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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 10, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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the american rescue plan is transformative. >> it is a left-wing giveaway. it is a left-wing social agenda. >> heaven forbid we pass something that's going to help the damn workers! >> texas set to reopen the same day its mask mandate expires. though businesses can keep their own requirements in place. >> requiring us now to take a side on the masks isn't right in my opinion. the british royal family is now speaking out.
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>> the royal family simply don't recognize some of the things that harry and meghan told oprah. >> this is actually a slap in the face, i think. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it is wednesday, march 10th, 6:00 here in new york. and this morning, the house of representatives is poised to take president biden's massive rescue plan over the finish line. in just a few hours, lawmakers will debate and hold a final vote on the $1.9 trillion relief package. it will deliver the largest ever direct payments to americans, bringing help to millions who are struggling. this will be a major legislative victory on president biden's 50th day in office. the president plans to sign it ahead of a prime-time address to the nation tomorrow night. that's one year after the pandemic plunged the country into shutdown. >> so he doesn't really have much selling to do when it comes to this legislation, because how popular is the plan around the country? the answer, really popular.
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we have a brand-new cnn poll releasing now, just then. it just released. >> wow, i like how you did that. >> it shows that 61% of americans spupport the bill overall and even more support when you break down what's inside it. still, not a single republican member of congress is expected to vote for the relief plan. we'll take you inside those numbers in just a mome. when will this historic vote happen? >> reporter: in just a couple of hours, you can expect the house of representatives to begin debate and shortly after that, they will have their vote. this is the last stop on capitol hill before this gets sent to the president'n deske next few days. it's also important to remember that those unemployment benefits begin to run out across the country over the weekend. so this is all happening before that critical deadline. the democrats had really tried to carve out over the last couple of weeks, as they've push forward to pass this
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legislation. now, looking forward, democrats are going to be drying to sell this bill to the american people. like you noted, it is very popular already, but they want to keep informing americans about how this legislation affects their day-to-day lives. and that's in a few ways. of course, those $1,400 direct stimulus checks to americans making $75,000 or less. there's also an expansion of the child tax credit. more money for vaccines. more money to get kids back to school. more money for small businesses so they can continue reopening in a safe way. so all of that is coming to americans across the country. democrats want to make it clear, they're the one who is did that. because like you noted, republicans are not expected to support this bill in the house. they didn't support it in the senate. and that is a very big distinction that democrats want to make sure is clear to the american people. so, in just a couple of hours, that final vote will take place on capitol hill. this really is showing, this entire process, how difficult it may be for democrats moving forward to navigate with these
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very narrow majorities. they got this across the finish line, but it wasn't without some heartburn. it wasn't without some democrats arguing that there were provisions in this bill they didn't like. if you remember, just a couple of days ago, you had joe manchin giving his colleagues a little bit of heartburn over the fact that he held open a vote potentially for 12 hours as they were trying to work out how to make him happy. so, yes, a huge victory for the president. but also just making it clear that everything going into the future is going to be tough for democrats to keep accomplishing things that the president wants to accomplish, whether that's infrastructure, immigration, given those narrow majorities. >> lauren fox on capitol hill, keep us posted over the next several hours. so, moments ago, i unilaterally and single handedly released cnn's new national poll that shows pretty serious support for the pandemic relief bill. cnn political director david chalian here to look inside the numbers. david? >> good morning, john. it is pretty substantial
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support. 61%, as you just noted, favor, overall, this economic relief bill. take a look, when i break it down by party in our brand-new poll. and you'll see that it's got support in all areas. 94% of democrats, obviously. 58% of independents sport this bill. john, a quarter, 26% of republicans in this poll support this bill. that looks no like the zero republicans who are going to be voting for it. and the news gets better for the bill proponents when you look at individual pieces of it. 85% support for the larger tax credits. 77% support for the money that's in the bill to help schools reopen. 76% support for those $1,400 stimulus checks. and 59% support for aid to state and local governments. now, look at that by party, and i think this may be one of the most interesting findings in the poll. look at the right-hand column there of republican support for these measures.
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73% of republicans support the larger tax credits here. 55% of republicans, a majority of republicans, support the money for the classroom. 55% for the stimulus checks. and 28% support that aid to local government. that's the one place where you don't see a majority of republicans coming onboard with democrats, overwhelmingly supporting this, in the poll. again, zero votes in the congress. and then, finally, we asked folks, how do you think this bill is going to impact the economy if it becomes law? add those top two numbers together. 28% say a lot, 38% say some. 66%, two-thirds of americans in this poll say they think this economic relief bill is actually going to help the economy. >> that's a big number right there. and again, zero percent support with republicans in congress, which is notable. we mentioned, president biden is going to hit the road to sell the plan. the plan doesn't need much selling, but what about president biden. we have some new numbers on him, as well. >> yeah, as you noted, it is the
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50th day of his presidency, so this halfway mark to those first hundred days, and we have a new approval rating for president biden, majority support. 51% approve of the overall job that president biden is doing in this poll. 41% disapprove. if you break this out by party, you see he's got the support, 92% of democrats give him an approval rating there, 48% of independents approve of the job he's doing. only 8% of republicans, showing we still live if a pretty polarized universe. all the more impressive he's broken through with this covid relief bill. look at where joe biden falls at this point in the presidency. he's above donald trump and below bill clinton is where he's residing at this sort of mid-march mark in the first year of a presidency. and take a look at the issues overall, john, that we tested here. coronavirus, the handling of coronavirus is by far and away his most popular issue.
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his best issue. 60% approval on how he's handling the coronavirus, well above his overall approval. but then it drops. 50% approval on the environment. 50% approval on helping the middle class. 49% on the economy, 47% on dealing with racial injustice, 44% on foreign affairs. and the lowest issue we tested, 43% pay appapproval on immigrat. that's a growing crisis that the administration is dealing with, as well. >> david chalian, do not go far. we require more of you in just a second. >> also new this morning, the mask mandate in the state of texas is over, despite health experts warning it is too soon to relax restrictions. some cities and businesses say they plan to keep masks in place despite the governor's order. cnn's dan simon is live in houston with more. what's the situation, dan? >> reporter: well, hi, alisyn. as of midnight, the texas economy is fully reopened, that mask mandate is gone, but most businesses still requiring them
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and that has led to some pushback as one restaurant owner tells us. texas is fully reopened this morning and its mask requirement expired. despite the state restrictions being lifted here and houston and elsewhere -- >> we decided to keep the status quo. we're going to continue to have the mask and have social distancing. >> reporter: restaurants like this one aren't changing a thing. the owner says most people have been following its requirements, but a few people took to social media threatening to call immigration to check on the green cards of restaurant staffers. y'all deserve i.c.e., read one message. >> why attack us like that? had i been a statestatehouse, d think that comment would have been made? no. we are following what is senseblese sensible and logical. >> reporter: as some states loosen restrictions, the director of the cdc warns -- >> now is certainly not the time to relax restrictions. march and april are going to be pivotal times.
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>> reporter: following a year of virtual learning, public school students in los angeles may return to in-person classes in mid-april. this after the district reaching an agreement with the teacher's union. starting monday, the final three states will allow teachers to get vaccinated. and in rhode island, officials are hoping to get all of its teachers at least a first dose of vaccine by the end of the month. >> we're going to do everything that we possibly can to make sure that we salvage some of this school year. >> reporter: with three coronavirus vaccines at hand, nearly 13% of the u.s. adult population is fully vaccinated. alaska making the vaccine available to all residents over 16. >> we'll put this behind us as soon as possible. >> reporter: as more americans become fully vaccinated, the cdc recommending they hold off from traveling for now. this cautious guidance as health experts fear new variants could become a problem, even with the rate of coronavirus-related deaths and hospitalizations falling across the u.s. >> the vaccine is a great answer to it, but we don't have nearly
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enough, fast enough, to dramatically impact on it. >> reporter: well, sources tell cnn the cdc considered revising those travel recommendations for those that are fully vaccinated, but then opted against it. health experts suggest that that could change as more americans continue to get vaccinated. alisyn, we'll send it back to you. >> dan, thank you very much. coming up in our next hour, we will talk with president biden's chief medical adviser on the pandemic, dr. anthony fauci. final package of president biden's historic relief bill is now hours away. so what does the gop opposition to this popular legislation say about the challenges going forward? these are the people who work on the front lines. they need a network that's built right. that's why we created verizon frontline. the advanced network and technology for first responders. built on america's most reliable network. built for real interoperability. and built for 5g.
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with our highest concentration of prebiotic oat intensely moisturizes over time to improve skin's resilience. aveeno® healthy. it's our nature™. president biden is on the verge of a huge legislative victory on his 50th day in office. in just hours, the house is expected to pass his massive $1.9 trillion pandemic relief
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package. back with us, cnn political director, david chalian. david, great to see you. so house speaker nancy pelosi expressed huge excitement about this. she said in her 33 years in congress, this is the most consequential piece of legislation that she had seen, before this was the affordable care act, and she thinks this may have exceeded its impact on poor people. so give us the significance of what's happening today. >> well, it is certainly a dramatic transformation in economic approach from what we've seen in the last several decades in u.s. government policy here, because this bill, this $1.9 trillion rescue plan is clearly targeted to middle and -- middle income and poor americans. and it is the philosophy of trying to build the economy back from the bottom up. that has not been widely the approach that we've seen from presidents and congresses for the last many decades. so it is a dramatic
3:16 am
transformation. now, here, there are several features of this bill that are not permanent. and i think you're going to see joe biden now over the course of his presidency and democrats in congress argue to make a lot of these very popular measures, as we noted, permanent. and that then could have a generational impact to come. >> democrats have been worried since 2016 they were losing the working class vote, particularly the white working class vote. in this type of thing might give democrats a new rallying cry and i think we saw something along those lines yesterday, david, with tim ryan, democrat from ohio. he was arguing about a different bill that has to do with labor. but i want you to listen to this, because i think this might be the type of argument we their from democrats in general going forward. >> heaven forbid we pass something that's going to help the damn workers in the united states of america! we talk about pensions, you complain. we talk about the minimum wage
3:17 am
increase, you complain! we talk about giving them the right to organize, you complain! but if we're passing a tax cut here, you'd be all getting in line to vote "yes" for it. now, stop talking about dr. seuss and start working with us on behalf of the american workers. >> with so many workers who will feel a direct impact from the coronavirus relief bill, how fertile is the ground there for democrats to make that argument? >> it's potentially quite fertile, right? you don't think tim ryan's final point there about dr. seuss and the distraction tactics, it points to something important we've seen in this debate over the bill, is that republicans have not been able to get a foothold in making sort of the substantiative argument against this bill. partially because they voted for so many of these kinds of components in previous covid relief bills last year. so there are arguments that now, all of a sudden, while people are still in need, that this is somehow an unthinkable thing to
3:18 am
vote for doesn't seem to be holding water with the american public. >> i just want to pivot for a second to what donald trump is up to. and this is important, because donald trump successfully used mail-in voting yesterday. >> that's impossible! he's so against it! >> you know, it's rife with election fraud, you know, voting fraud, as he would claim, david. let me remind you of what, in fact, he said in august about this. >> there is no way you can go through a mail-in vote without massive cheating. >> unless you're me, but he didn't say that part. there was a local election in florida. he resides at mar-a-lago now in florida. he asked for a mail-in ballot. he received a mail-in ballot. he filled it out. they have received it, as you can see on your screen.
3:19 am
so i guess he does like mail-in voting after all. >> when he said that in august, also in august, he voted by mail in the primary in august. you may also require, when -- late in the campaign, when he realized that he was going to need a lot of his voters to vote by mail, since it was going to be dominant form of voting amidst the pandemic, all of a sudden there were some states that he thought did it really well, florida being one of them, a state he, of course, won. but if you're trying to find consistency here, you're not going to find it, right? donald trump disparaged this form of voting and said there's no way to have a legit election with this kind of voting, and yet he still participates in exactly this kind of voting. >> i'm not trying to find hypocrisy, but i'm finding a lot. >> you don't even have to look. >> it just slaps you across the face. david chalian, thank you very much. now to this. buckingham palace breaking its silence over prince harry and meghan markle's claims of racism
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so this morning, the royal family working to contain the fallout from prince harry and meghan markle's interview with oprah winfrey. buckingham palace released this statement on behalf of the queen. it says, the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for harry and meghan. the issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning, while some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. harry, meghan, and archie will always be loved by family members. cnn's max foster live in windsor with muchmore. i guess we can decode that statement in a second, max. first, give us an update on anything new you've learned
3:25 am
about the palace reaction. >> reporter: well, it really feels like the calm after the storm here, because both sides seem to be in a form of a truce today, after the statement yest yesterday, the royal family, the palace people said they won't be saying anything further. the sussex side they won't be saying anything either. one point from a statement you made there, this is a big push by the queen to turn this into a private family matter, to take it off the airwaves, to try to resolve this behind the scenes. i'm not sure those discussions are started just yet, so in a way, the ball is in the sussex's court on this one. they've said, let's talk about this, let's resolve these family issues behind the scenes. so we're waiting to see whether or not the sussexes engage with that. i think it sounds like they are. because they haven't made a comment off the back of the statement, and it depends really on how those discussions go about whether or not we hear again about this. i don't think we're going to hear about it from the royal family, but if the sussexes aren't happy with how discussions progress, we may
3:26 am
hear again from them. for them, there are big issues here about racism and about fairness in mental health and i think thoey want to see some resolution there. >> they have a different recollection. that their recollections of these conversations are different. it would help if they could give us some details and fill in the blanks of that. if they didn't mean something to be racist, that would tamp down some of the hue and cry about this. if they were offering her mental health help of some kind, that would help tamp it down. but are they never going to clarify those things? >> well, i think you're right. and this is the challenge here, isn't it? when you have a family business. because there are family personal relationships here which they need to deal with, but they're inextricably intertwined with the british monarchy and the british democratic system. and there's a huge amount of divisiveness out there about these issues. and they do look to the queen on these big issues for her to resolve them. so maybe once they've dealt with the family stuff, they can then
3:27 am
come out and talk about those wider issues. i think there is some pressure there on them to do that. also earlier on in the statement, they effectively -- the queen effectively says they weren't fully aware of a lot of these concerns that meghan and harry had, which does contradict really what meghan and harry said. because the basis of what they're saying is they express concerns about really big worrying issues and the palace didn't respond. and the palace is saying, well, we didn't actually know about all of those issues. there's a lot for them to sort out before they go public on the bigger issues. >> max, one of the most haunting things about all of this is when harry said that he saw history repeating itself. his mother felt isolated, his mother struggled with mental health issues, his mother, i think, attempted suicide, she said. then here comes his wife, who soon after their marriage said she's struggling with mental health issues, she has suicidal thoughts. and it's just kind of eerie. i think it's haunting how these
3:28 am
parallels presented. >> reporter: yeah, and you really see it, actually, alisyn, when you compare the interviews. meghan and harry's recent interview and the one that diana did with the bbc back in 1995. and harry saw what happened to his mother. he became so concerned about it when he saw history repeating itself, in his words. but he, you know, took his whole family from here, windsor, over to the u.s. when they joined the ranks of monarchy through their world-famous marriages, one was a wide-eyed young british girl of 20, born with an aristocratic pedigree, who barely had any worldly experience. the other, an american biracial divorcee in her 30s. an independent career women in her own rights, an actress who had already had her fair share of the limelight. but whilst the journeys that led diana princess of wales and meghan, duchess of sussex, to give the two most shocking interviews about the royal
3:29 am
family are quite different. diana, already separated from her husband, prince charles, meghan with her husband, prince harry supportively by her side, the sit-down exposes filmed 26 years apart are hauntingly similar in describing how their lives changed after becoming part of the firm. both admitting naivete on the lives they'd chosen. >> at the age of 19, you always think you're prepared for everything. and you think you have the knowledge of what's coming ahead. >> i didn't fully understand what the job was. >> reporter: both sharing the weight of being the constant focus of tabloid fodder. >> and i seem to be on the front of a newspaper every single day, which is an isolating experience and how high the media puts you, place you, is the bigger the drop. >> i am everywhere, but i am nowhere. and from that standpoint, i can continue to say to people, i know there's an obsession with
3:30 am
how things look, but has anyone talked about how it feels? because right now, i could not feel lonelier. >> reporter: the sense of loneliness and isolation leading to a deterioration of their mental health. diana opening up about bulimia and self-harm. meghan to thoughts of suicide, leading to one overarching feeling for both. shame. >> i didn't like myself. i was ashamed that i didn't cope with the pressures. >> i just said, i'm ashamed. i'm supposed to be stronger than that. >> reporter: at their darkest moments, detailing a lack of support from the firm. >> when no one listens to you or you feel no one's listening to you, all sorts of things start to happen. >> i said that i needed to go somewhere to get help, that i've never felt this way before, and i need to go somewhere. and i was told that i couldn't. that it wouldn't be good for the institution. >> reporter: both interviews noting a curiously specific similarity, that the women's tours of australia led to a rise of jealousy within the royal family. even more alarming, the
3:31 am
accusation from both women that the institution was not only not helping, but actively working behind the scenes to hurt them. >> do you really believe that a campaign was being waged against you? >> yes, i did. absolutely. yeah. >> why? >> i was separated wife's prince of wales, i was a problem. full stop. what do we do with her? >> the narrative about making kate cry i think was the beginning of a real character assassination. and they knew it wasn't true. and i thought, well, if they're not going to kill things like that, then what are we going to do? >> reporter: and yet, both women ending on a note of optimism, despite the turmoil. >> i sit here with hope, because there's a future ahead. a future for my husband. a future more myself. and a future for the monarchy. >> we've actually not just survived, but are thriving. you know, this -- i mean, miracles. >> reporter: it's quite telling,
3:32 am
alisyn and john, that one of meghan's closest confidants has become -- well, one of diana's closest friends has become one of meghan's closest confidants. hopefully one of the legacies from this, really, is that meghan might be able to heal the rift that the royal family that diana was never able to do, just by having knowledge of her story. >> max foster at windsor, thank you so much for being with us. we'll let you get back to reporting. keep us posted as to what you hear. so today, texas ending its state-wide mask mandate. what are the fears inside the medical community there? we're going to speak to one houston doctor who's worked for 355 days straight. out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. is mealtime a struggle? introducing ore-ida potato pay.
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so it's happening today. texas lifting its statewide mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at 100% capacity. that's despite health experts' warning that it is too soon to relax these restrictions. some cities in texas say they do
3:37 am
plan to keep mask requirements in place. joining us now is dr. joseph ve rh rrone. this will be his 355th straight day on the job. and dr. varon, as always, hats off to you. your work ethic and concern is incredible. the mask mandate gone as november now. how worried are you? >> i'm worried. i'm worried that the understanding of texans as to what is the meaning of a no-mask mandate is. as you know, you know, last week, they were talking about even having today a mask-off party. that was finally canceled. but there were people that were going to have giant parties without masks. of course i'm concerned. i'm concerned that the interpretation that people have, that it is not mandatory means i can go anywhere i want without a
3:38 am
mask. for masks to work, you and me have to have it. when i wear my mask, i do so to protect you, not to protect me. for it to work, need to both have a mask. >> i'm not sure that everybody has canceled the party. we have this flyer from the dallas jewish conservatives group, supposedly, and they say texas is open, party, exclamation point. be sure to bring a mask for that celebratory bush that mask bonfire towards the end of the evening. we talked yesterday to a houston police chief saying this was a law enforcement as well, as well as a medical problem. and i was so hoping that on the anniversary of your year at work, so ten days from now, on day 365, that you would be able to take the day off. i've noticed you haven't been following my instructions heretofore, but is this going to ruin it for you. do you fear that the lack of masks and the new variants are
3:39 am
going to push that day off for you much further out? >> absolutely. i mean, that was -- you know, when i heard about this, it's like, all my hopes of having time off, they were gone. i'm serious. and you're very correct on that other point. i know we're vaccinating people, although, we have not vaccinated to the point that we want. this is around an 8% vaccination rate. our positivity rates are still over 10%. i mean, it's probably not the time to tell people, it's okay not to wear a mask. we're not there yet. and yes, the fact that we're opening the state today probably is going to delay my so-needed day of rest. >> one of the things nationally is that, what, 60% of seniors have received at least one dose of the vaccine. and the numbers are much, much higher in nursing homes. these are the people most prone to serious illness and death. and i am worried if you are seeing a consistent reduction in
3:40 am
your hospital in serious illness and death from coronavirus? >> we saw a serious increase in the number of patients. however, the severity of illness continues to be high. regardless of age. just overnight, unfortunately, we had a couple of patients that expired. one was 78 years of age, the other was 53 years of age. that tells you that this is not -- yeah, i know that we keep on telling people that age, you know, obesity, hypertension, diabetes tend to be bad things, but as of today, we don't know who's going to get sick. that's why i keep on asking people to continue to wear your masks. have better understanding of th this illness. we're doing much better than a year ago, but we're still having issues. >> we hear you. dr. joseph varon, thank you for all you do.
3:41 am
we always appreciate you making time for us and we'll check back in with you soon. >> my pleasure. coming up in just a few minutes, we are going to speak to dr. anthony fauci on what he sees for the next few weeks. this crucial, perhaps, turning point in the battle in this pandemic. . so the fbi has released new video of a man suspected och pl of placing pipe bombs around washington, d.c. the night before the capitol insurrection. the details, next. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.
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asthma symptoms can attack anywhere. get fast relief here with primatene mist. available over the counter for mild ashtma. primatene mist. breathe easy again. developing this morning, defense secretary lloyd austin approving a request to keep nearly 2,300 national guard troops around the u.s. capitol through may 23rd. that would be a nearly 50% reduction from the number of troops currently guarding the capitol. meanwhile, the fbi has released this new surveillance video. take a look at your screen. this is the suspect they believe planted pipe bombs at the rnc and the dnc headquarters ahead of the insurrection. cnn's whitney wild is live in washington with more. what's the latest, whitney? >> reporter: this is really is clearest look we're getting at
3:46 am
the person federal officials think planted these pipe bombs. this is so critical, because what we know is that this was only at a quarter to 8:00 at night, the night before the insurrection, alisyn. the video shows this person sort of casually walking around the neighborhood. at one point, actually passes someone walking a dog. there that person is. just out in the neighborhood, like i said, a quarter to 8:00 at night. there's other video from multiple angles showing this person sitting on a bench in the area. there it is. and you know federal officials have gone through frame by frame, analyzing this video. the other video that's really important here is this video of the suspect walking in the alley between the rnc and the dnc. again, right at the time federal officials think that those pipe bombs were planted. now, the hope here is that somebody knows this person. someone recognizes, perhaps, the clothing, the mannerisms, someone out there saw this person at this time. federal officials have had a
3:47 am
really difficult time generating very strong leads in this case, but the reality is, they have to find this person, because these bombs could have detonated. they had the right components to do so. they didn't go off, fortunately, until law enforcement went out there and detonated them on their own. law enforcement officials are offering $100,000 reward for this case. >> hard to make out any identifying features there. obviously, they're better at this than i am, but that can be hard to tell. very interesting to see the video, though, whitney, thank you very much. new this morning, three jurors have been chosen in the murder trial of the former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin accused of killing george floyd. jury selection does continue this morning. cnn's omar jiminez live in minneapolis with the latest here. it's been very interesting to watch this process, omar. >> reporter: that's right, john. three jurors seated out of the 14 total that are going to be necessary, including two alternates. and while the identities of the
3:48 am
jurors aren't being released, here's what we know about them so far. so the first juror seated appears to be a white man in his 20s or 30s. he told the court he can be fair and impartial. and he said he's an advocate for community policing. the second juror seated pearce to be a biracial woman in her 20s or 30s. she described herself as open-minded and based on the now-infamous cell phone video of george floyd and derek chauvin, has a somewhat negative impression of chauvin. the third juror seated is a white man in his 30s. he told the court he supports black lives matter generally, but not frg everything that's b done in its name. he also described george floyd's past as checkered. now, what they'll be deciding is whether derek chauvin is guilty of what he's been chandler with, second-degree unintentional murder, second-degree manslaughter. a minnesota appeals judge ruled that the court should reconsider reinstates a third-degree murder charge, but chauvin's attorneys have petitioned the minnesota
3:49 am
state supreme court to review that decision. separately, we're still waiting on a decision from the minnesota court of appeals on whether jury selection can even continue until a decision is made on that third degree charge. but until then, day two of jury selection and day three of this trial continues later this morning. if everything stays on track timeline wise, jury selection will wrap by march 26th. opening statements on the 29th for what is expected to be a complicated, but three to four-week trial in total. >> and we know you'll be reporting on it. omar, thanks for keeping us posted. appreciate it. so high drama. a television anchor, a major tv personality storms off the set. piers morgan splits from his show. and this morning, he fires a new salvo. that's next. >> look at how long their set is.
3:50 am
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when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at if people want to believe meghan markle, that's entirely
3:54 am
their right. i don't believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth. i think the damage she's done to the british monarchy and to the queen at a time when prince phillip is lying in hospital is enormous and frankly contemptible. so, if i have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly-held opinion that meghan markle and that diatribe of bilge she came out with in that interview, so be it. >> that's talk show host piers morgan blasting meghan markle again this morning. this is after he stormed off his morning show on tuesday, amid a very heated discussion that he keeps having about meghan markle. cnn's chief media correspondent, brian stelter joins us now. what is his problem, brian? who is he to say whether or not he's having mental health issues? >> they do have a past and maybe she's jealous of all of meghan's fame. pier has a habit of sticking himself in every story that's getting lots of attention, and
3:55 am
now there's speculation that he might be lining up a new job with rupert murdoch. and his old network could be in some trouble with british regulators. royals, move over. there's a new drama engulfing the uk. >> piers spouts off on a regular basis. >> reporter: piers morgan stormed off the set of "good morning britain" on tuesday when confronted by co-host alex baraford for trashing the duchess of sussex. >> i understand that you don't like meghan markle. you've made it so clear a number of times on this program. >> morgan had enough. >> you continue to trash her -- >> okay, i'm done with this. sorry! >> no, no, no. >> sorry! >> reporter: morgan came back and finished his shift, but later in the day, the show's broadcaster itv says he's off the show effective immediately. now it's a morning tv mystery fronting the british papers this morning. merit calling it the end of the piers show and the sun dubbing it morgxit. the former cnn host has long
3:56 am
been a lightning rod. the type of megawatt media figure people love to hate. after cnn axed "piers morgan live" -- >> announcer: this is "good morning britain." >> reporter: he joined itv and lifted the network's ratings. one of his go-tos was defending the queen and ridiculing the sussexes, especially meghan, vowing not to let her, quote, destroy our royal family. after oprah winfrey's special -- >> this is a two-hour trashathon of our royal family. >> reporter: he even questioned whether meghan was being truthful about having suicidal thoughts. >> i just didn't want to be alive anymore. >> reporter: itv stepped in and he tried to walk it back. the network said the program was balanced by morgan's co-stars, like barastford who raised the strained history between morgan and markle. >> i understand you had a personal relationship and she
3:57 am
cut you off. >> reporter: morgan once wrote that he started a friendship with meghan through twitter, chatting about life and work, but claimed he ghosted her right after he met harry. >> we've now seen other people that they got ghosted. we all got frozen out. she had reached a loftier place and there was no room for people like us. to me, it raised a few alarm bells that she was prepared to just cut people. >> reporter: on tuesday, he kind of ghosted his show. >> see you later! >> reporter: leaving his colleagues stunned. >> i think we need to just all take a break. >> reporter: shortly after 5:00 p.m. in london, uk media regulator offcom said it had received more than 41,000 complaints about the program and was launching a probe of monday's episode under its harm and offense rules. tick tick-tock, morgan posted on twitter an hour later. and minutes later, itv posted, morgan has decided now is the time to leave the show. so they're saying he wasn't pushed out, he jumped. but they're suggesting that they
3:58 am
didn't try to talk him out of it, either. quote, itv has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add. now this morning, morgan's vowing to reemerge, and men like morgan always seem to land on their feet, finding a new job thanks to powerful friends like rupert murdoch. he is about to launch a new network in the uk. alisyn, i know you would never walk off a set the way piers morgan did. >> even when john upsets me in the morning. i mean, john and i host a breakfast show, as it's called in britain, and yes, it can be stressful. but can you imagine waltzing off the set? what would i have to do to make you waltz off the set? >>well we'll find out over the two hours. i have three things to say about this. number one, imagine a television anchor trying to make the story more about him or her. >> appalling. >> that never happens. that never happens. the second thing is, i think you know how i feel about the existence of the royal family in general, right? >> yeah. >> but why are yregulators
3:59 am
looking -- what's the problem -- this speaks to the problem with the whole british system. the monarchy is one part of it, but why investigate for a television anchor expressing his opinion? they don't have the same free speech laws that we have in the united states. i find what he said reprehensible and disagree with it fundamentally, but i'm not sure why there's an investigation. >> that's fair. brian, maybe you know the answer. but i think the larger issue is, who is he to say that he doesn't believe her mental health issues? and by the way, that does have a corrosive effect on the culture, because people are having mental health issues and so when he diss it, that's not helpful. >> and there's always right to an opinion, but it's about how you say it. and morgan is out there saying, he doesn't believe a word meghan says. he always takes the most extreme position, that's why some love him, but others hate him. and in this culture, it sometimes works in media. >> it may make him a jerk, absolutely, but i don't understand why it means there needs to be a government action taken. >> reporter: on that, the u.s.
4:00 am
b wins. the uk does not. we are luckier in the u.s. not to have those regulators. >> we don't have a king or queen and don't have these weird speech rules. >> i'm not worried about piers morgan. i'm geuessing he's going to lan on his feet after an outburst that sometimes gets rewarded. i see you thinking about trying it. "new day" continues right now. congress is set to pass a $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. >> we could have had a bill that was a fraction of the cost. >> reporter: no more mask mandate in texas and businesses can open without restriction. >> i don't believe the onus should be on small business. the british royal family is now speaking out. the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for harry and meghan. >> the idea that there's going to be a change here was always a fantasy. >> reporter: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> reporter: welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the


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