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tv   Around the World  CNN  October 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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8:00 p.m. on our sister network, hln, nancy grace will have a full accounting. i'm out of time. i've borrowed two extra minutes. thanks for watching. "around the world" starts right now. the american people are completely fed up with washington. >> president obama has a message for washington. the way business is done has got to change. >> no kidding. plus, investors around the world reacting to this deal. some mixed messages. a lot of uncertainty. watching the markets. >> also, terrifying moments when gunmen storm a mall in kenya. the surveillance tapes as shops are run for their lives. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. many breathing a sigh of relief as hundreds of thousands of federal employees get back to
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work. now for 16 days this familiar scene was missing from the washington, d.c., landscape, flow of foot traffic into and out of the d.c. metro. >> almost 15% of people in washington, maryland, northern virginia work for the u.s. government. well, today their offices are open again. >> happy to be back at work. >> i'm happy you're back, too. what's your name? >> that's the good news for all of those federal workers. the bad news is it's not perm. late-night deal passed by congress, of course, funds the government only until mid-january. >> that means there is a good chance. we could see this whole thing happen again. the president spoke from the white house just a short time ago warning folks about the reality. >> there's been a lot of discussion lately of the politics of the shutdown. but let's be clear, there are no winners here. these last few weeks have
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inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. we don't know yet the full scope of the damage but every analyst out there believes it slowed our growth. we know that families have gone without paychecks or services they depend on. we know that potential home buyers have gotten fewer mortgages and small business loans have been put on hold. we know that consumers have cut back on spending and that half of all ceos say the shutdown and the threat of shutdown set back their plans to hire over the next six months. probably nothing is done more damage to america's credibility in the world, our standing with other countries, than the spectacle that we've seen these past several weeks. it's encouraged our enemies, it's emboldened our competitors, and it's depressed our friends who look to us for steady
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leadership. >> all over washington today as the u.s. government is rumbling back to business. this is after 16 days of this partial shutdown. want to bring in senior white house correspondent, jim acosta and dan ta bash on capitol hill. we heard the president saying there are no winners here that america's standing in the world damaged. how does the republican party, particularly those in the house, how are they responding to this today? >> reporter: well, they certainly heard him say that there are no winners and losers. but they are not feeling that that was really his message, because he took the time to scold republicans for, as you heard, the damage that they did to the economy, from his perspective, to the u.s. image around the world and, of course, to the political difficulties that already existed in country making them much worse. the response that i'm getting from some members of the senior republican sources, members of the house leadership, is not
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very good. they just think that he's -- he had a chance to unite the country and instead he did the opposite with his message there. now on the substance of what he was asking for, that is a whole different question. first and foremost, on what got this country, the country into the crisis right now, which is the debt and the deficit and the questions about spending, there are talks starting today, which is a good sign of something we haven't seen in a very long time, suzanne, that senate budget chair, patty murray, a democrat, house budget chair, paul ryan, a republican, and their teams got together for the first time this morning. so you know, got to start talking to get somewhere. so that is a definitely good sign. these two people insist they are determined to get something done. we should point out there are politics tugging at both of them, particularly paul ryan, who voted no on this deal last night and wants to, i think it's fair to say, make sure he is in a good place with conservative base to keep his options open
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for future office. >> thank you. >> jim acosta, let's talk to you now. the sort of tea party radical, if you like, who kicked all of this off, they electorally are safe, they're not going to lose their seats, they're more about ideology, pragmatism, bipartisan. what chance are they going to change their minds at all when we get to january and it's talk time again? >> reporter: well, michael, i mean, first let's be careful using the term radical. a lot of the folks feel like they're standing on principle but didn't come out on top of this. your question why this might not happen again, michael, i think it's safe to say that the republican party is going to have a moment here of reflection. they realize, even people inside the tea party movement, that this did not go over well with the american people that they lost not only on policy, but on strategy, that their intent to
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bring down obama care essentially did not work. and really sort of showed kind of an amateurishness how to get thing done in washington. i think that's going to cause self-reflection. keep in mind, we had this deal now that keeps the government running until january 15th, puts off another potential default until february 7th. if we get back into the same sort of situation three months from now, four months from now, there could be a price to pay for republicans going into the midterm elections, democrats would very much like to take back the house. part of what you heard from the president today was sort of putting the republican party on notice, that he is also eyeing changes here in washington and not just policy ones. but i think what the president was trying to say this morning, michael, he wants to get back to work on issues like a farm bill. who would have thought that a farm bill couldn't get through the congress? it couldn't get through the congress because of the partisan ranker going on. he wants to get immigration reform done. this was a lecture from the president of the united states and it is one, as dana
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mentioned, not received well by republicans but there are republicans inside the party who said you heard about the hell no caucus, now it's the i told you so caucus, they may not be so stunned by the president's words. they might be saying, you know what, he's right. >> interesting to see. jim, appreciate it as always. jim acosta, dana bash. >> the big question, whether he's able to get anything done in the two years that remain, talking about immigration reform, immediately the budget, and of course also the farm bill, all of these things are going to be essential for the economy. of course the markets they're not doing well. it has little to do however with the debt deal. so rit now the dow down 55 points. ibm and goldman sachs dropped because of disappointing quarterly reports. >> that could have something to do with the drop. the companies have a big impact on the market because they are the second and the third heaviest weighted companies in
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the dow. also a lot of people saying that after the dow was up yesterday, there was a profit taking today, that certainly happened in europe. >> on wednesday the stocks surged more than 1% on just word of the deal the reopening of the federal government and avert a possible default. internationally the u.s. not faring well. the dollar's trending down, against other world currencies. >> we'll get more on international reaction with richard quest in about 30 minutes, a lot of the european bourses down, a bit mixed in asia. we'll talk about that with questy. >> questy. >> 16 days of a partial government shutdown had a steep cost. standard & poor's estimated it took $24 billion out of the economy and, as a result, the rating agency predicts the u.s. economy will grow 2.4% in the fourth quarter this year. >> compared to the 3% growth rate that was predicted before the shutdown. give you an idea of what $24
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billion looks like, it's more than you and i make, the annual median household income, $52,000. so that means $24 billion could cover 461,000 annual household incomes. >> a lot. what we're working for "around the world." thousands of federal worker heading back to the office but the future's very uncertain. hear from them, next. but not everything is suddenly open for business. guess what? a backlog of paperwork to get to. we'll tell you why you might want to check before you head to a national park this weekend. also -- it was the biggest meteor to cross the sky in a century. scared some folks, however. now an upclose look at what is believed to be a piece of the space rock. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. hundreds of thousands of federal workers back on the job after being furloughed for more than two weeks now. that means national parks, monuments, museums reopening. tourists, well, they're flood back into washington.
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>> rene marsh at national air and space museum. what is the mood there, workers, tourists, upbeat or annoyed by all of this? >> reporter: well, michael, suzanne it depends on who you speak to. speak to some federal workers as they're walking through the doors today some are very happy to be back and saying, finally, we get to get back to work. you speak to others they're happy but angry at lawmakers because they didn't prevent the shutdown from happening in the first place. i'm at the smithsonian museum, air and space museum specifically, throughout the museums 3500 federal employees were furloughed. today they returned to work. beyond the museum you have many other federal agencies reopening today. and those workers are coming back, some of them with a feeling of, you know, a burden on their shoulders because they know the backlog that's waiting for them on their desks. but you know who else is pretty
12:14 pm
happy things are getting back to normal in washington, d.c.? the visitors. people who come to see these months and also come to visit museums. this morning, a couple of hours ago, doors opened here at the smithsonian. we saw a steady stream of people coming in. i spoke to a couple. how does it feel to be inside today? >> ask him. >> reporter: how does it feel to be inside today? >> awesome! >> awesome. >> this is my husband's birthday gift. our trip to d.c. he wanted to come to d.c. and this museum, the air and space museum, is one of the many highlights that he wanted to see to visit. >> we got lucky. >> reporter: happy birthday to you. happy birthday to him he had a chance to see the inside of the museum, many families have been here on vacation for some four days, nothing much to do. on their final day, the family that you saw there, they get to go into the museum. the shutdown is over.
12:15 pm
>> thank you. one of my favorite museums there. the president, he said this morning, directly a message to the fur loied workers, you are important, thank you. >> so-called nonessential. >> a lot of young people working in washington back to work. >> while those furloughed workers begin returning to their jobs, not everything back to normal, not quite yet. >> more than 400 national parks, they were closed during the partial government shutdown. and many of them, it's going to take a while to reopen. is because they've got to clean the parks, make sure they are safe for people to take part. >> and if you've ever watched the dangerous catch -- the deadliest catch, that great show, the alaskan crab season started tuesday, presumably filming, too on the next season. because of the partial shutdown, crabbers couldn't get permits. they may start flowing today. but there's a backlog of requests. some crabbers are going to have to wait. >> they have to wait. national zoo in washington, it's
12:16 pm
reopening but not until friday, i guess, tomorrow. at least, however, the panda camback up and running. >> thank goodness. >> one of our producers is happy about that. get your panda fix. no privacy for the pandas. >> it's voyeurism. i don't approve. poor pandas. >> back and running. more on the shut down, the debt ceiling debate coming up. kenyan mall attack leaving at least 67 people dead. >> now cnn has exclusive video of when the terrorist group al shabaab entered the mall and began shooting. live from nairobi, when we come back. ♪
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some other stories making news around the world right now. bad news out of laos, investigators looking into the possibility that wind shear is to blame for wednesday's plane crash that killed 49 people. remnants of a typhoon in the area. the weather was terrible when
12:20 pm
the airlines plane was approaching landing at the airport. >> officials believe a sudden gust of wind caused the piloted to lose control. it crashed on or near an island in a nearby river. myanmar, one person is dead, two others injured after three, three explosions rocked the northeastern part of the country, also known as burma. they are the latest in a string of recent blasts. one person hurt monday when a home made device went off at a high-end hotel that is popular with international tourists. >> an explosion last week that killed two people as well. it not known yet whether those incidents were connected. but disturbing for a country that's coming into its own now. iraq, a familiar tale, isn't it? a car bomb going off. this time in a refugee compound in the north of the country. 17 people were killed, 7 of them children, nearly 70 other people
12:21 pm
were wounded. >> the blast caused nearby buildings to collapse, some are still trapped under the rubble. the compound is home to an ethnic shiite minority that has been the target of extremist group likes al qaeda in recent months. when terrorists attacked the mall in kenya malast month the only way to understand what happened is the story from the survivors. cnn obtained access to the mall video. >> much of what you are about to see is graphic, disturb, you may want to send the kids out of the room. the videos, few opportunities for the public to understand the nature of these attacks and how these killers show absolutely no hesitation about ending life. going through hours of this video, preparing a summary of what we can learn from that saturday in september. >> reporter: shoppers at
12:22 pm
westgate mall, this is the scene moments before the al shabaab attack. suddenly, men, women, children, begin to run for their lives. this man on the floor thought he'd found safety. wounded, he gathers the strength to-to-try and crawl for help. another gunman returns without mercy. the security camera spotted two other attackers making their way to the top parking lot, walking towards the children's cooking competition held there. just beyond the camera's view, they open fire. this edited, silent video obtained by cnn shows what happened during the attack in nairobi on september 21st. as the attackers go through the mall, you see people desperate, trying to run and crawl to safety as bullets streak by.
12:23 pm
a body on the floor gets barely a glance, and another bullet. this is only a fraction of the surveillance video recorded during this day. most of it too horrifying to broadcast. in the supermarket, the hostage roundup has begun. a mother and two children push an injured child in a shopping cart. a teenage girl follows, her hands in the air. she's bloody. a gunman points the way. kenyan authorities say they closely watched the security cameras as the attack was happening. the hostage takers are spotted on the phone, authorities believe they are receiving instructions from outside the mall. here, one of them even appears to look for surveillance cameras. only four attackers are seen in the video. there are long periods of time where they appear almost
12:24 pm
relaxed. one point the attackers take turns for prayers. elsewhere in a mall restaurant, a western man, gun in hand what appears to be a plainclothes kenyan police officer take position to try to protect the staff and customers, cowering behind the counter. and this was just the first day of what would become a four-day nightmare for kenya. >> joining us from nairobi, it i or to watch, it really is. i mean, i know that you've got more information on that woman with the child in the shopping cart. fill us in on that and what this video tells us about, those gunmen. >> reporter: well, michael, i guess it's a tiny bit of respite from all of the horribleness that we've been watching. the lady with her two children and by the way that third injured child in the cart was a
12:25 pm
12-year-old that she insisted on being allowed to take with her, the gunman finally released them after her and her children pleaded, in fact, her boy apparently called the gunman a bad plan and given sweets, if you can believe it. she insisted on taking the teenage girl so they were eventually released. they were among the very, very lucky few in this. >> you talk about the fact that we see four of the gunmen in the video here and that there's a lot of video to be shared. how helpful, useful is this for kenyan authorities, those who want to make sure they have the people responsible, all of the people responsible, for this? >> reporter: well, it definitely gives you a sense of how extraordinarily well-coordinated this was. with the intercepts they've been working on, i understand from security sources they've been able to link this to a worrying broad network, not just kenyan but out into the region in east africa and beyond, and they
12:26 pm
believe that this could be linked even across the red sea into al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. those are key, not just understanding how it could have happened but who was involved, how wide that net is going to need to be, suzanne. >> thank you so much, it's so hard to watch that video. i know it's useful to investigators but difficult when you see the total disregard for life. laying down, he's still shooting him. >> it is horrible to watch. it is. for weeks the shutdown drama, well, it was like a bad tv reality show, wasn't it? the bad guy, the good guy, the victims. now that it's over, winners and losers or who lost the less. >> that's up next on "around the world." ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time.
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welcome back. the bill has been signed, the partial federal government shutdown is over, and the didn't is raised for now. but guess what? we're learning more about what's in that bill. >> so much for a clean bill. actually, there's a little bit of pork in this. take a look. these are some things, surprising here, some provisions. $2.2 billion going to a river dam project. it's ohio river, and that is important because it's bordering kentucky and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, that's his home state. he says he did not ask for those funds. >> one for you, the late new jersey senator frank lautenberg's widow will get a death benefit equal to one year's salary. that's traditional but this is shocking, because lautdenburg was one of the richest members of congress, according to the hill. he was worth more than $59 million in 2011 but his widow's
12:31 pm
getting $174,000 more. >> more of what's in the bill and next for the government, visit >> ironic, isn't it? the whole thing started because of something attached to another bill and the thing that sells it has things attached to. >> and it hurt the economy at the sam time. supporters of all of the projects are not ones who have gotten something out of this budget bill. there were some winners, political winners, the president says nobody won in this. at a news conference this morning the president insisted, democrats, republicans, nobody comes out on top when it comes to the drawn-out budget battle. listen. >> now, there's been a lot of discussion lately of the politics of this shutdown. but let's be clear, there are no winners hire. he's last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. we don't know yet the full scope of the damage but every analyst out there believes it slowed our
12:32 pm
growth. >> the shutdown has had an impact, of course, both good and bad on all of the major political players. here's tom foreman with a look at that. >> reporter: out of the turmoil of the shutdown and threat of a debt default, washington is sorting out the winners and losers, in pure political terms the president appears on the winning side, betting everything that republicans would blink first and they did. >> you don't get to hold the american people hostage or our economy hostage in order to extract concessions. >> reporter: senate majority harry reid, echoed the white house line, even if now he's softening his tone. >> this is not a time for pointing fingers and blame. >> reporter: on the republican side, traditional conservatives and moderates may have taken the worst shellacking, first pushed around by the tea party and then bested by the democrats. >> far less than what many of us hoped for.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: john boehner seems to have come out okay, losing the battle but winning the war, by holding on to his position as speaker of the house. >> i do not like them, sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> reporter: senator ted cruz who held the floor for 21 straight hours of hopes of repealing obama care lost that quest with his tea party pals but raised 3/4 of a million for his campaign war chest. that's a lot of green eggs and ham. senate women, democratic and republican, get some credit in the winning column, talking up cooperation, even as the crisis deepened. >> i think what you saw really led by a lot of the energy created by the women. >> reporter: although it is worth noting, polls say the public disapproved of everyone from the president on down for the handling of the crisis. still, in the big picture -- >> the only people that are losing now are the people of this country. >> sorry, the park is closed today. >> reporter: americans, far and wide, may have been the biggest
12:34 pm
losers. >> let us do our work. >> reporter: some pushed out of work, others locked out of parks and federal offices, and still more missing out on business related to government. altogether it cost the struggling economy billions of dollars. sure, fans of the national zoo's panda cam will be winners but that money's gone for good. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> so we know that there's some political damage that has been done. is it too late to turn things around for some folks? we'll hear about that, next. [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good, imagine how they taste.
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you don't like a particular policy, a particular president, then argue for your position. go out and win an election. push to change it.
12:38 pm
but don't break it. don't break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. that's not being faithful to what this country's about. >> of course you are hearing the president there blaming republicans, his message clearly for them saying, if you don't like this, you can go ahead and win some elections, get folks in the seats, make your own policies, your own laws here, and this of course on the day when the debt default was averted, hundreds of thousands of federal employees back to work after six days of being furloughed. i want to bring in ron brownstein, senior political analyst. the president says there's no winners here. some look at the president and say, perhaps he won in this whole stand-off situation. how do you see it, in terms -- he says economically, nobody's winning here, politically, are there winners, losers? >> right.
12:39 pm
for the country, there are no winners in this can kind of standoff. by the way, the president's right. what he said echos what bill clinton said during a famous moment during the '59 shutdown and looked across the republican leadership and said if you want to get this budget passed you have to elect a president. the same is true here. if they want to repeal the obama health care law they have to elect i president. his goal deledges my the use of the tools. a means of trying to extract policy concessions, he's gone a long way toward doing that. there could be another winner, the pragmatic wing of the republican party. i think one of the big stories in washington this year has been that the conservative vanguard of the gop, the tea party affiliated wing, has really seized control of the party agenda. after the 2012 elections republicans talking about reaching out, broadening the base. this year it's about confrontation, delivering for the base and mobilizing the
12:40 pm
base, and they've taken that to its logical extreme and cracked against the rock. i think it's provides an opportunity for other voices in the gop if they assert themselves. >> i deal a lot on cnn international, the rest of the world is seeing uniquely american politics. i mean one of -- >> yes. >> one of the them is attaching unrelated things to bills. i mean you can put up a bill about building bridges and someone will attach abortion to it. we saw this with the bill that ended all of this. is that part of the problem? it's got a historical precedent how that all began but is it something that's practical, particularly in today's partisan politics. >> there's a continuum here. many people in washington who say that the city worked better when you could use earmarks as a way of sanding down ideology, giving people a practical reason to support something that might be not in their ideological sweet spot.
12:41 pm
as we've got an way from that, toward a political system based on ideology, you know it's become much harder to get anything done, as party line voting has gone up. on the other hand you see this taken to the extreme with the idea of use either the default or shutdown as a means of trying to change a law as fundamental as the obama health care law. go back to american history, the parties disagree about a dozen things. if we were going to shut down the government every time they couldn't resolve a difference we'd be moving close to anarchy. there's a continuum here how big to include in legislation. >> the losers here, the president's trying to push for budget immigration reform and a farm bill. the political climate, that's not likely going to happen? >> we were polarized noshth a lot has gotten done. after the last shutdown and the blast crater of that, what followed was the most productist period of bipartisan
12:42 pm
cooperation. in '96 clinton and republicans agreed onwe welfare reform. as i said, if there is a more pragmatic side of the republican party wants to take control of the debate arc certificate themselves more, this shows there is a majority for governing with the 87 republicans who voted for this, you know, not necessarily majority of house republicans but over 218 in the house and that could apply to other issues if the climate develops for that kind of cooperation, as it did in '96, after the last shutdown. >> ron brownstein, thank you so much. the losers he mentioned as well, talking about republicans, the kamikaze republicans, the hell no caucus turned into the i told you so caucus, not on the winning side of this. >> tea party members, a lot of people point out have no down side in therms of their electoral strength. they're not going to get thrown out of office because of
12:43 pm
redistricting. >> they say they're following their principles. the dow down 54 points, .35 of a percentage point. internationally not impresses either, world markets responding to the deal. uncertainty what is a short-term fix.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
china is the biggest foreign
12:46 pm
holder of u.s. debt worldwide and is obviously thankful this debt ceiling crisis is over for now. they would have been affected the most. but, the credit rating agency, which has close ties to the chinese government, not impressed. >> agency says the u.s., the government is still approaching verge of default crisis, a situation that cannot be substantially alleviated in the foreseeable future. richard quest joins us from new york. richard, whatever way you put it, we prefer to say kick the can down the road, whatever. >> i'm over the can, by the way its the band-aid, i guess. we'll deal with this again, debt ceiling again, another deadline, in february. how are people around the country reacting to -- around the world, essentially, reacting to this. >> i think what you're seeing in the chinese comment is the truth sometimes hurts and you can't disagree with that statement. you can obviously put a political spin on it, as the
12:47 pm
chinese agency chose to do so. if you look at what happened in europe and the way the indices fell and look at what's happening today in the new york market, and the cynicism/skepticism that exists over the deal, even what the president said and what they said last night, everybody knows we will have to revisit all of the aspects of this in a very short time frame. so it's not surprising that any euphoria is tempered and the rest of the world is exasperated. >> what does all of this do to what is the benchmark currency, the u.s. dollar? i mean, is it being hurt by this? people looking to the euro? >> here we have a slightly perverse reaction. i mean, in the last day or so, the dollar has given back some of the gains, down 1%. because even though the -- this is the perverse part about it -- though the u.s. is full faith and credit was called into
12:48 pm
question, because the dollar is still the reserve currency, it was still the principal safe haven. i know that seems like two sides of the same coin and a contradiction in term, forgive me for doing it, but that's the truth. even times of uncertainty about the u.s. government, the u.s. dollar remains strong. >> all right. richard, thanks so much. see you later on cnn international quest means business. richard quest in new york. >> following this pakistani teen activist is being offered an honorary citizenship. we'll tell you what country is giving her an award, next. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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fire official in australia is saying this is as bad as it gets. 98 untense bushfires popping up around sydney, forcing hundreds to flee. at least 30 homes have been destroyed. it is feared that number will be in the hundreds before it's all over. some officials are saying this may be the most serious fire emergency to hit the state of new south wales in a decade. >> the canadian government will grant honorary citizenship to malala yousafzai. it is a rare honor.
12:52 pm
she's going to join an elite group of foreign honoraries that include south africa's nelson mandela. she was shot in the head by the taliban, that happened last year, for campaigning for girls' education rights. washington may have been the center of the u.s. government shutdown and debt crisis but the effects have been felt, as we've been report, right around the world. let's have a look at some reaction now. >> we start with london, marks are steady but cautious. well aware that the solution is just temporary. >> european markets were subdued partly because it factored in a deal that was going to be done. yesterday there was talk of a deal in the works before markets closed so they closed higher. this morning, when the markets opened they did open lower, a bit of risk taking going on. on the whole, markets were down. the reality's sinking in that for now they've got a bit of a
12:53 pm
respite, come january, february, this will start again. for now european markets are upbeat on a u.s. economy but know what happens coming around the corner. >> i'm shasta darlington in brazil. the united states sneezes, the world catches a cold. so it comes as no surprise that the media, companies, and investors here and throughout south america were watching in disbelief as the whole fiasco unfolded. the deal comes as good news for regional economies and stocks, which are applause the five-month highs but the hope that the great giant in the north would somehow lead a renewed economic charge benefiting all of these countries has pretty much faded. >> leaders and technocrats in beijing breathed a sigh of relief because china is the biggest foreign owner of u.s. debt $1.3 trillion in bills and more than double that in u.s. dollar asset. the chaos in washington made for
12:54 pm
nervous days here in china. throughout the process, though, china's used this ace pr war against its rival, the u.s., saying that they must act more responsibly. >> video here. you've got to remember, this is a meteor striking through -- streaking through the russian sky. video went viral, soon after the craze began people all over the region searching for the space rock. >> a spectacular event. a lot of people were actually hurt. scientists believe they found a big clunk of that visitor have space in a lake in russia. it could be one of the heaviest meteorites ever found. it wasn't easy to get out, either. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions--
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it matters. ♪
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12:57 pm
it's pretty amazing, this video of a meteor streaking through the sky went viral in february. scientists believe they have found a fragment of the space rock. >> it's a pretty big fragment, we've got to say. this is in a lake in russia. not easy to get it out of there. >> reporter: this was the scene back in february as a massive meteor streaked across the sky, turning night into day, the fireball sent shockwaves across russia, shattering windows, injuring 1200 people and causing millions of dollars in damage. scientists say fragments of the space rock crash landed here, beneath the ice of the frozen
12:58 pm
lake near the city. now eight months late, the ice is gone. and on wednesday, in an operation covered live on russian tv, divers entered the murky water. at the bottom of the lake they found what is believed to be the largest single fragment of the meteorite. the 1.5 meter long boulder drag on shore and weighed where it literally tip, then broke, the scales. >> if it weighs more than 500 kilograms the object is unique in itself and is likely to be one of the biggest meteorites ever found. >> reporter: the suspected space rock crumbled into several chunks but weighed in at more than 570 kilograms. now scientists want to confirm this is indeed the meteorite they've been searching for. >> translator: the initial visual survey doesn't give us 100% certainty. we still need to conduct more research, a structural analysis
12:59 pm
and other tests. >> reporter: when it entered earth's atmosphere, the meteor weighed 10,000 tons. it's a fraction of the size now. but scientists seem confident they've made an out of this world discovery. >> as isha mentioned, that suspected mere yor right weighs 570 kilograms which means nothing to you. it's about 1200 pounds. it's pretty big. >> it's huge. >> the rest of the world does metric. >> i can convert. take a look at this. sidney sea life in aquarium, australia, yoga teacher instructs a class while submerged in an ocean tank. the tank includes sharks and schools of fish. >> why? moving along, coach harry, let's call him that. prin


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