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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  June 3, 2014 9:00am-9:36am PDT

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i'm jon stewart. robert deniro will be joining us on the program. the big news overseas defense administer abdel fattah el sisi is now former egyptian defense minister and now president abdel fattah el sisi. took the recent election in a squeaker. 100% of the vote counted. he got by with just 91% of it. the most lopsided election since the 11th playing. it was. 98 to 2. get out the vote machine. that's it right ther there. since the military took over from president last july.
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their revolution or whatever, egypt has been in turmoil. hundreds of thousands have been arrested and killed. maybe this will help el sisi get back on the right track. >> the show was canceled monday. >> canceled because of pressure on the station airing it in a country that no longer accepts satire. >> ya! >> good move. [laughing] >> sisi says i will show my people what a powerful and courageous leader we are making sure this guy doesn't take care of our unemployment and inflated food prices. why get rid of priority when you can get rid of insult. so bassem youssef is done. the most popular show.
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jack he wilel headed egyptian g. this material killed luxor. i don't know what is going on. under heunder heroing condition. but this isn't all that happened while we were on break. what else happened. head of -- resigned. oh, another mass shooting. it seems that happens every time we're off for a week or working for a week. actually pretty much happens every [beep] week. even doin google straoelt views changed their format to first
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person shooter. you know, it's a tragic story but america's response to this new tragedy has given me hope. remember after columbine, virginia tech, aurora, how we fell into confusion and despair. >> why this happened will take time to sort out. >> the question is why. >> searching for answers. that's what we're all doing, trying to figure out how to th*+ happened and why it happened. >> what 'causes this shooting. how does it happen. how can it be stopped. >> oh, anderson, were we ever so young and innocent. >> and yet still completely [beep] gray? we desperately looked for explanations. >> some people in congress blaming violent video games. we have systematically removed god from our schools. >> he was so gawky, awkward and out of place. >> being told his parents were
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divorced. >> divorced! why 50% of marriages end in mass shootings. then eventually during the process someone would get the idea that we should do something about it. >> president obama plans to introduce legislation next week calling for the biggest changes to gun law this is country has seen in two decades. >> now obviously none of that went anywhere. it was nice. like offering to help a friend move when you know your friend will never take you up on it. he has a thought that if the jews had apartments and hitler didn't take the apartments the holocaust wouldn't of happened. something amazing has happened, a break through if you will, the way we deal with the mass shootings we have in this country. our grief has moved from denial to anger to bargaining, to depression, to our resolved most
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emotional state, acceptance. >> gun lug hraeugs is very unlikely. >> the gun debate is tobgs phid. >> if they can't kill with a gun they will kill with a knife. >> this is a on going conversation. >> debra, ne matter what society does it will always be mass murder. always. >> worst loveless figurine ever. >> you see, people, acceptance. it's like america has a dog [beep] in the house. we solved the problem by getting a brown rug. what about the real victims? the news networks they have to waste valuable time covering
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these clearly unstoppable, every day, ordinary soul slaughters. so for them we have an answer. >> another mass shooting this afternoon. this is a shocking horrifying story. the cause no one can say for sure. possibly media violence or dub steb odubstep or gluten. something that's not guns. >> of course there is nothing we can do to stop this from happening. even though pretty much every other developed country has some how stopped this from happening. >> since we can't always stop this happening. why ever is try to stop it from happening. so, we're good. okay. let's get back to the news. ♪ happy. >> i know republicans have a plan. >> three months later are we closer to stopping the mystery
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of the missing plane. >> jus just in westbounder is apologizing this morning. >> when it comes to dating who should pay the girl or the guy? >> that's a cat, joe the cat playing jenga. >> it's a public appearance at a predominantly black church. >> he was napping in his hammock. >> serena williams is a wedding crasher. >> why critters -- >> the most expensive drink ever sold at starbucks. >> the ultimate selfy. >> the fifth annual most incredible surf dog competition. >> isn't that easier. problem solved. we will be right back. [ applause ]
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for a chance to win an extra sunday. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. all aboard. rolo. get your smooth on. >> welcome back to the show. measles, mumps, rubella. they're in baby. a blast from the past. terrible. i don't know why i said that. you know what is terrible. the reason these preventable diseases have returned. as we report. >> conservatives are fighting the good fight against something they think that threatens us
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all. science. >> science, there isn't a consensus on a lost basis questions. >> scientists lied to us. >> i'm not impressed by numbers or consensus. >> this has tragic consequences. infectious disease specialist explains. >> it's increasing. we have gone over the tipping point where you see vaccine preventable diseases coming back. measles, mumps, whooping could of. when you are a scientific denialist you can do a lot of harm. >> is it fare to blame the other side. every scientific fact has a counter fact that's true for other people. >> vaccines are a evidence based system. >> before vaccines rubella costs thousands their lives and
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measles broke out in the thousands. these diseases are occurred in the red states of california, new york, and oregon what the -- is going on here. >> these are well educated people who believe by googling the term "vaccine" on the internet they can know as much as anyone giving them advice. >> this is happening in my community. people who juice. >> that's exactly where it's happening. >> oh my god wealthy white liberal enclaves are at risk. it's [beep] information. i had to find out. what about this blogger. >> do you know a good organic hair gel recipe. >> i do have a video recipe on my blog. >> okay. you're as risk. >> did the disease take hold. >> these vaccines are loaded
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with toxins. >> you're infected. >> progressive may like to [beep] khraoeu plat change denialists. terrifying the anti-vaccining community has the same move. >> it's a consensus. >> a consensus of who? it's a fancy word for overwhelming agreement. maybe 99%. maybe 99.99. like across the globe. >> if you spend millions and millions of dollars to answer the question. you show people the great data they still simply deny the existence. >> that's the data that you believe in. that's great. my data is different. >> this was stage four science denial. >> no heard immunity from vaccinating. >> i'm not putting anyone at risk. >> unsra *pb vaccinated children are more healthy than vaccinated
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children. i'm not going to change my mind. i believe the decline of epidemics is due to other reasons but vaccinations. getting the filthy horses out of the street. >> you know you don't get measle from horses. >> i hope she didn't spread it. >> my blog has currently about 46,000 subscribers. >> so sorry. i thought this was just a giant breath mint. it wasn't. i had been looking for patient zero and i had to find her. i had to spread this left leaning idiotcy. it starts on twitter and congregates and then jumps hope to celebrity. >> i believe vaccinations trigger's evan. >> hi to stop. this do you remember where you
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last had tea? >> it was starbucks. >> which one, which one, which starbucks? >> hi to shut down every starbucks in new york city. bad idea a lot of starbucks. it's out there, uncontained. >> oh. >> could nothing stop this. >> i think sadly the only way this gets better is when we start to see more and more out breaks. >> the cure for the anti-vaccination epidemic was observing the real negative effects of the anti-vaccination movement. >> ya, i think that's right. >> there is a cure for science denial. >> once florida is under water and we all have polio it will be belter. >> we will be right back. [paintball noises] the annual company retreat. planned, as usual, by this guy.
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>> tonight academy award winning actor appears in hbos new documentary film about his father "remembering the artist, robert denir deniro senior." >> he was the real thing. i see his work and how dedicated he was. to me he's a great artist. you can never impose that on people. they have to make their own decisions. the thought of what he has done, all of his work, i can't not but make sure it's held up and
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remembered. so i just want to see him get his due. that's my responsibility. >> please welcome back to the program, robert deniro. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> good, thank you. >> two things out of the way pw *e before we get to this very moving documentary about your father, it's beautiful. number one, i was asked earlier what is your favorite robert deniro movie. i said whatever robert says. >> people ask me. i -- i have a favorite for reasons and favorites for others. >> i will go with "good fellows." >> okay. >> number two, the tribute to
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don rickles. it was so funny. all us comedians were angry at you two. >> thank you for the compliment. >> one night and you kill. number three, this movie this film. i have seen your father's art work in the hotel in greenwich. it's beautiful. i did not realize the extent he was on the vanguard of artistic movements in america in the 1940s. >> ya, he was a well regarded young artist on the upswing, if you will. he was respectd and so on. he went to europe for about five years. things changed during that time. so, the documentary explains it all. >> right. >> what happened. >> did you inspect his integrity
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to not chase his tail. his work when you look at it, it's consistent and beautiful. there isn't a moment where what if i paint soup cans. throw in a cartoon superman and do a couple of things. >> no, he felt strongly that was not, that was not what he wanted to do. that's not what he felt. that's not what he felt. period. he didn't even want -- didn't know how to do that. >> it's interesting to see your father. the feel of artistry. things being judged subjectively to see him go through distress on it. you look at that and think oh, rejection. i want to get in on that a little bit. i want to go into the arts. was there ever a moment and thought i look at this subjectist and what it does to my father. i don't know if i can deal with that. >> no, i never equated the two.
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what i would go through as an actor, young actor, going to auditions. i always looked at it optimistically. i say if you don't go you never know. have to go to auditions. you know you won't get the part. you have to go in there and hang in there. it was not, it was just for me, i didn't think of him. i didn't think of him, i guess i had to in some ways, being rejected. unhappy and when i went to europe and made him come back. i felt it was time for him to do that. so, ya. >> did your success ever complicate things with him. >> he was proud of me, of course. he -- he might of felt from time to time here and there wish he had success, but he was always a very loving father and proud. you know, that's just what it was. >> it's so interesting to watch
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a proud son talk about his father's work in the way that you do. then to see it, you have the hotel in greenwich, a lot of his work is up. it's beautiful. >> thank you. >> it must -- what is the feeling of being able through your platform to expose his work? >> well, i feel it's like, you know certain things, do you not show art in a gallery? this and that. i said i want to show my father's work. it should be seen. i have these restaurants, hotel, these places to put it in. not all of them but certain places where i feel, i asked him to do the menu for the grill. he did it. i didn't think he would want to. he's very particular. i asked him to put paintings up. he did. he hung them himself in the back, the big ones. >> he did it himself. >> ya. at this thought maybe, i was
9:28 am
surprised every week or two he goes with friends and sit in booths with friends, sit in the back and he was proud. i knew how particular he was. so, i was happy to hear that. >> ya. >> especially after his passing away. the menus are the same. everything is the same. i never changed that. it's there for me, eternity. >> it's beautiful. >> you get his voice in your head when you put his stuff up and think he won't like that, he wants it like. this i know. >> certain things he didn't -- he was suspicious of dealers and i guess like an actor suspicious of certain producers or studios. it's the same thing. i don't equate his experience with mine if i ever have that. you know, it's just -- i knew, i
9:29 am
was happy before he passed away that he was accepting of this, what i wanted to do. if i, for example, if he was alive i would of had him do the credits to a movie. oddly -- coincidencely, it's terrific, this guy was following him around in the 70s with a super 8 camera he did, as you see in the movie. he writes "fan." he did that for the film. it was nice for the documentary. >> it's beautiful. a wonderful gift he gave to you. it's a wonderful gift you give to him as well. remembering artist robert deniro sewdenirosenior. sewdenirosenior. june 9th on ♪ roundup ♪ roundup has a sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ just point and shoot, and weeds are gone ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪
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>> our show. >> when i was first listening to him i was like oh, he's angry with women for rejecting him.
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then i started to have a different idea. is this someone who is trying to fight against his comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by comedy central >> stephen: thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the report. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, steve only, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause)


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