where was secretary of state hillary clinton during benghazi? what was she doing during benghazi? she was in her office being briefed, just for the record, and you don't hear the same question about the president of the united states that people
3:25 am
were calling to try to save their lives. >> that's right. apparently there were about six hours between when the terrorist attack at the capitol and when we finally heard from the president. look, it's tempting to put a psychological overlay on it or even compare it to the story of the sourcer's apprentice who set something in motion or frankenstein creates a motion and loses control of it, but the reality is the capitol hill is now a crime scene. and to the extent that the president set this thing in motion and then apparently sat paralyzed. perhaps he was waiting to see how it would play out. perhaps he was hoping, like a failed gambler, that somehow his horse was going to round the turn and make a miraculous recovery from behind. that i think is the more likely explanation of why he sat there and waited and waited and waited and tried to see if he could finally succeed in overturning the election. >> margaret, we have a few seconds left. what's the very latest you're
3:26 am
hearing about how this process will play out? impeachment is happening, right? we know the impeachment vote will happen within the next 24 hours. it does appear definite the president will be impeached. then what? >> so then the issue becomes when does this get sent over to the senate for action and how do they proceed? one wild card we need to watch is this idea of sen sure. you'll see a number of republicans in the senate as well as the house try to seize on this as a second alternative. that's going to be one roadblock and the other is going to be biden's legitimate concern that he needs to be able to govern and the discussions going on right now among democrats in the senate are as biden has said, can you by fur indicate this? is it possible if this doesn't start until after he's inaugurated which looks like will be the case, mcconnell has no interest in starting an emergency session with chuck schumer right now, can biden get his cabinet confirmed and get down to the business of covid
3:27 am
and helping the nation to heal and the senate pursue an impeachment trial at the same time. so a lot of uncertainty in the days to come, but certainly looks like this impeachment vote is going to happen in the house tomorrow and then the ball is in the senate's court and in the meantime the hope of republicans as well as democrats is that the specter of all this will reign in president trump because even the threat of the senate being able to convict him perhaps would exert some pressure on him to try to keep the peace in the remaining days of his administration. >> yeah. there's been a lot of rocks in the past who thought, well, this time it will do it. this time he's been, you know, his wings have been clipped somehow. but that hasn't -- we haven't actually seen that yet. margaret talev, errol louis, thank you. >> we need a special alert. >> thank you very much. will president trump face criminal charges for inciting
3:28 am
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more days of office, and of course, the investigation is going to go on much beyond those nine days. it will be another legal question as to whether the president can be prosecuted after his term of office. i think the better weight of authority answers that question affirmatively. >> that's the attorney general for washington, d.c. suggesting that president trump could face criminal charges for inciting the deadly mob that attacked the u.s. capitol. joining us now is daniel goldman, the lead counsel to the democratic house manager's first trump's first impeachment. great to see you. first, i want to hit you in your wheelhouse which is this impeachment process. you wrote overnight, quote a thorough impeachment investigation would include the security failure that occurred on january 6th, including whether and to what extent the white house, d.o.d. or dhs rejected for more security.
3:33 am
the mob's intention were public. what did the white house know? >> how are you going to do a thorough investigation if the impeachment is tomorrow? >> do it before the senate trial. there's certainly enough out there in the public record to show that the president phoned in a mob that then went to the capitol to interfere with congress's official duties. and ultimately in an attempt to somehow overthrow an election. i think the article of impeachment is very aggressive. and it matches the emotions of the moment. i think when the urgency, of course, is that this is a clear and present danger sitting in the white house, so that's why the house is moving so quickly with ample evidence that's in the public record. if you go to a senate trial and you need to prove up the actual article of impeachment before the 100 senators, you would want to fill in a lot of the gaps
3:34 am
that we don't have. and one of the big gaps is the security failures and the discussion you just had in the last segment about how the president just sat around watching it rather than fielding calls from his own party leaders to help would be one example that you would want to include. that happy to see this violent mob. what else is there? what other conversations were there within the white house for requests for security beforehand? there's reporting out there that the fbi and nypd was aware of intentions of people going to this rally to get violent. how much did the white house know about that? >> it sounds like, daniel, what you're suggesting is that you support a more extended impeachment trial in the u.s. senate? you believe that this should
3:35 am
take some time. why not the urgency to get that done more quickly? >> no. i don't necessarily think it should take more time. i think the unfortunate reality of the situation is that impeachment and the senate trial and conviction and removal is very unlikely even in the best and quickest of circumstances to remove the president before -- in eight days. >> uh-huh. >> and so what you are talking about now is setting a very important precedent that this kind of action, this kind of behavior both in trying to overturn a lawful election and in fomenting an insurrectionist riot is unacceptable and will be met with accountability and will be met with consequences. >> you just heard -- >> and so you're moving beyond the actual removal. that really should do -- that really should be the 25th
3:36 am
amendment. and the house is proceeding first with the resolution on the 25th amendment, urging vice president pence to invoke that. that's correct. that's the quickest way to get removal. that is what should happen after last week when these -- this mob marched in screaming hang mike pence. mike pence should rise up and recognize that he needs to remove this president. but if that doesn't happen, the best you can do is you move to impeachment. you set the example and set the precedent. i think you can fill in the gaps very quickly around what happened, and we're getting a lot of reporting to that effect. >> i got to let you go, daniel. but how much of a case do you think the d.c. attorney general has, criminal case, for incitement? >> i think for a criminal case you would want to be able to connect the president's knowledge with the intentions of these right wing militias to use violence and to actually invade
3:37 am
the capitol. that would be the key for me is filling in that knowledge gap for a criminal case in court. we don't need that for impeachment. but you probably would want that for a criminal case. >> the new york state bar association wants to remove rudy giuliani from its membership. is that a move you support? >> sure. i think it should be more than that. that's not the body that licenses lawyers in new york. rudy giuliani should have his law license revoked. he should not be able to practice law. he's as involved in this as he was in ukraine, and he is a real bane on our political system right now. >> daniel goldman, thanks for being with us this morning. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. this morning sources tell cnn the first lady melania trump has alread happening to the white house itself before the biden's move in. that's next. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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>> announcer: this is cnn, the world's news network. ♪ we are eight days away from the inauguration and sources
3:42 am
tell cnn that first lady melania trump has already been moving things out of the white house for weeks. cnn's kate bennett is live at the white house for more. is she still living there, kate? >> yeah. she's still living there and been efficient in moving and packing for just about -- well, several weeks. after the election was not conceded but after it was proven the electoral votes came in that donald trump would, in fact, be leaving the white house, whatever he was saying publicly, privately behind the scenes the first lady was getting under way packing things up, determining what was going to go to mar-a-lago, what would go into storage. now we've learned that that process that she's been in is almost complete. one person says it's more than 50% completed. that she has already basically setting up to leave the white house. she is focussed mainly her favorite hobby has been collecting photo albums and putting those together and that's been a lot of her focus, sort of trying to sure up a personal legacy, making sure
3:43 am
that things are documented. we haven't heard from her publicly. we heard her statement yesterday the first words in five days since the insurrection at the capitol. so certainly she's not occupying her time with public events, but she is behind the scenes packing, doing her photo albums, making sure that the next step in the trump life is well set up. >> what about the actual, physical preparations for getting the white house, the building ready? we understand that, of course, there has to be an extra deep cleaning. >> right. so this is interesting, too. this is not the typical dance that happens in the six hours between when the outgoing president and the incoming president all leave together and go up to capitol hill for hours of inauguration ceremony, behind the scenes literally one van moves the old president out and the new president in on the other side. that's not happening this time. this is covid. this is a pandemic. there will be a substantial deep clean. my colleague and i have reviewed
3:44 am
federal contract documents outlining just how much this is going to cost for a thorough top to bottom. the contracts we looked at total about close to half a million dollars including 40,000 for carpet cleaning, $115,000 for flooring and replacement. more than 50,000 for new paint, fresh coats of paint and wall coverings. so certainly this is going to be a deep covid clean before the bidens set foot inside the white house. >> half a million taxpayer dollars, oh my goodness. kate, thank you very much for all of that reporting. >> thank you. we have a quick programming note. abby phillip talks with vice president-elect kamala harris and her family. so you can watch your cnn special kamala harris making history. that will air sunday at 10:00 p.m. so with social media sites cracking down on right wing extremists, where will they go now? before discovering nexium 24hr
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new this morning, twitter says it has banned 70,000 accounts promoting the qanon conspiracy theories. facebook also restricting talk
3:49 am
about election fraud and parler social media site taken offline indefinitely. where are all these users going to go, donie? >> reporter: they're going to alternative platforms, john. there are concerns that those platforms will be used by trump supporters to organize more violence. have a listen. >> we had an election that was stolen from us. ♪ >> reporter: some of the biggest peddlers of the conspiracy theory that trump didn't lose the election including the president himself have been purged from facebook and twitter since last week's insurrection. >> the president's twitter account has been suspended. >> reporter: but they and their followers have been finding new homes online, platforms like parler and telegram that have few rules where hate and misinformation fester. >> i'm moving from twitter to parler. i'm moving to parler.
3:50 am
>> when people push disinformation or conspiracy theories, those conspiracy theories are just further re-enforced. there's no counter rebuttal like there might be on facebook or twitter where you have fact checkers and people who have differing views that offers a civic debate. >> reporter: weeks ago we spoke to parler users who explain why they prefer it? >> what is something you can say on parler that you wouldn't be able to say on facebook? >> that the coronavirus is not as deadly as everybody says it is. >> you can literally post that on twitter and get in twitter trouble for that. >> you can post on parler? >> yes. >> it's a social media app with an interface similar to twitter. it was increasingly popular in reached number one on the apple store for a time before being taken offline sunday after amazon hosted the site pulled support for it. they are suing the tech giant in a bid to get back up and running. but they did at least remove this post from trump supporter
3:51 am
attorney lynn wood which seemed to call for vice president mike pence to be executed by firing squad. he meant no threat and believes in the rule of law. the controversial far right group the proud boys is welcoming new users to the telegram app where its channel has seen a surge in new followers. we found this post on a telegram channel summing up the potential influx of users. parler being shut down sent tens of thousands of people or more to telegram. grab them by the hand and lead them toward ideological truth. >> the further migration towards more secure fringe platforms is going to create a bigger blind spot for researchers and law enforcement. there's absolutely no doubt about that. >> the big question continues to be what took twitter and facebook to enact the action they finally did? >> reporter: yeah, john. i think maybe some executives in
3:52 am
silicon valley woke up on thursday morning and thought about all the violence we saw on wednesday at the capitol and realized they were culpable.n t platforms for so long that they had some responsibility. now, there are some concerns including being expressed by the aclu and angela merkel, a company being able to shut down the president of the united states is problematic and that perhaps silicon valley billionaires do have too much power. but, of course, many people, you know, democrats and others would say that it's too little too late. i think all of this, you know, whatever side you're on, you're going to -- i think this is going to be a new priority for the biden administration in terms of doing something about big tech. john? >> donie o'sullivan, thank you. stay on them. honestly, the fact that fwirt is bragging about taking 70,000
3:53 am
qanon users down now? now? where have you been? appreciate it. >> thanks john. a lot of folks up in new england saying that bill belichick now acting like a patriot. how he turned his back on an offer from the president next. ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. if ththen i'm not a real potato reciidaho potato farmer.shes, genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. instwith vicks sinex saline congnasal mist.
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in the wake of the insurrection the attack on the u.s. capitol, new england patriots coach bill belichick has decided not to accept a presidential medal of freedom. he says he will not go to the white house. if you guys can put a statement up on the screen so i can read it. in a statement, he says, recently i was offered the opportunity to receive the presidential medal of freedom which i was flattered by. out of what the honor represents. subsequently the decision has been made not to move forward with the award after the events of last week. remaining true to the people, team and country i love outweigh the benefits of any individual award. the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. we spoke to the chairman of the rules committee and says he said it would be outrageous if belichick accepted it.
3:58 am
as a patriots fan, there were a lot of people outraged at the possibility of belichick going to the white house to receive this. belichick backing out. what's got to sting, the language belichick is interesting. passive voice. >> the decision has been made. >> by whom, mr. belichick. >> i doubt it was made by bob kraft the team owner and better friend of the president than bill belichick. i don't think kraft said anything about any of this out in public. >> i like that you're pretending to be an objective reporter about the patriots. though you have shared with all of us your undying love for them. how do you feel about what that statement. >> i feel like they're out of the playoffs. no, look. i feel like if you're a coach of a football team with a diverse group of players, how could you go to the white house? his statement goes on to say, the lessons he learned during black lives matter and the team's meeting he had. i think there are players who may not have played for him had he gone. i can't imagine a scenario where he could have survived had he
3:59 am
gone to the white house. >> there you go. that helps us understand the decision a lot. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. according to an fbi bulletin, armed protests are being planned in washington, d.c. and all 50 state capitols. >> our goals are to protect the district of columbia from a repeat of the violent insurrection. house democrats took the first step today toward impeaching president trump a second time. >> it is obvious that the president is no longer qualified to hold that office. >> kevin mccarthy says the president now feels like he bears some responsibility for all this. we should take that with a massive grain of salt. >> this administration in the ranks of history will be book ended to explosions of white supremacist violence. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alyson camerota and john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is "new day." america is on high alert this morning for more domestic terror attacks after the insurrection
4:00 am
at the u.s. capitol. cnn has obtained an fbi bulletin warning about plans for armed protests in all 50 states and washington, d.c. ahead of joe biden's inauguration. "the new york times" reports this morning that law enforcement is planning for a number of worst case scenarios, including snipers and active shooters, suicide aircraft attacks and even armed drones. two u.s. capitol police officers have been charged and nearly a dozen others are under investigation for their roles in this insurrection. the middle of all this according to "the washington post," president trump was, quote, paralyzed, they say, and glued to his tv while members of congress desperately tried to call him for help during the insurrection. with the new threats to the country, why haven't we heard from the fbi, justice department or homeland security. why aren't there daily briefings to the public about what's being done and


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