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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar  CNN  March 5, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> priscilla, grateful for your insight and reporting. thank you for your time today. thanks for joining us on "inside politics"." i hope to see you on monday. brianna keilar picks up our coverage right now. have a good afternoon. hello, i'm brianna keilar and i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the senate has ground to a snail's pace even as americans are struggling to survive the pandemic. republicans using everything in their legislative toolbox to slow the vote on the coronavirus relief package. senate floor staff spent ten hours and 45 minutes reading out loud the entire 628-page bill thanks to jsenator ron johnson
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who left early. chuck schumer said thank you for taking time to read the bill. >> we're going to power through and finish this bill however long it takes. the american people are counting on us, and our nation depends on it. i want to thank everyone, everyone, on the floor staff who worked late into the night and into the wee hours of the morning to finish reading the senate amendment to the american rescue plan. i'm sure you all didn't expect that part of your job this week would entail standing on your feet and reading dense legislative language for more than ten hours straight. as for our friend from wisconsin, i hope he enjoyed his thursday evening. >> cnn correspondent jessica dean is covering this on the hill for us. this vote-a-rama has begun, jessica. explain what this is and why this could last for days. >> reporter: right, brianna, this could stretch out for a long, long time.
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a vote-a-rama means any senator can bring something to the floor and vote on it. this could continue on as long as someone has a vote. to give you an example, bernie sanders was the first to bring an amendment to the floor. it was a $15 an hour minimum wage. that was removed from the original house bill that came to the senate by the parliamentarian ruling that was not able to be in. he pushed for it to be included and also raised not just a $15 minimum wage for hourly employees but also for tipped employees as well. now, eight democrats voted against that, so it did not have the votes to pass, it was not expected to pass. but what's important about this is this has stretched on that vote for 100-some minutes and it was supposed to be taking about 30 minutes or so. it's possible that, you know, this could go on for a very,
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very long time. as we look ahead, the challenge for democrats, president biden and senate majority leader chuck schumer both pleading with them to not join any amendments to keep this solidly republican versus democrat in all of this. republicans, of course, hoping to make democrats take tough votes on this, take tough votes on immigration, on energy, and really draw out the process and perhaps, again, go with the democrats when it comes to these amendments. it's anybody's guess at this point how long this could go on. in the long run, it is expected that the bill will pass. >> there could be some pain. jessica dean on the hill for us, thank you. republicans have voiced their objections to the covid relief plan. john, the gop is arguing there is nothing in the bill for
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schools. fact check that for us. >> that is false. in fact, there is $130 billion set aside for schools which, last i checked, is far more than nothing. around 6 billion of that will be spent in this calendar year but it would go to things like improving school ventilation, reducing class size, increase ppe, all things about reopening schools as fast as possible consistent with safety. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell claimed on tuesday that about 9% of the money in the bill is in the health care space, is that right? >> that is broadly right. mcconnell has a point here. you know, the money that is going to health care is wide-reaching. however, it's going to dramatically expand testing and contact tracing which has not been adequately funded in the past, improve vaccination and accelerate that further. but the bulk of the money in this bill is going to things like individual stimulus checks, unemployment relief and relief for state and local governments. that's where the bulk of the money is going, but obviously,
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all these things have been impacted, the larger economy has been impacted by the covid crisis, and that's what much of this money seeks to do in the covid relief act. >> there are funds for b.a.r.t., which is the bay area rapid transit line. is it? >> not anymore. that was removed from the bill as was a bridge in upstate new york. some rapid transportation remains for the airport and amtrak. they've seen revenues decrease travel over the last year. but part of the baubles that republicans have tried to make an issue are no longer a part of this bill. thank you for taking us through that, john avalon. several states have been quick to reopen their state and stop mask mandates even though
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cases are plateauing. states that actually kept mask mandates and other safety restrictions had fewer cases and deaths. rates ticked up where people were allowed to eat inside restaurants and enter retail businesses, which is why many are hammering places like texas. its restrictions end next week, and it will become the most populist state that does not have a mask mandate any longer. residents are calling this a slap in the face. dahlia ramos lives in brownsville. she lost her husband ricardo to the coronavirus last year. dahlia, i know it's been such a tough year for you, and i commend you for coming on to talk to us about it still. what is it like, knowing who you've lost and how many others were lost, to see the state reopen with no mask mandate?
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>> thank you for having me. when i came on the governor's mandate, it was actually through a facebook post. at the first minute i saw it, i was actually kind of shocked. as i was trying to read through t the next two posts after that were actually community members asking for prayers for local educators that were fighting covid in the icu. so just the vast contrast of those two posts and those two stories in my small community was enough to really turn that shock into a little bit of anger. i'm an educator, and believe me, all ed indiucators across the s we want to serve our students. we want them to come back. we want businesses to open up. we don't want anybody experiencing financial hardships. that is not our goal here, but there is a way and a manner to go about that and still giving the virus the respect it deserves. there are nurses and doctors who are fully exhausted, working
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24-hour shifts, just so, as you mentioned earlier, the numbers can plateau. i don't understand, and what so many don't understand is why test the mandate? why remove the masks right now, why, when we're barely hitting the point when people can barely get test ed in a reasonable amount of time, where people can actually go to the hospital and get treated. why are we removing them right now? my children and myself have experienced, as you mentioned, tremendous, tremendous loss. what we're trying to avoid is for others to experience that loss. i don't want other children in my community growing up without a father the way my children have to now. so that's why we question something that is a community responsibility all of a sudden turns to an individual responsibility. >> i want to ask you about that. you say you're going to wear your mask with honor. >> with honor. >> you have a clear perspective
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honoring your late husband and people who you do not want to succumb to covid like he did. >> exactly. >> you're talking about the personal responsibility element of this. the governor said removing the mandate does not absolve people of that personal responsibility. do you think people will do the right thing on their own? >> i hope and i pray that they do, because everybody in one way or another has been affected by this virus, whether it be the loss of a spouse or immediate family member wlrks it be the loss of a friend, whether it be loss of employment, of financial stability. you know everyone has experienced a loss due to covid. the only way texas can give us a fighting chance is to continue wearing masks. yes, open up businesses. i understand that. i know we need to take responsibility and help our
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fellow texans in that aspect. but if we're going to shop with you, support your business, wear a mask and wear it with honor, because you're providing and protecting your community members, your family members, and something as a mask can truly help. if we expect the for our safety. the best thing we can do is wear a mask to prevent an overload on their part. you're right, i do wear it with honor. and in remembrance of all the people that we'rere not able to make it through. >> delia, how have you been doing? it's been several months since you lost ricardo. i know this has been the hardest year of your life. tell us what it's been like to go through this and also looking
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around and seeing other people who are, too. >> yesterday was eight months since we lost my husband, and it has been very traumatic. many people who have lost a close family member to covid have an experience and can share an experience in regard to having so many of your last moments ripped away. i was not able to say goodbye to my husband in person. even after he passed, i wasn't able to view him in the hospital. we could text, we could call, but that was about it. i know the nurses and the doctors are trying everything to the best of their ability, but so many clinics and hospitals are severely understaffed. it's never going to completely go away, the trauma and the fear that my family and my children have experienced, but knowing that covid is the first that was affected, our home, our place of employment. my family is determined not to
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let covid paralyze us because we have already lost enough as it is, but. we'll figure out this list, figure out the best way to treat umplt to returnhis and go back world the way it was. unfortunately, that's not the way it works. sometimes being a leader, you have to make those tough calls. you have to give in one area and pull back in another. i just wish governor abbott would have taken more time in thinking about that situation. >> delia, you clearly have thought a lot about it. you know the cost of this, and i
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just appreciate you coming on to talk about it. thank you. >> thank you so very much, and prayers for everybody that has made it through and families who are lost, you are not alone. wear your mask with honor. >> you're amazing, delia. thank you so much. the man who posed in house speaker nancy pelosi's office has a quote in court. hear what he screamed out in answer. and fox tv in the era of the biden administration. pro-level. luvs. parent like a pro.
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another high-profile suspect in the attack on the capitol is asking the judge for less restrictive jail conditions as she waits for trial. whitney wild has more. >> reporter: lisa wisenhart has been charged with her son for their roles in the january insurrection. she is asking for a less strict sentence. she's been moved to maximum security, to general population, back to maximum security, and now she's asking for a less restrictive sentence while in custody. and for her son, who was seen carrying zip tie restraints and in full body armor inside the capitol, even he doesn't have these maximum security settings that she is being subjected to. she is accused of breaking into the capitol, she is accused of disorderly conduct, brianna, she has pleaded not guilty. back to you. >> whitney, thank you.
10:19 am
another corpriot suspect had a tantrum during his latest court hearing saying it's not fair the way he's being treated. cnn correspondent jessica sha sn -- schneider is following this. >> reporter: he's been locked up since the end of january, and in his court appearance, he said this. everyone else who did stuff much worse are already at home. this is a court appearance in a conference call, and he was interrupted and promptly pulled off the line. but in the meantime the judge warned him to list ton his atto -- listen to his attorneys. it looks like his court appearance won't be until may and he will be detained until at
10:20 am
least then. he is facing some serious charges. entering the capitol with a weapon, also theft of government capitol since he allegedly took a letter from nancy pelosi's office, and then of course he photographed putting his feet up on a desk in pelosi's office. this is notable, brianna. prosecutors also accusing him of carrying a stun gun to the capitol that he bought days before january 6, is to he is facing a slew of charges here. in a previous court appearance, the chief judge in d.c. accused barnett of having what she called a total disregard of the u.s. constitution, really saying he didn't understand the severity of his charges. so for now he remains locked up, and it looks like his next court appearance might not be for several weeks, if not several months, and as we saw in court, he is not happy about it, brianna. >> indeed he isn't. jessica, thank you so much for that. also after being fox viewers ran away from the network after the election, fox is luring them back with conspiracy theory
10:21 am
sugar highs. we'll roll the tape. plus the mayor of detroit facing backlash after he refuses the johnson & johnson vaccine. hear why. why did buckingham palace announce an investigation into meghan markle for bullying, but not prince andrew who is wrapped up in the sex abuse scandal? ea. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to make new bottles. that completes the circle, and reduces plastic waste. please help us get every bottle back.
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no payments for eighteen months. fox facing a ratings slump after its de facto executive producer lost the presidential election is leaning more heavily into its buffet of cultural war cuisine. i know it's about as predictable as singing "girls just want to have fun" on karaoke night. back in june, this guy promised to do better. >> middle class families are the core of this country. they are the hope for the future, our only hope. yet both parties have shamelessly abandoned them. republicans tend to be their champion. you know now that they are not. instead of improving the lives of the voters, the party feeds
10:27 am
them partisan junk food designed to make them feel full even as they waste away. it is lunacy. we fall for it every time. and given this show has participated in it, we apologize deeply. >> that's all it was about. and the fact it was partisan junk food, it's followed up by more partisan junk food. >> we are celebrating and we'll tell you why precisely. which other holidays will they be cancelling? obviously july 4th will be first on the list, so why are people attacking column buscolumbus' s? who knows? you're definitely not allowed to ask. have any of you eaten python? the python cowboy tells us more. >> it tastes like chicken so i won't even ask, but how hard is
10:28 am
it to hunt pythons. >> no, ladies and gentlemen, jill biden is not joe's caretaker. she isn't his nurse. she's his fully equal romantic partner. jill biden is not a doctor, no. maybe in the same sense dr. pepper is. there are a lot of health crises. this may be the biggest one. fallen testosterone levels and fallen sperm counts which may make it impossible to continue the human race. so if you ask someone to cash your security checks, you wouldn't ask george suarez because he kind of looks like one. people who think endangering wars on a nation. the next girlfriend of montel williams will be described that way thereafter on this show.
10:29 am
they figured out christmas is bigger than they are. in the hands of democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky. biden really is a threat to you and your family. >> in january, fox had its worst ratings in two decades, and now it's going even further off the anti-truth rails in an effort to remedy that. fox is going full tucker, more outrageousness, more opinion, and figure out what that means. tucker carlson who recently won a lawsuit filed against him is not exactly the head of journalism. he wanted a dismissal of a case against him. they argued that carlson is not fact actual facts about the topics he discusses but instead
10:30 am
is engaging in non-literal commentary. the judge said fox was convincing as it made the case, quote, that given mr. carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statements he makes, end quote. and yet still, what he dishes out is what a huge chunk of the country is consuming as if it is the gospel. clearly fox is, to quote demi lovato, sorry, not sorry. lockhart murdoch r, son of rupe murdoch, saying biden is the beneficiary of the trump administration. they were the loyal opposition. that's what our job is now with the biden administration. you'll see our ratings really kb improve, he said.
10:31 am
chief media consultant brian stelter is with me now. transparency, at least, brian? >> i guess so. after 10 or 15 years of this network claiming it's fair and balanced every time it's turned further to the right. now murdoch is admitting what the network is all about. it is an anti-biden network. that's the agenda. the spin today, brianna, as he was talking about the opinion shows, but the opinion shows are what define fox news. the newscasts have been shrinking and the audience for those news programs have been shrinking as well. fox viewers want the red meat provided by tucker carlson, who, by the way, is lockhart murdoch's closest friend? it's tucker carlson. that tells you everything you need to know about the fox news playbook right now. >> look, we know there is a shrinking and small group of straight news journalists at fox, but it is a small section of what is at fox. they're in the reporter ranks,
10:32 am
they're not the ones in general hosting shows. and increasingly, fox is moving into what the prime time has made them -- you know, has made them into. murdoch admitted that the fox audience, brian, is disappointed in the election results. how much does that factor into this strategy moving forward and the fox lineup? >> that is the big story. that is the major factor. the fox audience does not want to hear bad news about republicans, does not want to hear good news about democrats. so it is all a ratings ploy. and it is very clear from the programming and the sources inside fox who are speaking out about it. it is notable that lockland was speaking to investors saying, hey, the ratings are going to come back, the viewers are coming home. to some extent, that's starting to be true. but this is all about business, all about profit. i think when people want to understand how this propaganda machine works, and when it doesn't work, it's about rupert
10:33 am
and locklan murdoch and how much money they can make. there is another murdoch, james murdoch. he is disgusted by the rupert murdochs of the world. he wants to come and take over. but so far there is no sign of that. this channel is moving further and further to the right, so much so that i had one fox employee tell me, we're going so far to the right we're going to fall over. >> brian stelter, thank you so much. great to see you. i do want to get back now to the fallout from the capitol riots. minute ago we told you how some of these suspects are melting down in an effort to stay behind bars. these riot dfrts, areva, i wonder what you think in the complaints and how they view
10:34 am
their actions on january 6. >> what we saw them do was exercise their privilege. they believe they were entitled to storm the capitol, to break windows, to break doors, to take weapons into the capitol, to go into nancy pelosi's office, put their feet up on the desk, to destroy property, to even deaf ca indicate -- deficate in our nation's capitol. the nerve that one person said they were detained for one month and that was unfair to him. we know the differences in terms of how african-americans of the criminal justice system are treated versus how non-african-americans are treated, so to see these defendants have meltdowns and suggest that the system is being unfair thome is really rep reprehensible and appalling conduct. >> the defendant, areva, who yelled at the judge, the
10:35 am
so-called qanon shaman, the man wearing face paint and horns, listen to him. >> i have a song about shamanism. it's about causing vibrations in a sacred chamber. i actually stopped vandalism from the senate. i stopped someone stealing muffins out of the breakroom. >> his defense is that officers allowed him in. will that work? >> reporter: not at all, brianna, and you see how they're all engaging if revisionism. he was there preventing this destruction from occurring. what we saw immediately after the insurrection were people going on facebook, people going on interviews, bragging about how they had destroyed property in the capitol, bragging about how they had broken doors and had stormed the capitol.
10:36 am
so now all of that bragging is to your r turning into somehow we're supposed to feel sorry for them. they are the victims of the insurrection. it's not going to work, these defenses are not going to work, but i just hope we don't see what we heard hint of which is maybe all these individuals will not be prosecuted. so far 300 have been arrested. we know there are many, many more that should be arrested and we know they should be held accountable to the highest standards possible given the reprehensible conduct they involved themselves in on january 6. >> areva martin, thank you. we appreciate it. a mayor turning down doses and doses of johnson & johnson vaccine because he says they're not the best. we'll fact-check that. as states begin lifting mask restrictions, studies say they do have an impact. we needed to make sure that, if
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10:42 am
the rise in the variants. and the covid relief bill will not have the $15 minimum wage. the passage of biden's covid relief bill is turning into a circus as republicans launch a parade of stunts to delay it. the biden administration shows they added more than 300,000 jobs last month, mostly in restaurants and bars. and they shut down conspiracy theories that rioters were trump supporters. the d.c. national guard said it was stunned by the trump administration's delay by defending the capitol. >> i was just as stunned as everybody else on the call. >> reporter: the nation's capitol on high alert again over
10:43 am
a qanon theory that trump would take over the presidency on march 4th. it is, of course, march 5th and joe biden is still president. new york governor andrew cuomo apologized after being accused of sexual harrassment by three women now. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry for whatever pain i caused anyone. >> and his administration is accused of covering up the number of nursing home delath i new york following a now canceled order that would omit covid patients in hospitals. still lamely lying about an election, republicans in states are trying to turn the big law into lie, by talking about voting. they say biden's presidency is not legitimate. another committee sued president trump's financial firm.
10:44 am
a watchdog report revealed that trump's justice department ignored a criminal investigation by elaine chao over pentagon allegations. and biden lost his first nominee as he withdrew over past tweets. biden was criticized for not going after the killer of jamal khashoggi, breaking a campaign promise. and a plastic surgeon is under investigation for appearing in virtual traffic court during a surgery. >> i do not feel comfortable for
10:45 am
the welfare of a patient if you're in the process of operating that i would put on a trial. >> and meghan markle accused the royal family, "the firm" as she called it, of perpetuating lies about her as buckingham palace announced she is being inspected just days before an interview with the dutcchess will air. and the pope is in baghdad for a scheduled trip. some intense talks are underway right now on the covid relief bill, so stand by for that. plus damning reports accusing staffers of new york governor andrew cuomo of rewriting a report on nursing home reports to hide the higher death toll.
10:46 am
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because she can now. meghan markle duchess of suss ex-says that's why she agreed to sit down with oprah winfrey on sunday on cbs. >> so as an adult who lived a really independent life to then go into this construct that is -- different than i think what people imagine it to be. it's really liberating to be able to have the right and the privilege, in some ways, to be able to say, yes, i'm ready to talk. >> and say it for yourself. >> and not have to consult with anybody at this point. >> yeah. to be able to make a choice on your own and be able to speak for itself. >> the interview comes as buckingham palace announced this
10:51 am
week it will investigate allegations markle bullied several staff members. royals believe it's no coincidence and a way to put the british man ark british monarch any a bad light. co-author of "finding freedom: harry and meghan and the making of a royal modern family." thank you for being with us. can you put the news of the bullying allegations into context? the timing can't be dismissed. >> yes. a very interesting set of revolutions. of course, these date way back to when harry and meghan were based in 2018 and early 2019 and these allegations claim, or accuse meghan, of bullying but actually lack examples of it at the same time. bullying in the workplace is a very serious subject that has to be investigated. i imagine harry and meghan want
10:52 am
it to be investigated, too. we've seen from her response they're very saddened by these claims. listen, i personally spent a lot of time getting to know the people working for harry and meghan over the years. several different generations of staff, and, yes, i've come across people who are frazzled, tried and tested by their jobs because often they found themselves stuck in the middle of the sussexes and the institution of the monarchy, but never did i hear the word "bullying" uses. >> a number of american fans of meghan markle look at this and they say there's a double standard here. they say she's being investigated for bullying, which as you mentioned that is a serious charge. but prince andrew wasn't publicly investigated even as he faced allegations of sex abuse of a minor and maintained a friendship with the late jeffrey ep sstein even after he was convicted of sex crimes and registered as a sex offender.
10:53 am
how do you see this claim of a double standard? >> yeah. we've often seen when convenient for the palace, that "no comment" peclause, the timing o the story is obviously pretty noticeable as is the fact the palace put out the statement to media organizations around the world to announce that they would be doing a full h.r. investigation into this. you know, look. it's hard to be, to look at this without thinking that there is more going on here. it sorts screams of your final dump in the throes of a presidential election. throw whatever you can at the opposition and hope something sticks. ultimately it's not going to stop harry and meghan from sharing what they have to say on sunday and the palace can't do anything about it. >> the narrative from allies of the royal family appears to be that in the big picture of this, meghan is to blame for this secession from the royal family.
10:54 am
american observers especially have a hard time not seeing sexism and racism in that. having just had a recent awakening on these issues here in america, does the royal family understand that? in their calculations, and their view of what's going on? >> i think that's something that meghan struggled with during her time as a working member of the royal family. was dealing with issues of racism, particularly in the british press, and having an institution that wanted to maintain relationships with those media organizations, and not defend meghan. you have to remember, when we had resurgence of the black lives matter movement last year the house of windsor was silent. no support. the only people that were talking is harry and meghan over in the u.s. is shows where things are at. and going back to bullying accusations. it's hard to not see a pattern
10:55 am
where women and women of color in the workplace are often accused that men and white individuals are not. it's something we've seen seriously being problematic in the past, and meghan is clearly a victim of that. >> we'd love to have you on after this big interview this weekend. it reserve'satory. >> thanks very much. and a voterama that could take days and moments ago huddled up talking about jobless benefits. plus, were rioters in communication with lawmakers? new details in a twist of an investigation that is is looking at that possibility.
10:56 am
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hello. it is top of the hour. i am brianna keilar and vote-a-rama is under way in the senate. republicans delaying passage of the president's $1.9 trillion relief bill delaying payments to families delaying a plan to get children back in school and delaying the very vaccines to get the u.s. out of this mess. cnn chief congressional correspondent manu raju is live for us on capitol hill. there's been a lot of wrangling on the senate floor in the last hour over jobless benefits. tell us about this


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