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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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never say they will give up, but they will plow ahead even in the face of unbelievable collapses or violence and the people here say, we will do what our job is supposed to dand keep talking. as you know, the effective diplomacy is backed by force and very few of the countries are able to agree and on what to do even if they agree here, and perhaps by showing moreto assad like milosevic or let them fight it out and see who is left standing? there is no major diplomatic involvement here in the fight. you remember james baker, preyugoslavia saying that we don't have a dog in na figthat but under later administrations it turns out they did have a dog. >> and hala, it looks like a total failure and diplomatic disaster, and they don't seem to even know who could possibly replace kofi annan, but looking at the big picture here, he was
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pretty close to the envoys in russia that was backing syria, and is there anything that can be done to bring them to the table to say, look, we need to be more involved? >> it is going to be interesting to see who succeeds or takes over for kofi annan, because ban ki-moon said he would have consultations with the head of the league of the arab states, and with a view, quote, unquote, to the prompt appointment of a successor to carry on the crucial peacekeeping effort. so somebody is going to replace kofi annan and it is not the u.n. and the arab league completely throwing in the towel, but you said it. the expectations are so low. we were talking about a six-point peace plan by kofi annan and richard roth made the point that we didn't even make it to point two, and we didn't make it to point one. point one being that the syrian-led political process to address the aspirations of the syrian people, and point two, end the violence, and that took hold for 24 hours. a little bit of a cease-fire
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when this plan was first introduced, and that was it. >> what happens to the monitors? you have 150 of the u.n. monitors who are essentially sitting in hotels with no place to go and really don't have any kind of support or firepower to speak of to actually intervene in all of this? >> well, their mission is extended a few weeks, and the question is going to be at the u.n. security council will that mission rollover? that is of course an open question, and now of course everybody is going to be waiting to hear who will be appointed to lead this new quote peacemaking effort, but as the situation in syria spirals more and more out of control and turns into a full-blown civil conflict, it is difficult to imagine any political process, but you to find somebody who like kofi annan is perhaps perceived a little bit by the parties as being able to negotiate, you know, between them, russia, china, iran, syria, and we will see who they come up with, but it is aer story that we are going to be following, but on the ground while all of this is going on, there are reports according to activists of another massacre of a suburb not
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far from damascus. so today after the execution of the assad militiamen, that video, and we are seeing bodies lined up outside of damascus where people have to go to identify the bodies of their loved ones under sheets in the street. that is the level we have reached in the country. >> that is unbelievable. h haa, talk about turkey and saudi arabia, and other countries are trying to support the rebels if not outright arming the rebels inside of the country and what does that mean for them when you have tens of thousands of people spilling over into the borders to seek refuge and this could turn into a bigger regional problem? h. >> well, it is. you talk about jordan and upwards to 150,000 syrians have already crossed the border from jordan into syria, and syria has the southern border with jordan, and lebanon as well where you are not seeing the clustered
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refugee camps per se, because they scatter across lebanon once they get there and the same thing about turkey, and even as far as algeria, the syrian refugees are traveling to that north african country to flee the violence. it is putting an economic burden on the countries and politically this conflict is going to end up spilling over into lebanon and other parts of the region. this is something that unless the violence is contained in syria is near inevitable. >> this is just a very significant and saddened event really turn of events. thank you, hala. w i want to bring in the white house to bring reaction of kofi annan's resignation. do we know, keilar knowing that the president is traveling, but that he has been informed of annan's resignation? >> well, don't have c
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confirmation, but we know he must know, because he is on air force one headed for a campaign event and he left the white house not long ago and we are expecting as the white house press secretary jay carney will be asked about that, and we will bring you the information as soon as we have that. the president as he left the white house i yelled at a question at him and pretty loud out there, suzanne, as you know, because of the sound coming from the marine i, and he did not stop. he often does not stop, so we did not get to hear directly from him, and i think that the resignation is obviously an important symbolic nail in the coffin of pursuing the annan plan, but we heard a couple of weeks ago jay carney admitting and saying that the annan plan had failed. so even that was out there a couple of weeks ago, suzanne. >> and brianna, i understand that the white house has announced thatly give more humanitarian relief to the syrian people, and do we know what kind of significant number this is? and what this really represents? >> they announced and this is about the time that annan's resignation was breaking a short
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time ago that they will be giving $12 million more in assistance, and that brings the number closer to $100 million total they have given, but as you know the white house and the obama administration very careful to not really be involved in any sort of military way. they are relying on the allies, and their arab allies to be providing material assistance and arms to the syrian rebels. we do know that the president signed an intelligence finding which allows covert assistance to syrian rebels, but they are keeping it very much under wraps, and exactly what that might be, and they are obviously at a time when the president is in an election year, and the electorate is war-weary, the white house wants the make sure it is not talking about military intervention, but at the same time, suzanne, president obama is trying, and he wants to show leadership on this issue, because it is obviously serious and a lot of people are dying. to that end, he did speak on the
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phone the other day with turkish prime minist prime minister to accelerate the transition of the assad government, and he was carrying a baseball bat and maybe you saw that picture, and a lot of questions of what that means and the white house has not answered yet. >> and sticks and carrots, maybe. >> perhaps. >> here is more of what we are work working on for this hour of newsroom international. they had enough explosives to blow apart a bus with three suspected terrorists are now captured in spain. take a look at all of this. this is a lot of money, and too bad it is fake. that is rite. more than $2 million found in peru, and they are finding unique ways to try to get that cash into the united states. plus, sweet taste of gooey american goodness and yes, that is right in libya now. cinnabon, the first u.s. franchise in that country. ♪ i w [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow
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arrests. i want to bring in nic robertson who is live from london and nic, tell us who the suspects are and are they spanish citizens and what do we know about them? >> well, two of them are believed to be chechens and although when they were picked up they didn't have identification documents on thel, and they were picked up yesterday, and the other man was turkish origin and picked up today by the police, and the indications are that the police are maybe will get other people. they say that they are searching through a computer database, and computer that they have found during their investigations, and they also say that they are searching for explosives as well, suzanne. >> and nic, tell us how the operation or the arrest went down, because they are calling it one of the biggest operations against al qaeda. >> yes, and it also sounds like it was not an easy arrest either, because the two operatives who were traveling on a bus about 160 miles north of the town of kadiz in the south of spain according to the spanish, might have been on a bus headed towards france, but when the police try to get them
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off of the bus, they put up what the police called a fierce resistance and the two guys are believed to have had training at jihadist camps in afghanistan, pakistan, and with ties to a pakistani jihadist group, and the other arrested in the town of kadiz. >> who were the targets? who were they trying to hurt? >> well, it is not clear, but the information that the police have got that they have these manuals that were for light aircraft, and two of the men believed to have been preparing themselveses for sort of using motorized paragliding equipment, and what the spanish authorities believe is that potentially the target was a coastal u.s. joint spanish naval base right there in the south of spain or british naval base. you know, they could use the advantage of the high mountains that overlook some of the port facilities, and that is what it seems they were doing. suzanne? >> nic, easy for them to operate underneath the radar here?
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is spain known for some of the cells tor sleeper cells inside of that country? >> well, the spanish obviously had the attacks back in madrid, and 181 people killed by multiple bombs placed on trains back in march 2004. and these guys were not under the radar. they probably thought they were under the radar, but for the past month other intelligence service, and western intelligence services inside of spain have been tracking them and even appears they had a bugging device in the apart they were using in kadiz which triggered the police to get involved because one of the men told the wife to clean out the apa apartment, and that is to make the police believe she has taken the explosives out of the apart, and explosives that the police are looking for, so they were not quite under the radar. >> well, appreciate it, nic. after the chinese diver took home a win, she learned that the parents had been keeping a
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world class swimmers are back in the pool at the olympic
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games in london, and athletes from bahrain and iraq and turkey took place in the men's 100 meter butterfly. gold medalist michael phelps and chad le clos qualified first and second in the first heat. and then on the american side missy franklin qualified in the 200 meter backstroke while zimbabwe's sarah coventry qualified third. and now in gymnasts, aly raisman and gabby douglas will be going for the gold in the all-around, and remember they helped the american women win gold for the first time in 16 years. and now the puzzling story of a family decision to hold tragic news from her until after she captured gold. the diver won gold and then
12:18 pm
shortly after the family told her that the grandparents had died and that her mother is battling breast cancer. the family kept the secrets for several years. her father says, quote, it is essential to tell this little white lie. joining us to talk more about this, this is gordon xiang, and this is not seeming like a little white lie, but a lot to keep from your daughter. when you heard this story, first of all, did it surprise you or sound like this is part of chinese culture? >> well, it is cultural, all right, but it is not chinese culture. it is communist culture. the chinese sports system is close closely modeled on the soviet one and we saw the same behaviors in the soviet russia, and east germany and china and the one thing that the countries have in common is a leninist political system and we don't see the behavior in the china city of hong kong or other cities like or countries like south korea or japan, so it is
12:19 pm
not chinese culture. >> what is the thinking of keeping this kind of news a secret for years? >> well, i think that essentially the parents knew that they could not get this information to their daughter anyway, and that the state wouldn't want it. they want to keep these kids in isolation to sort of keep them sort of focused on the task at hand which is to win an olympic gold medal, so i understand when the parents say that it is no longer their daughter, i can understand that. >> so, gordon, explain that to us, because it is a little confusing here when you say that the parents wouldn't be able to get the information to her anyway and explain the situation. she was in a diving camp and perhaps they didn't really have the access that you would think that parents would have with their own child. >> yes. you know, olympians in the u.s. often live with their parents, but in china, they are in these camps with other olympic hopefuls in state-sponsored institutions, and that i a and kept away from not only their parents burk from socie s but f
12:20 pm
because the task is to win a gold medal and the thought is to separate the olympians from everybody else. so this is why it is thought that the parents would not have access to the daughter. >> and gordon, a sense of playing out here, and what does this do for the competitor or the athlete or family when this kind of news is disclosed? >> well, it is devastating and one of the tolls of of the system. and that is why the chinese people on the internet have discussed this thoroughly, and i think that most people really were concerned about this. you know, the chinese people are having national conversations for the first time in 23 years after tinman massacre and this is one of the most healthy developments in the world, and the chinese people are talking about it. so there is a real questioning of not only this, but other things in society as well. >> gordon chang, appreciate it. >> thank you. this is an olympian who refuses to quit even in his golden years.
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welcome back to newsroom international and we are checking out germany where a rapper who wears a panda mask, yes, a panda mask is at the top of the charts. his song is number one. ♪
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>> rapper crow describes the style of rap and pop and he calls it rop, and the song "du" has had 5 billion hits on youtube. economy is issue number one for people worldwide and investors were disappointed today when the head of the european central bank fail ed t announce new measures to help the country out of the crisis. >> the euro is irreversible. in order the create the fundamental conditions for such risk premium to disappear, the policy ma policymakers in the euro area need to push ahead with fiscal consolidation, and structural reform and european institution building with great determination. >> so, the fact that there was no immediate action sent the stock into a tailspin and here is where the u.s. markets stand right now. all major indices are down. w i want to break it down and bring in cnn international's richard quest who joins us from london.
12:26 pm
first we heard from the chief of the european central bank last week saying that the central bank was doing everything that it takes to preserve the euro, and we sthau the markaw that th surged from those comment, but one economist said it is like a big bazooka that needed to be done to rescue the bond markets. so what were they talking about? that they expected to get things going? >> well, it reminds me of my old grandmother who always used to look at you no matter what you have done and say, so what have you done for me lately? and it is the same thing with mario draghi today. here we have three pages of it. believe me, i have waded through this stuff. and i can tell you that yes, he said last week, that he would do something. his exact words were that it will be enough. we will do whatever it takes. well, today, they come out by saying that over the coming weeks, we will design the
12:27 pm
appropriate modalities for such policy measures and try to stay awake, suzanne, because it is gripping stuff, i promise you, but the truth is that the ship is sinking, and the best they can do is to say they will still design something in the future. and the real -- >> why didn't they do anything today? >> well, that is the question that people are saying. he said on the one hand that the efs the bailout fund could do this, but on the other hand, we will look at that, but fundamentally, there is no guarantee, excuse me, that the ecb will act, suzanne. >> and so how are people reacting? cle clearly the fate of spain hangs in the balance, and it is trapped in a severe recession, and you have got banks that are extremely weak. what comes next? >> well, what comes next is that spain somehow has to find some form of funding, and that is the unknown. where will spain get the money? the government says it will not seek a full sovereign bailout,
12:28 pm
because that would come with the imf and it would come with rules and supervision, but the same time, and you to excuse me, all of this talk about bailouts and banks and ecb has quite sent me throat into a spasm, because so much, so much has been said lately about what might happen, what could be done, what should be done that whether it is the fed, the bank of england, the ecb, the truth is that very little is actually be being done. >> yeah, well, i can understand why you are having the spasms there, richard, because obviously a lot of people are reacting to this, and not reacting well i might say. a lot of problems. richard go get a drink of water and get over that. take a look at this. this is a lot of money, but the problem is that it is not real and there is more of the phony 50s that have not been found yet. s, do more business. in here, opportunities are created and protected.
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these are the scenes in taiwan and flooding and powerful winds and mud slides and now saola is moving in. it has been downgraded, but it has already caused major destruction. people have already died in the philippines. and looking at taipetaipei, sao not only a threat to china, but another storm is expected to hit china's east coast tomorrow. it is day two of secretary of state hillary clinton's six-nation visit to africa. the interactive map that is on the state department's website shows her upcoming trips and where she has been. the red arrows are the past trips, and she has done a lot of traveling. in senegal yesterday, she praised the country's strong democratic institutions and today, she is in uganda and
12:33 pm
pushing peace and also supporting the fight against aids. in russia, the trial of three members of a female punk band has resumed. the court building was temporarily evacuated following a bomb square. so these three women are charged with hooliganism for an incident that happened in february. ♪ >> all right. so what is this? the group performed a song criticizing president vladimire putin on the altar of one of moscow's cathedrals and opposition groups and family members say that the trial is just one in a series of moves by putin to silence the anti-kremlin movement. >> we are completely sure that it is only one man in rush sharks and not the court or the lawyers or anyone else who will be deciding the fate and that is vladimire putin, because nobody else in russia is capable of staging a protest this big and powerful. we expect him to give a prison
12:34 pm
sentence to the girls of one orrer two or three years of jail, because obviously in the situation, giving them a suspended sentence, and not sending them to jail would mean that putin basically got scared of the international protests and of all of the people inside of russia who have become insulted of the situation when three girls are put behind bars for singing in a church. >> if convicted the band members could face up to seven years in prison. check this out, rows and rows of $50 bills. they are brand new and chrrisp, but they are fake. that is right. they are fake. police in peru said they seized $2.3 million of counterfeit cash from a peruvian gang. and they had special paint and paper to make the bills and also found in a house in lima, but officials in the u.s. say that there is a lot more fake american money that has not been found. they say that most of it is coming from peru. and i want to bring in rafael romo the talk about how this works. you know, how do we know that
12:35 pm
this is real or not real? what is happening? how is this so successful? >> well, what is happening in peru is that enforcement has been lax for many, many decades and counterfeiters have moved in. also, there's a national criminal organization that is very well known and that is what happened yesterday. they found a counterfeiting operation in a downtown building in lima and they confiscated $2.3 million and all of the money was in $50. and we are taking a look at some of the shots that were taken there at the police station in downtown lima. now, this money was eventually going to make its way to countries like argentina and venezuela, and you can imagine that eventually the money comes into the united states. the big problem with this is that every time you have a shipment of $2.3 million, and in 2009 and 2010 they confiscated $200 million just in peru if you
12:36 pm
can imagine that, the value of the dollar decreases, and causes inflation. and so the problem in peru, if you are caught counterfeiting money, you are out of prison in two to three year s so peel tas take the risk. >> how have they gotten so good at counterfeiting our currency? >> well, they use all kinds of merchandise shipped to the united states including toys and even baby cribs and anything that you can imagine that makes its way to the united states not only from peru but from south america, hidden also in people's clothes. that is what happened. the second question about the quality of the money, they are incredibly sfophisticated. these are networks that have been operating in south america for decades and they have perfected the art of replicating american money, and so as you can see and we saw in the images the bills look just the real
12:37 pm
thing. to somebody who is not trained in the detecting fake money, they can be fooled. >> finally, is there anything that peru, and the officials there are doing differently once they realize it is a huge problem? >> well, starting in 2009 the peruvian officials have strengthened the enforcement and now they have the cooperation of the u.s. government and the secret service has an operation established in peru that is working together with peruvian authorities in an effort to identify, detect and ultimately punish the counterfeiters. >> all right. rafael, thank you. i hope that the money is good? >> yes, it is. >> we are counting on it. thanks, again. appreciate it. a mother's plea to leave her son out of battle and they are palestinians who may have to fight for israel. >> her worst fear is that her son would have to fight against his own people in the occupied territories where clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli military are commonplace.
12:38 pm
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in israel the call of duty is turning into a public outcry and a controversial law that allowed orthodox jews to defer military service just expired a day ago and the main political parties in parliament it has caused a split. but interestingly enough, the situation is creating common ground between two fundamentally different groups. sara sidner looks into how israel is grappling with the difficult issue of who should
12:41 pm
serve in the military. >> she cannot stomach the thought of her son serving in the israeli military and up until now he has not had to, but that could change. they are palestinians who hold israeli citizenship, and as citizens, the law could demand that her son serf the state of israel in civil service or in the military. this would mean that i would have to erase all of the principles and values and thoughts that i have raised my son on and this would suggest that we become part of the occupation, she says. her worst fear is that her son would have to fight against his own people in the occupied territories where clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli military are commonplace. the israeli defense force say ths that there are over 5,000 arab serving, and by some accounts that is 3% of israel's military. but many of israeisrael's arab s
12:42 pm
citizens are absolutely against mandatory service saying that the state has discriminated against them and taken the land and now trying to take their identities, too. >> it is absurd that now they want to take more than what they have already taken. i don't see myself owing the state of israel anything. on the contrary, i see the state of israel owing me. >> this year israel's supreme court declared unconstitutional a law that exempts ultra orthodox jews from the military service and in so doing brought on calls by some politicians to get rid of a policy that exempts arabs as well. the fight by the ultra orthodox to avoid the draft as they continue to study the jewish holy book the torah has threatened to tear the country apart, because they have complained that they are shouldering the entire responsibility of the state while the ultra orthodox are allowed the study and live off of the state subsidies.
12:43 pm
for the majority of israelis when they turn 18, the men are required to enlist for three years and women for two. >> i think that what they do is an incredible thing, but at the same time i am also in the belief that the torah and what the people do is super important element to the safety of the country. >> reporter: many of the citizens have their own reasons not to serve. some have protested through the arts and saying that it is a tool that they use to further erode to identities as palestinians and turns out that arabs and orthodox jews who are two minority groups who normally would never mix are fighting a similar battle to avoid serving israel's military apparatus albeit for different reasons. >> sara sidner is joining us live from jerusalem, and this is an amazing story that you are telling there, and fascinating
12:44 pm
when we look at how different the groups are. how do they actually come together? how do they manage the new law now that they look like they will both have to serve? >> well, it is interesting, because what is happening now is that the defense ministry is saying that we have to go back to what the law was in 1986, before this new law that was put in place 12er yoors ago was actually enacted. so what they are doing is to look at how they can now draft the ultra orthodox, and by the way, in just to give you an idea of the numbers. 60% of all of the ultra orthodox men do not work which has further upset the population here, and they feel like they are not doing their fair share. as for the arab citizens and the palestinians who hold israeli citizenship, it is a question as to how they will be dealt with, because the law does not specifically speak to them. only the ultra orthodox jew wish p
12:45 pm
-- jewish pop u yoolatiulatione who hold dual citizenships say that some of the arabs will be exempted, so it is going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. certainly, as you said, these two groups not happy about what could happen to them and certainly not happy about the fact that they may soon be drafted. >> and sarah a quick follow up here, the two groups are very different, and any effort for them to get together and work together so that they don't have to serve? >> no. i will tell you something that which i found quite interesting. when i asked the people from either group what they thought about the other not serving they said, well they should serve in some way. so what you have here is a situation where they really see their own cause as valid, but don't really see the other people's cause as valid, so it is not as if they are going to come together, but they are certainly fighting a similar fight so they are not drafted either in civil service which means several years volunteering in places like hospitals or
12:46 pm
schools for the state of israel as opposed to the military tor military, itself, so it is really quite an interesting quagmire, and the government has the deal with it. by the way, the defense department says that they will put something in place to try to start drafting the ultra orthodox, however, they will wait also until a knesset convenes and that is when the law will be put in place to stick. >> thank you, sara sidner. that is a fascinating story. after liberation, the capital is now being treated to a taste of sticky american sweetness. that is coming up next. ♪
12:47 pm
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it is a first fort the u.s. franchise cinnabon and you know, i love it, the warm cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese frosting. delicious. that is the one. they have a new store opened up in libya and plan to open up more locations over the next few
12:50 pm
year years. bringing in alison kosik to from the nosew york stock exchange t talk about the significance of this and what made libya attracted to cinnabon? >> and what made businesses attracted to open up in libya? it is the business opportunity that opened up since the u.s. sanctions from libya have been easing. now sh now, focus brands international which is the company who owns cinnabon says it is in every other major market in the mideast, so libya is the next step, but it has not been smooth sail i sailing. because the earlier last year they sad selected a location and supplies on the way, and then civil war erupted. but this site in tripoli opened a month ago and raked in $45,000 of sales in the firsts week. not bad. it also sells carvale ice cream there. and the business is growing, but the interest is coming from
12:51 pm
energy and infrastructure and health care industries, but the franchises like cinnabon are becoming more popular two, and one trade group director says that new franchise opportunities in libya are a chance for people there to become entrepreneurs. >> tell us about some of the other companies, and how have they done? >> well sh, any new venture, th is an element of risk, but many of the american companies are going okay, hard rock cafe and baskin robins and they have opened up in ho chi minh city, and mcdonald's has a big presence across china and the middle east, and according to mcdonald's, the sales in the regions are increasing. so for the can companies they are great areas to diversity and areas to offset the weakness coming out of the u.s. and the europe, and now one place that an american company has not been
12:52 pm
so successful is the forbidden city. starbucks shut down, there because china was not too keen of mixing cultural history with an american coffee chain. suzanne. >> thank you, alison. appreciate it. we have reaction of the white house to the special enjoy kofi annan who has brought a peace plan to syria, and he has since stepped down from his post, a nd we will hear reactio from the white house about what is taking place in syria. that is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] gillette. the best a man can get. in here, every powerful collaboration
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up special envoy kofi annan was working to try to establish a six-point peace plan in syria, and he is stepping down from his position. i believe we have some fresh sound that we can listen to why he is making this move right now. >> when the syrian people desperately need action, there continues to be finger pointing and name calling in in the
12:56 pm
security council. >> kofi annan earlier today described as frustrated in the failed peace process. i want to bring in our white house correspondent brianna keilar to get the white house reaction and clearly, this is a huge disappointment all of the way around when there is people searching for diplomatic action here in syria. >> well, disappointment, yes, and we have heard from jay c carney that the plan had failed, but the reaction of the resignation of kofi annan, he says that it is highlighting assad's brutality towards his own people, and he says it highlights the efforts of russia and china to not support a meaningful support of the people of syria. and they have blocked against
12:57 pm
assad and the regime, and concerned that it is a u.n. endorsement of outside enforcement of regime change. and carney said, that they, the administration, they don't believe that adding weapons to syria is needed to bring about change, so the u.s. will not need to add weapons. that has been a big question if there is somed a s edsome assis the rebels. we know that $20 million more dollars going to those most affected in syria, but certainly the syrian civilians as well as some rebels for humanitarian assistance, suzanne. >> it is a difficult situation for the white house to be in, but clearly beyond the humanitarian aid, and the $12 million that you mentioned, are they talking about doing anything else or making any other moves or wait and see who this new envoy will be when that person is named? >> they are keeping at lot of what they are doing under wraps, but we know that for an
12:58 pm
unspecified amount of time the president has had the option, because he did sign, we have learned from the sources, an intelligence finding to provide assistance and not just humanitarian aid, but talking about coordination and communication with the rebels, and this allows this cia to be involved and talking about intelligence, but the details still very sket chishgs suzanne. >> thank you, brianna keilar at the white house. appreciate it. suzanne malveaux and welcome to the cnn newsroom. this hour we are focusing on three planes coming close to crashing on reagan international airport. we will look at what went wrong, and mitt romney speaking to voters in colorado. we will bring him the speech live, and plus should the rich shoulder the tax burden or should it be spread evenly among all americans? well, that is the battle today as president obama calls out romney on the tax plan. i want to get right to it. three commercial airlines nearly collided in midair over
12:59 pm
reagan international airport when air traffic controllers were making adjustments in stormy weather and caused what officials call a miscommunication. the faa is looking into exactly what happened. house republicans taking their turn in the back and forth of the bush era tax cuts and they passed a gop plan to extend the tax cuts for everyone for one year, and most democrats want to extend them only for families making $250 a year. well sh well, a senate minority leader nancy pelosi and house speaker john boehner went before the cameras a short time ago and neither sign showing a sign of budging. >> on september 15th, 2010, president obama said that preventing the tax hikes was necessary to quote help our economy. what's changed? economic growth is even worse now, and the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? >> this blueprint for again extracting money from the middle-class and giving it to thewe


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