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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 9, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> october 8, 2012. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. great show for you tonight. our guest tonight legendary guitarist pete townsend will be joining us. ( cheers and applause ) one of my all-time heroes. quick story fallout from the rumble on saturday night. obviously other than for people who couldn't download it, i apologize for that. it turns out the internet is a series of tubes. if you stuff too much in one
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tube, it won't... but it turns out my kids watched and apparently the phrase "bull [bleep] mountain" was awfully popular with my son who is eight years old. apparently not as popular with my wife. in terms of him using it. so, i drove home the next day from washington. i got to the house. i greeted everybody. i was so excited to be home. i noticed my son was sitting across the room giving me the stink eye. giving me one of these. and so i go, hey, nate, what's up, man? he goes, "you should watch what you say." i was like, "what do you mean?" he goes, "kids could see that
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and use that language and they could get in real trouble." there you have it. it sounds like [bleep] i'm out of here. as you know, look, we face a growing deficit and debt problem in this country that mitt romney has vowed to fix. while he's not specific about the measures, that all changed at last week's presidential debate >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop other things. i like pbs. i love big bird. i actually like you too but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from china to pay for it >> jon: pack your tote bags and ride the high cultured train back to cancel town. you can take your invisible elephant friend with you, you eight-foot tall yellow feathered freak. who fires big bird? look, after the initial elation
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of getting a specific... settle down. after getting a specific from one of mr. romney's plans which felt very good came the realization that this move to cut sesame street might not do that much to address the $16 trillion debt. well, you couldn't be more wrong. >> the numbers are truly troubling >> it turns that our out of control spending includes roughly $450 million given every year to the corporation for public broadcasting, $8 million of that going to -- that's right -- sesame workshop and big bird. >> jon: $8 million. why, that's one $6 million man and then 20 $100,000 bars. not really a huge line item in the federal budget. for a guy like lou dobbs, ending these corporate handouts, no matter how small, is about principle >> president obama today calling for an end to $4 billion of tax breaks for big oil.
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$4 billion amounts to -- are you ready? -- it represents 0008%. $5 trillion, and this president is focused, for whatever reason, is .0008% of the problem. >> jon: forgetting for just a second that $4 billion is not .0008% of $5 trillion but in fact .05%, what's a couple of zeros between lead financial analysts on a business network? but let's focus on the argument which appears to be that $8 million is greater than $4 billion. in the words of a certain mathematically inclined vampire,
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i believe the quote would be "that's bull [bleep]." so why would conservatives, why would conservatives feel so strongly that sesame street has to go? i'm kind of getting the sense there might be something else going on here >> i thought sesame street was supposed to be sharing and being nice to people. over the years they've gotten more liberal >> brain washing in the most obvious form. >> pbs, sesame street, public television suckal at the public teats for taxpayer dollars. it's an insidious form of brain washing and propaganda being as usual perpetrated by the lofty left >> jon: i see. so fox news is upset that empty-headed puppets are trying to brain wash and indoctrinate americans. well, perhaps... ( cheers and applause ) ... i can tell you... perhaps
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you could sue them. the charge could be copyright infringement. you know, that's not fair. let's take a look, ladies and gentlemen. i'm about to show you a shocking clip of sesame street. if you have young children, chances are they're asleep right now. i want you to wake them, drag them disoriented into the room and shake them and say, "don't look at the tv." this is not for you. then put them back to bed. i'll wait. no, just run the clip. >> would you share your food with someone? >> yes. ou would? why? >> because if they don't have any food i'll give it to them >> if they do not have any food, you would give... you would give them some? >> um-hum oh, that is very nice of you. [bleep] >> jon: how dare you? how dare you? i'm sure that makes sense to y
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you, grover. your heart is as red as they come. we go to john oliver and wyatt cenac in our regular issue segment. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: john, wyatt? how does sesame street make itself more palatable to conservatives? >> it's going to take some work. they've got a lot of problems. >> that's right. first, there's the name. sesame street. >> jon: yes got an awful middle eastern connotation to it. >> jon: and you would suggest? well, patriot street. ♪ can you tell me how to get to patriot street?" >> through fiscal responsibility.
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that's how. >> yes, yes, yes. number two, jon, sponsors. they need to unleash the power of the free market. >> jon: right. patriot street is brought to you by the number miller beer and the letter gold. >> jon: really? beer? >> and other traditional american values like the right to bear arms >> exactly. if people are gunning for big bird >> then big bird has the right to gun back. ( applause ) >> it's true. ime to clear up some of those vicious rumors by finally meeting mrs. bird and mrs. ernie. >> it seems very drastic. jon, they're indoctrinating our kids, jon. >> our kids! jon: patriot street wouldn't teach kids to share?
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>> it would simply put that sharing in context. would you share your food with someone? >> yes. but that would create a culture of dependency >> if i have my food i'll give it to them >> you're taking away the motivation to earn that food for themselves >> um-hum did you not read that copy of atlas shrugged i loaned you? ( cheers and applause ) >> after the grouch has been mooching for too long. >> yep. he needs to pull himself up by his own boot straps. >> jon: i don't think oscar the grouch has feet. >> oh, my god. none of us have feet. (screaming) >> jon: we'll be right
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lcome back, everybody. big news. big news. the new unemployment numbers are in. the new unemployment numbers are in >> the dramatic drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8% >> jon: oh, mid go. 8.1 to 7.8. the skies above are partly cloudy. so, lowest jobless number in nearly four years. seems like we're moving in the right direction or to put that another way... >> some people are questioning the accuracy of the 7.8% number
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that came in for the month of september >> there is widespread mistrust of this report and these numbers >> do you think they changed the numbers? >> do. i do. i think there's a lot of monkey business. >> jon: a lot of monkey business he said. monkey business. trust me, monkey business is not good business. you can't be trusting monkeys. i once hired a group. never again. is that a bonobo or a chimp? does anyone? is it a chimp? right now there's a bonobo blog going (mumbling). we have red, inflamed anuss, that doesn't look anything like us. got to be corrupt political manipulation. what else would explain why after unemployment has been steadily declining for the last year that now suddenly right before the election, it declines
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a little more? please! i think we know what's going on here. >> what are people intimating here, that the books are cooked? >> well a lot of people are saying that the government is cooking the books here >> i'll tell you these guys are saying they feel like they cooked the books >> jon: if you're cooking the books 7.8% unemployment is a [bleep] recipe. it's like the radish stew of jobless numbers. if you're cooking, make something nice for people. hey, unemployment is 2.6. everybody says we're all getting laid. call me when the allegation comes from someone with some financial credibility. >> jack welch tweeting this just moments after the release of today's job report. quote, unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will doing anything. can't debate. so change the numbers." >> jon: if legendary former ceo of general electric is alleging dishonesty to the bureau of labor statistics, you can sure
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he's got hard core evidence >> i have no evidence to prove that. >> jon: okay. but isn't his certainty despite his lack of evidence his own kind of evidence? >> i know this. this economy doesn't feel like the employment improved to this level >> these numbers don't smell right >> jon: they don't feel right. they don't smell right. that's two of the five senses. jack, how does this jobs report taste? that was our only copy. we don't have any real evidence. how about if you present your lack of evidence >> maybe it's a coincidence. that the month before the election we have a number that comes out one tenth below when
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the president took office. from an ideologue division of the federal government. i don't have any idea how they do it. they're filled with assumptions, eric >> jack, i'm not a believer in coincidences. i don't think there are any in life. >> jon: no coincidences? your life must be a constant series of unsolved mysteries. interesting. it rained on the only two days i had off. obama! it just makes me wonder if these good numbers from the b.l.s. are clearly a conspiracy, what were the earlier less positive numbers from the b.l.s. considered? >> when you go strictly by the bureau of labor statistics numbers, there are more people
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on unemployment now than when obama took office. a loss of 1.7 million jobs under president obama. those are the numbers. read 'em and weep. >> i'm not reading them and weeping. >> i'm reading the numbers see you are. i'll tell you this. right from the bureau. >> jon: one man with two conflicting points of view. of the same government bureau's numbers. co-ens dense or coincidence? we'll be right back or will we??
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight the lead guitarist and principal songwriter for the legendary band the who. his new autobiography is called "who i am." please welcome to the program pete townsend. ( cheers and applause ) how are you? >> i'm all right jon: i'm so pleased that you're here. i spent so many hours with your music >> i'm not going to help discuss american politics. >> jon: please. you'd be the only one here at the table who can. i have no idea what's going on >> i've noticed that. jon: i completely understand what you're saying. let me ask you this. this book is very thick. how hard is it... >> thank you
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jon: ... for a rock star who has lived the life that you have lived to remember this? and how much of this do you believe really happened? >> i'm not like those other guys that you have on here >> jon: what? i do remember. my memory is really good particularly when i used to drink a lot >> jon: really? that pickles your memory. >> (laughing) jon: kept it preserved i do have a sort of sense of picklement. in fact i had a lot of paper. you know, i had stuff where i had written lyrics on the road. it would be holiday inn, rolling meadows, you know. won't get it again. all i had to do was look in my book and find out what they were in rolling meadows on april 15, 19-whatever it was. i would move where i was, where i had written that lyric.
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that kind of thing helped me a lot. i save bits of paper. i save notes and letters. it was quite easy to remember. my memory for incidents was good. i wouldn't write crazy things down but i retold the stories so often that they became kind of little movies. it was very easy to write a book. >> jon: do you feel... i wonder if in today's age of social media twitter and facebook and with everyone knowing... when i read some of these stories they're so vivid and so destructive. could the band have been the way they were in this current environment or was this just a special time where there was sort of a freedom to do things that you wouldn't be able to do now? >> i don't know. i really don't know. i mean, i think... looking back the thing was we were under a
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microscope. as you would be today. but not in the same way. artists today not only are subjected to incredible scrutiny but they willingly put up their lives on twitter. everything that they do. and, you know, their relationships, where they're going. the movements from place to place. some politicians do this now too. i don't do switter. i'm not on facebook. but i was one of the first artists to do my own website like a blog. in the days when, you know, you would go to something like blog spot and you would see some very interesting stuff. you know, stuff which is being discussed now is being possibly not so great. i remember reading about a mum who had given a birth to the child and there were pictures of the whole period of her pregnancy, having the baby. all of that stuff was very new then. now people are discussing that. is is that good for the kid? well, we don't know yet.
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but in my blog, i used to talk about what i was doing, where i was going, what i was writing. i feel after a month of doing this, i check my stats. there were many many many hits. i'm thinking, oh, wow, 10,000 hits. it was about 30 people. >> jon: (laughing) maybe 400 at the most but they just spent the whole day checking, you know. what is pete doing now? what is pete doing now? >> jon: 0 very obsessed fans. that's it. >> they were the only ones that had computers. this was way back. >> jon: the amazing thing is the social times that you spent with the rolling stones, the beatles, the beach boys, you write mick jag or was the only man you ever saw that you thought, "i'd have sex with that guy." let me ask you this, have you met nbc news' brian williams?
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coming for you, williams. was there a jealousy amongst the bands? a camaraderie, a feeling like we are the only people in the world who understand what each other is dealing with? >> i think what you said is true. that's it. we were also... we all... well, there was enough space then that you could be in your own ballpark and not invade anybody else's. you know, the stones were the stones. the beatles were the beatles. the who were the who. you know, we all plenty of leg room. today, you know, the music business is just awash with incredibly talented young people, incredibly talented. they've been playing and learning music since they were babies, some of them. they emerge with their computer music out of the box on the web. you know, you go into any of these search engines and listen
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to music. you become overwhelmed with how much fantastic stuff there is there. with us there were just three or four bands. really truly. not many at all. didn't have the big stuff. there was competition but it wasn't as steep >> jon: do you have five minutes to stick around >> sure jon: we have here who i am. the great pete townsend, ladies and
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>> jon: thaou


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