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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 4, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. this is cnn breaking news. cnn's breaking news coverage. out of michigan continues this hour. i'm kim brunhuber. just moments ago the are parents of the suspect in tuesday's deadly school shooting were booked into oakland county jail. james and jennifer crumbley were taken into custody after hours on the run. police say they were given a tip about the couple's whereabouts. >> we got a tip they were here. our officers responded in a
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matter of minutes when they got here. they set up a perimeter, did surveillance. we notified and activated our special response team. they came out and were able to take the fugitives into custody. >> well, they certainly appear to be distressed, as you can imagine. they indicated they were in a commercial building in a room. we were able to take them into custody without incident. however, they were very distressed walking out. >> any indication they were aided getting into the building. >> yes, they were aided. we're looking into that part of the investigation. >> authorities consider the couple to be fugitives after they failed to show up for their arraignment on charge of involuntary sman slaughter friday afternoon. investigators say their son shot and killed four at a high school
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earlier this week. the prosecutor said the egregious before the shooting led to the charges being filed. shortly after police said someone helped the crumbleys into the building. a colleague spoke to shimon prokupecz he was on the ground where the car was found. >> there was some question that i certainly had, why did they wind up here in detroit. police are working an angle where someone told them to come here that someone perhaps helped them get into the building. they didn't break into the building. i want to show you something, paula, the car, this guy standing behind me you can't see, but the car is parking in the parking spot. they came in, drove in this parking lot, parked the car and it's just sitting there in a parking spot like nothing. someone saw the car. it's really striking.
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the car is just there, taking a space. so, they clearly knew to come here. we know that, we didn't know that before. they clearly knew to come here, and that there would be a place for them to hide out. it didn't work because someone saw them and called 911. the chief saying, well, thank you to the community for doing that. and as a result, the police were able to take them into custody. yeah that curveball that now someone else is being investigated for essentially aiding them. aiding their escape, you know, for their help of being on the run. now that person is potentially facing charges. >> we could see the car. and actually that is strubling. they just basically drove right in, parked this car, as if they were parking up into a mall or something and got into this building. which is why the chief said there could be other charges pending here. we're getting a much better look at the car. as you said, it was there, they
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weren't even making an attempt to kind of hide it. and they were in the building right next to where that car was parked. shimon, i also want to point out and this is no small thing. they did say they were basically in distress, that they surrendered to police. and they were not armed. and when police approached them, they couldn't have known that. these are people who bought guns and knew how to handle guns. >> reporter: right, but when you see the s.w.a.t. teams that came in here, heavily armed officers, they had to come in here and go into the building. there's video of them going into the building. they knew, they had a lot of information to prepare. suit up and go into the building. they found them. they found them in a particular area of the building so they don't know if they knew the owners of the space and the building, so that is something they're trying to figure out. but it is really interesting that someone let them in.
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that's an interesting angle once we learn who that person is. >> cnn's alexandra field has more on why the prosecutors say the couple should be held accountable for the deadly shooting. >> while the shooter was the one who entered the high school and pulled the trigger. there are others who contributed to this. >> reporter: in a rare move, a prosecutor holding the parents of a shooter, hunted down by their son in the hallways of a high school. >> anyone who had the opportunity to stop this from happening should have done it. >> reporter: james and jennifer crumbley each charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughterer. >> we have an active shooter incident. we have confirmed injuries. >> reporter: the father bought the semi-automatic handgun used the gun four days before the attack with his son by his side. posting a picture on social
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media with the caption, just got my beauty today. and his mother in his new gleeted post. son and son day testing out the new christmas present. within days, their son's behavior sets you have alarm bells at the high school. prosecutors rath out a series of glaring problems that followed. >> searching ammunition on his cell phone during class and reported the same to school officials. >> reporter: jennifer crumbley doesn't respond to messages from the school. but investigators say she does send a text message to her son. lol, i'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught. and another teacher makes a discovery. >> a drawing with it won't stop me. with the words above it blood
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everywhere, between the drawing of a gun and a bullet is a drawing of a person shot twice. below that is a drawing of a laughing emoji. further down, my life is useless, end quote. to the right of that, quote, the world is dead, end quote. >> reporter: officials say the suspect and his parents met with administrators. but the crumbleys were told to get counseling for their son within 48 hours, resist taking him home for the day. they never ask him where his gun is, likely in his backpack, investigators say. as news of the shooting at the high school breaks on tuesday afternoon, a text from jennifer, don't do it. moments later, james crumbley calls 911 of a missing gun that had been stored in an unlocked drawer. >> i'm by no means saying that an active shooter situation
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should resulted in a criminal investigation against parents. the fact of this case are so egregious, it doesn't just impact me as a prosecutor and lawyer it impacts me as a mother. >> that was cnn's alexandra field reporting. harry lipman is a u.s. attorney and host of the talking feds podcast. he joins us from la jolla, california. thanks for being here. to start, how rare are charges in circumstances like this against the parents? >> it really depends on what you mean by like these. from looking around, i haven't seen charges like this against parents and, obviously, they sort of alarm people with thinking that now every time there's a rampant shooting they'll simply blame the parents. but that's really in my view a mistake and a way of looking at it. and i think you can run this analysis if the parents were,
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say, adult roommates who had bought him a gun, given him access. known him was likely to use it and not done anything with it. so, i'm confident, though i can't cite you case, letter and verse that there have been involuntary manslaughter cases for people like that before. and i think everyone's kind of shocked at seeing that these have been brought against parents tend to distort what the prosecutor is really saying which is as in any case where somebody doesn't intend to kill, but does action that unintentionally causes the death involuntary manslaughter charges can result. those, i think, are not 1 in a million. >> let's look at the process here. the prosecutor announcing charges against the parent, without informing the police so
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they could arrest them. the sheriff said he heard from the media that they were being charged with a felony. how unusual is that? it seems to be a mistake. >> it's both unusual if it happens there's bedlam and total confusion here, and they'll be trying to sort of unscramble things over the next many hours, but, yeah, it does seem that nobody really took into account that they would be abscond which, by the way, their 15-year-old is in jail. it is a remarkable thing to do. but i certainly agree, it should have been much more methodical. if it was as reported. i just don't think from my own experience we should be too certain to credit every kind of fact that being reported about the process now. it's obviously frenetic on the ground. >> just a horrific case and so many outstanding questions that really appreciate you helping
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them unpack some of the legal issues there. harry litman, appreciate it. thousands gathered in downtown oxford, michigan holding candles and shedding tears as they remembered the lives cut short. ♪ >> bells rang and four minutes of silence were observed. one for each of the four teens killed in the shooting. the vigil also paid tribute to first responders and the seven people wounded in the attack. the omicron variant of the coronavirus has now been found in at least a dozen u.s. states just days after the first case was identified in california. and it's racing around the world with astonishing speed already detected in 40 countries but experts insist there's no reason to panic. the world health organization said no deaths have been
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reported and so far most cases have been mild. here's what w.h.o.'s chief scientist said friday. >> it's just something to worry about, if they want to see another variant launched and scattered around the world at the at this stage of the pandemic, certainly not what we want the but we're not entirely surprised. >> scientists don't yet know if vaccines offer enough protection from omicron. so many countries are imposing new rules and travel restrictions. in south africa, where omicron was first found, covid cases have quadrupled since tuesday. in one hard hit area, a surprising number of those new cases are small children. larry, what more are scientists learning about how fast it's spreading and how it's affecting people? >> reporter: so, kim, scientists believe this will be less severe, but they don't know yet
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for sure. they know those are vaccinated are getting reinfected but it could be too early to tell, because south africa is entering its early days. and south africa's communicable diseases stage, it takes time for severe disease to develop. it may lower at the beginning and end of the wave. that may explain why they just don't have an update. but south africa's number of covid cases 2 million. the deaths 90,000 as a result of the pandemic. in that small area, some of those children are getting infected are less than 2 years old. they're getting hospitalized. and yet we don't have enough data to determine how serious it could be. but the fact that cases have quadrupled in four days is extraordinary. but az a rate of 24.3% which is
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completely out of the ordinary which is leading scientists to worry and pass through the database. and seeing to learn more about the omicron variant. and the message to south africans, get vaccinated. get the second shot because they believe that vaccines are going to be reasonably effective, even against this new variant. >> larry, on that point, vaccine hesitancy has been a problem in south africa. so, you get a sense this is pushing people in south africa and surrounding countries to actually get vaccinated? >> reporter: so there's some frustration with this new variant popping up, and omicron, especially, from some of the people we've spoken to here, they say, listen, they told me to get two shots, i got two shot and now a booster. but what about getting a third shot, a fourth shot, eighth shot? will this ever stop? or do i just hope it all goes well. that is a little frustration coming with the new variant popping up.
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when you see that the country has not yet achieved herd immunity, while south africa is rated higher than some of the south african countries it's still not as high as u.s. or parts of europe. this is what happens when you don't have enough people vaccinated. new variants will pop up and the vaccines might not be as effective around them. so the public messaging around this will have to be really clear to people why they might need a second or third shot, more boosters, or what happens long term in terms of happening this variant. >> larry, you've been globetrotting. appreciate your coverage. larry madowo in johannesjohanne thank you so much. earlier i spoke to dr. andre campbell about the threat that omicron variant poses to the u.s. and if it's just a matter of time that it becomes a huge problem here. listen. >> we hope not, so, let's talk about what's going on in south africa.
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remember, there's only 5% of people vaccinated on the african continent. 36% of people in south africa are vaccinated. here, we have varying rates, some states at 40%. but the national average is 60% vaccinated that's not boosted. so that means if you're not definitely vaccinated two shots and boosted, then you need to get your booster. so only 20% of people here are boosted. so what that means because it's spreading rapidly in south africa, there's a chance that the same thing may happen here. but so far, with collecting information, it's too early to tell, but the first cases that have come into the united states have been people who are vaccinated and they're having fairly mild cases and able to stay home. not like right now. right now, we have 51,000 people in the hospital with delta in the united states. 13,000 in the icu.
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120,000 cases. this is all delta. right now, this country is on fire with delta. everybody is worried about omicron, the problem is there's a lot more mutations, instead of having 20, it has 30. and that's why they're worried that the vaccinations may not work. but so far, they seem to be holding up. and the people who have to worry, 20% of people, 60 million people vaccinated in the united states, those people, if omicron starts going through those people in the united states. it's going to be a problem. >> that was icu and critical care physician dr. andre campbell. fears of a russian invasion in ukraine are growing especially as tensions between the two countries escalate. ahead, what moscow says about the possibility of an invasion and what joe biden says he'll do. a brutal mob growing in
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all right. we want to take you live to greece as pope francis arrives in athens. it's the latest stop on a five-day trip for the pontiff.
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this follows a trip to cypress where he calls on others to integrate one another. it's the latest example of how francis has been an advocate for migrants and refugees during his papacy. he calls it a great legacy. the pope has called for 50 migrants to italy after his trip. greece has dealt with migrants of its own. during the stay there, the pope will travel to the island where thousands live in a squalid conditions in a camp. stay there for coverage. and a new envision in ukraine with tensions between the two countries reaching the highest level in years, moscow denies any plans for invasion but kiev and washington are not just taking kiev to its word.
1:23 am
matthew chance is following developments from ukraine and has the update. >> reporter: with russia planning an imminent invasion, diplomacy has been urgently stepped up between u.s. and russian officials with a virtual summit being planned. no date has been announced with the direct online talks between president biden and vladimir putin. but the kremlin said it hopes the summit will be held in coming day. russia and u.s. saying tens of thousands of troops are denying security guarantees from the u.s. stopping the advancement from the east. ukraine getting military assistance from great toe and ultimately wants to join the alliance. all of this amid further reports that u.s. officials that they have intelligence that more russian military points have been taking place near the ukrainian border.
1:24 am
moscow denies it's planning any further invasion. but president biden said the u.s. is putting together a comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives in his words make it very, very difficult for mr. putin to go ahead and what people worry he's going to do. u.s. officials have warned that more severe economic sanctions would be on the table if the russian attack against ukraine takes place. matthew chance, cnn, kiev. >> so, could russia and ukraine be on the verge of another war. a senior fellow at the moscow carnegie center. he joins me to talk about this. thanks so much for being with us. listen, we saw something in the spring, a buildup at the ukrainian border that ended up paying off for putin in the summer summit with putin and biden. what's putin angling for here.
1:25 am
>> reporter: exactly, in the spring, a buildup of russian troops for military close to ukraine, and in a series of communications between the united states and russia. and the summit, vladimir putin and u.s. president joe biden. now, the difference is that moscow is more open about its demands. maybe for the first time vladimir putin openly demanded obligations, guarantees, first he mentioned guarantees, then he mentioned obligations, not to expand nato war space. >> so this is just a negotiating ga gambit, you think? it doesn't seem that are moscow is preparing to strike first? putin once said, quote, if a fight is inevitable, you have to throw the first punch.
1:26 am
>> look, back in 2014, nobody predicted the crimea invasion and conflict of eastern ukraine. so it may be the compilation of the first strike or a strike masked pretending to be a response like an assault in 2008 and others in space in russia with georgia and its former autonomous regions. but for now, at least before a new virtual online summit between president biden and vladimir putin, it looks more like setting stage for diplomatic bargaining. >> so, for people who don't follow russia closely, you've referenced 2014. they may have missed how much the country has modernized its military since that invasion of crime me that in 2014 which might make an envision quicker
1:27 am
and easier? >> of course, russia military is develop, it's more high tech than before. it's modernizing but the ukrainian military in moscow known very well is not the same as 2014 either. first, it has new weapons. and then, the psychological that existed in 2014, were office men, servicemen, starting to see military school in a soviet time. they were on other different sides of the front line at that time. psychologically it was very difficult for ukrainian military men to fire. to former russian colleagues. now, it's over. >> so, you talked about this being maybe part of negotiation here. and the big fear, of course, from russia was that ukraine would join nato. so that might be on the table here. but you argue that now the other
1:28 am
reality that a pro-west anti-russia ukraine that is not in nato could actually be worse for russia. explain that for us? >> absolutely. the fear that maybe ukraine and maybe belarus will join nato. and the western military infrastructure moves towards russian borders. but now, we see this infrastructure moving closer to russia. without ukraine joining nato. and in less predictable way. in more, like, real and long term and less predictable way which have possible western vessels and aircrafts and the army trained to fight russia back. i mean, ukrainian army. so it's not -- it's better nato for russia for moscow. >> so nato would offer some sort of moderating influence, i guess on ukraine.
1:29 am
>> well, it seems -- >> just before we go, because i want to ask about president biden's response here. he has warned russia will -- moscow will face consequences if they invade. but those warnings have been, you know, fairly generic. so, how -- what kind of options does he have on the table here? >> those who predict the possible russian strike against ukraine mentioned that there's a perfect timing for putin if he wants to strike. the ukrainian leadership is weaker. president zelensky is weaker than when he was arrested years ago. and the united states left afghanistan. and the worst sanction you can apply against russia are not to buy russian oil and gas, but
1:30 am
exactly now, it's very probable that the worse -- especially europe relying on russia for more gas and more gas especially before the winter. and then financial sanctions, of course, are very sensitive for russia. but russian reserves are full of money right now. >> so, not too many levers there. >> not too many options, yeah. >> yeah. we'll have to see. they said they would clarify in the next coming days and weeks. we look forward to seeing that, i appreciate your analysis, alexander banov, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for listening. straight ahead on "cnn newsroom," more on our breaking news out of michigan. the parents of the alleged school shooter now in custody. and we'll look at the chilling warning signs leading up to the tragedy. and europe is battling not
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she's amazing! [screams and laughter] yeah! xfinity brought us together after all. get started with xfinity internet and ask about wifi speed fast than a gig. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." updateding you now on breaking news after hours on the run, the parents of the suspect after the deadly school shooting are now in custody. they're in the same jail where their son is being held. james and jennifer crumbley are in custody.
1:35 am
according to authorities they were aided in getting access to the building where they were later found. the pair was supposed to show up for arraignment on charges of involuntary manslaughter friday afternoon. instead, authorities said they turned their phones off and with drew $4,000 from an atm. prosecutors say the crumbley opened fire at a who will school killing four and founding several others. meanwhile, we're learning more information about the shools as authorities detail a chilling warning sign in the days leading up to the tragedy. cnn's tom foreman take as the an in-depth look at the time line. >> reporter: before the zbfr, the terrified students, police and ambulances there were warns. >> there was absolute reason to believe this individual was
1:36 am
dangerous. and disturbed. >> reporter: authorities suggest the immediate trouble starts november 26th, when james crumbley takes his 15-year-old son ethan to buy a sig sauer gun. >> along with the caption just got my new beauty today. >> no, no, legally, that's not his. >> reporter: the sheriff says by law the gun can't actually belong to the boy, raising key questions. >> was it given to him, was it allowed to be picked up and taken freely at his discretion? or was it stolen. >> reporter: november 27th, prosecutors say the mother jennifer posts mom and son day, testing out his new christmas present. november 29th, a teacher reports the boy is searching for ammunition on his cell phone in class. officials say the school called and emailed the mom. no response.
1:37 am
but jennifer texted her son, lol, i'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught. the next day, another teacher sees the boy with a note. >> a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointing at the words, quote, the thoughts won't stop, help me, end quote. another drawing of a bullet with the words blood everywhere, end quote. >> reporter: there is also, prosecutors say a drawing of a bloody body, the words, my life is useless. the world is dead. shortly after 10:00 a.m., officials say his parents come to a meeting at the school, are told their son must get counseling. but they resicht taking him out of school. don't mention the new gun. the boy returns to class. his parents leave. >> we have to believe that the boy had the weapon either on his person or backpack, or somewhere secreted in that travel route. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m., investigators say ethan goes into eye abathroom with his
1:38 am
backpack, comes out gun in hand, firing. four students are killed. seven wounds. he is apprehended minutes later. at 1:22, officials say, his mother texts, ethan don't do it. his father -- >> upon hearing there was an active shooter on that day, mr. crumbley drove straight to his home to look for his gun. >> reporter: 1:37, the dad calls 911 to report his gun missing to say his son may be involved. but in the wake of the note just hours before the violence, officials clearly thought there should have been more. >> notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon, that they gave him, is unconscionable, and i think it's criminal. >> of course, there are questions about whether school officials acted properly, but the prosecutor says simply anyone who saw the warning signs
1:39 am
who could have stopped this should have done something. tom foreman, cnn, washington. the omicron variant of coronavirus is now found in at least a dozens u.s. states just days after the first case was identified in california. it's already been detected in nearly 40 countries but experts insist there's no reason to panic. the world health organization says no deaths have been reported from it. and so far, most cases have been mild. but it is taking a toll. have a look in south africa, where omicron was first found, covid cases have quadrupled since tuesday and a surprising number are small children. countries in europe are enforcing additional restrictions as cases climb and the omicron variant is discovered across the continent, i'm joined by cnn contributor barbie nadeau in rome. barbie, w.h.o. officials are speculating how omicron might
1:40 am
become the dominant variant but most of the cases there have been relatively mild. what's the latest? >> europe is in the midst of the variant, but it's not omicron, it's delta. and in germany, they're predistincting 6,000 people in intensive care wards by christmas. no matter what they do. here in rome, the city officials have said we have to wear masks outside now in crowded areas which is very new and inconvenience, to say the least. but all of these things are working towards, you know, trying to mitigate the spread of delta. and in anticipation, really, for at arrival of omicron. and we've seen new restrictions in place there with the closing of nightclubs and new curfews on bars and things like that. but it usually is, in every case, the restrictions are those
1:41 am
not vaccinated, on december 6th here in rome, negative covid tests will no longer be enough to get into an indoor dining place, you having vaccinated or you recovered from covid, kim. >> certainly, alarm bells are ringing about the new variant. and we've seen in the uk, ministers there warned that the government has to act now. or it could be too late. >> that's right, and the uk, there's quite a resistance or measures there or lockdown. the government there says tllt won't be a lockdown. of course, nobody wants a lockdown like last year. but the european union president was saying that she thinks there should be a vaccine mandate across all europe. that's something that all of the individual countries would have to vote in. that's a very strict measure. but that seems to be the only way everyone is looking at
1:42 am
fighting this. get everyone vaccinated, get everyone boostered and get younger people as well. we haven't seen a strong vaccination in the younger ages. it's just been approved 5 to 11-year-old, and the campaign for that group which seems to be most effective with the science of omicron which is coming here as well. kim. >> absolutely. barbie nadeau, thank you so much. the omicron virus, we'll see you a diagram here, the colored parts are a different from the virus seen in 2019. omicron was detected november 9th in south africa and now has spread to at least 37 countries. so because it's so new, we don't know how severe an illness it can cause with other strains and how strong the vaccines are against it. the world health organization
1:43 am
said it will be another week or so before we have those answers but it has warned that omicron will spread more easily than the delta variant which makes up a majority of cases globally. a study by university has found that likely omicron can evade community from a past infection more easily. that means with omicron there could be a greater risk of catching covid twice or more. pakistan's prime minister said a brutal mob killing of a sri lankan man has brought shame on the country. see the motivation behind the brutal attack. plus, a blizzard warning for paradise. just how much snow will the big island of hahawaii get. stay with us.
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1:47 am
quick to condemn the attack. this is the latest incident of vigilante violence of those accused of blasphemy in the country. cnn's paula newton has more. >> reporter: a brutal killing by a mob in eastern pakistan is sending shock waves in the country amid the scale and savagery of the attack. police say a large mob of factory workers tortured and set a manager on fire who they accused of blasphemy. angry crowds ss filled the stre scaling fences and cars. 100 people have been arrested. the pakistani minister condemned the brutal attack saying it's a day of shame for the country. his advisers for intrafaith harmony said the violence will not be tolerated. >> translator: it is a barbaric act and against islam's teaching. it has nothing to do with islam
1:48 am
or prophet muhammad. religious scholars condemn it. >> reporter: the remains of the man who police say was a budest from sri lankan has been recovered and taken to a local hospital. the minister tweeted that the attack shows, quote, a grim reality of spiraling radicalization in the nation. police say a separate mob of thousands of people ransacked and burned a police station in a different part of the country just a few days ago after crowds demanded officers turn over a man accused of burning a koran. blasphemy can be punished by death in pakistan though no one has been executed for it. the accused of killed by mobs and say they're used for personal vendettas or to target minorities, in 2011, a former governor was gunned down by his
1:49 am
bodyguard over his efforts to reform blasphemy laws. and violent right wing demonstrations broke out in 2018 when asia bebe, a pakistani woman convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death was acquitted. this latest attack another example that pakistan has long struggled to contain. paula newton, cnn. coming up on "cnn newsroom," a blizzard warning is issued for hawaii. we'll have an update from the cnn weather center just how much snow will fall in the tropical paradise. stay with us. 's ubrelvy. for anytimime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! ♪ a blizzard warning has been issued for hawaii. the big island is forecast to get up to a foot of snow in the mountain peaks. wind is also a major threat with wind gusts of 100 miles per hour. let's bring isn't cnn's senior meteorologist derek van dam with the latest. derek, how unusual is this? >> well, i'll tell you, it's bizarre, coming from myself, being a snowboarder, loving to
1:54 am
hit the slopes in the mountains, the rockies over the western u.s. but we're coming off of a very small amount of snow for the month of november. but the word "no" into snow. during that month, we didn't capitalize on much winter weather, only 6% is covered in snow. and that continuing to dwindles. so, we have to go all the way to the tropical paradise of hawaii to find our snowfall. it's not unusual to see snowfall, mauna loa, this particular region often seeing snow. when you talk about blizzard warnings, up to a foot of snow, winds gusting up to 100 miles an hour, well, that's when mother nature means business. i need to mention that we have flood watches over much of the
1:55 am
arc archipelago here. when you start getting higher in altitude, that's when you see the changeover from, of course, rain to snow. and in fact, some of the satellite imagery showing the snow-capped peaks of mauna loa right there. the wind gusts, as i mentioned, over 100 miles per hour but that's really y y oled to the locally higher elevations along the mountainside there. but we're talking about the state of colorado undergoing a massive drought. 95% of the state under drought conditions. snow pack continues to dwindle as the temperatures remain above average. again, kim, take it from me, i love to get out to the rockies, i want to see the snow come but it doesn't arrive until middle of next week. >> you'll just have to head to hawaii then. derek van dam, thank you so much. as people around the world
1:56 am
get set for holiday seasons, santas are showing up at unusual places like under water. have a look at this. the sharks and fish at this aquarium at budapest got a special visit from drivers dressed as the jolly old elf. they waved at kids and put up christmas tree. in seoul, a submerged santa fed the fish while performing bubble tricks. have a look. >> translator: during the show, santa puts across a very warm message. we prepared the show to make people happier during the tough times of the coronavirus pandemic. >> now the swimming kris kringle will be joined by elves in the upcoming christmas show. i'm kim brunhuber. i'll be become in just a moment with more "cnn newsroom." stay with us. americans are you one of thf
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♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at this is cnn breaking news. hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. i want to get to our breaking news. just a short time ago the parents of the suspect in tuesday's deadly school shooting in michigan were booked into oakland county jail, the same jail where their son is being held. james and jennifer crumbley were taken into custody in detroit after hours on the run. police say they were given a tip about the couple's whereabouts. >> we got a tip that they were here. that


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