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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 19, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bolduan. thank you forr joining us this hour. a presidential inauguration unlike any ever seen before in this country. this is president donald trump's last full day as president n. a little more than 24 hours joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states. but this transition and transfer of power has been anything but peaceful and the country is anything but united as ron brownstein put it, america is more divided than any time since the civil war. making it critical clear that the enormous task ahead for joe biden and his team. he'll inherit a set of challenges, division and kayot and a pandemic that donald trump has all but forgotten it was his job to leave. donald trump will leave office with 400,000 americans killed from coronavirus and millions of
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jobs lost on his watch. so we're keeping a close eye on the white house today. as we know donald trump has taped something of a farewell address and no word what he said in that recording or when it will be released. but he hasn't been seen in public in seven days. and he's expected to issue about maybe as many as a hundred pardons and commutations as he heads out of the door. we're covering all of the angles. john harwood is live at the white house and m.j. lee is in wilmington, delaware, covering joe biden. john, what are you expecting from trump in his final full day in office? >> well, it is a bit of a mystery because donald trump has stayed out of the view. he suffered such a psychological blow from losing the election that he's been hiding out from cameras bathing in that fantasy that he won the election and it was stolen from him and one of the few sets of public remarks he made was that speech on january 6th that now left him
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with legal exposure for the deadly insurrection that followed. so we don't expect a live farewell address as president's usually do. instead he'll have some taped remarks released at sp point, presumably praising accomplishments perhaps economic or judicial appointments of hi administration. he expect him toi issue a raft f pardons. and we don't know whether it includes himself or family members, that is all made clear over the next 24 hours. but we don't know the answers to that yet. >> and m.j., what are we going to see from president-elect biden today? >> reporter: well he is first of all saying good-bye to wilmington, delaware. that is where he was been hunkered down through the pandemic where the transition work took place and where the campaign, the 2020 campaign came to an end during covid-19 and then of course he is going to be heading down to washington, d.c.
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initially he had hoped that he could take the amtrak dane down to the nation's capitol but because of the heightened security concerns he's not doing that. both tonight he and kamala harris will be attending a memorial at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. this is to honor the lives of so many that have been lost during the covid-19 pandemic. and really sets a somber tone as we head into inauguration day. and speaking of, tomorrow morning we're getting new details of how biden will be spending his time. he is going to be going to church services in the morning in washington, d.c. and invited members of congressional leadership and among those joining him will be kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell. just a very stark reminder of two republicans that we are seeing showing a sign of a deference and respect on inauguration day. something that he has not gotten from the outgoing president donald trump. >> no kidding. john, to the end of what donald
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trump is doing or isn't doing. let me read a little bit of a reporting from our colleagues on the president's kind of final moments and where his head is if you will. this is from our colleagues. while he's egg early anticipating his military style sendoff from andrews on inauguration morning, one of the few things that had cheered him up, there were signs that the crowd may be smaller than he hoped and a slate of actual celebrities lined up for biden's inauguration has disappointed a president who tried and often failed to secure support for his own presidency. i'm struck by just -- i don't know how to put it other than just how small this really is. on his way out of the door, john. he really still cares so much about crowd size. >> kate, donald trump requires constant affirmation for his self image and for the image that he projected to other people. so he's going to try to conjure up some sort of honor sendoff, flying off not as the ex-president, which is what
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happened after inauguration, but flying off while he's still president, still could command salutes from the military while his plane is still air force one. he can't concede to joe biden. he can't extend the normal courtesies to joe biden. but the reality is that no matter how many people he gets to show up to andrew's air force base his legacy of is someone who was unfit for the job, whos was the only president to be impeached twice and may be convicted by the senate, we don't know that yet and spent four years deepening american divisions to the point that it resulted in a violent threat to american democracy itself. it is a very ugly legacy for donald trump. >> an ugly legacy and a mess, m.j. that joe biden is walking into. in 24 hours essentially, it is going to be his mess. what are you hearing from the transition about where they are foc focused, how they are feeling as
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they head? the >> they're aware of multiple crises, covid-19 at the top of the list. they are fully aware of what a daunting task he has to try to get covid under control and the vaccine distributed quickly. he's set the goal of 100 million vaccine shots in the first 100 days in office and there are so many things they don't know and the biden presidency and the success will hinge on whether he could get covid under control and turn things around and address this nation that is in crisis and a nation that is grieving the many deaths that they have seen. also, the economic impact, right. it goes hand in hand with the covid crisis and that is why he has proposed already this $1.9 trillion covid relief package. we're about to find out whether he's able to get something ambitious like that done and work with congress to get money into the pockets of the american people that have been suffering.
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and then finally the other national crisis that he's going to be facing is the division. this is why we are going to be seeing probably -- a speech that will hit really hard on themes of national unity, of national healing. perhaps not a surprise because this is a joe biden that we have heard over and over again throughout the campaign, throughout the transition, but particularly given what we saw happen on capitol hill two weeks ago, this is going to take all of the more importance when he speaks tomorrow as he's been sworn in as president, kate. >> m.j. and john, thanks very much into and with all of this in mind, washington remains a fortress. 25,000 national guard troops are in the district. which means it is virtually locked down after the insurrection on the capitol january 6th. and also amid any concern over new threats. "the washington post" reports that the fbi is following tips about far right extremists
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posing as national guard members to try to infiltrate the inauguration. cnn's brian todd is live in washington on just a deserted, deserted road. brian. what are you hearing about the new threats? >> reporter: well the threats are significant enough that the concern is significant enough that the national guard is doing more vetting of the troops here. you mentioned 25,000 national guardsman on ground. they are giving them more layers of vetting to head off any insider threats but officials saying they don't have specific intelligence indicating that there are insider threats among the national guard and the chief spoke about that not long ago. take a listen. >> it is not a threat for me. i'm not concerned about that at all. when we look at our national guardsman, we vet them throughout the process. and we don't allow extremism of any type in our organization. and when we look at this as a
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national special security event, the inauguration, this type of vetting is standard with all of these events. >> reporter: so, you've got the vetting of the national guard and many layers of security. i'm going to show you an extraordinary one right here. we're on the 14th street bridge. what is amazing to look at is just look behind me. they're letting traffic go from d.c. to virginia right there. but no trax coming from virginia into washington. extraordinary because this bridge is never shut down. it is one of the most heavily trafficked bridges in the entire mid-atlantic region between these two spans of this bridge and two other bridges, the memorial bridge and the theodore roosevelt bridge, about 800,000 cars aday pass over those bridges. but look at no traffic coming in here. you have a snowplow and a police vehicle blocking access there. the only vehicles being allowed are people who have i.d. to prove they live in an area that is accessible from this bridge or security vehicles. a couple of vehicles you see coming across, only a few let
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across but extraordinary because on a normal day the traffic is just streaming through here and it is gnarled frankly. here is another visual for you. here is the national mall, and the tidal basin and the jeffson memorial and you would see people walking around the basin at inauguration time. look at it. it is deserted. only security personnel and the national mall completely shut down through inauguration day. the layers of security, the fortressing of this city is just extraordinary right now. these are visuals of this bridge, no traffic on it, i can't tell you as a person who lives around d.c. how extraordinary it is to see this. >> yeah, brian, thank you so much. coming up for us, we'll show you live pictures right now of the confirmation hearings that are beginning of three of joe biden's key cabinet picks next. what they are saying about the massive task before them right now. plus as more details are emerging about the brutality of the capitol hill attack, there are more rioters facing federal
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we have breaking news just into cnn. the first conspiracy charges have just been filed against a man involved in, quote, planning and coordinating the breach against the capitol. this coming from new court documents. let me get over to jessica schneider who is tracking this. this is a leader of the right wing group the oath keeper. >> a 65-year-old that they've arrested. prosecutor as announcing they have made the first charges dealing with conspiracy, which is a very hefty charge here, it carries up to 20 years, against
8:16 am
a leader in the extremist group oath keepers, prosecutors say that it is a virginia man, 65-year-old thomas caldwell. and they say he was involved in planning and coordinating this breach from january 6th. to he is the leader of this para military right wing group and prosecutors say he worked alongside eight to ten people who were wearing oath keeper gear. so, again, this is a right wing extremist group, prosecutors saying very specifically in the court documents that the 65-year-old thomas caldwell, that he did plan and coordinate this attack on the capitol. so, kate, this is what we've been hearing from federal investigators. that they've been rounding up suspects all around the country. a lot of them charged with minor, somewhat minor charges, violent entry, they had gone into restricted property of the capitol. but this is significant because as prosecutors have promised,
8:17 am
they will be looking toward for serious charges and this is the first we're seeing of this conspiracy charge which carries a very hefty penalty. up to 20 years. so we're probably going to see more of this as these federal agents fan across the country. they're looking into these groups like this man is involved in and a leadership position, this right wing group the oath keeps. so this is the first. but expect to see more in the days ahead, kate. >> jessica, if you could just stand by. because also happening right now, on capitol hill, we have three of joe biden's cabinet nominees in the midst of their senate confirmation hearings. treasury secretary and director of national intelligence and the director of homeland security. and biden is weeks behind schedule in getting his cabinet in place as we could see. he is on track to be the first president in a long time to not have a single cabinet member confirmed when he takes office.
8:18 am
so alejandro mayorkas and his testimony is focused on preventing another attack like what we saw on january 6th. jessica, what have you heard from him so far. >> he's taking a forceful posture here and he's stressing that dhs under his leadership will allocate all possible resources to combat white supremacist threats, domestic terrorism, hate crimes, all of this. and he's promising if he is confirmed an attack on the u.s. capitol in his words, will not happen again. notably, he has extensive experience within dhs. he was deputy secretary under the obama administration. he also served as the director of citizenship and immigration services and that's prompted four former dhs secretaries to issue bipartisan endorsements saying that he needs no
8:19 am
training, he would be prepared on day one and notably as well, he would be the first latino and immigrant to lead dhs. he was born in cuba and raised in southern california. but it is domestic terrorism that will likely continue as the number one threat to this country. especially based on what we've seen over the past few weeks. and he has said in this hearing that he is ready. take a listen. >> i will do everything i can to ensure that the tragic loss of life, the assault on law enforcement, the desecration of the building that stands as one of the three pillars of our democracy, the terror that you felt, your colleagues, staff and everyone present will not happen again. >> reporter: and, kate, the senators here, they're stressing the disarray that dhs has seen during the trump administration. six secretaries of homeland security in the past four years. but as you noted, kate, it does not look likely that a lot of the secretaries, cabinet members will be confirmed by
8:20 am
inauguration day. they're way behind schedule. and just to give you an idea, president trump had two confirmed on inauguration day. president obama had six approved on inauguration day. so far joe biden is still working to get these nominees out there. with a lot of stake here, kate. >> no kidding. as we're seeing more and more today. thank you so much. so also joe biden's pick to be director of national intelligence, avril haines, is making clear in her testimony this morning that she sees no place for politics when it comes to the nation's intelligence. listen. >> to be effective, the dni must never shy away from speaking truth to power, even especially when doing so may be inconvenient or difficult. to safeguard the integrity of our intelligence community, the dni must insist that when it comes to intelligence, there is simply no place for politics
8:21 am
ever. >> janet yellen, biden's pick for treasury secretary is speaking out in confirmation hearings, imploring congress to go big when it comes to the next covid relief package. >> neither the president-elect nor i propose this relief package without an appreciation for the country's debt burden. but right now, with interest rates at historic lows, the smartest thing we can do is act big. and in the long run i believe the benefits will far outweigh the costs. especially if we care about helping people who have been struggling for a very long time. >> joining me now issic senator from maryland chris van hollen. it is one thing to hear that from the nominee to be treasury secretary, to go big on the covid relief package. do you think what she is saying, though, convinces what we've already seen as skeptical
8:22 am
republicans about this? >> well, kate, it is good to be with you. first, once president biden is sworn in, there are some measures that he could take immediately through executive action. but you're right, in order to pass the american rescue plan, we're going to need republican cooperation in the senate or we're going to have to use a longer process called budget reconciliation. i hope we could enlist number republicans who hopefully recognize the urgency of the situation. both in terms of the pandemic and providing economic relief that we'll be able to do this without having to take the longer process of budget reconciliation. >> but senator, just on the simple fact of what you're looking at today, it looks like joe biden will have zero of his cabinet secretaries in place when he takes office tomorrow. are you concerned about what that means? do you know who the actings are going to be even in charge come
8:23 am
noon on wednesday? >> well, i am concerned about this delay. and it is why the senate is going to need to move very quickly to confirm these individuals. i think the president-elect has indicated that the senior civilian officers in these agencies will take the helm until his nominees are confirmed. but it is really important that we move forward quickly to confirm these individuals given the tastakes that we all face. >> and i wanted to ask you about the breaking news that we just reported, that the first conspiracy charges have now been filed, federal charges relating to the capitol hill riot. this is a first charges relating to the fact that this was planned and coordinated and the man charged is an apparent leader of the extremist right wing group the oath keepers. what is your reaction to that? >> well, we have to take these
8:24 am
right-wing extremist groups, the white supremacist groups much more seriously. the fbi identified this as a threat sometime ago. but under the trump administration, it appears very little action was taken. we need to prosecute people who planned this attack. and of course we also need to hold president trump accountable. that is what the house did in the impeachment proceedings because he incited this violent attack on the capitol. all for the purpose of disrupting the electoral college vote. so it is going to be very important, kate, that we pursue all of these avenues and hold people fully accountable. >> can i ask you about impeachment. let me just play it for you, what lindsey graham said this weekend about impeachment and it was his message to joe biden on how to handle it. >> you talk about unifying the country. if due not stand up against the
8:25 am
impeachment of president trump, after he leaves office, you're an incredibly weak figure in american history. president trump is trying to heal the nation. >> president trump is trying to heal the nation. senator, what do you say to that? >> yeah, look, it is really rich coming from senator graham who was one of the people who bought into and spread the big lie that trump had been cheated out of this election. lindsey graham contacted pennsylvania legislatures and part of the effort to overturn the election. so the first stop, first measure is senator graham and the other sort of co-conspirators in this big lie need to be front and center about the role they played in undermining our democracy and our constitution. we need at this moment to do two things. we need to make it absolutely clear that this kind of unconstitutional conduct is
8:26 am
unacceptable. that is why we will proceed with the trial when we receive the article of impeachment. we also do need to get about the urgent business of defeating the pandemic and getting the economy going. and we could do both. and that is what president biden wanted to do. >> a huge task ahead. senator, thank you. >> thank you. coming up for us, a veteran of the new york city fire department, an army reservist and a possible plot to sell a stolen laptop to russia. new details ahead about the latest round of charges in the capitol hill attack.
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right now more than 90 people are facing federal charges in connection with the deadly insurrection. among the latest charge are a former new york city firefighter and an army reservist with secret level security clearance. that is just two. cnn's josh campbell has been tracking this and he is joining me now. josh, tell us more about the people just charged and the concerns around law enforcement taking part in the attack. >> reporter: it is clear the fbi is part of the full-court press for the capital siege. two people is one person named thomas fee. this is a 22 year veteran of the new york city fire department,
8:32 am
from freeport new york. and his charges include violent entry and disorderly conduct and they alleged that he sent a video and text to someone that he was at the quote, tip of the spear of the attack. and one other person is timothy -- a reservist holding a long record of posting extremist views online according to prosecutors and he was described to authorities by an informant as an avowed white supremacist, a nazi sympathizer. this is concerning because so many of them try to play dress up but this is a u.s. army reservist which causes quite a concern for law enforcement about bringing that kind of experience to bear on in aclike we saw. finally an update on the woman that we told you about yesterday and the days prior, this reilly williams who was seen on video allegedly directing people around the capitol. she was accused by an informant for the federal authorities of stealing a laptop and then
8:33 am
possibly trying to transfer that to the russians for money. no indication yet that that was actually -- there is evidence to back that up. but she has been taken into custody. so an update there. and one thing is clear, kate, as you look through the criminal charges, one thing that stands out for me is just how many tools authorities are using, we're talking about informants, scouring digital media and in one case authorities were pulling surveillance video from a bridge near where one of the subjects lived to determine when he left and when he came back from the capitol. so a host of resources, a host of techniques they continue to find and charge these people with that insurrection that we saw on january 6th. >> josh, thank you so much. joining me now for more on this is brian levin, a former police officer and now the director of the center for the study of hate and extremism. thank you for coming in. it is striking how many people in positions of trust that are now being investigated and charged for taking part in the
8:34 am
riot, an army reservist, police officers current and former, a person with secret level security clearance. you've been tracking and studying this for quite sometime. does this surprise you? >> no. and it doesn't surprise those of us who are in this field. our friend eric ward who had a beautiful essay recently, at the brennan center and even the brookings institution, one of the things that we know with regard to law enforcement is leadership, operations and culture are all critical components. but here is the problem. the fish rots from the head. and what we have during this administration, listen to this, listen to this, we have had now black people are 3 1/2 times more likely to be killed by police if they attack no one and had no weaponry. so just in the data alone.
8:35 am
that is from the brookings institution. from data alone we know there are issues. but now on top of that we've had something supercharged and research has shown this, what you have in the last administration, a near cratering of police supervisory intervention by the justice department. i think it went from around two dozen last administration to one during this one. when you populate the highest leve levels government like dhs, chad wolf who refused to testify before congress on the day that i did, they did not issue documents, they did not show up and they did not give data at a time when the administration was trying to underplay the threat from white supremacists. what if we underplayed the threat from diesh and we knew there was some -- and we're talking about a relatively small number of folks, but here is the issue. when we have polls showing millions of people who affiliate
8:36 am
with qanon and the head of the chicago police union making anti-muslim statements, when we had a normalization, a drop in hate crime prosecutions of 38.5% and no appointments of black federal appellate judges you talk about systemic racism, it not only affects law enforcements, which has its own history and issues and i'll tweet at croft levin because we don't have time right now, but the bottom line is we have an administration that eviscerated from training to operations, to all of this stuff and sent a message out and now we have police from coast to coast, here in california to east coast and other public servants involved in this because there has been an elastic reservoir of grievance that the president and other political operative as long with certain television personalities and the internet created an eco-system and that
8:37 am
is where we draw the police from and they try to -- yes. >> so one thing, calling it out and putting a spotlight on it is one part -- one step towards stopping it and fixing it. but if we're being honest, it's like an extremism hidden in plain sight is what you're describing and this isn't going away at noon tomorrow when joe biden come news office. where is it going to go? >> we're going to see more of unfortunately and here is why. and thank you so much for that question. we have an insurgency going on that is part of the social political landscape. it is big. so when you have an increase in 10% of the number of americans saying whites are under attack and we call many of these people who have either cultural or ideological leanings that are intertwined that support police
8:38 am
but are in fact insurrectionists and they end up going on social media and they are recruiting police. and this is an issue and one thing that we saw, and i testify the before congress about this, spoke to the big alphabet agencies, they said even under trump we need a whole of government approach with regard to the most prominent, though not exclusive threat facing the united states, that is white supremacist and far right militancy, which is now is going to be more leaner and meaner and underground and we have to make sure that the police are not further targeted and take these measures with regard to leadership, operations and culture because going forward after this big transition event, we're now going to have a spliptered set under an umbrella of ideology insurrectionist, some second amendment and related to covid and they'll try to ensconce themself with law and order. >> brian, thank you very much.
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president trump has spent four years shunning presidential traditions, busting through presidential norms and throwing out presidential values. so it is sadly fitting that on the way out of the door, trump is staying true to form from the big gesture down to the smallest traditions. he'll be the first president in 150 years to boycott his successor's inauguration. and also refused to welcome his successor to the white house. the first lady has refused to invite the incoming first lady to the white house, all quint semly and proudly american symbols of the peaceful transfer of power from one leader to the next. down to one of my favorite traditions, the personal letter that outgoing leave for the incoming. trump often liked to show
8:44 am
obama's letter to visitors. >> this is the letter given to me by president obama. so well written, so thoughtful. so thoughtful. and in the drawer, put here in the drawer. which is a custom but i doubt too many of them were written in this manner. it took time to do it. and i appreciate it and i called him and thanked him. >> in obama's letter that he wrote to donald trump, he wrote this in part, regardless of the push and pull of daily politics, it is up to us to leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we found them. does anyone think donald trump is leaving office doing that? sparking a violent insurrection on the capitol and 400,000 people will have died from coronavirus by the end of the day. deaths on his watch. so maybe it is no surprise that trump at least so far has not written a letter to leave behind for joe biden. his advisers have encouraged him
8:45 am
to uphold the tradition but what sage piece of advise would donald trump have to offer joe biden? joining me now is cnn's kate bennett and jeffrey angle, the director of the center for presidential history. jeffrey, what does it mean if donald trump down to the small gesture that i'm talking about doesn't leave a letter for joe biden? >> i think it represents exactly what you were just saying, that this is a president who is not interested in the broader institution of democracy. it is not interested in the peaceful transfer of power which is not just a phrase. it is a basic representation of what we believe as americans, that the person who holds the office of the presidency doesn't own it. they just hold it for the next person. they keep it warm, if you will. so the presidential letter is a good example of just another way in which president trump frankly, i think isn't showing the maturity that he needs to as he leaves office nor to hand it off properly to his successor. >> kate, and it is so much more
8:46 am
than the letter. you could lay out how president trump is breaking with every tradition and norm when it comes to the inauguration of his s successor. >> first of ail he's leaving town. he's splitting tomorrow morning. we're used to seeing the arrival of the incoming president and first lady up on the north portico steps and the outgoing president coming out and greets them and they ride together up to capitol hill for the inauguration festivities. none of that is happening. even if the most contentious elections, you know, there was still that moment of transfer of power so that the country felt, even if it was a photo op, the country felt this is part of the ongoing democracy that this country handles, the trumps are leaving town and they have not invited the bidens. the first lady has not invited jill biden to the east wing and likewise obviously the president hasn't invited joe biden. so certainly tomorrow will look different in that sense from what americans have been used
8:47 am
to. >> and i remember thinking seeing barack obama and michelle obama standing at the white house and welcoming the trumps there. it is amazing, when you talk about the most contentious of times, the two people who pushed the birther conspiracy, the obamas were still going to welcome to the white house because that is what you do. these traditions are about the peaceful transfer of power. for the first time in this country we did not see a peaceful transfer of power and joe biden is taking over a country that is so divided, what does history tell you about how joe biden could go about overcoming this? >> well, actually, history on both points, points me to the 1933 inauguration both on the idea that there is a peaceful transfer of power between people who don't like each other and the way crisis could conform to an opportunity. when two men couldn't stand each other and they wouldn't talk to each other in the car ride over to the capitol. though it was so cold they shared a blanket.
8:48 am
so the idea that the image was what matters that the american people need to see the two of them with the maturity to sit together and transfer power peacefullyine if they didn't like each other personally. and roosevelt was in the great depression when people were questioning the viability of american democracy just as they are to you. i think joe biden has an opportunity because of the widespread nature of the discontent because of the covid and the economic collapse and the political division in our country, so really just be a fountain of stability, to talk about american values and the way presidents always have before donald trump is something that brings us together. i think americans want to hear that and more importantly it will touch a nerve with them because they heard it all of their lives and now hearing it again it will have a particular resonance and meaning. >> jeffrey and kate, thank you. coming up for us, cnn just confirmed that two members of the national guard have been removed from the mission to help
8:49 am
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some more breaking news. cnn has just confirmed two members of the national guard have been removed from their mission to help secure the inauguration. let me bring in cnn's barbara starr. she has this new reporting.
8:54 am
barbara, what are you learning? >> good morning to you, kate. disturbing news. in fact, a defense official confirming a short time ago to cnn that two army national guard troops have been removed from their duties at the inauguration as part of helping to secure washington, d.c. and the inauguration ceremonies. now, details are very sketchy, and we want to, first of all, credit our friends at the associated press for first reporting this. but there is a lot we do not know. two out of 25,000 troops. that's miniscule, yes, but the concern is going to be what these people were up to. we don't know, for example, what caught officials' attention. they're vetting all 25,000. they're going through social media. they're looking for any indication of ties to domestic extremism. what did they find with these people? was it something perhaps as simple as liking a tweet, signing onto something on social media, or was there something else going on here? we do not know that right now.
8:55 am
this is a real challenge for the u.s. military. they want to vet everyone for any sign of ties to domestic extremism, but it's very hard to do unless they basically have an appearance on social media or talk to their friends or verbalize it. very tough to find these people. so right now two have been removed, and we are still looking for details on exactly why that is. kate? >> why that is. barbara, thank you so much for bringing us that reporting and credit to the associated press for breaking that news. 25,000 national guard troops, though, are in the capitol right now as it is a fortress. thank you, barbara, so much. coming up, still a divided nation, expected pardons and the capitol in lockdown. much more in the final 24 hours of donald trump's presidency.
8:56 am
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hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing this very important day with us. one day, 24 hours from right now, until donald trump is a former president. the intervening hours are filled with tension and with uncertainty. a giant security challenge. a potential pardon spree. negotiations over sharing senate power and vital confirmation hearings for the biden team. sources describe the outgoing president as joyless and disint disinterested. he did tape a farewell address monday evening which we're