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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm pamela brown in "the situation room." tonight president biden says the justice department is examining georgia's sweeping new assault on democracy. he launched a scathing attack on the state law that limits voter access. he's calling it an atrocity as
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well as a blatant attack on the constitution and jim crow in the 21st century. he says republican efforts to suppress the vote must end. the white house also is raising serious concerns about the forcible arrest of a georgia lawmaker, hauled away by police while protesting outside the governor's office as he was signing the voting bill. you saw the video right there. and the war on voting rights fuelled by former president trump and his bogus claims of election fraud. he is attacking the truth once again by falsely claiming the capitol insurrectionists posed zero threat and they were, quote, hugging and kissing police. jeff zeleny is covering the white house for us. it appears president biden is fired up over this. >> reporter: he absolutely is. he said this is an attack on the constitution and good conscience. it's likely this is going to end
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up as a legal challenge. for now it's a political challenge for the white house. president biden said even if he wanted to, he does not have the votes to change the filibuster rules in the senate. there's no question, all of this big lie over the last three months has come full circle and these new voting laws are being enacted. president biden saying tonight the justice department is looking into a new georgia law restricting voting rights, part of the still-simmering republican backlash from his defeat of donald trump. >> it has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with decency. they passed a law saying you can't provide water to people standing in line while they're waiting to vote. >> reporter: tonight it's the latest real world fallout from the so-called big lie, the unsubstantiated lies about voter fraud. the nation's most sweeping overhaul of election lausws is
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georgia, where governor kemp made it a crime to bring food or water to people standing in line to vote. it comes months after president biden and two democratic senators delivered historic victories in the state, which cost republicans their senate majority. >> you don't need anything else to know this is nothing but punitive, designed to keep people from voting. >> reporter: biden going further, calling it a blatant attack on the constitution and good conscience. it must end, he add. we have a moral and constitutional obligation to act. across the country republican lawmakers in 43 states are considering legislation that would restrict voting access and make it more difficult to cast ballots. it's become one of the biggest pet projects for the gop base. >> our democracy is in a 911 emergency, and i'm not about to be stopped or stymied by debates
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about senate rules. >> reporter: senator raphael warnock, one of the newly-elected democrats from georgia, is talking about doing away with the senate filibuster, which requires 60 votes on major legislation. >> this is democracy in reverse. it's un-american, it's anti-democratic. >> reporter: the president has vowed to do everything in his power to enact voting reforms in states. stripped away in 2013 when the supreme court invalidated key provisions of the voting rights act. arriving in delaware tonight where he's spending the weekend at home, biden noted that right now there are not enough votes in the senate even among democrats to change the filibuster rules. >> right now that doesn't exist, that doesn't exist. so, you know, look, the only thing i've been relatively good at in my long career in the senate is figuring out when to move and when not to move.
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you've got to have the votes. >> reporter: on voting laws all roads lead back to trump, who is not only still lying about the election outcome, but also making false claims about the attack on the capitol. >> some of them went in there and they're hugging and kissing the police and the guards. you know, they had great relationships. >> reporter: that's not true. just ask police officer michael fancone. >> some guy started getting a hold of my gun and they were screaming out, you know, kill him with his own gun. >> reporter: biden making clear that he too is still thinking often about president trump for making it far more difficult for those who didn't vote for him to cast ballots. >> my predecessor, oh god, i miss him. >> reporter: back to georgia.
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georgia governor brian kemp just a few moments ago released a statement saying in part this. he said there is nothing jim crow about requiring a photo or state-issued id to vote by absentee ballot. every georgia voter must already do so while voting in person. there are many more provisions in that law, including the one where you cannot take food and water to voters standing in line and, perhaps more importantly, change the makeup of local voting officials and councils that really is the heart of all of this. when you take a step back, as we head really into the spring, it is still this big lie rearing its head. what donald trump talked about formon months is coming to pass these state legislatures. civil rights groups are already challenging the georgia
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voting law, calling it burdensome and discriminatory, including a ban on giving people food and water in line to vote. sara murray has more on the law and the reaction. >> reporter: georgia governor brian kemp signing a dramatic overhaul of the state's election laws. the first gop victory in restricting voter access in a major background state. >> after the november election last year, i knew, like so many of you, that significant reforms to our state elections were needed. >> reporter: the law puts new voter identification requirements on absentee ballots, allows state officials to take over local elections boards and makes it a crime to approach voters in line to provide food and water. >> it wasn't a voting rights bill. it was an election security bill that actually increases early voting opportunities on the weekend here in georgia. >> reporter: the legislation
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doesn't include earlier efforts to get rid of no-excuse absentee voting and it allows expanded weekend early voting. but advocates say it is still riddled with restrictions that make it harder, particularly for minorities, to vote. >> this is despicable and disgusting and it creates more barriers to our voters so they're not having access to the ballot box like they should. to actually say to people you can't give somebody food or water, that's just cruel and inhumane. >> reporter: it was a striking scene thursday as kemp huddled behind closed doors with a handful of while men to sign the bill. >> this jim crow 2.0 is represented in that picture. you see those men. there's no color. there's just pure white males trying to basically hold onto power with their life. >> reporter: just outside kemp's office, park cannon, a black state representative was arrested and marched out of the
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capitol by several police officers after she knocked on kemp's door trying to gain access to the signing ceremony. cannon now out of jail and facing two felony charges, which her allies say she intends to fight. >> praying for her strength to get through this and we are definitely lawyered up to defend her in every way we know how. >> reporter: georgia's law just one of hundreds of bills republicans are pushing nationwide as they hold tight to baseless claims of fraud amid their 2020 electoral defeat. even camp, who defended georgia's election integrity last year, now appears to be buying into the big lie as he braces for an election fight in 2022. >> there's no doubt there are many alarming issues with how the election was handled. that led to the crisis of confidence in the ballot box here in georgia. >> reporter: president trump still partying his fact-free claims. >> if you look at the last
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election, it was disgraceful. it was a third world election. it was a disgrace. >> reporter: as the fallout of the big lie spreads, fox news facing a $1.6 billion defamation suit from dominion voting systems for spreading lies the machines were linked to election fraud. >> fox gave life to these lies. fox took this small flame and turned it into a raging fire. >> reporter: this as sidney powell defends he warself in he own defamation suit, claiming that no reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact. donald trump says congratulations to georgia and the georgia state legislature on changing their voter rules and regulations. they learned from the travesty of the 2020 presidential i. too bad these changes could not
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have been done sooner. >> once again, the election was free and fair and legitimate and donald trump lost. sara murray thank you very much. let's get more on all of this with the president of the georgia ncaa, the reverend james woodall and cnn's don lemon, author of the new book "what i say to my friends about racism." do don, dcongratulations on the success of your book. i want to get your reaction of this video of georgia state representative park cannon being arrested for knocking on the door, as you see here, her way of protesting this law simply knocking on the door where governor kemp was holding the signing ceremony. you're interviewing representative cannon later tonight on cnn.
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what is your reaction at seeing a black woman hauled out of the state capitol like this. >> the only travesty that came out of the election of 2020, two of them, one is this arrest, the other was the insurrection on capitol hill. arrested under a picture of a slave plantation. all one has to do is look at this picture and look at the picture from inside the governor's office with all of those white men standing around signing that bill. she's knocking on the bill to get in. doesn't she have the right to see the government in action in a building in which she is an elected representative of the people of georgia? that is a travesty in all of this. all of this nonsense about she was doing this and this is criminal and she should be cited for that, i look at the video. i don't see her obstructing.
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i don't see her doing anything worse than the sidney powells and rudy giulianis of the world and the lie they perpetrated where they sent people to the capitol on january 6th and five people ended up dying. my question is, is this what the prp republican party wants to be, this new picture of a rosa parks sitting on the back of a bus and getting arrested? that's what this is right now. what she did was right for standing up for the right thing to do, for standing up for democracy, for standing up for access to the voting booth for everyone. all of these lies about election integrity, the reason that governor kemp and others couldn't do it was because it was illegal in 2020. they couldn't change the results of the election because they had to follow the law. what they've done is codify what had the former president wanted
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to happen in 2020 of november. >> prior to that, brian kemp had said that there are laws on the books in georgia to make sure elections are not stolen. i believe that was in 2018. fast forward to now, we see this playing out. reverend woodall, what is your reaction to this video? >> my reaction to the entire process is we've spent the last three months fighting against this. this is a culmination of the work that we've seen done on the ground. the end result, we were able to mitigate a lot of the harm, like not having drop boxes at all or other provisions that would have been even much more dramatic and troubling and harmful. but we still have so much more work to do. that's what in this moment i think about. i think about the litigation being filed right now.
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i think about the county-level organizing we're going to see. i know this, this fight is not over. other states need to be put on notice that this is going to continue to happen. we see it in arizona, michigan, texas. so we have to collectively organize and do things that ofte ofte -- georgia has done it before, we're going to do it again. >> don, look, i don't think anyone would say they support fraud or they don't want the election to be secure. but when you see restrictions that are now illegal, like giving food or water to voters who have been waiting in line for hours, what does that say to you about what's going on here in the modern republican party? >> i say they don't have the courage to deal with the gun violence and dealing with
3:16 pm
sensible gun legislation across the country, except they're saying that something like this is a weapon of some sort or is illegal. perhaps they wanted to hand someone an ar-15 in line, maybe that would be okay. if i were a democrat, if i were a strategy, what i would do is i would line up every single grandmother i could find, old lady in these long lines, put her in line and then have the people defy the law and go hand them water bottles and get picture. it would be much like the edmund pettus bridge. when those pictures came out, americans were outraged. people would be outraged, if you are going to hand a bottle of water to someone who's been in
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line for hours, especially a senior or older person and you're going to be arrested for it and a black woman is arrested in jail for standing up for her rights. this is just plain and simple, this is racism and this is voter suppression. that's all it is and we should stop pretending that it's anything other than that. i wish the white lawmakers of georgia would stop pretending as well. >> it's really important for everyone to hear your perspective on this. you just kind of put it in historical perspective too. you have to wonder, reverend woodall, you look back at history, the jim crow era and it's such a black eye for this country and here we are living through this that president biden compared to the jim crow era. decades from now, how do you think history will look back on this time that we are all living
3:18 pm
through. >> one, i would say history is going to ask the businesses that stood by silent as they paraded claims of racial equality and equity and i'm committed to that work and they stood silent as far right conspiracy theoryists continued to send death threats to elected officials. they stood silent as the right to vote was under attack. you talk about the racism and jim crow 2.0, it's deeper than skin color. we're talking about not having any weekend voting during a runoff election, or the fact that the administration deadline for a runoff election would be one day before the general election. very specific provisions targeted to decrease the amount of access that eligible voters have. this does not just impact democratic voters.
3:19 pm
this impacts republican voters too. so we cannot stay silent in this moment. if it's an attack on one of us, it's an attack on all of us. businesses are going to stand in the name of john lewis and stand for the right to vote, now is the time to speak out. you cannot have it both ways. stand with the people and declare this is wrong. if they do not stand against them, we're going to organize against them. we've already seen the mlb players association say they want to take the all star game away from atlanta. we stand with the players. we're going to continue to organize because this is democracy. our lives are at stake and we're going to do everything in our power to stand against it. >> don, i'm curious what your reaction is. you heard governor kemp downplay it and say this is the media and the democrats making this a big
3:20 pm
deal and he pointed to expanded early voting on the weekends in georgia. what is your response to that? >> my response is that we're not stupid. it's pretty much the same thing that i said before. we should stop pretending and he should stop pretending and he should stop lying. they know exactly what this is. if this had worked out for republicans, if this had worked out for the former president, if they had not elected two senators in a special election here, do you think these laws would be enacted? they wouldn't. they'd be trying to expand what they had before. this is all shiny object to look the other way or try to pretend something is happening that is not. what's happening now is voter suppression and it is built on the racist lie that people around the country in large urban areas like detroit, like atlanta and other areas that they did something fraudulent, that they stole the election
3:21 pm
from the president. people don't like the results of the election even though it was a fair and legitimate election, and now they're trying to change and twist the laws to favor them. they have said as much, pamela, as you know, in court proceedings and court filings. they don't believe they can win the way that things were then because it was open for as many people as possible to be able to vote and now they want to limit that so that they have a chance to win in upcoming elections. that's all it is. >> it's worth reiterating in georgia there were multiple recounts, only verifying the results. >> all over the country, pamela. >> all over the country too. we could go on about this, don, but i fear that my producer will have a heart attack if we go on much further. well over 60 cases after the election and the outcome, the conclusion is that there was no
3:22 pm
evidence of fraud, that it was a legitimate election that these claims were baseless. and i mention georgia because that was just where they passed the law, but in georgia they did multiple recounts which only reaffirmed the results. i'm going to be interviewing this weekend gabriel sterling who's in the secretary of state's office to talk about this. this law also takes power away from the secretary of state's office and puts more power in the hands of the state legislature. >> what you just said, that allows what donald trump wanted to happen in 2020 to happen if the republicans don't like the results of the election. they can take it out of the hands of the legislatures or out of the hands of the election officials and then they can have the power to overturn the election in the way that trump wanted in 2020. it is outrageous.
3:23 pm
people should look anothet this. read it. >> go ahead quickly. my poor producer. >> i know. >> go ahead. >> to don's point, the most troubling provision of this legislation says that if the state election board, who is now going to be chaired by somebody the legislature chooses, not the secretary of state, who is the only constitutional officer told to do this, now they can literally take a local board of election over and put their own political appointee, who does not have to be a member or a city resident in that community, a political appointee to oversee the election. that's troubling. it's undemocratic. we're going to fight against it. >> don, we'll see you tonight. i'm looking forward to it. don lemon, james woodall, be sure to join don on cnn tonight
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we are following president biden's scathing response to the new georgia law restricting voter access. in addition to his harsh words, he says the justice department is now examining the legislation. we're joined by congressman joaquin castro, democrat of texas. congressman, thanks for coming on. the voting rights package already passed by house democrats faces a very tough climb in the senate, but president biden says he still wants to try to address this through new legislation. realistically what can congress pass and put on his desk with at least some republican support? >> i mean, look, you make a great point. it's tough. if some republicans at least don't buy into the idea that we need to fully restore the voting rights act and if they don't look at things like what's going on in georgia and acknowledge that's a point shaving process, that republicans are doing everything they can to try to cut down on the number of people
3:29 pm
who can go to vote that usually go vote against them. so you're right. you know, i have said that i support reforming the filibuster, most especially for things like restoring the voting rights act. i hope that whether that reform is doing away with the filibuster or changing it somehow to a talking filibuster that practically we can change it so we can get important legislation like this across the senate and onto the president's desk. what's going on in georgia is a prime example of exactly why we should do that. >> i want to switch gears and talk about immigration. you led a delegation of congressional democrats on a trip to a migrant detention facility new the southern border today. what did you see? >> there were about seven of us house democrats who went to what is known as an emergency, quote,
3:30 pm
unquote, influx shelter for migrant children. this shelter is receiving children that are coming straight from the customs and border protection processing center. so all of those pictures that americans saw in the last week of people crammed into unsafe spaces with what looked like aluminum blankets, those are the cbp processing centers. those kids are unaccompanied minors who were at the border asking for asylum. there are some kids and it is problematic because some kids are staying for longer than ten days. we were there to make sure the kids were being treated humanely and safely and that their dignity is being respected. >> the number of children in custody jumped by nearly a thousand a day. on thursday there were nearly
3:31 pm
18,000 migrant children in u.s. government custody. how does this get solved? >> a few things. there's short-term and long-term s strategies. the biden administration inherited a system that had been dismantled, the system for processing andsettling, they're building out the capacity to essentially hold people for short periods of time before you place these kids with their family sponsors in the united states while they wait for their court dates. that's the short-term challenge, is building up that capacity. but the long-term challenge, i think, is just as important, which is we have to have a kind of marshal plan for central
3:32 pm
america. i don't believe people just want to voluntarily leave their home. we saw interviews last week of kids that are 10 years old that are making the trek to the border by themselves. i don't think people treat this like a summer camp where they're just doing it for fun. it reflects how dangerous and violent their living conditions are in their home countries and we have to make a serious effort to help change that in central america. >> we are seeing a rise in the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border. just ahead in "the situation room," prosecutors present evidence that some capitol riot suspects were trained to attack and kill people ahead of the insurrection. it's time to expan. see, visible is wireless with no surprise fees, legit unlimited data, powered by verizon for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend every month, you get every month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless.
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tonight, new evidence that members of the pro-trump oath keepers had weapons training ahead of the capitol riot, this as former president trump is once again spewing false claims about what happened on january 6th. brian todd, what are you learning? >> reporter: we have new information tonight on dramatic moves in court regarding a married couple who are members of the oath keepers. tonight that group and many of its senior leaders are under immense pressure. prosecutors say the proof is in these pictures, proof that oath keepers leader kelly meggs and his wife connie did receive para military training, counter to what they told the fbi. they received tactical firearms instruction and so-called
3:38 pm
gunfight oriented training. the meggs took a course on how to attack and kill people. >> they have them in a bald faced lie. they've gone up and up to the main organizers and looked at their social media, their pictures. >> reporter: the husband and wife have pleaded not guilty. their attorney says the photos were from a firearm's safety course. a judge has just ordered that connie meggs be released pending trial but has ordered that her husband kelly remain behind bars. while monitors of militia groups say it's part of an established pattern with the oath keepers. >> the oath keepers are known for some of the weapons training they do. part of training and being part of oath keepers or other extremist groups is rhetorical
3:39 pm
training. >> reporter: this comes as former president trump not only glossed over but lied about the violent nature of the mob on january 6th in an interview with fox news. >> it was zero threat right from the start it was zero threat. >> reporter: zero threat despite reams of video showing rioters swinging clubs and tree branches at police officers, hitting them with flag poles, punching them, pulling at their gas masks. but trump's interpretation? >> some of them went in and they're hugging and kissing the police and the guards. you know, they had great relationships. >> reporter: the reality is that three law enforcement officers died and more than 100 others were injured. >> it's such a brutal and heartless level of disrespect for the men and women who put themselves in great, great danger to protect our country. it's just absolutely horrendous.
3:40 pm
>> reporter: prosecutors have also said that the oath keepers found er stuart roads issued a warning saying in a group chat that the riot was nothing compared to what's coming if trump doesn't take decisive action right now. rhodes, who prosecutors say communicated with oath keepers members about where to go has so far not been charged with anything related to the attack. >> he's long been a guy who is careful to avoid breaking the law in most cases. he does a really good job quite often of walking right up to the line of breaking the law or engaging in violence and not crossing that line. >> reporter: stuart rhodes has previously told cnn he had no role in planning anything regarding that day, has said he never entered the capitol on january 6th and has criticized those who did. >> let's bring in cnn's senior legal analyst and former u.s.
3:41 pm
attorney preet bharara. nice to see you. former president trump saying that the rioters were hugging and kissing the police. why can he not stop lying about this? >> i've tried since january 20th to give up the pastime of analyzing president trump's hypocrisy and mendacity and overall sociopathy. obviously what he says is at complete odds with what the video shows, with what people have witnessed, with what investigators and prosecutors have learned. i don't know. i think he may find people who are prepared to suspend disbelief and disagree with negativ anything he says because it makes no sense. >> it's particularly brazen
3:42 pm
because of the video. it's one thing to lie and the people you're speaking to don't have the evidence right in front of them. all you have to do is look at the video and know that's not true. >> i agree. i have nothing to add to that excellent analysis. who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? that seems to be the continuation of the donald trump approach to things that happened here on planet earth. >> you have to think about officer sicknick and his family and others that died that day. you just heard brian todd report on some oath keepers who received para military training. why is that tactical training relevant here? >> for one thing, as was implied in the report that you ran, it appears that these individuals were asked about whether or not they had tactical training, para military training and it appears that you lied about it.
3:43 pm
when you lie about something, a, it can be a potential crime and, b, pieces together a picture of folks who might be, depending on the circumstances, conscious of their guilt, knowing that's a bad thing what's unknown is to what extent that para military training was done in anticipation of what happened on january 6th. you can draw at least some conclusions that the fact that these individuals were being asked about january 6th and in connection with that questioning looked like they lied about the training, that i think begins to connect the two things together, but i think they need to gather more evidence. >> preet bharara, thank you so much. up next, the doctor who led the cdc under president trump says he is now free to give his opinion about the origins of the coronavirus. dr. sanjay gupta shares his exclusive interview.
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the former cdc director under president trump is now speaking out in an exclusive interview with cnn's dr. sanjay gupta. dr. robert redfield says he believes the coronavirus began in a chinese lab, even though the intelligence community hasn't determined the origin of the virus. >> if i had to guess, this virus started transmitting in september, october. that's my opinion. i'm allowed to have opinions now. i am of the point of view that i still think the most likely
3:49 pm
ideology of this pathogen in wuhan was a laboratory escaped. other people don't believe that. that's fine. science will eventually figure it out. it's not unusual for respiratory pathogens being worked on in a laboratory to infect a laboratory worker. >> it's also not unusual for that type of research to be occurring in wuhan. the city is a widely known center for viral studies in china, including the wuhan institute of virology, which has studied bat coronaviruses. >> you are the former cdc director and you were the director at the time this was all happening. for the first time, the former cdc director is stating publicly that he believes this pandemic started months earlier than we knew and that it originated not at a wet market but inside a lab in china.
3:50 pm
these are two significant things to say, dr. redfield. >> that's not implying any intentionality. it's my opinion. but i am a virologist. at that moment in normally when the pathogen goes to humans, it takes a while to figure out how it becomes efficient. i don't think it makes logical sense. >> do you think in the lab that process is efficient of what's happening, is that what you are suggesting? >> i have coronavirus and i am working on i. most of us in the lab trying to grow the virus, trying to make it better and better so we can do experiments. that's the way i put it together. >> our chief medical
3:51 pm
correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us now. wow, it is incredible to hear the former cdc's director share that opinion with you p. what did you make of that revelation and what question does it raise? >> i was not surprised by much of what he said. this theory of this lab theory had been out there for some time. i was surprised he said it. i know he has access to raw intelligence and data that i don't have access to. it is an informed opinion. it is still an opinion. he did not present any evidence around it. the world health organization, they're going to have this 400-page report, it is finalized and they're going to release it within the next few days. we'll see what it shows. they have said lab leak theory is unlikely.
3:52 pm
maybe it is a multiple origin theory or multiple origin release. that's unsubstantiated. here we are we are not entirely sure where this thing began. >> why is it so important where this thing began? >> i think that's a critical question. the reason it is important is because is this something that if it was a lab leak, and lab leaks do happen, it happens all the time. does it require more regulations and oversights. it gives us a better sense. all these doctors believe there will be another pandemic and how can be best prepare for it. if we have an idea of how this one began and grew, that'll give us some insights. maybe this 400-page report will
3:53 pm
give us an answer or maybe it will sort of still be inconclusive in the end. >> we hope it has answers. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. be sure to watch sanjay's report on sunday night only on cnn. up next, new details from police in boulder colorado as they track the suspect's weapon and search for a motive for that deadly shooting. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it. so when it comes to your business, you know we'll stop at nothing.
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we are learning of new
3:58 pm
information of the search for motive and the weapon used on the boulder massacre. our kyung lai is reporting. >> reporter: what is haunting investigators is the killer's motive is still unknown. >> like the rest of the community we want to know why, why that king soopers and why boulder and why monday? unfortunately, we still don't have those answers. >> what they do know. al issa spoke the gun here six days before the shooting. the owner says the sales was legal. a background check was conducted as required by colorado law and a proof of the sale was provided. the gunman also carried a 9
3:59 pm
millimeters handgun, officials say he did not use. officers did exchange gunfire. they put their lives at risk. that's murder charges that'll be filed by the district attorney's office the next couple of weeks. >> people in their neighborhood grocery stores are counting the bullets one by one. if you picture the super market and all the shelves and everything, they're going through every single shelve and pulling everything off the shelves and looking through the wall. that's going to continue out the weekend. >> reporter: a short time ago, the boulder police department released details o f the first arriving officer as you heard from the district attorney. officer talley led that contact,
4:00 pm
he's been to the store within 30 seconds of arriving. the suspect fired at the officer and killing officer talley and he kept firing and engaging with these officers until he was arrested. no one else was shot and killed as the officers took on those fire. >> thank you, kyung lai, i am pamela brown, i will be back tomorrow on my show. erin burnett with "outfront" starts right now. jim crow of the 21st century. can the doj do anything to stop the law born from trump's lies. the survivor of the super market speaks out. she works at the super market, whether she can ever go back to work there. the former c d


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