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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 14, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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central's world news headquarters in new york, this is is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. we have a good one for you tonight. oh, yeah. working on a fine program tonight. our guest tonight the secretary of obamacare and human
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obamacares kathleen obamacare. [ laughter ] of course, the discussion over obamacare and its effects is completely a propos as we check in on day seven of our ongoing coverage of. ♪ [cheers and applause] while many of us have been focusing on last week's totally necessary nonassinine both parties are equally responsible for the government shutdown the galaxy destroying dark force known as obamacare was unleashed on an unsuspected and yet still trusting world. how did it go? [screaming]
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just as i thought! [laughter] obamacare has exploded the chest cavities of millions of americans. [ laughter ] really if you put little cute ears on that that could be a french bulldog. [laughter] how did the opening of obamacare health exchanges really go? >> web sites were slow or crashed altogether. >> the main page went to apply to this please wait. >> still having problems with drop-down menus and things timing out. >> i tried to get on healthcare.go. this site has been down partially all weekend. >> nbc tried to reenling but the system wasn't budging but she called customer srt. >> this is 15 minutes now. i almost spent 207 minutes on
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the phone now. >> jon: nailed it. [ laughter ] whoohoo. all right. let's get one thing straight from about this country: we will camp out all night to be the first people to buy a phone or see a movie about shirtless werewolves but you have 10 minutes to get me this (bleep) health care. do you understand what i'm talking about? [laughter] [cheers and applause] obviously we must have been -- let's me fair, they must have been incredibly overwhelmeds but we know the obama administration is the most tech savvy administration in history. stop sending me e-mails. [laughter] and knowing that, the obama administration had three years to set up the web enrollment for the president's centerpiece legislative achievement. you know obama must have had the tech end buttoned up. that would be like if lincoln
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didn't proof read the emans paition proclamation and ended up freeing the davies, sure good news for any slave any dave. the obamacare implementation rollout has left a lot to be desired. what a great opportunity for the opposition party to offer a reasonable alternative. >> the republicans hinted the only way to end the shutdown is to tie it to the debt ceiling fight. >> we're now lumping in the debt ceiling and the government shutdown and the fight over obamacare. >> jon: right i forgot they are (bleep) nuts. the most egregious and blatant incompetence still pales in comparison to these guys, to these an asteroid will collide with the earth and republicans are refusing to send bruce
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willis until obamacare is defunded. now it seems the republicans are threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling which would tech fikly put the united states in default, technically. not really, right guys? like technically you might have herpes but if it's dormant -- what? >> we're not going to default on the debt. if that happens there's enough money in the tbowght pay for that. >> we bring in $250 billion in taxes every month. our interest payment is $20 billion. tell me why we would ever default. >> there's no such thing as a debt creating in this country because it's never been not increased. in my household some bills have to be paid. that doesn't mean we have to pay every bill the day it comes in. >> jon: what a great strategy. that was my strategy, in college. [ laughter ] when i smoked a lot of pot and worked at a cinnabon.
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[cheers and applause] in retrospect probably not a great idea to be high all the time at a cinnabon. [laughter] still republicans made a convincing case. maybe blowing through the debt ceiling no big deal. >> the democrats are scaring people. >> they want to threaten a default to scare people. >> i think that all this talk about a default has been a lot of demagoguery. >> jon: oh, so they are trying to scare people. you guys would never do that? what was your thought about obamacare again? >> it's a disaster, i think it's a train wreck. i think it's a nightmare. >> obamacare has been a job killer. >> it will bankrupt the country. >> we'll never recover from obama fair implemented. >> it could easily push us into
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a recession. >> obamacare is a destroyer and it's going to destroy our freedom. >> jon: just simple straightforward fact-based ahhhhh! unlike obamacare republicans are willing to destroy this country for the right reasons. for more ntion on this nation's only two apparent options we're joined by samantha bee representing team incompetence and jason jones for team nilism. how are you? sam, jason, hi. >> hi. >> jon: very nice. all right. let's -- let's start with him then. >> the government seems to have an incredible opportunity here. if it could gain the people's confidence through better execution of this program they would be in a tremendous position. that's a great point, jon. and the government is working on getting things right. you know, i'm reminded of a
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story of a 39-year-old woman came up to me. >> jon: sam, you are looking at the wrong camera. >> oh, my god. so sorry. oh, god. oh, came rawp here hurts my eyes. >> jon: let's start with jason. jason. >> yes, yes and these are the people we're supposed to trust with our health care. >> jon: it's a fair point there. your side's solution would be? >> easy (bleep) it. [ laughter ] >> jon: is there a step two to that plan? >> of course there's a step two. it's a two-step plan. step one (bleep), step two it. [cheers and applause] jon, this country is out of control with unions, work safety, handouts. we've got to burn it to the ground. we need to return this country to the type of unfettered free market conditions that, you know made all that other liberal
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(bleep) necessary. >> jon: how do you respond to this sam? sam how do you respond to this? >> sorry i'm experiencing an usually heavy volume of questions at this time. >> jon: i only asked you two things how could that? >> thank you for your interest. >> jon: sam you had ample time to prepare. >> please continue to hold. we're working to fix these errors around the (bleep). >> jon: i think you meant clock. >> thank you for your feedback please continue to hold. >> jon: jason? >> look, jon, our founders established this great nation with one thought eplur bus unum -- e pluribus unum which means every man for himself. >> jon: i don't think it's cha that means. >> some say the strong eats the weak. obviously it was a less civilized time. >> jon: thank you very much.
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>> you are welcome. i hope you found this helpful. >> don't tread on me, jon. >> jon: samantha bee,
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chawdz. [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back my guest tonight is the secretary of health and human services. please welcome back to the program secretary kathleen sebelius. [cheers and applause]
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nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> jon: we're going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made and you are going to try to sign up for obamacare and we'll see which happens first. >> okay. okay. [laughter] >> jon: what is going on with this? is this working? is it not working? >> well, the great news is, we have a terrific market. and for the first time, people are going to have a chance to compare plans, figure out what they qualify for. insurance companies have to play by new rules and for 85% of us we don't have to sign up for anything because we have insurance that works. >> jon: i see. this obamacare is for the 15 percenters as it were. >> the 15% without insurance at all or -- >> jon: how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled. i can't tell you because i don't
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for example we're taking applications on the web, on the phone. we'll be giving monthly reports. we've had not only lots of web hits, hundreds of thousands of accounts created. >> jon: so hundreds of thousands of people have signed up? >> of accounts created which means that then they are going to shopping. jon this is like -- >> jon: what? this is like a kayak site where you check out what plane you want to get on. the good news is you don't have to buy it today. you have to have insurance by the 15th of december to have a plan that starts in january. >> jon: these are individuals. a legitimate criticism of this is that businesses were given a delay of a year but individuals were not given that option. why is that? >> well business owners with more than 50 employees and thinks that the only business owners with any responsibility. 95% of them are in the market right now. a delay doesn't change the market numbers. individuals have tax credits coming their way. have financial help for the first time and the market that we are now running --
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>> jon: right. >> -- is available for them. that doesn't delay that didn't stop. we know about six out of ten people will get a policy for under $100 a month. never happened before. insurance companies can't turn anybody away with a preexisting condition. >> jon: i'm if an individual i'm wondering, well, an individual who doesn't want this. there individuals clearly that want this but if i'm on individual that doesn't want this it's hard for me to look at a big business getting a waiver and not having to do this and me having to because i would think, geez, it looks like because i don't have a lobbying group -- not that i don't have a lobbying group, believe me, i have a lobbying group. i would feel like you are favoring big business because they lobbied you to delay it because they didn't want to do this year but you are not allowing individuals the same courtesy. >> again, big businesses are in the market. >> jon: that's where 85% of
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the people are, yes? >> that's where 85% of the people get their insurance now. they work for the government, big business. they are in. small employers have no mandate in the law not now, not in the future. >> jon: underneath 50 employees. >> under 50 full-time employees. the new market gives them additional shopping tools. >> jon: although right now it has one option? >> now, it has, business owners are able to make choices. what doesn't happen this year is employees in a small mom and pop shop can't choose from 14 different plans. >> jon: they get one. >> it is -- if you run your own shop -- >> jon: would you say it's a legitimate criticism that an individual doesn't get to delay it but a business does? >> nothing that helps an individual get health insurance has been delayed at all. they can. they get the tax credit this year. they have plans to choose from. >> jon: so you are doing it because you haven't been able to
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get the subsidies ready for the businesses? >> the businesses don't get subsidies they are just going to -- >> jon: they delay because they are not getting extra money but individuals don't because they will? >> again, they are in the market already. >> jon: let me ask you this: am i a stupid man? yonch think so. i don't think so. but people waiting for a long time finally have a market to choose from. >> jon: that is the good news. people in a want this finally have a chance to get it. seems like it's a good thing. but if you are someone like me you think health care shouldn't be in a market-based solution because health care doesn't lend itself to market-based solutions because people can't shop. >> they can now. >> jon: people can shop for insurance. >> you can figure out if your doctor is in the plan that you want. if the network of hospitals is in the plan you want. what kind of drug you take is that in the plan you want. you've never been able to do that before. i'm a recovering insurance
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commissioner. >> jon: you are not able to do that with regular insurance companies. you can't shop around? >> would you never know what is there. you might deal with one agent or broker. this is side by side transparent. >> jon: this the first mall created? >> you bet. >> jon: why is it that individuals couldn't say they didn't want to do it for a year. >> they can. they pay a fine at the end of the year. they don't have to. they can say i don't want to do it. the theory is they can't pick and choose if they are hit by a bus or diagnosed with an illness. for a lot of young folks they are one fall on the basketball court, one auto accident away from a lifetime of hospital bills they can't pay. [laughter] >> jon: still not sure why individuals can't delay csm we come back and ask more questions? >> sure. >> jon: can i ask the same one? >> if you want to. >> jon: we'll be right back with more fromretaryecretary
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: all right. we're talking to secretary sebelius about health care. let me tell you why it may seem i'm a little hard on this. for those of us who perfect somewhat believing that the opposition right now in washington are crazy people -- [laughter] -- it is imperative that this government, the government that basically says this federal government has a role to play in people's lives, it feels like it's frustrating to have to defend something that is less
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than ideal, or is functioning at what seems to be a level of incompetence that is larger than what it should be. so if your only option is crazy town, this is why i think people are clinging to this. but why -- like the 30 hour a week thing. businesses are cutting workers hours below 30 to avoid facing the law of obamacare. what do you say to that? >> again, at least the economists, not anecdotal folks, but economists say there's absolutely no evidence that part-time work is going up. in fact it's going down. the height was in the recession. it's going down. and for the first time ever in this country, part-time workers and there's a lot of part-time workers there always have been and will be in the future, will have affordable health care. >> jon: you are saying -- >> you bet. they'll have an option.
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not the employer offering help but -- >> jon: there are people that will end up in difficult times having to spend money they would not have spent, yes? to buy health care if they did not have it or want it? >> there are people who will yes, pay money and many of them will pay less than than they pay for cable or cell phone a month. >> jon: but for someone who loves cable -- >> and god knows we all do. i -- you know, we all do. >> jon: but the basic idea is what you are saying to the american people is some of you may face a penalty for the greater good is what the vution vution -- the suggestion is? >> it also is we don't get to pick and choose when you get sick. >> jon: now we're getting somewhere. >> the rules of the country are you go through the emergency room door, you get treated and somebody picks up the bill. you are more likely to live sicker and die younger without
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insurance. >> jon: which is why i don't understand the idea of staying with a market-placed solution for a problem where people can't be smart consumers there's too many earn ternalities in health care. i don't understand why businesses would jump at the chance to decouple health insurance from their responsibility and why the government would jump at the chance to create a single payer system that simp plies this whole garbley guck and creates the program that i think america deserves. why get it. -- i don't get it. >> well -- ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jon: it feels like -- as we're facing, the end of western civilization by having a market-based strategy. >> jon: i understand that. >> you are bringing western civilization to its knees by selling private insurance plans
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on a web site where people pick and choose. i understand your point. i understand if we could have perhaps figured out a pathway, that may have been a reasonable solution. >> jon: so this is a system that has been jerry rigged to deal with the crazy people. so by bending over to deal with the crazy people we now face default. has that taught a lesson? >> i think the president did not want to dismantle the health care that 85% of the country had and start all over again. the end of six months, we have 26 weeks of open enrollment, we'll have millions of americans with affordable. >> jon: can you run it? the v.a. has huge problems like other things. i'm concerned. >> we're not running the insurance programs we're running -- >> jon: just the enrollment. >> that's right. it started rockier than we would like. >> jon: why is it so hard? >> it's better today and it will keep getting better. help is there that's never been
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there. people can make their own decisions about what is good for them and their families. >> jon: yeah. thank you for coming by and i hope thi thi
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>> jon: that's our show. i still don't understand why individuals have to sign up and businesses don't. because if the businesses they get a delay because that doesn't matter anyway because they give
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health care and then you think to yourself (bleep) why do they have to sign up at all. and then i think maybe she's just lying to me, just to me. join us tomorrow at 11:00. here it is your moment of zen. this say fox news special presentation of the cost of freedom. ♪ (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to the "report," everybody! good to have you with us! (audience nt


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