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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  December 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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a veritable fortress. i mean, these guys are roaming the perid-- [groans] [laughs] yeah, our blooper reel doing. i like to take this serious, but when a blooper happens, there's no stopping them. - we joke around on set. we joke around on set! - then it's like after the movie, it's all crack-ups, 'cause we're partying all day on set, whatever. peter, stop looking in the camera, bro. - sorry, sorry. it's all the movie magic. it's making me go crazy. bloopers! - ha ha. good at business. - ow. from comedy central world news headquarters in new york. this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> jon: welcome to the daily show i'm jon stewart. by popular demand our guest tonight sophie delaunay from doctors without boarders, she is here tonight to look at this thing on my ankle. a lovely courageous individual as they all are. i want to first talk to you about professional futbol. the american plan. it has seen controversy from a gay player that couldn't kick hard enough is to a straight player that could and shouldn't of hit at all, really. to a team on paper before the season should of been in the hupt. do we have an offensive line, not have an offensive line? are the prediction schemes hilarious and under escalated.
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the point is this [beep] odel beckham jr., man. okay. not a futbol crowd. more of a journalism crowd. >> journalism. on: i give the worst career advice in the history. you know what you should do. should you drop out of school and hang out around the improve theater. that's what you should do. that's what you should do, lady. anyways my point is this, there is more football controversy . >> members of the st. louis rams coming on the field with an unexpected message. putting their hands up. don't shoot. a symbol of protest following ferguson. >> jon: protest. it's football. i think it's fellas let's score
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touch downs. or maybe they're preparing a dance. ♪ submission ♪ i've got no gun, submission social awareness from the nfl. joining in a symbol of sole dater. like katniss three finger salute. in district 12 they were attacked by the police. where is where our metaphor -- alright. why is this a big deal? >> the st. louis county calling the gesture tasteless and in tphrapl tory . they want the national football league to punish the players. >> to us instead of allowing wounds to heal they're folks picking at the scabs. [booing] >> jon: holy [beep].
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so the st. louis police association is angry and outrageous to have been caught in this hale of gesture and feels the community won't get past the tragic pant mine unless someone is held accountable. that's the angle they're going with. okay. st. louis rams coach. >> they will not be disciplined by the club or by the national football leg. >> let me ask you a question when did nick noel tee take over the rams. >> ya, fisher that will teach you. a nolte joke. so we have an old fashion police department professional football team stand off. who is going to blink. >> the rams chief operating officering called the st. louis
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police chief called to apologize. >> jon: i thought they didn't apologize. >> the rams open official denies apologizes. she says in none of these conversations did i apologize for our players actions. >> jon: isn't it interesting how witness testimony is so unrehraoeupbl. how can we in anyway clear this up. how? >> in a testy and bizarre exchange of tweets over night it's claimed the rams apologized. the rams said no. then the police tweeted the apology including "expression of regret." >> jon: and then, and then, and then. the police were all, thanks #notallcops. then the rams were like this could be us, but you playing. [laughing] >> jon: listen, i see the confusion here. the rams made the sorry if you were offended non apology nobody
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believes is an apology. instead of rejecting the non apology out right the cop confused things more accepting it causing the rams to clarify their non apology which means at least finally in this country where sergeant important national conversation about semantics, we need. for more we're joined by senior correspondent and host of the upcoming "nightly show with larry willmore." mr. larry willmore. [cheers and applause] >> jon: thank you for being here. i'm excited about the nightly show. >> thank you. the nightly show, when does that start? >> jon: i believe january 19t january 19th. >> yes. martin luther king day. i have a job. >> jon: larry, if i may. there have been talk that none of these events the past few weeks have been about race. >> the real epidemic is young black men killing other young
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black men. >> 93% of blacks are shot by other blacks. they're killing each other they don't talk about that. how do we reduce the crime. >> jon: larry, what do you say to those people? >> i don't know, john. i would say maybe they should probably go [beep] themselves. [cheers and applause] >> jon: alright. >> first of all, can we quit calling it black on black crime. it's just crime, okay. black on black makes it sound like a category on red tooth, a porn site, john. >> jon: oh, that's right. >> you have it bookmarked. jon: do i have it bookmarked? i only bookmark it so i can pick up where i left off in the story. >> where did you leave off? jon: they were [beep]. [laughing]
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>> jon: so, spoiler alert. i won't tell you how it ends but get a towel. you don't think a conversation about black on black crime should be happening now? >> it is, john. it's a black on black conversation. just because you're not hearing it doesn't mean it's not happening. go to a black church on a sunday. >> jon: i would love to hear that conversation. coy hear some time. >> sure what black church do you attend, brother? >> jon: i two g. to the first temple pwap teuflt black church. >> that's okay, john. i don't go either. >> jon: thank you. >> it sounds like black criminals are the only thing killing black people. diabetes and heart disease, stroke are kicking black on black crimes ass. nobody is saying we need to get get rid of those before talking about racism. >> jon: do you think people are using this to validate the righteous nature of the protest.
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>> they are. >> the protesters didn't lewd, burn or assault the police. they're guilty for aiding and a bading those who did. it setback race relation by years. there is more bias against blacks. [booing] [beep] >> more bias against black people. oh, no black people, we were so close. stupid black people. you know, i have a dream, john. one day the actions of a few white people will be seen as discrediting their entire race. >> jon: everyone makes excuses. be it crime or other issues. why we can't talk about racism. why it's not racism. how do we end racism? >> we won't end it. the world has always been like this. brother against brother. tribe against tribe.
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we're race a holics, jon. we will always be in recovery . the best we can hope for is to manage it. >> jon: i guess we will never get the 30 day chip? >> 30 day chip, we can't even acknowledge a problem. we're not even at the meeting yet. we're lying in a pool of our own vomit going, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> jon: thank you, larry. >> jon: thank you, larry. we wi
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boy: you ready for this? dad: ready. vo: with the innovation of an intel powered 2-in-1, your creativity can shine this holiday. expert service.
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unbeatable price. best buy. >> jon: welcome back. as you know. china, china is a land of great complexity from civil right issues to wildlife. now the peoples republic is tackling what maybe the most pressing problem. >> the government's media watchdog has launched a crack down on puns. >> jon: the great chairman says all meetings must be literal and single. no puns. no, that's -- that's a pun. you can't have that. that's actually a pun. we don't want to offend our chinese over lords. no, that's a pun. that's not any better. that doesn't make any sense. that doesn't make sense. yes, thank you. that's nice.
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now, china word play policy may seem frivolous to those in the ranks. it's for the public's own good. >> the crack down comes over concerns puns may create misunderstanding for the public especially for minors. >> jon: that's what i don't understand. why are puns especially confusing to minors? they're working hard -- my god i'm doing again. i'm doing it again. so sorry, son of -- i apologize. that's a pun. put it back. we talked about this. thank you. [laughing] this is so hard. [laughing] >> jon: why does the chinese government hate punes so much? why do they worry, what will happen? >> they mislead the public and could lead to cultural and linguistic chaos.
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>> jon: it's true. it's like that time amelia bodelia was asked to make spring rolls and she stuffed the ambassador with springs. oh, delightful misunderstanding cause a international incident and to ease the tensions -- >> jon: it's okay. when they told her she faces a firing squad she thought they were making pottery. she's -- look, i'm no china expert. people. perhaps the government truly fears the country being over run by a surge of peking ducks, koi ponds, or green tea. but china, consider for a moment
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what you might be losing. the pun is a rich li literary tradition. one inspired by shakespeare. it's a linguistic dance. he will owe tkpwapbt in language. subtle and complex in chinese. a simple adjustment in tone can up end the entire essence of a phrase. a world without the pun that, sir, is no world at all. >> jokers in china consider yourself warned. you have nowhere to pun. >> jon: you know i stand corrected. ban that.
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome. my guest tonight is the executive director of "doctors without boarders" please welcome to the program sophie delaunay. [cheers and applause] >> jon: thank you very much more joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. jon: now, "doctors without boarders" has been working in very, very difficult lands and conditions for many, many years. i know you had many doctors working in liberia during the ebola crisis. it's my understanding that the ebola crisis is now over because americans are no longer getting it.
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so, i can only assume now all of your doctors have left the area and it is no longer a problem. >> i wish it was the case. actually. i wish it was so in the united states. it's not the case. the outbreak shows no signs of abating in the region. there is a downward trend in monrovia. the capitol of liberia. there is a number of cases in the region. sierra leone is the area of big concern. and the aid unfortunately is in sufficient. >> jon: it's in sufficient. have governments, now the news media has less focus on it have you seen a drop in the type of funding that you need for that sort of thing?
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have governments abandoned the effort and it's left now to the ngos on the ground, is that what is happening? >> it's not exactly what is happening. it's what is happening is the aid is just now being effective on the ground. it has taken three months. it's been very very slow to deploy. the plan in the beginning of september is yesterday's plan. it does not coincide to today's news. not only is there still a need for additional response. the response as it was designed three months ago is no longer -- for example, at that time there was a huge need for additional beds and isolation units in monrovia, right. it's no longer the case. there are cases in monrovia of not enough beds. what is needed at the moment is a very flexible and agile -- to adapt to the evolving nature of the evolving nature of the outbreak.
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>> jon: what i hear from you is you need more beds. >> we need a few more beds. what we have learned from the crisis it's not just one element of the response making a difference. it's the full package. you need isolation units and contract tracing, surveillance, education, insite burial. it's all of this. >> jon: you seem to learn any issue at any part of the world in a way we use to feel like oceans isolate us or western improvements isolate us, they don't. if we don't deal with the problems in areas they will rise up and cause issues all around the world. >> that's for sure. virus knows no boarders. >> jon: viruses and doctors, neither one. >> exactly. jon: very interesting. which one mutates faster, that's
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my question. [laughing] >> jon: what do you think about, we had some doctors here and nurses who -- i think courageously went to these areas with ebola to work with patients and came back. we decided the way to celebrate that, the way we do it in our country is we shun them. we put them in isolation. did that cause a chilling affect on your ability to recruit people to work. >> it didn't have an effect on our ability to recruit at the moment. it certainly had an effect on the volunteers that were at that moment in the field. >> jon: really. >> who were suppose to return in different conditions. some of them had to change their
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plans. they had to come back earlier because of these measures which of course has a impact on our identity to respond on the ground. more importantly it creates an additional stigma on the people. by just exacerbating the fear on the population. creating a false sense this is a threat when we know if you don't have anything done you're not at risk of transmitting the virus. >> jon: what is a rotation, if someone wanted to be involved in doctors without boarders. what is the stint? a week, months, what's the plan. >> usually nine months to a year. for the ebola outbreak it's very different. because of the demanding nature of the work. it's so stressful and high risk, also it requires such specific skills. we manage rotations every five to six weeks for our international staff. so, it's a very demanding recruitment that is put in place.
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let's not forget that 90% of the work that is the lion share of the work is done from national colleagues on the ground. they have been fighting this out break since the month of march. for them there is no rotation. >> jon: it's just there and making progress. will you stick around for a little bit as we go to commercial. the point is we need resources and a focus on the issue. it has much to go. >> let's not let our guard down. jon: stick around for a little bit. sophie delaunay. [ applause ] ♪ this is the iphone 6. and this is the iphone 6 plus. you know the new a8 chip is powerful it brings gaming to the next level. i mean, if you're into that kinda thing. yeah, if you're into that kinda thing...
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>> jon: hey, that's our show. before we go i want to tell you
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something really quick. before we go you may of seen we talking to sophie delaunay and thought, man, i wish jon stewart would interview me. i will never be part of a global charity or saints that walk among us. you don't have to be. i suggestion you go to the website and donate to "the mission continues" it's an incredible organization bringing veterans home and allows them to keep serving their community. any ten dollar donation enters you into a raffle for a chance to win a interview with this idiot and a free flight to new york, 4 star hotel and all of the films you can rent. that last part not true. the first question i will interview you with. how often you are. >> the grass mud horse.


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