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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  March 27, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> from comedy central's world
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news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [ captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. we've got a good one for you tonight. the fine program. my guest michael moss he is the author of "salt sugar fat", the "eat pray love" of diabetes enthusiasts. we'll talk about the republican party. with a difficult election loss behind them there's a time of reflection and soul searching for the g.o.p. we'll let you know if they find one! oh, oh, who wants a piece of this? [cheers and applause] who wants a piece of this? [cheers and applause] [laughter] i kid, of course. really? all right. [ laughter ] last week the republican
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national committee released its report on what went wrong in the 2012 election and how the republican party can reverse its fortunes in the future. >> officials are calling it an autopsy. >> that's right. they are calling it an autopsy. [ laughter ] >> jon: it is a document of idealistic named for bodies in the river. what do you say we rub a little cancer under our noses and get to the business of cutting this bloated corpse open. we know the time of death. rncrince preebous what is the cause of death? >> the message isn't resonating enough. it goes back to what our moms used to tell us, it's not just what you say it's how we say it.
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>> jon: for instance,, the way i say it is like a drunk muppet. or as drunk muppets are known to the police druppets. a 100 page report to reassure republicans they don't need to change what they are saying but how they are saying it. remember, when you tell a gay person that their love is too unnatural for society to recognize -- [cheers and applause] -- smile. [cheers and applause] a big issue for 2012 was to connect with minorities. please welcome g.o.p. 2.0 relatable style. >> we're going to overall our campaign mechanic structure to fully integrate the demographic engagement strategy. this new approach will be
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diverse, year-round, community-based and dedicated to person-to-person engagement. we'll conduct a pilot program and targeted urban markets to tested and re-- to test and refine the engagement efforts. [laughter] >> jon: the local natives seem to be feeling more comfortable with my presence. holy (bleep). let me brake this strategy down, if i may. after pretending -- settle down. settle down it's a pun. let me break this strategy down. after pretending minorities didn't exist the republican party has decided to physically go into the areas and engage person-to-person or as that is known on the streets, talking. [ laughter ] but of course as the saying goes, talk is not cheap. >> we're going to be announcing
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a $10 million initiative just this year in which it will include hundreds of people, paid, across the country from coast to coast, in hispanic, african-american, asian communities talking about our party. [laughter] >> jon: we were just going to pay $5 million but these are minority communities so we had to sweeten the pot. you understand. [laughter] there you go you'll go to minority neighborhoods, could market research and take people back to the minority communities with a retargeted message. it works for cool cigarettes. why not for another organization that has seemed indifferent to the overall health of minorities. all right so. now we know. let's see if we can apply this new remessaging strategy to last week's other major news from the right: cpac which stands for
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(bleep) penis and (bleep). no, sorry that's -- [laughter] that's on craigslist that's what it stands for. i believe in this context it stands for conservative political action conference. it's not the ideas but the way they are saying them. >> why aren't we letting people in from europe? [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> jon: talking about europe. why not let people in from europe? we're talking about quality immigrants not these spanish speaking pricks you know what i'm talking about? the white ones from spain. i'm talking about the difference between tapas and tacos. class, yes. [ laughter ] who else needs a message massage. >> a new book is out talking about the perks in excess of the
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$1.4 billion a year presidency we're paying for. there are five chefs on air force one. there are two projectists who operate the white house movie theater. we're also the ones who are paying for someone to walk the president's dog. >> jon: they makes a good point that is a sharp indictment of the president's wasteful lifestyle. >> congresswoman bachmann got her information from a book from a longtime republican lobbyist. the book provides no specific sources for the claims it makes. >> jon: here is the opportunity. rather than seeming like on outs information from dubious sources graciously admit your wrong assertions and get some credibility back. or r uuun.
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>> you talked about the dog walker which is not true. >> the big point of speech was about benghazi. >> but you also made accusations about the president spending money that other presidents also made. >> jon: must keep running. fact checking up to me. must outrun facts. [cheers and applause] listen -- settle down. what is next? >> it's great to be back at cpac. [ laughter ] >> jon: sure y not. >> no background checks. i like the idea, mr. president, should have started with yours. >> jon: i think i finally figured out where sarah palin came from, someone cast a spell on a youtube comment and it came
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to life. doesn't the g.o.p. have someone with ideas worth messaging? they need a fresh voice, that can be the face of a diverse republican party. >> is spain's neurosurgeon dr. ben carson the black conservative who can save the g.o.p. >> a remarkable human being, a gifted neurosurgeon, a wonderful life story, tremendous values, loves america. >> jon: all that and he's a doctor? here we go. your party is so screwed up it's going to take a literal brain surgeon to help figure it out physical it is in fact the way your message is framed that that is the problem, you cannot find a more appealing delivery system than this man. let's do this. >> that has been the nature of americans. we've always been generous. nobody -- [cheers and applause] nobody is starving on the
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streets. we've always taken care of them. >> jon: good luck in 2020. we'll ht[cheers and applause]
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>> jon: welcome back to the program. we've just been talking about outreach for more on the republican parties attempt to grow their base, be more inclusive we are joined by senior black correspondent mr. larry wilmont. larry we're talking about the republicans trying to reach out
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to minority communities. do you have any advice? >> sure, jon. hey, republicans, seeing as how you spent the last year and a half trying to keep us from voting try at least top sound like you are happy reaching out to us. >> we have to do a lot better job and a lot more to make up ground in minority communities. [ laughter ] >> i mean you sound like you are announcing, yeah, the test results came back and it's gone rea. you have to say it like, hey, guys, there's cake in the breakroom. >> jon: they need to curb their lack of enthusiasm for this outreach? >> right. that's just for starters. remember during the election republicans were about build the dang fence and self deportation not anymore. >> obviously we have to do immigration reform. >> that's nice. you want to do the right thing. why is that? >> elections. elections. >> don't say it out loud.
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that's like calling a girl and going how was your day? okay. let's get out to dinner. why? because i want to (bleep) you. >> jon: number two, conceal your cynicism. >> you don't help minorities lord know the democrats haven't but at least they seem happy to see you. really, we're the ones you've been waiting for, thank you. >> jon: flattery is catching. catchy is better than the truth. if you need blacks to help reconstruct the party find blacks more current than the reconstruction. >> i am a conservative but that's not how -- i'm a frederick douglass republican.
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>> frederick douglass didn't django shoot him. >> jon: there was a lot of shooting so i'm not sure. [ laughter ] >> if you want to get minorities on board stop playing the victim. what was that cpac panel called? trump the race card. are you sick and tired of being called a racist and you know you are not one? okay, first of all why does donald trump have to put his name on everything? seriously jon? what kind of narcissistic (bleep) wants naming rights on racism. >> jon: they wanted to talk openly about race and racism. >> it was open all right. >> he writes a letter to a former slave and says i forgive you for all the things you did to me. >> for giving him shelter and
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food all these years? >> he's defending slave owners. oh, my god, jon, that's fantastic. knoll wonder that guy is sick of being called racist. i bet he gets called racist but other racists. it's unbelievable. >> jon: food and shelter he would lick reparations for descendents of slave owners. >> jon, it's not bad. you know they've had it for the past 150 years. >> jon: food, shelter, free transatlantic cruises. that doesn't come cheap. >> maybe there's some compensation for that. >> jon: how about 40 mules and an acre. we're both joking, right? aren't we joking about this? >> i'm not anymore, jon. i think i finally figured out how black people can get reparation, offer them to the descendants of slave owners. according to ancestry that is
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about 90% of brothers. [ applause ] okay, jon csm that acre be anywhere -- >> jon: no, thank you.[cheers a]
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>> jon: welcome back my guest tonight pulitzer winning reporter. he writes for the "new york times" his new book is called
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"salt sugar fat." please welcome him to the program. sir -- [cheers and applause] thank you for joining us. >> thankses for having me here. >> jon: first of all i read the book and it was delicious. [ laughter ] "salt sugar fat." the story of how the food conglomerates have hooked us on these substances is incredibly unappetizing. it's so scientific, his no idea. >> it was, i tell you, jon, for me it was like being inside a detective story, writing and researching. just listening to them talk about the way, the precision which with they formulate their food. the legend of industry howard moskawitz walked us through a development of a soda flavor for dr. pepper and to find the most
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perfectly sweet formula. take 61 versions, each slightly different than the other, 6,000 consumer taste tests, did it in the computer, did the math analysis and came up with the precise amount of sugar which he calls the bliss point, guaranteed to send us over the moon, send the product flying off the shelf. >> jon: it's a distoppic, you get the -- dystopic, you get the idea of guys back -- in white coats in the back let's get a drop of soma that should win them. >> i don't see it as an evil empire that was out to give us ill. they are like look none of individual products including soda or my favorite potato chips cause the problem here.
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the problem lies in their collective field. what companies do make more money by selling more products. >> jon: this is not a book of demonization. it's a book of how competition and cheap food. you liken it to cheap energy. >> this is the holy grail. they know when they use the three ingredients in the right amount they have winners. the fierce competition. even when the companies try to do the right thing by consumer health, and they have. the companies are trying to do the right thing they get pushed back by wall street. where is the profit? >> jon: right. you talked about soup. here is something flavorful but there's a lot of salt in it, sodium. they test the formulations and make it taste just as good -- >> one the healthy lines as they
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call it they cut back on a little bit. it took a hiccup from wall street and they put it back n. they are looking at competition in the soup aisle and the competitors are not doing it. >> jon: how does real food compete? the same way you talk about if we all had solar panels on our heads we wouldn't need cars. people won't do that as long as it's cheap and easy to get gs. how can real and sustainable food and lifestyles compete in anyway? >> the playing field is so unlevel. the subsidies go to the highly processed food. almost none go to the fresh fruits and vegetables. one thing that the white house is looking at which is leveling the playing field from the economics. when i go to -- >> jon: stop with things that make it easier. >> yeah, even when we go in with
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good intentions to buy the foods we should the cost is -- >> jon: beyond the cost there's clearly a physical and emotional reaction that you have. a bliss point, like you say, that occurs. you're right if a banana and an apple are cheaper maybe i wouldn't eat a yodel but holy (bleep) it's so good. in the back of your room what is in there a giant bowl of what? >> you have to love the language. one of my favorite terms is banishing can a -- caloric density. that's the cheeto. i don't know if you noticed but it melts in your mouth. >> jon: oh, i've noticed. [laughter] >> when it does that it sends a signal to the brain which says
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jon, michael, keep eating because the calories have vanished. vanishing call loric density. >> jon: i didn't know it was that. i just thought it was my friend. [laughter] i found it fascinating, too, that within nestle, one of the larger ones, they actually have a division which is researching and creating ways to mitigate the problems their other divisions are creating. >> yes. >> jon: the -- when people get obese and they have the gas trick bypass surgery they are creating products that you can feed them with tubes. >> they are working all ends. and they have 700 or more scientists plugging away trying to make the most highly attractive food, and other the other side, too trying to make health products. >> jon: they are nice people, not like evil geniuses in white
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lab coatz like we'll destroy society. >> they are fun to hang out with. they are people you want to have a beer with. but you have to realize they don't eat their own products. >> jon: that's not true? >> that is true. that was one of the most surprising things on a personal level. >> jon: yeah! >> especially when they get to a health problem. there was a senior scientist at kraft who couldn't run anymore after he blew out his knee. he stopped drinking anything but water. and potatoes. >> jon: the other thing you can do which is what i've done which is give up. can you stick around? >>


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