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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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things will get worse before it gets better. >> and think like a man. it's more than just a title of a new how-to movie for women. why some ladies say it's the dumbest thing they have ever heard. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. a new twist in the prostitution scandal that is rocking the secret service. now, we're learning that five u.s. military service members are in trouble, too, for a separate incident in the very same hotel. about a dozen secret service agents are accused of taking girls back to a hotel in colombia as well where they were doing safety prep for a visit by president barack obama. secret service spokesman said it happened on wednesday. the agents were relieved of their duty and sent packing on thursday before the president arrived on friday. he's in colombia this weekend for the summit of the americas. within the last hour, they have learned that the five military
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service members who were backing up these agents in colombia are in trouble, too, and the united states southern command said they violated curfew and nay have been involved in inappropriate conduct in the same hotel. white house is trying to keep the scandal from overshadowing the president's trip. >> this is a matter that is being looked into in an appropriate manner by the secret service itself. it would not be appropriate for the president to characterize something that is being looked into by the secret service at this time. all i can tell you is that it was -- he was made aware of it. beyond that, i'm not going to characterize his reaction. >> a little confusing. two separate incidents. our very own juan carlos lopez is there, too. he joins us now, standing by where this investigation is going on this hour. juan carlos, these are two separate snenlts. what is going on there? >> two separate incidents in the same hotel.
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this hotel, the caribe hotel is one of the hotels that was part of the security detail for the pledz. he's not staying in the hotel. president obama and his entourage are saying at the hilton. this where a lot of security and international media. this is where we're staying and working. and the incident with the five u.s. military members, we don't know where it happened, if it involved prostitution, as has been alleged with the secret service members. they violated curfew and may have been involved in inappropriate conduct. the commander of south com is said to have been disappointed by this, announcing there would be an investigation and punishment if appropriate. those five members are still in colombia. they have been ordered not to speak to anyone and will return with the rest of the security detail to the united states. in the other case, with the u.s. secret service members, we know at least 12 secret service members, some of them undercover
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agents, other uniformed police, were involved in an incident in this same hotel, apparently with prostitutes or a prostitute. there seems to be an incident where one of the prostitutes went and complained to police about not being paid. that report was sent to the embassy, the embassy then notified state department and this occurred on wednesday. they were sent back to the states on thursday and replaced with other members. we're told these members of the secret service were not involved directly with president obama's security. they were support and have been replaced and that president obama's security has not been compromised. now the scandal grows now that the five service members are charged. >> this could be damaging for the secret service. a group that is renowned for its buttoned down professionalism. the washington post broke the story after being alerted by robert kessler. he said it was a huge
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embarrassment. >> it's clearly the biggest scandal in secret service history. the only thing that comes close is the penetration of the state dinner by the salahis and the story which i also broke, and it goes back to a culture of laxness in the secret service. >> two sperate incidents, what is going on in colombia. soliciting prostitution is legal in colombia, but this is a serious brech of the conduct code. >> going to be a long night for people all across the nation's midsection. in the next several hours, we could see dangerous and potentially deadly storms erupted across a wide swath of the plain states. jacqui jeras tracking the story. it looks like it started yesterday, and more than 24 hours notice, this is unusual and very dangerous. >> it is, yeah, in fact, you mentioned it yesterday saying a
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high risk was issued for today. that's only the second time in history that the storm prediction center has done that. we had a tornado in norman, oklahoma, yesterday. today, 11 tornadoes reported. why haven't you see video? it's been rural. little damage or populated areas getting hit and the big damage is in central kansas and stretching into central nebraska. here is what we call a high risk day. this is really a serious situation. when we talk about a pds watch for a tornado watch, which is what is happening in nebraska and kansas, it's called a particularly dangerous situation where large violent tornadoes stay on the ground and cause a lot of destruction for a long period of time. how bad will it get? well, we could have 100 tornadoes out there in the next 24 hours. but if they don't hit anything. it's not so much of a problem, right? but we're very concerned that could happen as these storms pull off to the east.
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they're going to be moving into populated areas like oklahoma city, like wichita, kansas, on up into omaha, and possibly even sneaking into des moines, iowa. those are all areas we're looking at. we're talking about this potentially impacting as many as 5 million people in the zone at greatest risk. now, we have a lot of storm chasers out there which are tracking on these storms. this is from imap. we're looking at the storm in central kansas. if you take a look right down there, the low hanging thing, that looks like what i would call a wall cloud. there are multiple tornado reports hitting on and off in central kansas outside of dodge city the last few hours. now we're also watching the line extend to the south and west. i want to she you where our rob marciano is. this is going to be the next area of concern, if we could go back and put rob up there. he's in tennessee, oklahoma, which is just outside of oklahoma city. there we can see rob, and there you see the thunderstorms firing along the lines to the west.
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we have rob joining us live from there. what are you seeing and what are you expecting out there later tonight? >> the clouds broke up just a bit, you know what than means. temperatures are starting to climb to the 80 degree mark. one more ingredient in what has become a monster storm for lack of a better word. right now, we have been watching that dry line. it's forming and moving towards a little boundary that is left over from the storms from last night and this morning. so we have left tennessee, moved toeened and we're moving northwest to intercept, ho hopeful hopefully, the storm that was tornado warned in woodward, oklahoma, and heading to the north and east. that should pass to the south of danger city. we're driving now northwest to helena, and we'll be crossing the border shortly. off to my left or west as i drive, the clouds certainly are much denlser and darker now.
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even though we're in some sunshine. so as far as storm development goes, that's a pretty good recipe to get to had heating out ahead of the line where the storms are firing and the clouds look to be deepening and getting higher as far as the moisture content is concerned. so whatever you can tell me, as far as what it's doing right now, would be good. because i'm driving, and trying to keep it to the speed limit without breaking any rules here. >> they're moving fast, about 40 miles per hour. and i'm not sure you're going to be able to catch up with the woodward cell, but you're probably a few hours away from where you are at in seeing the storms. we'll check in with you. and give us a call back with us. we also have a live picture i want to show you out of wichita. ksnw, our affiliate there. you can see the dark clouds and ominous conditions around the wichita area.
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that's one of the areas and one of the cities that could get hit hard with tornadoes later on tonight. no warning right now for wichita, but we're watching the storms moving in from parts of the west. a big night ahead. we continue to monitor this. a rare situation, what is happening tonight. we think this is going to continue as it gets dark. that's one of the greatest concerns and why this is so dangerous. because people aren't going to be able to see the storms and could be sleeping when they arrive. >> stay tuned to cnn. we'll keep you posted. >> for the first time in over a year, the u.n. security counsel is speaking with one voice against the violence in syria. we'll toll you what they voted on. >> plus a viral video depicting children acting out violent crimes in am mexico. why, next. what we achieved here. what we learned here.
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the united nations security counsel has approved a resolution that would serve international observers into syria to observe a shaky cease fire. that's more than a year after the outbreak of violence, and it's not clear if it will do any good. syrian activists today reported at least 20 people were killed by government forces. once again, targeted opposition neighborhoods even though the cease fire has been in place since thursday morning. >> the recent standout between the west and iran may be easing up just a little. in istanbul, turkey, represents from the u.s., britain, france, china, russia, and germany a hoping to convince iran to rein in their nuclear program. many believe it's for military purposes. iran said it's not.
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they'll meet again next month. >> young children act out violent scenes in a youtube video that has exploded online. it's supposed to highlight real life problems in mexico, but we have the story for you. >> a businessman is mugged at knifemoint by two thugs on the street. a scary scenario and one that is all too common in mexico, made every more frightening when you see it played out by children. this short video is from the grub, our mexico the future, which is supported by a number of companies, unions, and other organizations. it's gone viral with nearly 2 million views in less than four days. in it, child actors play adult roles, reeling from many of the problems that plague modern day mexico. >> in reality, the video doesn't show anything that people haven't seen before. because people say we don't want shootouts or kidnapenipings hap in our mexico of the future.
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>> from pollution to protests and poverty, even the high profile arrest of a drug lord, they present the challenges that mexico's leaders will face. at the end, a young girl makes the plea to the country thfs presidential candidates. >> some mexican legislators say the video should be banned for violating the human rights of children who play the roles of tlugs and criminals, but it's precisely because they're worried about the future that they cast children and it drives the message home. >> all right, a new movie tells women to think like a omen are t that idea, we can't say on the air here. we're going to talk with clinical psychologist who say
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maybe women should think like men. i don't know. that's next, but first -- >> colleges no longer a place to find yourself where any degree will do. that doesn't make sense. anyway, how soon can you pay off your student loans, buy a house, start a family, depends on your major. >> laura isn't worried about finding a job after graduation. >> i've always been into science. never knew exactly what, but now i'm pretty sure i want to work in genetics. >> a bioscience major, she is in the fast growing and high paying stem category. science technology engineering and math. >> her class mate michael kelly, a hstry buff, doesn't share her love for science. >> i was just dead set on history. didn't want to major in anything else. >> he loves history but will
5:16 pm
minor in it instead. his degree will be in technology studies so he can pursue a job in information technology. >> i didn't want to finish school with no debt and then jump into a situation where i have a lot of debt for paying off the masters degree which i totally would have to take out loans for. >> kelly knows that starting salaries for general studies lag stem. by midcareer, the difference between engineering and psychology is huge. >> if you're studying to be a patretroleum engineer and get a bachelors degree, you'll make $80,000 a year. if you're studying psychology and you're going to be a counselor in a social work agency, you'll make $30,000. what you make depends very much on what you take. >> dollar signs aren't everything. find the intersection of what you're dw at, what you like to do, and what someone will pay you to do. nancy is chancellor of the state university of new york. >> what we know is that businesses and industry are
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saying repeatedly, we want creative people. we want problem solvers, we want people who can work in teams. the trick, i think, is sort of a dual degree or a major/minor where you cover your bases. >> students laura and mike, think they have done just that. and that their degree will help them land a secure job in a less than secure job market. christine romans, cnn, new york. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one.
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okay, we are going to tread lightly into some very dangerous territory here. >> act like a lady but think like a man. >> no. >> the movie "think like a man" based on a book by steve havy. it's got people talking and arguing. lets brirng in a voice of reason here. i don't know, maybe. maybe he's a voice of reason. jeff, clinical psychologist. you're telling women they should think like a man, i'm going to be mad at you. there was fire in the newsroom when we were talking ability this idea. this makes women a lot of women kind of mad. so they're like, why do i have to think like a man inwhat are you saying? that's sexist and insulting. what do you think? >> well, i think if you look at the pure phrase, thing like a man, perhaps it is, but let's
5:21 pm
define that certainly thinking like a man is not like acting like a man. and we don't want women to that because two wrongs don't make a right, and women are close to perfect. i think both you and i agree on that. >> okay, you're trying to get yourself out of trouble. jeff, who is to say -- >> no, no. >> who is to say that men have the right way of thinking? maybe men should think like women, maybe women are better thinkers than member. why would smen tell a woman to think like a man and that's better for her. i find that insulting and i'm a man. >> and i understand exactly where you're coming from and where the critics are coming from. i'm siding with steve harvey on this one even though he's not a shrink and i am. basically what he is saying is act like a lady because you're the superior sex, but think like a man. thinking like a man means getting into the head of a man,
5:22 pm
understanding how men think, understanding that we are much more simplistic in our thinking, we're much more into thinking perhaps in skewed ways, in ways that are not very productive. therefore, if you know how we think like men, it will make you much more smarter in the relationship. that's all it is, getting that inside information, what's in the mind of a man, knowing that. >> why should women even care? >> well, because men do think different than women. and john gray had it right, women are from venus and men are from mars. we are created equally, absolutely, but we are created different. and therefore, if you treat a man the way that you think most people think most women think, you're not going to have a productive relationship. quo that you're dealing with an inferior specie, know how they think and you'll do much better as a woman in a relationship. that's all he's saying and i agrooewith it.
5:23 pm
>> i'm just sort of playing devil's advocate. >> i think you see the light now. >> i don't see the light because i grew up in a family of all women, the only boy. i think the world would be better off if more men thought like women than the other way around. >> i agree with you. >> we shouldn't be lowering women's intelligence to tell them to think like us. maybe we should think like them. >> i think they're upping their intelligence in that they know. they know about it. >> how many times have you heard think like a woman. >> let me tell you, that's going to be my new book. thing like a woman and act like a gentleman. that's the next book. that's right, steve harvey. i can kdo it, too. >> you're a good sportd. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we'll dig deeper into the topic at 10:00 p.m. eastern. should women think like men? dino returns with the authors of the manual and the rules. set your dvr, 10:00 p.m.
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eastern. expect some fireworks as well. i'm not sure i agree with that women think like men. >> cell phone images that went viral on the internet capture a man being punched in the face, robbed, and stripped. the st. patrick's day event in baltimore. new information to tell you about in the story. stay tuned. and a very serious threat of severe weather, tornadoes, lots of them in the next few hours. we're trarking the storms from the severe weather center and our storm chasers are out on the ground. live for you. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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let's check your headlines now. the secret service is caught in the middle of a prostitution scandal. about a dozen agents relieved of
5:27 pm
duty and sent home from colombia after they allegedly brought hookers back to a hotel in colombia. five u.s. military service members who were backing up the agents are in trouble for a separate incident involving possible inappropriate conduct at the same hotel. people in the plains states are on alert for potentially dangerous storms. forecasters say there's a high risk for unusually powerful supercell thunderstorms to form through the overnight hours. and it could spawn large, even life threatening tornadoes. jacqui jeras tracking the storms. she'll have a live update for you in minutes. stay tuned. >> one of three men who accuse bernie fine of sexually molesting him as a child says his story is all a lie. he said he made the entire thing up. he claims one of the other accusers told him what to tell detectives. he told espn he never told him
5:28 pm
to lie. >> baltimore police have made an arrest in a violent beating. that became an internet sensation. you can certainly see why. on st. patrick tfs day, a man is knocked to the sidewalk, robbed, and stripped after leaving a club. cell phone cameras recorded it all, nobody helped him, some even laughed. police are charging him with reckless endangerment and looking for others involved in the incident. >> robin gibb has fallen into a coma at a london hospital. gibb also has nunone yeah and was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. doctors believe the singer has developed a secondary tumor. >> millions of people living in the plain states are preparing for the worst tonight. forecasters are predicting life threatening storms over the next several hours. jacqui jeras tracking the story for you. what do people need to know?
5:29 pm
>> these storms are dangerous and they can be deadly and very destructive. you need to take them very seriously and seek shelter. in fact, take a look at this right now. we're live streaming here from i map, on a storm that has a history of produce agtornado. this is near woodward, oklahoma. trained spotters have been on this for the last half hour or so. we have seen brief touchdowns with this storm. look at this low hanging area in here. this is the area we're going to be watching for potential of the tornado to drop out. in fact, it's kind of hard to tell, but i almost see potentially a rope tornado trying to drop out of there right now. this is an example of what is going on all across the plain states. this is such a widespread area here, if you could take the live stream down for a second, i want to show you how extensive the spotter network is that's out there, all the green cars you can see, those are live storm chasers that are streaming right now on all of the storms in the plains, so as things touch down and as things develop, you're going to know about it right away.
5:30 pm
so we'll continue to track and monitor that situation. now, let's tong about where some of the warnings are. this is at woodward oklahoma storm i was telling you about. here you can see two other storms west of wichita. both have produced tornadoes at times, but for the most part, this has been very rural, so we have been fortunate. when we're talking about 17 tornado reports but very little damage, no injuries, no major destruction, we're doing great at this point. but unfortunately, we have long way to go. let's take a look at the entire risk area. this is where we have watched in effect. a watch means the tornado conditions are ripe. it means tornadoes will be possible in the next several hours in these locations. now, pds watches which are the two you're watching at here in corpas and nebraska, means a particularly dangerous situation frk which means this isn't your ordinary tornado watch where you get a couple, f-1, f-2 tornadoes, ef-2, ef-3, ef-4,
5:31 pm
that stay on the ground a long time and we'll continue to track. the overall risk at a whole, i want you to look at the purple area. you have the greatest potential. oklahoma city up towards wichita, west of kansas city, to lincoln, nebraska, and even into omaha. you have the greatest chance. you still have a good chance of getting severe thunderstorms in the dark red area. we're talking about down into the red river valley, stretching all the way to the missouri river and the northwest iowa around sioux city. this is going to continue into the overnight hours tonight. the sun is going oo be going down, uryou're not going to see the tornadoes. even some out there as we have been checking in with the storm chasers, reporting rain wrapped tornadoes. there's a shield of rain that comes down and you can't see the funble hind it. a dangerous night of storms. rob marciano is live in the fields in oklahoma. we'll check in with him during the night. lowest level of the home, away
5:32 pm
from doors and windows. underground is best. >> if you can get to whatever storm, target, walmart, and get a noaa radio, if you can, get it to listen to the weather warnings. i have one, but i know if something is coming. >> you have to get one for s. sampt m.e. technology. it will allow you to program it for your specific county and only warn you for tornadoes if that's what you want it to do. >> i know people are watching in some places and say some things have happened, there's no pictures, why are row doing it t because we want you to be safe. we'll stand by as well as our ourt team of meteorologists. >> george zimmerman waits in his jail cell charged with second degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. my next guest said his fate may rest with the issue of credibility. we'll break that down next.
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it has been 100 years, that's right, since the sinking of the "titanic." this weekend marks the anniversary. chris welsh is aboard a ship that is retracing the fateful voyage, getting to the bottom of an obsession shared by some passengers. this ship is trying to time its arrival to the minute of when the disaster hit 100 years ago. >> that's right, don. actually, it's very interesting. as you mentioned, we're here in the middle of the north atlantic ocean. i'm aboard a journey, and i want to sigh this first and foremost. just about five minutes before we went on the air, i was told by the captain that we have just crossed over the points in the north atlantic where the rms titantic sent out its distress signal after it hit the iceberg. we have reached the point where titanic sits about two miles
5:37 pm
below the surface here. and what they're planning tonight throughout the rest of the evening is a series of memorials essentially. it will begin with a tribute, a moment of silence in one of the cabaret lounges in the ship. they'll play and read the names of all 1,500 passengers aboard the ship who perished that evening. it will culminate with a wreath that is planned to be thrown overboard and thrown into the water as a dedication to the passengers. >> i have to ask you what a lot of people are thinking, why? why would people want to do this, chris? >> well, you know, for some, they have a big obsession with titanic, and they're history buffs, and others are related to passengers. there's about six or seven people who have relatives who were on the titanic. this is very special, like a special memorial for them to go to the site, say hello and good-bye to their relatives at the same time. i spoke to a few people about why they wanted to do this.
5:38 pm
here's what one woman had to say. >> this is really surprised at the number of people that we talked to and told we were going to go on this trip said that's creepy. i wouldn't do that. i thought, i don't find it creepy at all. i love history. >> now, this ship left from new york and will end up over the wreck site, but there's another ship that left from southampton where titanic left from and both ships will meet up at this point for the memorial service. don in. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. sad reality, did you know that more than 100,000 foster children are waiting to be adopted right here in the u.s.? this week's cnn hero is working to find every child a family. >> i was adopted and i felt that i wanted to adopt a kid who
5:39 pm
needed a home. my son was in foster care for four years. from the minute michael and i met, i knew right away that we were going to be a family. i thought everything was going great, but after a months, michael was removed from my house. i quasi-cut off from him. >> finding the family for the child is nothing short of a miracle. >> let's go. you need to get ready. >> and sometimes families are faced with barriers because of a misunderstanding causing the kids to stay in the foster care system longer. being a gay or les been individual or couple makes it much harder. my name is david wing-kovarik. i adopted from the foster system. now i help other individuals realize their dreams of becoming parents. we're working together with you on that. i want to make sure that you get that family support.
5:40 pm
i have worked hundreds of cases side by side social workers. >> we covered a lot of information last week. >> i trained thousands of foster parents. it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight and we do it for free. >> he figured out how to get us over that finish line. our family wouldn't have adopted each other if it hadn't been for david. >> i'm fighting for the right of that child to have that family. >> daddy, is tonight movie night? >> it's why i keep doing it every single day. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark,
5:41 pm
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george zimmerman now just waits, charged with second degree murder in the trayvon martin case. he can read the bible, magazines, but has no access to his tv in his 67 square foot jail cell. holly, the attorney for george zimmerman is pushing to get his cliend out on bond. likely to happen. >> they'll probably set a bond. a second degree murder, not a first degree murder. it's going to be very high. what i wouldect pkt is that they'll get the high bond. there may be a follow-up motion to reduce it if his family and his supporters are unable to raise the money necessary to get
5:44 pm
him out. >> the second degree murder charge, is there some lawyer strategy with this charge? what is it the. >> as far as defending it? >> yeah. >> second degree murder in the state of florida doesn't require a premeditation, interestingly enough. when we hear murder in those states, we think, you have to intend the killing. it says you pretty much disregard that your act may take a human life. what we're going to see the defense do is raise that self defense in first of all in a motion to get the judge to say i'm going to dismiss it on a motion for self defense or understand your ground. if that's unsicunsisful and goea pettitte jury, we'll see a strong defense mounted. >> you say it's credibility, coming down to credibility. what doyou mean by that? >> we heard a lot of 911 calls, snippets of them. some are just ear witnesses.
5:45 pm
some claim to be eyewitnessess. what is going to be important is what lawyers call prior consistent statements. when you call 911 the night of the incident, you reported something, is that consistent with what you maybe told a reporter three weeks later, once the story has gone viral for lack of a better term, once all of the nation's attention was turned on this incident, and it got to be so high profile, because some people will start to embellish. the night of the accident, i heard creams. two, three weeks later, when talking to a report, the might be i heard the screams of a young man, clearly not an adult. what they're going to do is look at everything that has been said, the lawyers are going to listen to all of the media reports these witnesses did. line them up with original 911 reports and see if there are inconsistencies. >> here is something that people are talking about, the motion to dismiss, and if it is dismissed, that means it doesn't go to trial at all. >> it's a done deal.
5:46 pm
if a judge were to dismiss based on that, now, the state would appeal that, but for all intents and purposes it's going oo beover at that point in time, yes. >> you think it will be a done deal by then. can we go to baltimore case we have been talking about? if we have the video of the baltimore case, caught on video. this young man was beaten, all black kids beat him, young people, one is in custody now. this is a white kid. and is this going to be a hate crime? because all of the suspects appear to be african-american and the victim is white? >> just on its face, that's not enough, but what we're going to look into is can you hear racial slurs on the video, are they calling names out? are they saying this is why we're doing it? are they saying we're beating you up, honky. the thing about a hate crime, where typically you don't have
5:47 pm
to prove motive, they have to give enough evidence to believe that the race was a motivating factor in a robbery or rioting or something gone bad. >> you realize it's real and it's dist cussing to see people doing this. >> treating them. >> why would someone want to do this to anybody? >> therein lies the question. why does anyone victimize another? here what we see is a viciousness, this attack. and then we're going to strip him naked to make sure he's also humiliated. we're not just messing with your body. we're not just beating on you and causing physical wounds, but we're also going to mess with you, and this, too, gets into the mind frame. we're going to strip you naked, humiliate you, and give you psychological scars on top of everything else. >> this is a story that took a minute to get to the national video once the story came out,
5:48 pm
but once on social media, it's starting to come out and people are upset by it. lg granderson wrote an amazing piece. >> wonderful. >> going to bow on here tomorrow. >> that is going to be a fantastic interrue. >> up next, how a woman survived a seven-story fall and went on to be a big part of the production involving horses and b ballet. stay with us. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
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carolyn ferguson's high flying career came very close to not happening after a freak accident almost left her unable to walk. she and her friends were diving 70 feet off a cliff in virginia. >> i fell down the rocks and just fell and fell and hit and hit and hit and hit all the way down until i fell into the water. >> she lost consciousness and began to drawn. her friends rescued her from the water but her bones were broken in 46 places and she had to
5:52 pm
undergo eight respirations over six months. >> the doctors told me because of the severity of how bad my left leg was, they were like you probably will not walk again and if you do walk, you're going to walk such a severe limp. i respected their judgment but i didn't believe it. this is super hard on my ankle. >> she said she knew to overcome her injuries, she had to work hard in rehab and stay positive. >> there's mornings i wake up and i limp to the bathroom and when it rains it's terrible. but it's almost like a reminder. remember where you were, get up, get going and live this life that you had a second chance at. >> despite the pain, she didn't give up and she got back on her feet. working toward her dream of performing, she turned her love of horses into a career. landing her at cavalea,
5:53 pm
performing tricks like this. >> you thrust right up, your ankles are holding you in and you smile. >> dr. sanjay gupta report. >> if you live in the mid sections across the plains state, play pai close attention to the weather forecast. there are potentially deadly storms erupting in your area. a forecast update coming up. to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment. wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity,
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all right, jackie, go for it. some severe weather happening. >> tornadoes on the ground right now outside of wichita, kansas, just to the west. these are the storms we're talking about. this is our live streaming. this is michael outside of dodge city. you can see a big rain shaft. we don't know what's behind that rain shaft. potentially a tornado. that's one of the concerns, that we may not be able to see those tornadoes because they are wrapped in rain and because the sun is going down soon. unfortunately it's going to be dark and people aren't going to be able to see them. this is the watch area across parts of nebraska, down into kansas. these are particularly dangerous situations, meaning these super cell thunderstorms a are developing, th ones that stand out there all by themselves and suck in all the energy are going to be large, destructive and stay on the ground for a long
5:57 pm
period of time. we've had over a dozen tornado reports so far today. the good news is for the most part they've been in rural areas which means no one's been injured or killed. don't be afraid to put on your helmet either. >> take the warning seriously. we'll be updating that as needed. >> the secret service is caught in the middle of a prostitution scandal. about a dozen agents were relieved of duty and sent home from colombia after they alleged live brought hookers back to a hotel. they were doing a security check ahead of barack obama's arrival yesterday. five u.s. military service members who are backing up these agents are in trouble for a separate incident involving possible inappropriate conduct at the same hotel. now to a heart warming baseball moment in colorado. the new star pitcher to are the
5:58 pm
rockies tweeted out a random request for someone to play catch with him. the person who answered had never set foot in coors field. more than that, he is a young man battling cancer. vick lombardi of cnn eye fillat kcnc has the story. >> i live downtown and i said let's do this. >> woody's quick reply paid off. next thing you know, he was at coors field hanging out with the newly acquired ace of the pitching staff. >> he said how do you like being at coors? he said this is the first time i've been at coors. he was as new to the facility as i was. we walked out to the field, each had our gloves and ball and played catch. >> they tossed the ball around and talked for about half an hour. as you can see, the 21-year-old is an amputee, he lost his leg
5:59 pm
to cancers, a fight heat been waging about five years. >> you think it would be the worst thing in the world. but it hasn't been as bad as i expected. >> that positive attitude is exactly why woody took a chance answering a tweet. he got a day and a souvenir he'll never forget. oh, but playing catch with jeremy guthrie was actually the second best part of a very good day. >> this morning i went to my doctors. they checked my counts and independent back up and i'm officially done with cancer and chemotherapy. i found that out this morning and got at that hang out with jeremy this afternoon. >> very nice. vick lombardi reporting from our affiliate. jeremy tweeted in an attempt to make someone's day, someone made my day. he said woody touched his heart. we'll see you back here in one


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