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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  August 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:48pm PDT

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okay, we're here. we -- ah, shit. ♪♪ captioning sponsored by comedy central >> coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's the daily show. tonight kansas saves abortion. your student debt can outlive you. and ryuij chua, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. >> trevor: what's going on, everybody, welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah thank you for tuning in, that you for
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coming out in person. thank you for being here, everybody. can i feel the energy. take a seat, let's do it we've got a jam-packed show for you tonight. kansas is now the best state in america. student debt is coming for you grandma. and beyonce is making a whole new album. so let's do this, people, let's jump straight into today's headlines. okay. all right. before we get into the big stories let's catch up on a few other things going on in the news. first things first. according to astronomers the earth is actually spinning faster than ever before. and because of that it recently set the record for the shortest day ever. yeah. june 29th was apparently 1.59 millisecondses shorter than a normal day. yeah. that's how you know things are going bad, even the earth is like let's wrap things up, let's go. keep things moving, keep it going, 1.59 milliseconds faster,
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you know what this means, we get to leave work 1.59 milliseconds earlier. yeah, baby, i'm gone! it also gives people a great excuse if they get pulled over, sir, you have been drinking, no, the earth is spinning superfast, it has been making me dizzy, man. why aren't we all dizzy, i'm too drunk to answer that question. meanwhile in environmental news a man in utah has been arrested for accidentally starting a 60 acre wildfire while trying to burn a spider with a cigarette lighter. and yes, this sounds terrible, but i bet that spider learned his [bleep] lesson, you learn that, spider in entertainment new, brad pitt wore a skirt to his latest movie premier and when he was asked why he did t he said quote, we're all going to die so let's just have some fun before we get out.
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yeah. and i love that. what an insurance operational way to say it's laundry day t has also been like 200 degrees out every day, the question isn't why is brad pitt wearing a skirt, the question is why isn't every guy wearing a skirt, are you kidding me, you have felt how thot is. with fabric, everything is cooped up. you walk outside and you would spend five minutes in this weather but you know you are walking with two lightly poached eggs in your pants. you have to let it breathe. oh, oh, okay, this say wild story. in travel news, airbnb announced it will no longer allow people to list former slave cabins as vacation rentals after one listing caused an uproar online. >> and this must be one of those things that probably white people, i mean-- as a black person, there is no way i'm vacationing in a slave cabin, i don't care if it is a former slave cabin f it is renovated no black person is like yeah, this is where i want to spend my vacation, so good for airbnb.
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if i owned air bfb. i couldn't cancel these listings i would say you can stay there but you have to have the real experience. yeah. just cram those bog, here is your basket, fill it up. whip your ass. >> i just wanted to see what it is like. >> well now you see. but anyway, let's move on to some of the bigger news stories of the day. first up yesterday we had another round of primary elections in america. and i'm just going to say this, the country has too many election, all right? yeah, every week it is like it's time to vote, but we voted last week. no, that was the vote to vote for who we are voting for this week, then we will vote on when we will vote for the next vote, vote, vote, votey vote vote vote vote vote, so let's check in on the as a results of these votes. in our ongoing coverage of votedemic 2022. (applause) so last night was a very good night for donald jigglypuff
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trump. in michigan his candidate defeated a republican who voted to impeach him. in arizona his candidate won the primaries for senate and secretary of state. and in missouri, the eric he endorsed beat the other eric that he endorsed. yeah. the best night for trump he has had that didn't end with somebody signing an nda, and these could have national implications because these republican, the ones winning now, they all believe in crazy conspiracy theories about biden stealing the election in 2020. so if they win the final races, they could end up in charge of counting the votes in 2024. i don't know about you but i know for certain i do not trust them with their job. you can imagine what it will be like. all right, another vote, another vote for trump, that is a trump vote that is-- that is a trump, i saw, that that was trump.
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what are you doing there, that is another-- i'm couldn'ting, that is trump as well. yeah, put it in. that's it trump again. look at that, that person spelled trump wrong, b-i-d-e-n, that is not how you spell trump, that is the final tally, trump one baz il on, biden mine us ten, i think i did a good job. don't say i didn't warn i. now there is some good news. other than the trump virus spreading through the republican party like-- last night was actually a really good night for anyone who believes a woman should have a right to choose what happens in her own body and it is all thanks to kansas. >> in conservative kansas this morning a political earthquake. and a big win for abortion rights supporters. kansas voters rejecting an amendment that would have removed abortion protections from the state constitution. in effect, keeping access to the procedure there. >> the turnout on a hundred degree day in the middle of
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summer was 53 percent. historically high, they have never seen anything like this, this is barack obama's numbers. >> our state stood up and said no. we're the first ones to say no. so i am just-- i'm overjoyed. >> wow. kansas, amazing. absolutely (cheers and applause). >> trevor: amazing. congratulations, kansas. moments like these i wish i knew which one of these states you were. but either way, congratulations. no, for real though, for real, this say huge prochoice victory and especially amazes it happened in kansas, a state so red that trump won it by 14 points. yeah, no one expected this, this was a bigger shot than when bat girl found out her real nemesis was the c.e.o. of warner brothers, and this is where you realize as well the antiabortion views of right wing lawmakers and some people on the supreme court don't mirror what actual
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americans want. right? (applause) and that's a huge problem in this country. it is like letting the craziest dude in your friend group plan your bachelor party. are you going to be like i just wanted to may beer pong, how did we end up in a ban cobbing prison. not-- bangkok prison. not cool. speaking of earth-shattering news, beyonce is changing her album again. >> yeah. first she took out the word "spaz from a song because some people complained it was ableist, and now she is removing a sample from one of other her songs because chalise complained she didn't get any credit from it and look i get what beyonce is doing, very nice. but i also should point out this could turn into a major disaster. because you realize now depending on when you listen to the album, you could be hearing
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completely different songs. yeah, it is going to change, you don't even know what the thing is going to be, i heard you won't break my soul, another you won't score a goal, someone is like someone check this mole, you don't know. you can imagine the chaos it is going to cause. the next time are you at a beyonce concert, everyone sing along. we're going to be like we can't, which version. aahhh. oh, and because beyonce is now taking requests, monica lewinsky, sent out a tweet basically saying what about removing her name in one of beyonce's old songs partition, right, the song where beyonce sang he monica lewinsky's all on my gown. yeah. and i mean, i think we can all see why monica wouldn't want that in a song. and for me personally, i also think beyonce should change the song because it is not right, technically it should be he bill clintoned on my gown. so that is the guy who did all
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the jizzing. you got to remember who did the thing. i'm not saying beyonce did anything wrong, i'm just saying beyonce be you have under understand the with with e way americans teach history your songs may be the only way children learn history, it nied to be ak accurate, whether you agree or not, beyonce made her choice and good for her. i say some should be forced to do it beyonce was nice, some artists have to be forced like r kelley. part of his sentence should be he has to go back and redo all of his old songs. cuz age is not just a number. yeah. back in the studio, mei mind is telling me no and now my body understand whys it said no, my body completely understands. my body completely understands. and speaking of speak who wish they could go back and change the past, alex jones, far right wing commentator and man who makes donald trump look like a reasonable human being is currently on trial for spreading
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lies about the sandy hook shooting. right, saying it was all a hoax. and today in the trial one of the funniest moments came when he found out that his inept lawyer had screwed up and sent the prosecution evidence that proved alex jones committed perjury. >> mr. jones, did you know that 12 days ago, 12 days ago, your attorney messed up and sent an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you sent for the past two years and when informed, did not take any steps to identify it as privilege or protect it in anyway and as of two days ago it fell free and clear into my possession and that is how i know you lied to me when you say you didn't have text messages on sandy hook, did you know that. >> i was mistaken, you got the messages right. there i'm not a tech guy, i told you, i guy, gave my testimony,
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the phone to the lawyers before whatever and so you got my phone, we didn't give it to you. >> no, mr. jones. (laughter). >> trevor: oh shit, that was funny, oh, man, i like how he was so shocked, he started turning too every emoji, like-- at one point he even tried to give himself covid, did you see-- i can't speak. you know the disease i said is fake, yeah, i got it, i have got it now, i've got it you know you are in trouble when the truth chokes you up like an episode of hot one, those spicy wing, i'm sorry, what did i say? you realize this moment, this moment is huge. because it shows that alex jones probably committed perjury. which means alex jones lies about stuff. yeah. i know that's shocking because now i'm starting to wonder, does that mean chem trails trails frm planes aren't turning the-- gair, was that also a lie? by the way, where did you get
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that lawyer? (laughter) i mean can we talk about that? cuz you see how the lawyer is sitting there,. ♪ i would love to be there for the classic lawyer client conversation during recess, just standing together so how do you think it's going, well, apart from the fact that i screwed this whole thing up worse than any lawyer in history, i think we still have a shot, i think we still have a shot, all right, that is it for the headlines but before we go to a quick break let's check in on the stock market with our finance expert, michael kosta, everybody. michael, the markets are crazy, man. >> yeah. >> trevor: what is happening in the market today. >> i'm crushing it, man. >> trevor: that is what you always say. >> i'm like jackie chan and chris tucker because i'm in crush hour 2, ladies and. >> trevor: you always say this. >> and have i a hot tip, you want to make some money like costa makes money, i got a hot tip for you, so pay attention, all right. what we got here is the last five months, the gasoline
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price-- . >> trevor: do you mind. >> that story about the airbnb slavery stoverree, you know what i am saying, look, they should be rent they shouldn't be renting that out but i appreciate them being honest. every time i rent an airbnb they are not honest about the pictures. you said a two bedroom quaint apartment, i didn't know quaint meant haunted. let's be honest, airbnb is just catfish for a house, okay. i don't want to sleep where slavery happened. i prefer a hotel. i would rather sleep where lifeless middle age missionary position sex happened. but this is terrible. i mean marketing off of slavery, that's not cool. using slavery to make a buck, exploiting suffering. that is why i don't use airbnb. instead trevor i'm a slave to bargain bhooks a bargain today. so trevor, actually, the other story about the earth, spinning,
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the earth spin sog fast. i'm a financial expert, i'm not a scientist but i'm pretty sure this is happens because of the large population in asia, okay. think about it. if one part of the earth is a lot heavier than the other, when the earth spins, spinning, spinning, gets to asia, wham, whipped gets to asia, whip. think about it. think about it. >> trevor: you know, you are right, are you not a scientist, just tell whraws is happening in the markets. >> this is the price of gasoline over the last five months and it has been a wild ride, i mean this reminded me of the last time i took-- and went on the c train. those showtown guys i thought they were my father, okay. but here's the good news. the price of gas is back down. now the bases bad news is that as gasoline gets cheaper, arson is going to go up, okay. it is just so much cheaper to commit arson now. ian have i been think being it more, okay. trevor, between us guys, all
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right, it leaves no evidence, you get the insurance money, and it kills all the spiders. hot tip, i prosmsed a hot tip, all right, booking a hotel room will feel like a lot of labor. ease the burden with bargain, tell them costa sent you. >> trevor: do not them them anything, michael kosta. i don't even want to know what that website is. when we come back we're going to talk about how student debt sowt talk about how student debt sowt of control so don't go away.
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>> welcome back to the daily show. let's talk about student debt. it is as american as milk that isn't milk. millions of americans are college graduates which is great. college provides you job skills and exposes you to new ideas, gives you a friend named chad who is like a brother. even though he spilled bong water all inside your car. i love you chad, but you're a dick. but because america doesn't sporl subsidize higher education like almost every other developed nation in the world, the number of americans with student debt is higher now than ever before. and student debt is a lot like an std. yes, you can get it by accident in college but then it follows you around for the rest of your
11:21 pm
life. and when i say the rest of your life, i mean it. >> there is a ticking time bomb, looming over the american economy. nearly two trillion dollars in student loans owed by 50 million borrowers. and this is not just a problem for younger americans. those over 50 years old have the fastest growing student loan debt burden of any age group. >> 40% of americans 65 and older are in default. and washington will collapse by garnishing the social security of sen quers in default. we met sarah gallante on the campus of san diego state. gallantede had to pause making payments four times for various life problems. but the bigger issue she got older. she could only work part time. her monthly payment $176 is income-based and doesn't even cover the interest. >> this is going to follow you forever. >> this will follow me to my grave. >> trevor: yeah, when you picture someone with student
11:22 pm
debt you might think of the cost of girls but you should be thinking the cost of golden girls bus $8 million borrows over 50 hold nearly a quarter of all student debt. and the craziest thing is some of them are even having their social security check garnished to pay it off. and by the way when they say garnished, it means the money is taken out of the check. they are not putting a parsly on the side to make it fancy. this say terrifying situation to be in, it is embarrassing. you heard that woman, her loans might follow her to her grave. that is disis gustk. when you are on your death bed you shouldn't be think being college loans. you should be thinking of like a cool death bed confession that will mess with your family when are you gone, like your real father is-- -- beep. keep everybody guessing. (applause) the point is, americans need solutions to the student debt crisis and it could be carn selling student loans, it could
11:23 pm
be guaranteeing free education, you know, it could even be punishing colleges if their graduates can't get the job that pay their loans, yeah. i think that is actually an interesting idea. it would be like come in, you'll get a job, you'll get a job what happens if you don't. if i was a college dean i would mob more concerned about my students getting jobs and graduating because then he had have to move if with them, dammit chad, you spilled bong water all over, i love you but are you a dick. whatever the solution americans can't allow people so burdened by debt it follows them to the grave. especially because it would make for a very awkward reading of the will. >> today we will be reading from the will of stanley mckormic. who died at the age of 89 last month while having sex on a ht air balloon. >> mr. mccormac has left instructions for the distribution of his estate.
11:24 pm
first his life savings. all of which go to-- brent. >> i'm sorry, who? >> brent. the collection agent for your dad's student loans. sorry for your loss. so dad was paying student loans for 60 years. he just had 50 more years to go. poor bas tard. >> let's move on to the material assets. the car has been left to brent. >> i thought i was getting the turcell. >> the reps dents located at 110 pine lane, brent. the family china set. smuggled out of poland at the dawn of world war ii, don't say brent. >> brent. >> come on. i don't even like china. >> brent, can we please have that one strks really special to our family. >> don't worry, this will bring the interest rate on his loan up to 7%. >> i'm sorry, up to 7%. >> student loans are funny.
11:25 pm
the antique watch, brent. the pipe collection. brent. the beloved banjo, brent. skeeball ticket, brent. and finally, his grandchildren's drawings. brent. >> how are those going to pay down his loan. >> i turn this shit into an nft. >> and that covers everything. he did not do well in life. >> that's for sure. >> i didn't even know he went to college. >> he didn't brag about it. >> do we get nothing. >> didn't you need grandad's stuff to pay off your student's loans. >> trevor: all right, stay tuned, after a break we're going to find out why fish might have feelings, don't go away.
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>> welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is a really interesting young man by the name of ryuij chua, an activist and filmmaker who makes educational content about animal rights here to talk about his independent documentary, how conscience can a fish be. >> the evolution uncovers that traits better suited to help a an animal survive and reproduce in their environment will get passed down through generation. but that's not just limited to physical traits. behavioral traits, personality and intelligence all also play a role in helping an animal successfully survive and reproduce. and also evolve and develop over
11:30 pm
time, in the ocean is a harsh environment, and fish have to solve problems and deal with strangers every single day. in other words, it pays off to be smart down there. >> please welcome ryuij chua. thank you so much. >> welcome. (applause). >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having me, it is such an honor. >> trevor: it is a really interesting krvetion that you are having, not just in this documentary but online. what i love about the world we love live in today is you can see so many interesting people, so many different points of view and it is all because we are connected on social media. you built up quite a following as someone who say passionate animal rights activist and this documentary in particular is one where some people are shocked because they go wait, you have gone too far. you are saying that fish can be conscience.
11:31 pm
>> yeah, yeah. yeah so you know the thing is that growing up i didn't think this. all right, i think like many people i grew up to think that fish were stupid, unconscious animals who have a -- memory and can't feel fine, that would be been fine, forgivable in 1703 but today there is a mountain of evidence produced through years of research that suggest that fish feel, think and suffer like dogs, cats and other animals. >> trevor: it is interesting you say that, when we think bts world we are living in today there is no denying that we have to changes the way we think about our food. there is no denying that it is becoming unsustainable. also terrible in the way that we treat animals and we are just trying to make the world a better place. >> yeah. >> trevor: now many people will say i can't be vegan but i am a vegetarian, some people say i'm not that but pes ca terrian and can i eat fish because i don't like how everything else happens but you have come in and upended that because many people are i'm good, i eat fish, and you are like you are not as good
11:32 pm
as you think. >> it is not about judging people saying are you not as good as you think but think being it from the animal's per spiskt. the reason i'm vegan is i look at things from the animal perspective and i think to myself would i want to be in their shoes or in their fin, but when you look at it that way, well, the things that we do, i think two things, first is the fact that for a lot of these animals we stereotype them in ways that we think, we call animals in farms livestock, we almost look at them as a thing, not a sum one when all of them can play and have families and build connections like dawrks cats and other animals and i think people vastly underestimate the degree to which they suffer because obviously the industry is not going to-- broadcast it themselves. and the information is accessible but it is also uncomfortable to see. a lot of people, me myself included for a long time just don't know how much these animals suffer and how many animals suffer,. >> trevor: it is a difficult thing to i think consume or even
11:33 pm
process because you grow up eating meat, eating whatever diet you grow up. >> some people don't but then for instance are you right, you see a documentary, wow, that is how they treat cows, i want free range cows, free range chickens, i don't think that is good. and you see something else, okay, i won't do that either. but then many people would argue okay, but fish are in the ocean. just swimming around and so like eat wild caught fish, why is that a bad thing. or you are saying it is not good or bad, is that what you are arguing. >> you're not even trying to moralize it. >> i won't moralize it t is not about good or bad it is just that whether or not me or you or anyone else think this is good or bad, fishing causes tremendous suffering to and immeasurable number of fish and that is the issue to me. for me, an issue is an issue when there is someone who suffers, so i don't care that like look, i'm not going sit here and be likes i motionally feel compelled to care about fish the same as dogs, i didn't grow up around fish, i grew up around dogs. >> trevor: and they don't do cool tricks. >> some of them do cool tricks.
11:34 pm
>> trevor: not as cool as dogs, okay, yes. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. but yeah, so the thing is, because they suffer and their suffering matters to them, that is why i flag it as an issue. >> trevor: it is interesting you say suffer, let's tuck about that. in the documentary and you know, you cite the research, there is mounting evidence that talks about suffering or pain, we know that pain extends further than we thought it ever did. >> sure. >> trevor: we learn new things ef radio everyday, people watch the documentary about the october pus on netflix, the octopus has feeling, i don't want to eat october pus any more which is fine. but when we think of it on the end of suffering, do you not think sometimes we're imbuing animals with a level of almost complicated consciousness that they don't necessarily need because of the circle of life. so let's say when a lion is hunting and then it goes and grabs an antelope or whatever. the other ant loch are like that sucks and then they just carry on with their lives. i mean this honestly. i watch them sometimes and the antelope thing happens and and
11:35 pm
hopes carry on. wow, i'm a lot more devastated on my couch than they are. so are they suffering or do you think we're imbuing them with the idea of what we think suffering is. >> i think it say complicated conversation definitely. but the fact, like the way we define suffering or the way i think about suffering is an experience that is unpleasant to you, that is kind of like the definition of suffering, in that sense i think it is undeniable that animal sufferers say like when an ant loip gets eaten that is probably a painful experience. >> probably, i'm going to agree. >> and at the end of the day, whether or not like how complicated that suffering is, i don't think it's that rel vantd to whether or not we should care about that suffering. i mean whether or not they are as devastated as you or i would be in a similar situation doesn't change the fact that they are being eaten alive strks horrible. >> similar with fish, when they are being grabbed out of the ocean in a huge net, the they are being crushed under the weight of other fish and then off ep times put in a mixture of ice and water, sufficient kateing the whole time.
11:36 pm
that experience to them might not be so difference than the experience of you and me drown, it say primal way of suffering that you experience in the moment. >> trevor: let's talk about it in the lens of animals, if i said to you then, okay, what is going to happen is we're going to get rid of all industrialized farming. there will be no boats catching thousands of fish, go back to the olden days, one person you catch your fish, i catch my fish, would you be happy for that for yourself or no you wouldn't even engage with the eating of a living thing. >> sure, again for me it is not about me being happy, for me it is about doing the best thing possible for the animals, looking at it from their perspective. >> trevor: but what about us. >> i don't even mean this. >> the reason i say what about us because i go sometimes as humans i feel like we forget we're also animals so we are also animals and those animals, there a lot of time you go the animal. but then the animal will do a thing to you, you see a bear, the bear is cute, and some go let me touch the bear, and the bear is like rrgh, and they are like that bear is an asshole, no
11:37 pm
t is just a bear doing bear things. are we not just doing human things in that way. does it need to be moralized, are we not just meant to eat the thing because it is food for us. >> you could say it is a human thing, whether or not you or me or anyone else considers this a human thing, doesn't change the fact that an action would cause suffering. in my view, if we prevent suffering from happening y not do it because if i was in that position, then i would not want to suffer. >> trevor: if i was in that position, i would not-- i agree, if i was a fush i would not want to be caught. >> yeah. >> trevor: i completely agree with you. they don't want to have that existence so what would you say to somebody who wants to get into this life, because one thing do i appreciate about you honestly is oftentimes will you talk to vegans and they let you know they are vegan was you asking them am and two they will judge people, but you don't judge, that is is something you really appreciate. you inform people, do you the research, you talk about it but are you not judging, not like you are an asshole for doing
11:38 pm
this, you are wrong for doing this, you go this is why i am doing and what we should be cog any glafnt. if someone said i want to explore going too world but i may not have the nutrition, look at american, people live in food desert, don't have access to the right foods, how can they even begin the journey of a more ethical existance when it comes to what they eat. >> i think there are three things really. the first would be to change our view on how we see animals, right so for me, the big thing that changes becoming a vegan is i started seeing all animals as a sum one, not a sum things i never spent time with cow, chickens or pigs but it turns out they are more like dogs and kits and more we have that mindset is good. the second is gt informed about what we do. again many people vastly underestimate the amount of suffering we cause even in just the legal things we do to them. a lot of those are things that would be outragest done to dogs and cats, illegal. they would get canceled and a rested if we did it to dogs and cats. so i think and thirdly there are
11:39 pm
so many resources on how to live a vegan lifestyle, in many different shapes and forms. i think one the misconceptions that being vegan is all about eating, beyond meat and fancy meat substitutes but in fact you can have a very simple whole food plant-based lifestyle that could be a lot cheaper and healthier as well. many ways to go about it, do research on that and find what works for you. >> trevor: i will tell you this, are you fascinating. i really enjoyed talking to you, thank you for joining me. (applause). >> trevor: how conscience can a fish be. find out by streaming its documentary on youtube, we'll be documentary on youtube, we'll be right back after this. natalie, do you know if your kids are home from school yet?
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tonight but before we go remember recovery efforts are under way after record-breaking flood waters have hit eastern ken keb. we can all help them and we should. the foundation for appalachian kentucky is doing all that they can to help in these efforts, if you can, consider supporting them and the important work they do at the link below. until next time, stay safe, remember you're not sing the lyrics wrong, beyonce just changed the album. here st, your moment of zen. >> live television, gang, that is live tv for you. >> excuse me, my kids are here, live television. >> we're doing live bleep. >> what brewery is that? what-- where are you? what brewery is that? >> oh no. >> so close to finding that out too. >> you can hear me, karen, you can hear me now? okay, we have lost car en. >> or-- is just drunk, he has been doing these hit, anyway, he's back, kerry is back.
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back. hey, carrie, any time-- are we going see this resolved any time going see this resolved any time soon? - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna have myself a time ♪ both: ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna leave my woes behind ♪ - ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting "howdy neighbor" ♪ - ♪ headin' on up to south park ♪ ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind ♪ - ♪ [muffled] ♪ - ♪ come on down to south park ♪ ♪ and meet some friends of mine ♪
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